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TURNING thick meat sliding into her shit


This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. The author may be contacted at or via ICQ #51761475. More stories can be found at

Copyright 2000, Robert B. Morton, II, all rights reserved.


For those individuals not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector--you have been warned. The following is a work of
fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people or
places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

Author's Note: The on-line version of Merriam Webster's Dictionary
provided the definition of the word 'incest.'

Turning the Tables, by Rob Morton (M/f, F/m, inc, preg)


Main Entry: inĚcest Pronunciation: 'in-"sest Function: noun Etymology:
Middle English, from Latin incestus sexual impurity, from incestus impure,
from in- + castus pure Date: 13th century : sexual intercourse between
persons so closely related that they are forbidden by law to marry; also :
the statutory crime of such a relationship

Sixteen year old Todd Mason-Gates turned and pointed to the screen.
"See? What did I tell you?"

"Yeah, I see it... so what?" Sydney Mason-Gates, Todd's seventeen year
old sister asked.

"So what? Don't you understand what this means?"

"Yeah, I understand it - I can read, you know. What's your point,

Todd rolled his eyes heavenward, looking for some divine intervention to
counter his sister's apparent lunacy. "My point is what you're asking me
to do is illegal!"

Sydney leaned over her brother's shoulder until her lips were brushing
against his ear. "Todd, it's only illegal if you get caught. I know
you're not going to tell me that you don't want to, are you?"

It was everything Todd could do to keep his erection from tearing a hole in his pants as Syd continued to breathe softly into his ear, her breath
warm and inviting. "I didn't say that," he finally said.

"So why the vocabulary lesson? Or was I wrong about your intentions?"

Todd grimaced, deeply regretting the day he left his written diary out
where it could be read by his sister. In it, he had written every fantasy
he ever had about his beautiful (and insane) sister in cock-hardening
detail. He hadn't realized his mistake until a few minutes ago, when Syd
came to his room and made her indecent proposal.

"I don't have any intentions, Sydney," Todd struggled to say.

"Hah! That's not what I read in your diary," Syd countered as she began
to massage Todd's shoulders. "From what I read, fucking me is something
you've always wanted to do - now's your chance!"

"I don't understand why," Todd whined, feeling his resolve start to fail
as his sister continued to rub his back and shoulders.

"What's to understand? I've been trying to give you this pussy for a
while now and you kept right on ignoring me. I was about to give up until
I read what you wrote."

"But why?" Todd repeated, his cock throbbing hotly against his body.

"Isn't it enough to know that I love you so much that I want to give
myself to you?" Syd asked, running her tongue along the backside of Todd's
ear, sending shivers down his spine.

"There has to be more to it than that, Syd," Todd said, turning his head
a little to give his sister access to his neck.

"Not really," Syd cooed, nibbling on her brother's neck and savoring the
slightly sweet taste of his skin. "I've wanted you ever since that day we
were at the lake with mom and Dad. Oooh, you looked so good!"

"Syd, that was six months ago!" Todd protested weakly; between his
sister's massaging and kissing his neck and ear, Todd was putty in Syd's
hands. "How was I supposed to know you were watching me?"

"You weren't, my soon to be lover," Syd said. She stood up and spun
Todd around in his chair, dropping her firm bottom into his lap. "I was
going for a swim myself and went down to the lake a couple of minutes after
you left. I'll admit I didn't expect to see you standing there buck naked
and spanking your monkey, but I knew right from that moment I had to have

As Syd squirmed on his lap, rubbing her hot snatch against his leg, Todd
recalled that day...

* * *

It was hot, even for the mountains. Todd and the rest of the
Mason-Gates family were on the first of their two planned vacations at
their mountain cabin, set against the shores of Bynum's Lake. It was a
perfect day for a swim: clear blue sky, hot yellow sun, and a lake with
waters warmed by the sun. Todd donned his trunks and made his way from his
room, passing by his sister's room; out of habit, he glanced inside on his
way by.

What he saw was enough to stop him dead in his tracks.

There, on the bed, was Syd, stark naked and writhing on the bed, one
hand working feverishly at her pussy while the other roamed from one
pendulous breast to the other, pinching, squeezing and rubbing her pert

"Jesus," Todd whispered, feeling his prick begin to strain against the
confines of his trunks. "Jesus fucking Christ!"

On the bed, Syd moaned, her movements slowing down for a moment before
beginning again. Todd watched in utter fascination as his lovely sister took herself to the precipice once more and threw herself over its blissful

Todd had made his escape without being seen and made his way to the
lake, his mind (and crotch) burning with the unbelievable memory of the
voluptuous Syd. Minutes later, he had arrived at the lake's shore,
instantly discarding his trunks to free his cock. There, on the edge of
the placid waters, Todd paid the greatest homage to Syd, sowing his seed
onto the soil of the earth.

Spent but far from satisfied, Todd put his trunks back on before diving
headfirst into the cooling waters. He had only been swimming for a few
seconds before hearing a second splash.

Wiping water from his eyes, he looked up in time to see his sister breaking the surface of the water, rising high as if suspended there. A
near-skin tight one piece suit enclosed what Todd now knew was a body a man would kill to possess... a body he would kill for the right to pleasure
and use as he pleased. He swallowed a lump that appeared in his throat as
Syd swam over to him and stood up in the shallow water, its coolness
causing her nipples to stand out against the material of her suit.

"What are you doing here?" Todd asked. "I thought you were gonna play
cards with mom and Dad."

"I was," Syd said, using her fingers - the same fingers that had just
been giving her pleasure - to comb her honey-blond hair out of her face.
"They were, ah, busy, so I decided to go for a swim."

Todd knew exactly what Syd had meant by busy - their parents seemed to
spend more time fucking than they did anything else.

