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TWINS2B cum inside them but Bill and

Copyright 1999, Max Free. ALL Rights Reserved

Date of first publication in Mr Double's Palisade : Sunday, March 28,

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the
written permission of the author. Else it may be freely distributed on
condition that this notice remains attached to it and that the usual
precautions have been taken to prevent it being read by unauthorized
persons, especially under age children, or by people who might be offended
by its contents.

Author: Max Free File: Twins2b.txt Title: Twin Capers Chapter 2 (MMFF)


by Max Free

Chapter 2 Naughty, naughty

janet and Mary woke up a few hours after their husbands had left. Jack
and Mike would have been very surprised and very upset if they had heard
what their wives then said to each other. It was janet who woke up first.
She prodded Mary to wake her too and then they had the following
conversation, a masterpiece of female illogical brainwork. ( I apologize
to all my dear female readers for this sexist qualification. In fact this
was Jack and Mike's opinion when they later heard about this. But, after
all, there are some differences between men and women, aren't there (and
even some very nice ones)? - Max ) While Mary was still stretching, Janet,
who was certain that also Mary had not been decived, said to her "Aren't
they incredible?! They really thought that we would not notice and that
they could simply use, or rather abuse, us for their pleasure, the cheats.
The cowards, they just wanted to commit adultery without risk!"

And Mary, still stretching, indeed rather voluptuously, replied "Yes, it
is disgusting. The moment Jack started to touch me I knew it was not

"But Mary, WHY for heavens sake did you let him continue then?"

"Of course I should not have let him continue, Janet. But at first I
was so surprised I couldn't do anything, and I was not 100 % sure. And
after all I heard that you submitted without protest to what I supposed
Mike was meanwhile doing to you, so I thought 'I do not want to start a
commotion after all the nice time we had together' . And then I realized I
liked it very much, probably also because it was different from being with
Mike, very nice, similar but still different, and very exciting! And it is
true, Janet, you let Mike fuck you too! I did not hear you protest or
complain, on the contrary, I believe I heard you cum at least three times!"
"Yes Mary, it was great! Your husband is at least as good as mine in
bed, yes, maybe even better! But I am still very mad that they thought
they could fool us like that. They should no get away with this. We must
at least find a way to punish them." And Mary replied "Yes, Janet, you are
quite right!"

The ladies then had a nice day in the city, mostly doing window-shopping
and sight-seeing, but also buying a few nice things and having a very nice
lunch on top of a skyscraper.

For the night they had not organized anything, they just went to have
dinner at the hotel restaurant. Finding that there was no table free, they
went to the bar to wait for one to become available. And at that bar they
met FATE in the form of two very nice gentlemen, a little younger then
they, one white and the other black. The men presented themselves, the
white one as Bill Cromston and the black one as Sam Schnidder. The girls found out that they were participants at a convention, also waiting for a
table. They decided to have dinner together, janet whispering to Mary
"There we have the means for our revenge!" Mary's reaction was to blush
intensely at the thought of being fucked by that nice black gentleman, no
doubt he had one of those big and indefatigable cocks. She had had quite a
number of different sex partners before marrying but she had never fucked
with a black man before.

Both Mary and janet had done a lot of fucking before they got married,
but since then neither of them had ever had an extra-marital adventure.
The idea to be able to have one now with a good conscience made them very
lusty. And the men turned out to be very nice company. The four had a
really very nice dinner together, nice food, good wine and lots of stories and banter and when then the girls asked the men if they were interested in
seeing their bra collection in their room, the men accepted with great
enthusiasm. Mary and janet thought that they even saw lumps starting to
form at the right place in the two gentlemen's trousers.

Already in the lift the two men started to kiss and feel the girls and
once arrived in their room Mary threw herself in Sam's arms and janet immediately followed suit, embracing Bill. Soon they were all busily
French kissing. While Mary then let Bill feel and knead her breasts janet immediately groped for Bill's cock and when she found that it indeed was
very much erect, she surprised Bill by speedily opening his fly, getting
out his cock and, kneeling before him, starting to give him a blow job, a
great blow job with a lot of moist noises and letting his cock enter her
mouth very far. When janet felt that she risked to make Bill cum, she let
go of his cock, however, and, saying "Let's strip", she quickly took off
her clothes, Bill following her example.

Meanwhile Sam, finding that his feeling and kneading of Mary's breasts met with great enthusiasm, had pushed her down on a bed and, lying beside
her, had begun to feel her up along her legs and then to explore what was
inside of her panties. Sam found that Mary's cunt was already very wet
with love juice and when she had started to pant and cry 'Yeh .. Yeh' ,
'Oooh, go on' etc., he quickly removed her clothes, getting a lot of help,
and then his own.

