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Karen and I slept in her bed for the rest of the night. It was nice for
each of us. Our first night with each other and also, the opposite sex
sleeping with each other.

Her hand came to mine and she pulled it tight to her tit as we went to
sleep. My cock pressed up against her ass crack.

Yes! It really was exciting for each of us. Twin brother and sister naked and holding each other.

I woke sometime just before dawn and felt my cock stirring. Still
pressed up to Karen's cute round ass. She was still sound asleep. Her tit
felt so nice in my hand. Its softness molding to my fingers. Her nipple
still somewhat hard to my fingers.

I moved so that my cock was aimed at her slit once again and slid
between her pussy lips. Oh, how badly I wanted to stick it in her pussy.
Right up inside my sister. I settled for her slit. I pushed in and out
several times. I felt some of her juices lubing my cock. Soon, Without a
word, I felt her pushing back to me.

Her head leaned back toward me and I nuzzled in her beautiful long blond hair. Now, the way she slightly moved and moaned, I could reach both of
her tits. Feels nice Kenny. I can feel my pussy getting wetter. So can I
hon. My hips moved back and forth as I laid on my side fucking her slit.
Her hand reached down to her pussy from the front and she was feeling my
cock sliding in and out. Holding it tighter to her slit as I pumped. She
was also forcing it to rub against her clit.

Oh, Karen, I really like this hon. It feels so nice. Your pussy is so
wet. Oh, Kenny. I'm going to cum...can you feel it?

Yeah hon. I can feel you really getting wet all through your slit. Oh
I like this Kenny. Your cock is so damn hard.

My hand continued to caress her tit as I pumped myself into a spasming
cum. Most of it went into her hand as she held it there around the tip.
Helping to milk my cock as I spurted.

Her hips were shaking and her pussy seemed to shake also as she was
cumming also. I could feel her fingers near my cock rubbing her clit while
she was cumming. Her moans and jerks.


Finally, we both relaxed and she got up. I need to clean my pussy good
Kenny. We can't take any chances. She dashed off to the bathroom, and I
got up to get dressed.

I made us both scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast and had it ready
by the time she was done with her bath.

Oh, Kenny. This is so fantastic. We can do all this stuff with each

I love the feeling of your cock shooting near my pussy like we just did.

Does it really feel nice for you when you slide like that in my slit?
Oh yeah hon. It really does. Especially when I can feel you also getting
hot and wet.

We really have to be careful Kenny.

I've had sex on my mind so much since my tits started to grow like this.
Then I saw your cock that time for the very first time...OOOOHH. My pussy gets so wet when I day dream. I can't count how many times I came home
from school and ran upstairs to my bedroom to play with my clit.

I kind of thought you were doing something like that in there. I heard
you moan a couple times. I was always so tempted to open the door and come
in.....I said. Then mom caught me that time.

And, all that time, here I was jerking off in my room while you were

Sometimes I thought of you too Karen. I imagined I was fucking you out
at the Lake, a lot of times. Really? Yeah.

I've imagined you too, from some of the pictures I've seen from the kids
at school. I used to wonder what your cock looked like and stuff, and
finally I got to see it those times.

I went in my room and played with myself for an hour the first time I
saw your cock. I even told Cindy and Jenny about seeing your cock.

You did? Yeah. You know, you guys aren;t the only ones that talk about
sex and stuff. I'm just lucky that Cindy didn't come up and catch me
playing with my pussy all those times. I think she knew what I was doing
anyway, though.

Oh, Kenny. I just can't wait for tonight. I'm going to wear my nicest
outfit and best perfume. Will you dance with me too? Sure sis. Just let
me know when the coast is clear and I'm not in Bobby's way.

Oh, you better pick up a corsage or some flowers for Donna. This is
your first date with her and girls like that stuff. Yeah. good idea.

We were finished with breakfast now, and I said I was going out to cut
the grass and get other stuff out of the way. Karen got up to do the
dishes. I reached around her and caressed her tits through the duster and
kissed her neck. Then I went out to the yard.

How nice I felt all the time that I was cutting the grass. I could now
go in the house and feel my sister's tits or pussy anytime.

Even ask her for a blowjob anytime and she would do it. I know she was
probably thinking almost the same thing. She could have me do anything she
asked of me to get her off.

