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TWINS3 camera right the action twisting


The Twins Retribution Pt. 3

by Jedi Knight

This is a fictional story intended for adults over 18 (21 in
some areas). If you underage or not interested in explicit
sexual content, go no further.

Do not post on any website without written permission from
the author. Send requests to

Nora slumped back against the pillows breathing deeply, her
hips still twitching with post orgasmic tremors. Her twin
sister Ronnie lay next to her, propped up on one arm,
tracing idle circles over Nora's still moist flesh, causing little
sparks of pleasure to zip back and forth through her nervous
system prolonging the joy they had just shared.

Almost a year had passed since the terrible night Ronnie
had been dumped on the curb by the men who had
abducted her from work and brutally raped her. Nora's
tender ministrations had awakened a sexual desire for each
other that night that led to the discovery that they could hear
the thoughts of the other as if the words had actually been
spoken. Even more than that, however, it had enhanced
and strengthened the natural bond all twins feel to the point
that even raw emotions were felt as if they were their own.
As a result, their lovemaking had an intimacy and intensity
that took them to heights of passion they wouldn't have
believed possible.

Nora reached over and caressed Ronnie's luscious breasts,
bringing a soft purr of contentment from her sister. Carefully
shielding her thoughts she reflected on everything that had
happened to the two of them over the last ten months.

The terror and brutality of the rape were bad enough, but
the nightmares had been the worst by far. She'd lost count
of the nights Ronnie had been jolted awake screaming in
terror as her subconscious replayed the events of that night
in her dreams like a sleazy videotape. Thankfully, those
dreams had all but disappeared and it had been weeks
since the last time. She knew that her love and
lovemaking had been more help in her sister's healing
process than any shrink could have been.

Glancing at the clock on the night stand, she folded Ronnie
into her arms for a brief hug and a moist, tender kiss. 'Come
on, sis, its almost eight and we promised Lisa we'd meet her
at the club at nine,' she thought. 'Move that beautiful ass of
An hour later, they pulled into the parking lot of the little jazz
club where they had met Elise several months earlier. The
stunning blond had triggered something in them that night
that led to an incredible night of lovemaking. That first
encounter had since blossomed into a deep mutual affection
between the three, making them almost inseparable. Elise
was standing next to the door as they walked up, a warm
smile of welcome on her full lips. They exchanged hugs and
a kiss, then went into the intimate little club.

They had become regulars at the club, and received several
friendly greetings from the bartender, the waitress, and
several of the other patrons. Completely at ease in the
friendly environment, they sat in their favorite booth and
ordered a carafe of wine, settling in to listen to the sensuous
jazz and chatter about their day as close friends do. Two
hours passed quickly.

Just as the jazz trio was leaving the small stage for their last
break between sets, the girls heard a loud disturbance at
the door. Five burly men in work clothes stomped in,
obviously drunk as lords. They made immediately for the
bar without glancing around at the rest of the patrons. The
biggest of the five pounded on the bar, loudly demanding a
round of shots and beers back as they jostled each other for
position at the bar. The patrons already at the bar quickly
moved to other seats away from the group, a few finishing
their drinks and leaving.

Exchanging glances, the girls silently agreed to call it a night
and leave, when Ronnie suddenly gasped and went deathly
pale, her fingers gripping Nora's arm so tightly her nails
drew little droplets of blood. Nora felt a sickening wave of
fear and revulsion wash over her, and she knew instantly
that one of the men had been part of the group that had
raped her sister. A rage as cold as the void of space began
to build in her. Even Elise picked up on the feelings of rage,
fear, and disgust emanating from the twins. She realized
that these were the men Nora had told her about months
before. Her eyes narrowed, giving her a hard, dangerous

"Wait here till I come back," she said, slipping out of the
booth before Nora could stop her. The twins watched
anxiously as Elise slowly made her way by a roundabout
path to the bar on the far side of the group.

