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TRUELIFE movie star some friend


True Life, Part 1

by Wrestlr

[M/M, MC, hypno]

Disclaimer: There's sex, sodomy, and maybe a few other minor perversions in
this. If you don't like that sort of thing, read something else. Everybody in the
story is legal age. Parts of this story may be autobiographical, or it might be all
fiction---who can say?

Copyright - 1999 by Wrestlr. Permission granted to archive if and only if no fee
(including any form of "Adult Verification") is charged to read the file. If
anyone pays a cent to anyone to read your site, you can't use this without the
express permission of (and payment to) the author. This paragraph must be
included as part of any archive.

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Wrestlr's fiction is archived at the following URLs: (MC and general M/M stories)

* * *

True Life, Part 1

1. Breaking the Rules

My name is Brock. Much of this is true and actually happened, but part of it
might be just fantasy. You know the drill: some details have been changed to
protect the innocent, blah blah blah. I'm not saying anyone is "innocent" and I'm
not saying which part is real and what might not be, so don't even ask. If parts of
this seem kind of long and tedious, maybe that's because I'm trying to get as
much of it down the way it actually happened as I can.

Anyway. For the last couple of weeks, I've been going out with a guy named
Breck ("like the shampoo"). Yeah, his name is pretty similar to mine, so try not
to get confused. This is the story about how we went from dating to something
maybe a little more intense.

We had been out three or four times in about a week and a half, and we talked on
the phone for hours every day. No sex, yet--he wanted to go slow and "get to
know each other" first. I'm 22, so "go slow" for me means "wait until after
dinner to fuck." But Breck is 25, and he thinks "go slow" means "wait until
you're known each other a month." It's about respect and love, he says, not
hormones. Fine. It wasn't what I wanted, since I found him hot as hell, but I was
willing to play it his way. At first.

First three dates: no sex, no problem. On our fourth date, we went to a nude
beach on the Georgia coast for the Saturday afternoon. That was my first look at
his body, and I sure liked what I saw. Breck is my height--5'11"--blond hair,
green eyes. Cute as hell. He's smart too--he has a Master's degree in
psychology. He's slimmer than me because he swims and runs--he has that long,
sleek swimmer's musculature, and not a hair on his chest. He popped a boner
pretty much the minute he took his clothes off, so I got a look at his full glory, so
to speak. Average length, and uncut. That was cool--I'm cut, and every guy I've
been with has been cut, so this was going to be something new for me.

Me, I wrestled all through high school and college. Even though I graduated a
couple of months back, I still wrestle regularly with some workout partners. I've
been out in public so many times in a spandex singlet that leaves nothing to the
imagination, plus I'm something of an exhibitionist, so getting naked on the nude
beach didn't phase me. Let me tell you, I was born to be naked.

No, we didn't have sex at the nude beach. Sure, I hinted often enough, but Breck
was sticking to his game plan of postponing sex for a while. We both had a blast
while we were there. We even decided to stay overnight in a hotel so we could
hit the beach again the next day. Or I should say he decided. Breck struck me as
mostly being a bottom but he sure liked being in control. He didn't even tell me
we were staying overnight. We went to a restaurant for dinner, and we were
talking about how we both wished we could come back tomorrow even through it
was sort of a long drive. Then Breck excused himself and disappeared for a
while. When he came back, he dropped a hotel key on the table.

That was the first time we went to bed together, but we didn't have sex then
either, damn it! All we did was sleep. We both sleep naked, plus we'd seen each
other nude all day, so it was no big deal to strip down. We cuddled and wrestled
around a little. We made out and gave each other massages with this great
patchouli oil he brought. Took a shower together. Made out some more. Both
of us were hard pretty most the whole time. Everything was fair game except
touching our dicks or balls, which was frustrating. I wanted to cum with him so
badly. Instead, we cuddled some more in bed while we watched on cartoon
Network on television, then fell asleep in each other's arms.

Okay, so I did get in a few "accidental" gropes of his morning wood when I woke
up before he did, but I didn't go any further. I liked him way too must to risk
pissing him off.

That was last week. A couple of nights ago, Breck came over to my apartment to
pick me up. I was on the phone in my bedroom with my Mom, doing that
"dutiful son" routine. Breck sprawled out on the floor with one of my fitness
magazines. He was wearing this white wifebeater tee-shirt (plain white, no
logo), a pair of those khaki A&F shorts with the hunter's orange accents around
the waist, pockets, and fly, and a kicking pair of trainers. The way he looked,
stretched out on his stomach with his legs apart, propped up on his elbows, as he
thumbed through the magazine--the sight of his ass in those shorts got me so
distracted I could barely concentrate on what mom was saying.

When I finally got off the phone--man, my mom can talk!--I knelt down between
his spread legs, stretched myself out on top of him, and started rubbing my crotch
against his ass. I know he felt my hard-on through my jeans as I dry-humped his

"What are you doing," he asked playfully.

"Practicing for later tonight," I said.

He laughed. "You wish!"