It was not about 11 AM by the time I was done and karen was busy laying
out her clothes. She was gabbing with her girlfriend one after the other
all during that time, on the phone.

A car pulled up in the drive. It was Cindy, and Phil. I saw her lean
over and give him a really nice kiss and then hop out. I was sure I saw
his hand on her tit as they kissed good bye.

Hi Pumpkin I said from the yard. She blushed when she realized I had
probably seen her kissing Phil.

Hi Kenny. She seemed happy. Her long hair was slightly darker than
Karen's shade and about the same length.

Her tits seemed to be just a slight notch below Karen's C cup tits. Her
tan was marvelous with her hair and cream colored shorts and matching
flowery blouse.

Going to the dance tonight? Yeah hon. I'm taking Donna Sparks. WHAT?
Yeah, Karen hooked me up with her last night. Jeez, Kenny, every fucking
guy in school is after HER.

I was surprised to hear her swear. I wonder what Karen said to get he
to go out with you?

Not much, really. She sounded really nice on the phone too. Oh, I met
her. She IS nice. She's funny too, Cindy said.

Does that mean you'll get laid tonight, she laughed? Now I was really
surprised to hear my younger sister of 14 talking like that, but then I
figured she picked it up from school like everyone else did.

I hope so Cin. Well, Good luck she smiled, and bounced off into the

I went back and vaccuumed the pool, and then made sure mom's car was all
shined up for tonight.

Cindy had gone upstairs and sat on her bed. All smiles as she watched
Karen picking out just the right outfit for the dance.

What are YOU so happy aboyt Cin?

OOOOHH...Can you keep a secret Karen. I mean really keep a secret?
Well, yeah, Cin. What's up?

Phil and I made love last night Karen. I FINALLY did it with him. Beth
was sleeping and I went to the bathroom and he was just coming out. We
kissed as usual, and then he pulled me into his room and we fooled around
for a while. It was so nice.

He even had some condoms in his desk too. Oh. Karen. I'm so happy.
He really likes me and treats me nice. I haven't told Beth yet though.

Wow, Karen said. Here I was, thinking about giving Bobby my very first
blowjob tonight, and you already are fucking Phil! Wow.

We have to talk with mom Cin. We can't take any chances of getting
knocked up. We have that appointment with mom at the GYN this Monday
afternoon anyway. Maybe mom will let us get the Pill.

Oh god, Cin. What was it like? Did it hurt? Just a little at first,
then it felt really nice when he started shoving in and out. OOOOHHH,
Cindy squeezed her legs tight together. It felt sooooo nice Karen.

We did it three times in his bed, and then finally, I went back into
Beth's room and tried to go to sleep.

OOOHHH It really felt so nice. He played with my tits for a long time
too. He wants to go to the dance with me tonight too. I don't think we'll
stay for the whole thing though. He said we could take a ride somewhere.
His dad's letting him use the car.

Maybe beth and her guy can go with us. I don't know yet.

OOOHHH Karen, Cindy said as she laid on her back in bliss, thinking.
Her hands going to her own tits without realizing it. He played with my
nipples so nice.

She sat up suddenly. You're aren't going to sayt anything are you? No.
I promise. I just think we both should talk with mom about getting the
pill though.

I was hoping to bring Bobby up here tonight and give him my first
Blowjob. I reallly like him, Cin. He's always so nice to me. I only let
him feel my tits and stuff so far. I garbbed his cock once, but I wasn't
sure what to do. I just ran my hand over it and he came.

He has been jealous because Jenny sucks Jack in the front seat all the
time. I made up my mind, that tonight I will do it for him.

We're all supposed to come back here and swim in the pool after the
dance. Kenny's bringing Donna here too. At least he hopes so.

So if I get Bobby up here, will you split to mom's room?

Yeah, sure Karen.

Oh, wouldn't it be something if all three of us are up here fucking
someone at the same time?

I don;t want to fuck. I was hoping to stay a virgin, Cin. Oh fuck that
Karen. Why? all the guys are getting laid. None of THEM will be a virgin
when you marry? Cindy got up and went into her purse. Here, she said.
Handing Karen a handful of condom packs. Just in case hon. Karen stared
at them in her hand. Thinking.

Thinking of what Cindy said about the guys all being non virgins. Maybe
she was right, she thought. cindy was stripping off her clothes now, and
Karen stared at her younger sister's body.

