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TRUELIFE2 video games mostly watched


True Life, Part 2

by Wrestlr

[M/M, MC, hypno]

Disclaimer: There's sex, sodomy, and maybe a few other minor perversions in
this. If you don't like that sort of thing, read something else. Everybody in the
story is legal age. Parts of this story may be autobiographical, or it might be all
fiction---who can say?

Copyright - 1999 by Wrestlr. Permission granted to archive if and only if no fee
(including any form of "Adult Verification") is charged to read the file. If
anyone pays a cent to anyone to read your site, you can't use this without the
express permission of (and payment to) the author. This paragraph must be
included as part of any archive.

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Wrestlr's fiction is archived at the following URLs: (MC and general M/M stories)

Special thanks to Chad/Epaphus ( for, uhm, the
inspiration. (Wink!)

* * *

True Life, Part 2

6. New York, Day 1 (October 1999)

My friend Chad knows I’m a big fan of Laurie Anderson. So when she debuted
her new show in Brooklyn, he invited me up to see her perform. Now, I’m a
Southern boy, never been on a plane before in my life, much less been to New
York City, but this was one of my fav performers. How could I not go? I didn’t
have the money for a plane ticket--I’ve only been graduated from my life as a
poor college student for six months and I don’t have much of a saving account
yet--so I invited Breck along in return for him loaning the money for plane fare.
Did I coerce him in any way? Well, uhm, I hear you can’t make someone do
anything they really don’t want to.

Anyway, I cleared it with my bud Chad that Breck could come. Chad’s a cool
guy. He’s older than me--mid-thirties, I think, though he looks mid-twenties.
Good-looking guy, too. We first met on the IRC #gayhypnosis channel about
three years ago (he uses the nick Epaphus)--he was one of the first people I
chatted with, and he became one of my best cyber-friends, and we even co-wrote
some ‘net stories together. At that time he lived about 200 miles from me, so we
met in person on two occasions when he came to my city on business. Yes, he’s
a hypnotist, in addition to be a writer and a photographer, and he’s a certified
hypnotist too (whatever that means); but no, we didn’t do anything with hypnosis
either time. He brought his boyfriend Eric on one of those visits, and I was like,
Damn, what a hottie!

Anyway, about a year ago, Chad moved to New Jersey. We stayed in touch, so
when he mentioned Anderson was doing a performance and invited me up to see
it, I jumped at the chance. His boyfriend Eric was going to be visiting too--they
don’t live together much since Eric is a pro soccer player and has to stay near
where his team is located during the season--and as far as I was concerned,
seeing Eric again was a very big bonus. Okay, so I have a little crush on Eric and
maybe on Chad too. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

So anyway, on Tuesday Breck and I got on a plane and flew to the Newark
airport. Like I said, it was my first time on a plane. Though I put up a good
front, I was kind of nervous every time the plane took a little dip. I mean, you
always hear in the news about these planes crashing--I guess you never hear
about ones that arrive safely. Breck had flow before several times. He kept
doing this claw thing with his hand, claiming he was imitating the way I was
gripping the arm rests, like I was trying to hold the plane up in the air all by
myself. He’s such a liar sometimes! Ha ha!

When we got off the plane, we didn’t have any trouble spotting Chad and Eric at
the baggage claim area. Eric was just the best-looking guy there, and Chad was
the one holding the sign that read, “Welcome, Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara.”
Sheesh! I guess if you live in Georgia like I do, you put up with a lot of Gone
With the Wind jokes.

So we got our bags and headed out. Chad lives about 20 miles from Newark, in
north-central Jersey, and yeah, we thought we were leaving safely after rush hour
had ended, but shit! Less than a mile from the airport we got snarled in traffic
backed up behind some accident where the road was narrowed around a strip of
construction. Yeah, yeah--welcome to Newark; enjoy your stay.

To make it worse, we’re in one of those “dead zones” where the radio doesn’t
pick up shit except static and stations we hated. So we’re sitting in traffic,
moving about five feet every ten minutes. Somehow Chad and I got to talking
about hypnosis and did I have any more stories about it coming out soon. Eric
knows Chad’s a hypnotist, but he thinks hypnosis is a load of total bullshit, and
he said so, claiming he could never ever be hypnotized. Chad gave me a wink
when Eric said that, and then he changed the subject back to soccer.

Eric and Breck are chattering away in the back seat--Breck’s a major soccer-
head, and Eric plays pro soccer, so they were really hitting it off. I don’t know
anything about soccer, so I didn’t have much to add. Chad was driving (if you
want to call being stuck in traffic driving) and I was in the front passenger seat,
just looking wide-eyed out the window at more pavement and more industrial
shit than I’d ever seen in one place before in my life.

So I wasn’t really listening to Chad--it was more like I became aware of what he
was saying gradually. Something soft about how there was nothing out there to
look at, nothing that would distract from gradually starting to focus on his voice.
I wasn’t sure how long he’d been murmuring that way, but I kept listening. He’s
trying to hypnotize me, I thought, but being aware of what he was doing wasn’t
the same thing as snapping out of it. In the back seat, Breck and Eric were kind
of tapering off their conversation too, like they suddenly were finding themselves
listening to what Chad was saying.

