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TWINS2 hurt herself Lisa gave out


Twin Sisters Part 2 [f/f/f, inc, telepathy]

The following is a work of fiction containing material of a
graphic sexual nature. Do not proceed if you are offended
by such material.
Twin Sisters Pt.2: The Encounter

by Jedi Knight

It had been six months since the fateful evening that Ronnie
had been abducted and gang raped. The passage of time,
and the loving concern of her twin sister, Nora, had
lessened the tormenting nightmares to an occasional bout
of sleeplessness that left the beautiful auburn haired young woman with a dull ache deep inside. Each time it happened
it triggered a response in her sister Nora that led to soothing
words, soothing touch, and intense orgasms for them both.

Because of that brutal assault, the twins had discovered that
they could sense the feelings of each other with an intensity
that still mystified them. Each could almost hear the words
of the other in her head. They had also discovered that this
ability let them reinforce the pleasure they gave to each
other during their lovemaking, resulting in shattering
orgasms that left them drained and gasping. Over the
course of the last six months, they had begun to experiment
with this ability, trying to gage its limits, and to increase their
own sensitivity to each other to the extent that they seldom
spoke at all any more. Instead, when they were alone they
talked in a sort of mental shorthand that conveyed so much
more than words were capable of.

Now, on a crisp clear November evening, they were
dressing up to go out for the first time in months for the sole
purpose of having some fun. Nora knew that Ronnie
needed to get back into a routine of normalcy to finally
overcome the horror of that terrible night last summer.
Ronnie had a first been unreceptive to Nora's suggestion,
but gradually warmed to the idea. In fact, it got to the point
where she would tell Nora to quit nagging about it. The two
girls finally agreed to go to a club that featured a jazz trio
that was off the beaten path frequented by the usual yuppie
crowd. Ronnie still had a problem dealing with any kind of
aggressive male behavior, and didn't want to go to any of
the more trendy "meat market" clubs. Nora agreed
completely, knowing that Ronnie was at that delicate stage
of recovery where the wrong kind of atmosphere could force
her back into her shell possibly for a very long time.

So, the two found themselves scurrying about the house
doing the things all beautiful women do when they get ready
to go out on the town. They took a long, luxurious hot
shower together, alternately giggling and gasping as they
washed each other from top to bottom, pausing at times to
kiss, or caress a breast, or gently squeeze a clitoris. There
was no urgency to go all the way, only a playful urge to
titillate and arouse in preparation for the adventure ahead.
They finally got out of the shower and toweled each other
dry, the course texture of the fabric causing their nipples to
harden and stand up at attention. Then each went about
their routine of makeup, hair, and selection of clothes to
wear, all the while unconsciously approving or disapproving
of each other's choices at each stage of the process. When
they finally finished, they looked at each other and laughed,
for they were both wearing slinky sleeveless black velvet
dresses, dark hose, and scarlet high heeled shoes. The
ensembles were topped off by a simple gold chain necklace
and hair that was pinned partially up in studied disarray.

"My God, Ronnie, you look good enough to eat!" thought
Nora. "I'm getting wet just thinking about it."

Ronnie looked coyly at her sister and grinned, a touch of
lust showing in her eyes that was mirrored in Nora's. "I
know," she thought, "but we better leave now or we'll never
get out of the bedroom!"

They hugged each other tightly for a brief moment, then
went downstairs arm in arm and out the door to the car.

The Club

A short time later, they walked into the dark club, pausing
just inside the door to let their eyes adjust and get their
bearings. It was an old, well established place, with real
wood tables, a dark, glistening mahogany bar with red leather upholstered stools running down one side of the
main room. There was a small hardwood dance floor off to
one side, slightly lower than the rest of the room. At the far
end in the corner was a raised platform with dark blue velvet
curtains along the corner angle of the wall. The trio of
musicians playing lazy, soft jazz was just finishing a
selection as they came in. At the end opposite the stage
and directly across from the bar was a group of intimate
booths with high backs that allowed customers to hear the
band, but enabled them to hold private conversations
without being overheard by those in the next booth. By
mutual agreement, Nora and Ronnie slowly made their way
to the both on the end closest to the band, and slid into soft
leather seats. They sensed rather than saw the looks of
admiration they received from the other patrons as they sat
down, for they were indeed a superb vision with their striking
looks, glossy auburn hair, and identical dress.

