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TTTICK movie script knew that the


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

The Case of the Two Timing Ticker
There was mischief afoot. Sam wasn't buying the 'heart attack'
that supposedly killed old man Kromer and he didn't think the dying had
Sure as it was a B-movie script, he knew that the group had
been assembled for someone to settle old scores. If they had just
wanted Jason Kromer, there was no need of all the trimmings. Kromer
was an old man who lived alone- it would have been simple enough to
take care of him without attracting any attention.
Sam sat by the fire and turned the case over in his mind. He had
only one peg and he was afraid more mayhem would have to occur
before he could draw a line back to the murderer.
"You look lonely," said a voice over his shoulder.
He turned and saw it was Kimberly Tyson, the toilet paper-
frozen chicken heiress, still dressed to the nines in her floor-length sable.
"Just having a good think," Sam answered.
"I've been thinking too," she said and dropped to the sofa beside
The firelight shot each hair of her coat with silver, making it
appear even more expensive. As he mused about the gulf between such
finery and his one change of underwear in his suitcase upstairs, Kim bent
forward and the coat parted enough for him to realize she was wearing
nothing under it.
Alarms went off in his head as she purred, "I've been thinking
how it's kind of criminal that people like us- who have all kinds of
money- seem to do the least while there are people like you out there
making a difference."
"I didn't make much of a difference to old man Kromer," Sam
replied bitterly.
"But you were willing to try. I know a lot of people that wouldn't
have done even that," she said. "I also think guys like you get rotten
She had sidled up to him during her speech and Sam found his
arm was being sucked inside her coat. The alarms in his head were
nearly deafening, but he kept his eyes open and let her make her play.
"I'd like to do something to help you," she whispered in his ear
and he felt his hand being drawn up a superbly smooth thigh as she
nipped his earlobe with perfect, white teeth.
"I'm not asking any favors..." Sam began, but she cut him off.
"Then do me one and let me be noble," she offered.
"You're not against the idea," she stated simply as her hand
encircled the growing lump in his pants.
Why now? What else is happening? What part of the plan is this?
The questions came thick and fast as she pressed him back against the
sofa with her body, the sable opening like wings on either side of them.
She was quite a hunk of woman and Sam wanted nothing more
than to lay her on the sable by the fire and lay her, but... The hell with
but..., Sam thought. He responded to her kisses and soon they were
breasts to chest in a twining embrace on the sofa.
Then she slid down his body till she knelt on the floor. His pants
were a minor annoyance. She pulled them aside and attacked him
My lord, forgive me, but I don't care who dies for this, Sam
thought as she mouthed his cock.
She was expert in her ministrations and Sam was all too soon
ready to blast the top of her head off with his jizm. He grabbed her
roughly by the back of the neck as his crisis approached and jammed
his prick to the balls. She was even better with a man in control, Sam
thought as she danced with a renewed energy at the sudden intrusion of
his entire dick.
He fucked her throat and she went wild on him. Then he jerked,
clenched, stuck her even deeper and delivered his load direct mail to
her stomach.
Sam relaxed and she was quiet as he pulled his prick out of her
mouth. Sam leaned back and reached for a cigarette. When he pulled
out the pack, he offered her one, but Kimberly wasn't moving.
Sam looked for pulse. There was none. Oh my god, I must
have strangled her, Sam thought. I figured somebody was going to die
because I wasn't doing my job.
Sam had cause not to be proud of his next actions. As a straight
arrow, good guy, he should have alerted the authorities and taken his
medicine. Instead he ran.
He comforted himself by saying that he wasn't an officer of the
court and tried to remember every incident in a Mickey Spillane novel
when Mike Hammer had forsaken the law for true justice. He would
have to trot them out and try to fit them to his situation whenever the
discussion came up.
It took a while for the body to be discovered. Meanwhile, Sam
sat, hopped up to pace and then sat down again, waiting. The butler,
ever efficient at discovering the leavings of his employers and their
friends, found the body two hours later. Dexter Kromer came to inform
Sam and Sam put on a serious face and went to investigate.
"It sure throws a doubt on Mr. Kromer's heart attack," said
Sam, publicly airing the plot for the first time. "I'm afraid we're all caught
in a B-movie script and that means the killer is one of us."
"Aren't you jumping to conclusions?" asked Dexter, who as
prime inheritor would automatically become the prime suspect and
subject to be the next in line to be 'knocked off'.
Dexter adjusted the late Kimberley's sable for a peek at her
rounded perfection and then said, "I don't see a mark on her. Maybe,
against all odds, we're having a run on heart attacks. Don't you think we
should wait for a coroner's verdict?"
"I'll bet we have to. And I'll bet that it's going to take some time,
but in the meanwhile I can't see how it hurts if everyone is careful not to
have a 'heart attack' or an accident of their own," said Sam, waiting for
the inevitable announcement that the bridge was out, or all
communications were severed, or whatever device was going to delay
the coroner in clearing up the case.
In the meantime, Sam, not so brave, but observant, sized up
the rest of the crowd. He knew he might as well have the cast of
characters out in the open so there was some suspense in who was
going to be next. He also suspected that the females in the room were
going the way of Kimberly and he wanted to know what he had to look
forward to.
Old man Kromer and Kimberly Tyson were gone. That left
Dexter and Levero, the Kromer twins, Mattie Bush, connection with the
case unknown, Wilhelm VonPutty, a costumed gigolo, Bert Drives, the
family lawyer, Sarah and Farrah Carrah, the twins always expected to
wed Dexter and Levero (until Levero went insane) and old lady Cline.
Eight persons, plus the servants, to unwind the melodrama.
Mattie looked like a sure thing and Sam was confident that Sarah and
Farrah would suffer a plot twist into his arms. He only hoped that not
too many would have to bite the dust before he collected all the favors
and could discover that clue that would unmask the killer.
Evident though it is clear to us that 'old lady' Cline will be Sam's
next amour, Sam had no idea as the butler came in with the urgent word
that the coroner had declared the cause of Jason Kromer's death to be
the bubonic plague. Characteristic of such communicable diseases, the
coroner had quarantined the household until Sam could solve the
murders and prove there was no plague.
"I told you," Sam told the people again, "We're isolated until
the murderer kills enough that even I can't miss all the clues. I just hope
you realize that the Kromers are to blame for hiring me instead of a
detective that knows these plots inside and out."
Dexter only laughed at the accusation and said, "Come on. You
know how much a good detective costs? Besides, even you must see
that an insane brother like Levero must be wreaking revenge over all the
wrongs his paranoid mind has told him he's suffered."
"Or a twin using him to his own ends, that's just as popular,"
Sam shot back and then swung around the room pointing at each in turn.
"Or a lawyer that gets control when Dexter is convicted of
masquerading as Levero, or mysterious gigolos or seemingly
unconnected guests with secret revenge motives, or jealous, rebuffed
fiancees, or just a nosy old neighbor who always hated the noise from
the parties next door."
Thus disposing of the guests so quickly, Sam couldn't stop and
rattled on, "The butler, of course, is just the man in a piece of clap-trap
like this, or a sexually abused and abandoned maid, or a cook whose
cooking has been insulted too often- maybe we're all guilty like in
'Murder on the Orient Express'. There's no conclusion too weak for
this pot-boiler."
Their possible connections pointed out, the guests began to drift
off to their own business as Sam wandered off on accusations of the
servants. Finding himself alone, Sam finally droned to a halt and went
back to his room.
We know who he found there. Sam was the only one surprised.
Old lady Cline, just as we suspected, was sprawled across the bed,
smiling when Sam stepped into the room.
"I saw you and Kimberly in the den," she said straight out before
he could ask her business. "We have a secret and all I want you to do is
try and kill me like you did Kimberly."
Sam was in the mood. He had gotten horny thinking about all
the women he would have in this plot, and he was ready to kill when he
found out old lady Cline was the next in line.
He opened his belt, dropped his pants and said, "Just let your
head hang over the edge of the bed and we'll take care of that little
Old lady Cline giggled an unattractive giggle and scooted over
to do as she was told. As she lay back with her head dangling, she
opened her mouth until it was a yawning cavern and reached out for
Sam's cock.
He let her hands slip between his legs as he stepped to her and
she cupped his ass as he pushed his hard-on into her mouth.
"Mnall na nay," she garbled with her mouth full of dick.
"Oh yeah?" Sam shot back, "Why do I have to pay if I kill you?"
"Mno, mno, Mnall Na Nay," she tried again.
"Say what?" Sam still didn't understand.
Old lady Cline squeezed his ass and yanked him forward,
driving his dick into her esophagus and Sam saw the light.
"Oh- all the way- sure lady," Sam said.
His balls bumped against her nose as he fucked into her face
and he didn't even feel her twitching as he strangled her with his dick.
He noticed she followed his motion real well when he came into her
dead body and she didn't gag a bit, but that she was dead didn't dawn
on him until he collapsed on her.
"Oh shit," he thought. "I meant to get her into her own room
before we finished this thing."
Panic seemed the logical thing to do. Sam panicked. He stuck
his dick back in his pants and pulled her flimsy wrapper around old lady
Cline. He picked her up and began carrying her around the room
trying to think. The only thing he could think of was how heavy she was
and that contributed greatly to his decision to throw her out his window.
She was heavy. He was panicked and the window was a place
to put her down. That made sense enough in Sam's fevered brain to
make him defenestrate the dead woman.
Seeing her lying right outside his window brought other ideas to
Sam's mind, but it was too late. He went back to defending his decision
to himself and worked out a pretty good case. There were two other
windows above the body, no one had to assume old lady Cline came
out of his window. He would make sure of that by assuring everyone
that it was meant to look like she came from his window- just to throw
suspicion away from the 'real' killer.
For a plot that seemed destined to throw him so much cooze,
he sure wasn't getting the enjoyment he should be, Sam mused. There
was too much scared to death stuff right after he got his rocks off. But
all he could do now was wait for the next body to be found and lie like
hell to keep his nose clean.
The knock at the door set his hands to shaking. Sam took a
deep breath and answered the knock, trying to keep his face
expressionless. It was one of the Carrah twins, not the butler, and Sam
was puzzled.
"Why, it's Sarah- or Farrah Carrah," he said smoothly.
