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I came home from school early on this warm Friday afternoon. The
teachers had a convention, and cut our classes....thankfully.

There was a note on the kitchen table from mom. There's a lot of food
prepared for all of you. We left early so we wouldn't arrive at Aunt
Barbara's late at night. It was a 300 mile trip mom and dad were taking.
Hope that you all remember we are depending on each of you to do the right
thing. Each of us meaning my two sisters and me.

We should be back late Sunday night or early Monday morning, Love all of
you, Mom.

Karen, my twin, and I are 15. Cindy is 14.

I grabbed a coke from the fridge and went up to my room to get ready for
a shower. I hoped I could talk one of the prettiest girls in school into a
date for tommorrow night's school dance. I would need Karen's help with
this maneuver.

I showered and shaved what stubble remained on my face, and then was in
the middle of drying myself when the bathroom door opened. There was
Karen, naked. She was holding her cosmetic bag and dropeed it on the floor
at seeing me.

Oh, I'm so sorry Kenny. I had no idea you were home. I didn't hear any
noises at all. She blushed beet red at seeing my eyes travel down to her
beautiful full tits, and her blonde pussy hair.

Its been a long time since we've seen each other hon, I said. I saw her
gaze at my cock. Oh, I really am sorry Kenny. She turned to leave and I
reached for her shoulder. Let me have one last look, Karen. We were
identical twins. I was five minutes earlier into this world than she. Oh,
Kenny...please.... God, you're really becoming a beautiful woman, Karen.
Looks like you'll have mom's tits too! She blushed even deeper red now.

Oh Kenny. She seemed both shy and liking my compliment at the same
time. I noticed her nipples harden as she stood with her side to me. I
reached for a tit and gently caressed it in my hand. Nice, Karen. Really
nice. Its softness overfilling my hand.

Oh Kenny...please don't. My cock was hardening. She looked down at it
with her large blue eyes. You're almost as big as dad, Kenny. I saw him a
couple times coming out of here.

There was always this special closeness between us as twins. Often we
would think many of the same things at the same time.

I'm done in here hon, I said. I gave her a hug. I felt her tits press
into my chest as we were both still naked. Then I moved past her to my
bedroom. She was still red as she closed the bathroom door to take her

I put on a pair of shorts and read a chapter of a book I had been
reading as I laid across my bed. Thoughts of my sister's beautiful body
flooding my brain cells. Her tan, her long blond hair flowing down her
back, her proud and full tits. The gentle curve of her ass.

Yes! My own sister eligible for Playboy in a heartbeat. It was maybe
twenty minutes later when there was a soft knock on the door. Can I come
in Kenny?

Sure hon. She sheepishly sat on the edge of the bed as I laid there in
my shorts.

I really feel stupid walking in on you like that she said. It's OK,
hon. Cindy went to her girlfriend's house for a couple hours, just so you
know, Karen said.

Kenny?......I need to ask you something, but I feel funny about it?????
What hon? Kenny, I'm supposed to go to the school dance with Jenny and her
boyfriend Jack, and it looks like I'm hooked up with Bobby once again. The
four of us. Well, what's so bad about that? He's not a bad guy? He's on
the football team with me?

It's not that, Kenny. We double a lot lately and Jenny is always up
front with Jack in the front seat. I'm in the back with Bobby. Well, so

Well, Jenny gets into it with Jack. We're both still virgins, Kenny,
but we let them touch us and stuff.

It gets pretty hot sometimes and I just need to know something really
important Kenny...... What's that hon? Well.....she hesitated. Seeming
embarrassed. Jenny always goes down on Jack and gives him hand jobs. It
makes Bobby jealous and he keeps pressuring me to do it but .... He's
taken my hand and put it over his jeans with his huge hard on. Oh,
Kenny....I just don't know what to do with it. I don't know how to give
hand jobs or that stuff. The last time we were out, I let him rub my hand
up and down his pants till he seemed to be cumming or something. He wanted
more, but I just down't know how or what to do next. Jenny keeps telling
me its so damn easy...but I'm afraid I'll do it all wrong and then he won't
want to bother with me anymore. I like him a lot, Kenny.