Looking back, I got to give him props--you just have to admire someone who has
the balls to just go for it like that. Like I said, Chad is a good hypnotist, and
certified--whatever that means. It wasn’t like when Breck tried to hypnotize me,
not at all. Breck usually tried when I was already tired or already asleep. This,
though, wasn’t like that. More subtle--that’s the word. I didn’t feel sleepy at all,
just real focused on what he was saying. I was aware, and I could see things
around me, but didn’t pay it any mind. Nothing distracted my attention--nothing
was more important than what he was saying. Yeah, I was aware he was giving
me--us--some suggestions, and if I couldn’t quite hold on to them after he made
them, that was okay, because I knew some part of me had listened and still had

Traffic began to move. Chad kept talking for a while. After a while he stopped
talking and let us snap out of it kind of on our own. We didn’t talk about what
he’d just done--maybe he told us not to. Instead we got caught up in everything
there was to see around us. In just a couple of minutes, we were out of Newark,
out at the end of Route 24, where everything turned suburban. We went through
a township where some of the buildings were hundreds of years old--hey, that’s
impressive when you’re from Atlanta, where the oldest building date from after
when General Sherman burned nearly the whole place to the ground a hundred
and thirty years ago--and then all of a sudden we were going down these twisty
roads you would swear were out in the country somewhere instead of just a few
miles from town. I was figuring out Jersey was not what I’d always thought it
was like.

And deer--there were deer all over the place, grazing on people’s lawns, standing
by the road watching us pass. These were arrogant deer too--they weren’t afraid
of the car and just wandered out in front of us like they were daring us to hit
them. I never knew deer still lived in Jersey, but we passed more deer on our
way to Chad’s place than I’d ever seen in one night in my life.

We stopped for dinner, and by the time we actually got to Chad’s place around
9:00, I was exhausted. Breck was all jazzed up and ready to do something. He
and Eric had discovered they both liked running at night, so they were all about
changing into shorts and going out for a run. They took along this soccer ball
Chad had, and Eric was telling Breck he knew this field where they could kick it
around some, so I figured they’d be gone a while. They were sure bonding
quick, like puppies. Me, I like to run too, but I was just plain beat. I guess the
flight took more out of me than I thought. So off they went, and that left Chad
and I there by ourselves.

I pulled my shirt, shoes, and socks off and sprawled out on the huge-ass futon
where we’d be sleeping. I would have shucked my jeans too and really made
myself at home like Chad said, but I didn’t have any underwear on underneath,
and I wasn’t sure if Chad meant for me to go that far.

I was really wiped after the stress of the flight and all. Chad and I were chatting.
He sat down on the futon too next to my legs, and he pulled my feet into his lap
and began to massage them. Oh, man, I’m a sucker for a good massage, no
matter what part of my body, and Chad had very good hands. I hummed out my
appreciation and settled back on the futon.

“You must be tired after your trip,” Chad said, and then he said something else,
and there was a particular word in it that did something to me, a key word, but I
didn’t care. I started to feel like I did before in the car, all daydreamy. I felt my
body start to relax, tension I didn’t know I had flowing out of me, and it felt so
good to just groove there and let him talk to me and massage my feet. Over time,
his hands massaged my ankles and calves too, which always made me feel great.
I felt so sleepy and relaxed. I couldn’t stop blinking. Chad was talking to me but
his words always seemed to slip past me, and I concentrated on how good I felt,
how good he was making me feel. My body was so limp I couldn’t move--or
maybe I just didn’t want to. My cock was hard, but that didn’t matter right then.

I don’t know how long I lay there, hovering at the edge of sleep while Chad
talked to me and massaged my feet. Breck and Eric came back from their run,
giggling, sweaty and shirtless, their tee-shirts tucked into the back of their shorts
like wagging puppy tails. They were lively as dogs, jostling and cutting up,
hands on each others’ shoulders or arms or backs. Eric went to kiss Chad, but
Chad pushed him away with a face and said, “Phew! Go take a shower, guys.”
And Breck and Eric trotted off to the bathroom, gleefully shedding their shoes,
socks, and shorts as they went, their butts in white briefs disappearing around the
corner like the flipped up tails of happy spaniels.

Chad went back to talking to me. My hands moved, on their own. I watched
them unsnap and unzip my jeans. My hips rose off of the futon, and Chad slid
my jeans down. When my body sank back onto the futon, Chad pulled my jeans
off over my feet. My cock was hard, pointing straight up at my head. One hand
picked up a pillow and settled it over my crotch.

Breck came back first, followed by Eric. I guess they showered together? They
weren’t gone long enough to have done anything sexual, I guess, so they must
have just showered. Breck had a towel around his waist. Eric had a towel too,
and he was rubbing it against his strawberry-blond hair, leaving his body on full
display. Eric gave a big grin when he saw me stretched out there with nothing
but a pillow covering my crotch.

Chad said something to them, something with the keyword in it, and I saw their
expressions slowly go slack. Chad kept talking. The towel fell from Eric’s hand.
His cock was starting to rise up. There was a rise in the front of Breck’s towel
too, and then it came uncinched from his hip and dropped away, pausing a
second where it clung to the end of his cock before slumping to the floor.

