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TWILIGHT sucked gently Stanley felt the blood



He sat up suddenly in bed, gasping for breath. The room was dark. He
looked over at his wife, sleeping soundly, the sheet rumpled around
her. He thought briefly of their lovemaking earlier, a small smile on
his face.

He slipped out of the bed, and padded nude into the kitchen. drawing a
glass of water at the sink, he leaned against the counter. He drank
the water slowly, thinking about the dream he had just escaped from.

He put the empty glass in the dishwasher and moved back to the
bedroom. He slid quietly into the bed, and cuddled up against his
wife's body. She moaned softly and rolled over onto her side. He
spooned up against her back, his penis finding a resting place in the
cleft of her backside. He drifted off to sleep.
Consider if you will. Stanley Thomas, an average man. Married,
two children. An ordinary person.

Until he goes to sleep. Then he becomes someone else, in some
other time, some other place...

Another time and another place called....
The Twilight Zone.

The morning sun was shining through the window. Stanley woke up alone
in the bed.

He sat up slowly and put his feet over the side of the bed. Glancing
down at himself, he noticed that he was wearing pajamas, both bottoms
and tops. Long sleeved. Puzzling over this only a moment, he noticed a
bathrobe at the foot of the bed. He stood up and put it on, and
stepped into a pair of slippers that were beside the bed.

He walked downstairs to the smell of frying bacon and eggs, freshly
brewed coffee. He stepped into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Ward," she said, turning.

He found himself replying, "Good morning, June," before he realized

He sat at the small kitchen table, and she placed before him a
plateful of bacon, eggs and biscuits. She turned again, and produced a
cup of coffee, black, and a glass of orange juice.

"It's so nice to have you home on a weekday," June said, smiling. She
wore a print frock, a bibbed apron tied around her neck and waist, a
pearl necklace around her neck.

"I think I deserve a day off," he nodded, plowing into the delicious

She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "I have something special
planned after the boys leave for school," she whispered.

She turned and called out the door. "Wally, Beaver... time for

There was the sound of rushing feet down the stairs, and the two boys appeared at the door. They sat down at the table, and June put plates
in front of them.

"Mom," Wally said, "I'll be a little late this afternoon. Eddie, Lumpy
and I are going to hang around the soda shop for a while."

"That's fine, dear," June smiled.

"Dad, may I have a quarter?" beaver grinned up at him. "There are a
couple of comic books I want to buy."

"Sure, Beaver," he said, and reached into the pocket of his robe.
Surprisingly, there was a single silver quarter. He looked at it a
moment before handing it to Beaver.

The boys finished breakfast, and with a cheery "Bye Mom, Bye Dad!"
they headed down the street toward the school.

Stanley stood up and started to pick up the plates, but June stopped

"Leave them for later," she said.

She took him by the hand and pulled him toward her, planting a kiss on
his cheek.

She reached up behind her neck and unfastened her pearls. She set them
on the table.

He reached around her, and untied her apron, then reached up and slid
her zipper down her back.

She nuzzled his neck, and whispered, "Not in the kitchen, dear. Let's
go upstairs."

She pulled away and took his hand, and led him upstairs to the

She turned as she got to the bedroom to face him. He started to
embrace her, but she pushed him off to arm's length. She pulled the
bibbed apron over her head, then slipped her dress off her shoulders,
allowing it to drop to the floor.

She reached behind her, and unhooked her Maidenform bra, and shrugged
out of it. Her breasts were full and firm, her nipples protruding like
rubber erasers. Stanley felt his penis begin to swell.

She turned around, and slipped her fingers under the waistband of her
white cotton panties, and pulled them slowly down, revealing her
white, smooth ass. She stepped out of the panties, and turned.

Her body was beautiful, with her full breasts and hips, and the dark
puff of pubic hair. His pajama bottoms were tenting forth. She glanced
down and chuckled.

She stepped forward and reached her hand into his pajama bottoms, her
fingers wrapping around his erection. She dropped to her knees, then
sat back on her heels. She pulled his throbbing love tool from his
pajamas, and placed her lips on the tip of it.

Slowly, she moved forward, taking his cock slowly between her lips,
her tongue swirling around his cockhead, tickling the tip.

Stanley unfastened his pajama bottoms, and let them drop down around
his feet, as she continued to swirl her tongue around his penis. He
shrugged out of the robe, and it dropped to the floor as well.

She stood up, and unbuttoned his pajama top. She slipped it back over
his shoulders, and it joined the rest on the floor. She pressed her
breasts against his chest, her mouth hungrily seeking his, her tongue
darting between his lips.

He edged her toward the bed, his hands wandering over her back and
ass. As the backs of her legs touched the bed, she broke the kiss and
slid into the bed. She rolled over on her back, lifted and parted her

He gazed down at her lovely pussy, the lips parting slightly, her
hooded clitoris peeking out.

