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TSHARE movie and the idea made him


Keywords: M/F, all orifices, swap, exhib, 3-way
Author: W R Jenkins
Title: Time-share Wives

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Time-Share Wives (TShare.txt)- Terry and Phil find a new wrinkle
on the modern vacation landscape. M/F, all orifices, swap, exhib, 3-way.

Time-Share Wives
It was a dingy stand of condos by a sickly gray lake. The road was
fifty feet away. And for this they paid almost as much as Maui, each.
"Nice choice," Terry said to Phil. "This is so awesomely beautiful
I can hardly stand it. Imagine wanting to go to some bland place like
"Wait until you see our condos," Phil replied, "I think you'll
like the way they're furnished."
"Well, they certainly must be huge if we each need one of our
own," Terry grimaced.
"It's a special rule at this location. No same-sex doubles. You'll
understand soon enough," Phil said mysteriously.
Terry hadn't been able to get much more than innuendo out of Phil
since they had planned their get-away. Phil had always come through
before, knowing the best of everything and all the angles. But this time
Terry thought he had got screwed.
There was nothing to do here. It was a small town mostly populated
by fast-food restaurants and over-priced tourist bars. He didn't want to
swim in the dirty lake and these condos didn't even have a pool. It was
shaping up as one clunker of a vacation. He might as well be home with
Judy, bitch that she had become.
Terry dragged his suitcases up the stairs and put the key Phil had
given him in the door. Oh yes, he thought as he looked inside, total
grandeur here, so much better than Maui.
The door opened on the kitchenette. Beyond was a living area with
two chairs and a couch. As he came in and closed the door behind him,
he saw there was another long, narrow room beyond a half wall that had
a barrage of windows facing the dark lake.
To the left was a hallway and Terry could see the bathroom at the
end of it. There was supposed to be another half bath off the master
bedroom. He dragged his luggage down the hall. Left again was a small
room. He looked right and knew he'd found the master bedroom. If he was
going to have to rattle around in this place by himself, he might as
well have the best room, he thought.
There were patio doors going out on the deck in the far wall. He
saw the door to the bathroom. He snorted when he saw the closet doors
were mirrors. It would be real exciting to watch himself whack his meat
in those.
Then he noticed a strange lump in the bed. He turned from the
reflection and looked at the bed. It was a pretty nice king-sized bed.
It was made better by the lump, which Terry saw was a blonde woman
laying on her side with her head propped up on her hand.
"Who are you?" Terry asked.
She saw his surprise and knew he wasn't asking her her name.
"Why, I'm your wife this week," she explained up front, "Did one
of your friends give you this vacation- as a bachelor party present
"Wife?" Terry repeated dumbly.
She sat up and stretched before she answered. The covers fell to
her waist and Terry's eyes were drawn to the two large globes that
swung gently with her motion. They were "D" cups easy. Each was topped
with a big pink areola the size of a baby-food jar.
"That's why I thought someone gave you this vacation," she said,
"It's spelled out in the exchange agreement: two bedrooms, bath and a
half, sunroom, wife, kitchen with microwave, refrigerator, stove and
all utensils."
Now Terry knew what Phil meant when he said he'd like the way the
place was furnished. He wondered if the 'wives' were pictured in the
brochure and what Phil's 'wife' looked like. He doubted if he could
be jealous of anything with a woman like this in his bed.
"Are there rules or something?" Terry asked.
"Just what you like and what I like," she said.
"And what do you like?" he asked.
"I like everything," she said sexily and pulled back the covers
to crawl off the bed.
She was pretty all over. Her pubic hair was a decoration, trimmed
close and shaped like a heart. Her hips were wide enough to balance the
huge set of jugs swinging from her chest. She was the nicest shade of
toast brown all over.
Terry knew what he thought a wife was for. He decided to find out
for sure what her definition was.
"Then you won't mind washing my back for me while I clean up, will
you?" he asked.
He kicked his suitcases in the corner and threw his shirt on a
chair by the wall. He did a bad boy pose with his thumbs hooked in his
belt loops as she walked over to him.
"I think I'll be glad to get to know my husband for this week," she
said and ran her hand down over his shoulders.
She walked behind him and Terry felt her breasts cover most of his
back as she reached around and hugged him to her.
"I think I want to find about everything about you," she whispered
in his ear with an excess of hot breath.
She was going to find out he was easily aroused by big-breasted
naked blondes hugging him like that. Terry pulled at the waist of his
jeans to try and give his growing cock space to straighten out.
"I was planning to introduce myself when I get cleaned up," Terry
said, he voice cracking comically.
She cut him no slack. She giggled at the evidence of his
excitement. Her hand slid down into his pants and she straightened out
his cock for him.
"There, I think I fixed the thing that was making you squeak,"
she said.
There was no reason to stall and every reason to hurry himself into
the bathroom. She let him walk out of her arms and followed him the three
paces to the bathroom.
He left his clothes on the bathroom floor and slipped past her
to fetch his forgotten toiletries. His cock dragged a wet line of fluid
across her belly as he sidled by her in the narrow room. He was all too
ready to 'introduce' himself to her.
She had the stream set to scald when he returned.
"That's not too hot for you is it?" she asked. "I like to get out
of the shower all red from the hot water."
Terry just managed to bear the heat. He found there was method in
her madness all around. The hot water took all the desire out of his
cock. She got a stir when she lovingly soaped his cock and balls, but
he quickly went limp again when she rinsed him off.
And she did turn a delightful shade under the scalding water. Terry
could just see a beginning of tan lines in the slightly different red the water turned the different parts of her body. The brighter reds
showed that the infrequent times she wore any cover in the sun, it was
the barest of covers, shielding little more than her nipples and the
patch of pubic hair that remained.
They went from wet in the shower to towels spread on the bed. Terry
was recovering from being cooked in the cool draft and the woman was
gently, but effectively massaging his shoulders, his back, his butt...
That last revived his desires and made Terry realize that it would
only be right to return this touching by massaging her breasts.
"Gentle now, uh.. honey, the water was just as hot for me," she
cautioned as he gripped the big hunks of flesh.
"I'm Terry, what's my wife's name?" he finally asked.
"I'm Diane," she said, "And it is nice that we know each other's
names before we consummate our marriage."
Terry thought she liked the hot water because it made every inch
of her so sensitive. After her warning, he touched her ever so gently
and she still moaned contentedly as he stroked his hands over her body.
She was ready for a little harder stimulation when his finger
slipped between the lips of her pussy. She rocked on his finger and he
pressed it back against her. It felt like it was time to climb over her
and fuck his wife.
A thousand things, all bad, raced through his mind when he heard
the loud pounding on the front door of the condo. He knew it was too good
to be legal. He froze.
"You want me to go?" Diane asked him.
Before he could decide if he wanted the door answered at all, she
was up and on her way, still naked. She was pulling the door open before
Terry could get a towel wrapped around his waist.
"Geeze! Are you guys still at it? I thought I gave you plenty of
time," Phil's voice came from the doorway.
"Terry, do you know these people?" Diane called from the door as he
traipsed into the kitchen.
Terry could have been grinning. Phil was grinning back at him in
unspoken appreciation of the naked blonde dream at the door.
"Never saw them before in my life," Terry joked and put his arm
around Diane's waist to pull her out of the doorway. "Let's get back to
Phil and the long-haired brunette with him were both dressed. They
slipped past the naked and near-naked couple to walk into the condo.
"Satisfied with the furnishings?" Phil asked.
"I was about to prove my love to my new wife when you so rudely
interrupted," Terry said.
"I knew you'd like Diane. I knew you liked big whoppers and I know
you'll like that big butt when you get her face down on the bed and start
reaming out her ass," Phil said.
"Geeze, man, could you be a little more rude?" Terry snapped at
Diane came to Phil's rescue.
"It's all right, honey," she told Terry, "We're having a honeymoon
this week and even Grandpa is allowed to make crude remarks about the
honeymoon. It's good luck."
"Yeah, lighten up," Phil said, "These aren't tight-ass prudes like
Judy. They do it and they'll talk about it. You know, normal women."
It wasn't going to come easy to Terry, but he knew Phil had a
point. Fucking like a warren of rabbits and then pretending nothing
happened was artificial. He figured he could say anything because he was
likely to be the most easily offended.
"So, what's your wife's name?" Terry asked. "This is Diane. Diane,
this is Phil and..."
"Linda," Linda said.
"So now that we all know each other, what do we do now?" Phil
asked. "Is there anything interesting around here?"
"There're some islands in the lake with bars, but it will be a
couple of hours until they're really hopping," Linda said.
"Hey, aren't you pushing things a bit," Terry piped up, "I mean,
I've got some business to take care of."
"Still?" Phil kidded him, "You've got all week. Don't wear it out."
"Wear it out?" Terry exploded, "I haven't gotten any yet. And I'll
thank you to go away until I can take care of that."
"You haven't even..." Phil started and Linda cut him off.
"He just wanted me to kneel down and blow him. That's why he's done
so quick," Linda said.
"Terry took a nice shower with me and was just getting me all ready
when you came," Denise confided.
"Then why don't you guys go off and finish what you started and
we'll figure out what to do afterwards," Linda suggested.
Terry felt a bit left out of the discussion. Then again, he had
been asking for the same thing every time he spoke, so he supposed they
knew where he stood.
He stood soon after that as Diane got up and pulled him to his
feet. She dragged him toward the bedroom and smiled back to see Phil's
gaze following her naked ass out of the room.
"We'll be back in less than a day," Diane promised.
"But they're still out there," Terry protested as Diane pulled
off his towel and pushed him toward the bed.
"Like your friend said, loosen up," Diane told him, "By the end
of the week you won't even leave the room when you want to fuck
"Somebody? Don't you mean you?" Terry asked.
"I'm not the jealous type, honey. If you get a shot at something
you want, go for it. That's what a vacation is for," Diane said to a
shocked Terry.
He blamed the confusion she had thrown him into for the ease
with which she got him on his back on the bed. She made his modesty
seem sillier and sillier as she dragged her breasts over his chest and
made his cock harder and harder.
He certainly didn't have any reason to protect Diane's modesty.
When she answered the door naked, Phil had certainly fucked her in his
mind. It would be stupid to be squeamish for himself. Terry couldn't
think of a stupider reason not to fuck this juicy sex doll.
Thinking wasn't required when Diane started crawling on top of
him. Her thigh pressed on his cock and rubbed him to eagerness before
she crawled the rest of the way on top of him and rubbed herself wet
on his cock.
All the time he was fondling her heavy breasts and panting
for the chance to finally get his cock inside her. That came when
Diane bent over the mounds of her tits and kissed him.
"Put me where you want me and fuck me!" Diane demanded.
She was a solid woman, but she was still less than 130 pounds.
Terry had to heave, but he tossed Diane first on her side and then
rolled her down onto the bed beneath him.
His thoughts were still of a gentle love-making, but his lust was
making him more brusque than he realized. He wanted to take her like a
loving husband, but he was in too much of a hurry to be careful putting
his cock in her for the first time.
Diane liked his entrance. He was strong and abrupt without the
overtone of brutality. She could feel his need to be inside her in
the way his cock shouldered its way to her depths.
She stroked his back lightly to encourage him and moved her hips
in concert with his cock moving in and out of her. Confident was the
word that came to her mind. He was a confident and competent lover.
Terry was experiencing simpler emotions. She was honey, pure
honey as he sank into the welcome of her cunt. She had managed to get
herself very wet rubbing her slit on his cock and sliding into her
was like the sensation of plunging your arm into hot water. Her cunt was instantly all around him as he moved deeper and her moisture
seemed to seal around his cock like shrink-wrap.
This was a superior pussy, Terry thought to himself as he fucked
her. Her physical beauty continued on at least eight inches inside her.
Her mental beauty was just beginning to be revealed as she matched him
thrust for thrust and tried to give back the pleasure he was giving her.
This was what a fuck was supposed to be. There was no reason to be
ashamed of pleasure this perfect. Terry let go of his reserve because
there were ears in the other room. Diane was too good a fuck to let some
silly thoughts about being proper dampen their pleasure together.
"Damn, I wish you were my wife all the time," Terry grunted as
his thrusts gathered the momentum of his rising excitement, "You are a
great fuck."
Diane was less into comparison and more into the now. And right
now Terry was making her as horny as she was making him. He had started
at pleasant and worked through amusing. Now that he had abandoned his
qualms and given himself over to the his natural feelings, he had moved
deep into irresistible, even to a woman of her experience.
Her hands betrayed her need as they changed from gentle
encouragement to a grip made strong by necessity. She wrapped Terry in
her thighs to give herself a better vantage to throw her hips at him
in return for his desperate thrusting.
The rutting couple was oblivious to the wet slapping sounds of
their bodies coming together that carried into the other room. They
grunted without realizing and their moans poured out as a natural
consequence of their passion.
Even Linda began to shift as if she was uncomfortable in the next
room. It was impossible to hear the sounds of their lust and keep carnal
thought from overwhelming the listener's mind. Phil was releasing the
tension by chuckling with a big grin on his face.
"Oh my Gawwdd!" echoed in the condo as Diane broke over the crest.
It was one brief outburst that she couldn't contain. Her gasps
as the waves of pleasure took her with their current down the dark
cave and then back up, propelling her into the light wiped away any
other vocal response.
They would have contested with Terry's grunts, groans and whimpers
as her spasms triggered his own totally involving orgasmic response.
Even the contractions as his balls pumped out his cum into Diane were
lost in the chilling electric sensations that passed through Terry's
body as he came. His large muscles, back, buttocks and thighs, sang with
a sympathetic reaction as his cock quivered and delivered his load.
"Oh Jesus... jesus," was all Terry could muster as he fell down
on Diane in exhaustion.
It was all he could do to remember to hold some of his weight off
her ample chest with his elbows. The rest of the world was beyond his
caring or control at the moment.
He could have laid his weight full on top of Diane. She was less
aware of the world around than Terry. She didn't even note that he made
the effort for her comfort as her mind slowly came back from the other
world her orgasm had transported her to.
Terry wanted to kiss her, to swear his undying loyalty, certainly
to start again and recapture the ecstasy, but the strength of his sudden
feelings scared him. He lifted himself up and smiled, but said nothing.
It was only after he had grudgingly withdrawn from her and rolled
off the bed that his mind found words that he wasn't afraid to speak.
"I guess we better go back and see to our guests," he said.
Terry could not understand how it was possible, but Diane looked
even more impressive with clothes on. Perhaps it was that the heavy
promise of her large breasts was caught in her bra and thrust up and
out so prominently. Perhaps it was the contrast that great shelf offered
to her slim, but no means muscled midriff or the way her low-slung
pants rounded her hips into a delectable package.
Phil was just as impressed with Diane as Terry. Terry was sure Phil
had picked Linda because she fit his profile for the most exciting sex
partner, but Phil wasn't immune to Diane's charms. If it hadn't been for
the rest of them, Phil might have been content to sit there and stare for
the rest of the evening.
But they were on vacation. It was time to kick up the heels and
play. They passed on the ferry to the islands that night. There were
some shore-side places that the girls said weren't too bad. They were
about five miles out of town on a peninsula to the East.
They passed a winery that looked too quiet, though Linda said its
restaurant wasn't a bad place to eat. There was another half-restaurant,
half-bar next to a golf course. Linda was driving and it seemed she had
picked some place already.
It looked like all the other boat warehouses that dotted the area.
Except its parking lot was packed and music seeped out of the corrugated
steel building. Inside it looked like a slave market in old Istanbul.
The tables and bar were packed while the dance floor was merely
congested. People were trying to shout a hundred different conversations,
all on one subject, over the house band. Diane leaned toward Terry and
shouted in his ear.
"Our favorite game is collecting lines," she said, "We count number
of hits, which I always win, and best line, which I never do."
"That's because the guys assume God used your brains to make your
tits so big," Terry shouted back, "I wouldn't be offended. You probably do
have as many brains in your tits as they have in their heads."
Diane laughed. She was hit on twenty times in the next hour. It
should have been more, but the congestion made it hard for the guys to
get near her. They also decided, on the way back down the peninsula to
the golf course bar, that Terry's 'brains in your tits' line was the best
and Diane scored a rare double win.
The best competition was a guy that told Linda: I have a boat that
sleeps four, but I can fix it so it fucks two tonight.
The next bar was busy, but there wasn't any action for the four
'newlyweds'. It was quieter and the pick-up action was more intense. This
was the point in the cycle where you nailed down your date for the
evening. The winery bar was a last drink stop before you got the woman of
this evening back to where the fucking would begin.
Terry had switched to ginger ale early in the evening and was now
driving. Truth be told, the locals could have staked out the circle road
around the peninsula and made a killing in D.W.I. convictions. But that
might have inhibited the flow of tourist dollars and caused major unrest
among the business owners. Instead, the cops circled like wolves and
picked off the worst offenders to remind the rest and keep problems to a
Still, Terry reasoned, it was better to be safe than sorry. It was
also interesting to be sober as his two new friends and his one old one
got drunker and drunker. They had passed from exuberance to grinning
quiet and back to sloppy loudness by the time they got to the winery.
