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TURKEY split into the foster homes


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Being Uncle Tom (Turkey)- (turkey.txt)- Your dysfunctional family has nothing on the Lewises. When Tom Lewis seeks his roots, he relives
the reason they were split up into the foster homes in the first place-
their parents were sadistic bastards. And Tom seems to be the only one
not following in their footsteps. M/F, F/MF, a little m/f, BDSM,
Being Uncle Tom (Turkey)

They had not made a lot of effort to find Tom. From what he could
pry out of Julie, the rest of the kids had been meeting at mom and Pop's for the last five years anyway.
He wasn't sorry that he had turned them in for child abuse when
he was seven. He knew he had done the right thing, but it didn't seem
like his siblings had forgiven him yet. It had been thirty years and
they should have been able to stop hating him by now.
At least mom and Dad had greeted him like the prodigal son when he
called. They took turns on the phone excitedly inviting him to the
Thanksgiving celebration. They said having him there would make the
day extra special. They said they had plans for welcoming him back.

He tried to howl as one of the kids jabbed his balls with a fork.
They were starting them young. The kids at that end of the table
couldn't be more than eight or nine.
He didn't have much time to despair about the legacy being passed
on. He was turkey-tied and laying on his back in the middle of the
table. His elbows were a mass of ropes and knots, holding his arms bent
like wings. His knees were given the same treatment and then pulled up
by the rope that looped behind his neck. If he wasn't the victim, he
might have appreciated how much he did look like the traditional bird
in the middle of the table.
But laying helpless in the middle of the table while his family ate and talked and joked around him didn't leave him time to ponder.
And the occasional cruelty from one of the children kept his mood dark.
There had been no subtlety when he arrived. Tim, Robert and John
had glared at him from the other room. mom and Pop seemed happy he had
come, but he now knew that was an excuse for mom to distract him while
Pop used old fashioned chloroform to knock him out.
He came to with an apple tied in his mouth and trussed like a
turkey on the table. His welcome would be anything but welcome for him.
"I don't think his willie has grown a bit since he was seven,"
Liz was saying loudly.
He was being mostly ignored except for the occasional barb. He
couldn't even work up the energy to blush as they discussed his cock.
"Be real," Bob contradicted, "It looks like it's on the small
side of normal. Honey, why don't you show my sister what Tommy has
The mousy woman to his left, who Tom took to be Bob's wife,
stood up and reached to the middle of the table. Not that he could do
anything but flinch, but Tom tried to brace for whatever she was going
to do.
He felt her finger press his anus and then force its way into his
ass. She found his prostate like an expert and massaged the swelling.
Tom couldn't stop his cock from rising off his belly and pointing back
toward his face.
"See," Bob said. "A little dinky, but bigger than your finger."
It was like they flipped a switch and he was erect. Tom had no
control. They would flip another switch and he would dance. He was at
their mercy and they didn't understand what mercy was.
His arms might have been able to move if he wasn't in the grip
of his brothers while they hung him from his wrists. His legs were
another matter. They felt like lead as they pulled down on his neck
in his new position. They snipped the rope behind his neck and his
shoulders were wrenched when his legs dropped down to hang.
"Why, little Tommy has come home," mom said with a voice dripping
sarcasm. "I guess he decided mommy and Daddy weren't so bad after all
now he'd had some time to think it over."
"I guess we have a lot to make up to him for what we did," Pa
said in a tone that was not comforting.
"You broke us up, spread us to the four winds, you ungrateful
little worm," Tim snarled.
"You were always a little sissy. You look like you're still a
momma's boy," Liz taunted him and reached out to pull his cock.
"No question who's the turkey," Bob said, laughing. "I guess we