Todd and Syd spent the next twenty minutes or so splashing around in the
lake. There were also a few times when Syd would brush against Todd,
seemingly by accident, allowing her breasts to brush against his back or
her ass to graze his crotch. If Todd hadn't known any better, he would
have sworn Syd was trying to put a move on him... but that was crazy,
wasn't it?

* * *

"So, what are we going to do about this?"

Todd blinked upon hearing his sister's sexy voice, remembering that she
was still sitting in his lap (Christ, her pussy is hot). "Huh?"

"I was asking you what we're going to do about this," Syd repeated,
looking into Todd's periwinkle-blue eyes.

"Do about what?" Todd asked numbly, half wishing that Syd would get off
his lap before something happened.

"About this," Syd said with a smile, grinding her bottom into his raging
erection. "It would be a shame to waste such a lovely hard-on, wouldn't

"Syd, you don't know what you're asking me to do," Todd said as his
sister got off his lap and knelt before him, unzipping his fly. "Please
don't do this!"

Syd continued to smile as she reached into her brother's open fly,
pulling his cock free and admiring it for a moment, taking in the beauty of
his glans, shaped like a plum-colored mushroom. Syd let her eyes travel
the length of his shaft, noticing with great anticipation how thick it was
in the middle and how it tapered off and vanished into the thick blond nest
of hair.

"Syd..." Todd said weakly as his sister's full mouth closed around the
head of his prick, sending an incredible jolt of pleasure throughout his
entire body. He looked down, mesmerized by the sight of his cock
disappearing into his sister's moist mouth. "Oh, Christ..."


If He - or Syd - was listening, there was no answer forthcoming as the
blonde bombshell set to the task of pleasuring her brother, slowly bobbing
her head along the length of his cock and noisily slurping down every
droplet of pre-cum her tongue could find.

Even though Todd knew they were wrong, it was the fulfillment of every
dream he ever had about his sister. He reached down and stroked her silky
hair as she continued to pleasure him, each downward stroke of her mouth
making more of his meat vanish into that marvelous cavern.

"Oh, damn, Syd..." Todd whispered, completely giving himself over to the
pleasure as his sister continued to suck him, increasing her depth and

"God, I've waited so long this!" Syd exclaimed after letting Todd's
prick fall from her lips. She used her tongue like a wash cloth, laving
generous amounts of saliva along his pulsing shaft and his ever-tightening
sac. "I'm going to suck you dry, baby, suck you until you have nothing

If the sensations welling up in his gut were any indication, Todd knew
that Syd was going to be a good as her word as once again, the head of his
cock - along with several inches of cock-shaft - disappeared into his
sister's hungry mouth. He began to thrust gently into Syd's lovely mouth,
fucking her face until the lusty fires burned hotly inside of him.

"Your pussy... let... me..., oh, shit! I... gotta... fuck...
gotta... taste it!"

Syd heard him and, with her mouth full of dick, cast her eyes up at him;
the sight of his rod stuffed in her mouth, along with her bright blue eyes
peering up at him, was almost enough to make him blow his wad right on the
spot. But, not yet... not now. If Syd was going to realize her dreams,
then Todd was going to damn well realize his own. Using his hands to pry
his sister off his cock for a moment, Todd managed to stand up.

He reached down and helped his sister to stand; he then scooped her up
and carried her to his bed where he lay her down and proceeded to strip her
naked in world record time.

"Ahhh!" he cried, burying his face into the softness of Syd's breasts,
using his hands to massage her sweet globes of flesh. Todd knew he must
look like some kind of lunatic as he slobbered all over his sister's
hardened nipples, making her cry out delightedly.

"Yes! Suck my nipples, baby! Make 'em so hard they hurt!" Syd used
both hands to crush her brother's face to her bosom... until he grunted in
protest, that is, suddenly having his breathing cut off. Syd released her
grip on his head and allowed him to catch a couple of much-needed gulps of
air before pushing his head down toward the blonde triangle of hair between
her legs. "Eat me, Todd... eat your sister's pussy!"

Todd didn't really need the urging but allowed Sydney to guide him to
her center where he could smell the pungent aroma of her cunt juices, hot
and inviting. That he had never eaten a woman before didn't mean a damned
thing to him as he flicked his tongue between her puffy outer lips and
doing the one thing he never envisioned - he gagged a little. Embarrassed,
but undaunted, Todd resumed the probing of his sister's juicy slit, finding
the taste not as offensive as that first whiff had been.

"Ooh, yeah, honey," cooed Sydney, spreading her lithe legs wider. "Lick
it! Suck my clitty! Yeah, that's it... suck it harder... HARDER! Oh,
shit, Todd, EAT ME!"

It was all Todd could do to keep his mouth firmly latched onto Syd's
pudenda as she gleefully fucked his face, smearing it with spicy
girl-juices. Grabbing onto her hips to steady her, Todd sucked his
sister's clitoris as hard as he could, having read somewhere that it drove
women wild with desire.

Berserk with lust was more like it. The bolt of pleasure/pain that
stabbed into Sydney acted as a catalyst, causing her to reach down, grab
two hands worth of her brother's golden mane, and shove his face into her
coochie as hard as she could, riding out her orgasm on his flailing tongue.

as jolt after jolt of electrifying pleasure coursed along her nerve
endings. Todd's tongue meandered across one spot in particular...

Todd was fully into the pleasures he felt mouthing and tonguing his
sisters cunt when her body went completely rigid, her fingers entwined
painfully in his scalp.

"OH, MY GOD!" Syd shrieked as the dam burst, sending a flood of sinfully
delicious juices into her hapless brother's face and mouth. "AAAARRRGGHHH!
SHIT! SHIT! S-s-s-shit!"