But I didn't stop humping him. He started getting into it too. He pushed himself
up on his hands and knees so I was dry-banging him doggy-style. Breck was
kind of humping me back. I was doing these loud stage-moans: "Oh, yeah,
baby, great ass! Oh, baby, take that cock!" I was hamming it up like a bad porn
movie, but the truth is, I surely wanted to be buried to my pubes in his butt.

I pushed his wifebeater up to his armpits, rubbed my hands over his back,
shoulders, and his tight stomach. After a minute or two, I reached up underneath
him and popped open his shorts. "What are you doing?" he asked as I unzipped
him. "Stop that."

He could have pushed me away. I knew the limits, but I wanted more. Breck
didn't try to stop me when I pulled his shorts and briefs down to his knees. He
didn't try to stop me when I wrapped my right arm around his waist and my hand
around his hard prick. His dick fit my hand perfectly. He moaned when I started
jerking him off, but he kept dry-humping me back and he didn't try to stop me.
He shuddered and bucked and gave this little cry, then he came on the floor.

"Thanks," he said as he rolled away and pulled up his briefs and shorts.

"My turn," I said, squeezing the lump in my jeans.

Breck pulled down his shirt and tucked it in his shorts. "Sorry, bruh. If I do you,
that makes it sex. And I said no sex until after we've been dating a month,


He jumped to his feet. "Come on. Let's get something to eat. I'm starving."

After dinner and a movie--an action flick which we both hated, but it gave us an
excuse to hold hands throughout--we came back to my apartment and made out a
while. I invited him to stay over. He agreed but reiterated "no sex, okay?"
Yeah, sure, whatever.

We talked a while, about all sorts of things. Breck brought it up first. He had
told me way back before we even went out that he had a Master's degree in
psychology, but I'd been too nervous to ask. I mean, an interest in hypnosis
seems a little freaky somehow, y'know? Anyway, he brought it up. He had seen
my Web page (for the record, I didn't give him the Website address--he found it
himself). He'd read my stories--yes, even the gay hypnosis porn stories--and he
thought I was a good writer, but how did I get interested in hypnosis? Well, first
I was interested in how it could help me as an athlete and a wrestler, how it could
help me sharpen my concentration and my commitment, that sort of thing, and
later I started finding a lot of people were into it for sexual purposes, and yeah, I
had to admit it seemed kind of erotic in a way, which was why I wrote porn
stories about it. Had I never tried it? No, never. Did I want to? Well, maybe, if
I ever found someone who knew how and wasn't a total pervert. And anyway,
since I was pretty strong-willed, I wasn't sure I even could be hypnotized. Did I
know he knew how to hypnotize? No, I didn't--cool!

Just then, a couple of my roommates came home (I have three, all straight,
though they're cool about me liking guys), and we changed the subject.

Anyway, like I said, I invited Breck to stay over. It was nearly 1:00 in the
morning before we went to bed. We stripped down and climbed into bed, and
kissed each other. He had a hard-on, and so did I. I knew the rules--touching
was okay anywhere except there--but I'm all about pushing past rules. I took
hold of his shaft. He pushed my hand off, without breaking our kiss, but I just
moved right back to it. He pushed me away again, but I was persistent. He
didn't even try to push me away again. I put his hand on my cock. He pulled it
away. I put his hand on my cock again and held it there until he yieded and his
fingers closed around it and he began pulling on me. Ragged gasps, in between
deep kisses. I found this way to tease the head of his cock that made him squirm.
His hand felt so good, and I was so horny I couldn't hold out long. He was
trembling too, all over. I kissed him hard, and I felt myself pass that edge, and
my sweet orgasm burst over me. Breck too, at almost exactly the same time.
Man, when we were cumming together like that, our mouths locked together in a
kiss, I don't want to sound clichéd but it was like we touched each other all the
way down to our souls.

After that, we cleaned up with a towel I had by the bed--hey, I believe in
planning ahead--and cuddled some more. I would have liked to do more, but I
figured I'd pushed far enough past the "no sex" rule for one night. Besides, that
was Breck's second orgasm, and I could tell from the way he sighed and snuggled
up against my chest, he was through for the night. Maybe there would be time
for Round 2 in the morning.

2. Hypnosis and Handcuffs

I woke up on my back, with Breck propped on his elbow beside me.
"Mooorning," I drawled, yawning.

"G'morning." He was smiling.

"Sleep well?"

"Yeah. You?"

"Great!" I yawned again and stretched luxuriously. I really did feel great, very

"Thought so." He was grinning widely. "Because that's what I told you to."

"Hmm? What are you talking about?"

"I hypnotized you while you were asleep. One of the suggestions was you'd feel
great when you woke up this morning."

"What? You did not, fucker!" There was mischief in his grin. I didn't believe

"Did too. You're a good subject."

"You can't hypnotize someone who's asleep."

"Yes, you can," he said, so earnestly. "Hypnosis is just an altered state of
consciousness. So is sleep. It's very easy, since your conscious mind is already
disengaged. All I had to do was move you from a regular sleep state to a trance
state. Then I gave you some suggestions, and your subconscious accepted them."

I was suspicious, but he was the expert. "Suggestions? For what?"