Everything felt like a dream, a very sexy dream. I lifted the pillow away from
my crotch. When Chad told me to, my body moved and I climbed off the futon.
Eric climbed onto it, on his hands and knees. Breck got on the futon too, curling
up half-underneath Eric. Eric’s cock plugged into Breck’s mouth, and Breck
began to suck him, slow and gentle. I climbed on the futon too, between Eric’s
legs. Chad had his clothes off--real big cock--and climbed up behind me. He
told me what to do, and I did it. I parted Eric’s incredible butt-cheeks and my
tongue explored his crack and the hole at its center, tasting of fresh soap. Chad
was doing the same to me. I felt like a conduit, transmitting the same feelings
Chad was giving me to his boyfriend’s ass. Pretty soon, Chad’s fucking me with
his tongue, and I’m doing the same to Eric; and when Chad slipped that first
finger into my hole and told me to do it to Eric, I did what he said without

Chad lubed my ass, then the bottle was in my hand and I worked some into Eric’s
ass. I put on a condom and covered it with lube too. Pressed my hips forward
and entered him. He took me pretty easily--he’s used to Chad who’s hung real
big, bigger than me. I slid it all the way in and paused for a moment so he could
get used to me inside him. That’s when I felt Chad’s cock working its way inside
my asshole too. I pushed back and he slid in more and more, slowly. He’s big--
bigger than any cock I’ve ever taken. That feeling in my ass might have been
pain, but it hit my head like euphoria, like hunger, and I wanted more.

I slid backward out of Eric’s ass and a little more deeper on Chad’s cock. I slid
forward off Chad’s rod and deep into Eric’s silk-smooth depths. They moved
with me, each fucking me back. Took a minute, but I found a way to move that
let me fuck Eric and get fucked by Chad at the same time.

We moved like that a while, all bodies in tandem and hands stroking backs and
ribs and hips and chests--couldn’t get enough of the feel of each others’ skin and
the muscles shifting underneath. Time stretched out, every second measured in
shining sensation rolling like a tide through my nerves. Finally, Chad whispered
something, to me, to Eric. Eric tensed up in my arms, his ass clamping down on
my dick. He came hard, shooting into Breck’s mouth. That shoved me over the
edge, and my own orgasm burned through me. Chad came in me at the same
time, shoving that big dick deep in me and holding it there, holding me tight
against his chest, until he was finished. He fell away from me, and I fell back out
of Eric.

Chad had Breck up on his knees, jacking off over Eric’s prone chest. Chad told
me I must be very tired after all that and should get some rest, and he was right--
suddenly I was so incredibly sleepy. Chad kept saying something about how
sleepy I was, and I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. I couldn’t stay awake any
longer, and when my eyes closed the dark closed over me too.

7. Day 2

I woke up on the futon. Man, I felt like I’d just had the best night’s sleep ever.

Breck in front of me and Eric behind me--all of us so tangled up I couldn’t tell
whose limbs were whose at first. Naked, all of us. They were still asleep. No
Chad, though.

I rubbed my eyes, yawned, eased my arms and legs free, and dragged myself up
off the futon. Eric stirred a little, rolled and slid his arm around Breck, didn’t
wake up. I shook my head, grinning sheepishly as I thought back over the night
before. That Chad sure had some balls. He just went for it, and I had to admit I
had really enjoyed it. I guess you can’t make anyone do anything they don’t
want to, and I’ll admit I’ve been wanting to fuck with Chad and Eric ever since I
met them.

I pulled on my jeans. Headed to the bathroom to pee. Sounds from the kitchen
when I came out. I sleepy-stumbled that way.

“Morning,” Chad said with a smile, soft and low so he wouldn’t wake up the
others. He had on this pair of old gray sweat shorts, and he was whisking eggs
for scrambling. “Sleep well?”

“Uh, yeah,” I said. Okay, so I’m not very eloquent in the morning. Mostly I was
trying not to stare at his bare chest. He looked pretty good. “That … uh … that
was pretty wild.”

He grinned--nice smile. “Thought you’d enjoy it. Don’t worry--neither of the
puppies will remember anything about the hypnosis. Eric never does--you heard
him in the car yesterday, swearing he could never be hypnotized. Breck is an
experienced subject, just as you told me, and I took advantage of that. Yes,
they’ll remember the sex, but everything leading up to it will be lost in a haze for

“Yeah? Eric I can understand, but you never hypnotized Breck before.”

“Doesn’t matter. Whoever introduced him to hypnosis laid a good groundwork.
And Breck’s done a good job with you too.”

“Uh, thanks, I guess,” I stammered, feeling myself blush. I was kind of iffy on
how that made me feel. I guess I kind of associated being easy to hypnotize with
being weak-willed, and I didn’t want to be weak in any way. Kind of a pride
thing, y’know?

