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Just then the phone rang. I reached over on my desk to answer it. It
was mom, checking to see if all was OK. Sure mom. We're fine here. We'll
be at the dance tommorrow night in case you forgot. By the way mom, do you
mind if I use your car for the dance tommorrow night? Silence. Thinking.
Holding my breath. Well, if you promise only for the dance and not running
all over town with it. I promise mom. OK then. Thanks a million mom. I
owe you large.

We love you too mom.

Not even ten seconds later the phone rang again. It was Cindy. She was
calling to say that she was staying overnight with her girfriend Beth.

OK hon. mom just called. She said their trip went OK. See you

I hung up and turned to Karen. Cindy's staying overnight at Beth's. I
think she has a case on Beth's brother, Karen said. Karen and Cindy shared
a large bedroom.

Oh, Kenny. She plays with herself too. She doesn't think I know
though. I can hear her moaning into her pillow and the slippery noises she
makes with her pussy. She's even asked if I ever saw you or dad naked?

I told her a couple times for each of you. She saw you once while your
door was a little open. She asked me a lot of questions about your cock
and men's cocks in general. She thinks I'm sleeping when she gets herself
off. Poor girl. She was only a year younger than us, but her body was
quickly catching up to Karen's. Especially in the tits.

She doesn't talk a whole lot about sex with me, Kenny. She talks about
a lot of the guys at school and stuff though. She mentioned last week that
she really likes Phil. Beth's brother.

Oh, Kenny.....That means we have the house to ourselves all night!

Karen? yeah, Ken? Could you hook me up with Donna Sparks for the dance
tommorrow night? I really like her. Maybe. I like her too. She's always
been friendly with me and our crowd of girls around school and stuff. I'll
call her now. We sat up on the bed and Karen called.

Blah blah girl stuff. Who's wearing what. Who's going with who. Oh
Donna? My brother was wondering if he might be able to take you to the
dance? My mom just said he can use her car too? You will? Great. I'll
be there with Jenny and Jack and Bobby. She handed the phone to me. Oh,
Donna, this is great. What time would you like me to pick you up? I'll be
there at 7. Thanks, Donna. Karen was all smiles as I hung up. Proud of
her accomplishment of hooking me up with one of the prettiest girls in

SHE'S not a virgin, Kenny. I know that for a fact. Maybe if things go
well tommorrow night you'll be able to make love with her. I'll keep
putting in good words with her through the night for you. Her hand was
once again stroking my cock as she laid there on her side. She was doing
it without realizing it.

It was about 9 PM now. Kenny? Yeah hon? What do you think if I bring
Bobby back here tommorrow night in my room? Its up to you hon. You better
let him know in advance though, that you won't let him fuck you. I'll get
him alone at the dance and explain it to him then. Maybe you'll luck out
and be able to bring Donna here too. Wouldn't THAT be something? Maybe we
could all go out to the pool and swim. That's a good idea, Kenny.

I know Jenny and Jack will either want to swim. But maybe they will
take off right away and go someplace and neck. I'll tell her she can do
all that stuff right here.

Her hand on my cock became more excited in its jerking. My cock was
hard once again. Without saying anything, Karen moved over between my legs
and stroked my cock with both hands. She was studying it as she stroked.

Oh, Kenny. Yours is the first cock I've ever touched. Its so
fascinating to watch it. Even after all the pictures and seeing dad a
couple times naked.

Wow. I can't believe how hard and big it gets. Well, your nipples do

I loved seeing them under your sweaters and blouses when they were hard.
I know. I saw your pants bulging. It used to turn me on to see you get
hard like that. I wondered what your cock looked like.

Her tongue came out and she licked up and down the underside of my cock
now. Her fingers went to my balls to caress them.

Want to cum again Kenny? Yeah hon. Yeah. She smiled and lowered her
mouth straight down on my cock.

OOOHHH Karen. OOOHHHH It feels so damn nice honey. Just remember to be
careful of your teeth.

Her hand stroked me as she sucked up and down. Now she pulled her mouth
away and looked up at me. Smiling, she asked, How big is it Kenny?

I don't know, close to 7 inches I would guess. It feels a lot bigger to
me. OOOHHH My second for real blowjob, she said.

Here I am sucking my brother's big cock. Wow. Should I do it fast?
Later hon, when you see me getting really excited and ready to cum. Then
speed up. I like just what you're doing now.

It feels strange hon, to watch my own sister sucking me.

I don't mind at all Kenny. I'll do this for you anytime. I feel these
strange things inside right now. So do I honey.

It excites me to see your cock so hard and then feel it shooting like it
does. Her mouth went back down as far as she could go now. Her eyes all
wide and excited.

OOOOHHH Karen. OOOOHHHH It feels nice like that. My hips started to
hump slightly as she sucked me. Her hand was jerking at the same time.

OOOOHHHH Faster now honey. Faster. UUUUMMMM....that's it....OOOHHH it is.....her hand jerked me harder and she sucked harder as
I came. Her mouth dribbled some cum out the sides of her mouth as she
sucked. My hips were frozen in spasms as she sucked me hard now.