"Nothing you didn't want. Nothing harmful. I kept it pretty simple for your first
time. Things like, that you would sleep well and wake up feeling really
refreshed. And a couple other things."

"Liiiiike what?"


He lunged at me, tickling my ribs. Between giggles, I yelled "Hey! Stop that!" I
slammed my arms to my sides, and he flipped me on my stomach--grabbed my
hands and pulled them behind my back. He pressed my wrists together in the
small of my back and said, "Handcuffs!"

I was like, What the--? Nothing there, but I sure couldn't pull my wrists apart.
"What did you do? Lemme go!" I writhed left and right, but I couldn't free my

Breck was sitting beside me, looking pretty damn pleased with himself. Did I
mention he was still nude and sporting his morning boner? He couldn't stop
grinning at me. "Having fun?"

I lay on my side, facing him. "What's going on? What did you do, you fucker?"

"Told ya. I hypnotized you. This is just a little post-hypnotic suggestion. You
won't be able to free you hands until I tell you. Admit it--you're helpless."

"Yeah? Think so?" I got my foot on his shoulder and pushed. He fell back, then
came at me again, tickling me like crazy.

I giggled and twisted, but no matter how I struggled I couldn't get my hands
loose. "Damn it, Breck! Stop! Hahahahaha! Get away! Don't! Hahahahaha!"

In babytalk, "Ooooo, is big mean Bwockie all helpwess? Say it. Say, 'Yes,
Master Breck, widdle babee Bwockie is all helpwess.'"

I couldn't help laughing. "Oh, fuck you! Now let me go, please?"

He grabbed my balls and gave them a little twist. "Say it."

"That hurts."

"Say it."

"Oh ... all right. Yes, Master Breck, little Brock is all helpless."

"Good boy." He gave my balls a little tug.

"Uh ... let me go now, please?"

"No, not yet."

"But you said--"

"I said say it. I didn't say I'd let you go." He gave my dick a squeeze. "Maybe I
want to play a little first. What's wrong? You were all about playing last night."

"Dude, this is-- Just let me go, okay?"

Breck didn't answer. He just kept staring at my hard-on, and stroking it slow and
easy. I got to admit it felt really good. Pretty soon my dick was leaking pre-cum
all over his fingers. I panted, "Man, I'm going to--" and then I was cumming

As I rode the afterglow back to the real world, Breck patted my arm and said,
"Go free," and suddenly my wrists came apart.

"Like that?" he asked, smirking, as he wiped my jizm off his hand with the towel
from the night before.

"Yeah, sorta. I guess it was pretty hot."

"Yeah, I haven't done that in a while. The hypno thing, I mean. That's what I
was going to tell you last night before your roommies came back. One of my ex-
boyfriends introduced me to it."

"Did you used to do him, or did he do it to you?"

"He did it to me. But I learned how from him, and later in grad school too. He
always used this candle flame for the induction, and sometimes I'd go out like a

"What did he do to you?"

Breck smirked. "Use your imagination, stud. Some things are just meant to stay
between him and me. Just like I'd never tell anyone else what you and I do."

"Yeah? And just what did you do to me?"

"That's about it. Like I said, I kept it simple since it was your first time. You're a
pretty good subject, even if you didn't think you could be hypnotized."

Well, I guess that was a compliment.

3. Mesmerism and the Marine

"You know who I think would be a great hypnosis subject?"

That was Breck talking. It was Friday night, nearly a week after the handcuffs
incident. We hadn't talked about hypnosis since, and sure hadn't done anything
about it--something else always came up. To tell you the truth, I couldn't decide
whether I was turned on by the hypnosis thing, or spooked. You know how it is
sometimes when a fantasy comes close to getting fulfilled. Probably a little of
both, maybe? And no, in the three dates we'd had since then, we were back to his
"no sex" rule.

We were in the kitchen, my apartment, loading the dinner dishes into the washer.
(He cooked, but I hate washing dishes by hand.) My roomies were all gone for
the evening. Breck and I were waiting on my friend Bill to get into town for the
weekend, and then the three of us were going out to some clubs.

So when Breck said this, it was out of the blue. I froze. "Uh, who?"

I guess I expected him to say one of my roommates (okay, we had talked about
the fantasy of using hypnosis to seduce straight guys briefly a few days ago), or
some movie star, or some friend of his. I didn't expect him to say, "Bill."

"Bill? No fucking way! Bill's in the Marines."

Well, Marine Reserves at least. Bill is my age and he's been my best friend since
we were 12. Where I went to college right after high school, Bill joined the
Marines for a few years. Now he was in college in a town sixty miles away and
doing Reserve duty one weekend a month. Bill is straight, but right after I
graduated college a couple of months ago, our relationship turned sexual--I'd
always had the World's Biggest Crush on him--and we sort-of dated for about
two and a half months. I say "sort-of dated" because we did all the romantic
boyfriend things and fucked like bunnies, but Bill would never call himself bi or
gay--he always called himself straight and went out with chicks from time to
time while we were dating. Eventually, he decided he really was completely
straight and we went back to just being best friends. That was maybe a month
ago, right before I even met Breck.