Terry found out Linda thought he was cute and wasn't going to mind
fucking him when the time came- whatever she meant by that. He found out
Diane thought Phil only had as many brains as her left tit. And Phil
thought the topper to the evening should be finding a couple of extra
girls so they both could have a threesome when they got back to the
They had passed to the final stage of slack-jawed quiet as Terry
piloted the car back to the condos. He made sure Phil and Linda were
going the right direction before he hauled Diane up the steps and
dragged her into his condo.
"Yur really goin a get it now," Diane slurred as he lay her across
the bed and set to work skinning her out of her clothes.
"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon," Diane rattled
as Terry struggled to get her tight pants down her thighs.
She made the process harder by kicking her feet as Terry tried to
haul her pants down her legs. At least she wasn't complaining about the
whirlies and threatening to pass out or throw up, or both. She wanted to
fuck; she was just too drunk to do anything about it.
"Waaulf- tha feel good," Diane sighed as he released her breasts from the grip of her bra.
He was losing her a little bit. The comfort of her nudity made Diane
drift off toward a drunken sleep.
"Maybe I've got to stimulate your brains," he told her and got no
He should have paused for a moment of decision. Terry knew he should
have felt something about fucking an unconscious woman, but he was
exploring her huge breasts and he didn't want to waste the time. He knew
he was going to give into his urges anyway.
His only concession to conscience was to spend extra time studying
her tits. He picked up the left in both hands and weighed it. He looked under
it at skin that rarely saw the light of day. Then he tried to
compare her right tit. He couldn't see any difference between them. They
were a matched set. He took his time bathing her nipples with his tongue.
That made her stir, but the only sound was a mumble as she shifted
a little on the bed.
His finger found that her vulva was relaxed and humid. Terry guessed
she had been a bit aroused off and on and the residue still was trapped
inside her. He slipped his finger inside and found he was partly right.
Diane moaned as his finger entered her.
Terry's urges got strident at that sexy sound. No reason to try and
arouse the dead, he thought about abandoning his careful exam of Diane.
He did slip two fingers in his mouth to taste her and to add moisture to
her sheath as he pushed them into her. Her hips shifted at the intrusion.
Direct application, Terry thought as he tried to arrange Diane's
drunken limbs so he could climb between them. Her legs flopped down to the
bed after every attempt, but he got them wide enough to lie between them
and lick her pussy.
It was a strange thing to lick a pussy for no other reason than to
lave it with spit. He wasn't trying to do anything for Diane. Indeed, she
lay very still and quiet as his tongue ran over the uneven terrain of her
labia. It was pretty much a private party for Terry. He took the
opportunity to give her an exam almost gynecological in scope. He pulled
her lips apart with this thumbs and looked down into the vault. He pushed
the hood of her clitoris back and winked at the shiny pearl.
And he licked everything he looked at to know it better- and to
lubricate her more. Diane made a sound and moved again when his tongue
slid over her naked clit.
Terry decided it was time to see what noises she made when he put
his cock in her and fucked her. It was hard to get his cock into her
until he lifted the dead weight of her legs and folded her in half to
raise her cunt to the proper angle. Then he was in a cunt that was very
different from the one he had fucked that afternoon.
Without her excitement swelling her organs, Diane's cunt was merely
ordinary. It was still warm and somewhat tight, but the touch of her
tunnel was just that and not the seal he had experienced earlier. It was
still good enough to fuck.
He didn't even feel the least bit dirty porking the motionless
woman. She got drunk and missed it. What could he say? He was willing to
pleasure her and she chose not to feel it. That didn't mean he had to
follow her example.
He covered her up after he came in her and went in the bathroom to
get ready for bed. When he returned, she had rolled on her side and was
sleeping loudly. He cuddled up behind her and went to sleep.
It must have been five or six in the morning, only a few hours
after Terry had settled down to sleep, when she woke him with a muted cry
of: oh shit! She was moving quickly and seemed panicked or confused or
one of those high-energy emotions.
"What's the matter?" Terry asked through the fog of sleep.
"Damn it! I think I pissed the bed," Diane replied.
"Something wet between your legs?" Terry asked.
"Well, duuh!" Diane said.
Terry could tell she was awake again, but she wasn't much less
fuddled by the alcohol still in her blood than she had been when she
started to pass out. She wasn't thinking very clearly. Terry fucked with
her head.
"Maybe it's all the cum from that gang of bikers you took on at
that last place we stopped," Terry said with a straight face. "Taste it
and see if it's piss."
Diane gave him an unfocused, but guarded look like he was nuts, but
her hand went between her legs and then to her mouth.
"Oh God! It is cum!" she said with disgust, "How many of them were
there and why didn't you stop me?"
"Just one," Terry told her, "And since he was going to stay the
night, I thought he deserved it."
Her reaction to his lie had sobered her pretty effectively. It only
took her a few moments of looking for this biker before she started to
suspect the joke.
"You're the biker, right?" she asked as if she had just solved a
dinner mystery. "And you fucked me while I was passed out."
"I asked you if you wanted me to stop and you didn't say anything,"
Terry jokingly defended himself.
Diane stuck her tongue out at him and then got out of bed. Terry
wondered if he had pissed her off. He had only woken her up enough to
piss, this time in the proper receptacle.
She came back from the bathroom with her hand on her head.
"I can tell I'm going to have a dandy of a hang-over in the
morning," she groaned, "You're lucky you already satisfied your animal urges because I don't think you're getting any in the morning."
"And I thought you were getting yourself all sweet and nice for me,"
Terry laughed.
Diane gave him the finger.
She was in pitiful shape in the morning. She didn't resemble the
woman he had found naked in bed the day before. Even her hair seemed sick
from the excess as it hung stringy and lifeless around her grumpy face.
Terry decided to win her gratitude by allowing her the morning to
re-coup. It saved him the trouble of finding a bag to put over her head.
She snapped back to herself long before Linda and Phil. They called
the other condo at lunchtime and connected to a string of profanity before
the phone was banged down again. The other couple were obviously going to
take a while longer before they emerged from their fog.
Terry and Diane lunched on the deck that ran from the bedroom along
the sunroom. The offshore wind made the view almost pleasant, if you
didn't look too closely at the color of the water.
Terry looked up and down the side of the building. There was a five
foot gap between the end of their deck and the identical one outside the
next unit. There were decks above them on all three levels. Of all the
available decks, they were the only ones using theirs.
"This is private enough we could fuck out here," Terry said.
"Don't hold out for private around the condos," Diane counseled. "No
one else will. We can do just about anything we want out of sight of the
Terry glanced around with the thought forming in his groin, but it
wasn't the time for that yet. It was barely past noon and they had the
best part of the day left to fuck in. He decided it was time for a return
visit to Linda and Phil.
Linda answered the door in a robe. She grimaced when she saw them
and stepped aside to let them enter. Phil was at the table looking as
rough as Linda. They were working on a pot of black coffee.
"Don't you just hate people who can't commit to a good time?" Phil
asked Linda.
Terry was always the target of such remarks because he avoided
Phil's excesses. He was beginning to think that he missed much less fun than
Phil said because of it. It didn't look like Linda and Phil had been
spending the morning like lovebirds.
"I'm ready for that good time now," Terry brushed off Phil's
Phil wasn't feeling chipper enough to keep up the retorts. He waved
Diane and Terry into the other room and stuck his face back into his mug
of coffee. He finished it and poured another before he was ready to talk
to them.
"To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit in the early brights?"
Phil finally asked.
"Come on, man, it's almost two in the afternoon," Terry said, "We
thought you'd like to go out and look for adventure."
"It's a little early for adventure for me," Phil said, "You two
have fun."
"But we'll be taking the car and you'll be stuck here," Terry said.
Phil gave that some thought. If either of them would have been able
to find enjoyment in their bucolic retreat, it would have been Terry.
Phil, even in his state, saw only terminal boredom.
"Then wait a bit while we re-assemble and we'll go along, " Phil
Linda scrunched her face as Phil talked. Terry got the impression
her expression was aimed at Phil. There seemed to be trouble in paradise.
"Well then, you mope all you want," Linda said in Phil's direction,
"I'll get presentable and then we'll wait on you."
Her words didn't spark a reaction from Phil. Linda rolled her eyes
and started for the bedroom.
Terry felt like he was being put in the middle of something when
Linda dropped her robe halfway to the hall. It didn't stop him from
looking at Linda's naked rear.
There was no question in his mind that he had the better of it. No
offense to Linda, she was merely a beautiful woman with a nice ass and
average perfect tits. He tried to look at her objectively as she walked
away from him.
He got to confirm his impression of her as Linda was reflected in
a mirror in the bathroom. Terry was sure she knew the view she was giving.
She made sure her butt was directly facing the mirror when she bent over
to get some clothes. She was carrying them as she walked once more past
the end of the hall on the way to the bedroom.
Her tits were big enough. They were probably a bit shy of fuckable,
but that wasn't a big part of Terry's sex life anyway. Her butt was the
good part, staying round and shaped into two globes even when she was bent
over. And it hung very nicely when she walked, too.
Phil decided to go put something on just as Linda was coming out of
the bedroom. They looked like an old married couple already. Phil was a
fast worker. He had built up years of resentment in Linda in just over 24
Linda said some things to Diane he obviously wasn't meant to hear.
She wasn't displeased that Phil hadn't gotten around to fucking her. She
could wait. His marvelous even temper- always bad, and his imperious
attitude had made her want to wait forever.
At least that was Diane's translation of Linda's undoubtedly cruder
way of putting it. They didn't have long to chat because Phil was just
throwing on some clothes. When he came out of the bedroom, he looked like it.
"So what's the big plan?" Phil asked.
"Plan? We were just going somewhere," Terry said.
"You rousted us out at this hour for no reason?" Phil asked.
"We wanted to make sure you weren't left behind," Terry answered.
"I know a nice little place down my the river," Diane said.
"River?" Phil asked, "I thought we were by a lake."
"And lakes get their water from... What are you? From Kansas?" Linda
put in.
It was a more pleasant ride than it started. As a group they seemed
to get on better. They were down by the river before they realized they had no
plan beyond getting there.
"What did you think there'd be? Pony rides?" Linda asked then all.
"We could always sit by the river and... relax," Diane purred.
That hit several chords. The chance to bake their drinking spree out
in the sun appealed to Phil and Linda. Terry took it as a direct
invitation from Diane.
"You're naked," Terry observed astutely as she pulled off her
"I bet you knew I sunbathed naked from my tan," Diane said, "But
don't hesitate to shade me for a while if you get the urge."
She was a good one. Having his conquest assured made Terry relax.
She soaked up the sun on her back and rolled over while he lay out beside her.
He was glad he waited for the lazy, sexy mood to strike. For one
thing a sun-bathed Diane had incredibly warm flesh to fondle.
It was also the culmination of many fantasies to see a woman lying
on her back, sunning with her breasts naked and her legs slightly apart,
revealing every secret part of her body to the sun and his eyes. Terry had
seen Diane naked before, of course, but right then she was every sexy
woman he had ever drooled over on a beach with her bathing suit wished
Diane was wearing tiny goggles to protect her eyes and he felt even
more like a voyeur as he looked her over without her being able to see.
Leaning over to suck on one sun-hardened nipple was the capstone on his
dirty little fantasy. Diane sighed permission.
She stopped being every beach bunny as Terry ran his hand over her
warm flesh. He was getting ready to fuck his wife of the week then. They were
only Diane's big tits he was molding like putty. It was Diane's
sexy availability that was making his cock hard in my shorts.
Terry had burned his sun-virgin butt before, playing dirty games
outside. He had laid down wearing cover over his white parts. He was only
going to give the sun the chance at him while he was in the saddle.
Terry wasn't thinking of Diane's thrills. She could be having them
as his unseen hands added to the caress of the sun, he granted. She was
content to remain blind behind her eye protection as he worked to arouse
She responded warmly to his tongue in her mouth with a kiss as
urgent as his own, but that seemed to be the only active part she was willing
to take as Terry seduced her. She was having her own thrills from
laying back and letting him fondle and stroke her relaxed body.
Terry verified those thrills when his hand slipped past the artful cut
of her pubic hair and found the wetness in her naked labia. Her thighs
parted like he had found the leg-opener between her thighs as Terry
fingered her slit.
Since she was leaving him to his games, Terry slid off his shorts
and climbed between her legs. He let his hard cock rest where his finger had
been and gathered up her breasts to bury his face between them.
She tried to remain still, but there were involuntary twitches as he
wet humped against her slit and kissed her nipples. Terry could feel her
grow eager in those small details as she tried to remain unaffected
beneath his body.
He left her to her pretense of sun-bathing and eased his cock into
her without making her move. It was an odd positioning and gave an
interesting half and half flavor. Terry wasn't penetrating into her very
far and half his cock just rubbed on her pubis as before.
It made it difficult for her to retain her calm. She moved a little
here, squirmed a little there and tried not to gasp as he worked his cock
around, over and in her cunt. Before long, she wanted his cock in her as
much as he wanted to sink the rest of it inside.
She tried to tip her pelvis enough without moving her legs, but
that wasn't enough. She tried to arch up to give him the angle for full
penetration, but that was just pointless exertion on her part. Terry could
feel her struggle to find a way without disturbing her charade of sunning,
but she only had a string of frustrating near misses.
He looked down into the silly little cups that covered her eyes and
mouthed threats. If she wasn't going to give up her stupid game and
raise her knees, he was going to find another way. He didn't think she
could hear his lips move, but he considered it fair warning.
Another idea had been thrust into the landscape of his notice while
he had labored on top of Diane. He wasn't into tit-fucking, but with
Diane's endowment that seemed like a waste. Each tit was big enough to
fill two hands and as they lolled, quivering, down the sides of her rib
cage, it seemed criminal to ignore them.
There was a trickle of sweat in the valley between the mounds and
it seemed to call to Terry as it glistened when the sun hit it. He was
ready to cum. His cock ached for the stimulation to release the pressure
in his nuts. He decided he would do what he wanted and fuck the games
Diane wanted to play.
He couldn't tell if she had opened her eyes behind the blinders she
wore when he pulled his cock out of her crack. Her hips seemed to be
searching for him as he pushed up onto his knees.
It was awkward climbing over her open legs to kneel straddling her
chest, but Diane maintained her stubborn pose without changing position.
Terry could only guess what she was thinking as his shadow loomed over
her upper half. He was pretty sure she knew what was coming when he
squatted down and laid his cock between her tits.
Tits like that had to have been fucked before. Diane was certainly
familiar with the feel of a hard rod fucking between her breasts and then
the hot splash of cum as it shot out and spattered her face and neck.
Her brow furrowed a bit as he pushed her tits together and fucked
them. Terry had to admit it was better than other attempts he had made or
had been made on him. His cock was weighed firmly down against her
breastbone by her massive breasts. There was no struggle to keep his cock
down between the mounds of meat. There was a deep and sweat-slick furrow
for his cock to fuck. It felt real good.
His balls dragged on her chest as he fucked her tits. He was
immersed in woman-flesh and he could feel his desire rise to the crest.
A sound distracted him for a fleeting moment as he looked toward it
and saw Linda staring at his pose astride Diane. There was something in
her look, but Terry didn't have the concentration nor inclination to
figure it out. He looked down at the pink-topped tits wrapped around his
Then he came like a water pistol. His cum hit Diane under the chin.
It drooled into the hollow between her collarbones. It shot up and landed
like a silly string across her cheek and onto the protection over her eyes. He
left her a mess and wiped off the last oozing drips of cum on
her nipples.
It still wasn't his favorite, but he would remember this tit-fuck
for a long time. If there were tits for fucking, Diane had them.
Terry pulled his shorts on and lay beside Diane on his side, waiting
for a reaction. Her only concession was to roll over onto her belly once
the semen had dried into white crusts on her face and neck.
Boredom or bugs, or both, finally brought Phil over to the couple
with a demand to go somewhere else. He did pause to take a long look at
Diane before he made his point.
It was too early to go out to eat, Linda said. She suggested we go
back to the condos and get ready. No one else had a better plan.
While the girls were taking a restroom break, together of course,
Phil told Terry why Linda wanted a break before dinner. She was hot for
him, Phil boasted. Whatever she sounded like most of the time, she was
a tiger in the sack, Phil confided.
Co-incidentally, the girls were discussing the same thing, in a
different tone in the ladies' room. Terry found out about it when he was
in bed with Diane that night.
"Linda has the hots for you, you know," Diane said out of the clear
blue. "She didn't say it right out, but I can tell."
"She's a good looking lady," Terry said, recalling his earlier view
of her, "But I think I've got something better already."