Chad put the eggs aside. He was looking right at me--that piercing, even gaze.
He has these sharp eyes that are either dark gray or the deepest blue; he has
maybe the deepest eyes I’ve ever seen, and he always seems to be looking right
into your head. I looked right back, looked him right in the eye, to show I wasn’t

“What you have to remember is that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Jocks like you
and Eric are usually good subjects, if the approach is right. They’re trained to
listen to authority figures. As long as they see the hypnotist as being in control,
they’ll listen to his suggestions. Just like you listened to mine. Yeah, I’ve
always found jocks like you are good subjects. I give them a few easy-to-follow
suggestions, and pretty soon they hypnotize themselves. It’s very easy for them
to do it. It’s all in helping them focus and listen to the suggestions, and they’re
slipping into hypnosis before you know it. So easy for them to let themselves
slip into a deep, pleasant state of hypnosis. So easy. Just like you’re doing

Whoa! That’s when I suddenly realized what he was doing. I tried to pull back,
to look away, but … somehow, I couldn’t, or just didn’t.

“It’s okay,” he murmured. “Just relax and let it happen. I know it’s what you
want to let happen. That’s it. Just relax. Let your thoughts drift and unwind.
There’s nothing to distract you; nothing to interrupt; nothing to stop you from
letting yourself sink deeper, back into that sweet state of hypnosis that you
enjoyed so much yesterday.”

The longer I looked and listened, the harder it was for me to focus on anything.
At the same time, it felt so easy for me to focus on him. Everything felt relaxed
and lazy. I couldn’t stop blinking, and my eyes felt teary, but my body felt great,
more relaxed than ever, all the stress flowing away. Chad kept talking and I kept
listening, even if his words slipped away when I tried to listen close enough to
catch them, and I felt great.

“Brock,” he said clearly, “look down.” My eyes left his and ran down his bare
torso to his sweat shorts. He pulled at the elastic waistband with one hand,
reached inside with his other, and hauled out his hardening cock. “You like what
you see, don’t you? I know you do. I’ve got a big cock. It’s so easy to like my
cock.” He pointed it at my face. “Have you ever seen a cock this big? I know
you like it. You’d like to show me how much you like it, wouldn’t you? I know
you would. I know you’d like to suck it. Have you ever sucked one this big?
It’s okay. You can suck mine all you want, Brock.”

He tucked the waistband under his balls. His hand on my shoulder, guiding me
down to my knees. His cock zeroing in on my lips, the tip touching my mouth,
which opened and fit over the head of his member. He was bigger than any guy
I’d even sucked before, but not huge, though my mouth had to stretch to fit over
him. Having his dick inside me made me feel like I did the night before--
complete--and my jaw relaxed and let him deeper inside. I felt him in the back of
my throat and it felt great, like he was reaching a place deep inside of me that
only he could ever reach.

“That’s it,” he gasped after a while. “You’re making me feel great, Brock. I’m
gonna--cum--Brock, and you can swallow it if you want.” And suddenly he
tensed up and he did cum, the salty bitterness of him spiking through my head,
and I swallowed because I wanted to.

“That’s it,” he purred, stroking the back of my head as he slid his softening cock
out of my mouth. I wanted it back in my mouth and tried to follow. “Ah, ah--
time for that later, buddy. Let it go. Why don’t you go back in there and lay
down with the others? Sleep a while longer. You know you want to. So sleepy.
I’ll wake you in a little while when breakfast is ready. For now, though, go in
there and let yourself fall back into a deep, sound sleep, and when you wake, all
of this will seem like a dream.

And that’s what I did, and that’s what it seemed to be when Chad shook my
shoulder and told me breakfast was ready, and I woke up cuddled up behind
Breck. I really thought it was just a dream until I noticed I was in my jeans, just
like I had been in my dream. Anyway, it didn’t stop me from joining the others
as we dragged ourselves to the table and fell on the food like starving hounds.

I couldn’t stop grinning. Today was going to be great.

8. Days 2 and 3

We spent the rest of that day in New York City. Chad drove us. It was my first
trip to New York--Breck’s too--and we did the typical tourist thing, with Chad as
our guide. We did some sightseeing. I wanted to fit in a visit with one of my
friends from IRC who works in the city (hey, Jeff!), but we had some problems
connecting, so that didn’t happen. Jeez!--how the hell can people live in a city
where there are no working payphones? Ha!

Anyhoo, Chad did a great job of navigating us (mad props, dude!) through more
traffic and more people than I’ve ever seen in one place in my whole life. I’m
from the South--New York seemed incredibly cramped to me. It was fun,
though, to see all those places and buildings I’d always heard or read about, even
if they always seemed smaller and dirtier than I’d imagined.

Traffic was surprisingly light--either that, or Chad was like a charmed driver
(maybe both). We got to the Brooklyn Academy of Music in plenty of time for
Laurie Anderson’s performance, and her performance itself was great! All of us
had a great time, and we were all jazzed when we left, laughing, cutting up,
talking about what we’d seen all day and at the performance.

On the drive back, I was expecting Chad to try hypnotizing us again. But he
didn’t. Then I expected him to try hypnotizing us when we got back to his place.
But he didn’t. Frankly, by then we were all pretty damn wiped. Breck and Eric
were so tired they dozed off--really dozed off--on the ride back, even though it
took only 35 minutes or so. Oh, yeah, we shuffled into Chad’s place, and Chad
and Eric headed to the bedroom, and Breck and I took off our clothes and
tumbled onto the futon, and it was lights out immediately for both of us.

The next morning, we woke when the doorbell blared out. Remember I said
Chad is a photographer? Well, he had a model coming over that morning for a
photo session.