Breck shut the dish washer and turned it on. "Yeah. Bill. Think about it. He's
already trained to follow orders without question and without thinking, plus he
fits the classic profile of a good subject."

Dubious me said, "I dunno ..."

"I'll prove it. Let's play a little game with Bill, okay?"

"Like what kind of game?"

"You'll see. Just follow my lead, okay?"

Breck put a candle on the coffee table and lit it.

"Hey, where's the fuse box?"

I pointed to the kitchen. "In there, by the refrigerator. Why?"

"Just go along, okay?" Breck disappeared into the kitchen, and a minute later,
the whole apartment plunged into darkness. It was after 9:00 so no light came
through the windows. The candle was it. I noticed Breck making sure he never
looked directly at the candle--what was up with that?

"Breck, what are you up to?"

"Just follow my lead, Brock. When Bill gets here, I want you to make like you
blew a fuse and have to go down the street to that convenience store and get
some to replace it. I want you to just go outside, okay? And don't come back in
until I tell you."

"Well ... okay. But I don't see--"

"Just trust me. I'm going to prove my point about Bill. Don't worry--he's a
Marine. I can't make him do anything he doesn't want to. Hey, it might not even
work, right?"

"But why the lights out?"

"Gotta justify the candle somehow." Breck gave me a wicked grin and I
remembered what he told me about his ex-boyfriend.

We sat on the couch and made out while we waited. Whenever I would try to
talk about what he had in mind for Bill, Breck just said, "Turn off your head a
while, will ya? Kiss me."

That's when Bill knocked on the door. Had to be him, and it was.

Bill was in a good mood, ready for a night at the clubs. "Hey, bud! I rang the
bell but I guess you didn't hear me?"

Breck jumped in. "Hey, Bill. Yeah, power's out. Brock was just on his way to
get some new fuses. Right, Brock?"

"Uh, yeah. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Breck closed the door behind me. I went around to the side of the building. We
had left the kitchen window open when Breck was cooking dinner, and I was
able to listen in. Couldn't see shit because the furniture, but I could hear them.

Breck's voice: "I dunno. I kind of like having the power out. Reminds you that
you don't need a lot of electronic things around sometimes. Besides, I like
candlelight. I find it really relaxing. Don't you, Bill?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"When I was a kid, I loved looking into a candle flame. That was like my
favorite thing in the world. A candle like this one? I could just get lost staring
into it for hours. It was like a game. I'd see how long I could stare into it without
blinking. How long can you stare into the flame without blinking, Bill?"

"I dunno. Never tried, I guess."

"I bet you can stare into it for a long time. I know I could. It's all about
concentration. The secret is to narrow your eyes slightly, enough to keep them
from drying out. Why don't you give it a try?"


"Try it. Let's see how long you can stare into the flame. Go ahead. Look right
into it. Don't take your eyes off it. Don't move or speak or nod your head or say
"uh-huh" unless I ask you to. I know you hear me. Just keep looking into the
flame. I'll give you some simple instructions, and if you follow them I know
you'll be able to look for a long, long time. Take a deep breath. That's right ...
Now exhale. Take another, deeper breath. Hold it a second ... and exhale. Relax.
See how easy it is? Now, a third deep breath ... and exhale.

"You know what else I used to do when I was staring into the flame, Bill? I used
to count backwards. It helped me concentrate. I'm going to help you by counting
down. I'm going to count down from 10 to 1. Just follow along in your head,
okay? 10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1. See how easy? Let's do it
again. 10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1. That's it.

"It's okay to blink if you have to. I can tell your eyelids are starting grow heavy.
Almost as if they have a heavy weight attached to them. Let's count down again.
10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1. The longer you stare at this flame, the
more your eyelids get heavy, and you blink, and they have a feeling like
something is pulling them down, as if they wanted to slowly close, and get
drowsier and sleepier and heavier. Just listen to the sound of my voice. Any
other sounds, any thoughts, anything that could distract you--just let it go into the
background and feel it help you relax and feel even drowsier.

"And now, I'm going to count again, just from 5 down to 1 this time, because
your eyelids are feeling so heavy. As I count, your eyelids grow heavier,
drooping, so drowsy and sleepy. By the time I reach the count of 1, you'll be
able to close them right down and you'll be able to go deep into sleep. Deeper
than ever before. All right. I'm beginning the last countdown.

"5 ... Eyelids heavy, drooping, feeling very drowsy, very sleepy ... When they
finally do close, how good you'll feel ... Head starting to nod ...

"4 ... Heavy eyelids feel ready to close ... Feeling very drowsy and very good,
like you're entering a very deep and pleasant state of hypnosis ...

"3 ... The next time you blink, that sleepy feeling is hypnosis coming over you ...
Feeling so good ...

"2 ... Heavy eyelids begin closing, slowly closing, almost tightly closing, almost
tightly closing, harder to see ... Closing them, closing tightly, close them, close
them tightly ...

"1 ... Sleep now. Let yourself drift in an easy, calm, relaxed state."

Was Bill playing along, or had it worked? I couldn't see and I was dying to
know. Just the thought it might have worked was giving me some more kind of
rush. And a hard-on.