all ought to eat him."
John and Julie didn't join in the celebration, but they weren't
protesting the treatment Tom was receiving.
"Let's cook him first," Liz suggested and flicked her lighter to
set his chest hair on fire.
The burning was mild compared to the stench that stuck in his
nose and nauseated him. It boded badly for him if this was only the
first of their fun.
"I think somebody ought to bone him up the ass," Tim suggested.
"You volunteering?" Bob asked.
"What about Dad?" Liz said. "He liked to fuck us in the ass."
"You watch your mouth, little girl," Pop spoke. "You're not so
old that I can't put my boner in your butt again."
"Your father never did anything queer to any of you," mom defended him. "We were strict but we weren't perverts like Tom said."
How he could have believed that it would be any different escaped
Tom at the moment. He had lived too long in a normal family to remember
how bad it had been. Maybe he was doubting his memory as the years
went by, but if he had erred it was in remembering them as less
bizarre than they were.
"Well, somebody whip him or something," Liz said.
"I will, mommy," said the blond youngster that must have been her
He had a fierce 13-year-old look as he was ready to fulfill his
mother's wish.
"No, honey, this is for the grown-ups," Liz told him. "You go
play with your cousins. Little Mary looks like she wants to show you
her underwear. You go look at that."
"Little" Mary was Robert's 14-year-old daughter and it looked
like she was more interested in Tim's boy Fred.
"I think John ought to fuck his brother," Tim said. "He doesn't
seem like he's enjoying himself right now."
"It was thirty years ago, for Chrissakes," John exploded. "You're
just proving Tom was right."
Julie moved away from her brother. He was making himself a target
and she didn't want to get hit in the cross-fire.
"Then let Julie do it," Bob closed in. "Julie, come over here and
hump your brother's ass or we'll have to put you and John right up
there beside Tom."
She knew they'd do it. She knew they were hoping she'd give them
the reason. She had left her husband at home because she was ashamed of
her family and John wasn't married. They had no one to stand up for
them if the family turned on them.
She didn't know what they expected. She avoided Tom's pleading
eyes and walked behind her suspended brother. He had to be in agony.
She didn't really want to hurt him, but she didn't feel strongly
enough about him to suffer in his place. She felt around his ass and
pushed a finger up his asshole.
"Marge already did that," Bob told her. "You don't want to get
him up again do you? Or do you want him to fuck you while he gets it
in the rear? Is that what you want?"
Getting what you wanted was never a feature of this family. Julie
knew she had to do what they wanted or it would get worse. She let
Bob pull her around and jerk down her pants while Liz strapped a
dildo to her own crotch.
"I guess I've got to do it myself if I want it done right," Liz
announced as she strutted to her bound brother with the dildo
swinging between her legs.
Tom tried to pretend he was somewhere else while his brothers
made Julie back onto his hard-on. The bastards knew he wouldn't get
any pleasure from the incestuous connection. He was ashamed that it
felt good to slide into her pussy.
He paid more than the equal price for his unwilling copulation
with his sister. Liz showed him no mercy as she rammed the dildo
against his anus. He screamed into the apple like a girl as his sister forced the hard plastic cylinder into his asshole.
He felt like she was running a hot iron through the center of him
as she shoved the dildo in. Then he swung on her thrusts as she made
him fuck Julie. Pain and shame were his world as he had to deal with
the fact that he felt good on one side and suffered terribly on the
"You kids are way too strange for your Ma and me," Pop said. "If
you don't mind, we're going to teach the kids some games while you
deal with your brother."
They didn't understand how tough it had been to turn their
parents in. He had just wanted things to be normal. Now he knew how
pointless his effort was.
He knew what kind of 'games' they would show the kids. From the
look on Fred's face, they had played the games before. His eyes lit up
as he looked at Mary. He was probably already too twisted to save.