You're growing quick kiddo, she smiled. your tits are almost as big as
mine already. Cindy held up her tits looking at them. Yeah, they are,
aren't they.

Oh, Karen, I had his big hard cock right in here last night. Caressing
her naked pussy. Damn, it felt so fucking nice. I'm taking a shower.
cindy pranced out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. Not bothering to
wear a bathrobe.

Karen ran downstairs now, and went out to see me at the pool. She
showed me the handful of condoms and said, Cindy just gave these to me.
Guess what? Karen told me all about Cindy and Phil. We laid on lounges
for a while talking about our younger sister growing faster that we

Oh, Kenny. I'm so torn. I want you inside me and I want YOU to be my
first man. All this time I wanted to be a virgin when I got married. Now,
I'm not so sure. None of you guys are virgins when you get married?

Not many of us anyway hon, I said.

Karen was quiet now. I watched her breathing shallow as she laid there
with sun glasses on.

Oh Kenny. I want to be with Bobby tonight so bad. I want to fuck him
too. Not just suck him. cindy is all smiles up there thinking about Phil
fucking her last night. She loved it, Kenny. She said it only hurt a

Kenny? Yeah hon? Lets take a ride. I'll tell Cindy we're going for
pop and beer for tonight. Sure hon. I'll get the keys.

I backed the car out of the garage and waited for Karen to come out.
She had a plastic bag under her arm.

OK. I told her we would be back in an hour or two.

I pulled out and Karen had her head back on the headrest. Kenny, let's
go to the Point for a little while. The Point? That's for lover's lane
shit. I know. Let's go. Hurry.

It was only about 1 PM now, as we arrived at the local Lover's Lane. It
was a secluded section high up from the City. Woods all around and several
footpaths going in all directions.

Come on Kenny. Let's walk. She took my hand and held on to the plastic
bag under her arm. After a while, we were pretty deep in the woods. There
was a deer running past us about twenty yards ahead. It startled us.

She squeezed my hand tighter. We came to a clearing of grass and
streaking sunlight through the trees.

Here, Kenny. Right here. Here what Hon?

She opened thre plastic bag and pulled out a blanket and two bottles of

I want you to make me a woman right here Kenny. Right here in these
nice quiet woods.

I want it to be you, my twin brother that makes me a woman. Oh Karen
Are you sure honey? Yes. I made my mind up.

She spread the blanket and handed me a can of beer. Then she pulled me
down on the blanket next to her. I've decided that I want to fuck Bobby
tonight, but I want YOU to make me a woman first Kenny.

I want to give my virgin pussy to you. My twin.

She reached in her pocket and pulled out a couple pacls of condoms and
handed them to me.

She took a drink from the beer can, and then stood up. She was smiling
down at me as she began to strip off her blouse and then her shorts.

I stood up and I went behind her to unfasten her bra and then we both
slid her panties down. She stood there, giorgeous and naked with her blond hair gleaming in the streaking sunlight through the trees. She reached for
my belt and undid it. I had already pulled off my shirt.

Oh Kenny. Today will be the most important in my life. YOU will make
me a woman. We were both copmpletely naked now as she reached to embrace
me. Are you really sure honey? I can wait......

No, Kenny. I really want this. I want to feel your cock inside me. I
want to feel what I hear from mom's room and what Cindy felt last night.

She reached down and caressed my cock as my hands went to her hardening
nipples and tits.

I leaned forward and kissed her. Kissed my sister with passion now as
her hand clutched my cock hard.

I could feel her hardened nipples pressing into my chest.

Oh, Kare. This will be the first for each of us honey. We both lose
our virginity right here in these woods.

She leaned up to kis me again and then knelt in front of me. Her hands
stroking my cock softly as she stared at it. OOOHHH Kenny. Your cock,
this cock, is going to make me a woman. I want to suck you first honey.
Her mouth iopened and she closed her wet lips around my cock and went deep
on it. Slowly, raising her head. sucking me hard.

OOOOHHH Karen. Her hand reached for mine as she took one of the safety
packs from it. She continued to suck my cock while undoing the package.
Her mouth felt so nice on my cock.

I'm going to suck Bobby like this too, she said. Then I will let him
fuck me in my own bed for our first time.

She lited her head from my cock and then unrolled the condom down my
cock. Just like they showed us at school, she smiled.