Breck's voice: "Bill, can you hear me?"

Bill's deep voice sounded subdued, a monotone almost too low to hear. "Yeah

"That's it. You're very deeply asleep now, but still able to talk normally. Talking
doesn't wake you up. In fact, it helps you relax and fall even deeper into this
pleasant, sound sleep, isn't that right?"

"Yeah ..."

"Bill, do you know what's happened to you? You've been hypnotized, haven't

"Yeah ..."

"It feels really good, doesn't it? Very relaxing and peaceful--so pleasant, right?"

"Yeah ..."

Breck talked Bill through some exercises, hands rising, feeling hot then cold, that
sort of thing. I knew from reading up on hypnosis--I'd read everything about it I
could get my hands on since I was a kid--that these were deepening exercises.
Bill seemed to be following them well.

I know Breck told me to wait until he called me back in, but I had to see this shit
for myself. I headed back to the door. Opened it slowly, noiselessly. Crept
inside and shut it.

Breck smiled at me as he continued his deepening exercise, help up a finger to
his lips to tell me to be silent.

Bill sat on the couch. Breck had slid the candle directly in front of him. Bill
looked for all the world like he was taking a nap. He was slouched limply on the
couch, head bowed forward, slack jaw hanging open a little. His eyelids were
closed, the eyes under them moving quickly. I'd done enough reading to know
this indicated a R.E.M. trance state. So this was all for real? Fuck!

Breck said, "Bill, you're in the Marines, right?"

"Yeah ... Marines ..."

"When was the last time you did your weekend duty?"

"Two weeks ... ago ..."

"So it's still fresh in your mind, isn't it? What your uniform looked like, what it
felt like. What your commanding officer looked like?"

"Yeah ..."

"Just thinking about that helps you relax and sleep deeper. I know you like being
a Marine, Bill. Boot camp was hell, but you got through that. Now you're a
soldier. A good soldier. Your commanding officer gives you orders, and you
follow them, don't you? Like a good soldier."

"Yeah ... a good soldier ..."

"That's right. You like following orders, don't you? You like it when your
commanding officer tells you what to do, isn't that right?"

"Yeah ..."

"Bill, let's play a little game now, okay? It's such an easy game, and it will help
you relax more. It's such a relaxing game and it's one you've played before.
Would you like to play this game?"

Bill's voice came from some distant place: "yeah ..."

"Stand up, Bill. You can easily stand and sleep without waking up."

Bill climbed slowly to his feet. Breck motioned at the coffee table, and we
quietly lifted it and pulled it out of the way.

"Bill, the name of this game is 'Marines.' It's all about being a good soldier.
Doing what a good soldier does. You've played this game before, haven't you?
And you're a very good soldier, aren't you?"

"Yeah ..."

"In a moment I'm going to ask you to open your eyes, Bill. I know you'll be able
to open your eyes without waking up. You'll be able to talk and move normally
and still stay so deeply asleep. In fact, everything you see and do will help you
relax and sleep more deeply. Isn't that right?"

"Yeah ..."

"Bill, the game is called 'Marines,' and it's very easy. You get to play the part of
a very good soldier. When you open your eyes, the man you see in front of you
will be your commanding officer, and I know you will be able to obey his orders.
You'll like obeying his orders and I know you'll feel very comfortable obeying
them. Obeying will make you relax and sleep deeper, like a good soldier."
Breck pulled my arm, positioned me in front of Bill. He eased himself into the
background. "Ready to begin the game, Bill? When you're ready, open your
eyes and look at the commanding officer in front of you."

Okay, so I was supposed to be the commanding officer? Fine--Bill and I had
done some sexy role-playing games like this several weeks back when we were
dating. I could play my part.

Slowly, Bill opened his eyes, lifted his head. He looked at me.

I gruff-barked, "A-ten-SHUN!"

Bill snapped to attention. Chin up, chest out, trance-reddened eyes forward.
We'd played role games like this when we were lovers, but this time Bill seemed
more real. Crisper, more precise.

I bellowed, "Who am I, grunt?"

Bill barked back, "Sir, Master Sergeant--"

"I know who I am, Lance Corporal. Are you a soldier?"

"Sir! Yes, sir!"

"I said, are you a sollll-jer?"

"Sir! Yes, SIR!"

"Are you sure, Lance Corporal? Because you do not look like a soldier to me."

"Sir! Yes, SIR!"

"I said, you do not look like a soldier, Lance Corporal. Is this your uniform?
Look at yourself. Civilian clothes are not the uniform of a soldier, are they? I
said, are they?"

Bill slowly looked down at himself. "Sir! No, SIR!"

"Eyes front, Lance Corporal. I want you out of those civvies, Lance Corporal.

"Sir! Yes, SIR!" Bill tugged clumsily at his tee-shirt. Off it came. Then he toes
his way out of his trainers. Dropped his jeans and pulled his feet out of them.
Snatched off his socks. Still in his plain white boxers--must have been military
issue--he snapped back to attention.