"For a second I thought you were going to shock me, but I
should have known better," she said with a sour expression on her
face. "But I guess I have to be grateful that you at least mention both of
"So you're... Sarah," Sam guessed and, seeing a flicker, forged
on. "And you were to marry Dexter."
"Sarah, but I was to get the crazy one," she corrected.
"That's just the way it always goes- Farrah always gets all the
good stuff- even when it's identical and everyone calls me Farrah and
they never call her Sarah," she spluttered, finally running down.
"Well, come in, Sarah. " Sam said and stood aside for her to
enter. "I think they're just confused. They can't tell Farrah from you and
they really think it's you, but they confuse the names. That way they're
always calling Farrah Sarah, but they screw up the names," he said with
his own tortuous logic.
They were identically identical. Same flax hair, same balcony to
do Shakespeare from, they even had the same little dimples on their
ankles. Sam watched appreciatively and didn't think of the dead body
below his window.
She seemed pleased with his little speech and said coyly, "That
would be a good way to think of it. That would mean someone could
sleep with me and not even know it."
That threw a monkey-wrench into Sam's reasoning, but those
pretty little words, 'sleep with me' distracted him.
"For all they'd know, they'd really be sleeping with Farrah,"
Sam said, pointing at her.
It had the sound of a cute little tangle, but once again the only
tangle Sam was interested in was the tangle between the girl's legs and
he didn't care which girl she was. They could fool him all they wanted,
he'd make his decision after he'd dipped his wick.
"Everyone wants to do that too," Sarah said.
"Huh?" Sam said, for a moment thinking he spoke instead of
"Call me Farrah and sleep with us- everyone wants that," she
said, cocking her head to one side like a parrot.
""We've already got that business about the names out of the
way," said Sam, trying to gloss over the whole thing, "So why would it
surprise you, with all you have to offer, that men would like to sleep with
"Not just men," Sarah said, shaking her head, "but I guess that
means you'd like to sleep with me too."
What the fuck? Sam thought. Go for it. She's gotta be next or
why is she here?
He smiled and said, "You have the best body I've ever seen and
the face of an angel. Of course I'd like to sleep with you. I'd have to be
nuts not to."
"You were pretty awed by Kimberly's body before you
strangled her with your cock. How do I know you're not just easily
impressed?" she asked.
"Look at the difference, Womanly hips, not bony ones and the
tits of a woman, not a skinny model," Sam said, too warm for her form
to let her revelation make him miss a step.
But while he was speaking, he wondered, was everyone in the
house watching Kimberly blow me?
"You do a good job of being complimentary while remaining
direct," Sarah said. "You're convincing me without letting me forget for
a moment what you're trying to convince me to do."
"And is it working?" Sam asked.
"You know the plot," she said with some disdain, "of course it'll
work. But if you do a good job talking me into it, no one will know if I
just fell for your line or had some ulterior motive in the first place."
"So when does the plot call for this to happen?" Sam asked.
She gave him a disgusted look and started to open her blouse.
"Oh no," Sam panicked, "Now's fine, but not here."
"...I've got a thing about the sheets," he explained hastily as he
helped Sarah out of the room.
They were lucky. Farrah was out. Sarah wasted no time in
getting to her birthday suit and Sam struggled not to be left behind. This
was real woman, Sam thought as he surveyed the jutting tits and their
pink aureoles, her nipples like pencil erasers.
"Now don't choke, " sam said as she dived for his cock and
put a lip-lock on it.
Her teeth grazed him in response and Sam decided to be more
circumspect to avoid being circumcised. It occurred to him that Sarah
was about to die and he found himself wondering how it would happen
this time. It was a strange thing to muse while getting head, but knowing
the future is also a strange thing, Sam noted.
It would be just like this potboiler to have some twist right here
to throw me off, Sam thought.
Whatever happened, he wasn't going to choke another one. He
pulled Sarah up and kissed her deeply, just to show her what kind of
man he was. No 'cocksucker by proxy' bullshit was going to subdue her
pleasure. She responded warmly and he pulled her down onto the bed
on top of himself.
It was going to be nice to get inside a woman, Sam thought,
realizing he had been getting head from page one and hadn't dipped his
wick once. Sarah was wriggling her ass back to his cock and the
naughty inquisitive thing was straining to find its way between the lips of
her twat.
She was teasing him a trifle too much and Sam rolled over on
top of her to take charge of the action. He teased her a little himself, but
with his cock at least part way into her cunt. It was a nice cunt and Sam
only delayed himself a minute- minute and a half before trying to find the
bottom of her womanhood.
"Oh my, I see your plan now. You're going to lacerate my
cervix and let me bleed to death while we fuck," she said as her cunt hit
his belly and his balls rested on her ass.
"Whatever it takes, my pretty," Sam assured her as he got into
her warm little cunt.
Sam could watch for any vacant stares as he pumped her and
he checked carefully every time she lurched beneath him. But, so far,
it was only passion that animated her as he plowed her magnificent body.
She was trying to ride him from beneath, her knees working as if she
was on a horse, so Sam clasped her to him and rolled her on top again.
"Now that you're seated, I'll let you ride," he said as he settled
on his back and she came down to meet him.
Ride she did and Sam felt it was an inspiration to put her on top.
She worked his cock- going back and forward along with up and down,
sawing his engorged prick to the edge of orgasm with her lush and now
flowing cunt.
But it was the sight of her tits bouncing in their abbreviated arcs
that put the icing (strawberry) in the cake. Sam spread her ass cheeks to
burrow deeper into her steamy, welcoming twat and she began to cry
out as his cock delved her insides.
"Oh Sam! Stab me to death, screw me to oblivion, fuck me you
hard-dicked bastard!" she moaned as she rammed her ass down on his
Sam gave her back some of her see-saw motion as she fucked
herself on his dick and Sarah squealed with appreciation. He reached
up and steadied the swinging of her tits and let her bouncing drag her
nipples across his hands. She was jerking out of control on him, trying
to smash her wet cunt down on his prick faster than she could pull off
of him and Sam was caught in a whirlpool of hot twatflesh.
"Oh baby! Squeeze them tits! Fuck meeeeee!" she squealed as
her hips churned on his.
He squeezed. She wriggled, tremored and spasmed and then
cried out as she vibrated for a moment and then pitched forward.
Sam felt a cold chill that was instantly relieved when Sarah let
out a sigh and said, "That was a real good one."
She began a languid roll of her hips and said, "Now we'll have
to get you one. Any special requests?"
"Bend over, I'll drive," Sam said in his most witty voice.
She smiled and slipped off of him smoothly. She was waiting
on her knees and elbows when Sam sat up.
She was just as nice to sink into from behind and he sank that
much further. She let him get a rhythm established and then she helped.
It was what pas-de-deux was supposed to represent- two physical
melodies in resonance. And a damn good fuck. Sam picked up his
pace and Sarah began to groan again.
"Oh baby, make it throb. Swell up that hard dick in my hot,
little pussy. Get it all hot and ready," she urged.
Sam was hot, throbbing and ready to explode already. He
began to dog-fuck against her welcoming ass, but she moved away.
"Ready, huh?" she gasped as she squirmed across the sheet.
"Hot and sweet. Come on now- move up a little. Bury that sucker in my
She hissed 'assssss' so it became a throaty growl and Sam fell
into her animalism with some savagery of his own. He took her at her
word and drove his cock up the narrow way as far as a thrust would
take him.
""YOW!" Sarah shrieked and Sam drove more of his cock into
her tight hole with another thrust.
"Open up-I'm coming in- right to the hairs!" Sam growled as he
thrust again and slid up to the hairs he mentioned.
"OWWWWW!- Ohhh God! split mw with that poker! Dick
meeeee! OW! Ohhhh! Yes, make me scream!" Sarah alternately cried
in pain and urged him on as his prick forced open her tiny back door.
Sam came to a new appreciation of Sarah's butt as he slapped
his belly against it. It wasn't only nice to look at, it was great to slam
against and Sam suspected all that riding stuff she was doing before
came as a result of long practice. At least horseback riding would give
her the firm, yet resilient set of cheeks that he was ramming into.
Her asshole wasn't any worse. It was clamped down on him
with a grip just short of painfully tight and giving his cock the asshole
massage of his life.
In mid-cum he began to panic again. It was becoming a
conditioned response. She didn't seem like she was dying, but he had
been fooled before. He shivered both in orgasm and fear as his cock
dumped its load up her ass.
It was consternation of the best kind as Sarah stretched languidly
as she pulled away from him to lay on her belly and then rolled over.
She propped her head up on her hand and looked at him questioningly.
"What?" she asked.
"You're the one telling me about the script," Sam snapped, "So
why aren't you dead?"
"Because I really am Farrah," whichever it was said. "Sarah is
probably lying dead somewhere downstairs as we speak."
It was making his head hurt. Sarah- Farrah, old lady Cline,
Kimberly, certainly the women weren't the only suspects. Sure, they
could be the victims, but that was so 50's.
Then he had a flash of the ramifications of what he was thinking.
He didn't want to fuck no guys! It certainly wasn't making the headache
go away. He thought he had at least a clue to the direction the plot was
going, now he wasn't so sure.
The door burst open and Sarah- or Farrah came in. Sam
grabbed his hat in a cute effort to cover his dick and the twin at the
door paused with her mouth open. Then she scolded the twin on the
"You were supposed to stall him for ten minutes, you little bitch,"
the twin at the door was livid.
"You try and stall this guy," the twin on the bed answered. "He's
an animal. And we took more than ten minutes to fuck. You're late."
"So why are we all alive? and which of you is Sarah?" Sam
"I am," they both said in unison.
"Okay, Fucked," he pointed to the twin on the bed and then at
the twin in the door, "And Unfucked. What the hell is going on here?"
"I caught you two going at it," said Unfucked. "I've always
been the jealous one. So I attack Farrah. And what do you do?"
"I try and stop you, of course," Sam said.
"And, if in the struggle your dick happens to get inside her, what
do you do?" asked Fucked.
"I try to remain professional," Sam blushed.
"Bullshit. You fuck hell out of me," Unfucked challenged. "And
Farrah attacks and the next thing you know you're rolling around with
identical twins and don't know who you're fucking."
"So who dies?" Sam asked.
"DIES!?!" Unfucked gasped. "She told you someone is
supposed to DIE?!?"
"No, no, no shut up and listen," Fucked interrupted.
"You little bitch!" Unfucked screeched and went for Fucked.