Todd now knew the meaning of the saying 'lost in the sauce' as Syd
pumped stream after steaming stream of... something onto him. For a
moment, he felt panic clawing at him as he realized that if his sister didn't let go soon, he would literally drown in her love. Despite this, he
continued to work his tongue into his sister's slit, doing his damnest to
suck up every drop of her love offering.

'Fuck me, lover, fuck me now," Syd pleaded, literally tearing Todd's
face away from her overflowing snatch. "I want to feel you inside of me,
want to feel you cumming in me..."

Todd scrambled onto his sister's body, his cock stabbing uselessly at
the air until Syd got a hold of it and guided him to her sex. Gently, Todd
began to thrust - not out of uncertainty because he had spent many a night
dreaming and whacking off about this moment. Although fully consumed by
his lust, he didn't want to hurt Sydney and was trying to take it easy.

Which Sydney wasn't trying to hear any of. With a growl that surprised
him, Todd felt his sister grab his ass and shove him fully into her liquid

"I said... FUCK ME! Play with the pussy on your own time,
motherfucker!" Syd cursed, bucking her hips upward and riding out another
wicked orgasm.

"Uhgn," Todd grunted as their pubic bones came together hard and the
head of his cock rammed into Syd's cervix.

"Yeah, yeah, that's it! Hard and deep, Todd baby! Hard and deep!"

Todd took a deep breath (he could still taste the sweet/sour taste of
his sister's cum) and proceeded to pound his cock into Syd, bludgeoning her
pussy with his thickening shaft until he reached the event horizon of his

Syd could feel it, too, could feel her brother's maleness swelling
inside of her, locking them together. "Give it to me! Fill me up with it!

For Todd, the world just went away. One moment, he was thrusting inside
Sydney like a man possessed; the next moment found him completely paralyzed
as he emptied his seed into his sister's cunt in great long spurt. A moan
managed to escape his lips, starting somewhere in the neighborhood of his
toes and working its way up.

"Oh, damn," Syd cried, locking her shapely legs around Todd's waist,
further ensuring that they would ride the wave together. She pulled the
perspiring teen down, crushing her lips against his, raping his mouth with
her tongue as Todd continue to pump sperm into her well of life. A final
wave of orgasmic devastation crashed into Sydney, bringing the darkness
along with a pleasure not known to her until now.


"What the fuck happened?" Todd asked, waking up and finding himself
alone in his bed. He sat up - a little too fast - and his head spun
drunkenly for a moment. "Sydney?"

"I'm right here, Todd," Syd replied. She came to his side of the bed,
using a cool, damp wash cloth to wipe his face.

"Oh, Jesus, Syd," Todd blurted, knocking aside the soothing cloth and
falling into his sister's arms. "What did we do?"

"Nothing that neither of us didn't want to happen," Syd said lovingly,
stroking Todd's damn hair. "God, you were wonderful - everything I dreamed
you would be!"

"I feel so dirty," Todd said, feeling the tears begin to well in his

"Why?" T "Brothers and sisters aren't supposed to fuck each other," Todd
said, trying to keep his composure.

"How 'bout that?" Sydney said, holding Todd at arm's length and smiling
at him.


"Well, I'm amazed that what they say is true - a stiff dick has no
conscience. You didn't seem to think making love to me was such a bad idea
a little while ago."

And Todd knew in his heart that Sydney was dead-on right. He had been
wanting her ever since the day he saw her masturbating, knew that he had to
have her - but never realizing that the dream would come true.

"No, I didn't," Todd confessed, giving up any further pretense of being
offended by their actions. "I've always wanted you, Sydney, but never had
the guts to say anything, let alone do anything."

"I know what you mean," Syd agreed, her eyes fairly lighting up with
love for Todd. "That day I saw you jerking off did it for me, especially
when you shot your load!"

"You saw that?" Todd asked, strangely not feeling one bit of

"Did I ever! Shit, I almost messed my suit up!"

"So now what, Sydney? Where do we go from here?"

"I love you, Todd, more than any sister should love her brother. To
have your love, we can go anywhere you want," Syd said, her own eyes
beginning to tear.

Todd seemed to consider her words for a moment, feeling them resonate
within his own soul before speaking. "You know if mom and Dad find out,
they're going to kill us."

"I know," Syd said somberly. "But it's a risk I'm willing to take. mom told me one day that there are some things worth getting in trouble for."

"Oh, shit," Todd said suddenly as an important piece of information
slapped him upside the head.

"What?" Syd asked, concerned with his sudden change of demeanor.

"Syd, we didn't use any protection!" Todd moaned.

"I know we didn't - and I'm not on the pill," Syd confessed, clearly not
sharing Todd's concern.

"You're not? Why?"

"They make me blow up like a blimp," Syd replied nonchalantly. "The
doctor thought about putting in an IUD, but I didn't want some hunk of
plastic stuck inside of me that might move and do some damage."

"Syd, if we keep making love, you might get pregnant," Todd warned.

"Occupational hazard," Syd said with a shrug. "So you've decided that
we're going to keep on making love?"

"We can if I get some rubbers," Todd replied.

"Uh-uh, no way," Syd said forcefully. "Rich Beach took my cherry
wearing a rubber and I hated the way it felt inside of me, almost like
having my doctor examining me. So, forget that shit, okay?"

"Okay," Todd said, not wanting his long-awaited dream to slip away.
"Before I cum, I'll pull out."

"You do and I'll break your neck," Sydney answered, putting on her
fiercest face. "Better yet, you pull out and mom and Dad might find out
about what happened this afternoon."

"Is that a threat?" Todd asked, feeling cornered and knowing that his
father would kill the shit out of him rather than look at him.