Bill is six feet tall. My age--22. Dark brown hair cut very military stubble-short.
Brown eyes. He's handsome, and the Marines have given him a nice body.
Hairless chest. Two tattoos--one on his left pectoral, the other on his right

"Civilian clothes instead of your uniform, soldier, is a serious infraction. Drop
and give me twenty!"

Bill hit the floor and pumped out twenty quick push-ups as I counted them off.

He started to climb back to his feet. "You are not off the hook yet, soldier. On
your knees." He knelt, eyes forward. "I am your commanding office, am I

"Sir! Yes, SIR!"

"You will obey my orders without question, am I right?"

"Sir! Yes, SIR!"

"It is your job as a soldier to do exactly what I say, no questions asked. You
have committed a serious infraction, and I must discipline you. To make you a
better soldier, am I right?"

"Sir! Yes, SIR!"

We'd played this game often before. I opened my pants and pushed them to my
knees. My cock was hard, pointing right at him. "Soldier, it is your duty to serve
me until I tell you to stop."

Bill bent forward and licked my cock. His jaw opened, and it slid inside.

Breck came up behind me. He stroked my neck and arms, peering over my
shoulder as Bill blew me.

"Soldier, is your missile primed?"

Bill came off my cock. "Sir! Yes, SIR!" Then back to tonguing it.

"Then get deploy your weapon, soldier, and stroke it until I tell you to cum."

Bill fumbled at his boxers as he spit-basted my dick. He pulled out his own cock
and jacked it.

Breck slid his hands down to mine, drew them back. I reached back for him. At
the last second, he pressed them together at the wrist and whispered,
"Handcuffs," in my ear. I tugged but once again I couldn't separate them. He
chuckled quietly. "Just to remind you who's really in charge here," he whispered.

Breck turned my head back and kissed me deep and long. This all was so hot I
felt my balls buzz and my cum rumbled. Cumming! Hard! My body shook and
ecstasy swept over everything.

I fell back into Breck's arms. He held me a moment until I could stand on my
own again. In front of us, Bill gasped and shuddered and shot off on the floor.

"Good job, Bill," Breck said. "Close your eyes and relax a moment. That was a
good game and you enjoyed playing it, didn't you?

"Yeah ..."

Breck had Bill get dressed and sit back on the couch again. We slid the coffee
table back into place.

Breck walked Bill through another deepening exercise. Then he said, "Bill, you
don't have to remember that game if you don't want to. You can let it go and it
will just seem like a dream, a very pleasant dream. If fact, you want to let it go,
don't you?"

"Yeah ..."

"Good, Bill. I'm going to help you let go of it. I want you to imagine you're in a
hallway. There's a door ahead of you. Can you see it?"

"Yeah ..."

"I want you to open that door and go inside. I want you to stand in the middle of
the room, Bill. There's something very interesting occurring. What's occurring is
that the floor is the floor of an elevator and it begins to move down, slowly. It's
going down into the basement. You're going right down, deeper, feeling very
relaxed, very comfortable. Now it stops, and you're down in the basement.
There's another door in front of you. There's a sign on the door, and it reads 'The
Room of Forgetting.' Can you see it?"

"Yes ... a door ..."

"That's right, Bill. I want you to open that door and step inside. As you do, your
eyes narrow and you hesitate, because it's very dim in this room. The door closes
behind you. There's a strange feeling beneath your feet, because you're standing
on a foam rubber pad which is three inches thick. Now, the door is closed, and
your eyes are slowly becoming accustomed to the dimness. There's sort of a rosy
glow in the room. You take a few more steps in, and you decide to just sit down
and you feel this soft foam, three inches thick, cradling you so comfortably that
you just decide to lay back. Now all the light is gone, and the room is filled with
nothingness. That nothingness moves across your mind. You mind is filled with
nothingness and you start to forget everything that has happened while you've
been in this pleasant sleep."

Breck pushed me toward the door. "Stay outside," he whispered, "until I wake
him up." I let myself out silently.

I listened to Breck through the door. "Bill, I know how much you've enjoyed
feeling this relaxed and comfortable. I know you're going to want to feel this
way again very soon. So I'm going to give you a signal so you can enter this
deeply relaxed state of hypnosis more easily. I am going to count from 1 to 3.
At the count of 3, you will open your eyes, remaining deeply relaxed. When I
say 'Candle flame' and snap my fingers, that will be your signal for your eyelids
to close and you will sink deeper into hypnosis. All right. 1 ... 2 ... 3. Open your
eyes." Breck snapped his fingers. "Candle flame! Close them down and go
deeper asleep. That's it. That's it. Deeper asleep."

Breck repeated this several times, ingraining the response into Bill.

"Bill, each time that you go into hypnosis, you relax more easily, more quickly,
and more deeply. Relaxation is a skill that you are easily developing each time.
Now, I'm going to count from 1 to 5, and when I say, "Fully awake," you will
open your eyes, and you will be fully aware, feeling calm, rested, refreshed,

"1 ... Slowly, easily, you're returning to your full awareness once again.

"2 ... Each muscle and nerve is loose and limp and relaxed, and you feel

"3 ... From head to toe, you are feeling perfect in every way. Physically perfect,
mentally perfect, emotionally calm and serene.