As soon as they saw her approaching, there was a chorus of
lewd catcalls and suggestive remarks, especially from the
big man who was apparently the leader of the group. Elise,
a hard smile on her lips, sashayed up to the group in her
best 'bad girl' walk and elbowed her way among them until
she was standing in front of the big man, eliciting another
round of leers and catcalls.

"Buy a girl a drink?" she said, her voice low and husky and

"You bet, baby, anything you want!" The man threw a
crumpled twenty at the bartender. "Give her whatever she
wants, sport." His eyes swept up and down her body,
pausing pointedly to stare at the abundance of her breasts and the lushness of her hips and crotch.

"You lookin' for some action, sweet thing, or you just
slummin' like us?"

"Depends on what you're offering, honey," Elise said softly,
batting her lashes at the man. He's kind of cute in a crude
sort of way, she thought, but he'll never get into MY panties,
and oh, is he going to pay.

"I've got a bottle of good bourbon, some good grass, and a
big bed all for you, baby," he grinned. "And I'll make it
worth your while, too." He flashed a fat roll of hundred dollar
bills at her. Elise's eyes widened briefly at the sight of what
looked like a couple thousand in cash. Mistaking her
reaction for greed, the man grinned ear to ear and poked
one of his buddies in the ribs.

"I think we can work something out," Elise purred. Smiling,
she reached down and gave the man's cock and balls a
healthy squeeze, feeling the large cock swell instantly.
Good, she thought to herself, a stiff cock turns off the brain.

"Okay, honey. How about I do all five of you for two
thousand?" She flashed her best "come fuck me, big boy"
smile at the group. "And you can be first." A couple of the
men gave low whistles of approval, the leader standing up a
bit straighter as if it were only his due from his minions.

"You're on, honey. Here's the address of the motel," he
said, writing it down on a bar napkin. "And here's a C-note
in advance, just to seal the deal. You'll get the rest when
you show up."

"I'll be there in an hour," Elise said, smiling, a secret surge
of satisfaction flushing her body. She turned and walked
away toward the ladies room, leaving the men staring after
her. As she entered the bathroom, she paused in the
doorway, turning to blow a kiss to them. A couple of them
gulped and hastily downed their drinks, then the group beat
a hasty retreat, almost tripping over each other in their
eagerness to get out the door.

Elise waited a couple of minutes, peeking through a crack in
the door until she was sure they were gone. Then, she
hurried back across the bar to the both where the twins sat
with worried looks on their faces. As she sat back down,
she was hit with a barrage of questions. Shushing them,
she began to lay out her plan.

"Okay, I've got these guys primed for a night of hot fucking.
They think I'm a working girl and I'm supposed to meet them
at this motel in an hour for the fun and games. What they
don't realize is that we're going to turn the tables on them
and make them pay for what they did to Ronnie, " she
confided, "and oh man, are they gonna pay!" A cold shiver
ran down Nora's back at the hard tone of Lisa's voice. She
had a feeling she wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

Elise went on to lay out the details of her idea, repeating it
until the twins had it down pat. Finally, she reached out and
took each of their hands in her's, looking intently into their
eyes to reassure them that the plan would work. With a nod
from each twin, the three stood up and made their way out of
the bar to their cars, going to get what was needed to carry
out their revenge.


Forty-five minutes later, they reunited a block up the street
from the motel, parking in a small cul-de-sac off the main
road where the vehicles were hidden from casual scrutiny.
Elise had changed into a slinky, black knit dress with thin
straps that hugged her voluptuous form like a second skin.
Even in the dim light of the streetlamp half a block away,
Nora could tell she had nothing on underneath. A feeling of
apprehension and misgiving surged through her at what
they were about to do, but she bit her lip and kept quiet
seeing the look of steely determination on Elise's face as
the blond opened her purse and took out a deadly looking
flat black automatic pistol, expertly popping the magazine to
check its contents. Satisfied, she slid the magazine back
into the grip locking it in place with an audible click, then
pulled the slide back and let it spring forward to chamber the
first cartridge. She flipped the safety on, then looked up at
the twins, looking intently into their eyes for a long moment.
Satisfied that they were ready, she nodded, and began to
walk up the street to the motel. The twins lingered for a
count of 30 then followed, keeping to the shadows as much
as possible.