"Nope - it's a promise. Look, honey, you're worrying about shit that
hasn't happened yet. Let's just be in love with each other the way we've
always wanted to be and worry about the consequences when we have to!"

Hearing his sister call him 'honey' softened Todd's mood. "If that's
what will make you happy," he said, accepting his role as the love of his
sister's life.

"It will and I promise you won't regret it for one moment. Now, we'd
better get cleaned up before they get home," Syd said, scooping up her
clothes and heading for the door. "One other thing, though."

"What's that?" Todd asked, watching his naked sister step through the

"I love you, Todd and I can't wait until we make love again! See ya

"That was two things," Todd said to a now-empty room. He laid back on
the bed for a moment, gathering his thoughts and checking his feelings in
preparation for whatever might lie ahead.


Todd and Sydney's illicit relationship grew stronger every day, as they
took advantage of every moment they had alone to delve further into wicked
acts of incestuous love, each enjoying the heady rush and spine-tingling
thrill their union provided.

The first full week of their bond was spent making love in every room of
the house - including the bed in which they were both conceived. For Todd,
it was the ultimate rush for him, pumping hot, loving sperm into the woman
that he loved in the same bed their parents fucked in.

An even greater thrill was the day they had almost gotten caught by
their parents...

* * *

Todd and Sydney had been going at each other on the dining room table,
filling the room with grunts and groans of pleasure when Syd stopped her
brother in mid-stroke, begging him to let her suck him off, to which Todd
readily agreed.

Climbing off the table (which they proved was sturdier than it looked),
Todd sat in his place at the table while Sydney took up residence under the
table, suctioning his cock for its milk, when the teens heard the front
door open and close.

"Oh, shit," Todd cursed as the footsteps approached. "They're home

"Mmmph!" Syd replied, her mouth full of thick cock. She tried to move
from her place, only to be stopped by her brother.

"If you come out now, we're busted," he whispered, knowing that even
though his sister had taken her clothes under the table with her, she was
butt naked. The only thing that saved them from immediate detection was
the long tablecloth. "Stay there until I tell you it's clear!"

"Hey there, son," Brian Mason-Gates said in greeting to Todd. "How's it

Todd almost laughed at the old joke, especially since he wasn't exactly
hanging at the moment - Sydney had resumed her quest to devour his seed.
"Ah, um, you know how it is, Dad - leaving a trail, just leaving a trail!"

"Damned straight," the elder Mason-Gate replied, finishing the joke.
"Where's your sister?"

"I dunno," Todd lied, almost choking on the words as Sydney sucked on
his aching balls. "She's around here somewhere."

"Really?" asked Theresa, their mother. "Why are you sitting at the

"No reason," Todd answered, hoping his face wasn't revealing the
exquisite pleasure his hidden sister was laying on him, sucking him so deep
into her mouth that her nose was buried in his pubic hair. "I'm, ah, I'm
just sitting here, hanging out."

"Well, when you get done hanging out, go find your sister for me, will
you?" his mother asked, just as that old familiar feeling started to creep
up his spine. "I need her to take care of something for me a little

She's taking care of something right now, Todd thought, his balls
tightening and his cock thickening in the grasp of Sydney's mouth, milking
him to climax while trying to squelch the dead-giveaway sound of someone
sucking on something.

"What was that?" Brian Mason-Gates asked, looking around the room.

"What was what, Dad?" Todd asked, sweating bullets as he was about to
explode deliciously.

"Sounded like someone slurping on something," his father replied,
looking suspiciously at the cloth-covered table.

"I didn't hear anything - did you hear anything, Mom?"

"No, honey, I didn't hear a thing. Will you do what I asked you to do
and get your sister. Tell her I want her to come right now, not when she's

Todd only nodded in response, having chosen to bite his tongue as his
cock shot spurt after creamy spurt of spunk into his sister's mouth; he had
to grab onto the edge of the table to keep himself seated as Sydney quietly
drained him dry.

"Today, Todd - get your ass moving!" his father warned, turning to join
his mother in the kitchen.

"O-okay, Dad - I'm cum, ah, I'm going right now!" Seeing his parents vanish around the corner, Todd relaxed enough to enjoy the now-gently
sucking on his cock.

"That was fun," Sydney said from under the table. "We should do that
more often!"

"Are you crazy?" Todd asked, listening to his sister getting dressed in
a hurry. "You could have waited until later to do that!"

"What, and waste a good woody? You must be mad, sir!" Syd crawled from
under the table, using her fingers to untangle her golden mane. "Besides,
it was a rush, wasn't it?"

"You don't know the half of it," Todd conceded, stuffing his limp and
sticky cock back into hiding and standing up. "Hang on for a second.

Sydney suppressed a giggle as she rushed to the other side of the room,
pretending to have already been there. "You didn't have to yell - I'm
right here!" she said with a wink, using her tongue to swipe at a stray
dollop of sperm clinging to her luscious lips. She blew him a kiss as she
walked into the kitchen to properly greet her parents.

As Todd listened to them talking, he breathed a sigh of relief, hoping
that neither parent would notice the, ah, new fragrance his sister was
wearing - au de Spunk. He laughed and headed for the living room.


Other than that one close call, Todd and Sydney carried on unabated in
their hunger for each other. Whenever they were together in public, people
would stop them and compliment them on how nice they looked together; for
those who knew they were brother and sister, it was said that no brother and sister got along better than Todd and Sydney Mason-Gates, no sir, no

Their lust knew no boundaries as they made love in the most unusual
places. Once, they were walking past an alley and ducked inside for a
quickie, taking a great deal of obscene pleasure in knowing that as they
fucked, people were walking by, completely unaware of the crime being
committed under their very noses.