"4 ... Your eyes begin to feel sparkling clear. On the next number I count, your
eyelids will open, and you will be fully aware, feeling calm, rested, refreshed,
relaxed, invigorated, full of energy.

"5. Fully awake."

I opened the door. Bill was in mid-yawn, stretching. "Hey, dude," he said to me.
"Get the fuses?"

"Uh--yeah." I disappeared into the kitchen and reset the fuse box. The lights
burst back on. With every clock in the place blinking 12:00, 12:00, 12:00, Bill
wouldn't have a clue how much time had gone by.

Back in the living room, Bill announced, "Let's go! I'm ready to dance and get
drunk off my fucking ass!"

4. Flames, old and New

The next evening, Breck and I were about to have dinner at his place. Just before
we sat down, I brought in a candle from his living room, lit it, and placed it on
the table.

"What's up with that?" he asked as I doused the overhead lights.

"Can't I have a candlelight dinner with my boyfriend?" I grinned. He grinned

We held hands during dinner. I'm right-handed and Breck is left-handed so we
managed just fine. Again, I noticed he went out of his way not to look at the
candle, but I didn't much care--because he was looking at me instead, which
made me feel good.

Afterward, still savoring the last of our wine, the conversation turned to the day
before with Bill.

Breck finished his last swallow. "See? I told you he'd make the best hypnosis

"Yeah, it was pretty damn hot" I had to admit.

"I knew you'd like it." Breck gave my hand a squeeze.

"Is that how your ex used to hypnotize you?"

"Yup. We used to get into some really wild games with it." Breck looked at the
candle and half-smiled. remembering.

"Yeah? He'd just light a candle and start talking really soft and low like you did,
and he'd hypnotize you?"


"That sounds cool. A candle like this one? I bet just looking at it brings all those
memories back, huh? It's all coming back to you, the relaxing way it made you
feel. Just thinking about the way he used to hypnotize you is making you feel it
coming over you again. Isn't it?"


"It must have been so easy, so easy to focus on the candle as it dances, and listen
to the instructions. You must have really enjoyed that feeling. Just like you're
enjoying it now."

Breck wasn't looking away from the candle flame. His eyes were beginning to
blink and blink again.

"That's it. Just relax. Just like that. You're feeling it all over again. So relaxed.
Eyelids so heavy. So sleepy and heavy."

Man, let me tell you--this was a rush! I would never have believed it felt like this
to hypnotize someone. I had to work to keep my voice low and smooth.

"Breck, you can close your eyes now ... And begin breathing deeply and slowly."

His eyes slowly closed and stayed shut.

"Before you let go completely and go into a deep hypnotic sleep, just let yourself
listen carefully to everything I say to you. It's going to happen automatically, so
you don't need to think about that now. You will have no conscious control over
what happens. The muscles in and around your eyes are relaxing all by
themselves as you continue breathing ... easily and deeply ... Without thinking
about it, you will soon enter a deep, peaceful hypnotic trance, without any effort.
There is nothing important for your conscious mind to do. There is nothing
really important except the activities of your subconscious mind, and that can be
just as automatic as dreaming. And you know how easily you can forget your
dreams when you wake."

Breck's head was starting to nod forward.

"You are responding very well, Breck. Without noticing it, you have already
altered your rate of breathing. You're breathing much more easily and deeply.
You are showing signs that indicate you are beginning to drift into a hypnotic
trance. You can really enjoy relaxing more and more, and your subconscious
mind will listen to each word I say. And it keeps becoming less important for
you to consciously listen to my voice. Your subconscious mind can hear even if
I whisper."

I had to take a deep breath myself. I tried hard to remember a couple of hypnosis
scripts I read in a book a long time ago. I had to stay calm and confident to pull
this off.

"You continue becoming more relaxed and comfortable as you sit there with your
eyes closed. Such deepening comfort. You don't have to move, or talk, or let
anything bother you. Your inner mind can respond automatically to everything I
tell you, and you will be pleasantly surprised with your continuous progress.
You're getting much closer to a deep hypnotic trance, and you are beginning to
realize that you don't care whether or not you are going into a deep trance. Being
in this peaceful state allows you to experience the comfort of the hypnotic trance
again. Being hypnotized is always a very enjoyable, very pleasant, calm,
peaceful, completely relaxing experience. It seems natural ... and makes you
want to include hypnosis in your future. Every time I hypnotize you, it keeps
becoming more enjoyable, and you really enjoy having me hypnotize you. You
will always enjoy the sensations, of comfort, of peacefulness, of calmness, and
all the other sensations that come automatically from this wonderful experience.
You will be really happy that you decided to let me hypnotize you."

I did a few of the testing and deepening exercises I had heard Breck use with Bill
the night before. Then it was time to give him some real suggestions.