Diane slapped him on the shoulder.
"I told you it isn't a case of pick one," she scolded, "If she
wants to fuck you, fuck her. Big tits aren't everything you know."
"But they go a long way toward making up for other deficiencies,"
Terry said, adding quickly, "Not that present company has deficiencies
to make up for."
Diane didn't respond to that, but Terry could tell she liked the
compliment. He could tell from the way she rolled on top of him and
let him play with her jugs while she did all the work of fucking him.
Part of Terry wanted to listen to Diane, but part of him was
hesitant to trade the great fuck he had for the questionable quality of
Linda. She hadn't seemed to be the sweetest woman so far.
Then all the mights and maybes receded into unimportance as Diane
used her cunt to grip the cock that was thrust in her belly. She was
fucking him good and Terry didn't need to be thinking about anything
Diane's ass moved at an amazing speed on him. Usually it was too
little and not long enough, but Diane had Terry trying to hold back as
her cunt pounded up and down on his prick. She obviously was pleasing
herself, but she was pleasing Terry more along the way.
Then he couldn't hold it. His hands squeezed her breasts and a
cry was wrenched from his throat as his cock throbbed and began to fill
Diane. She slammed down on him so he was surrounded in her heat and
rubbed furiously against him.
Terry was trapped in more bliss than he could stand. He had stopped
shooting his cum when Diane yipped and he felt her cunt contract on his
cock. Her head flew back and Terry tried to move under her to make up for
her own petrified stop as her orgasm washed over her. It felt almost too
good to move and Terry had to force himself to that higher plane of joy.
"You're a marvelous husband," Diane said and kissed him before she
rolled off.
The bed beside him was empty when Terry woke up. He wasn't alone for
long. Diane popped her head around the corner of the door when she heard
him stir. This morning she looked good.
"I decided to let you sleep so you have the strength for your big
day," she told him.
"Big day?" Terry was puzzled.
"I told you Linda wants to fuck you," Diane said, "And I want you to
make her jealous of what I'm getting this week."
"You didn't say it was today," Terry said.
Diane paused and then said, "Maybe I left that out, but what
difference does it make which day? You fuck her and make me proud."
"What are you going to do while I'm screwing Linda?" he asked.
"Fuck Phil, silly, we're going to swap. Isn't that exciting?" she
Terry liked Diane. Terry liked fucking Diane. Linda was okay, but he
had no particular urge to trade Diane for her. It wasn't that exciting.
"It makes me think I'm not man enough for you if you want someone
else so soon," Terry said.
Diane climbed on top of the covers beside him. She reached out to
put her finger on his nose.
"I'm not the one that started it. I think it's Linda that wants
someone else so soon," she said, "Whatever you friend's reputation is, I
don't think he's been living up to it."
"And you're going to find out for sure," Terry said.
"I'm happy with you. Don't be like this," Diane scolded, "I'm doing
it for Linda. Don't you think she deserves a good screw at least once
this week?"
"And Phil hasn't been fulfilling her fantasies?" Terry asked.
"Phil likes blow-jobs," Diane said, "Linda says he doesn't like to
fuck much and that it's just as well because he fucks like he doesn't
like it."
This wasn't the Phil that Terry knew. And he wasn't going on Phil's
say-so alone. He knew girls that had fucked Phil and they hadn't said
anything about him being a dud. He began to mistrust Linda.
"And when do we and how do we do this swap thing?" Terry asked.
"We'll just go to different condos tonight," Diane said. "Phil
sleeps here and you sleep with Linda."
"Then why am I not fucking you right now?" Terry asked, "Tonight is
a long time away."
"Don't you want to save it up to impress Linda?" Diane teased.
"I don't need to save it that long," Terry said.
Diane grinned evilly.
"Well, I shouldn't," she started, "Linda deserves a full reservoir,
but I guess I could practice for tonight."
With that she rolled back so she could pull the covers down off
Terry. His morning hard-on had wilted during the exchange, but it popped
back up quickly as Diane moved her hand over it.
Terry tried to roll her over, but she resisted.
"No, no, none of that," she said, "You lie back there like a good
boy and preserve your strength. I'll take care of what pops up so you can
last until this evening."
Terry finally understood what she was talking about when the glowing
mass of blonde hair descended toward his crotch. She was going to suck him
off while he lay back and enjoyed it. Terry decided that was a good thing.
Diane was the first woman Terry ever had whose mouth suffered in
comparison to her twat. And it didn't mean that she didn't give great
head. Her lips traveled an incredible distance down his shaft and her
mouth was as warm and eager as anyone's had ever been.
It was just that her mouth was somehow more gentle, while at the
same time more impatient as she sucked his cock. She had to try harder to
get less effect. But that was her cunt's fault for being so perfect.
Diane stopped trying to impress him with how much of his cock she
could slide into her throat and pulled back to concentrate on the glans.
She could raise the dead, Terry was certain of that. Her tongue found
every nerve in the head of her cock and set it on fire.
Then she gripped his cock firmly in her hand and sucked on the head
like it was some fruit she desperately wanted the juice from. She moved
her head, sucking the underside, the sides and the whole spongy, plum-
shaped glans. She was making Terry's need great with this mouth work.
He needed her to do more and she gave in just before Terry was going
to reach down and pull her head down on his cock. He wasn't making
a comparison any more as Diane slid her mouth up and down on his cock.
He was only appreciating the feel of her blow-job and being relieved that
the tight hug of her mouth was promising to give him the release that
she had made him need so much.
Her hand curled under him to grip his ass and he jumped. She
squeezed again and Terry understood she wanted him to fuck her mouth as
she moved up and down on him. He tried not to go too deep, but Diane
seemed to have no fear of that.
The hard part was trying to fuck into her face as fast as she was
bobbing on his cock. And when he did accelerate to her pace, it was only
a moment of that furious rhythm before he knew there was no holding back.
He remained arched off the bed, but couldn't stroke as the hot cum jerked out into Diane's mouth. She took no heed and kept bobbing on his
cock at the same pace as before. He was surely, undoubtedly done cumming
before Diane slowed and then reluctantly let his cock slip slowly from
her lips.
"Now you promise that's not going to affect you with Linda," was
Diane's first statement.
At the moment it felt like that would be a lie. He certainly
wouldn't be much good until noon after that blow-job. But he always felt
like that after a great climax. He had all day to recover.
"I've got all day," Terry said, "I'm sure I'll recover by tonight."
They spent the day on the islands. It could have been great fun,
laughing and exploring or it could have been deadly dull, but instead it
was charged with the anticipation of the coming evening.
Phil was positively lewd and unbecoming in the way he constantly
assessed Diane's body and obviously made his plans in his head. Linda was
no better, taking a physical approach to confirming her interest in
Terry. She had groped him enough to have an accurate picture of his body
by the time they took the ferry back.
He had indeed recovered from Diane's blow-job with the help of
Linda's bold advances during the day. She was no fragile flower and
Terry could tell she would wish to be plucked strongly when the time
came. He was eager to tred the unexplored territory as they each went
the other way at the condos.
"It's only nine o'clock, what do you want to do until bedtime?"
Linda asked when they were inside.
"I want to give you what you've been asking for all day," Terry
told her.
"You want to rush into bed at nine o'clock?" she said.
Her body didn't protest as Terry took her by the hipbones and
turned her around so he ignored her words. He squeezed up tight behind
her so she could feel the commotion in his pants and started them
toward the bedroom.
"Wait a minute. I've got to do something," Linda stopped him as
they moved down the hall.
She scampered off into the bathroom for a couple of minutes and
then returned. She got back into her place in front of him and Terry
walked her the rest of the way into the bedroom.
Then Linda stopped and turned.
"You want it so bad it doesn't matter how you get it, does it?"
she said, "Let's play my game this time."
With that she went to her knees and undid his pants. She helped
him shed his socks and shoes so he was naked from the waist down. Then
she took interest in his rising cock.
She was all business getting his cock up. She circled the base with
her fingers to squeeze and then sucked him until he throbbed solidly.
It didn't take much prompting for his cock to come to attention with the
prospect of fucking Linda looming near.
Then she got up and backed into his hard-on. It was the same
position and she wanted the same thing.
"Now, keep walking me to the bed," she requested and when they
reached it, she said, "Throw me on it."
It was more jump than push that landed her in the center of the
bed spread out on her belly. Her legs and arms were out-stretched to
make her look like the letter X and she turned her head to urge him on.
"Why don't you come up here and see what you can find," she
Terry crawled up between her legs and lifted the light summer dress
up from her legs. He pulled it up to her waist and uncovered her naked
rear beneath. He knew what she wanted now. She wanted it sudden and
clothed and frantic. She didn't want preamble or foreplay.
He dropped the skirt on her back and fell on her immediately. His
cock found the groove of her sex and he pushed up against it as his one
hand lifted Linda's hips until his hardness popped up and slid straight
into her cunt.
"Oh Jeeeze," Linda moaned as he entered her, but it was the last
translatable sound she made as he fucked her.
With grunts that were almost growls, Linda inched her knees up the
bed to help Terry tip her hips into position. Her seeming appreciation
made finally testing Linda even more enjoyable for Terry.
She did not envelope him with the same muscle tone as Diane, but
that would have been asking for perfection. Linda was merely tight and
hot and good to have your cock in. And her butt was as fine to ram
against as it had looked when Terry had his first glimpse.
Linda's cries went higher as they hit the proper angle and his
cock slid deep into her smoothly and as fast as he desired. It sounded
like he had forced her into ecstasy with his cock as her sounds changed.
It was a good way to start. They both were getting familiarized
with the basics. They'd get the first one out of the way and then Linda
could show him her tricks and he'd show her his.
That was what Terry was thinking when Linda dropped her hips to the
bed and made him fall down on top of her to stay inside her. It was too
late for either of them to try and stop the explosion. Linda fluttered on
the bed under him and Terry tried to pound her into the mattress to get
his cock deeper around the awkward angle caused by their position.
After he had cum in her, Terry noticed the strange feeling at the
base of his cock. It felt greasy. He pulled away and found it had come
from Linda's asshole.
"I didn't know what you'd have in mind, so I prepared for
anything," Linda said as she felt his finger rub over her anus.
"And you did everything you could to guide me that way," Terry said
as he realized it himself. "In fact, you probably expected it."
"But I didn't mind that you found your way to the other entrance,"
she said quickly, "You made that very good for me."
"I'll let you show me that alternate route next time," Terry said.
"Since you seem to expect it."
"A girl knows where her talent lies," Linda said. "I guess you
could call it my specialty."
"I didn't pick this place, so I don't know," Terry said, "Are you
women listed like that? I mean, Linda: she does anal, or something like
"You mean, 'Is that Phil's thing'?" Linda laughed, "Yes, I list my
interests, but no, Phil seems to like blow-jobs best."
It was a bit naughty to talk about Phil that way. Terry felt a
little uneasy about his interest. He shrugged it off as natural
curiosity. He had better and more personal things to think about.
Linda was eager to show him her skill. She rolled him off and
attacked his shirt after she had thrown off her dress. Now they were
dressed for the night. She knelt by his knees and went down on his limp
cock. There was something satisfying about the way Linda went about it.
He felt pampered by her way of serving. She worried his cock with
her tongue like his erection was the only goal of her life. She was avid
and eager when she sucked the shrunken organ into her mouth.
But when she felt the first stirring of returning interest, she
changed her tactics. She let his cock drop from her mouth and used her
tongue for another kind of arousal.
"I can feel the life coming back," she said in a throaty voice,
"Soon you'll be standing proud and ready to fuck me up the ass. You like
that idea, don't you? You want to put your very big cock into my tiny
little ass, don't you? You want to hear me gasp as you give me too much
cock, don't you?"
She didn't want any answers. It was to excite herself as much as to
excite Terry, but it was working for both of them. She followed her
speech by dropping her mouth to his balls and licking over each stone
in turn. That had a great effect on his revival.
Terry could see why Phil was enamored by her blow-jobs. She was
very careful and thorough, taking her time and using her imagination as
her mouth explored his sex parts. His cock coming erect was almost a
distraction as her tongue scurried over his genitals.
Terry was pretty satisfied with the way things were going right
now. The quick fuck had taken the edge off and he was enjoying the feel
of her paying service to his cock like some sexual technician. Linda was
going to have to sell him on the idea of doing anything else.
Linda was just the girl for the job.
"Are you ready?" she asked between long licks up his erection, "Do
you want to put your big cock in my tight little asshole? Do you want to
feel my ass squeeze your cock as you slip it in?"
Linda was making herself excited as she urged Terry. She could
almost feel his cock spreading her anus as she described the penetration
to Terry. Terry wasn't moving and Linda tried a harder sell.
"Don't you want to feel me squirming under you?" she asked, "Don't
you want to hear me grunt as you put all that big cock way up into my
poor little bottom? Don't you want to pin me to the bed with your big
cock and make me take it all in my backside?"
Finally she got to Terry. She was so worked up by her own
description that her craving began to affect Terry. She wanted it so bad
that he felt he had to give it to her.
And her stroking fingers and licking tongue had gone from
thrilling to maddening as she teased his now throbbing hard-on. He
needed to put his cock somewhere. Her proposition seemed as good as
anything to him in his need.
"If you want it, then you better assume the position," Terry said
as the decision clicked in his mind.
There was a little shiver from Linda before she raised up and
turned to lie beside Terry on her belly. She spread her legs as wide as
she could on her half of the bed.
"You're not going to be gentle, are you?" Linda asked.
"You think you've got your ass greased enough that I don't have
to?" Terry replied.
"I hope we find that out pretty soon," Linda urged.
Terry was warming to the idea the closer it got. He had a good hard
dick and Linda was spreading her legs open so her brown sphincter pointed
up at him. A good hard dick should be shoved into something good and
deep and Terry was understanding how that little, wrinkled brown eye
might be just the place to shove his cock good and deep.
"Ugh!" Linda grunted as Terry tried to shove his cock into her ass
like he would her cunt.
She wasn't that greased. Her anus held and Terry's cock bent as he
tried the rough entry.
"You have to warn a butt hole that you're coming," Linda told him,
"Hold your cock where you want it to go and then keep pushing until
my ass opens up."
Terry reached down to steady his cock and took another stab at her
anus. This time he waited until he felt the sphincter dimple under the
head of his cock before he lunged.
He thought his cock would sink at least halfway up Linda's butt,
but only the head blundered into her rectum. That was victory enough for
Terry to claim.
"That gentle enough for you?" he taunted Linda.
"You don't have to treat me like a virgin," Linda came right back.
Terry put both hands by Linda's shoulders and heaved again as she
spread out her legs to the edges of the bed to open the path for him.
There was grease aplenty once Terry got into her ass. She must have
squeezed half a tube of whatever she had used into her ass when she was
preparing in the bathroom. All he had to do was pause in his attempted
ravage and pull back a bit to pump some of the lube back out to coat her
sphincter and grease his way into her ass.
The flange around the head of his cock was the perfect little
pumper. Terry rocked back and forth with just the head of his cock in
her ass until all systems were go. It set up the scene Linda had been
begging for.
"You a virgin now?" Terry asked her as he dropped down onto her
butt with a thrust of his hips.
His falling body punctuated by his pelvic lunge drove his cock all
the way into her ass like he had envisioned on his first blunted thrust.
He was not only resting on her ass with his cock up her asshole; his
thrust was flattening her butt so his cock could root deeper into her
His sudden possession drove a growl from deep in Linda's chest. For
a minute it was the only sign of life in the woman skewered through the
anus by Terry's cock. He took the opportunity to hump hard against her
nice, round ass. He felt like his cock was three feet long and buried
so far into her body that it was banging against the passage at the base
of her skull to try and get to her brain.
Then Linda took over and he wasn't so sure he hadn't stuck his
cock into a meat grinder.
At first she only banged her butt back up at him. She was making
him get deep into her brown. Then her hips circled on some crazy gimble
and it felt like her asshole was grabbing his cock at the base and trying
to pull it off inside herself.
It felt too good to panic and Terry had come to a fatalistic
acceptance that he would lose his cock for the pleasure of this fuck when
Linda grunted him back into action.
"Fuck me back you son of a bitch!" she moaned into the bedclothes.
"Don't be a pussy! Fuck me like you've got a pair!"
Her urging spurred Terry into action. He tried to fuck her in
rhythm with her moving ass, but it was as if she was doing all she could
to frustrate him. He gave up and rammed his cock into her to his own
beat and Linda liked that.
He lost the intensity of the feeling that she was trying to chew
his cock off at the root as he fucked her. It was replaced by the
feeling that he was again possessing her, making her his own.
There was no longer the illusion of the yard-long cock, but he was
ramming his cock far enough inside her to claim her ass as his. Every
time he spanked down on her, he jammed himself into the hug of her ass
and her cheeks surrounded him. He was more than way up her butt. He was
immersed in ass and asshole as he went deep as he wanted.