She looked once again at me cock, kneeling there and put her mouth on my
cock once again. Feels funny with this on, she said. Does it feel OK,

Yeah. Its Ok. I can feel all you're doing. Good. She raised her head
off my cock and then laid down on her back next to me. Her arms reaching
up fore me to lay with her.

Suck my tits Kenny. Make them hard like you did last night. I laid
next to her and sucked her nipples. Taking turns back and forth as her
hands caressed my head. My fingers traveled to her pussy and she spread
her legs for my to get at her. She was wet. I fingered her and played
with her clit for a while.

Her hips gently rose with my sucking and fingering. I raised up and
kissed her with all my love. All the love a brother could have for his

I'm ready Kenny. Her hands holding my face close to hers. I leaned
down and kissed her once again and got between her legs. She looked down
at my hard cock just inches above her pussy. Her hands reached to caress
it as she smiled up to me. Gently, she raised her legs and aimed my cock
into her wet slit. Her eyes looked of passion and love as she looked up to

Ready Kenny?

Yeah, Karen. She pushed my cock directly in front of her hole, and I
pushed in slightly. Just the head was in now, as I leaned down to kiss he
once again. OK, honey, I hope this doesn;t hurt you too much....I'm ready
Kenny.....fuck me. I'm going from girl to woman....My brother is about to
make me a woman.

go ahead Kenny.....I shoved deeper and met a tight resistance. She
squinted a little, then I shoved harder with my hard cock. OOOOHHH. I
felt the elastic band stretch around my cock head and finally give way. My
cock slipped straight into my sister's pussy.

Her moan and grimmace as I entered her. My cock almost all the way
inside her.

OOOOHHHH Kenny. OOOOHHH Stay there for a second honey. Don't move yet.
I can feel your cock throbbing so hard inside me. The pain is starting to
go away.

OOOOKKK Kenny. It just happened. I'm a woman now. I leaned down and
kissed her softly. Her arms went around my neck as she licked my lips.

I feel better now, Kenny. Her hips started to push against me softly.
Urging me into her. OOOOHHH You're soooooo deep in me Kenny. I can feel
your hard cock way up inside me. OOOOHHHH. Its starting to really feel
nice like Cindy said it would. OOOHHH Kenny honey....fuck me now....fuck
me and cum in me. Let me feel you cum in that condom.

Take me Kenny honey. Fuck me. Its our special twin love Kenny. OOOHHH
It feels nice now. It really does Kenny. Her hips were rising to meet my
deeper thrusts now. OOOHHHH.

OOOHHH Kenny. The biggest day of our lives right this minute.....We're
not virgins anymore. Her pussy was clamping all around my cock as I pumped
softly in and out of her.

OOOOHH You're so deep in me Kenny.

OOOHHH Kenny....I'm a full woman now....Fuck me. Fuck me good for each
of us Kenny Honey.....

My pussy is yours forever Kenny. Even after I get married. I will
always want YOUR cock. The cock that made me a woman.

I will suck you, fuck you, anything you want Kenny honey. You;re my
twin and we have a special love. Her arms wrapped around me tightly as she
humped up at me now. Our strokes becoming a little faster. I kissed her
with our love and she fucked up at me with her passion.

Deep in my sister's pussy for the very first time.

OOOOOHHH cock....OOOOHHH....Cum. Kenny. Let me watch you
cum in me.... Go ahead Kenny shoot it......Let me see what a man looks
like when he cums in his woman....

OOOOHHH it is.....I started to shoot hard. My balls
tightened to my cock as they shot out ....I could feel the tip of the
condom filling and spreading my cum around my cock head. Her pussy tightening around my cock and milking it.

Cum, Kenny....shoot our family seed.....fill that condom in us. Her
hips rising and slamming up against me as she watched my expressions of
pure bliss as my cock emptied its cum into her pussy.

OOOOHHH kenny honey. Our first fuck. Our first real fuck of our
lives....Her nreath was coming fast as she humped up at me. I was jambed
tight into her as my cock finally shot a final spurt into the condom.

OOOOHHHH Kenny, Kenny, Kenny......I love you so....

Her pussy was contracting all around my cock as I leaned down again to
kiss her with love. Her tits pressed tightly to my chest.

My cock buried completely insiode her. I could feel the contractions
finally ease and I begant to pull out.

