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TWINS1 hurt jaws mouth was


This story is intended for adults 18 and over.
If you don't want to read sexually explicit
material, do not read any further. This is a
work of fiction; any resemblance to living persons
is purely coincidental. Enjoy.
Twin Sisters
by Jedi Knight
The Rape

Nora St. John was curled up on the couch in the
darkened living room trying to concentrate on an
old Vincent Price horror movie on TV. It was
late, after 11 PM, and her twin sister Ronni
wasn't home from work yet. Try as she might, she
couldn't shake the feeling that something was
wrong. She and her sister were as close as most
sisters are, but they had the added bond of being
twins that allowed each of them to sense when
something momentous was happening to the other,
whether good or bad. Their mental bond as twins
had grown even tighter after their parents had
been killed in a plane crash the year before, just
days after their graduation from high school. The
last year had created a kinship between them that
few people ever get to experience in their lives.
Finally, unable to concentrate, she turned off
the tv and sat brooding in the darkened room,
trying to get some kind of feeling for what was
going on with her sister. Suddenly, she heard a
powerful engine and squeeling tires at the curb
in front of the house. A door slammed, and the
vehicle accelerated away with tires screaming on
the pavement. A wave of overwhelming pain and
terror washed over her as she jumped up and ran
to the window. She knew instintively that her
sister was in trouble.
Running out the front door and down the long
path to the curb, she saw what could only be a
body slumped in the gutter, and could hear the
sound of terrified sobbing. As she dropped to the
ground next to the quivering form, she cried out
in anguish. It was her sister Ronnie. Her long
auburn hair was a mess, full of leaves and bits
of twigs, and her clothes were hanging in tatters
on her body leaving her more nude than clothed.
Gently, she put her hand on her sister's shoulder
only to have Ronnie violently pull away and
scream in fear.
"Ronnie, its Nora, you're safe now! Its okay,
baby, its okay. They're gone." Ronnie's wild look
of fear softened as she heard the familiar voice
and she reached out to her sister, clutching her
for reassurance. Nora kept up a constant soft
murmuring as she folded her sister into her arms
and rocked her back and forth until her sobbing
began to lessen and her breathing returned more or
less to normal. After several minutes of just
holding her and letting her hear her soothing
whispers of reassurance, she helped Ronnie to
her feet and slowly walked her back up the path to
Once inside, she turned on a small lamp next to
the stairs leading to the second floor, and gasped
in shock as she saw the extent of the damage to
her sister. Ronnie's clothing was mud spattered
and pretty much shredded. Her beautiful
hourglass figure shown through the ripped clothing
in a dozen places, scratched and bruised. But
the most frightening thing of all were the streaks
of dried and spattered blood that covered her
inner thighs from knees to crotch. Her beloved
sister had been brutally raped!
Even though the sobbing had subsided to a low
whimper and an occassional deep shuddering gasp of
breath, Ronnie still had the look of a trapped
animal in her tear stained eyes. Her makeup was
smeared and running down her cheeks, giving her
an almost ghoulish appearance. A wave or almost
insane rage washed over Nora, causing her to
tremble violently. She turned toward the telephone
on the small table and picked up the receiver.
"I'm calling the police. Those animals are going
to pay for this if its the last thing I ever
Suddenly, Ronnie came out of her almost
trancelike state, grabbing her sister's arm in a
grip that was like iron. "NO! Please, nobody can
ever know about this!" Her eyes had a wild look
in them that stunned Nora into inaction.
"But...but, Ronnie! You have to report this!
Look what they've done to you!" Ronnie threw her
arms around Nora and buried her face in the
hollow of her throat, begging her again not to
call in a rush of words. Nora took her by the
shoulders and pried her loose, looking into her
eyes in disbelief. "But WHY?"
"I could never bear it if anyone found out,
Ronnie. I've seen what happens when a woman
reports a rape! I'll have to go to court and tell
everybody what happened, and it'll be in the
newspapers and on TV, and everybody will stare
at me and wonder if I was a cock teaser or
something. I couldn't live with that, not EVER!"
All the tension went out of her and she slumped
down onto the bottom step of the stairs, sobbing.
