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TWINS1B girls play with sexually most


Copyright © 1999, Max Free. ALL Rights Reserved

Date of first publication in Mr Double's Palisade : Saturday, March 06,

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the
written permission of the author. Else it may be freely distributed on
condition that this notice remains attached to it and that the usual
precautions have been taken to prevent it being read by unauthorized
persons, especially under age children, or by people who might be offended
by its contents.

Author: Max Free File: Twins1b.txt Title: Twin Capers Chapter 1 (MMFF)


“ .... ; since the happiest man - THE man WHO TASTES PLEASURE MOST
FULLY - is the most benevolent and therefore the most desirable member of
society, .... “

(my emphasis MF) Read in “Pleasure” by Doris Langley Moore (with my


by Max Free

Chapter 1 How it all began

Jack and Mike King were in bed, Jack with Mike’s wife, Mike with Jack’s,
in the same room next to each other, and the wives were not aware of it
that they were sleeping with the ‘wrong’ man!

Before explaining how this unusual situation came about and then telling
you what was happening in those beds - though it is not difficult to guess
that - I will first tell you a little more about these people.


The Kings originate from Europe where they were Protestants who believed
that they did not need anybody to tell them what is GOOD and what is SIN.
They just tolerated their clergymen as people who had studied a lot but who
did not have the monopoly of wisdom. So the Kings had always been, and
still are, very independent people, with their own ideas about a lot of

Jack was born about 15 minutes before Mike, but for the rest they are
‘identical’, that is they developed from one cell. Most people cannot
distinguish between them. When this story begins, they are 41 years old.
They are blond and athletic, in fact their friends often call them the
Vikings. One more characteristic, most women like them, especially the
younger ones.

Their parents, very wisely, from the beginning treated them as
individuals, not as a pair. They were never made to wear identical
clothes, often had different occupations and friends. But even though they
from the beginning were quite distinct personalities, they had and have
that marked complicity characteristic for identical twins and while growing
up they did many discoveries together. They for example kept each other
well informed about their sexual discoveries and development. When they
started to ejaculate, they did this a few times together and Jack, the more
enterprising of the two, even once rubbed Mike’s cock until he came, his
sperm spurting at quite a distance, to their great enjoyment. But these
sessions, though interesting, did not excite them exceedingly and they soon
found girls to play with sexually, most often separately, and certainly
nearly always very satisfactorily.

Jack and Mike both married rather late in life, both a rather young girl. Jack’s wife, Janet, at the beginning of our story was 34. She has
very beautiful blond hair, that goes down on her shoulders, and intensely
blue eyes. She is larger than average. She has a very beautiful athletic
body with nice firm but not very big breasts and long legs. She was a
physiotherapist when Jack met her and she still likes to do a lot of sport,
especially jogging. Sexually she likes to take initiatives, she often
starts the love making with Jack, rubbing his cock until it is hard - which
never takes much time - and then giving him a blowjob and finally getting
on top of him to fuck him. Nevertheless she always submits to him when he
chooses to dominate. Jack and janet both very much like to have sex.

Jack and Janet’s son, Andy, was 12 and resembles both his parents, their
daughter, Susan, was 10 and she is the most beautiful and also attractive
girl imaginable, she is very much like her mother, with the same enchanting
blue eyes, but she lets her blond hair grow very long. I think that Susy
will later be even more beautiful than her mother. She had already started
delightful little breasts but her little cunt was still smooth and

Mike’s wife, Mary, was 32 and she is completely different from Jack’s.
She is smaller, has long brown hair and quite full breasts, sagging just a
little, which emphasizes her femininity. I would call her cuddlesome. She
was a nurse when Jack first met her. She is very musical and plays flute
very well; she is a member of a very well known amateur orchestra.

Mike and Mary’s son, Lex, was 14 years old, he resembles his father.
Their daughter Maggie was only 11, but she already has nice curves and very
promising breasts and she would have had a lot of brown pubic hair if she
did not keep it neatly trimmed, as instructed by her mother. She already
was - and still is - as cuddlesome as her mother, if not more! Jack and
Mike did their studies at different universities, both very successfully.
Jack was a vice-president at a computer consulting firm. He had a very
beautiful house with many spare rooms, a nice swimming pool in a large
garden that guaranteed complete privacy. Mike was the head of a large
research laboratory in our town, with an international company. He had
been working abroad for many years.


And now our story. When Mike came back in the country, he by lucky
chance became head of the big laboratory that his firm runs in the town
where Jack is living. Jack and his wife of course invited Mike and his
family for a big welcome dinner and janet and Mary immediately got along
together very well. janet found Mary to be a very sweet person and Mary
admired very much Janet’s energy and initiative.

The two pairs got along so well that when Mike had found a house and
settled down, they decided to make a journey together, a few weeks through
Australia, without the children! They had a great time, trekking right
across Australia from the Big Reef to Sydney. During the voyage the men flirted a little with each other’s wives but nothing serious happened.

They had planned their trip in such a way that they would spend a day
together in the big city where they would land when coming back into the
country. The men would then travel on the next day - they had to go back
to their jobs - and their wives would stay a day longer to do some shopping
together. However, something had gone wrong with the hotel reservation and
the two pairs found that there was only one room available. Because it was
a double room, with two beds, they decided that they would not look for
rooms elsewhere, but to simply share the room for that one night.