What do you need hon? Kenny, will you show it to me once more? She was
sitting there with her damp hair in a light summery duster. A look of
pleading in her eyes.

My cock? Yeah, Kenny. Well.... The look....OK Karen. I reached and
slid my shorts down and out popped my half hard cock. God, it is big
Kenny. I wasn't kidding when I said its almost as big as dad's when I saw
him the other day by accident, she said.

Her eyes were glued to my cock. Her hand started to reach for it, and
then she quickly stopped. Can I Kenny? Will you please show me what to do
for Bobby?

Will you show me what happens when a guy cums? Please Kenny? The girls are always talking about it in school, and I feel so left out. I've never
even touched one. I don't want them to know I'm so dumb about guys like
this. I'm too embarrassed to bring it up to mom.

Sure hon. It would be nicer if you would get some kind of cream first.
I have some in the bathroom....she dashed away and returned with some cold
cream. You want to learn how to give Bobby a handjob?

Yes. Please Kenny.

OK. I laid on my back and my cock was now getting hard. Karen's eyes
were very wide watching it grow. Wow, Kenny. It's really getting big

OK, hon....Put some of the cream on your hands and then just stroke me.
She put some cream on her hands and delicately reached to touch her very
first cock. Her twin brother's cock.

Both her hands circled it and she looked at me. Wow, Kenny. It really
is hard. Like some of the pictures I saw at school from the girls.

OK, now feel it all over. Feel my balls in the sack too. Just feel it
all over and get used to it. Her hands explored all over my cock softly.
Her eyes still wide. I don't believe I'm feeling my own twin brother's

Play with the balls hon. Roll them in your hands and play with them
softly. Yeah. Like that.

Have fun with it hon. Now take your other hand and stroke it up and
down. That's it. See, there's really nothing to it Karen.

It feels nice hon. Just don't grab it too hard. Stroke it up and down
and continue to play with the balls. Just like that hon.

God, Its so hard Kenny. Now play around with the tip and just behind
the tip. That's it. OOOOHHH That feels nice Karen. Keep it up like that
and you'll have me shooting cum. Her creamed hands stroked me softly and
lovingly as she watched my cock throb and beat in her hands.

Keep this up when you want to do Bobby, and he'll follow you anywhere, I
said smiling. I leaned up on my elbows now and watched her hands working
on my hard cock.

Am I really doing this OK, Kenny? Yeah. Just fine hon. Karen? Yeah
Ken? Can I please see your tits?

Her hands stopped moving as she did quick thinking. Please let me see
them while you are doing this???? OK, I guess its only fair, Kenny. She
reached and pulled her duster off her shoulders and let it fall to the bed.

They're beautiful Karen. Really beautiful. She blushed again. Bobby
loves to suck them and it makes me feel good. Now I'm learning how to make
him feel good too.

Her hands went back to my hard cock now, and she gripped it a little
harder. Seeming to feel a little more secure somehow. Our first time
touching each other. Up and down, hon. Just like that. Yeah. Around the
head too. Yeah, swirl your hand...YES! Like that hon. I reached out my
hand to touch her left breast. She moved closer to me so I could reach her
tit easier. It more than filled my hand.

Oh, Karen, I can't blame Bobby for liking them so much. Her hands were
still caressing up and down my cock and I asked her to remember to caress
my balls too. I felt her nipple get hard as a rock in my fingers.

OOOOHHHH Karen, hold both your hands around it, and I'll pump them. She
moved her fingers from both hands to wrap my whole cock and watched with
wide eyes once again. I pumped up from the bed and moaned. My eyes closed
as I started to cum.

OOOOHHH Karen.....don't stop hon. Kenny, you're cumming???? Yes, hon.
OOOOHHHH Keep your hands just like that....OOOOHHHH Wow, Kenny...Its
shooting all over..... OOOOHHH Karen.....OOOOHHHH My spasms had my ass off
the bed fucking up into her hands. Her soft and gentle stroking finally
drained my cock.

I collapsed on the bed still panting. Karen's eyes were wide with
excitment, watching her first man cum with her hands. Her very own twin

OOOHHH Karen, that was really nice hon. She was looking at the cum on
her hands and on my groin.