She reached out her arms, and he climbed up between her legs. He bent
forward, applying his lips and tongue to her clit.

She moaned appreciatively, her fingers running through his hair.

He slipped a finger into her cunt. It was hot and wet, and she waggled
her hips as it slipped inside her.

He worked his tongue over her clit, letting the tip dance over her
clit, feeling it throb under his touch.

She pulled his hair. He looked up, and she pulled his head toward
hers. He crawled up her body, kissing his way from mound to navel to
breast to breast to neck.

Her hands slid down his body, clasping his asscheeks. She pulled his
hips toward hers; his cock slipped easily into her. She locked her
legs around him, holding him motionless inside her.

He kissed her neck, then moved to her mouth, pushing his tongue
between her teeth, and stroked her palate with the tip. She sucked on
his tongue, holding him tightly to her.

She broke the kiss long enough to sigh, "Oh, Ward!"

Her pussy clasped around his cock; she squeezed his organ with her
vaginal muscles.

They rolled over; Stanley was now on his back. June pushed herself up
to a sitting position, her pussy still holding his cock firmly.

She started moving up and down on his shaft, pushing her hands against
his chest.

He reached down and using his thumbs, he stroked her clit gently as
she moved over him.

She threw her head back. "Oh, Ward," she gasped, "I'm going to...
I'm.... Unnnnngggh!"

She convulsed, her body shaking, her pussy clamping around his penis.
After a moment, she began moving again, up and down, just a little
faster than she had been before.

Stanley was approaching orgasm. He reached up and grabbed her
shoulders, and pulled her toward him. He rolled them over on her back,
and pushing his cock deeply into her, he came, pumping his sperm deep
inside her.

His head spun, he collapsed on her firm, warm body. She pushed him
over onto his side, and nestled in his arms, their legs tangling

He blacked out.

He came to with a start; the room was dark. He tried to think, but his
mind was fuzzy. "Who am I?" he asked himself. "Stanley Thomas" came
the answer from his own mind... but where was he? And ... who was this
girl in his arms? He wished for a light.

The girl moved, her head tilted back away from him. "Richard, that was
wonderrful," she said, in a slight Scottish burr.

He smiled. His hands moved down her naked body, and found her ass. She
pulled her leg over his hips. He slipped his fingers down into the
cleft between her asscheeks; it was wet and slippery.

"But we mustn't tell Patty," the girl said. "She'll be so jealous."

"Who'll be jealous?" a voice asked. The lights went on.

Stanley blinked. He looked at the girl in his arms, and at the girl at
the door. They were identical.

"So, Cathy, you think you're going to steal my boyfriend away by
fucking him?" She closed the door, and stood beside it with her hands
on her hips. "You don't know I've been fucking him for months!"

Patty quickly took off her clothes, and stood beside the bed naked.
"Now, if you don't mind, Cathy, I don't care if you've been
everywhere, I want Richard's hot dog."

She climbed onto the bed, and pushed Stanley over onto his back. Patty
knelt down between his legs. She took his cock in her fingers, and
took the tip between her lips.

She sucked gently. Stanley felt the blood rush into his organ, making
it rise to the occasion.

Patty looked up at him, her smile wrapping itself around his penis.
She got up, turned around, and positioned herself over him in a
sixty-nine position.

Cathy rolled over to the side of the bed to watch, as Stanley began to
massage Patty's clit with his tongue, while she swirled her tongue
around his cockhead.

Patty swiftly moved to the edge of orgasm. As she felt it approach,
she sat back, pressing her cunt into Stanley's face.

Cathy rolled over, and took Patty's place, wrapping her lips around
Stanley's penis. Her tongue was as experienced as Patty's, tickling
his cockhead, her fingers caressing his balls.

"Ooooooooooohh!" Patty cried, as an orgasm shook her body.

"Ummmmmmmm" Stanley moaned.

"No!" Patty cried. "Don't come! Not yet!"

Cathy pulled away from his cock. It stood upright, quivering. Patty
rolled off Stanley's face, and straddled his hips. She raised herself
up, and with her fingers, she guided his cock into her pussy.

She rocked forward and back, her pussy clasping his cock, until he
came, his hips thrusting upward into her.

She fell forward and kissed his cheek, nestling under one arm. Cathy
snuggled up under the other arm. Stanley's head swam, his vision
blurred, and he blacked out.

"Darrin, wake up," the voice said.

Stanley blinked. The woman was straddled over his hips, her black
nightgown draped around her body. The upper part of the nightgown was
lace, and her full breasts showed through, the nipples erect.

"How could you fall asleep? Especially now?"

He could feel his cock held tightly inside her. He shook his head. "I
don't know. Sorry."

She began to move, making small circles with her hips, rubbing her
clit against his pubic bone.

He reached for her hips, his hands slid over her nightgown.