"Oh Jesus! You're fucking my ass!" Linda keened in a whine with a
desperate sounding edge, "You're deep in my butthole! You're reaming me
out good! You're deep in my ass!"
As intended, her whiny reminders made Terry feel even more like a
beast ravaging her butt. He became more aggressive and Linda stopped the
maddening game of tag with his thrusts and reverted to arching her hips
straight back to help him drive his spike into her rectum.
"Do it for me!" she started repeating. "Make me shit white! cum in my poor little ass!"
It was almost too good for Terry to cum. He was on the edge,
feeling his cum gathering for the quick trip out of his cock, but he was
distracted by the deep, tight hole he was banging his cock into and that
was banging back at him.
Linda seemed to understand that too. As she begged him to cum, her
asshole clenched as he tried to pull back for the next thrust. He plunged
into the deep open and then was milked as he pulled back to drive into
her tight ass again.
"Okay!" he let out when he came to the crisis.
He slammed her to the bed with his weight and rooted as deep as he
could reach in her bowels. She squirmed under him and in a second that
felt like hours, they urged his balls to jump and start the flood of his
cum into her ass.
She milked him with her words as she pleaded for him to give it all
to her- to empty his balls in her ass- to fill her up until it ran out
her mouth. Terry trembled as his cock tried its best to heed her words.
He didn't have the gentlemanly reserve to move off her when the
flow trickled to its end. He fell on top of her in a heap.
Linda dealt with that with the practiced air of a nurse changing
a bed with the patient in it. She moved out from under him enough to
tip him to the side and Terry found himself spooning with Linda without
quite knowing how he got into that position.
"You like ripping up an asshole, don't you," she said as she placed
Terry's hand on her tit.
"It seemed like the thing to do at the time," he said, unsure of
her meaning.
Her anus squeezed his shrinking cock like a reassuring hug.
"That's all right. I like it rough too," Linda said. "Usually
it's harder to find a guy that will ream me out good and hard and not
be a beast about it."
"I tried to be a beast," Terry said.
This time her squeeze made his cock slip out her ass like a turd.
"Ooops," she giggled as his cock slid down her butt cheek, "I guess
it's time to clean up our act."
Linda got up much more spry than Terry felt. He thought it was time
to rest for a while. He watched her cute butt walk around the bed,
What the hell, he thought, a nice warm shower should feel good
about now. He got up slowly and followed Linda's cute little ass into
the bathroom.
"So, are you missing your Diane a lot?" Linda asked.
"You know, I hadn't thought about her until now," Terry admitted.
"I do wonder how she and Phil are getting along."
It wasn't a great answer, but it was the truth. Terry realized a
bit later that Linda was fishing for a compliment and he hadn't had the
social grace to give her one. He also realized how easily he had slipped
into thinking of Diane as his real mate in the few days he had been with
It was good to have a reality check in the form of this swap.
Linda's eager presentation of her skills made him remember that this
was a vacation with rent-a-wives. His time with Diane had begun to feel
like a real vacation with a fantastically willing partner.
Phil might not have been taking advantage of what Linda had to
offer, but he hadn't been exactly making the most of his willing woman
either. He had been way too domestic with a women whose main function was
to fuck him. It took Linda's eagerness to show him what he'd been missing.
Linda's demonstration wasn't over by a long shot. After a quick
wash, Terry found out she had got him in the shower with ulterior motives.
She took down the shower head and turned it to massage. Then she let the
pulsing stream run over his cock and balls.
It was a nice feeling even in his tired equipment. But that was not
Linda's aim. She handed him the showerhead and parted her thighs for him
to return the favor. As he played the stream over her crotch, Linda
reached down and massaged his cock.
She pulled him down to a kiss and they stood twined as he
masturbated her with the shower spray and she returned the attention with
her hand. There was something kinky about this- at least different to
Terry. He found his interest rising long before his cock responded.
Then Linda put her finger on his asshole and his response was
marked. Her finger played around the ring of muscle as she sank down to
take his cock in her mouth. His cock jerked in the warm embrace of her
mouth when her finger pushed into his ass.
She took the shower head from him and turned it to a needle spray
so she could spray his balls as she sucked his cock and fingered his ass.
Terry felt like her prey as she took control of his body below the waist.
He was helpless in the barrage of sensations she was causing. Her
mouth, her finger, the water all made it impossible for him to resist
her demand for his cock to rise. Terry braced his hands against the
shower wall as she made him come erect in her mouth. She was making him
feel like a husband for rent as her mouth demanded his readiness.
She turned the spray away and took her mouth off his cock, but her
finger remained up his butt. She told him what she wanted.
"I want you to fuck me again," she said. "I don't want to just suck
you off. You can take me any way you want, but I want you to fuck me."
For all his feelings about being an object as Linda aggressively
attacked him, her plea to take her however he wanted reversed the
feelings instantly. Whatever his level of participation in achieving his
hard-on, Linda had given Terry a need to use it.
"Turn off the water," he said hoarsely.
He pulled Linda to her feet and then propelled her out of the bathroom.
The idea was only beginning to form in his mind as he pushed
her in front of him toward the bedroom.
Terry guided her into and through the bedroom on his way to his
goal. The dark of night made the deck exhibitionistic only in a faded
imitation of exhibitionism, but that was going to have to be enough.
He noisily adjusted the redwood chaise flat and put wet Linda on it
face down. There was just enough light to make her seem to glow in the
dimness. Terry was beyond the romantic poetic image she made. For him,
the glow only helped guide him to his target.
"Are you going to fuck me in the ass again?" Linda asked as she lay
on her belly on the chaise. "You want me to stick my butt up for you?"
"Yes, bitch," Terry said lightly, "I do want your butt up so it
glows in the moonlight."
Linda pulled her knees together and held her ground as she slid her
torso back and pushed her ass in the air. Terry had to stand with his
feet awkwardly wide to straddle the low bench. That lowered him nicely
to the level of Linda's rear.
With a firm grip on her hips for support, Terry lunged forward to
make his cock slide up and down between her legs. Linda purred
contentedly as he adjusted himself to the height and the motion. His
cock was soaking up wetness that wasn't from the shower as it slid
between the lips of her pussy.
"You're going to have to be real nice to me this time," Linda
warned, "It doesn't go in very easy without a lot of lube."
"I don't think I'm going to have any trouble at all," Terry
He felt Linda stiffen at that reply and let her stew a few seconds
before he aimed his cock between the lips of her cunt and pushed it in.
He had been right. He didn't have any trouble at all sinking to the hilt
in her warmth.
He didn't want to take the time to enter her cautiously. He wanted
to ride her like a bronco out on her balcony under the stars. Urgency
won out over esoteric pleasure this time.
"Don't you like my ass?" Linda pouted.
"You have an excellent ass, but I was there already," Terry told
her. "Right now I want to fuck you on the chaise outside all quick and
"Not too quick," Linda pouted again.
No, he wasn't going to be too quick. It was going to be a trick
to work up the momentum without falling on her in the position he was
in. But it was great fun working on that problem.
It was a different way of fucking like fucking outside was a
different way of fucking; like fucking some willing concubine you found
about the house was a different kind of fucking; like hopping on a new
girl two nights later was a different kind of fucking.
His balls swung sharply as he slapped his cock into Linda's
upturned rear. He felt so free and like a child of nature as he humped
her energetically and primally. He felt like shouting for an audience
but decided he could make do with the stars for onlookers.
"You like it?" he asked Linda as he jammed steadily into her cunt.
"Don't talk. Keep fucking," she gasped back at him. "Make me take
it for you."
Terry took that as a sign of arousal and held her butt tighter as
he crammed his cock into her. He was finding her depth with every thrust
and he could feel her cunt squirming as he rammed its back wall.
"Take me, dammit! Make me your cunt!" Linda groaned out. "I love
the way you're handling me! Make me take it!"
Her urging and the sound of a patio door opening somewhere above
them gave Terry new energy as he teetered on the balls of his feet and
tried to slam harder and faster into Linda's rear.
"You fucking animal! You're making me cum!" Linda cried out rather
louder than necessary.
Terry thought he heard nervous giggles from above over the slap,
slap, slap of his thighs against Linda's rump. She may have been loud to
make their scene more exhibitionistic, but she hadn't lied. Terry felt her
twitch in his hands and her butt squirmed as he pounded his cock into her
juicy cunt.
She came with a groan that became a growl as she vibrated on his
cock. Terry felt his cum rise as she flopped under him, but suddenly he
had a better plan.
He risked squirting his cum in the air as he jerked his cock from
her still spasming cunt and pushed her butt away from him.
"Get up here!" he ordered, groping for her hair, "I'll give you all
the cum you want."
Together they somehow managed to get Linda reversed into a hunched
squatting position with her face at his crotch. Terry grabbed her hair
with both hands and shoved his cock into her mouth.
"Here's your cum. Drink it down!" Terry grunted as he fucked her
mouth for the second it took him to start cumming.
For all the world it seemed like he was dragging her face down on
his cock as he came in her mouth. In reality, Linda was dragging his
hands along as she dove down on the spewing organ, eagerly urging him to
empty his balls into her throat.
Terry had to swallow twice to chase the dryness in his mouth when
she finally relented in her sucking his spent cock. He had one more part
for this scene- seeing that he now had his audience.
"Almost good enough," he croaked. "I'll only have to beat you half
as hard. Now get in there on the bed and get ready for your punishment."
Linda was grinning broadly from her perch on the bed when Terry
made his rubbery legs work enough to let him walk back inside.
"How do you want me for this punishment?" she asked gleefully.
"That was stagecraft," Terry said.
"You mean you're not going to do nasty things to me?" Linda teased.
"Oh yes," Terry said, "I'm going to make you sleep next to me
without fucking you for the rest of the night. That should be punishment
His tired voice and his unsteady gait were obvious enough. Terry
knew Linda was making fun of him.
"You mean I don't get even a little spanking?" she asked, turning
her nice round butt toward him as she knelt on the bed and wiggled it in
the air.
She deserved it in all senses of the word. Whack! Terry landed his
hand with a sudden violence on her ass. Linda yelped in surprise.
But that was it. One very hard smack to let her know he could. Now
it was time to get that sleep he needed.
During the night he had strange dreams about Linda. She appeared as
several half-animal, half-woman creatures. She variously begged, pleaded
and ordered him to fuck her. He awoke from one dream to the feel of her
hand busy on his cock.
She must have been awake for an hour. She was freshly showered and
wearing a robe as she lay beside him and groped in his crotch.
"You are going to give me one for the road, aren't you?" she smiled.
Cobwebs of the dreams still lingered in his head. He knew what was
going to happen like he had second-sight. He pushed Linda's head down.
"Say hello to my buddy and see if he's interested," Terry
He rolled on his back and let her slide down to take his cock in her
mouth. He was Mr. Sly this morning. He had seen the future, but he meant
for it to come as a surprise to Linda. He smiled back as she looked in
his eyes and licked the length of his cock.
His hand seemed distracted as it crept across the bed to play with
the sash of her robe. She didn't notice him draw it out of the loops as
she dropped her face on his cock and sucked him.
The sash turned out to be an extraneous detail when he sat up and
spun her around on the bed. Twisting her robe out of the way effectively
trapped her arms without need of binding her wrists. But he did it anyway.
"Now who's going to get fucked?" he menaced Linda.
The insight of the dream world told him Linda craved being a victim.
He was going to take her helpless and give her a thrill. Although none
of this was part of his own, at least acknowledged, desires, he was eager
to give Linda this kind of ultimate homage to her fantasies. He was eager
to hear her squeal.
"Wait a minute! What are you going to do?" Linda asked apprehensively.
Terry knew she enjoyed the panic. That was something that had stuck
to him from his dreams. He gave her something else to think about so
he could keep his secret. He lifted up on the sash tied around her
wrists and made her push her butt higher in the air.
Then he pushed forward and she squealed even better than he had
hoped. He knew her fear when his cock probed against her rectum. She
shrieked from what she thought was happening. Terry hoped she wasn't
disappointed when she realized that he had lubed his cock before pushing
it into her ass.
He wasn't sure how far into the land of pain Linda really liked to
go. For all he knew, she got off like thunder by feeling her asshole
being ripped open. But he had gone as far as he wanted to go by feigning
the unprepared attack.
"You like it like this, don't you," Terry growled at her as he
pushed steadily until he was fully sheathed in her ass.
"God help me, I do," Linda almost growled her confession.
"Then I'm going to make it as good for you as I can," Terry said.
He pulled back to the head and jammed his cock back in her ass.
He pulled back again and tried to see how many times he could plunge into
her asshole before her sphincter adjusted and relaxed a bit on his cock.
As tight as her asshole still was, the difference made Terry feel
like he had free range on her ass. He pulled on her bound wrists to help
himself thrust his cock into her rectum faster and harder. It was going
to be quick, explosive and very, very good for him.
"If you want it, wiggle your ass for it," Terry demanded as he
slapped loudly into her butt.
"Jesus! It hurts- it hurts," Linda screamed at the same time her
butt started to raise as he thrust into her ass and drop down as he
pulled back.
Her ass was begging while her mouth protested. Terry tried to
answer her ass's plea by fucking her ass even faster than before.
His efforts were greeted by mewls of delight from Linda and a wiggle of
her ass that took Terry to the edge.
"Down on your face," Terry demanded as he released her wrists and
dropped his hands to push her hips down.
They had come full circle. She was flat on the bed and he was flat
on top of her. It was the butt-fuck she had envisioned with her first
teasing invitation. Terry knew only deep and deeper as he bounced on the
resilient globes of her ass and drove his cock in her rectum.
She was a live thing as he was cumming in her butt. His cum shot
out in wrenching spurts and she squirmed like a dying eel under him.
Terry kept pounding her butt after the jets trailed away. He was caught
in a lust that a mere climax couldn't end.
He lay on her with his cock in her ass for some time after he had
collapsed with fatigue. Linda didn't try to hurry him off her.
"You catch on real quick, don't you," was muffled in the
"I had a dream about tying you up and fucking you," Terry admitted.
"It seemed to fit you so well I decided to really do it."
He was trying to explain it to himself as much as to Linda. It was
a bit disturbing to know he had that kind of violence in him, even if
he was only playing. It wasn't like him.
"I didn't think you had it in you," Linda said as he slowly got
off her back and pulled his cock out of her asshole. "Not from the way
you started out yesterday."
"I guess I was inspired by my partner," Terry said.
Diane smiled a knowing smile when they met and traded back to their
original partners over brunch. He didn't know if she was assuming what
they had done or if Linda had given her some sort of sign. She knew
Linda well enough to hit the nail on the head.
"I suppose you'll want to fuck me in the ass now," Diane said as
they went back to their condo to change for another island trip.
"I'll admit it did cross my mind," Terry told her.
"Well, you're allowed to try, but you have to remember it's not my
thing," Diane said.
"No, you have the best... ummm," Terry started quickly and then
fumbled for the right 'cunt' substitute.
"I've heard it called a cunt before," Diane said. "Just don't lower
your brows and spit the word out at me."
"Well, then- you have the best cunt on Earth. You don't have to do
exotic things was what I was going to say," Terry told her.
"Sometimes it takes the right cock to make a woman her best," she
said. "I don't think Phil was so impressed."
Terry had to admit he wanted to know. He couldn't bring himself to
ask, but he was curious what went on between Phil and Diane. He tried to
keep the curiosity off his face.
"Well at least you're one of those progressive guys that doesn't
go nuts about what his woman was doing while he was fucking the ass off
her best friend," Diane said when he didn't rise to the bait.
"What are we going to do on this island today?" Terry asked to
change the subject. "Is it different than the last one?"
"There's a bunch of treats here," Diane said. "There's all sorts of
sights and the bars are even wilder than the places we went yesterday."
One of the sights turned out to be a monument overlooking the lake.
It was high enough that the elevator took almost half a minute to get to
the top. Terry knew this vacation was getting inside his head as he
thought about the possibilities of that slow ride.
Even the first trip up, he was rubbing Diane's ass rather openly.
Thirty seconds of bliss? The Terry that went on vacation would never have
thought of it. If he had just been fucking Diane, it probably would have
only been a dirty thought. But some restrictive band had let loose during
the night with Linda. Now he saw this vacation- indeed even sex itself-
in a clearer light.
"Let's wait until the elevator is empty and then go down," he
whispered to Diane.
"Why do I think I'm the one that will be going down?" she asked.
Terry wanted to say that she was confusing him with Phil, but he
kept his mouth shut and walked her to the wall of the tower. It was not
a nice day to be on the monument. The wind was surprisingly cold and
felt damp. Mothers were hurrying their broods back down as soon as the
time on the binoculars ran out.
Just as he thought the last of them had left, the returning elevator
brought up another group. A frustrating attempt to wade through the
children came up short as the elevator dinged and closed its doors. One
particular snot-nose brat had seemed to do his best to obstruct them.