NO. Please stay in me for a while Kenny. Stay right in there. I want
to remember this all my life. My first cock, my own brother's cock making
me a woman.....

OOOOHHH Kenny. Cindy really was right. It felt wonderful. After a
while I pulled out and laid next to her on the blanket. I reached over and
kissed her. As lovers now. Almost forgetting being sister and brother.
Just two naked teenagers amking love for their very first time. Karen sat
up and looked at the condom still on my cock.

Wow, Kenny. There's a LOT of cum in it. Now I can see how much you
were shooting in my mouth last night. Wow.

I smiled at her. Her hand went down and softly caressed my cock through
the condom.

This cock felt sdo very nice in me Kenny. I'm so glad we finally did

She lowered her fingers to unravel the condom and threw it into some
bushes nearby. That could have been a baby she said as she leaned down and
kissed me. My hands caressing her tits as we kissed.

Now she sat crosslegged at my side and reached for my cock to stroke it.

Oh, I just down't believe you just made me a real woman Kenny.

She looked down at her pussy. I only have a little mess there. She
reached in the plastic bag, and came out with a smaller plastic bag with a
wet washcloth. She wiped off my cock, and then her pussy.

Then she put the washcloth back in the bag.

She leaned straight down and took my cock in her mouth once again.
UUUUMMMM She moaned. The cock that made me a real woman....she was so
excited. Even more than I was. Her hands cradled my balls and stroked my
cock as she sucked me into another hardon.

UUUUMMMMM karen. OOOOHHH. Her mouth went down and she took both my
balls into her mouth and rolled her tongue over and over them.

OOOOHHH Karen....Her left hand stroking my cock at the same
time.....OOOOHHHH Karen honey.... She had two fingers circling my cock,
her hand caressing my balls now as she sucked me softly as deep as she
could. She made small moans as she enjoyed sucking me. I reached down and
caressed her hanging tit as I watched my cock go in and out of her mouth.

I love you Karen. I love you so much too Kenny. cum for me again hon.
Please. Shoot your cock in my mouth. Please....her head went back down
and she sucked me harder and faster now. OOOOHHHH...Honey....OOOOHHH Her
hand on my balls again....she sucked hard.... OOOOHHH Honey....I'm cumming
now.....I started to spurt once again and she sucked harder and faster, Her
hand jerked me fast and hard into her mouth.

OOOOHHH Karen.....She kept sucking me until I went soft. Her mouth held
my entire cock within her throat and mouth.

OOOOHHHHH....... Karen sucked everything that shot from my raging cock.
Her mouth and throat making gulping noises as she sucked me dry.

Finally, she raised her head and smiled at me. Now I have you in me.
My brother's seed, his cum is in me, and its safe. Her hand caressing my
softening cock as she smiled down at me.

Oh Karen. I can;t believe it. We just made real love.

Now I know what mom and dad moan about in bed. I hear them once in a
while too, kenny. I listen at their bedroom wall sometimes. mom sucks dad
a lot. I can hear them.

Well, hon, we better get back and make sure things are ready for

Yeah. I can;t wait. Now I can fuck Bobby tonight.

I smiled at her. Just remember the condoms honey. I sure will Kenny.

We walked through the woods and heard some noises a short didtance away.
We were headed most in that direction and soon came upon a couple that were
also in the middle of making love. She was a pretty brunette and he had
blond hair. His cock was mammouth as karen and I watched them from behind
a tree.

The woman was moaning as he fucked her hard and fast. He was grunting.
Piledriving his cock into her. Her tits were flopping rapidly up and down
as he fucked hard into her.

Karen's hand went to hold my cock in my shorts now. She caressed it as
she watched the two lovers.

I went behind her and caressed her tits as we watched till the couple
finally started to cum and moan loudly. karen's nipples were rock hard as
we watched them. I kissed her neck.

Let's go I whispered. We have fucking to do ourselves tonight.

She giggled and we hurried back to the car. She threw the blanket in
the back seat. I want to save that blanket forever, Kenny.

The blanket I laid on while you made me a woman.

Oh Kenny....I mean it. You can ask me anytime hon, for pussy or a
blowjob...anything.... I love sex Kenny. Ever since my pussy started to
grow hair and my nipples started growing.....

OOOOHHH I'm going to fuck Bobby's brains out tonight after I give him
the best blowjob of his life.....


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