Nora could feel the emotions of her sister's
humiliation wash over her in waves. Her anger
turned to sympathy and she nodded as she reached
out and laid a reassuring hand on her sister's
shoulder. "I don't agree, but if that's the way
you want it, that's the way it will be. Now, come
on, let's get you cleaned up and you can tell me
what happened." She helped Ronnie to her feet,
and holding her tightly, they went slowly up the
steps to the bathroom.
The story
Nora sat Ronnie down on the lid of the commode
and then reached into the tub and turned on the
hot water tap full blast. In a few seconds steam
started rising from the water, so she tripped the
lever on the drain to close it. The tub began to
fill with scalding hot water. The room was soon
filled with warm, moist steam that felt
strangely reassuring to Nora. She turned back to
Ronnie, who was now sitting huddled up on the
commode with her knees drawn up under her chin and
her arms wrapped around her legs. She no longer
sobbed, but the tears still streamed down her
cheeks unabated.
"Come on, sweetie, let's get you out of those
rags." Nora gently unfolded Ronnie's arms and
helped her stand up. Ronnie stood there meekly,
making no effort to help remove the remnants of
her clothing. Nora unbottomed the two remaining
buttons on her blouse and it fell in two pieces
onto the floor, revealing her sister's scratched
and bruised breasts in the remnants of what was
once a very pretty lacy bra. Despite her
appearance, Nora couldn't help but admire the
beauty of her sister and the full 34C breats that
stood high and proud on her chest. She removed
the bra and threw it into the wastebasket in the
corner of the room. Next, she unsnapped the
waistband of the once bouncy pleated skirt and
gently worked it down over the trim 32" hips.
The lacy frenchcut panties Ronnie had been wearing
were hanging in tatters on her hips. A wave of
conflicting emotions ranging from rage, to
admiration, to sisterly love washed over her once
again. Despite the mud, the grime, and splotches
of dried blood that covered Ronnie, Nora marvelled
at how beautiful she was, and remembered how she
looked earlier that day all scrubbed and smelling
of bubble bath, her long auburn hair flowing in
shimmering waves around her shoulders, her deep
blue eyes sparkling with laughter as she bounced
out of the house on her way to work. Snapping out
of her brief reverie, she slid the remnants of
the panties to the floor, then helped Ronnie lift
each foot to clear the destroyed garments away,
removing the single remaining loafer that was on
her right foot at the same time.
She gently pushed Ronnie back down on the seat
of the commode, and glanced at the tub. It was
about two thirds full of steaming hot water, so
she turned the hot faucet to a trickle and started
a slow stream of cold water running to bring the
temperature of the bath to the right place.
Turning back, she picked up the big, soft hair
brush from the vanity counter.
"Let's get this stuff out of your hair." Nora
turned Ronnie to the side a bit and began slowly
running the brush down the tangled mess of her
hair, pausing to remove the leaves and twigs as
she went. After several minutes, the bulk of the
vegetation and most of the tangles were cleared,
and Ronnie started to look more human again.
Nora laid the brush down, took Ronnie by the hand
and pulled her up, putting her arm around her
shoulder. She helped her take the three steps to
the side of the tub and then leaned over to test
the water temperature. It was just right, so she
turned off the water and gently put Ronnie into
the tub, where she sank back against the end of
the porcelin. The hot water washed over her
battered body as she leaned back, causing her
hair to spread out in an auburn fan around her
neck and shoulders as she settled in. Her
breasts poked up several inches above the steaming
water, and the difference between the air
temperature and the water temperature caused her
nipples to swell and pop up stiffly. When Nora saw
that, a brief tick of something clicked deep
inside her, but she didn't really notice it at the
She picked up a large natural sea sponge and
dipped it into the hot water, saturating it, then
began gently squeezing the water out over the
top of Ronnie's auburn head. After several minutes
of this, she noticed that Ronnie had closed her
eyes, her breathing more regular as the hot,
soothing water pulled the pain and anquish out
of her battered form.
"Do you feel up to telling me what happened,
Ronnie?" Nora paused in her ministrations and
looked intently into Ronnie's eyes. Ronnie
blinked several times and took a deep, shuddering
breath then nodded imperceptibly. In a voice so
low that Nora had to strain to hear her, she began
to relate a tale of terror and degradation that
had seemed to last for an eternity.
"I was all alone for the last hour at the store.
