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TURNABOUT sucked slightly swimming her cries


Turnabout is kind play

by iambe

i'd known those years, and she that i knew. great mystery lesbodar.
we kept that confidence in bare looks and smiles like nods of "yes,
you do know."

"i'd like to make you a special graduation dinner tonight."

"wonderful! thank you!"

"six then?"

"i'll be there."

boundless, my admiration for her. i'd shyly asked she supervise my
thesis, astonished and honored when she agreed. finest in the school,
perhaps the land, she had proteges, tutees, and countless
extracurriculars. then too, she coached girls' volleyball i'd played
for years. i was like a teen on a first date as i writhed over what
to wear.

"o su! it's a dream!" i gasped at her cottage. artifacts, arcana, and
candleglow graced us timelessness. i was enchanted; the more by her
hair cascade down elegant rose silk camisole.

one would think years' silence must strain to voice, yet words seemed
shallow in the dimension we'd shared. it had not been silence but the
language we'd come accustomed to. dazzled unaware she'd even moved, a
crystal flute materialized.

"congratulations," sighed like the fizz, "to you!" as sparked a
glister of flame off effervescent potion . . . and eyes.

teeeeng! the crystal timbre sang, "to us! i'd not have survived
without you!"

"nor i, you," came almost a surprise--but not, as i'd heard her heart
each day. she hugged and we held long and tight, for all the hugs
we'd been denied.

through the spell i gathered sight of all she'd done to fete this
day. some dozens candles cast their gold on fresh bouquets and silver
foil; as interlaced lilac and rose perfume with aromas of our feast.

"i'm famished, let's eat!" she drew me to the table. "for you!" that
siver-foiled box. she'd framed my thesis, an epic poem.

"o goddess, su! this is ours not just mine!"

"think that when you admire it," she blushed.

"every time." meeting eyes, my blush met hers. "thank you so, from
start to this! i'll never be able to express this gratitude!
lifesaving, su--literally!"

"mutual, my dear," she grinned. "now for a feast! some wine?"

"i'd love some, thanks," two grinning now-peers.

both moaning at the luscious fare, su forcefully cleared her throat.
it was time, at last, to speak.

"before you even ask, yes i am, and all my life."

my laugh came a delighted burst. "likewise, my dear." we toasted that.

"you're an amazing cook, su. this is exquisite." my eyes closed
savoring every bite.

"wait till desert," her smile so coy i actually squirmed.

fudge bundt cake with caramel butter creme. around the top between
sculpted roses, "You made it, sweet Jamie!" and linked womon
symbols--the universal lesbian sign.

"it's gorgeous! o su, you're so wonderful! after all you've done,
through that hellish despair, then this!"--but i'd seen nothing yet.
i took a bite and slid down my chair. "mmmmh my, i've never tasted
anything like this! it's so rich it feels like . . . " i felt the
crimson enflame my face, to realize what i'd almost said.

"liiiike?" she searched deep into my eyes. she knew i knew she knew.
"incredible timing you should say--or not say--that," she shyly
smiled, yet frowned. "there's something i need to talk with you
about. something very personal, and i'm shaking with nerves to say.
so, thank you for that timely opening!"

"my . . . uh . . . inadvertent pleasure. please do, su. anything."
another bite and moan.

"this is hard to say. i've waited a long time, and i've rehearsed a
thousand times." tears welled in her eyes that avoided mine. i put
down my fork and took her hand. "as i said, i've been a lesbian my
entire life. now, that's a long time, being over forty now. but, you
see, i . . . this is hard!" she stood, as if to walk away, then sat
again. "i'm just going to say it. hehem, um. well, see . . . i . . .
i've never made love with a womon." those tears now banked and
spilled down her cheeks, as she quickly turned from my gaze.

"o su! please don't turn away from me! talk to me, i care so much!
are you afraid what i might think?"

"of course i am," she sniffed. "twenty years of aching desire, and i
haven't been able to act on it. i haven't ever known who i could
trust! so many teachers are destroyed . . . !"

"o goddess, it must be a nightmare seeing teachers witchhunted like
they are! but hasn't there been anyone . . . ?"