To be blunt, Chad is an erotic photographer. Do you remember my early story
“Photo Shoot”? It’s not that good, but it was based on something Chad told me
about a model he worked with a few times--though I admit I fictionalized it
heavily. Anyway, Chad is an erotic photographer, and a good one. You know
these Web sites that have photos of guys--“exclusive models,” they call them--for
you to browse? Well, Chad is one of the photographers who takes those pics and
sells them to the sites. He’s pretty successful at it too. He specializes in
youngish guys, in the 18-to-24 “twink” range, though he sometimes shoots guys
who are up in their thirties or older. If I told you the “studio” name he uses,
you’d recognize it for sure. This model was typical of Chad’s specialty--maybe
23 or 24, which would make him a year older than I am, brown hair, cute boy-
next-door kind of face, pretty good build.

Okay, so we threw on our clothes and Chad let the guy in. He introduced the guy
to us hurriedly and hustled him off to the back room where he had this little
studio set up. Okay, I wanted to watch, but Chad made it clear just from his tone
of voice that we were to wait in the living room.

That was fine by Eric and Breck--they’re both addicted to video games--they
sprawled out on their stomachs in front of some two-player game on the
PlayStation. Me, I fell across the couch behind them and watched. Okay, I’m
not much into video games, so mostly I watched Breck and Eric. Dude, if I
didn’t know Breck loved me and Eric was head over heels for Chad, I’d have
sworn there was something going on between them. They were grinning and
giggling like kids, jostling each other’s shoulders, cutting up. Gotta admit--the
scenery was damn fine; Breck had on just that pair of A&F shorts that highlights
his ass and one of my baseball caps. Eric had on this pair of navy-blue track
pants, a ratty white wife-beater tee-shirt that fit snug like skin, and this pair of
sneaks that looked older than he was. I didn’t care about the game they were
playing. I enjoyed watching them, and I gotta admit, jealousy or no, I felt their
exultation infecting me.

With my head back against the wall, I could hear the click of Chad’s camera, the
barely audible purr of his voice. “That’s it,” he was saying, as the camera
clicked, and, “Look right up here. Look right into the light … Yeah, that’s good.
You’re doing fine. Just stay focused on my voice, and I’ll talk you through it.
Don’t try to pose--just be yourself. That’s it. Just relax … Settle back … Don’t
think about the camera … Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Imagine you’re
someplace familiar, someplace you like a lot. Do you like to go to hiking in the
forest? Or to the beach?”

The guy’s voice, kind nervous: “The beach, yeah.”

I had this feeling I knew what Chad was up to, and it made me hard as hell in my
shorts, but this guy sounded clueless.

Chad was on it again. “Okay, then close your eyes and imagine you’re at the
beach, laying out on the sand. No worries--just soaking up some sun. Imagine
how salty the sea air smells. Take a deep breath. Yeah, you can almost smell it.
And the waves--remember how they sounded, their rhythm, crashing on the sand,
pulling away, crash … and away … crash … and away … Take deep breathes.
Relax. Breathe along with the rhythm of the sea. That’s it. Relax … and breathe
deeply. And the sun … You remember how it felt, don’t you.”

The guy’s voice, slower and more relaxed, more distant: “Uh huh …”

Chad kept up his rap: “So warm. So comforting. So relaxing. So easy just to lie
there and feel it soaking into you. Feel it relaxing you … So warm … So
familiar … So great just to relax in the sun and let everything go … Just relax

I just sat there, ignoring the game music and sound effects, listening through the
wall as Chad talked him down, seducing him with his voice, turning it into
almost some kind of induction. Now, I’m not one hundred percent sure it was an
induction, but it sounded like one to me. It sounded pretty hot, and my cock got
so fucking hard in my shorts! I followed every word as Chad told the guy he was
having no trouble relaxing and led the guy into a light, relaxed state. It seemed I
was starting to feel kind of relaxed too and maybe kind of a little groggy, just
from listening. Chad kept talking, smooth and low, and the camera kept making
its soft, rhythmic clicking. I heard Chad talking him out of his clothes, into a
hard-on, then helped him feel comfortable jacking off. I was hard as hell and I
wanted to jack off too--so bad!--just listening to him.

Pretty soon, Chad’s telling the guy it’s okay to cum whenever he wants to, and I
can tell from the guy’s groaning that he’s doing just that. After that, Chad brings
him out of it, telling him what a great job he did and, there, wasn’t that easier
than he’d though it would be? The guy was cleaned up and dressed like a snap.
Now that he’s cum, now that Chad has handed him his money, he was ready to
get out of here, and he did. Fast! Chad says a lot of his models are like that the
first couple of times.

Eric and Breck don’t pay any attention except when the guy, in his rush to leave,
kind of stumbles over that soccer ball Eric left lying around last night--they’re
engrossed in yet another round of their video game, and they barely spare the
attention to call “See ya” to the model as he leaves in a hurry. Me, I’m still on
the couch, still grooving from what I overheard.

Chad sticks his head around the corner and looks right at me. :”Okay, Brock,” he
says, “I’m ready for you. Come on back.” Part of me worried he knew I’d been
listening. Part of me felt too peaceful to worry. So I got up and followed him
back into the little studio room.