"Well, I never wanted him hung up anyway," Liz was saying.
They seemed to have run out of things to do to Tom while he
hung from his wrists. Now that their parents were teaching the kids
where pee-pees went, Liz wanted him down.
"Sit on his face, Marge," she told Bob's wife as Tom lay on the
floor dreading the return of blood to his arms.
"Now eat her out," Liz ordered Tom as she grabbed his balls and
squeezed hard enough that there was a sick feeling deep in his stomach.
Marge seemed like the perfect drone. She had stripped with no
show of emotion when Bob nodded that she was to follow Liz's
instructions. She had climbed over his face and sat down like the
perfect robot when she was told. Tom wondered how hard Bob had to beat
her to reduce her to this willess lump.
He ate her. God help him, he ate her as good as he could. Liz
never let up the pressure on his balls and he knew she would gladly
hurt him badly if he faltered.
"John, you've got the bad attitude," Bob said. "Come over here
and keep Marge happy while Tim eats her."
If John showed any reluctance, Tom knew the others would try to
make it worse. He didn't see John come over and look questioningly at
"Show us your tiny dick," Bob said impatiently, "Let Marge suck
it for you."
Tom imagined he could tell when Marge started sucking John. She
moved more on his face as she bobbed up and down on his cock. He was
afraid to stop lapping because Liz had not let up her grip.
His legs were dead now. They could untie him and he wouldn't be
able to move them. His stress was unbearable. He knew they were toying
with him. He couldn't imagine what they would finally decide to do to
him. Except it would only make him wish he was dead- they wouldn't
kill him.
"You want to see John fuck my wife?" he heard Bob ask.
"I want to fuck your wife," came Tim's answer. "Let John fuck his
sister. That should fuck him up like us if you believe Tom."
"Which sister?" Liz chimed in
There seemed to be some debate on that. Tom lost track as he saw
Tim tip Marge up and push his cock in her. Tim's ugly balls were right
in his face as his brother fucked Marge.
A while later he heard Julie scream and Bob laugh. He guessed
that Bob had decided to fuck their youngest sister and John was putting
it to Liz. Liz confirmed that as she taunted her younger brother.
"Come on, do a good job and I might let you put it in my ass like
your big brother," Liz was saying.
This was a world gone mad. Siblings were fucking siblings and
the left-overs were fucking a sibling's wife. It was even more horrible
than Tom could have imagined when he tried to save his family from this
fate. And he had obviously done no good.

"Now that's a blow-job. You like that?" Pop was saying to Mary.
Mary nodded her head as best she could with her grandpa's cock
filling her mouth. Her control was further complicated by Fred pounding
her from the rear as he fucked her.
The youngest ones were laughing as Liz's son was trying to scale
the swollen belly and sunken breasts of his grandma. She was guiding
the young man patiently with her hands on his ass. She wasn't sure
if he had found the right spot, but it was enough for her that he was
rocking his hips like an experienced fucker.
He would do Mary proud when it was his turn to fuck his cousin.
Next year, he would be doing the honors and Fred might be ready to
move up to fuck his aunt.