Marcy and janet left early because things were so
slow, and Mr. Peters is out of town on a
business trip, so I had to stay to close up by
myself. At nine, I closed down the registers and
turned off the lights and locked the front door.
After I turned on the alarm, I went out the back
and was locking the door when two men in ski masks
grabbed me and dragged me into a car. They must've
been waiting for me in the dark by the trash bin,
because I didn't know they were there. There were
two more of them in the car, and they stuffed a
rag in my mouth so I couldn't scream and forced
me to lay on the floor in the back seat. All I was
able to see was their wrists because they were all
wearing black and gloves and ski masks, but one
was white and one was black. I never did see the
two in the front because they blindfolded me
before the car took off. One of them told me if I
wanted to live through the night that I'd better
not make a sound or resist them in any way. He
made his point by pinching my nipples so hard I
almost passed out from the pain.
They drove for what seemed like hours, and I
know they took me somewhere outside town, because
after awhile all the roads were gravel like they
are out toward the lake. Finally, they pulled off
into some kind of clearing or something with a
lot of ruts and bumpy ground. When we stopped, the
two in front got out and got something out of
the trunk, then said something to the two in back
and they dragged me out of the car. The two of
them held me between them and walked me someplace
where there was grass, and then forced me down
onto a blanket on the ground.
I could hear them talking among themselves, and
they were drinking, because I could smell the
whiskey. They were laughing and making gross
comments about how they were going to fuck me till
I screamed for mercy or begged for more, they
didn't care which. I tried to tell who they were
from their voices, but the masks muffled their
voices and they were far enough away that I
couldn't hear all that well. After awhile, they
came over and got all around me on the blanket and
made me stand up and put my arms behind my back.
One of them tied my wrists so I couldn't fight
them, then they started tearing my clothes, and
grabbing my breasts and sticking their fingers
into my pussy. All the time, they were telling me
how they were going to fuck me and make me beg
for it. One of them pulled me down onto the
blanket and made me kneel, and I could hear him
unzipping his pants. He said 'You're gonna suck my
dick, you bitch, and you better not use your
teeth or you'll regret it.' Then he forced my
mouth open and forced his thing into my mouth.
He made me lick it all over, and he put it so far
down my throat I couldn't breath! I thought I
was going to die, but then he started fucking my
mouth, and his thing got bigger and harder until
it hurt my jaws my mouth was so full. I could feel
him getting more excited and all of a sudden he
forced it down my throat and started to come. Oh,
God, Nora, it tasted awful! And there was so much
of it I had to swallow, but I couldn't because
he was too big! All his stuff ran out of my mouth
and down my neck, and his friends were laughing
and saying 'awesome' and 'choke her on it, dude.'
Just when I thought I was going to pass out he
pulled it out and wiped it all over my mouth,
smearing his stuff on my face.
Then they grabbed me and forced my face down
onto the blanket. I could hear the others taking
off their pants and talking about who was going
to be the first to take a ride on the 'hershey
highway.' One of them started fingering me in
my pussy until I was starting to get wet and then
he smeared it all over my ass. Then he started to
push his cock into my asshole. I was so scared he
couldn't get in, so he punched me in side and
knocked my breath out of me, and when I was
gasping for air I guess I relaxed enough that all
of a sudden he put it in me. It hurt so bad I
screamed and screamed, but I couldn't hear myself.
I could hear one of them saying to be careful
and not rupture me, but it hurt so bad and just
burned and burned like fire, I didn't care if I
died right there. He just stopped for a minute
though to get used to me being so tight, then he
started to pump it in and out. He was so big,
Nora, it felt like it was splitting me all the way
up to my throat. "
Nora sat there in disbelief, listening to the
horrors her beautiful twin had been subjected to.
The revulsion was so intense, it was all she
could do to keep from vomiting, but she knew she
had to be strong for Ronnie, and forced herself
to fight off the urge. She ran her hands gently
down the side of Ronnie's face and told her to
go on, to get it all out.