Terry thought he could see a smile on the evil urchin as he led
Diane away from the closed doors. They went to the far side of the rail
away from the doors, away from the children.
"Let's not wait for the elevator," Terry suggested and pulled Diane
against his body.
He leaned against the wall and Diane leaned on him. He held her
loosely and touched her lightly as they kissed in a series of longer and
longer pecks.
They were not being outrageous or obscene. Terry took care to keep
his hands on generic parts of Diane's body and they never locked in a
ferocious kiss. He was amazed at how horny this mild form of flirting
made him.
His cock was hard and aching between their bodies. Diane was
subtlety enjoying the hardness pressing against her and they were working
each other to a fever pitch while enjoying an innocent looking embrace.
"Leave them alone, Jerry," came sharply from Terry's right.
He looked up at the sound of a smack in time to see the little brat
holding his cheek and preparing to cry. It made him want Diane all the
more to celebrate.
"I think they're gone," Diane said after silence reigned for a few
"Give 'em the chance to get clear," Terry mumbled back and let his
hand wander down her rear.
Terry didn't notice the wind as he pulled her tighter and drove his
tongue into her mouth. They had worked up enough heat to stave off the
chill and now he wanted to set that heat aflame.
It was still too cold to pull their warm parts out into the wind.
Terry slowly moved away from the wall with Diane still in his arms and
then hurried her around the tower to the elevator. He pressed the call
button and then reached down to work on the button of her jeans.
"What if there's more kids on the elevator?" she asked.
"Then we'll have to get close enough so they can't see," Terry
said as he pulled her zipper open and pushed his hand inside her panties.
She was as wet as he was hard. She had enjoyed their play as much as
he had. He fingered her wet slit as his other hand tugged at his own
zipper. He heard the car arrive and slid between Diane and the elevator
with his back to the doors.
"Empty," she said when the doors opened.
Terry struggled her jeans down as he backed them into the empty car.
He stepped out the way and with one motion leaned her against the back wall
and turned to push his cock against the humid cleft between her
legs. Her cunt was every bit as exciting from this angle as he plunged
into her like hot wax.
"I think the little brat did us a favor," Terry groaned as he
started to move in and out of the hot grip of her cunt.
His hands paused on her hips only long enough to make sure his
passage was smooth and straight. They slid up inside her shirt until he
found the overflowing mounds of her breasts.
"You have to go faster. We don't have much time," Diane gasped as he
made deliberate thrusts into her from the rear.
"We haven't started moving yet," Terry observed and pulled her up
until she was pressing his hands against the wall with her breasts.
The feeling of her pinned against the wall as he fucked her made him
ram harder against her butt. This was raw, real sex and Terry loved it.
"Go faster for me!" Diane gasped as his thrusts threatened to lift
her off her feet as he plowed up and in.
Terry was thrown into her as the car lurched and began its slow
descent. He humped furiously then, trying to count the seconds in the
furor of his thrusts.
It was both disappointing and exhilarating to hear the car brake to
a stop. Terry felt so close that it took him a split-second to react to
the impending exposure. He pulled back, jerked up her pants and spun her
so they could stand close and hide his exposed erection when the doors
The danger of the delay kept his passion peaking as he rubbed his
denied cock on the slice of belly still exposed in the opening of her pants. There
was no one close enough to see as they restored their
clothes and hustled out of the elevator.
"You didn't get off, did you?" Diane asked him.
"No, but it was still the most exciting thing I've ever done,"
Terry told her.
"Well, I need to finish this- and soon," Diane looked like she was
in pain.
He looked at the bushes ringing the base of the monument. They would
have to be insane to try that. He looked at the elevator and two couples
were getting in the car.
"Me too, but we'll have to go somewhere else," Terry said.
Just then, Phil and Linda pulled up in a golf cart they had rented
for transportation around the island.
"Oh jeeze, I don't want to be left hanging like this," Diane
For a flicker Terry saw the future. In the same flash he saw the way
out of their predicament.
"We've got to go along, but I've got a plan," Terry said.
He'd seen it in a movie and the idea made him hot. He knew Phil's
next stop would be a bar and they could put the plan in motion.
"You go to the little girl's and I'll go to the boy's and we'll
signal which one is empty," Terry whispered as they reached the bar a
couple of minutes later.
Diane didn't need a long list of instructions. She understood
instantly what he had in mind. Surprisingly, it was Diane that crooked her
finger and invited him into the women's rest room.
If his erection had wavered, it was restored by the thrill of being
led into a stall in that foreign territory.
"Are you still ready?" he whispered as she bolted the door behind
Her answer was a kiss and a throat-clogging tongue as she wrapped
herself around him. He pushed his hands between them to open her pants
once again and then their kiss became a neck-straining, reaching kind of
thing as she joined him in a reciprocal effort to get his pants out of
their way.
With his pants around his ankles, Terry gave thought to where he
was. Their feet would be clearly visible on the outside of the stall.
"How should we do this?" Terry asked, a bit out of breath from the
He tried to picture ways that his feet could be out of sight.
"How do you want to do it?" Diane asked back.
"How can we make it so my feet don't show?" he asked.
"Do you care?" came the quick reply.
He didn't. He wasn't sure why he didn't, but he didn't. They were
locked in a private stall. It wasn't like he wanted to fuck her in the
He let the scene from the movie come back to him and positioned
Diane with her head toward the wall. He bent her over so she could grab
the fixtures and stuck his cock into her from behind.
She was more than tight this time. Her cunt was swollen and eager
and still was smeared with her excitement, but the friction of his
entrance seemed greater than it had been. Terry felt like a pedophile
ripping open the cunt of a screaming 8-year-old. Only Diane wasn't
Diane was moaning in an un-godly, but decidedly lustful way. It
sounded like the pain of relief as he buried his cock in her.
"Now, finally, get me off," she ordered in a throaty growl.
Her breasts hung too far away from him to reach and Diane only
seemed interested in his cock fucking her hard and fast. He held her hips
and rammed into her.
It was like he picked off where he left off in the elevator, except
it wasn't. All the trappings and the excitement were the same, but it
felt like those feelings were buried in the core of his cock and he had
to fuck the covering off to get back to the raw passion they had built
His frenzied attempt to rub down to the lust sounded like it pleased
Diane immensely. Her breath came out with a sharp sound at the end each
time his cock drove into her. Then came the slap of his thighs coming up
hard on her haunches. They sounded more like animals rutting than lovers
making love.
Terry was sure that was what the audience was thinking when he heard
the door open and then silence. He was beyond caring. He had fucked
himself down to the lust and Diane's cunt had become the most important
thing in his world.
He wedged himself repeatedly into the hot, narrow crack and let the
women outside think what they wished. It wasn't even a turn-on to know
they were listening. Terry was too immersed in the feel of his balls
crawling up tight to his body and bracing to shoot his load into the
moaning woman bent over in front of him.
"Goooood- it's good!" Diane groaned as Terry began to jerk as much
as thrust.
Terry couldn't force himself to pull away as his balls screamed a
warning, but he smacked into Diane's rear as furiously as he could to
bring her to orgasm. He rocked her forward, bringing her head perilously
close to the wall as his load rocketed up his cock.
The lock was broken and his cock flew out and jammed full length
into her again as his cum spurted from his throbbing pole. Diane groaned
as if she was dying as the long thrusts took her over the edge.
It was as if her cunt was laughing at him. Giggles from outside the
door mixed with the spasmodic grip of her twat in Terry's mind. In the
delirium of his spouting climax he felt he was wringing the mirth from
Diane as they grunted through cumming.
For a moment as he panted in the afterglow, Terry thought his mind
had been playing tricks. Then the quiet was marred by tiny sounds of
stirring outside the door. There were people listening outside.
Diane was oblivious. She squeezed her cheeks together and
straightened up. It was a parting hug as her change of position made his
cock pop out of her cunt. She reached back and skimmed her juices and his
left-over cum off his cock with the tight grip of her hand.
He couldn't help but groan. Diane saw how he was trying to hold
back the sound and laughed. There was a glint in her eye.
"Well, pull up your pants and I'll protect you from them," she said
much too loudly.
There was a stir outside the door and Terry barely had his pants up
when Diane slid the bolt back and opened the door. She took a breath to
make an announcement as she stepped out of the stall, but applause
made her hesitate and acknowledge it.
"I'm going to wash my hands and then I'll cover his eyes if you
girls want," Diane announced to her unseen admirers.
Whatever their answer to her was, Diane motioned him out of the
stall. He peeked out red-faced at the two girls, perhaps 19 or 20,
craning their necks to look at him. He stood there sheepishly under their
perusal as Diane washed her hands- carefully. When she thought he had
squirmed enough, she took his hand and led him out of the rest room to a
chorus of giggles behind them.
Walking into the bar was like stepping back into reality. Back in
normal surroundings, what they had just done hit Terry again. They had
added a legend to the lives of two young girls while having wilder sex
than Terry had ever allowed himself to imagine before.
Compared to fucking in the rest room of a bar, fucking on the
balcony of the condos was tame. He had been out of his mind with lust to
even attempt it. On the other hand, it took an outrageous act like that
to do justice to the desire he had felt for Diane.
He pulled her against him and kissed her. Even out of commission his
cock wanted to rub against her again. The contentment was a tingly
feeling he could still feel in his cock.
"You are a wild child," Terry told her.
"You were right behind me," Diane quipped.
Phil and Linda had secured a table and, since it was early, were
working on a pitcher of beer.
"Took you long enough," Phil said.
Terry winked and said, "We were being naughty in the john."
Phil snorted, but Linda looked to Diane for confirmation. Diane
By the time they had made the circuit of the bars, Terry was in a
warm, grinning fog of alcohol. It was Linda's turn to be the designated
driver. The lake breeze did little to sober Terry on the ride back to the
Both he and Diane were giggly as they tripped up the steps to their
door. The last two bars had been one long seduction between the two of
them. They knew where they were headed as they shut the door behind them.
"I do want to wash up," Diane said as Terry rushed her toward the
bedroom, "I still have your cum sloshing around in my underwear."
That was an image that brought another grin to Terry's face. He
imagined what it had been like for Diane to sit through the evening with
the feel of his cum running out of her snatch. He had his own memories,
but she had the squish, squish in her underwear to keep their bathroom
tryst alive in her mind.
He went in the bedroom and took off his clothes to wait. She took
long enough that Terry would have been bored sober. Lit as he was, he
began to wander. He walked out on the deck and leaned on the rail to look
out into the darkness.
Despite what Diane had claimed, there was no evidence of other
couples fucking like mink out there. It made him feel even more
adventurous for fucking Linda on the deck.
In contrast, he didn't feel adventurous at all standing outside
naked. He was buzzed for one thing, but something had changed for him on
this vacation. It felt natural to walk around naked. No, it felt good to
walk around naked. He no longer understood why he'd been so shy before.
His reverie was interrupted by the sound of the patio door sliding
open. He turned and an equally naked Diane was framed in the doorway.
"You want to fuck out here?" she asked.
Natural as that- no horror or shame, she made it sound like an
everyday option. Terry was beginning to understand her point of view.
"Nah- I was bored and walked out here," Terry said. "I think we
better fuck where we want to lay for the rest of the night."
She was quite a woman. Not just huge hooters and round butt either,
she was certainly a sexual wet dream, but there was an honesty about her
approach to life that Terry was just beginning to appreciate.
But it was not her honesty that he was planning on appreciating
now. He pushed her playfully toward the bed with a mock growl.
"Oh god, I can tell it's coming," Diane said. " Linda ruined you
for other women, didn't she."
It had been hanging in the air since he had come back from fucking
Linda, but Terry was still impressed she detected his intention in that
little push. He had marveled over her ass from his first look, but her
wonderful cunt had distracted him. Now Linda had shown him the wonder of
the alternate route (and not made him feel like a beast for wanting to
use it) he did want to sample Diane's other charms.
"She taught me how to ruin other women, too," Terry menaced and
pointed to the bed. "Get on the bed on your knees."
Diane assumed he wanted her then and crawled up on the bed with her
ass facing Terry. She wasn't Linda. Terry wasn't ready to ream her out
like that.
"Good position, now turn around and face me," Terry instructed.
His cock was already rising as he stepped in front of her. She had
to bend a bit to reach it. She bent and teased his cock back and forth
on his groin with her tongue.
Terry stood with his hands on his hips and let her play as she
would. As his cock swung into position, Diane placed her mouth over it
and bowed. His cock slid into her mouth smoothly. She was obviously
nursing his erection to keep it steely hard for the adventure to come.
"Okay," Terry said finally, grabbing a handful of hair to stop her
travel up and down on his cock, "You've convinced me to fuck you,"
She again turned to present an upraised ass for his pleasure. Terry
questioned his plan for a moment as he saw the delectable butt waiting
for him, but he hadn't planned on this being just a raw assfuck. He
wanted to make love as they always had, only this time he would put his
cock in her asshole.
"Lie down,"he told her and watched as she obligingly flopped face
down on her belly.
He climbed on the bed next to her and rolled her on her side.
"You're just going to have to wait," he smiled at Diane, "I want
to play for a while first."
He rolled her on her back and kissed her. As their tongues played,
he lazily stroked and fondled her far tit. The nipple was stone hard.
Diane was obviously charged for their venture down the alternate road.
"How wet are you?" he asked as his hand dropped between her legs
to check.
"I'm ready any time," she breathed. "I've been tingling for hours.
I don't do this much, but I have a feeling tonight is going to be a very
special night."
Terry was flattered by her feeling. He felt the same way, which was
why he wanted everything to be right when he fucked her ass.
"Then let's make sure it's special," Terry said before covering
her mouth with his.
He stroked her vigorously as the passion of their tongues mounted.
He was in danger of throwing her over and ramming his cock up her ass
when they came up for air.
"Now get up on your knees," he said hoarsely.
Diane was quivering with excitement as she took her position this
time. Terry was tempted, but he knew he had even better things planned.
It was not his cock that made Diane squeal and jerk suddenly. Terry
dove between her cheeks with his face and it was his tongue that impaled
her asshole.
"Oh God! That's the dirtiest thing any one has ever done to me!"
Diane yelped as he rimmed her.
She was panting worthy of an orgasm when he lifted his head from
the crack of her ass. He had worked her anus loose with his tongue and
there was only one more detail before the final thrust.
"Do me like you did before," Terry told her as he knelt in front of
her with his cock bobbing in her face.
He let her put the sharp edge on his hard-on and then he went
behind her finally ready for the main attraction.
"How often do you do this?" he teased her with his cock resting on
the pucker of her anus.
"No much compared to my mouth and cunt," Diane said with a wiggle
of her ass.
"But a lot compared to... say, a virgin," Terry said as he kept
up the pressure against her asshole.
"For Christ's sake, put it in me and then we'll talk about every
one of them that has fucked me in the ass if you want!" Diane moaned.
"I just wanted to hear how much you wanted it," Terry said and
leaned against his cock.
For a woman braced to get the entry over so she could concentrate
on the good parts beyond, Terry spread her sphincter with a sadistic
slowness. On the other hand, the long process of straining the over-
stretched band of her anus was probably best for her.
There was a little ache when the head of his cock had finally
passed into her, but the pain ceased miraculously. There was no left-over
twinge from a more abrupt entry, however much Diane would rather had a
faster end to the discomfort of his cock sliding in through the narrow
Terry was only noticing how much her ass resembled her cunt. Just
like her cunt, it fit him like a sheepskin condom, only her ass seemed
to hug him tight without having to squeeze down on his cock. It was just
naturally tight in there- and hot.
As he slid deeper, the sensation only became more pronounced. It
was just like the grip of a condom that rolled down his cock as he went
deeper into Diane's ass. Her ass clung but did not press as he put his
cock in her rear entrance.
"You like to torture women, don't you," Diane moaned as Terry
eased slowly into her rectum.
To her, his cock felt like an invading army gaining ground slowly
and overpowering her defenses. She was ready to surrender, but Terry
seemed determined to draw out her defeat with his slow intrusion into
her bowels.
When his belly finally pressed up against her ass, Diane felt like
Poland after the German blitzkrieg, overwhelmed and possessed totally.
She lowered her shoulders until her tits were mashed against the bed and
raised her rear to try and make more room for him in her ass. She was
Terry rocked slightly with his cock to the pubic hairs in her butt.
He felt trapped, but pleasurably so in the grip of her rectum. He knew
it was going to be a blissful experience to fuck her ass, but he couldn't
bring himself to pull any part of his cock out of the heat of her bowels
for a few moments.
"You've got to fuck me," Diane wailed, "I let you put that big
thing all the way up my rear. You've got to do something to make it
worth the determination."
Terry could only imagine the feeling of constipation or impending
bowel movement he was inflicting on her. He didn't waste his time on that.