"Breck, imagine yourself in a place you like very much, by a lake, or by the
ocean. Perhaps you are floating gently in the ocean at that beach you love so
much, on a warm summer day. You are continuing to relax even more now.
And you continue becoming more comfortable. This is your own world--you
like it a lot, and you are going to find that any time you want to spend a few
minutes by yourself, relaxing, and feeling very comfortable and serene, you can
automatically go back to this feeling you're experiencing now. You can put
yourself into this world any time you like. Continue enjoying this pleasant
experience as your subconscious mind receives everything I tell you. And you
will be pleased by the way you automatically respond to everything I say."

I Took a deep breath, then leaned in, speaking in a stage whisper. "Breck, I'm
going to give you a key phrase that will help you come back to this place. You'd
like that, wouldn't you? You ex-boyfriend, the one who introduced you to
hypnosis, he gave you a key phrase too, didn't he?"


"What was it?"

"Candle ... flame."

Same as Breck had given Bill. "Okay, Breck, then 'candle flame' will be the
phrase. When you hear me say 'candle flame' you'll be able to return to this deep
state." I walked him through the same routine he used on Bill. Then I deepened
it several times, like he'd done with Bill, to get it engrained.

"Breck, there's another suggestion I'm going to give you, and it's very, very
important." Okay, this was probably unethical, but I was tired of the "no sex
until we get to know each other" routine. "It's about your friend Brock. He
really likes you, and you really like him too, don't you?"


"When you open your eyes and see him in a few minutes, you're going to be
aware of how much you like him and how much he likes you. And how
handsome he is. And how horny you both are. And you'll do anything it takes to
make him happy, won't you?"


Hell, yeah! I was going to get laid tonight! I rushed through reminding how this
all seemed like a dream and how easy it was to forget a dream. Then I woke him

He looked at me, and I looked at him. We smiled. He blew out the candle. He
took my hand and he led me to his bedroom.

Well, I guess it's true you can't make someone do something with hypnosis that
they didn't want to do, because Breck did not have sex with me that night. Oh,
we make out on his bed. We got naked. We gave each other full-body massages.
We cuddled and kissed. We were both hard as hell. He did weaken and give my
cock a couple of strokes before he pulled his hand away, but he never let me
touch his cock for more than a couple of seconds. He didn't allow me to jack off.
I was doubly frustrated, wondering what I'd done wrong. Finally, we fell asleep
in each other's arms. Sure, it was romantic, but it was a hell of a lot less than
what I wanted right then.

5. Morning-After Medicine

I awoke the next morning--this morning--or rather, I seemed to be awake.

I was on my back. I opened my eyes. I was aware of what was going on, sort of,
but mostly of Breck propped up beside me in bed. My body felt so heavy and
lethargic, so hard to move. Everything was limp except for my iron-hard cock.
He was grinning at me. He was so beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off him.

"That's right," he was saying. "So easy to open your eyes without leaving that
pleasant state. You're still in that pleasant state of hypnosis, aren't you?"

My voice: "Yes."

He licked his fingertip, ran it around my nipple. It was--incredible! Like he was
hitting every nerve in my body.

"Like that?" he said, grinning. "There's more."

He bent forward and kissed me. I could move, but everything was sluggish, like
I was moving in slow motion. I felt his kiss so intensely, the sensations nearly
overwhelmed me, but I managed to respond, and that made the kiss even more

His mouth left mine, traced a line of kisses down my neck. "Everything so
pleasant," he murmured, "and so intense." He kissed his way around my nipples.
I felt every touch like an explosion.

He kissed and licked down my abs. He shifted his body around me in bed. Then
his tongue on my balls kicked off fireworks in my head, stunning me.

Time? Meaningless. Worries? Not a one. Nothing existed for me except this
languid feeling in my body and the rapture Breck was causing.

He brought his body over mine. His hand, then his lips, on my penis set
everything ablaze. His rod dangled over my face, and it was like I'd never seen
anything so pretty. I was so hungry for it. His hand aligned it with my throat and
his hips lowered.

We sixty-nined for ... well, it seemed like days. He gave a cry and this salty taste
filled my consciousness as he came. His dick withdrew from my mouth, and I
missed it, but he renewed his assault on my cock. The delirium as my orgasm
built and then raged white-hot through me--I can't begin to describe it.

Finally, I lay there spent on the bed. Breck's face grinning over me. "Hope it
was worth the wait, stud. Sleep now."

And suddenly I was more tired than I'd ever been. Couldn't keep my eyes open.
I sank back into sleep.

Later, when I woke up--really woke up--Breck wasn't in bed with me. The
shower, running, was shut off and the curtain pushed aside. Breck reached for a
towel. I watched as he dried himself, loving the way he moved.

"Good morning," he said, smiling, when he saw me sitting up in bed. Rubbing
the towel across his arm, he walked toward me, a slight strut in his stride.

I said, "You hypnotized me again."

He grinned. "Uh-huh. Did you like it? How much do you remember?"

"A lot of it, I guess. It was ... way intense."

He sat down on the bed, and we kissed. I ran my hand over his muscular back.
The most beautiful man in the world was sitting naked less than a foot away from

"You know," he said, "we should invite Bill over. Especially now that I can put
you both into a trance whenever I want. Think you'd like that?"

I just grinned, the words "candle flame" already forming on my lips.


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