In the library, at the movies, in parking lots, and once more around the
whole house, the two sibling lovers fucked and sucked themselves silly -
but carefully; each knowing that one slip in front of their parents would
spell the end of their forbidden love.

"I love you," Todd whispered into the darkness of the room, his hips
thrusting gently - but urgently - into his sister's sweetness as she knelt
before him, moaning softly each time his sword slid into her sheath.

"I love you, too," Syd whispered back, feeling the rush of yet another
orgasm race through her body. "God, how I love you! Fuck me harder, Todd,
knock my pussy into the next county!"

"Anything to make you happy, sweetheart," Todd replied, spreading
Sydney's cheeks apart to watch his cock working her snatch into a frothy
mess. "Damn, this is some good pussy!"

Todd hammered himself into Sydney as he began to spurt inside of her,
coating her velvety walls with his jizz.

"I can feel it," Syd purred, adding her juices to the one's scalding her
insides. "It's so hot... so fucking good!"

The two lay next to each other, kissing gently and basking in the warm
glow of their love. Todd was almost asleep when his sister shook him.

"Wake up for a moment, Todd!"

"Huh? What the hell for?"

"We need to talk about something," Sydney replied, sitting up and
looking at the clock on her table.

"Can't it wait until later? You wore my ass out!"

"It's almost 7:30 and they'll be home in a few minutes," Sydney reminded
her sibling. "I need to tell you this before they get home, okay?"

"Oh, whatever," Todd grumbled, propping himself up and looking into his
lover's face - well, as much as he could see in the dark. "What's so
important that you have to interrupt my after-sex nap?

Syd giggled happily for a moment before once again turning serious.
"Well, to make a long story short, I'm pregnant."

For a moment, Todd just laid there, smiling until Sydney's words
penetrated his brain. "Whoa! Say that again?"

"I'm pregnant, Todd," Syd repeated softly. "I'm going to have your

"Oh, no," Todd said, sitting up. "Oh, Christ, no! You can't be!"

"You sound disappointed," Sydney said, her eyes filling with tears. "I
thought you'd be happy!"

"Oh, come here," Todd said, taking his sister into his arms. "I didn't
mean it the way it sounded. I'm happy that you're pregnant - shit, it took
long enough! But, that's not what's bothering me."

"What is it, then?" Sydney asked, wiping her eyes.

"Mom and Dad," Todd replied evenly, keeping the growing fear deep inside
of him. "There's no way they're not going to notice that you're pregnant -
especially Mom! Shit, Syd, she knows your cycle better than you do!"

"Yeah, I know," Sydney agreed, trying to smile again. "Remember back
when all of this started and I said that we'd have to worry about the
consequences later on?"


"Start worrying," Syd said with a small laugh.

"Seriously," Todd chided his sister. "What the hell are we going to

"Well, first off, we're going to have a beautiful, healthy baby - boy or
girl doesn't matter right now," Sydney offered, using a finger to tickle
her brother's nipple.

"C'mon, Syd! Stop it for a moment, will you? We need to think this out
before the shit hits the fan!"

"Oh, all right," Sydney pouted, using her finger to tease her own
nipples into hardness. "I was just trying to take your mind off the
problem for a moment."

"I know," Todd said softly, kissing his sister on the cheek. "But if we
don't come up with some kind of plan, I'm gonna get wasted!"

"Don't you mean we're going to get wasted?"

"Nope - I meant what I said. Look, eventually, they're going to find
out that you're pregnant, right?"

"Eventually - where are you going with this?"

"When they find out, it's not going to take either of them long to
figure out who knocked you up," Todd said, wincing in the darkness as he
imagined his father's huge fists turning his face to a bloody, pulpy mess.

"How'd you figure that?"

"You forget, baby - they both know you aren't dating anyone, remember?
They know you've only been hanging out with one person - me - and they'll
automatically - and correctly - put the blame right on me!"

"It's not just your fault," Sydney said. "I'm just as much to blame as
you are!"

"I know that and you know that - but they ain't gonna be in any mood to
hear it," Todd said, shaking his head sadly.

"So I'll find some poor slob to blame it on. I know - I'll give it up
to Bill Lindcomb - he's been after me for months."

"Like hell you will," Todd growled. "He isn't getting anywhere near
you, so forget that!"

"Ooh, so protective are we?" Syd teased, kissing the father of her baby
gently. "Okay, so we're back to square one - what do we do when they find
out and start asking questions?" To Sydney's surprise, Todd laughed.
"What's so funny?"

"I was just thinking that when they ask - and you'll notice I didn't say
if - we'll just tell them the truth. I mean, mom and Dad are pretty cool
and, shit, they just might understand the situation we're in."

"Tell them the truth," Sydney repeated, seeing the humor in his words.
"Is that before or after you visit the emergency room?"

"I didn't say it was a perfect idea," Todd said defensively. "But what
else can we do?"

"I could, um, go to the clinic and, ah..."

"LIKE HELL YOU WILL," Todd roared, taking Sydney by the shoulder and
shaking her. "You are NOT going to have an abortion! Over my dead body!"

"Okay... so that wasn't a good idea," Syd said, blinking her eyes to
clear the bright spots that had appeared before them.

"You know what?" Todd asked, lying on his back and trying to think.


"We're fucked," Todd said, closing his eyes. "Fucked right up the ass!"

"Hmm, now there's an idea," Sydney said, shifting her position and
plunging her mouth onto her brother's cock.

"Hey! What the hell...?" Todd exclaimed, feeling his cock go instantly

"Just following up on an idea you had," Sydney replied, releasing her
oral grip on him and straddling his prone form, aiming the thick spongy
head of his prick to her back door. "I want you in my ass!"