Chad stood real close, looking me right in the eyes, and I looked right back,
feeling myself get a little more lost into those depths. “Looks like you were
eavesdropping on us,” he said, using his finger to trace the outline of my hard
cock in my shorts. “That’s okay, Brock. I know how you like the beach too. It’s
a very special place for you too, isn’t it?”

“Yeah …”

“Why don’t you stand over by the window.” He picked up his camera and
snapped a shot or two. All I had on was a pair of shorts, and the sun streaming
through the window felt good splashing off my chest, arm, and thigh. “That’s it.
You like being photographed, don’t you? Just relax and let me take some
pictures of you.” He said other things too, and there was a key word somewhere
in what he said. I felt it slip through me, felt myself relax and drift back to that
really focused and far-away feeling, like I was caught up in a daydream and
didn’t want to snap out of it. A really cooperative feeling. Chad gave me
instructions, and I felt real good going along with them.

“That’s it,” he said, snapping pictures. “Have a seat on the couch.” I did. “Lean
back. Get comfortable. That’s good. Now let’s try a little game. I know how
you like the beach. You went there just a couple of weeks ago with Breck, didn’t
you? You told me it’s one of your favorite places. In fact, if you close your
eyes, you can picture the beach in your head, can’t you? Close your eyes, just for
a moment, and picture it.”

When my eyes closed, I could see the beach, plain as day.

“You can picture it pretty clearly, can’t you?”

I said, “Yes.”

“You can see the sand and the surf. You can see the waves. Just like you’re
there. The rough sand on your skin. The heat of the sun beating down on you. It
sure feels good, doesn’t it? So warm and so good on your skin. You like that
feeling, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I like it.”

“I know you do. It’s such a good feeling. It all seems so real, as if you’re really
there. Just relax and enjoy it, Brock. You’re at the beach, enjoying a day of no
worries. Just relaxing and feeling good. Feeling so good you’re starting to get a
little horny, aren’t you? Feeling good. Feeling relaxed. Feeling a little horny.
Starting to get a little hard again, just a little. It’s okay. The sun feels so good on
your skin. The waves sound so nice and relaxing. Imagine yourself laying back
on the sand and just enjoying everything around you. Just relax and let your dick
get so nice and hard. Your dick getting hard just adds to how good you feel and
helps you relax even more. Yeah, that’s it, Brock. That’s it.”

After a pause, Chad continued. “Brock, in a moment, I’m going to ask you to
open your eyes. But first, I want you to concentrate on the beach. On the waves.
See them? Hear them? Concentrate on the sand, and how good it feels. A little
rough on your skin but also very warm and comforting. Concentrate on the
sunlight and how it warms and relaxes you. Feel how real it seems. In a
moment, Brock, I’m going to ask you to open your eyes, and you’ll find it very
easy to do so and still stay so deeply relaxed. Everything seems to real in your
imagination, and when you open your eyes, you’ll see it all before you. The
beach. The sand. The sea. The waves. The sunlight. You’ll see it all around
you as if you’re really there. Do you think you can do that?”

“Yeah …”

“Good, Brock. When you open your eyes, you’ll see it and feel it and hear it all
around you. All alone on the beach. Relaxing in your favorite place in the
world. Go ahead. When you’re ready, open your eyes.”

I opened my eyes.

“That’s it. Look around. Tell me what you see.”

I looked around. Part of me was aware of the room, the lights, Chad with his
camera, the walls. But another part of me was aware of a wide-open beach
where I’d gone for a weekend with Breck a couple of weeks before. It seemed
nearly real. “I see …” The room. The beach. I was aware of them both.

“Take your time. Let everything around you slip away. Relax. Focus on the
beach. Make it real in your head, and you’ll see it all around you. Can you smell
the salt in the air?”

I took a deep breath. “Yes.”

“Can you see the waves? Can you hear them gently lapping at the sand?”


Can you feel the sand against your skin?”


“Look around. You’re alone on the beach, aren’t you? Alone and relaxed and so
horny on the beach. Such a great place to be. So relaxed and horny, aren’t you?”

I rubbed my hard cock through my shorts. “Yeah.”

“The sun feels great on your skin. So warm. It makes you feel so good--so
relaxed and so sexy. Doesn’t it?”


“So hard, aren’t you?”


“So horny, aren’t you?”

“You’re all alone on the beach, and the sun feels so good. No one else around
for miles. Why don’t you take your shorts off. It’s okay. You can take them off
if you want to and enjoy the sun all over your body.”

I lifted my hips and pushed my shorts down. My hard cock rolled free and
slapped against my tight abs. I slid my shorts down to my ankles, pulled my feet
free of them.

“Good, Brock. The sun on your whole body makes you relax, makes the beach
seem even more real to you.”

He was right--the more I focused on the beach, the realer it seemed. I was less
aware of the room around me, and more aware of how the salty breeze tiptoed
across my chest. The sound of the waves just a few feet away. The scratch of
the sand under my butt and back and heels. Chad’s voice and those soft camera
clicks came from somewhere else. I was alone on the beach.

“So horny. Put your hand on your cock. That feels so good, doesn’t it? Jack it a
little, slow and easy.”