"Come on now," Sam argued as he intercepted Unfucked, "I'm
in no condition to be rolling around with identical twins right now."
He had dropped the hat to jump between the sisters and
Unfucked looked down.
"I see that," she said, "but why do I have to die?"
"He said that, not me," said Fucked, "He thinks everybody is
like Kimberly. He doesn't even know the plan."
"What plan?" Sam interrupted.
"If we tell you now, you lose two days per diem, so shut up,"
Fucked snapped.
"Then what about this," Sam scoffed, "I kill Miss Unfucked here
and see what that does to your plan. How do you like that."
They both laughed. His fierce demeanor hadn't impressed either
one of them Sam had thought at least the one in his hands might crack.
She seemed to be the weak link.
"That's not a very dangerous looking weapon," Unfucked
giggled and point to his dangling dick.
He wasn't shamed. He was just done with the interrogation-for
then. He said he'd be back. He threw on pants and shirt and got out of
the madhouse of their room. He had to think and they weren't helping.
He thought there was a crime being committed up the hall. He
was the detective. It was his job to check it out. It sounded like
someone was being murdered.
Detectives busted into rooms like that even in the A-movies.
Only in the A-movies, they busted into the right room. Sam found
himself in a deserted bedroom with the cries still coming from next door.
He crept to the door joining the rooms and looked in. A
shudder of relief passed over him. Mattie Bush was being willingly
stabbed by a very energetic VonPutty. The cries he heard were hers
begging her guts out for more.
Okay, he had done his job, Sam told his feet, but they wouldn't
move. No need to stay here, he told himself, but his eyes wouldn't
turn away. Carried by his traitorous body parts, Sam slipped through the
door and into the adjoining bath.
There was more to Mattie than showed when she was dressed
in every sense. Her womanly shape was fertile and fecund with inviting
hips and a bigger bust than it appeared in a dress. She was also a
bigger woman all over than she appeared, more solid and stocky than
her couture would make you believe. And Bush's bush? It was a thicket,
a tangle, nearly a forest that grew wild to the edges of her thighs and
well up her belly toward her navel.
It made VonPutty's pecker all the more impressive that it could
hold its own in the undergrowth. And from Mattie's commotion, it was
doing that and more. Sam had a hard-on that was threatening him if he
tried to move, so he felt compelled to watch as VonPutty drove Bush
to helpless screams and then dying moans.
It was as if someone had mixed the sound tracks. While he
murdered to the sounds of passion, Sam mused, Mattie came to the
sounds of mayhem.
Sam had to shrink back in the bathroom as VonPutty walked
toward him after he was done. He wasn't looking forward to explaining
as only the weakest lies came to mind. But Wilhelm walked by. It had
been his room Sam had first entered.
But his entering was not over.
"So stop crouching and come in here and explain yourself," he
heard Mattie call.
Sam wondered who she was talking to.
"I mean you, Sam," she said, again making him feel his thoughts
were like words on paper.
"Don't make me call Wilhelm back to bring you to me," Mattie
Sam straightened his clothes a little and then gingerly stepped
out of the bathroom. Go away, he told his hard-on.
He could have saved his breath. If his hard-on had any intention
of going away, it would have changed its mind anyway when he saw
Mattie laying in slut position spread on the bed. Her head was propped
up just enough to see over her breasts and her legs were spread wide.
Whether it was its recent exercise or a natural phenomena, Sam
couldn't guess, but her deep red chink showed prominently, the lips
of her snatch peeled back to part the forest of pubic hair and create a
bower around the entrance. He didn't realize he was staring until Mattie
scolded him again.
"A girl likes you to at least glance at her face from time to time,"
Mattie said. "That's like an admission fee."
Sam's head shot up and looked at the grinning harlot. There was
no trace of anger. Instead she was contemplating him like her next meal.
"I heard noises," he started.
She laughed, "I've been warned about that before. Damn it,
Mattie, people will seek shelter- you cum like an air raid siren- stuff like
that. So I believe you."
"I thought someone was killing you," Sam said.
"And you wanted to see who was trespassing on the Dick of
Death's territory?" Mattie chided. "Yes, we all watched Kimberly blow
Sam didn't know what to say to that. He was trying to think up
an appropriate exit line. Mattie thought of something to say first.
"So don't you want to interrogate the old man's mistress," she
asked, supplying him with her connection to the plot.
"Sure," Sam said. "Why'd you kill him? You in the will?"
"Whoa- not so fast," Mattie reproved him, "I got rules. I don't
answer questions for anyone wearing more than me."
Well, of course she didn't. It was her turn and Sam knew it. The
plot had provided him with a convenient hard-on. Why not?
Sam dropped his pants and pulled off his shirt and stood with
his dick pointing to the promised land. Now she only had to feign
deafness and he would crawl up and put the wood to her.
"Deafness, huh?" she continued with the irritating trend of
reading his thoughts. "Okay, come up here and ask those questions. I
can't hear so good."
If he was a good detective, he wouldn't be trapped in trash
like this, Sam thought. But he knew his limits. He was glad for the work.
He had discovered eating and he liked it.
Mattie made it easy. Mattie was easy. He crawled up on the
bed and his dick went in her like a piston in a cylinder as he lay over her.
Her cunt was roomy, but not unpleasant and the thick mat of hair
tickled him everywhere about the groin.
"Why did you kill him? Are you in the will?" Sam repeated.
"I didn't. No." she answered, but the action was at the other end.
Sam felt her adjust to his size. Like an amoeba surrounding its
prey, Sam felt her twat close down on his dick. It was a gooshy,
jelly-like pressure, but it felt snug to Sam.
"What are you doing?" Sam asked.
"What does that have to do with old man Kromer?" she asked
"Maybe it's the murder weapon," Sam said.
She laughed and her cunt laughed with her. Mattie was fucking
him without moving. Sam didn't have to be a part of that. He moved.
For a woman simply laying on her back with her legs flat and spread,
Mattie was very active.
Which came first, her eminence as a paramour or her internal
muscle control was a moot point, because it was clear they were
connected. Now all Sam wanted to do was heat her up enough that she
would join in so he could experience the full monty.
The faster he fucked her, the tighter her cunt gripped him until
she grunted out, "Slow down little man, or it will be over before we
have a chance to play."
He was pounding in and out of the clasp of her cunt at a pretty
rapid rate when she said that, Sam realized. He tried to slow down and
get fancier. But after ten minutes of toiling- well, it was the best work he
ever felt he had to do- Mattie was still lying quiet and letting her skilled
twat do all the work.
"You're trying to make me cum, aren't you? How sweet,"
Mattie said with more amusement than Sam appreciated. "Why don't
you just do what you want. What do you want to do?"
Sam was a little irritated with her condescending attitude and
snapped at her.
"I want to fuck your face," he said and then added before she
could, "I don't think you'll strangle like Kimberly."
She laughed at his fiery response and Sam got one last taste of
a happy cunt gripping his cock.
"No, I bet I don't," Mattie agreed and then instructed, "You just
lay back and I'll give you the full treatment."
Sam rolled off the generous courtesan and lay back. Mattie
reversed her position and climbed on top of him. She squatted over him
on her knees to keep her cunt out of temptation's way and went down
on him.
She went all the way down. Sam let his irritation go as she
swallowed his cock whole and allowed himself to appreciate her skill.
There was no gagging, there didn't seem to be any obstruction as his
cock slid down her throat until he could feel her lips buried in his pubic
hair at the base of his cock. She was some cocksucker.
She swallowed continuously and again Sam felt the part of her
that surrounded him ripple with a divine constraint. She was minimally
moving so his cock moved only a little in and out of the motion of her
throat, but her hands were busy sliding under his ass.
She squeezed his cheeks and urged him into motion once her
hands were in place. She wanted him to fuck her face. Sam didn't mind
if he did.
Sam was surprised at his control until Mattie started to really
suck him. Everything before, including fucking her cunt had been play
designed to prolong his pleasure. Sam realized that as Mattie finally got
to work. It had been great- mind-blowing and all that, but Mattie with
a purpose was to sex like an oncoming train was to a stalled car.
Sam not only wanted to lift his hips and ram his cock into her
face, he felt driven to do so. And Mattie lifted with him to make sure
his cock drilled as deep into her throat as it would reach. In the
commotion, Sam didn't notice Mattie's finger creeping toward his
When it pressed up his ass, he became very aware of her finger.
It felt like she was pressing on the pump of his orgasm as she massaged
his prostate and his balls exploded with the stimulation. Mattie clamped
her lips around the roots of his cock and sucked him with a mobile
tongue as she finger fucked his ass to make his cum pour into her throat
in a seeming unending stream.
Mattie wasn't struggling a bit and Sam was afraid that he was
the one that was going to die this time. She wouldn't stop. Even after the
faucet of his balls turned off, her mouth held him captive and sucked him
into trembling afterglow without giving any indication of slowing down.
"Hey, don't suck it off, I've got a Carrah twin left to fuck and
hopefully a maid or housekeeper or two," Sam protested.
Mattie had mercy on him and let his cock pull out of her mouth
with a very loud pop.
"All you have to do is ask," Mattie said turning around and
laying down beside him. "All you ever have to do is ask."
"Okay," Sam said, ready to get back to work now his lust was
sated, "Who do you think killed old man Kromer? Did he have
"Jason? Jason was the sweetest old man in the world- and I'm
not talking taste," Mattie said. "I can't imagine anyone wanting to kill
"He had a lot of money. People do things for a lot of money,"
Sam said.
"He was like me," Mattie said, "Just ask. He was generous and
certainly neither of the boys ever wanted anything he wouldn't try to get
for them. Look at the twins."
"You think the twins had a motive?" Sam jumped on the hint.
"No, no," Mattie corrected, "I mean Jason -ummm- worked it
out- so that the twins would be willing to marry the boys."
"Aha!" Sam perked up. That sounded like a key piece in the
puzzle. "And how did he do that?"
"He made sure the boys impressed them," she answered, but
Sam could tell she was holding something back.
"Come on, spill it," he probed, "What are you holding back?"
"Look, he didn't do anything to the girls, all right? He just helped
his sons in a private way," Mattie stalled.
"And he got killed for it," Sam snapped, turning up the pressure,
"What is so private it lets you cover for a murderer?"
"I thought Jason died of a heart attack," Mattie countered.