I could hear her gulping. I came in several hard spurts into her mouth.
I could feel her tongue sliding on the underside of my cock deep in her

OOOOHHH It's perfect Karen....OOOOHHH I looked down at her now and she
had a smile in her eyes. My cock completely swallowed into her mouth.

OOOHHH Karen honey. Her fingers caressing my balls as she kept my cock
deep in her mouth. She continued to suck me softly....all the while
smiling up to me. Finally, I became softer and she began to let go.

I tasted your cum again Kenny. It really shot out quick. Your cum is
inside me now Kenny. I have my own brother's cum in my stomach now. Wow.

Her fingers were busy stroking my softened cock as she studied it.

Will Bobby like that if I do it the same way for him? He sure will
honey. He sure will. Just remember to be careful with your teeth.

Wait till I tell him tommorrow I have a big surprise for him.

Oh, I'm so happy we can do this Kenny. I get so horny sometimes. mom even caught me fingering myself a week ago. She was bringing in the clean
linen to our bedroom and there I was with my legs wide open and my fingers
sliding up and down on my clit.

Oh God! What did you do? I was SO embarrased Kenny. mom just smiled
Kenny. She looked at me with my legs wide open and said, My little girl is
growing up, and walked out.

I almost died Kenny. Well, she caught me too. About two months ago. I
was in here jerking off and she came in to tell me dad needed me. Oh, I'm
sorry she said. I should have knocked.

Oh God! Kenny. mom caught YOU too? My cock was right in the middle of

You know what she said? What? oh, Kenny. please be careful of the new

She looked at my cock, then at me. She smiled and closed the door.

She kept giving me a "secret" kind of smile all through dinner that
night. I was so fucking embarrassed Karen.

You know what? what Kenny? I was actually thinking of fucking mom when
I was jerking off that time. You're kidding? No. mom is really hot. Her
body is great or haven't you noticed?

I saw her once for a split second coming upstairs and she was getting
dressed. She looked kind of shy and quickly turned her back. I came in
here and jerked off.

Wow, Karen. She has nice tits and a nice body.

Karen came up to lay next to me now and I reached over to hold her close
to me. Here both of us have been playing with ourselves and now we can do
each other Kenny. Oh Kenny....Here we are twins and love each other so
much too.

I really do love the way your cock feels in my mouth. Its so hard but
soft at the same time.

I like the way your tits with your hard nipples taste too.

I want to lick your pussy Karen. Like I saw in some pictures and on my
friend Paul's VCR.

oooohhh Kenny. Really?

Yeah. You did me nice, and I want to taste you now.

OK. I saw it in pictures at school too. I moved down between her legs
and asked her to play with her pussy so I could see how she did herself.

She slid her fingers down and into her slit and then shoved two fingers
inside her. Her hips bucked upward.

I could smell a sweetish aroma coming from her pussy. Her blond curly
pussy hair.

I was watching her hand closely, wanting to learn about how girls play
with themselves.

I watched her go up to her clit constantly, and buck hard each time.
Her moans made it all the more sexy for me. My face was only inches from
her pussy.

Finally, I saw her pussy getting really wet and I moved her hands out of
the way. I placed my tongue inside her slit and tasted my sister for the
first time.

OOOOHHHH Kenny. I can feel your tongue. Up higher honey. On my clit.
Yeah....right there. OOOOHHH Lick it Kenny. Please. OOOOHHH It feels so
nice. Keep that up Kenny. Please don't stop ..... I felt the hardened
button and then decided to try to suck it. My fingers spread her pussy lips wider and I lowered my mouth to her clit and sucked it. Her hips
jumped off the bed. OOOOHHH Kenny...I love it....OOOOHHH Her hips were
huping faster now as I cuked her clit in my lips. I could feel her wetness
running all around my face now. The aroma of her pussy was intoxicating
me. I could feel my cock raging hard now.

I Licked up and down her slit and then shoved my tongue up into her hole as far as I could. OOOOOHHH Kenny...honey.....oooohhh I'm going to

Her hips were humping wildly now as my tongue slipped in and out of her
hole and then I once again went back to her clit and sucked it.

That was it....Karen started to cum....I could taste her juice flowing
all over now. It tasted OK to me.

Her pussy was moving up and down hard against my mouth as I sucked all
of her pussy as I could.

This was really turning me on to see her so excited and making her cum like this. My mouth sucked harder now on her clit. I tongued up and down
her whole slit. Enjoying every second of it.

My cock was really raging under me as I laid there between her legs.
Finally she came back down on the bed and started to relax a little. Her
eyes closed tight, her nipples as hard as I have ever seen in pictures.

OOOHHH Kenny.....WOW. You made me cum with YOUR MOUTH! Wow. It was so
fucking good Kenny. WOW. Her eyes were still closed as her fingers came
up to her nipples and gently tweaked them.

Her pussy was still rising and falling gently.

I moved up next to her and kissed her while her eyes were still closed.
Her arms immediately went around me and hugged me to her. Her kiss was
soft and loving. My naked sister completely open to me.