Elise arrived in front of the door to the room listed on the
address the men had given her, took a deep breath and
knocked three times. A few seconds later, the door opened
a couple of inches and a bearded face peered out through
the crack. A wide grin split the man's face when he saw
Elise standing there hipshot, a sexy half smile curling her

"Come on in, babe!" The man stood aside and held the door
open for her, sweeping his arm in a sham courtly gesture
toward the inside of the room. Elise stepped into the room,
rolling her hips fluidly, playing the roll to the hilt. The twins,
concealed in the bushes 30 feet away, could hear a chorus
of wolf whistles as she entered, then the door shut with a
thud, the audible click of the lock floating across to them.
Hearing the lock snap shut, Nora cursed silently to herself
as they crept up beside the window. 'I hope she can pull
this off' she thought, 'or she's in for a long night.' Despite
the curtains pulled across the window, there was a gap near
the bottom that was wide enough both twins could see into
the room with a clear view of all but the corners on either
side of the window. There were two standard motel beds
against the far wall, and a door leading to the bathroom on
the opposite side. A small table with a phone was against
the wall just inside and below the window, with a small lamp
casting a dull yellow glow. Good, she thought, the lamp will
keep them from seeing us looking in.

The five men were lounging on the two beds and against the
far wall, with the leader leaning back against the headboard
of the far bed with his hands clasped behind his head, a
lewd rictus of a smile playing across his lips. Nora saw
Elise move into view between the window and the bed, the
black dress showing off her charms to superb advantage.
Nora could see the lust smouldering in the eyes of every
one of the five men, and once again a flash of fear gripped
her heart, but she quickly suppressed it, knowing the fat was
in the fire and there was no turning back.

The twins could hear their voices but could not understand
the words. That proved unnecessary, however, because it
was obvious that Elise was taking care of the business
transaction first. She saw the leader dig into his pants
pocket and fish out the huge roll of bills, then begin to count
out twenty hundred dollar bills. He fanned them out and
flipped them back and forth a few times, then stuck his huge
paw out toward Elise. As she reached for the money, he
yanked his hand back briefly, laughing, then handed her the
money. Elise took it, counted it again, then nonchalantly
stuffed it into the inside pocket of her purse. Then she did a
slow bump and grind as she moved back toward the window
and the small table. She said something and one of the
men reached over to the night stand between the beds and
turned on the radio, the sound of a local rock station filling
the room. Elise resumed her burlesque routine, slowly
doing an expert strip tease. Her fingers slid up and down
her sides sensuously, then slid up and caught the left strap
of her dress and kicked it off her shoulder. She repeated
the maneuver on the right strap, and turned away from the
men toward the window as she slowly lowered the top of her
dress down to her waist. Nora could see her straining to
see if they were in place outside the window, but she didn't
pause in her dance. Folding one arm across her breasts,
she turned back to the group, her other hand at her head
shaking out her long blond tresses.

The men said there transfixed as she slowly pushed the
dress down over her hips, pausing at the point just before it
would drop free to the floor, doing another slow pirouette.
The twins could see the dress had stopped just a inch above
Elise's shaved pussy, concealing what the men most
desired for another instant or two. As Elise turned back, she
gave the dress a final nudge and it slipped into a puddle of
black mesh around her ankles. By this time, the men were
almost panting like dogs, licking their lips repeatedly trying
to compensate for suddenly dry mouths. Elise kicked the
dress to the side, ending the dance by standing with her
legs a few feet apart, her hips doing a hard bump and grind
that ended with her throwing her shaved pussy at the men in
a lewd taunt.

The leader stood up and started to walk toward her, but
Elise held up her hand, and said something the twins
couldn't quit understand. The man stopped and grinned,
looking around the room at his buddies, nodding. Then, all
five men stood and began to remove their own clothing,
throwing it haphazardly in every direction in their haste. As
the last one pulled his final sock off, Elise leaned up against
the table, her hand slipping back to dig into her purse that
was concealed behind her lush ass. The twins saw her pull
the pistol out and hold it ready behind the small of her back,
the safety off and her finger caressing the trigger.