"i lived with another teacher, many years ago; and we were attracted
to each other, but it was even worse back then. just being roommates
was suspect. we didn't dare even look at each other around other

"o su!" i moved closer and held her as tears turned to weep.

"you're the only one i knew i could trust. all these years you've
known--i knew--yet you kept that confidence."

"i know what it's like in this world. talk to me about anything, any
time, please. you really don't know what you've done for me."

"well, there's more, and i'm even more scared to say this." now her
eyes pierced mine. "please be honest what you feel when i say this.
promise me!"

"i promise, su," i whispered. i was beginning to guess.

"it's been so long it's like i'm frozen unable. i don't know how to
even begin! jamie . . . " she turned to jump from her chair and me,
but i held her hand tight, then turned her eyes to mine. i lifted a
forkful of cake to her lips. with a sharp intake of breath, she
opened and took it in. then i wiped a bit of rose from her lip, so

"o jamie, help! i don't know how to ask you this!"

"no need," i rose and drew her up. then without thought, as overdue,
i sank to knee and bowed my head, my cheek to meet her hand i
clasped, then kissed. standing i wrapped her in my arms, and led
her into her bedroom.

she clung to me as freely sobbed, "o jamie, jamie, how do you know?
can you feel it this famished agony?!"

"i feel it, su." eyes searching mine, as i softly placed my lips on
hers. her sigh came as her knees let weak, and lips pressed into mine.

"come," i took her to her bed, then slowly unlaced her camisole. she
was moaning and weeping all at once, so i held her near as i slid it
from her arms, caressing each as i did. kissing her neck i
unbuttoned my shirt, let it fall, then turned and tasted her tears:
"don't cry precious one, just have it all. how long you've deserved
all you could ever want!"

"you know. you know!" kiss hard and full, tongues danced lips and
mouths in time to our panting half-silent wails. full seconds passed
before rage met sensation of breasts brushing breasts. as both our
knees failed, i drew her down and coaxed her yield that discipline
years had instilled.

i leant to her releasing my slacks; then her skirt, i slid off her
glorious hips. naked i straddled to ponder her beauty, merest touch
outlining such wonders. then slow, so slow i laid upon her one
excruciating millimeter at a time. she was gasping, groaning, pushing
to meet my barely perceptible movements. she groped and pulled as my
lips covered hers and i let my body envelope her. she cried out, and
i whispered as nibbled her lobe, "you're magnificent, o your fire,
su! i'm scorched with thirst! let me drink you let me eat of you!
goddess, let me into you!"

she squirmed and twisted against my body with all force of her
deprivation. a seething crave growled from her as i swooned to meet
such passion.

"what? what are you doing?" escaped her.

"lie back, hon. just take what's yours," as i moved down her body, to
her breasts. after moments revering with my eyes, i let my tongue
speak that worship. spiralling each with kisses and laps, i slowed as
i approached aureoles. round them with softest licks and sucks, i
felt her strain to rise to me. with slightest brush of cheek, then
lips, then tongue i teased as nipples swelled. i cupped one nipple in
my mouth, sucked slightly swimming in her cries, then lowered my
tongue upon it and flicked. she shrieked, grabbed my head pulled me
hard against, as i met each plunge of her breasts with deepest
sucking . . . then paused.

i moved back atop her, breasts hugging breasts, mound of venus
pressing hers, then moved slowly, then deeper and faster until i felt
her respond in kind. my pressure down met pressure up, as we rubbed
and pushed and pulled and gasped. my legs between hers spread her as
i bent moved down then up, pulling open her tenderest place. she
arched to meet as i drew back, then did the same over again.

"i never knew! i never knew! o god my god, i'm dying on fire!!" she
was arching pumping pulling clutching and i was cooing "yes!" in her

i gently but firmly pulled her hands from me, held each tightly as i
moved down. she struggled some, not for release, but ravenous gropes
pleading be slaked. then i let go one hand reached down and touched...

there. the lightest wisp of a touch, she sobbed, "o! take me! take me

"i am, precious one, i am, lie back. it's all yours now, just open."
as i took each leg and pulled her wide to feast upon her unveiled
tumescence. her gasps and groping hands fell still to focus, freed to
devour all she'd tormented for . . .

so many years.

those years my teacher, years my guide

turnabout is loving grace.



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