Massage my balls now hon....that's it. Do this after Bobby cums. It
feels nice for the guy. Her fingers gently caressed my balls and sack as
she held my softening cock in her other hand.

Wow, Kenny. Do all men shoot like that? Depends hon. Depends on how
big their balls are, on how much cum will be shooting. Also, how many
times he came that day, too.

I reached once again for her tits and caressed them. Her eyes met mine.
Did I do it right Kenny?

Yes. It's hard to go wrong with what you did. Try to make sure he
pulls his pants down out of the way though, so you can get at him the right

Oh, Karen, I leaned up and put my arm around her and pulled her down on
the bed next to me.

Her duster came all the way off now and we were both naked once again.

I put my arm around her and pulled her to me on our sides.

Oh Kenny....we shouldn't do this stuff. Its so wrong.

I didn't answer. I just rose my hand to caress her tit once again. Her
nipple still hard against her soft tit. I leaned my head and sucked her
nipple. I moved her hand back down to caress my cock.

OOOHHH Kenny. I like that a lot. I love when Bobby does it. I rolled
her on her back and leaned over so I could lick and suck both tits now.
Her hands going through my hair.

Oh, Karen. Now, its my turn. what do you mean, Kenny? I need for you
to show me how girls like to be fingered and touched. Both my hands
caressing her tits as I sucked one nipple softly. Well, so far, you're
doing nice with my tits. That feels nice. Lick them a lot Kenny. Suck
them softly...Never hard.

Like that Kenny. OOOHHH I like that. Now, I sat up. Karen? Yeah Ken?
Will you show me your pussy?

She looked up at me and spread her legs wider without saying anything. I
could see a moist dewiness on her blond pussy hairs.

I got up and moved between her legs and sat there. My legs on both
sides of her sides. Hers over mine.

You mean you're a....Yes! I said.

I came close a couple times but I chickened out cuz I didn't have any
safeties, and I really didn't know what I was doing anyway. Kathy said I
was kind rough when she let me touch her.

Kathy Prescott? Yeah. I was really excited though. She jerked me off
then but her father came home. We had to rush to get our clothes fixed up.

I only saw her pussy for a few minutes though. Well, put your fingers
here on my clitoris. Yeah. There. Now roll your fingers over it softly.
OOOHHH Like that.

Ohhh Kenny...she sat up and took my hand and spread my fingers a little
and guided me all through her pussy. Her tits swaying softly as she led
the way into her womanhood. She singled out my middle finger and slid it
up and down her whole slit. Do this to her, Kenny. It feels real nice.
Up here on the clitoris too. Yeah, just like this. She'll get off if you
do this. Yeah, Like that Ken. Its so slippery, I said. That's because
I'm all hot and bothered.

Her pussy looked wetter now as I fingered her on my own now. Up and
down her slit and around her clit as she showed me. She was laying back
down now, smiling at me. Now slide your finger inside a little Kenny.
Yeah. Yeah.... OOOHHH.

Careful, Kenny. I'm still a virgin. OOOHHH faster Kenny. Can you
slide another finger with it? Yeah. Just like that. Her hips startefd to
hump up and down as my fingers slid into her. I could see her whole wide
open pussy now. It was warm, and soft. Play with my clit now
Kenny.....OOOHHH that....faster....yes. OOOHHHH Her hips were
up and down against my both hands. One with my fingers in her and the
other with my fingers playing with her clit.

Up and down she went. Moaning louder now. Her eyes closed and she
stiffened. OOOOOOHHHH she moaned through her tight lips.....

Her pussy clamping tight around my hand between her legs. I felt her

OOOOOHHHH Kenny.....I'm cumming. Her hips bucked again rapidly at my
fingers inside her pussy. I could feel her wetness becoming more and more
juicy on my hands. Her tits were heaving as she breathed.

OOOOHHHH OOOHHHH OOOHHH uuummmm Kenny.......don't stop.... Both her
hands grasping and pinching her tits and nipples as she held her eyes
tightly closed. My hand fucked into her pussy faster until she finally
stoppped moving and bucking.


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