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TUTORING cum now You will take



Felix Phile Copyright 1999, 2000 (

This story was originally posted under another name, but I decided to
gather all my stories under one roof. It was written for someone with whom
I corresponded for a couple of months in 1999, but have not heard from
since then. It is written for her tastes, not mine. But this must be a
part of me if I could write it.


I hadn't been back to the university in years, and now as I walked the
halls the memories were coming back in bits and pieces. I was there
because I'd taken an job giving extra help in Computer Science to a trio
of students. I was now walking around the library building trying to find
the room where I was supposed to meet them.

I am a 40-year-old man who had attended this university many years before
when I got my degree in CSc. I had seen a posting on the 'Net indicating
that Student Services was looking for experienced people to give
additional tutoring to students who wanted the help. I thought it might be
interesting and a little extra cash never hurt so I replied to the
posting. Pretty soon they'd arranged the first session and all I had to do
was find the room.

Eventually I did find it and entered. It was a small reading room
containing a rectangular table and two students. Sitting there was a slim
male with longish hair and a touch of acne. Beside him was tiny asian girl
with very long black hair and wire-framed glasses. They were huddled over
a photocopy of something and didn't see me come in.

I spoke up, "Hi, I'm Felix, your tutor."

They looked up, then the girl replied "I'm Min," followed by the boy who
stood up and blurted "Simon".

We sat down and the three of us talked for a bit waiting for the other
student. Simon and Min were science students who were in the same computer
course as part of their majors. They were looking for help on their
assignment, which is what they'd been working on when I came in. After a
few minutes of getting to know each other we started on their assignment,
which was a fairly simple bit of programming introducing them to basic
sorting techniques.

About ten minutes into the session a girl entered the room, a little out
of breath, and puffed out, "Sorry, I didn't mean to be late, my last
lecturer just wouldn't stop talking. Oh, I'm Lorraine."

I said, "I'm Felix, no harm done, we're just getting into it. Why don't
you get settled while I finish this bit."

I talked to Min and Simon for a couple more minutes, showing them a
relevent section in their text book. Then I got them to do some work while
I talked to Lorraine. It turned out that she was a Poli-Sci major who was
doing an intro computer course for humanities students. It wasn't as
intense as the science students but she had to learn how to use a
statistical package.

I wasn't familiar with the one she had to use but it was similiar to
something I'd used years before and I knew that I could handle it. I asked
her what her first assignment was and she started digging through her
backpack to find it. I took a moment to look at her, being the closet lech
that I am. She was wearing the campus uniform of a University sweatshirt
and blue jeans. She was average-pretty, not someone that would grab your
attention in a crowd, but attractive. Some people might have thought she
was heavier than she should be, she probably did, but I thought she was
nicely curved.

We finished the rest of the hour-and-a-half with me switching back and
forth from Simon and Min to Lorraine. We wrapped up agreeing to meet the
next week at the same time. We left the library at dusk heading off in
different directions.

The next week was much the same as I helped Min and Simon work on their
assignment. I think they were a little disappointed because I wouldn't
give them the answers, just guide them as they worked it out. Lorraine
seemed quite interested in my help and huddled up close to me on our side
of the table as I worked with her.

When the time was up we walked out of the building together, into the
darkness. It was much darker than the last week because of we'd set clocks
back over the weekend. Lorraine seemed troubled by this and I asked her

"I don't like to walk alone in the dark."

"Why, isn't the campus safe?"

"No, a student was attacked going to her car a couple of weeks ago and now
everyone is edgy."

"Where do you live?"

"I share a house just off campus with a couple of friends. About 15
minutes walk."

I offered to walk with her as it wouldn't be too far out of my way. We
talked for a while about generalities of campus life. We talked about her
social life. She went to parties but was quiet. I could tell that she
wished she was more outgoing. I asked about her boyfriend. She said she
didn't have one because all the guys she knew were just too immature. By
this time we were at her house. We said goodbye and I headed off home.

The next week when I showed up at the library only Lorraine was there. A
message was left on the door from Min saying that she and Simon had
decided not to continue with the tutorial. This was fine with me as I
didn't want to be doing their assignments for them.

Lorraine and I sat down beside each other and started working on her
current problem. We sat close with our shoulders bumping occasionally as
we worked. I noticed that this time Lorraine was wearing a blouse instead
of her usual sweatshirt. I could just make out her lacy white bra through
the white blouse and maybe the tops of her breast when the material lay
against them.

At one point as she reached across in front of me to grab a paper I could
feel her breast rubbing against my arm. I thought it was accidental but
enjoyed it very much anyway. When I could do it discretely I would try to
peek down her blouse but couldn't see much as it was buttoned almost to
the top.