I did what he told me. All I felt was the sun, the pleasure from the friction of my
hand on my dick, this pleasure running through me. I was jerking off and feeling
fine. I even lifted my legs, licked a finger, and reached down to slip it into my
ass, which I only do sometimes when I want it to be special. It felt real good.

Chad kept working at me as I jerked myself off. Pretty soon, the more he talked
to me, all I knew was the beach, the sun blazing down on me. No one around.
Me loving the feel of my hand on my cock and the finger in my ass as I rocked
myself into pure pleasure on the beach.

“When you’re ready, let yourself cum.”

My balls buzzed, and my dick blazed like white fire in my hand. Suddenly, I felt
that ecstasy wash over me like a tide, wave after wave of it rushing through me.
My fluid spurted out, splattering hot against my chest and shoulder and belly,
coating my fingers. I rode the wave for what seemed like forever and loved
every intense second of it.

Gradually, I started to come down. Chad was talking me through it, helping me
relax even further. I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, my cum was
gone. I was back in my shorts. I was back in the studio room.

I opened my eyes, but I knew I wasn’t awake yet--not really, anyway. I still felt
relaxed, that peaceful, daydreamy concentration. Chad told me to stand up, and I
did. He told me to go back into the living room and have a seat on the couch.
There was something else he needed to do but he’d call me when he was ready
for me again. In the meantime, he said I could just relax or go to sleep,
whichever I wanted.

I followed him to the living room. “Breck,” he said as I headed for the couch,
“I’m ready for you.” I sprawled out on the couch. Breck got up and adjusted
those A&F shorts--the only thing he had on. He looked at me, started to say
something, but then he followed Chad back into the back. Eric just reset the
game in single-player mode and went on playing like nothing was going on. I sat
there on the couch, and the longer I sat, the sleepier I became. My eyes slid shut,
and I dozed.

This next part--I’m not sure if it really happened. It might have been a dream. It
sure felt real, but … I don’t know for sure, and I don’t have any evidence that it
really happened. Breck says it didn’t. He says nothing happened and denies
Chad even called him into the back. The way Breck remembers it, after the
model left, I went into the back, but he doesn’t remember Chad calling me. Me, I
think he was so engrossed in the video game he and Eric were playing, the place
could have burned down and he wouldn’t have noticed. Anyway, Breck says I
came back and had a seat on the couch, and he and Eric were still playing and
went on playing. He says Chad never called him, never interrupted their game,
and the next part I’m about to tell you about never happened. So I’m going to
say it might have been a dream, because that’s what it seems like now. It sure
felt real at the time, though.

Anyway, I’m sleeping on the couch, and I’m aware I’m sleeping. Chad’s voice
comes in and says, “Brock, I’m ready for you.” I opened my eyes. Breck was
still gone. Eric was gone now too. The PlayStation and tv were both off. I still
felt all daydreamy, my thoughts all sluggish and cloudy like my head was filled
with cotton. Why couldn’t I wake up?

“Brock? That’s a good boy. It’s time. I’m ready for you now.”

In this dream, I got up and followed him back into the little studio room. Chad
picked up his camera and started snapping pictures. There was Eric standing by
the couch, his tee-shirt and shoes off, his track pants bunched down at his ankles.
Breck, naked, knelt before him, sucking his hard cock. Something about their
eyes--their eyes were closed as if they were lost in a private fantasy, and they
looked as deeply relaxed as I was, and that was good.

Chad’s voice spoke in the back of my head, and suddenly I knew what was going
on. I had walked in on two of my friends having sex. I was supposed to join
them. I walked over and rubbed my wood through my shorts, and they both
looked over at me and grinned.

In this dream, my shorts came off. Eric’s track pants too. I was bent over the
arm of the couch, and Breck kissed and licked my ass. Eric stood on the couch
and fed his pretty, pretty cock into my mouth, and I blew him. I guess Chad was
getting all this on film, but I wasn’t paying attention to him at all. Eric’s cock
felt too good in my mouth, and Breck’s tongue felt too good on my ass.

Eric sprawled out on the couch. He jacked himself off with one hand and me
with his other. Breck nudged my feet further apart. His cock eased so firm and
smooth into my butthole. We found that old familiar rhythm of our lovemaking.
I bent my head around and kissed Eric. He stood up on the couch again and
jacked off over my head. I couldn’t twist my neck far enough to get to his sweet
dick, but I could lick at his balls, which I did. His balls tasted salty, musky, and I
licked at them more. He groaned and his knees buckled a little, and I felt warm
drops of his load sprinkle across my neck and shoulder. Then Breck pulled out,
pulled off his condom, jacked himself off with a few quick strokes, and came
across my back and shoulder.

Then it was my turn. I stretched out on the couch and pumped at my cock. Eric
curled up beside me, slipping his tongue deep in my mouth. Breck on the other
side of me, licking my nips and kissing my belly. When my orgasm hit,
inevitable as time, I broke away from Eric, gasping, and my load squirted out
across his chest and arm.

I kissed Eric. I kissed Breck. Eric kissed Breck.

Chad said, “That’s good, boys. Very nice. Look this way.” We looked at him,
all three of us happy and grinning, and he snapped a few last pictures of us.
“That’s it,” he said, putting his camera aside. “We’re through here. There’s
nothing more you have to do or think about, so why don’t you all take a little
nap? So sleepy. Sleep now.”

