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Oh Kenny, that was really nice. I came, Kenny. Really. You learn
quick. My hands were still massaging her pussy up and down. She was
soaked with juice. Her breathing was quick. Her tits rising and falling
with her heavy breathing.

I laid down next to her now, and reached to caress her right tit. How
did I do sis? Great Kenny. I mean it. I really came nice.

I leaned up and kissed her on the cheek. My hand sliding down to her
wet pussy and massaging it. Her legs still widespread.

Oh Kenny. I love you. I love you too hon. We could get in so much
trouble Kenny. Here we are twins and playing with each other.

I needed it Karen. It felt nice to have you jerk me off for a change. I
do it too, Kenny. I was afraid sometimes that you would hear me in my room
when I really fingered myself.

Now, here we are both naked.

My hand was still massaging her pussy as she once again turned slightly
rio reach my cock. Her hand circled it and gripped it. I pumped her hand.

Wow, you're so hard again.

Karen? Yeah, Ken? Would you let me slide it between your legs? I
won't go inside. Just slide up and down?

Will you pull away when you start to cum?

Yeah. I promise. We don't need to make any babies. That's right,

OK. slide it in. She closed her legs and waited for me to get on topof
her. Help me hon. I need to hold myself up.

Karen reached and guided my cock between her pussy lips. I plunged
straight down and she moaned. OOOOHHH Kenny. That feels so nice against
my clit.

OOOHH. Keep that up......

I fucked up and down as I looked down at my twin. Her arms came up to
pull me down to her face and I kissed my twin sister on the lips for the
very first time with a sex passion.

Her mouth opened as my tongue slipped in. She sucked it softly. My
cock sliding up and down feeling like I was in heaven. Her pussy matching
my pumps.

OOOOHHH Kenny. I like this. Just don't cum near there, OK? Yeah hon.
When I'm ready to cum, just close your hands around my cock and finish me
like you did before, OK?

OK, Kenny.

OOOHHH Your pussy feels so wet and warm, Karen.

She rose her hips and pressed hard against my raging hard cock trying to
get it against her clit. I could feel her entire pussy lips clamping
around my cock.

OOOOHHH Karen. This is so close to actually fucking hon.

I really like this Kenny. It feels nice against my clit and pussy too.
Just don't cum.....

We pumped and pumped like this for about twn minutes. I fewlt her go
through another orgasm and it made me start to cum. I pulled out of her
pussy valley and started to shoot on her belly as her hands quickly came
down to wrap around my cock and stroke it again. This time it forced my
cum to shoot up near her tits as I knelt over her. Her wide eyes watching
intently with each spurt.

OOOOHHH karen. It feels so fucking nice hon. I pumped like crazy in
and out of her grasping hands. Her eyes looking down at my spurting cock
and up to me. Excited. Her hands working softly but quickly to match my
thrusts in them.

Finally, my cock was empty. I moved up so that my cock laid between her
tits now. I could feel my wet cum sliding on and around my balls and
groin. Her hands still softly caressed my cock as she looked down at it
between he tits.

OOOHHH Kenny, I came and you came again. It was nice. Your cock really
felt nice sliding up and down inside my slit. You were scraping against my
clit and it made me go wild, Kenny.

Her hands slowed with their stroking on my cock still between her tits now, and I rolled over and laid next to her.

Oh Kenny...what are we doing? This is so fucking wrong for both of us.
I never heard her use foul language before.

It feels so nice Kenny. I feel something when you touch me. Its so
different than Bobby or other guys I kissed.

I feel something different too, sis.

Oh, Kenny....she turned to me and put her arm around my neck and pressed
her nouth to mine. Her tits firmly against my chest as she kissed me with
her heart. My hand went up and down her back as we kissed. I caressed her
soft ass and hips.

Oh Kenny. I leaned down now, and licked her nipples softly. Her hand
once again stroking my hair lovingly.

Now, both her hands held my face. Kenny? Yeah hon? Would you show me
how to do a blowjob?

Are you sure you want to learn that? Yes, Kenny. all the girls talk
abot sucking their guys off and I know Bobby wants it too.