Later, after she'd taken a washroom break, I realized that I could see
more cleavage; She'd opened a couple of buttons. There were some lovely,
firm, round, white breasts emerging from the top of her lacy bra cups. She
was also squeezing her arms together making her cleavage even more defined
every now and then. I wasn't sure what she was up to, probably some
harmless titilation but I was going to find out.

I stood up and walked around the room as if I was stretching. Then I
walked up behind her and started rubbing her shoulders. She didn't seem to
mind this so I started rubbing further down the front of her blouse until
my fingertips touched skin. Then I started to push my hands slowly down
into her blouse.

She grabbed my wrists and said, "What are you doing?!"

I continued to push my hands further down and replied, "Just what you want
me to do."

She said, "No I don't, what are you thinking?!"

I kept pushing until I reached her nipples, "You really want this, you've
been showing these off, trying to get me excited."

She struggled, but not very hard, "No, I thought you were nice, but you're
not. Leave me alone!"

I continued to rub her nipples, feeling them get hard under my fingers. I
pinched them and twisted, just lightly. She whimpered slightly. Then she
tried to stand up suddenly, thinking she shouldn't let this happen. I let
her stand up, pulling my hands out of her blouse. But, before she could do
anything, I pushed up against her - forcing her against the edge of the
table. I ran my hands up her sides and round onto her breasts while
pushing my groin into her ass.

Once again she grabbed my arms and tried to pull them away, but not with
much effort. She was saying quietly, "No, no, let me go. Please don't do

I whispered into her ear, "Now, you'll get what you need. I'm going to
make you do what you really want to do, you little tease."

She kept pulling on my arms but could feel her ass starting to rock very
gently against the cock that was bulging in my pants. She was
involuntarily rubbing her pussy against the table edge. I used my body to
push her forward, to bend her over the table, trapping my hands under her
breasts. I pulled my left hand out and ran down over her ass and between
her legs, grabbing her crotch and rubbing hard. She started moaning in
time with my stroking.

I pulled her back slightly, just enough that I could run my right hand
down to the button on her jeans open it. Again she told me to stop, but
there was no meaning in her voice. I pulled my hand from between her legs
so it could join the other hand at the from and pulled down her zipper.
Then I grabbed both sides of the waist band and tried to pull her jeans

She straightened up a little to let me wiggle them down. Now I knew,
regardless of what she said, it was fucking she wanted. I truned her
around and pushed her jeans to the floor along with her panties. Then I
stood up and stepped back to take a look. She try to cover her crotch with
her hands. I grabbed them and pulled them out of the way. She had a nice
bush, full, but neatly trimmed as if she was hoping to have someone look
at it.

I commanded her, "Sit on the chair."

She didn't move. I reached over and pinched a nipple. She gasped and
started to back herself into the chair. When she was sitting on it I
reached into her pubes and felt for her slit. It was dripping.

"Pull up your legs and spread them. Now."

She put her legs over the arms of the chair.

"Now put your hands between your legs and finger yourself for me."

Her hand moved towards her pussy but stopped.

"No, I can't."

"Do it you tramp, like you do at home when you're all alone. DO IT."

Her hand slid down and her finger started diddling her clit. Then her
other hand slid down and she started pushing two fingers into herself.

Meanwhile I was rubbing my own crotch, I was hard as bone and could feel
the wet patch that was now on my slacks. I couldn't take this much more; I
opened my pants and pulled out my cock.

"Put your legs down."

"What?" she said.

I reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her head forward, and
repeated, "Put your legs down and suck."

She twisted her head and said, "No, I've never done that."

"Bullshit, you're going to do it now."

I pulled her head forward and started forcing my cockhead between her
lips. They opened and her teeth parted. Soon my dick was moving slowly in
and out, further and further in, as I fucked her mouth. It touched the
back of her throat and she gagged a little. I backed off and started a
steady pumping that was feeling really good. She started to suck harder,
running her tongue around the crown of my cock. All too soon I was ready
to explode.

"I'm going to cum now. You will take it all and swallow like a good little

She tried to pull her mouth away but I wouldn't let her. Soon I came in
great squirts and she swallowed, just like a good little girl.

After that I let her get up and we dressed quietly. Our time in the
library was up and we had to leave. As we walked out of the building I
asked her if she wanted an escort home. She just nodded her head in
agreement. We walked to her house, with me making small talk and Lorraine
responding quietly in single words.

When we got to her house she turned to say goodnight, I asked her in a
conversational tone, "Lorraine, are you a virgin?"

"Yes," she replied softly.

"Well, I guess that will be next week's lesson then. See you there."

There was so much material to cover before the end of the term.


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