Shortly after they settled into the booth, a waitress with tray
came by and asked them what they wanted to drink, and to
tell them that there was a two drink minimum. They ordered
a carafe of white wine and the girl left with a cheerful smile
saying she would be right back. She returned almost
immediately with a carafe that had beads of chilled water
clinging to the outside, and two long stemmed crystal
goblets. She filled each one to the half way point, accepted
payment from Nora and went off to take care of her other

Ronnie sipped slowly on the chilled wine, looking around at
the other patrons of the club. There were two older couples
seated in other booths, probably there to listen to the jazz,
and about half a dozen others, mostly women seated at
various points along the bar. All were well dressed and not
paying any particular attention to the others, just enjoying
their beverages and the music. All in all, it was a
comfortable place and everyone seemed to be having a
good time.

The sisters followed their example and sat listening to the
music for about an hour until the band announced it was
taking a break and to please stay around for the next set in
half an hour. By this time, they had each had two glasses of
wine and were just starting on the third, giving them a slight
buzz that was pleasant without interfering with their thoughts
in any way. Suddenly, however, both girls sensed an
electric "something" and the atmosphere became charged
with a feeling of anticipation. Just as they looked up toward
the bar, a woman walked into the club, stopping as they had
to let her eyes adjust to the darkened interior. She was tall,
blond, and stunning, wearing a shimmery sheath that
twinkled and sparked with a multitude of tiny colors
reflecting from the colored neon signs over the bar and the
accent lights around the room.

Nora and Ronnie both took a sharp breath and felt
something deep down inside go "click." The woman's
presence was overwhelming, at least to them, but she didn't
seem to feel the reaction that she had caused in the twins.
They looked at each other and their eyes locked, a flood of
thoughts racing between them. Suddenly, their mouths were
dry, their pulses were racing, and their nipples got hard as
gemstones, popping up noticeably against the velvet of their
dresses. Without hesitating, they started to slide out of the

The blond had stepped up to the bar and ordered and the
bartender was just setting a shot of gold tequila with a chunk
of lime and a small dish of coarse salt on the bar when Nora
and Ronnie arrived. At first she didn't notice them, instead
picking up the lime and dipping it in the salt with her left
hand. Then she picked up the shot and was about to sip it
when she realized the twins were standing just a few feet to
her right. She looked up at them, and three pairs of eyes
locked instantly. She hesitated, her eyes widening as the
wave of sexual energy emanating from the twins leaped
across the few feet between them and washed over her like
an adrenaline rush. Recovering almost instantly, she tossed
back the shot, then bit slowly into the salted lime, the juice
running seductively down her chin as she stared unblinking
into their eyes.

Nora, her eyes still locked on the gaze of the blond beauty,
didn't say a word, but instead merely extended her hand as
if to say "come with us." The woman smiled, a brief little hint
of agreement playing over her luscious lips, and placed her
hand in Nora's.

The bartender, who had been standing there with his mouth
hanging open at the silent interplay between the three,
closed his jaw with an audible click, realizing that they were
walking out the door into the night, without a word having
been said between any of them. When the door closed with
a bump, he ruefully realized the woman had not even paid
for her drink. He shook his head, but didn't really care, still
caught up in the electricity of the moment. With a sigh of
envy, he cleared the bar and went back to work.