He let her have her feelings and kept his attention on the feel
of the smooth tube his cock was lodged in.
Then he couldn't stand the joy any longer and had to move. She made
a sound like he poked her in the stomach when he pulled his cock back
and the sound of being punched when he pushed it back in.
"That's it! Fuck it!" she encouraged him in a pinched voice. "Make
me forget what you're doing to my ass!"
It didn't exactly make sense to Terry, but he wasn't exactly
looking to make sense of fucking Diane's ass. He was trying to decide
how he could fuck her asshole in the most satisfying way.
Pounding like a barbarian had many side benefits while he was
pillaging Linda's ass, but Diane was a different woman. She responded
with a real aversion when he rammed his cock deep into her ass. There was
no unspoken feedback that made him want to fuck her that way.
Still, her response to his sudden assaults was not all negative.
While apprehensive, Diane seemed to come alive when he buried his cock
in her rectum with a hard thrust.
"You like it hard, don't you?" Terry asked and then pulled back
until there was only an inch of his cock in her ass and moved slightly in
and out. "Or do you want to be teased to death?"
"Oh please," she begged, "Whatever you do, don't take it out and
keep putting it back in!"
He knew her well enough to know she was teasing him to do exactly
"Oh I would never take it out- like this," he said as he pulled
completely from her anus, "And ram it back in!"
Diane gasped as his cock again breached her sphincter. It was a lot
like the feeling of mastery he felt over Linda as he drilled her into the
bed. It didn't touch his animal side in the same way, but it was all the
more satisfying for being more calculated.
Diane clawed at the bedclothes in a most gratifying way as he
repeatedly pulled his cock out of her ass and jammed it back in the
gaping hole of her anus. The sudden entrances were making her squirm in a
most appealing way.
Her lust fueled his own. It wasn't the most satisfying feeling to
leave her rectum and plunge the tip of his cock back in, but the effect
on Diane compensated for that. She was growing more agitated as he opened
her over and over, faster and faster.
"For God's sake! Fuck me!" Diane moaned as his repeated entries
teased her with their incompleteness. "Ram that thing inside me and Fuck
She was more than ready for more. Terry had reamed her asshole into
a gaping pit between her cheeks that ached to be filled. The ridge of his
cockhead had done all it could to build her anticipation. It had given her
an itch that begged to be scratched.
Terry responded to her plea. He drove forward and buried his
cock in the hole he had opened so wide. He slid easily into her through the
relaxed sphincter.
It was too easy for an asshole. Her bowels were tighter than her anus
now. It was still tight and hot, Terry comforted himself for the loss of
the squeezing band of her asshole.
Then he jabbed deep into her belly and the band clamped down on the
root of his cock.
"Christ! That's so deep!" Diane yelped as her anus reacted to his
thrust. "Fuck out my guts you ass-reaming bastard! Do me hard!"
Terry's confusion about her mixed messages would have to wait. He
was deep in a clenched asshole and his own needs were more important than
reconciling her first reluctance with her call to fuck her hard. He only
responded to her most recent admonition. He fucked her ass deep and fast.
He play had prepared him more than he realized. It took only a few
seconds fucking for Terry to begin fighting the urge to cum in her ass.
It wasn't concern for Diane that made him want to fight. He felt as
if he had just started the real ass-fucking and he wanted it to go on-
forever if he could. It was a very nice ass- as far as he could tell at
the moment- at least it was making it very hard for him to hold back.
Diane again was on the same page as Terry. She was gasping like a
woman on the verge as he pumped his cock into her ass.
"All the way out! All the way in!" she begged, "Do it for me! cum for me!"
It was the unique moment in his sex life. He did as she asked and
pulled free of her ass to plunge back to the hilt. Her ass wasn't as
loose as he drove all the way in this time. It seemed to close as he left
and fight him as he plunged his cock back into her.
She cried out each time he violated her anus and shuddered with the
thrust. The cry became a long moan about the third time he pulled away and
took her abruptly. She began to tremble without pause on the next plunges
into her ass and Terry guessed correctly that she was caught in the throes
of her orgasm.
He rammed deep for the last time and then slapped hard on the
upraised ass of the squirming woman. There was no reason to hold back anymore.
He thought only deep, soft butt and lots of cum as he pushed
against her butt and let his balls twitch.
He opened his eyes and looked down a new man. He pulled back slowly
and appreciated the sight of his shrinking cock sliding out of Diane's
asshole. He had been a bastard and he liked it. There was no protest
from Diane.
She had even seemed to like it. It was another news flash for Terry.
Spontaneity was risk, but it could yield great rewards. This was one of the
good times for both of them.
"That was interesting," Diane said into the covers as she slid out
to lay full-length in the bed. "No one has ever done it like that before."
"So now I suppose you're the anal queen of the condos?" Terry said.
"You don't have a clue how strange it feels afterward, do you," she
replied sharply and then softened her tone, "It was nice- maybe better than
nice- but it hurts later. I'm not sure if it's worth it. I am sure I will
NOT make it my regular preference."
"And she'll never be good at it with that attitude," came a voice
that made them both jump.
Diane and Terry both turned their heads toward the bedroom door.
Linda stood in the doorway with her arms crossed across her chest smiling.
She was wearing a shortie nightgown and nothing else.
"What do you want?" Diane asked her.
"I want him to fuck me like an oil rig all night long," she said,
"But failing that, I want to help or at least watch as you two do."
"What about Phil?" Terry asked.
"He squirted once and went to sleep like he has every night," Linda
said with disgust.
"And how long have you been watching?" Diane asked her.
"Long enough to see your little kinky appreciation of alternate
routes," Linda sneered, "I think you like it rougher than I do, deep down."
"You know why as well as I do," Diane snapped back, "You said it
first. Terry is a guy that you can trust to take you to the edge without
throwing you over."
He did recall Linda saying something about him being rough, but not
mean. Now Diane was praising his restraint. Terry began to feel like the
sultan of a harem. These women were calling him a stud. It was quite
different than his humble self-assessment.
Linda throwing off the nightie and crawling into bed with them did
nothing to deflate his newly inflated ego.
Unfortunately, the menage-a-trois did little to inflate his deflated
hard-on. His cock was still limp and useless against his thigh as the two
women surrounded him. He was wonderfully excited by the two naked bodies
cuddled to his own, but his cock was slow to share the excitement.
"Since you've probably had the most recent practice, why don't you
go down and get him up," Diane said to Linda.
She was exacting the toll for letting Linda join them. Linda had
watched as Terry boned Diane deep up the butt and shot his load in her ass.
They both knew the sub-text to Diane's seemingly innocent request.
Linda went down to prove her resolve by tasting Diane's ass on his
cock. Diane moved up to give Terry her tits to play with.
He felt comfortable and secure with their considerable bulk
welcoming him. They made him want to suckle them like a child.
"Aha- you are a tit man," Diane teased him as he went for her breasts.
The thought of being just another guy fascinated with her breasts didn't bother Terry. He was fascinated and he couldn't think of a thing
wrong with that. They were big enough to cover his ears when he pressed
his face in her cleavage. Who wouldn't be fascinated by the possibilities
of tits like that?
He didn't care how many hundred other guys had explored her huge
areola or thought of things her nipples resembled as they popped up
in the pink vastness of their surroundings. sucking her nipples as if
nursing was new to him. He wasn't responsible for the armies of men that
had sucked them before.
Terry gave in to what he wanted. He wanted to rub his face over the
soft globes. He wanted to see how much breast he could push into his wide
open mouth. He wanted to lick and suck them.
And all the time Linda was giving a similar treatment to his cock.
She licked it like a mother cat, cleaning Diane's trace from every place
his cock might have touched. She licked his balls, moving them like
marbles in a sack under her probing tongue.
It was all play, happy play until Linda became impatient. Terry's
need to hold Diane's breasts and excite her nipples became purely sexual
when Linda sucked his cock into her mouth and worried the limp thing
with her tongue. She let his cock plop onto his belly and found that most
ticklish area just under the head with her pointed tongue.
Linda knew just when to respect Terry's squirming and drop down to
send the point of sensation scurrying across his balls. Terry pulled Diane
down to bury his face in her cleavage and sent his hands questing for the
rears of the two women.
Face full of tit and with Diane's pert ass in his hand, Terry could
feel his desire outstrip his readiness as Linda drew the flat of her
tongue up his cock in long licks. He was responding, but not quick enough.
He wanted to be fucking. He wanted to be fucking them both in every hole at the same time.
His left hand couldn't find Linda's rear. She was too far down the
bed and he had to settle for running his fingers in her hair and massaging
her scalp as she made her marvelous tongue do marvelous things to his
slowly responding prick.
"I need you both to help me," Terry exploded in a sudden surrender
to his fantasies.
He pushed Diane toward his crotch and she scrambled down to join
Linda paying homage to his cock. They licked both sides of his cock as
they moved in tandem up and down the rising flesh. He wanted them in all
ways. He could not let his timidity prevent him from experiencing two
women using their mouths on him at the same time.
Tongues became lips as they pushed their mouths together with his
cock in between and moved up and down the shaft. Then Diane sucked the
head and Linda went down to worry his balls. Diane joined Linda a bit
later and they licked around, under and over his sac with seeming delight
in those times their tongues touched on his skin.
The blonde and the dark working together was a sight as exciting as
the touch of their knowing mouths as Terry looked down at the two women
playing at his groin. He was restored, but he could not bring himself to
interfere and the two women showed no intention of stopping their play
with his cock.
Linda crossed the line as she pulled his cock away from Diane and
left her lick his balls. Her mouth went down- and down- until Terry felt
his cock bump past a narrows and then felt her lips kiss the root of his
cock around his hard-on. Her lips pulled at the base of his cock as the
head rested in her gullet. Diane lashed his balls with her tongue.
It was too much for Terry to bear. He could not let them play if
they were going to make him cum so soon. He had to be protective of his
stamina if he was to do justice to two women.
"I can't take that!" he told Linda, "Let me up, I have to fuck you
both before I shoot this load."
He was immediately sorry when Linda pulled his cock from her throat.
It had felt so good, he wanted it back. He tried to change his focus to
the women sprawled in the bed and how to use them.
"Who goes first?" Diane asked, taking even that choice from him.
"You just fucked him..." Linda began before Terry interrupted.
"I'm taking you both," Terry announced, taking back his right to
choose. "One of you straddle the other. I'll show you what I mean."
That was not to be left to chance. Terry pulled them to the edge of
the bed- Linda first- and then arranged Diane to insure it was his big-
titted one that climbed on top. Legs to the outside was all he required
of this week's wife. He pushed Linda's legs up to rest along his chest and
both sets of thighs opened to give him access to their crotches.
It was not the sight of Diane's mammoth tits pooling down on Linda's
or even the access to the meaty globes that decreed Diane should be on top.
Terry confirmed that judgment as he pushed forward and entered Linda.
Even unready and a bit dry Linda was not Diane. She was tighter as
she moaned with discomfort, but it still took the downward angle of Terry's
penetration to give him a special thrill. By contrast, he pulled back and
slid easily up into Diane. He was enveloped in her wet heat and perfect
grip even in that easiest of angles.
The only annoyance was pushing his cock down to aim it back into
Linda. The rest was fantasy come true. He would fuck down into Linda's
ordinary cunt and then switch to the luxury of Diane's. It was delight to
probe either cunt and the change allowed him the pleasure while slowing
his rush to a climax.
From the moaning and groaning of the women he was fucking, they felt
the same bursts of passion as he fucked them in turn. He tried to be even,
but Linda got the better of his fucking. Diane's cunt was just too tempting
for him to dare to thrust into it too long. He tried to make amends by
reaching up to mash Diane's tits around on Linda's.
"You've got to do one of us!" Linda called out after a while. "I
can't take much more of starting up and then feeling empty."
Terry didn't think it was coincidence he was fucking Linda at the
time. She wanted to cum and she wanted him to keep fucking her until she
"Not fair." Terry gasped, "I've got to get both of you off."
"Thank God we have a savior!" Diane said sarcastically, "And who put
that burden squarely on your shoulders?"
"What?" Terry said with all the intelligence he could muster at the
"You don't have to make everybody cum. We can help," Diane said.
With that she reached back and pushed him away from Linda. She
unwound from their neighbor and pulled her away so her legs no longer
lay against his chest.
"You like to put your rump in the air. Put it in the air now and I'll
let him fuck you until you both cum," Diane promised Linda.
Diane's trick was to lay in front of Linda with her legs spread so
Linda turned her face into Diane's crotch as she stuck her butt up. Diane
was smiling wide as Linda saw what she had in mind.
Terry sensed the hesitation in Linda like one might notice a unique
mailbox as it flashes by the car window. He was on his way to put his cock
back into Linda's cunt. He'd think more about the rest when his cock was
sheathed and warm.
As soon as the cock slid into Linda from behind, any reticence
vanished. She didn't care that much what she licked. Diane's cunt was just
more sex flesh like a cock or balls or...
It was just that Diane- golden girl with tits so bold- had maneuvered
her into another of Diane's own fantasies. It wasn't so much licking a
woman- well, yes it was. Linda imagined she knew what to do, at least what
she liked, but she didn't seek out twats to lick. It was purely to feel
that cock fucking her cunt that she yielded to Diane's decree.
And it wasn't that she wasn't good at it, Diane smiled as Terry's
thrusts gave an exciting life to Linda's tongue. Diane liked to cum. man or woman pleasing her added up to about the same. She was a free spirit.
She freed herself to enjoy, even revel, in pleasures of the flesh and it
was that freedom that left her without judgment of the way that pleasure came.
Terry was enjoying watching as he fucked Linda. The downside was
that choosing one was going to hasten his climax. He wouldn't be able to
fuck Linda forever. He was getting to the point where he would have to pull
his cock out of her or just go on and fuck her until he came.
Terry pulled out.
"Let me rest for a minute so I can go on a while longer," he said
quickly to squelch Linda's protests. "I'll try to make sure you cum the
next time."
He had replaced his cock with his hand and his fingers stroked
Linda's labia. She thawed from her freeze as he pulled his cock away and
began to get more animated as he stroked her cunt. Linda seemed to shed her
doubts as Terry excited her and Diane benefited directly from a probing
tongue Terry's fingers seemed to cause.
The position was so natural and Linda's proclivities so marked, that
Terry didn't think about it as his thumb pressed and then entered Linda's
asshole. The thumb in her ass and the fingers on her cunt had Linda
twisting on his hand in ecstasy.
Diane was panting heavily and Terry could no longer hold back the
air of sex that seemed to pack the room. He turned his hand out of the way
and laid his fingers on top of Linda's rump with his thumb still in her ass
as he pushed his cock into her again. It was a unique handle to use to pull
Linda back to his thrusts.
She hardly needed the urging. Cock was the thing she had been missing
as Terry fingered her. Now she had cock and thumb and pushed back to get
all she could of both of them.
Diane squealed first. Terry saw her breasts shake in ways he didn't
think possible as she shuddered on Linda's tongue. She seemed to be fighting
the urge to catch Linda's head in a fatal scissors hold as she squirmed
on the bed.
Terry lost it next. He slapped hard and fast against Linda's ass as
the need overwhelmed him. Linda evidently felt him swell inside her.
"Noooo! Please- keep fucking me!" Linda wailed.
Terry did his best to ignore the skyrockets of pinpricks that
assaulted him as he fucked on. He was trying very hard to make Linda cum when she broke in with one more instruction.
"Thumb-fuck my ass! Thumbfuck it good!" she groaned.
The co-ordination needed to jerk the thumb in and out of her ass made
his cock's thrusts wane, but the thumb was doing a better job of bringing
Linda to the brink. She finally came as Terry shoved his thumb as far as he
could and wiggled the digit inside her.
"I guess I needed that," Linda croaked as they untangled and lay on
the bed. "I got put through Hell to get it."
"I'll find some way to make it up to you," Diane promised.
That way came later when they were cleaned and rested. It was about
time for one more round, Diane decided. Linda slid down to work on Terry's
cock. Diane slid down to work on Linda.
Diane didn't like licking women much more than Linda. She was a
willing receiver, but giving was not her favorite. Still, she owed the
brunette and she would use it as the reason she should be with Terry for
the next fuck.
That was certainly enough reason to do a muff dive.
Unlike Diane, Linda was just as inhibited about a woman going down
on her as she was going down on another woman. Diane had to fight that
reticence until the pleasure her tongue gave Linda overmatched her narrow
views. About that point, Terry took his cock away from Linda and sat on
his heels to watch.
His cock wasn't steely, rock, or hard enough to cut glass. It was
usably hard and staying that way as he watched Linda grab Diane's head
and guide it in spite of herself. Linda's reluctance had disappeared in
the face of Diane's demanding dominance and the sensations that were
making her tromp aimlessly on the bed.
Terry decided Diane wouldn't mind the interruption. He didn't need
Diane's rationalization why it was her turn. Watching Diane lick Linda's
cunt made him eager to stick his cock in someone and Diane was the one
with her ass in the air.