"But..." Todd protested, feeling his cock knob being wedged into
Sydney's shit chute.

"Exactly," Sydney said, grimacing as she forced Todd's glans past her
sphincter muscles; the pain was incredible but she was determined to have
him back there, all hot and hard. She gasped aloud as Todd's prick head,
lubricated by remnants of their combined juices and the slickness left by
her mouth, slid past her tight muscles and into her bowels, taking quite a
few inches of shaft along with it. "Oh, fuck..."

"Ain't that the truth," Todd agreed, grimacing at the deliciously
painful feeling of having Sydney's ass clamped ightly around his swollen
member. "Sydney, I ain't gonna last long like this..."

"I don't want you to, lover - I want to feel you cumming in my ass and
besides, now you can say that you've fucked me in every hole I have!"

Todd could only nod in response as Sydney worked her ass onto his cock,
taking more and more of him inside her rectum until she finally impaled
herself fully upon his staff.

"Oh, damn, this feels good," Sydney moaned as she began to ride him,
feeling Todd's thick meat sliding into her shit hole, spraying him with a
shot of girly spunk.

"Already?" Todd asked, knowing he would be spilling into her soon.

"Damned right, brother of mine," Sydney said, grinning evilly. "Your
turn..." Syd slammed her ass down onto Todd's pelvis and squeezed as tight
as she could.

"OH, FUCK!" Todd cried, spilling his load into his sister's nether
regions. It was painful as his cock continued to spurt but, damn, it was a
delicious kind of pain.

Sydney rose from her squatting position, Todd's cock plopping from her
back hole with an obscene plopping sound, following by the rather
embarrassing sound of her breaking wind as the air trapped within her
bowels was expelled, along with gobs of white goo.

"You're insane," Todd breathed, feeling his cock begin to shrink back to

"I may be insane, but there's no deny a couple of things here," Syd
said, rolling off the bed and standing on wobbly legs.

"What's that?"

"That, insane or not, you love me... and you're going to be a daddy to
the most beautiful baby the world has ever seen! I'm going to get cleaned
up - see you downstairs?"

"Yeah, I'll be down after I get my act together," Todd said. As he
showered, his mind, now freed from its lusty prison, began to work on the
real problem at hand: how do you hide a pregnant sister from your parents?
As the hot soapy water worked its magic on his aching muscles, he came up
with the perfect solution to the problem.

"Why didn't I think of this before?" Todd said to the shower walls, a
smile spreading across his handsome features.


"What did you want to talk to me about, Princess?" Brian Mason-Gates
asked his daughter, sitting next to her on the bed. "You said it was

"It's very important, Dad," Sydney said, smiling sweetly at her father.

"Okay, you have my undivided attention, so let's have it," Brian said,
returning Sydney's smile.

"Well, I'm pretty sure you're not going to like what I'm about to tell
you, but here goes: Daddy, I'm pregnant."

The smile cracked and fell right off the elder Mason-Gates' face as his
daughter's announcement sunk in. "What did you say? Did I hear you right,

Sydney looked at her father, taking in his handsome features and only
now fully realizing how much he and Todd resembled each other. "Yes,
Daddy, you heard me right: I'm going to have a baby."

"Oh, hell," her father said. "Are you sure?"

"I'm very sure," Syd answered, relaxing a little as she realized her
father wasn't as upset as she and Todd had expected him to be. "If I'm
right, I'm almost two months gone. Isn't that wonderful?"

"Wonderful? You call being seventeen and pregnant wonderful? Have you
taken leave of your sense? I suppose you're not going to tell me who the
father is, are you?" Brian Mason-Gates said in a rush, large pieces of him
not wanting to believe his child so have been so careless.

"If you really want to know, sure, I'll tell you," Sydney replied
evenly. "I mean, if you really think it's important."

Sydney's father shook his head incredulously. "Duh! My daughter gets
knocked up and she's asking if I think it's important for me to know who
did this to her? What is the fucking world coming to?" So, who is it - who
was stupid enough to...shit, there's no easy way to say this... who was
stupid enough to fuck you without having the proper protection? No, let me
guess; it was that Black kid - what's his name? Billy
something-or-the-other? Jesus Christ, you let a Black kid fuck you and get
you pregnant? I don't fucking believe this shit!"

"Daddy, calm down! Me and Billy are just friends!"

"Yeah, I can see how friendly he's been," her father growled, his anger
growing by the second.

"It's not like that - I like Billy but I don't like him that much that
I'd give it up to him," Sydney assured her father, taking his hand. "No,
the father of my baby is probably the last person you'd ever expect."

"Oh, yeah? Like who?" her father demanded. "Is it someone we know?"

"You could say that," Sydney confirmed. Even though her father was two
seconds from being rip-roaring pissed off, she knew that she'd be able to
tell him what he wanted to know without worrying about her own safety.

"Okay, Sydney, I'm tired of playing around - who's the father?" Brian
Mason-Gates leaned forward to put emphasis on his question.

"Todd is," Sydney answered, closing the distance between them in an
instant, locking her lips onto his and snaking her tongue into his mouth.

Brian Mason-Gates wasn't just shocked - he was double-shocked as her
daughter's words registered in his brain, right about the same time he felt
her tongue violate his mouth. Instinctively, he started to return the
unexpected kiss...

Sydney felt her father's mouth soften against hers, felt his tongue
sliding into her mouth and, most important, felt him growing rock-hard
under her hand, which had 'accidentally' found its way into his lap. She
kissed him fiercely and passionately, feeling her body heat up in response.

Suddenly, Brian grabbed Sydney by her shoulders, forcibly breaking the
kiss and staring at her incredulously. "Sidney, what the hell are you
doing? Do you know who I am?"