Finally, I said Let's go down for a swim hon. Just like this. Like

Yeah. No one can see in our yard anyway. The nearest neighbors are
over 100 yards away.

OK. A swim would be nice right about now Kenny. I pulled her by the
hand off the bed and we both skipped downstairs and out the back door.

Her bouncing tits made it all the more sexy for me to watch.

We both jumped in right away.

I swam over to her and placed my hand into her pussy and stroked her
under the ewater as I leaned to kiss her. Her arms around my neck as she
kissed me as her new lover.

OOOHHHH Kenny, I feel so good inside. We've always been so close and
now we're having sex.

Wow. I want to scream to the fucking world Kenny. I smiled at her and
leaned to kiss her again. Her tits pressed into my chest. We have to
really be careful hon. I said. If this ever got out it would kill mom and

I know Kenny. I love them so much too. Neither of us could get enough
of touching and caressing each other. Exploring, feeling. Learning each

We swam around and then I climbed out. I pulled her out behind me. We
laid on a chaise lounge. Her, almost on top of me. Her tits laying on my

I caressed them softly.

Anytime Kenny. I know how it feels to be horny. Anytime you want to
touch me..... She leaned down to kiss me again. Her tongue slipping into
my mouth this time as I sucked it softly. My hands still caresing her

Want to put your cock in my slit again?

In a while hon. Let me rest a little longer so I can get real hard.
OK. She laid down on me and took my hand and placed it on her tit, along
with her own hand.

Oh Kenny, this is so exciting for me. Me too honey.

Now Karen stood up on the deck. Stand up Kenny. I looked at her, but
stood up.

OK. Now kiss me like you want to kiss Donna tommorrow night. There was
my beautiful sister standing there completely naked asking me to show her
how I would kiss another girl.

I put my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me. I leaned a
little and kissed her softly. Her arms went around my waist too.

See what we're doing, she asked? If a girl puts HER arms around your
waist when you kiss it means that you're almost there to her pussy. It
means she wants you. If she puts her arms or hands around your neck, like
this, it means you have to do a lot more work.

Now, watch to feel how hard she pushes her tits into you while you're
kissing her. If she's hot for you, she will try to move them around on
your chest so you can feel her nipples.

Maybe you'll even feel her pussy pushing against you harder as you kiss

If she does, and no one is around, slide your hands down to slowly
caress her lower back. She might really feel horny for you and grind her
pussy into you slightly, as a signal. But sometimes, girls just like to
tease and make a guy get a hard on so they can laugh.

I kiss Bobby like this, and Karen leaned into me with her whole body
pressing against me. Her tits pushed hard into my chest, as she kissed me
with her lips parted.

Bobby knows its OK to feel my tits, so I push them into him. Usually he
will put his hand on one of my tits while we kiss. I like the feeling. He
doesn't hurt them.

Now, tommorrow night I will finally give him a nice blowjob. I can't
wait to do it Kenny. He's been so nice to me and PATIENT too. I'm so glad
you let me do you so I could learn how.

She felt my cock hardening against her thigh as we stood there. She
smiled at me and then started to kneel right there. Her hands reaching to
caress my cock as she once again stared at it. Ready Kenny? She smiled up
at me. Oh Yeah sis. Her mouth closed around my cock softly and she sucked me. Her head going up and down as she seemed to be feeling it with her
tongue in her mouth.

Feel nice Kenny? Oh yes honey. Can you cum again?

I think so. Good. Hope this feels nice for you. She went back to
softly sucking me as the moon passed beneath some clouds. It wasn't long
before she had me ready to cum. She sucked so nice, so pleasant. So
loving. Now, both her hands went to my hips as she sucked my whole cock
into her mouth and throat. Her head bobbing quicker now. I could feel her
mouth concentrating on just the tip of my cock as she sucked. My eyes were
closed tight. Concentrating on my sister sucking me.

OOOOHHHH Kareen...I'm almost there honey. I'm al.....

OOOOHHHH My cock started to shoot. Her mouth sucked me harder. I could
hear her soft moans as she took my shooting cum into her mouth and
swallowed it. My hips were bucking gently as she sucked me. Her hands
still holding and guiding my hips to fuck her mouth harder. The warm
wetness of her sucking mouth draining me. Her tits pressing against my

OOOOHHH Karen......OOOHHH Honey.....suck me.....ooohhh my balls are
really blowing....OOOOHHH Karen.

She sucked me completely until she felt my cock soften once again.

Finally, she stood up and smiled at me. Her tits with their hard
nipples. Her nakedness there before me. I pulled her to me and kissed her
with love. Love between twin sister and brother. My cum welcomed once
again inside her body.

Wow, Kenny. You really came a lot this time. I don't mind though.
Like I said, it excites me to feel your balls jerking as I am sucking your
cum. Now I know what all the girls at school were giggling about.

Let's go up and rest a while she said. Taking my hand leading me back
into the house. How sexy it was, to watch her tits flopping gracefully as
we walked. Such a beautiful body.


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