There wasn't any reaction from the women when he slipped his cock
into the perfection of Diane's heat. Linda didn't notice and Diane didn't
pause in her assault on Linda's pussy. He had to spread his knees wide to
reach Diane's ass and it made for a good slow fuck and the feeling his
thrusts were long and deep.
They both benefited from his presence when he grabbed Diane's
wide hips and thrust into her with greater urgency. Her face rocked into
Linda's twat and her own efforts increased as Terry fucked her with more
Who was doing what to whom was getting lost in their growing
passions. It was good. It was damn good, was the extent of deep thought
as the trio writhed together on the bed.
Linda didn't care what was making her stomach do flip-flops. Diane
wasn't aware that it was her tongue having that effect on Linda and
Terry's perception was wholly contained in his dick.
Linda had to restrain herself from pulling out hands full of blonde hair as Diane's tongue took her over the top. She repressed the urge by
pulling Diane's head harder into her crotch instead. When the obsessive
tongue became too much, Linda pulled Diane's face toward her own.
Terry had to move along to keep his cock in Diane. She stopped over
Linda and Terry resumed his revel in the perfection of her cunt. She was
much more interested in participating with his jerking thrusts now.
Linda had drawn Diane into a steamy kiss. Diane responded by moving
her rear to get the most from Terry's strokes. Linda betrayed her own
interest as she reached up her hands to cup Diane's hanging breasts.
She had given in totally and now she kissed the bitch. The bitch!
Her breasts were worthy of the adoration men paid to them. They moved so
easily, so like angel's wings, yet they were filled and heavy, so solid
and yet yielding... The whore had her nerve to possess them.
Linda's jealous pique did nothing to reduce the passion Diane felt
as her breasts were fondled by knowing hands. The tongue that tested her
made her more hungry and the cock filling her fed her need. Mere climax
was only a platform on the long train ride she was taking.
Terry rode those crests, the perfect cunt begging for more. He
felt her twist and pause and then resume. He fucked her like a third party
drenched in the sin like perfume, but only experiencing its smell and
only sensing the heat it could kindle.
He would be tireless filling her- and then he was not. His orgasm
crept up his spine, less violent and longer than those before it. When it
was over and when it was no use bump against her rump he did not know
until long after each had come true.
"Let him at least be in the middle," Linda petitioned as they
dropped exhausted to the bed.
Terry drifted or dropped into sleep surrounded by both. He awoke
with neither.
"Has everyone deserted me?" he called out.
He heard the patter of feet coming down the hall. A naked Diane
stepped into the room and smiled.
"I didn't want to wake Sleeping Beauty," she said.
"Is Linda gone?" he asked.
"She must have left in the night," Diane said. "She was gone when I
woke up. I supposed she wanted to be with Phil when he woke up."
"Then I don't get my wake-up kiss?" Terry asked as he threw back the
covers so she would know where he wanted the kiss.
"I thought this morning we could be tender and slow and say insincere
things about the week," Diane said.
Shit! It was Friday already. Terry glanced at the clock and saw with
relief that it was only 9:00. Seven more hours of rent-a-wife. It should
be just about enough.
"The quicker you hop in here, the slower we can be," Terry told her.
He studied her every move knowing their time was getting short. He
memorized the way her breasts swung as she walked to the bed. He noted
carefully her dainty way of sitting on the edge of the bed and swinging
her legs up as she came to him. He took time to notice the gray-blue shade
of her eyes and just how full her lower lip was compared to the pointed
little bow of her upper lip.
When he recalled the fantasies that he had lived this week, he wanted
the star to be accurate. She lay half on him, one breast planted in the
middle of his chest and the other dripping off the side. She watched his
eyes search her face with amusement.
"Awful damn late to finally notice what I look like, I'd say," she
teased him.
"Everything in its proper order," he gave it back, "I noticed all the
important stuff right away."
She made a move like she was going to smash his face, but let her
hand rest along his cheek instead. Then she kissed him. It was a kiss that
said tender and slow, just lips the first two kisses and then the hint of
tongue. Terry suddenly felt an outpouring of emotion for Diane.
She was fun, easy to get along with and the best fuck, in particular
and overall that he'd ever had in his life. It would be very easy to love
her. He wrapped her in his arms and rolled on top of her.
"You lie back for now and you can have your turn next," he told her.
He started by returning her tender kisses and then moved to her
cheeks and down her throat. He was going to kiss her all over. He was
going to remember each press of his lips, each swipe of his tongue as he
kissed every inch of her flesh.
"You romantic little bastard," she giggled as he passed over her
nipples without dallying and lifted up her breasts to kiss the undersides.
He kissed the flesh her breasts usually covered, which was the
lightest shade of any of her light-brown skin. He kissed down her torso
and across her belly not missing a patch of skin. He tugged on the close-
cropped hair of her heart-shaped pubic patch.
He spent a while assuring himself he would never forget the look or
feel of her cunt, but he was not trying to arouse her. He moved all over her
crotch and then split time as he worked down her legs. She giggled and
wiggled her toes as he kissed them. Her animation at his tickling touch
made it and easy transition to roll her onto her stomach.
Terry could feel her tense as he kissed up the back of her thighs
on his way to her ass. Would he or wouldn't he? That seemed the question
that had her trembling as his lips traveled over the round swoop of her
buttocks. There was really no question. Her commotion at the thought told
Terry how eagerly she hoped he would kiss her asshole.
For his part, Terry had said he was kissing every inch. He had kissed
her asshole before. This time he took the time to remember shoving his
cock into it as he held her cheeks open and answered her hopes.
He kissed up her back and ended with his cock resting in the crevice
between her cheeks as he nuzzled her neck.
"Your turn," he whispered in her ear and rolled off her back.
She was more interested in touching than kissing. She was stroking
his shoulder and chest while they kissed. She kept her hands exploring far
and wide as she moved her lips over his body. She didn't wrap her fingers
around his cock until her lips had dropped below his navel.
Then she held it, except when she covered it with kisses, as she
moved down his legs. She followed her kisses up his legs with her hands
as he wondered if she would follow his example when she got to his ass.
She massaged his ass long enough while she kissed his ass that he
didn't care much any more and then quickly planted a peck on his anus. The
rest was anti-climatic except for the way her tits took over the massage
for her hands as she kissed the nape of his neck.
Terry thought it was much more erotic when he lay on her back. He
didn't know what Diane thought. He gave her the benefit of the doubt and
let her lie on him as long as she wanted. She rewarded his patience by
sliding off his back and rolling him over.
She kept him rolling until he had settled between her legs on top of
her. They both were ready to fuck, but even Terry wasn't eager to start.
It was too much like saying goodbye to stick his dick in her right away.
"If you put it in we might get done in time to do it again," Diane
prompted him when the pause became obvious.
He hadn't exaggerated a bit. It was just like plunging his cock in a
pool of warm fluid- maybe even warm Mercury to capture the way it pressed
against him in a liquid way. It was a stunning sensation every time. She
felt custom fit to his cock. He wouldn't have any trouble remembering her
cunt. He would only have trouble believing it was really that good.
"I want to fuck you like we've been married for years and we're
still in love," Terry told her.
"You know how I love that, dear," Diane got right in the spirit.
She let him lead this slow, meandering fuck. He wasn't against
working up to a few hard thrusts, but then he'd back off to make it last.
Pretty soon Diane was anticipating his surges and even making her own
demands for variation from beneath him.
Terry was finding that you didn't need years of familiarity to be
sensitive to your partner's mood and wants. You just had to stop worrying
about what you were doing and be attentive to what they were doing. He
guessed he knew that, but Diane was setting a memorable example to remind
It was probably the most satisfying fuck of the week. It wasn't the
hottest or the strangest or even the best explosion, but it was easily the
most intimate and heart-warming. Terry wasn't just getting laid. He was
having an emotional experience with Diane.
He felt a little stupid at his emotional response as he lay next to
her. It was pretty sad to get all starry-eyed about a rent-a-wife. It was
just a job for her. She was good at it, but it was what she did.
Terry started thinking about how they could spend their last few
hours together. He ought to store up before he went back to Judy. He was
planning when the knock came on the door.
"C'mon guys," Phil said, "You want to have some fun this week, don't
Phil was obviously speaking for himself. But he wasn't speaking to
himself. He knew something and he wanted to be the Pied Piper. Linda was
nodding in agreement.
They were dressed in bathing suits and carrying beach towels. Terry
didn't see why they'd be so excited about a pool party. He wasn't any more
sure about being dragged out of the condo as they were- plus towels.
He seemed to be the only one in the dark. Diane didn't seem to mind
parading through the walkways around the condos naked. But she had a lot
to be proud of. She also seemed to have a clue where Phil and Diane were
taking them.
It wasn't a revelation as they went down the steps to the back.
There were a few couples scattered on the lawn, but not enough to alert
Terry to the purpose of the gathering. And they were all wearing
something, unlike he and Diane.
They spread their towels out like a pinwheel, one end touching and
the others spread to the points of the compass. Then they sat down. Terry
looked around and then turned to Phil.
"This must be your idea," he said to Phil, "It is interesting to sit
here naked on the lawn. I think you and Linda ought to try it."
To his surprise, Terry got no argument. Linda went first and Phil
followed her lead. Then they were all sitting naked on their towels. Terry
still didn't get the point.
Across the way another couple followed Phil and Linda's lead. Terry
got the sense there was something unorganized going on here in its
unorganized way. Another couple came out onto the lawn between the condos
and the lake.
"So I think you ought to face up to reality before we go home," Phil
said in his leading way, "I think you should watch Diane have some fun."
It was Phil's idea of a clever introduction to the idea of swapping
in front of each other. He followed it by getting to his hands and knees
and leaning over Diane's face. He leaned down and kissed her.
It actually made Terry's dick twitch. He was excited by the idea of
watching Diane fuck someone. He had seen it close up and he was turned on
by the thought of seeing the big picture of the big-titted blonde getting
the blocks put to her.
"You're not just going to watch are you?" Linda said huffily.
"You mean you want me to watch with my dick in your ass?" Terry
asked in mock surprise.
Terry didn't see Phil's reaction, but Diane felt the pause of Phil's
tongue when Terry talked about fucking Linda's ass. She guessed her friend
had gone most of the week without getting her favorite treat. She had to
stifle a laugh at Phil's expense.
Phil crawled down to fasten his mouth to Diane's right tit. Terry
rolled over onto Linda's towel and then onto Linda's back. He put his cock
in the crack of her butt and supported himself on his elbows.
Linda spread her legs in welcome and Terry was nestled between her
cheeks most comfortably. He swung his arms to Linda's sides and urged her
to come up onto her elbows as well. That was the space he needed to slide
his hands under her breasts and lift them up.
Terry thought they had caught up nicely with Phil and Diane. Phil
was just turning around so he could lie beside Diane and get his hands on
her huge hooters. He wasn't exactly bored with Diane's big tits, but Terry
knew they weren't her best feature. He figured Phil would find that out
when he finally stuck his cock in the lava flow Diane called a cunt.
For his own part, Terry didn't need any more than Linda's wriggles
of pleasure as he played with her tits and the warm crease of her ass
massaging his growing dick. He actually liked both these women and fucking
one while watching the other get fucked qualified as a good way to sum up
this vacation.
"Are we going to be able to do the ass thing?" Terry said quietly in
Linda's ear. "If it's going to hurt, I'll stick it in your pussy instead.
I like it both ways."
"You're sweet to think of that, but you know I like it rough," Linda
said in a gruff voice. "You get me hot enough and it'll go in. Trust me."
Getting it in wasn't Terry's worry. He was beginning to feel like he
could drive his cock through wood. But he had made the gesture. Now Linda
could blame herself when he ripped up her ass fucking her dry.
Phil was making a pig of himself with Diane's tits. He was burying
his face in her cleavage and loudly licking his way to either crest. He
wasn't any quieter slurping on her nipples. Diane was mildly amused with
the tribute, but far from screaming with desire.
Terry tried to take an unbiased look at Phil's performance. Even in
the disinterested view, Phil was acting like a teenager. But to be fair,
Terry had to admit that Phil had been by far the more mature of them until
this week. Diane had been good for him. She and Linda had taught him
not so much a lesson, but an attitude that had escaped him before.
Terry felt confident in his abilities now. At least he no longer
feared that he was somehow ignorant of something important. They had
validated his desires. He was more assured in his performance.
He was hard as iron and ready to fuck Linda. He showed his self-
awarded new maturity by not sticking it right in her ass and fucking her.
Instead, he pulled back until his cock was free and then pressed it down
along the length of her crotch. Then he went for the back of her neck.
It tickled and Linda giggled.
He reached up to nibble the back of her ear and Linda turned to try
and reach his mouth. She collapsed on one side and trapped his left arm
against her breast. It let them kiss as he squeezed her tit to remind her
where his hand was. She didn't need a reminder about his cock. She lifted
her top leg to move her slit up and down on the hard bar in her crotch.
It was more comfortable for Terry to slip his cock inside Linda, so
he did. Then the humping of her hips had more meaning for him. He lay half
against her butt and let her hump his cock all over the inside of her
cunt. Linda turned away from the kiss to gasp and Terry went back to
nuzzling her neck.
He slipped to the towel behind her and was humping into her rear
and holding onto her tits with both hands.
"Don't you think we should do it now?" Linda asked breathily.
"Don't you want to wait for them?" Terry asked her back.
Linda made a snorting noise and Terry looked up. Over Linda's head
he saw that Phil had climbed into the saddle and was fucking Diane. Diane
was taking it gamely, but Terry didn't think her look was one of pure
pleasure. It made Terry appreciate Diane all the more.
"Then do you want to move, or should I put it in from here?" Terry
"I think you're better when I'm on my knees," Linda said.
Linda moved away from Terry and left him to wonder what she meant.
He didn't wonder too long. It didn't matter whether he reached deeper or
was at a better angle or what she liked about it, Linda was on her knees
with her back arched and her ass open.
However she liked it, Terry liked it too. And she had taken the pose
he favored at the moment. He'd be able to watch Phil and Diane clearly
from his knees behind Linda. He got up quickly and took his place.
Linda's asshole looked defenseless where it peeked from between her
opened cheeks. Terry wasn't sure if he meant it as a warning, a threat or
a kindness when he wet his thumb and rubbed it over Linda's asshole. He
was still skeptical of forcing his cock in her ass without something to
smooth the way, but then he remembered their fuck on the balcony.
"You're going to have to be real nice to me this time," Linda
had warned, "It doesn't go in very easy without a lot of lube."
Not: we can't do it without lube, just: it doesn't go in easy.
Terry wasn't looking for easy and by now he knew Linda wasn't
either. A slow invasion of Linda's anus would suit Terry just fine and he
knew that would draw out the sweet agony for Linda as well.
He put the tip of his cock to her anus and pushed. Linda was an ass
slut. He could feel her asshole pull open for him. It wasn't enough for
him to ram instantly into her ass, but it made it easier for him to force
the head of his cock into her butt.
"Now rough, but quick," Linda instructed. "Keep jamming it in, but
take a little and pause until you're all the way in."
Terry understood quickly what she meant. Each time he jerked his
hips forward, about a half inch more of his cock scraped past Linda's
asshole. He let her rest and then gave her the next dose. Linda was
panting like a dog as his cock invaded her ass in stages.
"Hey guy, that's weird stuff," came a voice beside them.
Phil had noticed what Terry was doing. He had stopped fucking Diane
for the moment and had a quizzical look on his face.
"Tight, hot stuff," Terry replied. "And with no grease at all."
His next lunge made Linda grunt and they both started to laugh.
Terry's boldness was confusing Phil. It was becoming clear that the real
difference between Terry and Phil was Phil's big mouth. Terry had seen
the light on his vacation and Phil was still the same old scared boy with a bragging mouth.
Terry eased up against Linda so his alternate penetration wouldn't
confuse Phil any longer and wiggled his hips. Linda moaned rather louder
than Terry thought was strictly necessary. Diane slapped Phil and dug
in with her heels to make him turn his attention back to her.
Terry was even beginning to understand Linda a little bit. He
didn't think 'ouch!' meant the same thing to her. And because of her-
immunity? desire? toughness?- she liked more than most women wanted. She
certainly liked being the recipient and almost demanded that her man force her to enjoy his efforts.
Or maybe he was way off base. He knew what he was giving her. She
could like it or she wouldn't. He was fucking her in the ass in the
yard of the condos and it was good for him.
It was less amusing to watch Phil fuck Diane. It wasn't
possessiveness that affected him. He could hardly feel slighted while he
drilled his cock up Linda's butt. It was the lack of entertainment in the
fuck. Diane wasn't going crazy and even Phil seemed only slightly charged
as he had his cock in what Terry knew was one of the fine cunts in the
It looked like they had been married for a long time and were
fucking out of habit. Terry had hoped for something more exciting. He had
to settle for Linda bucking under him.