But Sydney wasn't so easily put off. She knocked his hands away, using
the motion to push her father onto his back. Quickly, her hands worked at
her father's pants, unfastening them and freeing his - gasp - monstrous
cock before he could voice another protest. Grinning wickedly, she looked
at him. "I know exactly who you are," she purred, leaning on him and
keeping him pinned while using her hands to stroke him into complete
hardness. "You're the man who's getting ready to fuck me!" Sydney swooped
down upon her father's cock, managing to only get about half of it into her
mouth - for the moment.

Brian Mason-Gates was stunned into a helplessness that quickly turned
into submission as his daughter - sweet Christ almighty - attacked his
now-aching meat, working her hot mouth deeper onto his shaft...

* * *

"I'm only going to ask you one more time, young man," Theresa said to
her son in that no-nonsense tone only a mother possessed. "Do you know
where your father is?"

"Uh-huh," Todd answered, his eyes fixed onto his mother, who was clad
only in her slip, bra and panties. He looked at the clock on the dresser,
correctly assuming that if every thing was going according to plan, his
father was rather busy. "Mom, can I ask you something?"

Theresa knew her son was trying to side-step her but decided to play
along until he told her what she wanted to know. "What is it, Todd?"

"Do you think I'm good-looking?"

"What kind of question is that?" his mother countered, a frown creasing
her lovely features. "Of course you're good-looking - you're my son!"

"Would you think I was good-looking if I weren't your son?"

Theresa smiled softly at her progeny. "Of course, I would - you're a
very handsome young man! Why do you ask?"

Todd got up and walked over to his mother, wrapping his arms around her
and hugging her tightly, inhaling her fresh, stimulating scent. He also
took advantage of the hug to nuzzle her cleavage, the softness of her flesh
sending an exciting thrill through him - and a lot of blood flowing to his
cock! "I just wanted to know," he said, looking into his mother's eyes.

Theresa was shocked at first when her son hugged her and again when he
practically buried his face into her bosom. As she instinctively wrapped
her arms around his, the shock wore off, but not the warm feeling she had
being held in the arms of her man-child, a thought she tried to push to the
back of her mind. She reached up and fiddled with a stray lock of hair on
his head, thinking how lucky she was to have such a loving son.

Todd continued to smile as his mother toyed with his hair, never taking
his eyes off her. Time to test the waters, he thought, leaning forward and
kissing his mother lightly on the lips.

"My! What was that for?" Theresa asked, feeling a flush of warmth cover
her from head to crotch.

"No reason," Todd said sweetly. "I used to give you kisses when I was
younger and, well, it's been a while since I did something like that."

"Oh, how sweet," Theresa said as Todd's lips approached hers, expecting
another light peck on the lips...

But not expecting Todd to slip his tongue into her mouth and most
definitely not expecting to find his strong hands lifting her slip and
diving into the waistband of her panties!

"Mmmm," Todd moaned, working his fingers past the waistband of his
mother's silk panties as he continued to kiss her, his tongue probing every
square inch of her mouth. Todd knew that he had to reach his goal, knew he
had to get his fingers on her button before daring to break the highly
stimulating kiss. His eyes flew open in surprise; he had expected to
encounter hair, not the baby-bottom smoothness of bare flesh! He continued
to wriggle his fingers downward, sliding one between those hairless outer

And was again surprised to feel his mother bend her knees slightly to
admit his probing digit.

"Mmmm..." Theresa moaned into Todd's mouth as his invading finger sought
and found her clitty, rubbing it with a gentle urgency. Once she got over
the initial shock, it hadn't taken her long to figure out what was going on
here, somehow knowing that if Todd was in here putting a major move on her,
then Sydney had to be doing the same thing to her father. She kissed her
son harder, her way of letting him know that he had just bitten of more
than he could chew. The room echoed briefly as their lips parted wetly.

"On the bed, mister," Todd's mother commanded. "If you're going to do
it, then you're damn well going to do it right!" She turned them around
until Todd's back was to the queen-sized bed and shoved him onto it.

"Wha...!" Todd yelped as his back hit the bed - and his mother landed on
top of him.

"Oh, so you want to play, huh?" Theresa asked, ripping at Todd's
clothing. "Think you've got what it takes to play with the big people, do
you? Well, let's see what you've got!"

Todd was stupefied - wasn't he supposed to be the one doing the seducing
here? Regardless of what he may have thought, it was clear who was now in
control of the situation now as first his pants, then his underwear went
sailing across the room, followed by what remained of his T-shirt. He
raised his head in time to see his mother swoop down and capture a nipple
between her teeth, biting down on it so hard Todd expected to find it
missing later on!

"Ow!" Todd blurted as his mother started to suck on each nipple in turn.

"Shut the fuck up," Theresa muttered, laving her tongue across Todd's
hairless chest, working her way down to his cock. "Well, at least you have
the right equipment..."

Todd gasped as he watched his mother gobble his prick like a Vienna
sausage, noisily working his meat like the old pro she obviously was and
using her fingers to keep his sore nipples hard. He felt one hand
meandering down his side and under his ass...

The world exploded as her finger forced its way into his backside,
worming its way deeper into his bowels until it came into contact with his
prostate - with electrifying results!

* * *

"Oh, shit, shit, fuck, damn... DAMN!" Sydney cried out as her father slammed his massive cock into her as hard and as fast as he could.

"So. You. Fucked. Your. Brother. And. He. Knocked. You. Up?"
Brian said, emphasizing each word with a vicious thrust of his prick.

Sydney was oblivious to the terse words, well into her fourth or fifth
orgasm in the last several minutes, only now wondering who was setting up
whom for what...