In my dream, suddenly, I was so very tired. So hard to stay awake.

“A nap would feel so good. Just close your eyes and sleep. Sleep. That’s it.

Breck sank in against my chest, and Eric’s head bowed forward. I couldn’t keep
my eyes open either. They were starting to shut.

“So deeply asleep. Sleep.”

And then in this dream, my eyes closed, and I slept too.

9. Day 3: Returning Changed (Postlude)

I opened my eyes. I was awake now. Really awake. I looked around. I was in
the passenger seat of Chad’s car as he drove. I swear, I don’t remember packing
or getting in the car, though Breck says we did--I guess it’s obvious that we did.
Anyway, it was time to catch our flight back to Georgia--we were on our way to
the Newark airport.

I stretched and yawned.

Chad grinned knowingly. “Sleep well?”

“Uh, yeah,” I said, looking around. Okay, so it wasn’t the snappiest comeback--I
was just waking up, okay? Ours was a late-afternoon flight--how many hours
had passed in a trance since that three-way on the studio couch? As much as I
tried to remember, it was all a big gray blank.

Anyway, Breck and Eric were in the back seat, still locked in sleep. Chad said,
“Don’t worry about them. They’ll remember the sex, but they won’t remember
being hypnotized at all. That’s the easy thing about hypnotizing video game
aficionados: they’re used to going into those highly focused, trancelike states,
and they’re used to losing whole chunks of time.” See? It’s things like that that
make me thing the whole thing happened, whether Breck remembers it or not,
whether it seems like a dream or not. When I ask him these days, Chad always
evades my questions.

Anyway, whether it really happened--or even happened the way I think I
remember it--is a question for another time.

Right then in the car, I just grinned back and said, “Yeah, I guess so. Man, I
can’t believe you just went for it like that, hypnotizing us. You got some balls,

He shrugged. “Ah, anyone can have that kind of balls. It’s just a matter of
knowing your limits, knowing the other guy’s limits, and then getting what you
both want within those two sets of limits. I never push anyone past their
restrictions. Well, not too far, at least. Nobody did anything they didn’t want to
do. You sure seemed to enjoy it, didn’t you?”

That made me laugh. “Hell, yeah! I had some great sex with you guys.” Just
remembering had my cock getting hard again in my shorts.

“You’re a sexy young guy. All you have to do is come on strong and you find
people falling all over themselves for you, right? If you’re talking about
hypnosis, it’s all in the self-confidence you project--the secret is in using the idea
of seduction to supplement the idea of induction. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis,
and you just need to make your subject want to be hypnotized. Hypnosis can be
pretty seductive too, don’t you think?”

I pushed my crotch forward just a little to highlight the lump in my crotch. “You
sure managed to ‘seduce’ me with it,” I laughed.

Chad was eyeing my wood out of the corner of his eye as he drove. “Looks like
things may not be over just yet.” Without missing a beat, he reached over and
massaged my rod lightly through my shorts.

“Dude, did you hypnotize me into getting hard?”

“Nope--you’re awake now. Anything that happens from here on happens
because of your own free will.” He gave my cock a gentle squeeze that sent a
shudder of pure pleasure through me.

Chad deftly unsnapped my shorts and unzipped me. I let him--why not? His
fingers curled around my cock and he stroked it as he drove. He knew tricks I’d
never thought of before, and even one-handed he had me pretty near cross-eyed
there in my seat.

He pulled off to the side of the road, put the car in park. He bent over, and his
mouth fit onto my cock like a velvet glove. He eased me to the brink, then
backed off. He had me gasping. “C’mon, dude, let me cum,” I begged softly as
he did this smooth trick around my glans that felt like electric jolts jumping from
his tongue.

His mouth nursed me so gently, the sweetest blow-job I’ve ever gotten. My
orgasm came easy, just a gentle rise of bliss all through me instead of the usual
sudden burst as he swallowed my load. I sank back into the seat, thoroughly
spent. “Thanks, dude,” I whispered, wondering if I should reach for his crotch
and return the favor. He answered that question for me when he winked, put the
car in gear, and merged us back into traffic.

At the airport, as we pulled into a parking space, Chad looked at them in the
rearview mirror and said, “Breck, Eric, it’s time to wake up.” Their eyes opened,
and they yawned and stretched.

“There already?” Breck asked, blinking and looking around at the airport.

“Man, that was fast,” Eric said, sitting up and flexing those gorgeous arms of his.

Chad gave me a triumphant grin and a wink. “Yeah,” he said, “traffic was kind
of light.”

So we got our bags out of the trunk and headed inside to find out departure gate.
When time came to board, I hugged Chad goodbye, then Eric, feeling bold
enough to give them each a little kiss on the lips. I’d come to Newark knowing
them as friends, and I was leaving knowing them in a whole different way.

I got to admit, though, I spent the whole flight back thinking about what Chad
had said about anybody having the balls to push for what they want. I had some
fantasies I wanted to explore, but I wasn’t sure how to make them come true. All
I knew was, if all I had to have was the balls to grab for what I wanted, Breck
was going to be in for some very interesting experiences very soon.


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