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TUESDAY stretch them and tell how


This is fiction written only for an adult audience. If you are not an
adult, don't read it.

Mom, the neighbor, and me By Scott Dairyman

Seventeen year old Tommy Pratt came through the front door of his home
already thinking of the sexual release that he would enjoy in a few
moments. For two years it had been the same almost every day. He went to
the main bedroom and found Martha, the woman who kept the house
immaculately clean and prepared the most wonderful meals. The forty two
year old woman was the model mother in so many ways, but for Tommy in his
heated state of arousal, it was her nudity that was so enticing to him at
the moment. For two years now Martha had welcomed her son in the same way.

"Baby, I am so glad you are home," she panted. On her hands and knees
she spread her legs wide apart. "Look how ready your slut mom is for you."
Her labia were swollen and puffed out behind her, as she had been touching
herself in anticipation of his arrival. Tommy took in the beautiful sight
before him, the evidence of their fucking clear in the eight month
pregnancy hanging below her as well as the huge tits full of milk. "Hurry,
she'll be home in an hour, fuck me now!"

"She" was Kate Miller, the 27 year old librarian who had moved into
their home and their lives two years ago, and changed everything. It was
her instruction that Martha would always be nude in the house. The main
bedroom really belonged to Kate now, and she took enormous pleasure in the
sexual tortures she imposed on the older woman as well as the constant
sexual tension it all imposed on her partner's son.

Tommy looked forward to the entire evening, though he knew he would only
get this one chance to fuck his mother tonight, so he quickly stripped and
dropped to his knees behind his mother, finding her open wet pussy with the
head of his hard cock.

He thrust in hard and fast, slapping the cheeks of his mother's ass as
he drove in. "God you are so hot, mom, it feels like a furnace around my

"It is a furnace, baby, it's your cock furnace."

Mounted on his mother and pounding away at her hot cunt he reached down
and caught her swinging milk bags in his hands. He began to squeeze them
and slap them. While slapping one he used his other hand to stretch and
twist the nipple of the other.

"Ohhhhh baby, yes, milk me! Milk your slut mom cow! I am so bad, I
can't help it!" Even as she said this she reached up to the bed next to her
and scooped their 10 month old daughter up to put her on the floor below
her, letting the girl latch her milky tit. As the baby suckled Martha
began to cum, the power of her son fucking into her at the same time too
much for her warped sexual persona.

Tommy would never forget the day two years before when everything
changed for him, when he came home and found his mother and Kate in the
living room. Kate, who lived in the apartment across the courtyard, was on
the couch with her dress pulled up to her waist and her legs splayed wide
apart. Tommy walked in and was brought up short by the sight of his naked
mother on her knees before the larger Kate, with her face buried in the
young woman's crotch. Where his mother was a shapely if padded 5'2" tall
carrying 130 pounds, Kate was big and heavy. Her 5'7" frame carried 180
pounds. Tommy had seen her by the pool and he had been entranced by her.
Now he could see how her big thighs framed the head of his mother.

Kate caught sight of him and didn't even miss a beat as she grabbed
Martha's hair and twisted her fingers in tight, holding her fast.

"Lick Martha, my pussy slave. Use your tongue inside the pussy you love
so much."

"Oh yes, Miss Kate, please let me lick you. Let me suck your hot

"You are such a horny old slut, ready to lick me. I bet your pussy is
ready for a fucking as well, isn't it mommy." Kate held her eyes directly
on the boy who had walked in on them. She had been planning this very
scenario for weeks now.

Martha moaned into the woman's sex. "God I love when you call me that.
Yessssss, it has been so long, I want to be fucked. I want you to strap on
your fake cock and fuck mommy hard!"

"Grab your nipples, mommy, pull and stretch them and tell me how much
you love it."

Tommy was mesmerized, watching the young woman berate his naked mother.
He couldn't believe his eyes now as he watched his mother continue to lick
and suck pussy while at the same time she reached up to cup her heavy
sagging tits, the nipples pulled between her thumb and finger on each hand.
"I love my nipples tortured, pulled, twisted, clamped. I want them used
and sucked and nursed." Tommy couldn't believe the sight of his mother's
hanging milk bags. His previous forays into glossy magazines and the
frozen young models there left him completely unprepared for the heavy
sagging udders, swinging loosely. Nor had he seen anything like his
mother's nipples, long brown thick nubs that extended well beyond the
fingers twisting them.

Tommy's cock was throbbing hard in his pants now, and he wasn't sure if
it was because of the hot sight before him, the sluttish behavior of his
mother, or the enticing smile of the librarian as she held his eyes while
controlling his mother.

"You don't really want me to fuck you with the dildo, do you mommy?"

"Yes baby, please fuck me, I need it so bad!!" Martha nearly panicked at
the thought of being denied the fucking she loved.

"But you would prefer something other than the dildo, wouldn't you?
Tell me what you really want, mommy."

"Oh baby, you know mommy wants a real cock, a real hard flesh cock that
will go inside me and shoot me full of baby juice. You know I want to
bring us the baby as soon as you decide on the father."

"Tell me mommy, have you ever thought of Tommy fucking into you, your
own son driving into your womb?"

Tommy couldn't believe his ears at the question. Even more he was
dumbfounded by his mother's lack of denial and in fact the fevered moaning
that now began to come from the face buried between the younger woman's
leg. His own mother wanted him to fuck her!!

"Oh baby," Martha panted. "You know your slut mommy too well!"

Now Tommy saw an incredibly sexy look come over the face of the young librarian, and he was able to figure out that she expected him to follow
through. As he reached down and opened his pants she smiled and nodded.

Firmly holding Martha's face in her pussy, she decided to push the
woman. "Tell your baby what you want mommy."