"Sure, so did Kimberly," Sam growled, "Now give up the
"I thought I just had," Mattie continued to be uncooperative.
"You know what I mean. What did Kromer do for his boys to
get the Carrah twins to marry them," Sam asked again.
"Okay, okay, he knew how they were- you've run into them,
you know how they are too. They like sex. And Jason made sure his
boys could give them what they want," Mattie said.
He figured that was about half of it. He made a guess at the
rest, based on his recent experience.
"So you tutored the boys in love techniques so they would be
knock-outs in bed," he surmised. "That's what old man Kromer had
you around for."
She smiled and laughed gently.
"I was Jason's mistress," she said. "He was a virile man for his
age with an appetite of a much younger man. But, yes I did coach them
a little and I did test out... ahhh, I made sure they knew what to do with
what they had."
"Look I'm trying to get to the bottom of a murder. I don't care
what he did, I just need to know," Sam prompted, "You tested out
what? What did they have?"
"Well, I guess it really doesn't matter," Mattie said airily. "If you
must know, Jason had the boys- enlarged, if you know what I mean."
"That crap doesn't work," Sam said quickly and then realized
he had revealed more than he meant to, "That's what I've heard."
"I'm not talking penis pumps here," Mattie said, revealing more
in argument that she might have otherwise, "They had surgery.
Transplants. And it certainly did work. I ought to know."
"I'll trust your word on that," Sam said as Mattie dealt with her
own indiscreet admission. "But you're right, it doesn't seem like a
motive to kill your father."
"What about old lady Cline? She hate Kromer?" Sam went
"No- of course not, if she hated anyone, the randy old crow
hated me for keeping Jason non-susceptible to her advances," she
"Aha!" Sam said again, manufacturing yet another motive.
"Then she might have been so frustrated that she killed him over
the rejection," Sam said.
"Well, number one, why? What does she have to gain? And
number two, unless she fucked him to death, I don't see how she could
have managed it," Mattie shot him down.
"Bert Drives?" Sam grasped at straws.
"The same with Jason alive and with Jason dead," Mattie said.
"He's well taken care of. I told you Jason was a generous man. Bert gets
the same fee for managing the estate for Jason or for the boys or for the
foundation it goes to if they meet misadventure."
"You sure know a lot about the family finances," Sam was
getting suspicious again.
"Pillow talk," Mattie said.
Now that was an interrogation, Sam thought. He had eliminated
pretty much all the suspects but VonPutty. That is, if Mattie wasn't lying
through her capped teeth.
Sam wasn't sure about the new trend. Leaving them living was
easier on his conscience, but it made parting more awkward.
"Gotta go solve the case," he told Mattie as he climbed out of
her bed. "Duty calls."
"The bathroom calls," she countered, "But nice blowing you-
come back any time. And you can use my door if you want."
She was right. The burning in his dick was overuse, but the
pressure was increased by about a gallon of piss stored up from the
coffee he had drunk all evening before the sex began. He was bored
long before the stream tailed off to drips and tried to think more about
the case as he emptied his bladder.
No dice. He needed facts, or clues, or something. But it was
late. Maybe he'd stumble on something in the morning.
Sam had a sinister dream of a dark stranger creeping into his
room, but that was the re-occurring one. He awoke to the more startling
sight of a woman with a weapon leaning over him.
Well, it was a feather duster, but the generous swells threatening
to fall out of the low-cut bodice of the maid costume looked deadly. He
felt totally justified in grabbing her.
"Alors!" she chirped as he reached up to tackle her from flat on
his back and rolled on top of her.
"Who's Al?" he growled at the wide-eyed girl as he pinned her
cross-wise on the bed.
She screamed. Sam struggled with her as she tried to roll away
and things just happened. At least that's the way Sam wanted to think
about it.
If he hadn't had to reach under her skirt to manually pull the
crotch of her underwear aside, it might have even been believable. But
Sam had a hard-on and no conscience in the face of it. He- at least- was
careful to ease his erection into her.
"Qu'est-ce-que faisant?" she protested, "Prende ca au loin!"
""Sir loin au boeuf!" Sam replied in what he hoped was the
same language.
The girl was frightened and confused as Sam pressed his
advantage and his cock inside her. That lasted until he started to fuck
her and then she began to scream.
Before Sam could begin to work up a good sweat, the door
opened and the butler stepped in.
"May I ask what you are doing to Giselle?" he asked.
"Um- ahh- I- ahh- she was leaning over me when I woke up,"
Sam blurted out.
There was a hurried exchange by Giselle and the butler translated.
"She says there was a note beside you. She was trying to read
it to see if it concerned waking you," the butler said.
Sam de-cunted and let her up. There was a crumpled piece of
paper under her. The ink was blurred and faint.
"Can't read it anymore. Ask her what it said," he told the butler.
After another exchange, he said, "She could not read it - it was
in a foreign language, she says."
"English?" Sam asked.
"Fus ca en Anglais?" he asked and Giselle nodded.
Then Sam had a brilliant stroke- at least for him.
"Wait!" he said and lept out of bed
There was another shriek as Sam jerked up the maid's skirt in
the rear. There it was. The ink had transferred to her ass.
"What is it now?" said the impatient butler.
"The message is on her ass," Sam explained.
But it was backwards. Sam tried to make it out, but he couldn't
decipher it. He stood up and looked confidently at the butler.
"This is important. We have to decode it," he said.
Then he dragged the frightened maid into the bathroom and bent
to pick her up by the waist. She was shrieking again as he flipped up the
skirt and read her butt in the mirror.
"Sam." it read. "Sarah, or was it Farrah, came by after you left.
You do still have one of them to fuck. Love, Mattie"
Okay. It could have been a clue. Sam tried to keep up the
facade of its importance.
"Aha!" he said and let the kicking maid down to her feet.
She scampered quickly out of the bathroom and out of his room.
Sam walked out slowly with a grave look on his face. The butler was
calmly waiting for him.
"I came to tell you that Miss Farrah wishes to see you, sir," he
said trying not to choke on the 'sir', "Shall I tell her you are up?"
"Yes, thank you," Sam said, trying to erase the last scene.
The butler turned on his heel rather too abruptly and stalked
out of the room. Sam wasn't trying to make friends with the help anyway.
He had a Miss Carrah to entertain. He looked down at his dirty
underwear and debated. Should he shoot his last clean pair, get dressed
or what?
He decided to take off the briefs and wait for Sarah- or Farrah
in just a robe he found hanging in the bathroom. No reason to kid
anyone. He knew what she was coming for.
She arrived giggling. She stepped in and closed the door and
then pointed an accusing finger at Sam.
"I'm to be careful of you, Jeeves said so," she announced.
"You're a dangerous rapist and shouldn't be trusted."
"Did you tell him I'm a killer on top of that?" Sam replied, "A
rape-murderer, I guess he'd say."
"No. I just tried to look duly concerned and not laugh," she said.
Sam gave her the short version of what happened without
reference to the note on his pillow and she laughed some more.
"So," Sam ventured. "Are you going to tell me who you are?
And are you going to tell me the truth?"
"We always tell the truth," she said. "I say I'm Farrah and then
I say I'm Sarah- I told the truth."
"Well, I think you're Farrah, because your sister said she was
Sarah with great passion yesterday," Sam maintained.
"Oh shit, you guessed," she said with a giggle that didn't give
Sam any confidence.
The point became moot as she walked over and ran her hands
down his chest. Sam returned the favor and found they had both chosen
the same mode of dress. Her nipples became hard beads under the
robe as his hands stroked them and Sam could tell there was only one
layer of cloth between her and his hands.
She made the revelation by slipping her hand inside his robe and
grabbing his dick. She stroked it as he finished with her breasts and
then slid his hand inside her robe to return the favor with his fingers.
"Let's cut out the formalities," she said hoarsely as they
masturbated each other. "We obviously came dressed for one thing."
They were naked and in each other's arms on the bed in a flash.
Sam was being overpowered by the attack of her tongue when she
pulled him on top of her and spread her legs around him. He could feel
his cock resting in an already moistening slit and the action of her hips
was a clear directive for him to plunge in.
He braced his knees to aim his cock and slid deep. Even
identical cunts, he mused. Her generous chest was a feeding ground and
Sam sucked one nipple and then the other as he fucked her.
This one rode too. But if it was same girl, different day or a
different twin, she jerked her hips with more vigor but less regularity
than the Miss Carrah he had fucked the day before. It was a nice,
strenuous fuck to kick off the day.
But when he tried to roll her on top, she broke away and got
on her knees instead. I know what she wants, thought Sam. He climbed
up behind her and stuck his cock back in her cunt for a warm-up.
But she was a different girl for sure. When he puled his cock out
of her cunt and set it to her asshole, she went wild in protest.
"No, I don't do that!" she cautioned. "I don't take it in the ass.
Quit it. Take it away!"
She struggled to get away from him, but Sam grabbed her hips
tight and tried to push his cock into her ass. She couldn't move her ass,
but she succeeded in getting her legs between his and with a flex of her
knee brought her heel up into his balls. It was Sam's turn to shriek.
"I said NO!" she said as she kicked him, more of a warning than
to damage him.
Sam took her seriously and instantly turned her loose. She
quickly turned over and sat on his intended target. She checked out his
cock and then looked up at his face.
"Sorry," she said, "I hope I didn't hurt you, but I don't do that."
Sam was still in shock at his near escape and could only gasp
and shake his head. She found a way to calm him.
"I know you like head. What if I make it up to you with a blow
job?" she asked. "You can cum in my mouth and I'll swallow it and
Without waiting for his blessing, she leaned forward in a near
reverse of her former position and sucked his cock into her mouth. It
was just the thing to soothe his jangled nerves.
Sam let his hands drop on her head and rest there as she moved
back and forth on his cock. Almost in their own, his hands slid down as
he leaned forward to make his cock slide straighter down her throat.
He ended gripping her ass with both hands for support as he
leaned far over her and rocked to add his own motion to her avid
devouring of his dick. She had convinced him she was the other twin.
He was about to put the exclamation point on that by feeding her a
balls-load of cum when the door burst open.
This time they had come closer to getting it right. Then Farrah,
he was guessing, nipped him and the timing wasn't that far off anymore.
Sarah, for argument's sake, stalked straight over to the bed.