The men had moved around to the end of the beds, lined up
like a police lineup, with the obvious difference that their
cocks were all standing at rigid attention. The leader and
one other man were slowing stroking their hardons, grinning
in anticipation. The leader's cock was very large, Nora saw,
but the black man next to him had a truly stupendous cock,
jutting out from his loins at least 14' , looking as if it was as
big around as a soda can. Nora looked in awe at the huge
coal black dick, realizing that this must be the man that had
damn near killed Ronnie by fucking her in the ass.

Suddenly, the laughter and grins disappeared as Elise
snapped erect, feet wide and both arms swinging up to
grasp the pistol in a two-handed grip. The twins jumped up
and moved quickly to the door just as Elise edged sideways
and popped the latch on the lock. Checking to make sure
their ski masks were pulled tightly over their faces, they
opened the door quickly and stepped into the room. They
saw the eyes of the men widen in surprise as they kicked
the door shut. The leader started to move, a sulfurous curse
on his lips, but he stopped so suddenly he almost fell when
Elise barked "FREEZE, ASS HOLE!"

Now, the men realized they were in deep trouble and began
to edge back away from Elise and her deadly friend. The
twins tossed a heavy sport bag on the table and quickly
unzipped it. Meanwhile, Elise made the five men lay down
on their stomachs and put their hands behind their backs.
She nodded at the twins, who moved quickly to the first man on the left and used some heavy nylon tiedowns much like
the police used instead of handcuffs around the man's
wrists. Moving with quick efficiency, they did the same to
the other four, using two each on each man just for

Once all five had been secured, Elise relaxed and started
pacing back and forth, heaping abuse on the men. Finally,
she stopped pacing and began to lay out what was going to

"This will be a night you boys will never forget. You have my
word on that. If you want to see the dawn, you'll do
everything I tell you to do when I tell you to do it. If you
don't, I guarantee you won't like the consequences!" She
glanced over her shoulder at the twins, and seeing that they
had finished their preparations, walked over and turned the
leader half over with the toe of her pointed spike heeled
pump. "Get up on your knees, dickhead, and be quick about
it! You guys abducted and raped a friend of mine awhile
back, and tonight is pay back time." An evil chuckle
emanated from Elise's lips, her eyes as cold as stone as she
gazed into the leader's eyes. She saw to her immense
satisfaction that a look of terror was beginning to build in his

She stepped to the side and poked the big black man in the
mass of muscle at the base of his neck, eliciting a sharp cry
of pain as the toe of her pump jammed into his neck. "Get
up on your knees!"

"Okay, boss man, you're gonna find out what its like to suck
a big black dick, and you better do a good job if you know
what's good for you!"

"No fuckin' way, you cunt!" The leader spit at her. That
brought him a slap on the side of the head with the heavy
pistol, splitting his scalp causing a rivulet of blood to run
down the side of his face. Elise pressed the muzzle of the
pistol savagely into the man's temple and leaned in close to
his face, her eyes glinting in fury.

"Do it, you fuck, or I'll blow your brains all over that bed!"

Sensing his life was hanging by a thread, the man quickly
bend down and put his lips around the huge head of the
other man's now limp cock. It was still huge, a full eight
inches soft, but it was still a mouthful because it was as thick as a log. He began to noisily suck on it, glancing nervously
at Elise out the side of his eye.

"All the way in, honey, and make him enjoy it. I want to see
that big black cock standing at attention." She turned briefly
back to the twins, seeing that Ronnie was aiming the video camera right at the action, twisting the telephoto ring to
bring it in up close and personal. She smiled and turned
back to see him trying to take in all of the monster cock.
The big black man closed his eyes and put his head back,
obviously enjoying the efforts of his erstwhile compatriot.
Elise chuckled to herself, the man's reaction confirming her
belief that a stiff dick knew no conscience.