So, after they had had a nice dinner, they went up to their room, where
first the two wives used the bathroom together and then they went to bed,
already extinguishing the light, letting the men the use of the bathroom.

When Mike and Jack had finished, Jack said to his brother: “Mike,
suppose that we now by mistake went into the wrong bed?” In fact the two
brothers had once during their trip, when they were having a few drinks
together, without the wives, discussed in every spicy detail how was sex
with their wives. They had found that their wives were very different in
that respect, as was to be expected, but they also had vented the idea that
the wives, on the contrary, would not know the difference if they would
sleep with their brother-in-law instead of their husband and they had even
let go their fantasy a little in that direction. As a matter of fact they
had done the same, i.e. swapping girls, a few times when they were young,
but they had no idea that they would soon have an occasion to do the same
with their wives.

So now Mike replied “You really want me to fuck Janet, while you fuck my
Mary, you lecher? You really think the girls will not notice? That would
really be exciting! I often wondered how it would be to fuck Janet!” And
letting his desire get the better of his intelligence he continued “No, I’m
sure they will not notice, especially as they must be very sleepy. Anyway,
if we are found out, we can always say it was a joke!”

Jack was very surprised by his brother’s reaction, but he did not want
Mike to think he did not have the guts so he just said “OK then let’s go
ahead, but after we have fucked them we immediately switch again.” So they
extinguished the light in the bathroom and, very cautiously groping in the
dark, they crept into bed next to their sisters-in-law.”

So now you know how this exciting situation came about. And exciting
was the word! They both found that their unsuspecting partner, already
half asleep, was naked - they all had the habit to sleep naked - and
reacted very favorably to their first approach. But that was the only
similarity; the men found that their sisters in law reacted very
differently from their wives, as they had been made to expect. Having been
informed by their brother how their partners liked to have sex, they from
then on tried to act as they expected their brother would have.

When Jack started to feel up Mary, he found that her body was exactly as
voluptuous as he had always thought when looking at her. When she realized
that her ‘husband’ wanted to fuck, feeling him kiss and squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples and then introduce his hand between her legs to
softly rub her pussy, she sighed voluptuously and turned on her back,
raising and spreading her legs. Jack then threw back the blanket and after
some more tit and nipple kissing descended Mary’s belly kissing her all the
time, while kneading her breasts. Finally he pushed to spread Mary’s
thighs and then dove in to lick her cunt, that she already obediently held
open for him, so that she started to pant and then give little cries. The
smell of this cunt was completely different from Janet’s, it was
intoxicating, and Jack immediately stuck his tongue deep into Mary’s cunt hole drawing a loud cry from her and causing her to clamp his head between
her thighs so that he did not any more hear the cries and grunts that were
coming from the other bed. But the feeling was great! When Mary then
opened her thighs again, Jack began to lap her cunt with broad movements up
and down and soon he had her crying to him “Ohh fuck me ... Please....
Fuck me.” At the same time he heard Mike in the other bed grunt “Oh
yehhh... Oh Yehhh......” Jack’s cock was of course stone hard and he slid
up Mary’s body and pushed his cock into her cunt hole as deep as possible
in one strong push” Holding Mary’s breasts he and Mary now started to fuck
violently, both moaning and grunting, and very soon he heard Mary start to
cum. Jack then let go his sperm deep into her vagina, there was a lot of
it, and this unleashed Mary’s climax causing her to utter a few wails of
delight. Jack then lay down on her clasping her in his arms and with his
cheek against hers, both panting and listening to the sounds coming from
the other bed.

As I said, Mike had of course had quite different experiences than Jack
although it began the same way with Mike kissing and squeezing Janet’s firm
breasts and pinching her nipples and then introducing his hand between her,
already raised, legs to rub her pussy. But then janet took the initiative
and turned Mike on his back diving down on his cock that she took into her
mouth in order to give him a thorough blow job. Mike knew that janet liked
to have Jack’s cock in her mouth and he let her proceed, first stroking her
shoulders and then holding her head that bobbed up and down on his cock,
Mike grunting from excitement while fucking Janet’s mouth in response to
her movements. When he feared that he was going to cum, he in his turn
pushed janet on her back in order to give her cunt the attention it
deserved. Just as Jack he found there a taste that was very different from
that of his wife’s, it was much more fresh, as that one would expect a
young girl’s cunt to have, and terribly exciting. He also found that janet was already very wet and slimy and he soon slid up her body to put his cock
into Janet’s cunt. janet then surprised him by turning and pushing him
onto his back again after which she started to fuck him, instead of letting
him fuck her. After some time she let him turn her on her back again,
however, but clamping down on him using her legs and feet to help him push
in his cock at every down stroke. When they heard how Mary was cumming in
the other bed, this excited the pair so much that they also started to cum,
both Mike and janet very vocal with their satisfaction.

Both men then did what they had agreed on to do, they whispered in the
ear of their lover “Be back in a moment” , disappeared into the bathroom to
return after a minute next to their legal spouse. After some more kissing
and petting, all four soon fell asleep.

The next morning Jack and Mike rose very early and left in haste to
catch their plane home. While having a quick breakfast at the airport they
congratulated each other on their feat and told each other how much they
had enjoyed the other’s wife. They only regretted that they would probably
never have such an occasion again.


Dear reader,

I will be delighted to hear from you what you think of this story, good
or bad. Just mail a few words to !

Max Free


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