"You two-timing bastard," she said without a hint of emotion,
although she stood with her fists on her hips.
"Oh God no, Sarah, it's not what you think," Sam said with a
matching lack of emotion.
"Don't tell me you thought it was me," she said, staring down to
where his cock still invaded her sister's mouth.
"Gosh no, she doesn't even like it up the ass," Sam said, daring
to break the spell.
"You fuckhead," she said and pushed him over, finally making
him pull his cock from Farrah's mouth.
From there it was much as described to him. Sam was twisted
like a corkscrew as Farrah remained glued to his crotch and Sarah
pulled him away to plaster her breasts on him and thrust her tongue
down his throat. At least he had a hand to grope each of them as he
was sandwiched by the identical twins.
"So, you gonna fuck me?" Sarah groaned into Sam's mouth.
"You want some of that ass my sister won't give you?"
There was a non-verbal but plain response at his groin as
Farrah suddenly sucked hard on his dick. Even without the prompting
Sam agreed. He already had sampled Sarah's ass.
"Sure baby," Sam started, setting off more furious sucking on his
crank, "But you gotta wait your turn. Your sister promised to let me cum in her mouth and swallow every drop."
At that, the sisters let Sam roll flat on his back. They took the
diagonal approach. Farrah kept her ass close enough for Sam's hand to
roam over as she went deliberate on his cock and Sarah cocked her
ass out to the side as she dragged her tits around on his chest while he
probed her tight back channel with his finger.
He didn't have it all worked out, but Sam was happy to
experiment after he let Farrah finish the fine blow job she had started.
Where she had been demanding, Farrah became coy. Her mile a minute
suction became languid pulls and teasing swipes of her tongue.
It made Sam ache for release. And then she took him all into her
mouth and down her throat and set her tongue in motion against him.
It put Sam on metered time. And Farrah seemed to have the seconds
timed as she pulled off and dropped down again and then squeezed the
circle of her fingers around his root as she bobbed on the first two
Her hand jacked him at the exact moment his cock throbbed
and the blended unit of mouth and hand traveled up and down his
shaft as his cum squirted out into the greedy suction of her hot mouth.
He and Sarah both yelped as he came. He groaned as Farrah
sucked his seed from him and Sarah grunted as he punctuated each
jet of semen by curling the finger he had shoved deep up her backside.
True to her word, Farrah did not leak a drop. Sam had to take
his toy away from her as she sucked on long after he was done and the
tickle of her tongue threatened to drive him insane with the
overstimulation of his climax sensitive cock. Without missing more than
one beat, Farrah turned to his balls and kept the shamus twitching
as he lay covered in identical flesh.
"So what lies did Mattie tell you," Sarah interrogated him at his
weakest point.
"She said you were sex-crazed sluts that couldn't get enough,"
Sam gasped.
"No, that's the truth," Farrah said from the vicinity of his crotch,
"What lies did she tell you."
"She said you weren't involved and that everybody loved old man Kromer," Sam said.
"Well, half of that has to be a lie, doesn't it?" Sarah replied.
It took a moment for Sam to work back to what Sarah thought
he had said. Boy, these rich people have got it all, Sam thought as he
mulled the implication.
"So which is it?" Sam asked and then snorted and instead asked,
"Better- which one of you did he like better. And what do, or did
Levero and Dexter think?"
"Private time with daddy was none of their business," Farrah
"And he couldn't really tell us apart," Sarah added.
"Not an ass man, hmm," Sam smirked.
"Mattie kept him pretty drained for that," Sarah said, "We
mostly just sucked his dick."
Curiouser and curiouser. Obviously sex was more than just a
tip for the hired help around here. He was in the middle of the clues and
he had been too busy getting his rocks off to notice. Sam resolved to
change that from now on. From now on he would notice while he was
getting his rocks off.
"And the boys weren't jealous?" Sam asked.
"The boys were too proud of their robo-prongs to notice. They
had no clue that we could drain them and still be ready for more," Sarah
"Then what made Levero crazy?" Sam asked.
"Bad pasta- how should I know?" Sarah snapped.
"He didn't become distraught when he found out he was sharing
every piece of pussy he ever had with dad?" Sam fished for a hit.
"No, it was Syphilis," Farrah piped up.
"Syphilis?" Sam questioned- that was curable and Levero was
young for it to have reached its later stages.
"Not the VD, one of our classmates," Sarah said, "And she's
just repeating idle gossip."
"So, repeat, repeat," Sam prompted Farrah.
"Everybody said she threw him into a downward spiral when she
called him 'Frankendork'." Farrah repeated.
"And the adult's pseudo medical opinion is that the surgery was
a horizon event in an underlying schizophrenia," Sarah said. "Like I said
it could just as well been bad pasta."
Hmmm, Sam thought. Sarah was being pretty defensive about
her once upon a time lover and husband to be.
"Hmmm," Sam said, "You're being pretty defensive about your
once upon a time lover and husband to be."
"Who else will be?" Sarah asked plainly.
There wasn't much more he could make of that. But in the
meantime, Farrah had been making something of his cock. In between
her sporadic responses, she had been petting and kissing his dick like a
fuzzy little pet and now the light pressure of her fingers had it raising its
head like a sleepy child. She licked the 'sleep' out of its one eye and
Sam's thoughts turned back to the identical naked bodies that bracketed
Sarah instantly discerned the change of intent in the hand that
stroked her ass.
"So now you want to fuck Levero's girl in the butt," she said.
"I plan on it," Sam confessed, "But first I want to see some of
that twins fighting over me stuff that was supposed to happen yesterday."
He felt energized and able as only a good night's sleep and a
morning blow job could make him. He was eager and controlled and
felt like he could do justice to all five holes available to him.
Doing justice was a bit of a stretch, but he forced both faces
down to his crotch and watched the identical faces take turns licking his
balls and sucking his cock. It was a great sight.
Then Sarah fought her way up his body and pinned his head to
the pillow with her snatch in his face.
"My turn," she demanded as she pressed her pussy on his mouth.
Farrah made that easy to take as she saddled up and took his
horn inside herself. He licked one sister and fucked the other until Sarah
came on his face with a flurry of gyrations and a chorus of sighs. Then he
decided it was his turn.
The idea had brewed while the twins sat on him and he found
the last piece of the puzzle as Farrah rolled off him and he gazed past
her to the rail of the bed.
"Come here," he called them as he rolled off the opposite side.
He placed them side by side at the foot of the bed and bent
them over the rail. Perfect height, he mused as he looked on the identical
rumps facing him. Hip to hip, their identical cunts were about a foot
apart and Sam proceeded to give them both their due.
Farrah a few strokes and then Sarah a few, he missed maybe
one thrust as he moved back and forth between them. The plunge into
fresh twat each time more than made up for that. And the girls giggled
continuously as they shared his attentions.
But even the recent climax down Farrah's throat couldn't delay
him as long as he wanted. Sam reached his limit after five minutes or so
of trading off between the two girls.
"And the ass queen is?" he asked by way of announcing his
"You can't tell?" came the unison reply and both girls raised their
hands as they said, "It's me!"
That was fine with Sam. He was fucking Farrah at the time and
pulled back to clear her cunt and rammed back with his aim a half an
inch higher in the same motion. That drew a shriek and penetration in
theory only. Her anus dimpled in and perhaps a millimeter of his cock
breached the clenched sphincter.
"Okay! It's her! Stop it!" Farrah cried out.
"That's better," Sam reprimanded them, "Dont' ask for
something you don't want next time."
"Oh, she's just a baby," Sarah said disparagingly as she waited
calm and braced for him to ram his cock up her ass. "She's just too
afraid to loosen up and give it a try."
"It'll hurt," Farrah whined.
"Oh su-hur" Sarah grunted despite herself as Sam pressed her
anal ring open around the head of his cock. "You don't hear me
screaming do you?"
"Look," Sam interrupted as he eased forward to keep Sarah's
composure intact, "I'd love to settle it for you two, but right now I don't
have the patience to be patient. So pipe down and let me get this done
and Farrah can watch and we can discuss it later."
Sam was rocking back and forth, moving his cock a hair's
breadth in Sarah's ass to help her put the best face on it, but he was
impatient and it seemed like an hour before he felt the sphincter loosen
and the way clear for him to push on into her asshole.
"Oh my GOD!" Sarah managed to make her exclamation sound
positive as he slid on inside her ass.
"It feels so- different- and full," Sarah enthused, still working on
her sister.
"You forgot new! and improved!" Sam disparaged her obvious
sales pitch as he fucked her ass with two-thirds of his cock.
She had the mechanics of anal sex down pretty well, but Sam
questioned if an ass this tight could have much actual experience. Not
that he cared. Willingness was the main requisite for him. He decided
to instill some trust in Farrah.
"And the bottom line is it does hurt, but women seem to think
the experience is worth the pain," Sam leveled with Farrah.
"It doesn't have to hurt at all," Sarah contradicted Sam. "And it
feels great!"
Sam just grinned at Farrah as if to say: watch. He abruptly
slammed the rest of his cock into Sarah's back door and got just the yip
he was pushing for. Then he pinned her hips against the rail at the foot of
the bed and bounced on the resilience of her buttocks as he reached
down to cup a breast in each hand.
Ahh- Unhh- ohh- onhh-ohnhh" Sarah moaned as his cock
rummaged deep in her bowels.
The moans became smoother and more passion filled as he
pushed against her butt in a slower rhythm and molded her tits in his
hands. Then he pulled back and began to use her tits as handles to ram
his cock up her ass.
Farrah was getting the real deal now and Sam was sure it was
going to impress her more favorably than Sarah's sugar-coated lies.
She watched her sister spitted by his cock and writhing in the sweet mix
of pain/pleasure Sam had described.
For his part, Sam was using Sarah the way he liked and he
could feel her eagerness as her mouth protested and her butt asked for
more. He was no expert on why, but he knew how women liked it.
And the way Sarah was going to like it until he squirted her a
cum enema was long strokes, deep and hard. She yelped and her butt
collaborated by jerking back each time he drove into her.
Farrah's eyes were wide as she watched his cock disappear
in unstoppable plunges into her sister's tiny rear entrance. She seemed
fascinated with the way her sister's ass stretched to allow his girth to
ram inside.
Sam was fascinated himself. But he was fascinated by the hot
grasp of Sarah's intestines as he drove into the close grip of her colon.