The Stairway to Heaven

Outside the bar, the crisp, cold air only added to the
heightened awareness of the twins and their new friend.
Their skin had a slight touch of gooseflesh, and three sets of
nipples hardened in response to the cold air until they ached
and throbbed. Ronnie spoke for the first time, running her
hand in a feathery touch down the bare arm of the blond,
causing a tremor to course through her.

"I'm Ronnie, and this is my twin sister Nora. I'm pleased you
decided to come with us." Her hand continued to trace
languorously back up the woman's arm and across her chest
along the collarbone with a touch that ignited fire in them

The blond started to speak, but had to swallow to make her
voice work. "I'm Elisa Lisa for short. I'm pleased to meet
you. This was totally unexpected, meeting you I mean, but I
think I'm going to be glad I did."

Nora leaned in close murmuring " are we" as she kissed
the woman with a little butterfly kiss that sent a hot flash
through her veins. "Why don't you follow us back to our
house." It was more a gentle command than a question, but
Lisa nodded, and the three went to their cars and drove the
short distance to the twins' home.

The twins turned into the drive at the side of the house and drove
to the rear, parking in front of the garage door. Lisa parked her car
next to theirs, and the three walked into the house through the back
door. Nora led the way into the front hallway, turning on the lamp
next to the stairs. The lamp was not bright, but still cast a warm
yellow glow over the three as they stood there with anticipation
hanging heavy in the air.

"Ronnie, why don't you take Lisa upstairs so she can freshen up,
and I'll get a bottle of wine and some glasses and meet you in the
bedroom" Although Ronnie knew what she was going to say even
before she said it, she knew that Nora had said it for Lisa's benefit
in order to break the ice and the awkwardness of a first encounter.
Nora turned and went back into the kitchen to gather their
refreshments. Ronnie smiled and took Lisa by the hand and started
to go up the stairs, but stopped on the second step, pulling Lisa up
to stand next to her. The beautiful blonde was just too tempting to
resist. Ronnie took her face between her hands and leaned in to
engulf Lisa's lips with her own.

Lisa responded instantly, putting her arms around Ronnie and
drawing her in close, their tongues dueling for dominance in a
searing kiss. Ronnie's nipples made contact with Lisa's breasts through their clothes, and it felt as if an electric current was running
from the distended tips of her breasts directly to the heart of her
pussy. She moaned into Lisa's and pushed her down onto the stairs
with her body melting into the body of Lisa. Her knee came up to
make contact with Lisa's inner thighs causing them to part as if her
leg was a hot knife in a stick of butter. Her upper thigh made
contact with Lisa's crotch, and she felt the hot wetness that was
soaking her panties. She rolled her hips into Lisa's lower belly,
making contact with her swollen clitoris. Lisa shuddered and
bucked, the pressure making her tear her mouth away from
Ronnie's gasping as she came.

Ronnie, too far gone to care where they were, reached around
behind Lisa and clawed the zipper of her dress down, breaking a
nail in the process, but she didn't even notice. She grabbed the
dress at the edge of Lisa's shoulders and pulled it down all the way
to her waist, exposing a pair of the most luscious breasts she had
ever seen. The aureoles were a light pink and obviously swollen
because she could see little bumps of a deeper pink rising up. But
the nipples were what really riveted her attention. They were a raw
rose pink in color, sticking up from the center of each breast and
looked as if they were as hard as stones. She watched in awe as
each nipple oozed a bit of clear liquid that slowly ran down the
under curve of each breast, as if each had a tiny pinhole leak. Lisa
was trying her best to reach behind Ronnie to unzip her dress, but
Ronnie had her arms more or less pinned at her sides with her own
dress down to the waist. She forgot all about that, however, as
Ronnie clamped her mouth over her right nipple like hawk
descending on a mouse. Ronnie's mouth enveloped the entire tip of
her breast, her tongue doing a crazy dance all over and around the
nipple, at the same time savoring the taste of the fluid that leaked
from it. Lisa moaned and thrashed about as Ronnie's ministrations
forced into a second orgasm in only a few minutes. Her convulsing
pussy sent a flood of wetness cascading all over the thigh that
ground into her clitoris and pussy.