* * *

"Did you think we didn't know, sweetie?" Theresa asked, grinding her
cunt onto Todd's painfully hard cock. "Did you really think we were that
stupid that we wouldn't know you two were fucking? Answer me!"

"Uh, um..." Todd wasn't in much shape to say anything, especially after
having his prostate tickled. He had never blown a load so hard and so
quickly! And, to make matters worse, his mother somehow managed to keep
her finger firmly in his ass, not allowing his cock to deflate! He had
watched in stunned horror as his mother tore off her panties and mounted
him, his thick cock swallowed up by her experienced cunt easily.

"Nothing to say, huh?" Theresa said, shivering as an orgasm raced
through her. "I didn't think so! You're not as big as your father is but
you're getting there. Just think of it! While you're here with me, he's
shoving eight thick inches of dick into your sister's sweet cunt!"

* * *

"Now, Daddy - do it now!" Sydney pleaded with her father, her whole
world turned upside down even as Brian continued to turn her sore pussy inside out.

"Nah, not yet," her father said, turning the hapless girl onto her
stomach and plowing into her cunt from behind. "Ain't ready to do it and,
besides, this is some good stuff you've got, girl - no wonder your brother loves fucking you so much! So nice and tight!"

"Oooh, damn it, FUCK ME, YOU BASTARD! TEAR MY pussy APART!"

"Oh, I plan on doing just that," Brian said, spreading his daughter's
cheeks so he could watch his thick pole reaming her coochie out. "I guess
it's safe to tell you - oh, damn this is good - that we knew you two were
doing the deed..."

* * *

Theresa's whole body shook as her son rammed his cock into her, trigger
yet another mind-numbing climax. She wriggled the finger she still had up
his poop chute, giving his tortured prostate another lesson on who was the
boss here.

"Mom, NO!" Todd screamed, losing another load of spunk to his mother's
ravenous slit. With her finger firmly ensconced in his butt and wreaking
havoc with his p-gland, Todd knew he wouldn't have the luxury of getting
soft any time soon, not before she completely drained him of every drop of
jizz he possessed.

"What? And let Sydney be the only one having a baby? Shit, you picked
the right - or wrong - time to fuck with me, Todd - I'm ovulating like a
champ and with the big deposits you've made, you're going to have two
babies to deal with!"

* * *

"I can't wait until you have his baby," Sydney's father said, emptying a
heavy load of sperm into her overworked and overheated box. "Just as soon
as you heal up, you're gonna get knocked up again - by me!"

"Just keep coming, Daddy," Sydney said, feeling his worm spitting gobs
of spunk into her womb. She was way beyond begging and pleading - just
glad to feel that monstrosity inside her begin to shrivel.

Spent - and more than satisfied - Brian pulled out of his little girl,
noting with some pride at her ability to take a good fucking. "Come with
me, Syd," he said, taking her by the hand and helping her out of the bed.

"Where are we going?" Sydney asked, her words slurring as if she was

"Going to see how your mother's making out with your dear brother,"
Brian answered, running his hands along his daughter's firm backside. "He
should be well-fucked by now."


Todd lay flat on his back, gasping for air, something he was finding
difficult to do, more so with the image of his mother's spermy cunt hovering in his face. Even though his mother had fucked him into the next
zip code, it hadn't been enough for her.

After making a supernova go off inside his entire body, Theresa had
rolled her son onto his back, turning her body and lowering her pussy into
his face. "Eat it, boy," she growled, fondling his very empty balls. "Eat
my pussy or it's the finger for you!"

Todd complied, sucking the interesting combination of sperm and
girl-stuff from his mother's oven-hot snatch. Above him, she groaned in
delight, grinding her messy box into his mouth and face, the friction of
her hairless pussy against scouring his face.

Theresa sighed contentedly as Todd's tongue scooped out every dollop of
spunk from her love hole. She looked up just as her husband arrived with
their daughter. "How was she?" Theresa asked, accepting a kiss from Brian.

"That girl's got some good booty," Brian said with a wicked smile.
"How's he holding up?"

"Not bad," Theresa admitting, washing her son's face with a spurt of hot
juices. "A little short on stamina - but we can fix that! Now, bring that
over here!"

Brian's smile widened as he crawled onto the bed, offering his rising
cock to Theresa to be sucked. "Honey, why don't you let him up for a
moment so he can watch how it's really done?"

Without missing a beat, Theresa slid off Todd's face; Sydney went to his
side, kissing him and holding the battered youth tightly.

"I'm sorry, Syd," Todd croaked. "They were on to us the whole time."

"So I found out," Sydney agreed, watching her mother make the monster
cock disappear into her mouth with ease. "Are you okay?"

"I'll live - how about you?"

"Sore as hell - Dad's cock is huge! It looks like our problem is
solved, doesn't it?"

"No, your problems are just beginning," Theresa said from the other side
of the bed as Brian filled her pussy with his thick love snake.

"Yeah," Brian grunted. "Don't kid yourself into thinking that this'll
be the only time this happens! In fact, you two should turn in for the
night - we've got a lot of fucking to do in the morning!

Todd and Sydney got off the wildly gyrating bed, staring in amazement -
and love - at their parents as they fucked each other into senselessness...


Sydney had her baby - a seven pound, two ounce girl. Theresa gave also
gave birth to her son's son a couple of months later. Before those blessed
events occurred, Sydney and Todd were schooled in the fine art of sexual
pleasures. As it turned out, Sydney went into active labor while locked
into a soul-searing 69 with her mother as the men occupied themselves with
some enthusiastic cock sucking.

As Todd stood watching his mother breast-feeding their son, he knew that
once the tables had turned, their lives would never be the same.



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