It was like fucking a rubber, only a nice slick, warm rubber that was
already inside a virgin. And the firm smack of her ass molding to his
groin gave him the feel he was the farthest inside Sarah he could
possibly be when he drove to his deepest in that tight channel.
He owned the bitch. He owned everything about her. He was
fucking her ass and making her take everything he had to give. And then
he made her take his load. All the cave man attitude made that second
shot sweet and jump out of his balls with a spine-tingling intensity that
made him forget his miserable recent past and gave him nothing but
confidence about the future.
On the other side of his cock, Sarah looked like a wrung-out
dishrag, but Farrah was suitably impressed.
"Well, if that didn't kill you, I guess we're immune to being
fucked to death," Farrah said cheerily.
"You sure I'm not dead?" Sarah said as she cautiously lifted
herself off the bed rail and slowly stood up. "It doesn't have to be that
rough, you know."
"Ask Farrah what she thinks," Sam said with a grin.
"Looked hot. And if you weren't begging him to stop while he
was doing that, I guess it might not be as bad as I thought," Farrah
answered unprompted by her sister.
"Always be ready to help if you want to try," Sam said and he
and Farrah swapped grins.
Sarah was in lesser spirits, but quickly regained her mood as she
saw the two were not about to give her sympathy. She still moved a
little gingerly and walked a little bowlegged, but did not give in to the
impulse to rub her ass.
"You two talk it over, I'm going to take a bath," Sarah
announced as she walked slowly to the bathroom.
One twin in his bed, one twin in his bath and the scent of sex
heavy in the air, all Sam needed was the knock on the door. It was
Bert Drives, who opened his mouth and promptly shut it again when he
looked beyond Sam at the twin naked in his bed.
"I'm sorry if I've come at a bad time," said the flustered lawyer.
"How can you have a bad time if you've cum?" Farrah asked
from the bed.
"I don't mind and she obviously doesn't," Sam said and stepped
aside to usher Drives into the room.
He hesitated and then stepped back.
"We'll make it another time," he said and hurried off.
They waited for a full three seconds after Sam shut the door to
burst into laughter.
Sam had made it about three steps into his room when there
was another quiet knock on the door. He and Farrah exchanged looks
and Sam went back to the door. He opened it with the words- changed
your mind, huh- on his lips and they died as he saw Mattie in the door.
The surprise must have registered on Sam's face because Mattie
took in the scene a grinned wide.
"Did I come at a bad time?" she asked.
She was acting like a girlfriend that had caught him with his
fingers in a pie. Sam quickly pulled it together and grinned back.
"No, you came just after a good time," Sam replied, "But I
thought you were Bert."
"Bert was here?" she asked.
"Just missed him," Sam said. "But he wouldn't stay. How 'bout
you? Want to come in?"
She looked down and Sam realized that he had been answering
the door in the nude. Sex will make your mind wander, Sam thought.
"It looks like the early bird has already drained the worm," she
quipped, "But I guess we could talk and see what comes up."
Mattie took the sounds of splashing from the bathroom well. In
fact, she looked like she was proud of Sam. But this was a woman that
had probably spent her life perfecting the deception of faked orgasms,
so Sam delayed judgment on her demeanor.
"So, is Bert a prude?" he asked.
"No," Mattie smirked, "Bert's a fag."
That was a reminder of things Sam had been trying to put out of
his mind. He had thought that part of the plot had been put to rest when
women stopped dying when he fucked them. He must have gone pale.
"Oh don't flatter yourself," Mattie said. "I doubt Bert is
interested in you."
"Well, he did run away pretty quick when I answered the door,"
Sam said. "I thought it was Farrah here..."
"Sarah," Mattie interrupted.
"Whatever," Sam said not needing that argument, "I thought it
was seeing Miss I-don't-take-it-in-the-ass here..."
"Yet-" said Farrah or Sarah or whomever on the bed.
"Yeah?" Sam shot her a look and then remembered what he was
saying. "I thought it was her, but now maybe I think it was me naked."
"Bert's just a proper guy. He probably just didn't want to get
dragged into your scene and then have to tell you he isn't interested in
women," Mattie said.
About that time Sarah came into the room wearing a towel
around her hair and saw Mattie.
"Two not enough for you?" she accused Sam.
"Yes, two's enough, but we're obviously here to lay some red herrings in the path and maybe reveal a clue or two," Sam said.
No one picked up on laying herrings- thankfully, and the three
naked people sat on the bed while Mattie pulled up a chair.
"Since there was no gasp of terror except mine when you said
Bert's gay, does that mean everybody knew?" Sam asked the crowd.
"Well, not the whole world, but everyone in the family that
cared," Mattie said.
"Including old man Kromer?" Sam asked.
"Jason probably falls in the don't ask- don't tell category,"
Mattie said.
This was as close to a clue as Sam had. He pursued it.
"And what if he asked or Bert told?" Sam pressed.
"Get over it," Mattie cautioned, "Jason liked Bert. I think Bert
felt Jason might think less of him as an attorney if he knew, but I don't
think Jason would have cared. He wasn't homophobic or anything like
"Or why would he have hired Jeeves?" Farrah piped up.
Oh shit, waving the lily at two faggots in the same day, Sam
despaired. He didn't hate gays. He feared them. He was afraid any
contact would end by him getting fucked in the ass. He knew better,
but that was his instinctive reaction.
"Jeeves isn't gay," Sarah said with disgust.
"A man can turn down a blow-job without being gay," Mattie
"Maybe.." Farrah said, clearly not convinced. "But it's a sign."
It was interesting, but Sam didn't see any bearing on the Kromer
murder. He was running out of suspects. Maybe Kimberly killed him
and then... he didn't want to go there. But it reminded him.
"What about Ms. Cline? What's her story?" Sam asked casually
as if he hadn't killed her too.
"You know, I haven't seen her in a couple of days," Mattie said.
He knew he was treading in ticklish areas when he brought it up,
but Sam was running out of leads.
"She's the ultimate friendly neighbor and a pain in the butt,"
Sarah offered.
"She's a bitch and a whore!" said Farrah a little more forcefully.
Sam was interested mostly in the fact they spoke of her in the
present tense. No guilty knowledge there. But Farrah's vehemence
also sparked his interest.
"Why don't you like her?" he asked Farrah.
Sarah answered instead, "Because she came on to everything
with a dick and she doesn't trust Dexter."
"Oh like you should talk," Farrah said, "Dexter has been laid by
me more times than I've been in the room alone with him."
Sarah rolled her eyes to the ceiling and Sam saw this was
going nowhere as well. He was going to have to collect the evidence
kind of clues in this one. Go out with the magnifying glass and all that
He shooed the twins out saying he had to get to work and took
a rain check on Mattie 'showing him the terrain'. He was always horny
but he felt the pressure of keeping his phoney-baloney job sharply at
that moment.
It was only hunger. The cook let him eat breakfast left-overs in
the kitchen while she eyed him suspiciously. At 55 and 200 pounds, she
was safe, but god knows what Giselle or Jeeves had told her.
Kromer's room had been cleaned and his water carafe and last
glass of wine had been spirited away. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a
mystery. Sam grunted something non-specific about never getting the
easy ones and sat down on the couch where he had killed Kimberly.
He glanced around, hoping to miraculously discover the earring
in the cushoins or the incriminating locket that would solve the whole
put-up job. It wasn't going to be that obvious.
"C'est vous!" he heard a squeal as Giselle stepped in the room.
"Aidez moi!"
The commotion brought Mattie into the room and she smiled at
the scene.
"Celui est un sexe maniaque!" Giselle shrieked. "Celui essaya
pour ai ses voie avec moi"
"She says you have met in bad circumstances," Mattie said.
"She was leaning over me when I woke up," Sam repeated his
story. "I was protecting myself. Will you explain that I have a dangerous
profession and that's a natural reaction."
Mattie's eyes gleamed. Sam deserved this.
"Ce homme est tres riche," she told Giselle. "Ce homme veut
pour donnent vous diamants."
There was sudden change in Giselle's mood. She smiled at Sam
and walked slowly toward him with an alluring look in her eyes.
"Alors! Te faut usage moi tant ses putain!" she whispered to him
as she knelt down with her hands clasped in front of her as if she was
in church.
"Likes detectives, huh?" Sam asked Mattie.
"I think she wants to make amends," Mattie said, suppressing the
"Ma bouche, ma poitrines, ma vagin aussi ma derriere sont
vous," Giselle said with the sincerity of prayer.
"She wants you," Mattie said. "I'll leave you two alone- au
Sam figured they could speak the language of love, but he was
a little skittish about being left without a translator. He couldn't believe
the sudden transformation of Giselle- if he was rich, maybe.
"Vu-lez voo Frenchie?" he attempted, pointing to her and then
his crotch.
Her eyes gleamed like he had crowned her the queen of France
and she leaned forward on her knees to tear his fly out of the way. Sam
hoped he had asked for a blow-job and not for her to bite his nuts off.
The uncertainty made him swear off what he thought was French.
He calmed right down when she pushed her mouth into his
pants to find his cock rather than pull it out first. When she turned those
snapping eyes up to him his cock was out. It was out of his pants and
totally encased in the warm wet of her mouth. She smiled around the
She seemed intent on giving him the history of the blow-job.
Maybe it was different in France. Sam could see the comparison
between French kissing and the way she moved her tongue around
her mouthful of his cock. She was teasing it in the same way she might
tease his tongue if they were kissing.
Giselle was obviously intent on making this a very special
experience for him. Funny how things change, Sam mused.
Sam's concern about his fruitless search for clues certainly had
dissipated. All it took was for his cock to come alive in the eager girl's
mouth and his thoughts had nothing to do with old man Kromer. They
were fixed on memories of a few hours before. Now he wanted to finish
what he had started.
He tapped Giselle on the shoulder and motioned for her to
stand up. When she did, he reached under her skirt and came out with
her frilly panties. She giggled as he pulled up her skirt this time and let
him stick his tongue between the rolled furry lips of her cunt.
Then he leaned back and pointed to his dick. He pushed his
first finger through his circled finger and thumb as a joke to clear up
any question what he wanted. Giselle was only too happy to squat over
his lap and settle down on the cock she had rejected that morning.
I wonder what she thought I was when she didn't want to fuck
me, Sam wondered. Her manner was quite the reverse now. She was
rocking her hips like a quarter horse ride outside K-mart. She was
trying real hard to make him happy.