"Fuck me dammit!" Linda called out. "If you're going to make me go
through this, give me something for my trouble!"
There was that demand. She liked to be forced to like it and she was
willing to insist. Terry pulled his cock out a little farther and rammed
it into her ass a little harder. Linda quieted down.
"Hi," said a slender, coltish woman with small breasts and wide
She looked a little nervous at violating our preserve as she and the
stout man with her spread out towels a few feet away. Like them, they both
were naked and soon were involved in their own sex party.
Terry wished the new woman's lover was fucking Diane. Phil was boring
and he didn't really care anything about the new couple. They were having
a hot little fuck and he could have been really interested if the woman
had been Diane.
His head came up as he began to slap hard and fast against Linda's
rear. There was nothing to see there. The thrill came from his cock
burrowing deep in her ass and her asshole being forced to the hilt of
his cock as he smashed her butt flat. The change in the landscape made him
seek the thrill even harder and faster.
The lawn was nearly covered in couples. As he spanked Linda's ass
with his thrusts, he saw there were dozens of others fucking out there
behind the condos. It looked like a nudist camp orgy.
"Oh jeez- yes! Come on!" Linda responded to his new enthusiasm.
It was like Terry's dirtiest dream come true. Naked people were
everywhere fucking all over the place. He rammed in as deep as he could
reach in Linda's ass and bumped her hard.
"Do something with that!" he demanded. "Take it that way and make
it good!"
Terry didn't care what was coming out of his mouth. His cum was
amassing for a charge into her bowels and he was more concerned with how
that came out. Linda moaned most enticingly.
He beat her by a spurt before her ass began to tremble. He was
filling her rectum when she wriggled beneath him like she was trying to
keep the flow pouring into her forever. They both growled as they came.
Terry pulled her tight against him as he slumped down. The climax
was over, but the sex wasn't done. His cock wanted more as he looked more
carefully over the copulating couples on the lawn. This was a scene he
probably would never see again.
"You done queer-fucking my woman?" came Phil's derisive voice.
"You need her back?" Terry tried to keep his tone vanilla.
Phil didn't press it. Terry was shocked at Phil's attitude. He
thought Phil was the cocksman. He didn't have to look up to him any more.
His cock was soon the victim of Linda's rectal muscles and there was
no point to their pose with her pressing her rear to his belly. He moved
away and he and Phil switched towels back to their original places.
Diane smiled at him, but Terry was disappointed at the distance he
felt between them. For a minute he thought his time had expired and Diane
had stopped her act. He was being too sensitive and wrong-headed to boot.
"We're going to have to find some way to wash that off," Diane
finally said.
Relief washed over Terry. It was misinterpretation. He very nearly
loved Diane and he was sulking about the apparent rejection. It was good
to know she was only hesitant about remnants on his ass-fucking cock.
"There's a lake out there," Linda pointed out. "We could wander
down there and do some sight-seeing while we walk."
Phil was the last to get up. He seemed convinced only when it was
apparent that Linda was going with Terry and Diane whether he went or not.
It was an interesting trip to the water. Mostly couples were
involved in some showy positions on their little plots of land, but some
had come together in clumps and were fucking in a pile. They hadn't spent
enough time at the condos to know who came with who and who were plowing
new fields on this last day.
Terry and Diane were alone wading in the lake. No one else seemed
interested in the chilly, murky water. Diane reached down and jacked Terry
off under the water. It took about twenty seconds before she was ready to
"Hey- babe, blonde babe," came a voice from one of the knots of
people fucking, "There's plenty of room if you want to jump in here."
Diane just smiled.
"No, really, plenty of room for all of you," the man insisted, "Jump
in and find the toy of your choice."
Diane looked at Terry. He shrugged. Phil pulled away. Linda dived
onto the pile. Phil stalked off and Diane sat at the edge of the
copulating flesh and pulled Terry down.
"What does it matter where?" Diane said.
It didn't seem to matter to Terry much. Diane would have been
looming over his crotch, sucking his dick in either place. It did make a
difference to Diane. The pile seemed to move in her direction as she
leaned over Terry on her knees.
The man who spoke had his hands on her breasts almost as she bent
forward. The others were like the water they had just left in the way they
moved in around Diane. It was a good thing she was open-minded about the
sex of her admirers. As many feminine hands fondled her as male.
"I'm not sure shit wouldn't taste better," Diane said with a
wrinkled nose when she tasted his lake-washed cock.
But she didn't stop. She went down on his cock and refused to be
moved from her mission of getting him up again. The gravitating pile
brought breasts and butts within reach of Terry's hands and he reached
for them. One woman dropped her breasts in his face and he sucked them.
The breasts swung and Terry assumed from the sounds that he wasn't
the only one paying tribute to the woman. He glanced past the swinging tit
and saw Diane wasn't alone either. Someone, not the man who had invited
them, was keeling behind her and fucking her.
This was the sight he thought he'd see when Phil fucked her. The
guy was giving it to her good and Terry was enjoying the sight. Diane
looked good getting fucked. The man who had spoken had maneuvered himself
under her and was licking Diane's tits like Terry was licking the ones
hanging over him. It was a luscious smorgasbord of sex.
"I like it the other way too," Terry picked Linda's voice out of
the others.
Linda was finding what she wanted in the pile. It seemed everyone
was willing and no body forbidding in this group.
Diane had done such a good job she could not keep her lips pressed
against his groin. Terry's cock had grown to fill her mouth and was trying
to stretch into her throat. Diane began bobbing with a different purpose.
The next sequence happened behind a wall of flesh for Terry. A
different breast came into view. Different women shifted over his face
and when he got a clear look he saw Diane's cunt coming toward him.
She tasted like fuck when her cunt settled over his mouth. It wasn't
real slimy, but Terry still braced for a load of cum until he felt
something wet mat his hair.
By that time he was distracted by someone gripping his cock and
rubbing pussy lips against it. The distraction made him stab his tongue
mindlessly into Diane's twat. He rammed it in and lapped at her when the
pussy settled down on his hard-on.
Diane adjusted nicely to his lack of inspiration. She used his
tongue like a short, but double-jointed cock. She began to fuck his tongue
and then moved to include his nose in the circle of her hips.
She seemed to find a preference for forcing his nose into the rear
of her slit and letting his tongue lash at her clit. Finding what pleased
her best seemed to have a direct effect on the way the other woman rode
his cock.
He couldn't see the two woman locked in a passionate kiss and
fondling each other's breasts as they each rode one end of him. Linda was
in no better position to observe with her face in one man's crotch as
another used her from behind.
It wasn't an observational kind of pile of flesh. They all seemed
more motivated by feel than sight. And all of them were feeling something
in that pile on the beach.
Typically, Phil had gone in by the time they escaped the group
grope. Linda went off her way and Terry and Diane went back to the condo
one last time.
"I wouldn't mind fucking again, if you want to," Diane said.
She didn't sound sincere. She certainly didn't sound eager and Terry
didn't think she'd be disappointed if he passed. It had been an active
"Why don't we take a refreshing shower together instead," Terry
That seemed to please her very much. They were dressed for the
shower and were under the spray as soon as the water got warm enough. It
was all innocent and sweet and they held and soaped each other under the
shower. He kissed her like she was his wife.
The kiss caught fire. Terry realized how strong his feelings had
become in the past week. She had been a bright and delightful companion
for the week and he really liked her. He couldn't ask for a life any
better than the last week.
The kiss became a hug and then turned into a wrestling match. Diane
was not the victim. She was pulling on him and grinding her pelvis against
his as hard as he was rubbing back against her. Really, he meant to just
take a shower.
"Just a quick one," she gasped. "Like a kiss to remember you by."
Working together, they achieved an uneasy penetration while they
stood in the shower. Diane held his shoulders and leaned back to make it
easier for him to thrust. He held her tightly around the waist and eased
his cock in and out of her perfect cunt.
It would have been a shame for him to have missed one more reminder
of her perfection. No passion was lost in the lack of fury in their
coupling. They moved sinuously together as Terry quickly became too
heated to delay his gusher.
"I can't believe it, but I'm going to cum!" Terry gasped. "I'm
going to cum!"
"Please, cum for me- one more time inside me," Diane answered while
her hips were moving in particularly pernicious angular directions.
It felt like something more than semen was flowing out of him and
into Diane. It felt like part of his heart was mingling with hers as he
felt his jizm wet her cunt. Then he had a terrible sense of loss.
Diane didn't let him dwell in gloom. She nipped at his ear and pushed
him gently away.
"I won't ever forget this week," she said sincerely.
That was a nice touch, Terry thought as he dressed and gathered his
luggage. Maybe it was even true. Perhaps most of her 'husbands' were like
Phil and basically unsatisfactory. He wanted to think he'd been special.
Diane had been special to him.
The weird part was that she had retreated to the unused bedroom after
the shower. He understood. It was a better parting in the shower.
It probably was better not to see her as he had to leave. Goodbyes were
so sappy.
He was shocked when she followed him down the hall a few seconds
later. She was struggling with a load of bags twice his two suitcases.
"What's all this stuff?" he asked.
"My bags. What do they look like?" Diane replied.
"You mean you... you, um... ahh.." Terry stammered.
"You mean all guests have to leave at the same time?" she said.
"Yes, there's no amnesty for women who got fucked one more time in the
shower when it's almost time to go."
"Guests?" Terry sputtered.
Diane drew herself up and looked down her nose. She placed a sneer
on her lips.
"You thought I was a prostitute? You thought your vacation swap was
enough to afford a woman like me?" she huffed.
She let Terry panic a moment before she began to grin.
"I've told guys the truth before and they won't believe me," Diane
said. "It's better to let you think what you want. Anyway, you were very
nice to me whatever you thought about me."
"You mean..." Terry tried to understand what she did mean.
"Women trade for a place to meet a guy that has traded to meet a
girl. It's a new kind of singles bar," Diane said. "I guess your friend
didn't tell you anything."
"Then can we see each other again?" Terry was eager.
"Not a good idea, newbie," Diane said. "People aren't the same on
vacation. We might not like each other and it's generally not a good idea.
You've got something going, right? I've got a life. We could fuck
everything up and then find we couldn't stand each other in a month. It's
not good to make life decisions hastily."
"But I know I like you," Terry said. "Can't we keep in touch?"
"Tell you what. I'll write you. We can see how that goes," she
Phil was an unresponsive lump all the way home. He never said a
word, although his mouth did open to start several times and then clamped
closed. Terry was amused.

"What are you doing?" Judy yipped.
"Making up for the deprivation of being without you for a week,"
Terry said as he gathered her skirt up over her ass in back.
"You didn't mind ignoring me for the week before you left," she
Either response would have sent Terry into a snit before. Now he was
interpreting them differently. Judy was begging him to show her how he
felt rather than shut her out. He had something to show her this time.
"I guess I learned a lesson last week," Terry said. "A week away
gave me a whole new outlook."
He wasn't lying in the least. Linda and Diane had shown him his own
timidity. He was going to make Judy reject him rather than turn away
before she could. Diane's acceptance of him made him confident.
He learned a better lesson that day, perhaps one he always knew but
refused to believe. He pushed his hands down into her panties and gripped
the cheeks of her rear. She didn't try to push him away.
"So you want it bad, huh?" Judy teased him, "What will you do if
I give it to you?"
"You mean if I don't just throw you down and rape you?" Terry asked.
"Yeah, if you don't," Judy said. "I know what to do then- kick you
in the balls until your eyes turn black."
"Okay, what will it take to get the contents of my underwear into
the contents of yours?" Terry was ready to haggle.
"You don't get to put it in until I say so, but you can start on me
any time," Judy offered.
"We start on each other and you get to say when," Terry counter-
She wouldn't put up with his dick sticking her in the face too long.
She wouldn't be able to make him suffer very long waiting to fuck her.
"I get to be on top," she amended.
It was already the most exciting proposal from Judy in a month.
They hadn't talked that much about sex since they had gotten together. In
the beginning it was mostly boasts about how wild they were and then
nothing to back it up.
Any more they usually hinted around the subject and then non-
verbally decided on something not particularly interesting to either of
them. But this was all insight Terry had gained from his week with Diane.
For once Terry didn't try to get her clothes off quick before she
changed her mind. He pulled his hands out of her panties and started on
his pants. Judy had a dirty grin on her face as she took off her dress.
"Are we going to do it right here on the floor? Or should we go
into the bedroom?" Judy asked.
Then came the subtle change in interpretation. Terry was listening
to her. His old reaction would have been frustration with her lack of
daring. He would have fucked her in the bedroom sulking that she was a
fuddy-duddy in bed. This time he heard an invitation to be bold.
"You want to be on top. You tell me," Terry challenged her.
"Then get your ass right down there," Judy pointed to the floor at
her feet.
Terry flopped down and finished undoing the buttons of his shirt as
he lay on his back at her feet. Judy finished taking off her bra and panties and
then stood naked over him for a moment.
"What you lookin' at?" she demanded as he started straight up into
her crotch.
"I think a mouse ran up your leg, lady," he quipped.
The effect was magical, not his joke, but their approach. Judy
stepped over him and squatted with her pussy over his face. There was a
twinkle in her eye where a dull stare had resided before.
"Then you kiss that mouse and suck her little tail," Judy told him.
Terry grabbed her hips and jammed his face between her thighs. He
kissed her pussy like he wanted to leave a hickey and Judy tipped
backwards in surprise.
Her knee barely missed his nose as she turned over to present him
her pussy in the proper position. He second-guessed his decision to do it
on the floor as he had to crane his neck to reach her slit. When her mouth
came down over his cock he forgot the little things.
He tried not to compare her to the expertise of Linda or Diane. It
was enough that Judy wasn't stopping and whining every other minute. She
wasn't overly skilled, but she was keeping his cock in her mouth and
trying. It was a mouth after all. It felt pretty good.
Terry had another moment of self-realization as he wiggled his
tongue against Judy's cunt. He had no reason to complain. No woman had
ever grabbed his ears and screamed he was the best cunt-eater she'd ever
known. He knew he wasn't sure what he was doing. And he didn't practice
Mostly he licked Judy's cunt when she insisted. That sounded familiar
all of a sudden. It sounded like the way Judy took his cock in her mouth.
For something everybody liked so much, people sure got weird about sex,
Terry mused.
He experimented with lapping her and then trying to tickle her lips
with his tongue. She responded by licking around the head of his cock. She
sucked him in and then licked some more. Terry tried stabbing his tongue
at the tented hood of her clit.
He rubbed the flat of his tongue over her clit and her head dropped
down as far as she'd ever gone down his cock. He shoved his tongue into
her cunt and she started up and down.
She'd already sucked his cock longer than she had since the first
months they were together and she wasn't beginning to complain. Terry
wondered if she had planned this or if it was happening to her the way it
was happening to him. He was finding it wasn't so bad to eat cunt for its
own sake. He didn't have to rush so he could get his cock in her and fuck
That seemed like a valuable revelation as Judy's mouth pulled at his
cock. If she didn't tell him he could fuck her soon, he wasn't going to be
able to fuck her. He felt almost ready to cum in her mouth as she gave him
the most dedicated blow-job he could remember since the one time she had
let him cum in her mouth while they were dating.
He licked her back enthusiastically as she made him squirm. There
was no plan. His tongue explored in self-defense as her mouth pulled on
his cock. Finally she came up for air.
"You better put it in me, because I think you're about to shoot,"
Judy gasped.
That was his cue. He took her down like a lioness takes down a
gazelle and scrambled around to get between her legs. She was sloppy even
deep inside as he entered her with one smooth thrust. She moaned happily
as his weight came down on her.
"You take lessons while you were on vacation?" she asked.
"I just thought about a lot of things," Terry lied.
He fucked her and she didn't ask about the change again. She was a
good woman. If he could remember the lessons he'd learned, maybe they
wouldn't start pulling away again. At the moment she was being all the
woman he'd wished for while they were fighting.
"Dammit Terry! I'm going to cum!" she called out.
She seemed surprised. Then it was his turn to be surprised. She
responded like she hadn't in years. She was alive under him, moving and
pulling at him as he drove his cock into her. He could feel her toes curl
along his calves as she heaved her hips up at him.
She was having a humdinger. Somewhere in the fury Terry felt his
balls let go and flood her cunt. It didn't change anything. They still
moved against each other like fighting cats moaning their pleasure.
Judy stopped the struggle when she clamped him like she was having a
seizure. Arms, legs, thighs, cunt squeezed him tight and held for four
long beats before she dropped back on the floor limp.
"I should be suspicious, but I don't care," she sighed. "If you
promise to treat me like this, I won't ask you anything about your trip
with Phil."
That suited Terry fine. He promised Judy and himself that they would
never go back to the way it was. He knew he'd learned his lesson.


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