By this time, Nora had returned carrying a small tray with a bottle
of good ruby Cabernet and three glasses. She didn't even hesitate,
instead put the tray down on the nearby table and in what seemed
like a single fluid movement, unzipped and left her dress in a black
puddle on the floor. Kicking off her shoes, she stripped her panties off, tossing them on top of the dress. Now, wearing only a frilly
lace bra, she stepped onto the stairs straddling her sister and Lisa.
She quickly stepped up two steps and planted her knees on the
carpeted step, one on either side of Lisa's flushed face. As Lisa felt
another presence and opened her eyes, she found herself staring
into the cleanly shaven pussy of Nora. A pussy that was swollen
with need, the lips opened slightly and covered by a patina of
feminine oil. She could see Nora's clitoris at the top of her slit,
pulsing and distended. Without a second thought, she buried her
tongue deep into Nora's pussy, her nose banging solidly against her
clit. Nora didn't have time to assimilate the assault, but her body
reacted with a mind of its own as she ground her pussy into the face
of the blond.

Ronnie, in the mean time, reached up and spread her sisters cheeks
and buried her tongue in the little rosebud of her ass. The sudden
assault on her rear entrance pushed Nora over the edge and into a
heart pounding orgasm of her own. Her hips jerked spasmodically,
slamming first into Lisa's mouth, and then back into Ronnie's
tongue. Nora was unable to control her muscles and slumped
sideways onto the stairs, twitching and spasming as her orgasm
rocketed back and forth between her pussy and her brain. The
telepathic link between Ronnie and her sister let the intensity of
Nora's come explode in Ronnie's brain, triggering her own orgasm.
She slid down Lisa's body to lay with her head in the blond's lap,
gasping for air.

Several minutes passed with the three breathing deep draughts of
air, their triphammer heartbeats slowly returning to normal. Nora
was the first to stir, reaching out to softly caress Lisa's cheek in
thanks. She slowly got to her feet, pulling Ronnie and Lisa up with
her. "Now that we've gotten to know each other, let's get
comfortable in the bedroom. We have all night ahead of us." Lisa
and Ronnie traded looks and grinned first at each other, then at
Nora. They languorously climbed the stairs with Nora following
right behind after retrieving the tray of wine from the table. Nora
had the germ of an idea that she was sure would be well received by
the other two. Just as Ronnie and Lisa went through the door into
the bedroom, Ronnie looked back at Nora, smiling and nodding as
she caught her sister's plans over their mental network.

After opening the wine and putting some soft mood music on the
stereo, the three sat and chatted for awhile, learning those little
things about the other that make for fast friends over the long haul.
Finally, however, the lust that still hung thick in the air was more
than they could stand, and Nora and Ronnie got up off the bed,
pulling Lisa up with them. They proceeded to remove what little
clothing each still had on, all the while running their hands over the
superb body of the blond. They discovered to their delight that
Lisa was a natural blond, with a thick, luxuriant bush of platinum
curls over her pussy that had been trimmed into a 'V' shape,
leaving the pussy lips and clitoris clear and easy to reach. Her
stomach was flat and hard, obviously the result of dedicated
exercise. Her breasts were large and full, but didn't sag like those
of many well endowed women. They stood out from her chest
proudly, high up on her ribcage and perfectly centered from side to
side. The muscles were firm under the layer of velvety soft skin and
they felt as smooth as the finest silk to the touch. All the while they
had been talking, the nipples had oozed the clear fluid to such an
extent that the underside of each breast glistened in the dim light
and her flat stomach had a track of wetness running down under
each breast.