"After awhile, it didn't hurt so much and I
guess I loosened up some, because he started to
really stroke it in and out. I could feel every
inch of him, and after awhile I could feel my
nipples starting to swell up and my pussy was
getting wet. He just started going faster and
faster, and he started moaning, and then he
exploded inside of me. I couldn't help it, Ronnie,
but when I felt him go off, I had an orgasm
and...and I peed all over myself." Ronnie
started to cry again in mortification at the way
her body had betrayed her, tears streaming down
her face, smearing what was left of her makeup
even more. After several minutes of silent
tears, she began again.
"When he finally was done, he pulled out of me,
and I felt so empty! But they were just getting
started. They turned me over on my back and two of
them grabbed my ankles and spread my legs apart as
far as they would go. One of the two who hadn't
had me yet got between my legs and put his cock up
against my pussy and rammed it all the way in in
one push. I was a virgin, Nora, I was a good girl and was waiting till I got married, but that's
all gone now. He started fucking me slow, and just
fucked me and fucked me until he got off. I
couldn't feel anything at all until he got off of
me, then I felt empty again, and my breasts were
aching and my nipples were hard and I couldn't
help it. Then the other one got on me and
started fucking me. He made me come before he
finished, and I felt so betrayed! But then they
started taking turns fucking me, and coming in
me, and coming on my breasts and on my face. I
don't know how many times they did it, but when
they finally were too tired to do it any more, I
was so numb I couldn't feel anything. They just
pulled me up and put me back in the car, and then
dumped me out on the street when they got back
into town. I didn't know I was even home until I
heard your voice."
Nora was stunned; mentally exhausted from
hearing her sister's story of terror. A great knot
of empathy welled up in her throat and she sank
into the tub, fully clothed, hugging her sister in
her arms. They lay there crying and holding each
other until the water had turned cold. Nora
finally struggled up and opened the drain,
letting the hurt and the anger and the misery run
down the drain along with the dirty water. She
quickly stripped out of her wet clothing and
turned the shower on, then matter of factly
scrubbed Ronnie from head to toe as a mother would a small child, paying particular gentle
attention to her ravaged private parts. When she
was satisfied that all was clean, she wrapped
Ronnie in a huge fluffy towel and walked her
down the hall to her own bedroom, and put her into
bed. She climbed under the covers and wrapped
her arms around her sister to keep her warm. After
awhile Ronnie fell into a deep sleep, with Nora
finally drifting off into the sleep of mental
The Healing

Nora woke groggily to Ronnie's nightmarish
thrashing and moaning sometime in the very early
morning hours. It was still black as pitch
outside. She gently woke her sister, who came
awake with a cry of terror that quickly subsided
into another bout of crying.
Nora spoke softly in a soothing voice as she
held Ronnie in her arms, gently running her hands
up and down her body wherever a muscle was
twitching in pain. She closed her eyes and willed
her hands to take away the pain, after awhile
getting into a rythm of warm flesh caressing warm
flesh, a kind of limbo where it didn't matter
what part of her body touched that of Ronnie. All
that mattered was that there was soft, caressing
contact, the healing touch of the laying on of
Gradually she sensed that the continuous contact
was causing an warm glow in her own body, that
started as a spark then slowly built into a
glowing ember, and then into a fiery hot coal
that caused her own body to begin to be aroused
by the contact. She didn't question it at all,
assuming that it was only a response to the love
she felt for her twin. But soon, she realized that
the continuous caressing had caused the same
response in Ronnie. She could feel the intense
heat coming off of her skin, and her nipples were
as hard as diamonds. She started to wonder if
maybe she should stop before things got out of
hand, but a low, almost feral moan emanated from
deep inside Ronnie, and the result was like a
switch had flipped in Nora's brain, opening the
flood gates of sexual desire. All she could think
of was taking away the pain and terror of the
rape by showing Ronnie that sex was still
something beautiful to be shared by two people
who loved each other. She turned her sister toward
her, gently kissing her eyelids and murmuring her
name over and over. Ronnie instinctively
responded to the overture by throwing her arms
around Nora and closing her mouth with her own
in a deep kiss. A wave of heat flooded through
them as if they were one, and they could no more
have stopped what they were starting than they
could have flown to the moon.