"Can't you take this off?" he whispered. "Let me see your body."

She twitched her nose. The nightgown disappeared.

He reached up to tweak her dark nipples. She threw her head back, and
started tilting her pelvis forward and backward, still rubbing herself
against him.

"Ummmmmmmmm," she moaned, "Yes...."

She leaned forward. He took hold of her and rolled over onto her back.
He began to stroke with his hips, driving his erection deep inside
her. She moaned softly on each stroke, her pussy clasping at his cock.
"Yes, yes... " she gasped, panting heavily. "oh, yes..."

She slid into the orgasm, her body quivering under him, her pussy squeezing him. He kept stroking, working harder, until his balls
exploded, pushing spurt after spurt into her.

His head spinning again, he collapsed onto her and blacked out.

"Poor Master," she said. "Perhaps you have been working too hard."

His eyes opened halfway. The blonde girl smiled at him. "Perhaps you
should take a vacation."

She blinked.

He heard the rush of the ocean, the tropical birds. He rolled over
onto his back, and gazed up into the crystal blue sky. He sat up. He
was naked on the sand.

The girl was suddenly next to him, behind him, massaging his
shoulders. "Feel better, Master?"

He nodded.

There were voices nearby. The girl blinked, and suddenly he was
wearing swim trunks and the girl was gone.

He looked down the beach. Two young women and a goofy-looking guy were
running toward him.

"Where did you come from?" the redhead asked.

Stanley shook his head.

"He doesn't know," the brunette said.

"He must have anesthesia," the man said.

"Amnesia, Gilligan," the brunette said.

"Oh, yeah," he said, "I forgot."

The redhead turned to Gilligan and said, "Go get the Professor. He'll
know what to do."

"Right. Right away!" He rushed off.

"Mary Ann, let's get him out of the sun," said the redhead.

"Ok, Ginger." They helped Stanley to his feet, and they moved under a
large palm tree. He leaned against the tree, and stared at them.

"I think he's delirious," Mary Ann said.

"Let me see if I can snap him out of it." Ginger reached up and
unbuttoned her blouse, letting it fall open, revealing her pink-tipped

Stanley's eyes bugged.

"He's alive," said Mary Ann, "now let me try."

She turned around and unfastened her shorts, drawing them down over
her ass. She bent forward, and let her anus wink at him.

"Look," Ginger giggled, "there's life in those shorts!"

She reached down and tugged at his swim trunks, pulling them down,
freeing his penis. She bent over and kissed its tip.

Mary Ann pulled her shorts all the way off. She stepped over Stanley's
body, pressing her groin into his face.

His mouth found her clit, and he fastened his lips around it, brushing
it with his tongue.

Ginger began taking his shaft into her mouth, swirling her tongue over
his cockhead.

"Let's switch," Mary Ann gasped.

Ginger sat back, letting go of Stanley's cock. Mary Ann moved back,
and lowered herself on Stanley's cock.

Ginger stood up and pulled off her shorts, and moved up in front of
Stanley's face. He plunged into her red-haired pussy, sucking at her
clit, while Mary Ann moved up and down on his shaft.

A third woman was suddenly THERE. It was the blonde he had seen

"Is this what you call a vacation?" she asked. "If I had only known
this is what you wanted, I could have..."

She blinked.

He was suddenly on a pile of cushions. The room was circular, and
tall... the ceiling tapered upward.

The blonde was on top of him, her blonde-haired pussy stretched around
his cock, her pink nipples bobbing as she moved up and down on his

"You should tell me what you want," she smiled at him. "I'm always
willing to serve my Master."

He closed his eyes as he ejaculated.


...and light.

She was still on top of him, her dark-haired head down, as she made
small circles with her hips, rubbing herself against his pubic bone.
She looked up.

"Shhhh," she said, "you'll wake Mearth."

His head lay back on the pillow. The lights went out.

He was stroking deep inside her, her legs wrapped around his. Her
blonde hair was spread over the pillow. He moaned.

She reached up and touched his lips. "Jack, janet will hear you..."

The lights were flashing now; quickly passing from moment to moment.

Faces passed before him; and boobs and bushes and asses. He bounced
from bed to bed from moment to moment. Faster... Faster.... Faster....

He sat up suddenly in bed, gasping for breath. The room was dark. He
looked over at his wife, sleeping soundly, the sheet rumpled around

He was breathing heavily, his heart palpitating.

His wife sat up, her red hair catching a beam of light from the

"Are you all right?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said, trying to even out his breath.

"Come on," she said, lying back, rolling over to face him. She pulled
the sheet aside and spread her legs. "Come inside me, Ricky, and we'll
do the Baba-loo."

Consider if you will, the plight of Stanley Thomas. An ordinary man.

An ordinary man who watches much too much television.

Trapped forever in a fantasy, a fantasy broadcast daily from....

The Twilight Zone.


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