The twins kept up a constant murmur of endearment as they
caressed Lisa's body from head to toe, planting light kisses at
random as they went, pausing now and again to suck the juices
running down her body as if it were ambrosia. Lisa was rapidly
becoming unable to control her body as the pleasure of their
caresses stoked the fire in her belly. Finally, she could no longer
stand and sank with a moan onto the bed, one arm covering her
eyes as she responded to each caress. Nora and Ronnie
unconsciously fed each other the little bits of information their
senses picked up as Lisa responded to each caress, coordinating
their touch, their kisses, and their little love bites in an instinctive
choreography of lust.

They kept up their ministrations for what seemed like hours, but
was in reality only minutes. Finally, Ronnie moved up and
straddled Lisa's face, her throbbing pussy dripping wetness onto the
lips below her. Lisa's eyes fluttered open, her tongue licking at the
musky fluid with relish. She wrapped her arms around Ronnie's
thighs and pulled her down onto her mouth, alternately burying her
tongue in Ronnie's pussy and nipping at her clit with her teeth.
Ronnie collapsed backward on Lisa, her head thrashing back and
forth as Lisa chewed on her clit. Never one to miss an opportunity,
Nora spread her thighs and knelt over Ronnie's head, straddling
both her and Lisa in the process. Ronnie responded by pulling
Nora's pussy down tight against her mouth to begin sucking and
licking as if it were her last meal.

Not wanting to leave Lisa out of the fun, Nora put her right hand
behind her and inserted three fingers into Lisa's sopping wet pussy,
pistoling them in and out. Lisa's work on Ronnie's clitoris took its
toll, causing the auburn haired girl to snap bolt upright, her body
rigid and quivering with flashes of light and color exploding behind
her eyes. Ronnie shrieked in ecstasy as Lisa clamped down on her
clit with her teeth and bit hard. She twitched spasmodically, then
collapsed sideways onto the bed, little mewling sounds coming
from her throat with each convulsion as her body was racked with
massive orgasms. After several seconds, she gave one final
convulsion and passed out.

Nora was almost knocked off of Lisa when her sister bolted
upright, but managed to keep her fingers moving in and out of
Lisa's pussy. Lisa, her sexual nerves strung as tightly as a bow
string, was thrashing about on the bed, her eyes almost rolled back
into her head so that all Nora could see was the whites, with the
eyelids fluttering like mad. She used her knees to keep Lisa from
falling off the bed, and put her little finger into her pussy next to the
other three. The reaction was immediate, and Lisa bridged on the
bed for several seconds, only her head and the backs of her thighs
touching the mattress. Then she collapsed again, her hips keeping
up a rythum of ticks as old as time. Nora squeezed her fingers
together more tightly to get deeper penetration and continued to
fuck Lisa with her hand. She lay her thumb down along the edge of
her hand as it entered Lisa so that each thrust of her hand caused
the tip of her thumb to bang into Lisa's clit solidly.

Suddenly, Lisa's body froze as if made of marble. She held the
tension for a long count of three, then her hips gave a hard lurch
down, then up. In a few seconds, another, then another. Her arms
were stretched straight out to the sides, clutching the mattress in
desperation, straining to reach that final plateau of pleasure. Nora
gave one more hard shove into her pussy, slamming the flat of her
thumb into Lisa's clit, mashing it against the pubic bone. Lisa
screamed from deep down in her soul, her hips gave a massive lurch
upwards. To Nora's astonishment, the sudden upheaval caused her
entire hand to plunge deep into Lisa's pussy. In an instant, her arm
was buried halfway to the elbow, and she could feel her fingers
plunge deep into the cervical opening of Lisa's uterus. Lisa bridged
again and again, causing Nora's hand to bounce around inside her
womb. She must have hit the right spot because Lisa's pussy clamped down on her whole forearm and hand so hard she was
afraid Lisa would hurt herself. Lisa gave out a final gut wrenching
scream of ecstasy and collapsed in a boneless heap on the bed, out

Despite her own burning need, Nora was so awestruck by Lisa's
climb up the stairway to heaven that she just lay down between Lisa
and her sister and relaxed, knowing that her turn would come soon


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