Martha whimpered. "Ohhhh, sweet Kate, you have seen him, you know how
sweet he is and how big he is getting. He's only fifteen but I saw him in
the shower the other day and his cock gets big and hard. He was playing
with it and a huge load of cum pumped out."

As Tommy watched, his mother reached back between her legs and rubbed
her fingers over the slick puffiness of her pussy. His own mother was
playing with herself and talking about his cock! He didn't even think to
be embarassed that she had seen him jacking off.

Kate continued to tease, "What do you think about that cock and cum,

"I'm playing with myself right now, thinking about my son fucking his
cock into me, cumming in me."

Kate let go of Martha and pushed her away with her foot on her shoulder.

"Oh, Miss Kate, please let me keep going!!" the disappointed horny woman

"Turn around, slut!"

Martha turned and saw her son, standing only ten feet away from her, his
hard cock clearly standing out.

"Oh my god!" she screamed, one hand coming to her mouth as the other
moved back and forth from pussy to tit in a vain effort to cover herself.

"It's time, Martha," Kate said calmly. "Lay back and spread your legs
and tell your son you want him to fuck you."

"No, no, no, it was just fantasy talk, not real!" But even as she
uttered the denial, Tommy saw that her right hand was between her legs, her
fingers manipulating her wet pussy. Then her left hand dropped from her
mouth to cup her left tit, her fingers gripping her nipple and pulling on

"It's too late for that, now, cunt mommy," Kate said with a new hard
edge to her voice. "You have been dreaming of his hard cock in you and now
you can see it there, hard and ready. Lay back and spread your legs so he
knows you want him inside you."

"No, no, no Miss Kate!" Martha barely whispered the denial, but even as
she did, she lay full out on her back, her knees splayed wide apart and her
fingers rubbing up and down her swollen pussy.

Tommy could hardly believe his eyes as his mother opened herself and
looked at him, whimpering even as she continued to rub her pussy. Kate's
voice softened now, as she soothed, "It's OK, mommy, just tell him what you
want." She moved down to the floor, closer to the older woman, her lips
close to Martha's ear." Tell him what we have been talking about and what
we want. It's the perfect time." Tommy's hard on surged again as he saw
Kate's tongue slide along his mother's cheek, to her lips.

"Please, Tommy," his mother gasped. "Please fuck me, I see how hard
your cock is. I'm so sorry that I watched you in the shower. I love you
and your cock, please fuck mommy."

Tommy was a virgin, but he wasn't an idiot, and he dropped to his knees
between his mother's wide spread thighs. His cock was throbbing and a
string of pre-cum actually dripped down hanging between his cockhead and
his mother's thigh. In seconds the tip of his cock was at the opening of
her pussy and he slipped into her, a feeling he couldn't compare to
anything he had ever imagined.

"Oh mommy, it's too hot! It's happening too fast!!"

"Noooooo, Kate, he's coming in me, already he is coming into me!"

"And he will do it again mommy cunt. Don't worry, He will do it all
night long." Even as Tommy was leaning down to kiss his mother he saw Kate
straddle her crotch over Martha's face. "Lick my pussy mommy."

Tommy was brought up short at the sudden intrusion, and looked up
questioningly at the younger woman. "I'm in charge, Tommy," she said. "If
you remember that we will have a great life. Your mother is my mate, and
my slave. You can fuck her anytime you want. I want you to fuck her all
the time, but she is not yours to kiss and love. Look at her tongue
pushing into my pussy. She is such a slut."

Tommy was already getting a renewed hard on, even as he had not yet
pulled out of his mother's cunt from the first cum.

"We are going to be a great family, Tommy," Kate continued. "Tell him
mommy slut, tell him how we are going to have it from now on." pushing up
enough so that Martha could speak freely.

"Oh Tommy," his mother began, even as he began pumping his ass up and
down, sliding his hard cock shaft in and out of his mother's cunt. "Please
don't be mad, but Miss Kate is going to move in with us. I don't think you
will mind. I can't help it, I have to do whatever she wants. I love her
so much and I only want to do what she wants. She wants me to always be
naked around the house, and I want to, I want to be naked and available so
that she can pinch my nipples and pull on my pussy lips anytime she wants
to. Please fuck me baby, I want you to fuck me over and over again!"

Tommy was pumping harder and harder, fully excited by the feel of his
mother pumping her pussy up against his thrusts.

"Tell him the rest, cunt," Kate's voice had again taken the hard edge.
Clearly Martha was holding back something and she was not pleased.

"I can't sweetheart, I want to but I can't..." She didn't have a chance
to finish the sentence. Kate pulled and twisted the older woman's nipple,
lifting her heavy udder flesh up away from her chest. She then slapped the
tit with her other hand.

"Bitch! Tell him because I want you to, I don't care what you want."

"Ohhhhh, no...Please, Tommy, she is going to move in with us and when
you are old enough I want you to marry her. I want to be the slave cunt to
my son and his wife. Please don't be mad at me, Tommy, just fuck me. Fuck
me baby, fuck your mommy over and over and shoot her full of your cum.
Make your mommy pregnant so my belly gets big and my tits fill with milk.
She wants it, Tommy, she wants me to be her pregnant mate."

Even as he fucked into his mother he looked now to Kate, who pulled her
dress up over her head and exposed her own nudity to the boy. He didn't
know much about marriage or babies, but he knew that his hard cock was
buried in his mother and the neighbor who had fueled his fantasies for
weeks was naked before him. As Kate ground her pussy back down against
Martha, she used one hand behind the back of his head to pull his lips to
the nipple of the huge tit that she lifted to him.

"This is where your loving and kissing is, now, Tommy. You and I will
share everything, even your mother! Fuck her baby! Fuck your mommy and
fill her, put a baby in her!"

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