When he put his hands up to her breasts, she struggled to pull
the small top down. She was being very helpful now. The corset-like
top folded beneath her breasts and did even more to push them up and
out to Sam's hands.
It was better than brunch, Sam decided as he played with her
pliable tits while her cunt sucked at him with a whirlpool of motion.
There was obviously something Mattie was plotting. Sam didn't care
why she had gotten Gisele on him. He'd take care of investigating after
he had given the maid a load of what for.
Giselle's eye got wide and a look of coquettish wonder came
over her face as Sam gave her that load. The gibberish she was
chattering sounded happy, so Sam just nodded and tried to encourage
her to get off his lap so he could pull up his pants.
Sam heard a strange sound- like a gulp and a strangle rolled into
one and looked where it had come from. Drives again, turning a very
dark shade of red. It did what Sam had not been able to do- get Giselle
off his lap. She stood and smoothed down her short skirt to hide the lack
of panties.
"It will wait," Drives said as he hustled off again.
"Might be important. I better put the rhinoceros in the garden,"
Sam told Giselle, goofing on her inability to speak English.
The Carrah twins had said it was going to be two days yesterday.
Sam didn't miss clues like that. He hoped he wouldn't have to fuck the
cook too. There was today and tomorrow before he filled in the blanks
and he had fucked every woman- every desirable woman in the house
Who else?
Sam didn't want to face that answer when it became obvious his
next move was to find Bert and ask what he had been trying to tell him
all day. EEeeeuuuuwww! But right there on page 30, it said, Sam
startles Drives with his entrance.
Bert jumped when Sam walked into the study.
"You finally put that thing away?" Bert asked frostily.
"That disappointment or jealousy I hear?" Sam asked.
"Neither, it's righteous indignation," Bert told him.
"Okay, enough snappy patter, what's the deal?" Sam asked.
"The deal?" Bert was genuinely confused.
"Enough classical overacting, Drives," Sam scolded, "I want to
get through this as easily as possible. Whom does who or what's going
on?" "Homosexuality in a low-budget picture? What Hollywood do
you believe in?" Bert scoffed. "I'm comic relief to poke fun at fags and
the men that fear them. I get to introduce a fresh fuck for your
promiscuous desires."
"And that's not you?" Sam was suspicious.
"You wish," Bert said. "Compared to you I'm righteous.
Committed relationship and I don't cheat. No, there's an assistant D.A.
to move the plot along."
She wasn't even wearing a contamination suit.
"Too much for the budget," Miss Ketcham explained. "I can
say I've had my shots cheaper. And I want to warn you that we're
"And no word on Miss.Clark?" Sam asked her.
"Not until tomorrow," Ketcham said. "I thought I heard you
muse about that in the hallway."
"That's an aside. You have to say it to make it official," Sam
told her. "First bad movie?"
"Producer's girlfriend," she explained. "The cook role was too
small. So I decided it was worth doing nudity to have a bigger part."
No wonder they broke with the formula to insert an extraneous
character. It jangled with the flow, but Sam minded less and less as he
saw more and more of her.
They hadn't bothered to set up her strip tease. No lusty back
and forth. She was just taking off her clothes slow and sexy. She was no
actress. It made Sam sure she was one hell of a fuck.
"You might be watching me, but I'm watching you right back,"
Sam tried to improvise some reason for her taking off her clothes.
"Oh yeah," she said as if he had banged her on the side of the
head to stop her record from skipping (reference to an old technology
called a R-E-C-O-R-D P-L-A-Y-E-R, or stereo) "I'm an investigator
and I'm going to investigate what these women see in you, Sam."
Bad acting and blown lines aside, she did know her way around
a dick. She was either dumb enough to think Sam could help her career
or unable to restrain herself in the presence of a male organ. Either way,
Sam was getting a knob job worthy of Mattie.
He groaned when she pulled away for her big scene. She lay
back on the table, checking to see that the camera had a good shot of
her face. She put a lot into proving that Sam was giving her more
pleasure than a woman could bear. While she was contorting her face
and squirming, Sam stuck his cock into the writhing woman and fucked.
He might be out of shot, but he wasn't out of his mind.
He couldn't tell from what she considered acting if she felt his
cock in her at all. He could care less. She was tight and juicy- like
fucking fruit and her gyrations were making it very nice to plunge his
cock into her cooze.
He was shamed by her performance. She was milking every inch
of film she could get and her tight pussy had Sam slamming her deep and
filling it long before her orgasmic screaming was over.
She made it a little better by insisting on jumping off the table and
licking his limp dick until the director had called: 'CUT' for the fifth time.
Mattie was waiting for him in the hall.
"So, how was it?" she asked.
"She's a hard woman," Sam said, ignoring her curiosity. "I'm
in a bind now and I'm afraid you'll have to pay."
"What's this?" Mattie responded to the unscripted lines.
"The pressure's on me and I have to pass it on to you," Sam
said. "I think you're holding something back."
"I better not be, I don't think a normal effort is going to get you
hard any time soon," she snapped.
"You're deeper in this than I suspected," Sam accused. "You
know too much to be the mistress."
"Listen to yourself," she laughed. "The mistress always knows
everything. Get a grip. Now excuse me while I get ready to be
Sam needed a drink. And he did want to talk to Bert- now he
knew there wasn't going to be a cock up his ass. Both were available
in the study when he re-entered.
"She really is a pleasant sort, just a bit naive," Bert greeted him.
"You mean dumb like a rock," Sam replied, "But I guess I know
what you mean. I kinda feel sorry for her. She doesn't have a clue."
"Funny you should talk about clues." Bert said. "Exactly how
many have you uncovered in three days?"
"Good ones or bad ones?" Sam returned. "I know a lot about
everyone and I've made some perceptive observations. Just because
none of them lead me the right direction doesn't mean I haven't been
"Well, I do have to concede that. I don't think Mr. Kromer ever
was as busy as you at his peak," Drives said. "But you look like this is
my turn to be questioned."
"Yeah, tell me about the money," Sam said, then reacted to
Bert's hunted look. "Not specifics, just who might have money motive or
money trouble."
"Everyone profits except the staff. And they stay on at their
regular wages. I don't see how anyone could be upset," Bert said. "Jason
was generous."
"No one had gambled their share away or anything?" Sam asked.
"No one who has consulted me," Bert said.
That was barking up the wrong tree. Bert wasn't the guy to go to
for gossip. He was just confirmation of Mattie's story.
"Well, I want to tell you you're clear," Sam said. "No one cares
about your preference and I've ruled you out as a murderer. You're too
much of a straight arrow- even being a fag."
"Thank you ever so much," Bert said frostily, "I guess that means
I can go to my trailer and have unrestrained unnatural sex with men and
boys with your blessing."
"Sorry, I didn't mean it that way," Sam said, then hit him with the
sneak attack. "Who do you think killed him?"
"God," said Bert. "It was his time. And your trap was very
clumsily set. You should have been nicer to me if you wanted me to
blurt something out- which I never would in any case."
He was a lawyer. He would be better at sneaky than Sam
without breaking a sweat. It was time to look up Mattie.
They sounded conspiratorial in her room. There was a man's
voice and Mattie's discussing something. It sounded almost like an
It wasn't. He opened the door and that was obvious.
"Now you wiggle it," Mattie was saying, "Or lean over and start
to rub my clit."
"You're nowhere near ready for clit-rubbing," said VonPutty.
"That's to make your already Herculean orgasm more heightened."
"Then you better shake your dick around in me good, or I won't
have even a little orgasm," Mattie said.
She was on her hands and knees and he was fucking her from
behind. His ass was jerking around as he obviously was trying to put her
words into action.
Wilhelm had not gotten the treatment yet. In fact, he had been
largely ignored in the investigation so far. It couldn't be a coincidence
that he was here.
"So what's with the Kraut?" Sam said with a suddenness that
made VonPutty jump.
"I thought you could figure that out from the last time you
watched him fuck me," Mattie said from in front of Wilhelm.
"That's not what I mean," Sam said, walking around to face
VonPutty. "What's your story in this meandering plot?"
"I am her proteg," he announced proudly.
"Protege, dear," Mattie corrected as she opened Sam's pants
and pulled out his cock.
"So you're a hangar-on of the hangar-on?" Sam asked.
"I do not store airplanes," VonPutty snapped.
"He is my guest and I am an accepted member of this household,"
Mattie took his dick out of her mouth to say. "And questioning him will
make this a very frustrating blow-job because he has little English and I
will be continually stopping to answer for him."
"He knows the sex talk pretty good," Sam observed.
Mattie took his dick out of her mouth again.
"See?" she said, "You're not getting much sucking when I'm
talking. Of course he knows sex talk. I'm training him to be a gigolo. He
is willing but no one else has tried him yet, and he wasn't sure who Jason
was. Now do you want me to suck you or answer more questions?"
Sam shut up and let Mattie get back to work. VonPutty didn't
seem bright enough to be the killer. And there was no way for him to
profit. old man Kroner couldn't have been that much of a threat to his
The same couldn't be said about Mattie's threat to his manhood.
She seemed to be reveling in sucking so Sam felt the pull at the very root
of his cock. It felt like she was trying to suck it off him. He guessed she
knew what she was doing.
She did. When the discomfort went away, Sam was jolted with
the warm, wet feel that replaced it. It felt like she was going to get him
up and surprisingly quickly considering what he had already been
through. The tongue bath and sucking mouth even turned his interest to
the way Wilhelm was slapping against her ample bum.
It was more the sight of them both plugging opposite ends of
Mattie, but Wilhelm was half of that. She tickled behind his balls and
Sam felt his cock come to life.
Now Mattie did her share. She rocked back and forth, off one
cock and onto the other as they each drove in to meet her. She was very
good at this too.
"Ach du Lieber! grosse Knall!" Wilhlem shouted.
"What?" Sam asked.
Mattie jerked him out of her mouth impatiently and snapped,"
He's cumming, dumbkopf."
Her head jerked a little as Wilhelm pounded on her rear and
Sam never did get back into her mouth. He had been pretty close too.
"Sehr gute," Mattie said. "Lieber mich sehr gute."
That had to be for Wilhelm.
"Now you take over," she said to Sam, pushing his cock toward
her rear.