Show me Kenny. Please. Her tits pressed into my chest again as she
leaned into me and kissed me full as a lover.

OK, hon. Its best if you kneel between my legs. That way, you cane
reach all of me and make it easier for both of us.

Ok. Karen got between my legs and looked down at my cock. Her hands
went to it and she lovingly stroked it. Don't forget the balls hon.

Now, if you can sort of lay between my legs....

Like this? Yeah. My cock was right in front of her face now. Stroke
it justlike that hon. Oh Kenny....I'm about to suck my very first cock.
My own brother's cock. I don't even mind, either. OK, Karen, lick my
balls and sack and then suck them into your mouth. OOOOHHHH That's it.
Not hard honey. Roll your tongue over them now, while their in your mouth.
OOOOHHHH That's it. Her hand holding my cock still in front of her face. I
leaned up on my elbows once again and watched my sister take my balls into
her mouth. I smiled down to her.

Lick them nice in your mouth......OOOOHHH Like that. Oh Karen. Her
eyes twinkling with excitement. Stroke my cock soft now. OOOOHHH That's

Now slide your tongue up and down my whole cock. nibble it with your
teeth softly.

OOOOHHH Karen. That's perfect.

Now hold my balls in your fingers and slide yopur mouth straight down on
my cock. She raised her head and lowered her watrm mouth down. OOOOHHHHH.
Careful of your teeth. Suck now honey. Up and down and suck. Play with
my balls at the same time. OOOOHHH're doing a real blowjob,
honey. Her moans coming from her throat. She had more than half my cock
in her mouth now. I took one of her hands and guided her gingers to stroke
up and down as she sucked. Jerk me off into your mnouth honey.....That's
it. OOOOHHH Karen.

I'm gonna cum, honey. She lifted her mouth and said, OK, Kenny. I'll
try to be ready for it. She went back to sucking up and down nicely. Her
eyes looking into mine. My own sister with my cock in her mouth for the
very first time. I starte to shoot. Looking into her eyes, she felt my
cum spurting. She choked at first but didn't stop sucking. I grabbed her
hand and showed he how to jerk it with her fingers now, as I shot spurt adter spurt into her mouth.

OOOHHHH Karen honey.....OOOOHHHH suck me honey.....suck me.....Oh Karen
honey.....her fingers still stroking softly as she felt my cum slowing.
Her mouth went deeper on my cock now.

OOOOHHH Karen......Her head went faster, forcing any cum left in my
balls to shoot out.

She was on her knees now. Jerking me faster and sucking hard.

My hands went to her head and caressed her hair as my spasms finally

Her fingers caressing my balls and sack as I asked her to do. My
softening cock now completely in her mouth.

OOOHHH Karen. OOOOHHHH You just drained me honey. You took all my cum into you.

I pulled her up by the arms and kissed her. My arms around her as she
knelt over my thighs.

OOOHHH Karen. Thank you honey. I didn't think you would suck my
cum..... I thought you would turn away when I started.

Jenny told me that's the worst thing a girl can do, Ken.

She's so right. It didn't taste bad at all Kenny. I liked it. It
excited me when I felt my brother shooting in my mouth.

I liked the feel of your balls in my mouth too. Their so soft.

I pulled her all the way down and laid her on top of me. I kissed her
with a passion now.

Karen? Yeah Ken?

If I get some safeties, will you let me go inside?

Oh Kenny....I don;t know hon. I always wanted to be a virgin when I got

OK. Forget it. I'm sorry.

Her hands were all over my face and she leaned down to kiss me.

Kenny, can we do this again?

I feel nice with you. I feel kind of afraid with Bobby and always
having Jenny and Jack around when we fool around. I'm so afraid that Bobby
might not want to stop and then force me to take his cock inside. That's
why I want to learn how to jerk him off and give him blowjobs.

Yeah, sis. I like this too. Like you said...I feel something special
when we touch. I loved the way you just sucked me. Bobby will too, if you
do the same way hon.

Karen? Yeah?

Let me rest a little bit and then can I go between your legs once more?

Yeah, sure Ken. I like it too. I pulled her close and we rested for a
while. Talking about the dance tommorrow night.


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