"She's been spoiling for it all day," Liz snapped.
She was standing in a ridiculous pose with her jaw thrust forward
and her hands on her hips. She would have looked fierce if she wasn't
naked and skinny.
Julie lay half-naked at her feet and was the target of her wrath.
Even Marge was smiling at Liz's tirade. Bob was ready to play with Liz.
"What about John? He hasn't been eager either." Bob prompted her.
"I don't care about him," Liz ranted, "I just want that bitch
strung up where I can get at her."
"It was my dick she tried to break off in her ass," Bob
countered, "What's your problem?"
"Her fucking attitude," Liz was spitting as much as talking.
"She's always been too fucking good for the rest of us."
They had no problem turning on each other like wild dogs. Bob
was just having fun getting Liz worked up. He had nothing against the
idea of stripping their sister down and trussing her up.
"Let Tommy do her," Tim suggested. "I'd like to see the holy
asshole wallow in a few sins."
His legs were unresponsive as they tried to lift him to his
knees. They finally settled on leaning him against a chair to keep him
upright as Liz went down to toy with his cock.
Julie's wrists were pulled through her legs and tied to her
ankles. Just to keep her arched and in position, they tied her elbows
to her knees. Then Tim and Bob picked her up and set her down in front
of Tom.
"You are going to fuck her," Liz purred as she tickled his balls
with the nails of one hand. "We can make you."
"But you thought you were the smart one. Maybe you're smart
enough to see you should participate," she smiled at him.
His cock had no conscience. Liz was able to make it rise without
resorting to shoving a finger up his ass. She made her point as she
ringed his cock with her fingers and stroked it. She blew a lungful of
smoke at his cock as a preliminary and then bent down to kiss the tip
with the cigarette in her mouth precariously and meaningfully close to
his groin.
He was bright enough to get that message. But he was still
considering bearing the torture to spare his sister. They would do more
than burn his cock with cigarettes if he kept refusing. They did not
take frustration well. But he could bear it.
"Go ahead, Tom, don't let them hurt you," Julie urged. "I know
you don't mean it. It's them and they're not worth it."
"What a brave girl," Bob interjected. "I think she really wants
you, Tom. You ought to do her the favor of giving it to her good."
He knew it was a compromise. He also knew they would get what they
wanted one way or another. They would enjoy torturing him too. There was
no answer to his predicament.
He didn't struggle as Liz took a hold on his cock. He let her aim
it for him as Tim and Bob pulled Julie back to him.
"Don't you perverts think of anything else?" Julie protested as
her brothers and her sister forced her brother's cock into her ass.
Tom had to admit it was interesting to put his cock in Julie's
asshole. It wasn't quite as horrible as Tom thought his siblings were
hoping. He wasn't glad or anything, but Julie's words comforted him.
The bad part for him was being responsible and her words assured him
that it was not his fault.
He wasn't sure if Julie was escaping Liz's intentions so easily.
She sounded like she was bedeviled by his unnatural entry.
"Those kids just don't know how to play," Pop's voice came from
behind them.
"If they were punishing him, I don't see why he'd be fucking his
sister," mom added.
They were an ugly group that trooped past the captives. Little
naked children and old, wrinkled and drooping naked parents came back
into the room. Tom knew his niece and nephews were one step farther
into the twisted home life he had escaped.
"Liz is punishing Julie for being a bitch," Bob said.
"Well, if that punishes her, she deserves it," mom said.
Pop sat with Mary in his lap and Tom could only imagine what was
going on under her bottom. mom sat in another chair surrounded by the
two youngest. She couldn't resist being a sick fuck.
"Now which of you kids wants to lick granma's special place?" she
There was no place to look. The prime sickness of his family
infected Tom's gaze wherever he might direct it. Liz was appeasing her
boy by playing with his cock to cheer him up. mom was letting the little
ones fight to lick her cunt. Fred was standing right by his father drinking up the details of the way one rams a woman onto a captive man's
Even Julie wasn't exhibiting near enough shame or pain as they
held her and rammed her asshole onto his cock. She seemed to be taking
all the good she could from it.
He didn't think John seemed quite immune to thoughts about 14-year-old Mary either. There was something wrong with all of them. He
had been too late to save even the youngest.
He couldn't ignore Julie's asshole strangling his cock. It wasn't
really possible to keep his mind on other things. And with, he assumed,
Marge sticking her finger up his ass again, he had to react the way
they forced him. His cock didn't care whose asshole it was.
"Make her suck it!" Liz yelled across the room, "He's about ready
to pop. Turn her around and put it in her face."
Julie had given up all pretense of being ravished. Her mouth
opened eagerly as her brothers swung her around. Her ropes forced her
into a ball that made them actually hold her in place as she worked her
mouth up and down on Tom's cock.
Her efforts were irresistible. The prod to his prostate only made
the glops of cum splash harder into the back of Julie's mouth. He felt
like a stud bull with an electrode up its ass.

"It was sure nice to see you," Tim was saying, "Be sure to come
around for Christmas next month. We got lots more to make up to you."
Tom was trying not to scream in the pain of circulation returning
to his legs. He was naked in the passenger seat of his own car. His
clothes were in the back. He could put them on whenever he could force
his legs to obey him again.
"Sure nice seein' ya," Tim said as he got out and slid into Bob's
car with Marge and the kids.
Tom tried to pull himself over the seat with his arms as their car
pulled away and left him in the mall parking lot. His legs were dead
weights. It was a struggle to get them over without tangling.


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