Nora's left hand came to rest on Ronnie's right
hip and rolled her into full body contact, mouth
locked to mouth, breast to breast, stomach to
stomach. Nora's leg came up between Ronnie's and
her thigh made electric contact with her
scalding hot pussy. Nora could feel the wetness
oozing from Ronnie's pussy and spreading across
the top of her thigh as if it was alive. She
rolled over then until she was on top of Ronnie,
and their contact was even more intimate. Ronnie
moaned again deep into Nora's throat and lifted
her own leg until it made contact with Nora's own
pussy. The touch was devastating, and Nora
shuddered in instant orgasm, but there was no
relief as it only served to inflame her desire for
Ronnie to a fever pitch.
Nora's senses were spinning with the aftermath
of her orgasm and the heady aroma of aroused
womanhood emanating from her sister's soaking wet
pussy. She kissed Ronnie again with quick, savage
intensity, putting her tongue deep into her
mouth. Ronnie responded as if hit with an electric
shock, thrusting her pussy hard against Nora's
hip bone and forcing her own tongue into Nora's
mouth. Nora broke the kiss and showered
featherlight little kisses all over her sister's
face and neck, quickly moving down to her
nipples. Taking the rock hard nubs into her mouth,
each in turn, she alternately applied a heavy
suction and quick nips with her teeth, causing
Ronnie to cry out in ecstacy. Nora's need became
almost desperate as she continued working her way
down Ronnie's torso, leaving a wet trail of kisses
as she went.
Ronnie was clutching at her own breasts,
squeezing each full globe and pinching the nipples
as hard as she could stand it. Her loins started
a dance all their own of quick, jerky thrusts and
grinds the closer Nora got to her enflamed
pussy. Nora couldn't wait any longer and, pausing
only to inhale the musky scent of her sister,
buried her face in Ronnie's overflowing pussy. Her
nose smashed into her clitoris like a runaway
train, and her tongue buried itself deep into the
folds of her pussy. The effect on Ronnie was
unbelievable. She jerked violently, thrusting up
into Nora's mouth, then her entire body stiffened
for several seconds straining to force more of
Nora's tongue into her depths, until finally she
let out a high pitched wail. Her entire body
convulsed as if she were being electrocuted, each
convulsion forcing a flood of juice from her pussy into Nora's suctioning mouth. Her orgasm lasted
for what seemed like days, leaving Nora
literally drenched from forehead to chin in the
sweet, sticky juice of her pussy, until with a
final convulsive shudder, she collapsed
unconscious on the drenched bedclothes.
Nora was stunned at the intensity of her
sister's orgasm. She'd had no idea that she was
capable of that kind of response with anyone,
let alone another woman. Far from bringing her
relief, however, it merely ratcheted her own
lust and desire up several more notches, leaving
her keyed up to a point that she had never
thought possible. She crawled up next to Ronnie,
licking her juices from her lips and chin as best
she could with her tongue, savoring the taste of
Ronnie's pussy with each swipe. As she reached
Ronnie's head, her sister groaned in ecstacy and
her eyes fluttered open, a look of wonder in them
that Nora could see even in the darkened room.
She could see the wetness all over Nora's face in
the dim light cast by the nighlight in the hall,
and before Nora could utter a word, pinned her to
the bed on her back and started licking the
wetness from her face, drinking in the taste and
texture as if she were savoring the most
exquisite meal at a 5-star restaurant.
To this point, neither of them had spoken a
word. Ronnie raised her head and stared into her
sister's blue eyes and whispered "I want to do
to you what you just did to me." Nora saw a fire
of lust burning in Ronnie's eyes that took her
breath away so that she could only nod in
For the next two hours the beautiful auburn
haired twins took turns pleasuring each other,
sometimes fast and hard, and sometimes slow and
leisurely, but always resulting in mind numbing
orgasms. They found to their delight that Ronnie
gushed like a broken dam almost every time she
came, while Nora discovered that she was capable
of multiple orgasms that seemed to last for days.
Finally, as the sun was just starting to light
the room through the curtains, they coupled mouth
to pussy and pussy to mouth for a long, tender
session that ended in a near bone cracking
spasmodic orgasm that left them utterly drained of
energy, both physically and mentally.
As they lay there next to each other holding
hands and breathing in deep, shuddering breaths,
each could hear the other's thoughts in their
own mind, vowing that they would never be apart
again, and that no man would ever intrude on
their love making. After a few hours of sleep they
woke to find themselves entwined in each other's
arms, and with a deep, soul searing kiss, began


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