Both men had magnificent hard-ons and they soon had the girls lying on a
bed, their legs raised and held wide, but not before the girls had made it
very clear that they agreed to have more or less unlimited sex, but that it
must be SAFE.

Both Sam and Bill continued to be very excited with these nice cunts
presented to them, both slits gaping and showing an obviously already
stiff, not so little, clit, showing its rosy little head, and a cunt hole from which was already oozing copious cunt juice. Moreover when they bent
down to lick and suck these jewels they respired the characteristic odor of
a female in heat. But they did not let themselves be carried away by their
excitement, they both proved to be very competent and also attentive
lovers. Before proceeding to fuck the two women their lovers took good care
to continue to excite them to the maximum with lots of kisses, tit
kneading, nipple sucking, clit licking and sucking, tongue fucking and so
on. And the girls were very vocal in showing their gratitude and finally
beseeched the men to fuck them.

The women still were lying with their legs raised and spread very wide
and the men easily entered their, meanwhile protected, cocks deep into the
girls' cunts, now literally dripping with their juices, and started
fucking. Both janet and Mary were delighted. They found that their illicit
lovers fucked completely different from what they were used to from their
husbands, the way they held, touched and kissed them and moved inside them,
the sounds they made, everything was different. It was all very exciting
after more than 12 years of faithful marriage. Soon there were many groans
and cries of delight when they all had their climaxes. The women only
regretted that they did not feel the men cum inside them, but Bill and Sam
made up for it by doing some more cunt licking and sucking, enjoying once
more the taste of these hot ladies' juices until they asked for mercy.
Then they all for some time just lay there, recovering their breath.

Both janet and Mary wanted to profit as much as possible from the
occasion they had now to have sex with a pair of exciting lovers. The
first variation that came to their minds was of course to change partners.
It took the girls quite some time and, agreeable, efforts to bring the men into fucking condition again, giving both a very nice blow job again, but
finally they again had a very nice fuck and again they just loved the
difference from the sex they were used to.

It took even the girls some time now before they were ready again for
some more fucking, but to their great disappointment the men then stated
that the girls had completely exhausted them and that they would not be
able to do any more fucking that night. But Bill then suggested that the
girls make love together; he told them that he had done a lot of swapping
and that finally there was always a lot of girl-girl activity, not because
there were so many lesbians present but just because of the greater
appetite or rather sexual endurance of the women. janet then confessed
that when she was young she had often had sex with girls, also because it
was much less risky than with boys, and she admitted that she would very
much like to have sex with Mary. She immediately lay down again with her
legs spread very wide, offering her juicy cunt to Mary saying "Please Mary,
suck me!" When Mary hesitated to accept this juicy offer, Sam pushed her
down, forced her head towards Janet's cunt and told her to start licking
it. Mary complied with a few hesitating little licks, but then she seemed
to begin to like the taste and Sam relinquished his hold, and now used his
hand to stroke her cunt from behind.. Mary continued to lick Janet's cunt,
pushing her tongue now and then deep into its hole, also taking the time to
now and then suck on Janet's clit, causing her to start moaning.

When Mary then looked up and said "Hmm, I like that", the men made Mary
turn around so that she now offered her cunt to Janet's avid tongue and,
now in the classical 69-position the two girls continued to excite each
other, both men now contributing to their excitement by stroking their buns
and ass holes.

This demonstration of lesbian love making, accompanied by a lot of
little cries and grunts of the girls, finally excited the men so much that
they after all both got a hard on again and soon sought, and found, release
putting their cocks inside the girls' mouths. When they both had climaxed
again, the girls greedily slurping their cum, everybody now was completely
exhausted. Bob and Sam now soon took leave, they would now try to have
enough rest to be in condition for their work the next day. And Mary and
Janet went to sleep in each other's arms.

When Mary and janet woke the next morning, janet said "That was the
greatest sex I had for years, yesterday. I wish we could do this more

And Mary answered "We could at least continue swapping our husbands. I
think they will be happy to do so. So let's tell them when we come home
that we were not deceived by their swap in the hotel, that we are very mad
with them but that we in fact liked it and would like to continue swapping
now and then."

janet agreed "Yes that is the first thing to do when we meet these
scoundrels again."


Dear reader,

I will be delighted to hear from you what you think of this story, good
or bad. Just mail a few words to maxfree2@hotmail.com !

Max Free

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