There were ready-made impressions in the bed for his knees.
Sam wasn't used to sloppy seconds and decided to change the plan.
But as his cock pressed at Mattie's asshole, she collapsed onto her side
to evade him.
"Don't tell me YOU don't take it in the ass," Sam huffed.
"There's enough anal sex in the script already. You don't get it
from me," Mattie said coolly, "But you can show Wilhelm a trick."
With that Mattie raised her top leg and Sam understood the
invitation. He straddled her lower leg and put his cock into her cunt while holding her other leg across his chest. Mattie went to work.
Her front to back was side to side in this position and she
worked it with her usual expertise. Not to be outdone, Sam dropped
his thumb to her slit and found the pearl at the top of the arch.
"Geeze! You'll make me lose track," Mattie complained as he
rolled her clit under the ball of his thumb.
It did a little, but Sam didn't mind. The somewhat uncoordinated
thrashing of her hips was even more sexy. It brought surprise collisions
and interesting wrinkles to the old in-out. And Sam found out she was a
trembler. Even her spasms were dis-jointed by his thumb as a
contraction became a flutter as Sam fucked her and himself over the
It had been one hell of a day. Sam tried to hold onto the feeling
of exhaustion because he knew regret was on the other side. He had
almost enough for one day, but he knew he would be sad when it had
to end.
He would have liked to tempt fate with one more attempt, but
no Carrah twin was in his bed when he got to his room. Maybe he
would need his strength for the big finale. He comforted himself with that.
It wasn't Dallas. He knew he wasn't waking up from a long
dream. He remembered wishing for a Carrah twin, so he knew she
hadn't been there when he fell asleep. She was there now. So was a
tube of K-Y on the nightstand. Sam was willing to play along.
"Oh gosh! What a great way to wake up," he said and rolled
over to hug the twin. "Are you here to finally give up your last bastion
of virtue?"
"Mmmmm, lover, you were so good last night," she feigned
waking, "I can no longer refuse you access to any of my openings."
"Good," Sam said and sat up, "Now go get your sister."
"But I'm Farrah, the anal virgin!" she protested.
"You just might be," Sam said. "And then again, you may not.
I'm not going to start out my last day by being slickered by you twins.
Go get your sister and I'll make sure."
It no longer made any difference if which was who and who
was which. Sam put both which and who on the bed and stood beside
"Anal virgin- raise you hand," he said.
This time one hand went up.
"Then you, on your belly with your legs off the bed," he ordered.
He pointed to the other twin and said, "You on her back on your
back and pull them legs all the way back."
"She'll crush me!" protested the face-down twin.
"It'll take your mind off the big dick ripping up your tiny little
virgin ass," Sam snapped.
He slipped his cock into the bottom twin. They were identical. It
would have been the same to slide his cock into the top pussy. It was
good either way. He got the tube and squeezed a glop on the bottom
anus. He squeezed more on his finger and rubbed it around the ring of
the top ass.
"That feel nice?" he asked Miss face-down as he stirred the jelly
with his forefinger.
"I'm scared," she replied.
"That's good," Sam verbally tortured her, "because it's going to
make you think you're dying when I put this cock in that little hole."
He was ready to start this parade. He looked at Miss face-up
and grinned.
"I hope you're Sarah," he told her, "because this isn't going to be
fit for a virgin."
It was a matter of two inches elevation for him to pull out of the
bottom twat and push his cock against the higher asshole. He lunged and
her feet kicked in the air as his cock rammed into her. It was tight, but
Sam hadn't allowed for her to get ready. He guessed they had not being
trying to fool him this time.
"That's not virgin," he announced.
He rammed again and buried himself in that rectum. No screech.
In any case, he'd been in that one.
"Maybe this is the untried one," he said, pushing the tip of his
finger into the bottom asshole.
"Jeeze! Yes! Take it easy! You're not making this a nice
experience for me," she protested.
"You can get off her," he told Sarah.
"It's your own fault," Sam told Farrah as he used his cock to
circle the ring of muscle. "You made it so I can't trust you two."
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," Farrah wailed.
Her wail became a peep of fear when Sam set his hard rod to
her asshole and leaned forward. He rocked lightly without forcing.
"Now just push down like you're going to the bathroom," Sam
told her.
"It won't listen!" Farrah whined.
"You keep trying because I'm going to have to help you pretty
soon," Sam warned.
That was enough for nice. He could feel her anus twitch as she
tried to control it, but there was no miracle. He leaned harder and felt
his cock threaten to bend.
"Open it!" Sam demanded and spurred her with a smack on the
ass immediately followed by a lunge.
"NOOO! You broke it!" she screamed.
He had surprised her into letting the head inside.
"And now I'm gong to crack it in half!" Sam told her and pushed.
He didn't try to bury it in a thrust. He was having too much fun
listening to her squeal as he jammed in a half inch at a time.
"Is it in yet?" he hoped loudly.
"Almost," said Sam, about half-way into her ass.
"No, baby, you've got about six inches left," her sister told her.
Sam wasn't sure whose side Sarah was on. She had robbed
Sam of the surprise, but she had done her twin no favor with her over-
estimation. Farrah moaned piteously at the thought of that much cock
going into her ass.
Sam slid the rest in with a slow, but steady pressure and then
lunged when his belly was against her butt.
"Hardly can feel it, can you," Sam tried to say.
"No more than a telephone pole," Farrah grunted. "Take it out!
I can't breathe!"
"Oh come on," Sam urged, circling his hips to make his cock
careen wildly around inside her.
"You're tearing things! You're killing me! It hurts!" Farrah was
screaming all sorts of gloom and doom as Sam corkscrewed at her ass.
"Wait until he starts fucking," Sarah said with glee.
Sam had had about enough of that. He wanted to be the man here.
"Shut up and get your ass back on top of her," Sam ordered
She shot Sam a dangerous look, but she slowly did as she was
told. When her legs were back and her asshole was looming just above
her twin's, Sam pulled back and stroked a little into Farrah's ass.
"Just hurry," Farrah begged. "Get it over quick. I can't take it
much longer."
Sam knew what she meant. Something was happening that
scared her. He fucked her ass a little faster. Farrah gave up with a moan.
Sam felt the sphincter lose its emergency spasm. Now she could start
enjoying it.
Or at least soon. Sam rewarded her adjustment by pulling his
cock out of Farrah and pushing it to the hilt into Sarah. He hoped her
sister's grunt would be music to Farrah's ears.
"Wiggle it and keep it wiggling," Sam told Sarah as he fucked her
She rocked her hips up and down obediently.
"Catch that motion and go with it," Sam told Farrrah.
The butt beneath began to move. Sam pulled out of Sarah and
gave Farrah the one-stroke to the hilt that she deserved.
"Unnnhhhhhh!" was all the no-longer virgin twin said.
She was ready to know the joy, Sam decided. He pulled back
to the head and fucked her fast. There was some definite moaning going
on when Sam pulled out and gave Sarah a couple just so she'd know he
hadn't forgotten her.
Farrah sounded even happier this time when Sam plunged in. He
pulled right out and gave it back to Sarah. Sam traded one stroke apiece
for a couple of dozen thrusts and then stopped with his cock buried in
"I'll finish her now," he told Sarah, "You can get off and wait."
It was no longer a long pull to get off in Farrah's tight ass. He had
been having too much fun fucking two asses at the same time. He didn't
think about technique. He fucked her the way he wanted as his fingers
crept around the bend of her thigh to finger her flowing cunt.
It was once a clit wasn't hard to find. Farrah's had popped its
head up and Sam couldn't avoid it on his way to her dripping slit.
She was screaming again, but this time the screams were of
pleasure. When she came, her ass squeezed Sam so hard she made him
cum. There was little else he could do in the tight vise of her anus.
He pulled out and Farrah collapsed in a puddle in the puddle of
sweat he had worked out of her.
"Anyone want to clean off my shit-smeared cock?" Sam offered.
If he had thought he'd have takers, he'd have pulled out and let
them finish him in their mouth. But these girls weren't interested.
"Do I get to fuck you guys again if I wash it off?" Sam asked.
"Maybe," Sarah said. "We don't have to tell."
The warm shower felt good, but it wasn't exactly invigorating.
Sam had been sticking his dick into too many holes over the last few
days for it to work magic. Just one- or a few more, he told his cock.
Help me with this. I don't want to have a chance and not be ready.
The number of chances left was a good question. It would
be solved today, but Sam didn't know when. He walked back into the
room just as the door opened.
"Well, here we are," announced Mattie, "all the available women
to fuck."
"And we have an orgy that the assistant D.A. joins for no
apparent reason?" Sam projected.
"That's good," said Mattie. "Don't be surprise by a re-write to
bring it off."
"They going to write a robo-dick in for me to last through it?"
Sam asked.
"We could go down now, if you feel that way," Mattie said.
Sam agreed. He had had enough. He was probably more
interested in the solution that anyone else. It had to be that the coroner's
report was the clue.
Magically, Miss Ketcham walked in when they had gathered in
the study.
"It isn't bubonic plague after all," she announced
She paused. She forgot her line. Sam hissed, 'It's written on your
butt'. and the girl nearly had her skirt pulled up before the prompt came.
"You may all go home now," she went on.
"Wait a minute," Sam howled. "What about old man Kromer?
What about Kimberly Tyson? What about old lady Cline? What's
going on here?"
"What about me?" asked old lady Cline.
Sam went white. Ghosts weren't part of his job.
"You-you-you're dead!" Sam gasped.
"Hardly, no thanks to you," she snapped. "I was a little stunned,
but I can take a hint. You don't have to throw me out of a window very
many times before I go home. I could see you were only interested in
the young things and that old hussy."
Jealous bitch- Mattie mouthed at her.
Whore- old lady Cline mouthed back.
"What about Kimberly?" Sam braced himself.
"Massive aneurism. Her heart virtually exploded, probably prior
to the semen being deposited in her mouth," Ketcham stared meaningfully
at Sam.
"And Kromer?" Sam asked with a sinking feeling.
"Heart attack. It says so in the first line," Ketcham said. "You
were the only one that didn't believe that all along."
"Then what was this all about?" Sam asked.
"About an hour and a half!" the rest said in unison.

Roll Credits.

"Well, I was right about one thing," Sam's voice comes over the
credits. "There was no conclusion too weak for this pot-boiler."


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