After several minutes the leader had managed to overcome
his gag reflex and was deep throating almost all 14 inches of
the huge cock, leaving a glistening coat of spit every time he
pulled back and forth. Elise could see the black man's
buttocks starting to clench in preparation for pumping his
load of sperm down the other man's throat, a low growling
moan of pleasure escaping from his lips. His hips started to
pump his monster cock in and out, and she could see his
muscular body starting to tense up even more.

She poked the black man in the ribs with the muzzle of the
pistol, telling him to let her know when he was going to
come. A few seconds later, his whole body went rigid and
he croaked out "now!", his voice barely audible. Elise
grabbed the leader's hair and yanked his head back off the
man's cock just as it spewed his first blast of semen, the
thick white cream splattering right between his eyes before
he had a chance to close them. Blinded by the sticky fluid,
all he could do was receive the rest. The huge cock
pumped blast after blast onto the man's face until it was
running in thick streams down his face where it dripped off
his chin onto his hairy chest. When the final spurt finally
came, he was covered from crown to navel with the stuff.
The black man, his strength almost sapped by the best
orgasm he'd ever experienced, sagged back against the bed
breathing like a marathon runner at the end of a race.

Elise didn't give him time to recover, however, prodding him
until he heaved himself back to an upright position. "Lick it
off of him, ALL of it!," she said, gesturing with the pistol
toward the come drenched leader. The black man looked at
her with hate-filled eyes, but didn't say a word. Instead, he
leaned over and began licking his own spunk off the man's
face, slowly moving down his body to get all of it.

Elise turned toward the two men to the left and told one of
them to face the end of the bed and lean over it on his
chest. She made the second man move in behind him on
his knees. She stepped up behind him, kneeling down, then
reached around with her left hand and grabbed his cock in
her hand and started to pump it. Despite his fear, the man's
body began to respond after a few moments, his seven inch
cock slowly rising to full erection. Elise stood up and used
her foot to kick the thighs of the man laying over the end of
the bed until his legs were spread as far apart as they could
go, causing the cheeks of his ass to spread apart exposing
his puckered ass hole.

Stepping back, she took the hard cock in her hand again
pulled on it until the man had moved up tight against the
thighs of the man on the bed. She bent down and spit on
the head of his dick, then placed it against the puckered
orifice in front of him. "Now, ram it up his ass, hard. I want
to see it all the way in on the first stroke." The man hesitated, eliciting a crack on the back of his head from
Elise's pistol. Squirming a bit, he began to push as hard as
he could, the spit on the head of his cock providing barely
enough lubrication to force the glans into the other man's
ass hole. He strained harder, and suddenly his cock
slammed past the resisting ring of muscle. The sudden
release caused him to fall forward over the other man's back
which in turned buried his cock up to his balls in the man's
ass. The man on the bad let out a choking scream as the
hard cock ripped into him, trying desperately to pull away
from the red hot pain that erupted in his ass. The bed
prevented him from doing so, and his scream tapered off
into sobbing whimpers of agony, the muscles in his back
and legs twitching spastically.

"Now fuck him like you fucked my friend, and don't let up if
you know what's good for you," Elise snarled in the man's
ear. He nodded quickly and began pumping his cock in and
out of the other's ass, grimacing in discomfort until enough
moisture from the man's rectum had covered his cock,
enabling him to bury it deeply on each stroke.

The twins stood behind the video camera on its tripod,
staring in awe at the spectacle before them. The
savageness of what they were witnessing caused the
adrenalin to pump through their bodies like fire, and both
girls discovered to their dismay that it was turning them on.
Both sets of nipples had swollen to stiffness, poking out the
fabric of their tight fitting pullovers. Their pussies were
beginning to itch and throb, their juices staining the crotch of
their denims as it oozed out.

Nora could no longer stand it, and popped the snap on her
pants, plunging her hand into her panties to bury two fingers
deep into the hot wetness of her pussy. Grinding the heel of
her hand against her clitoris, she began to pant as her
orgasm began to build. Ronnie, adjusting the camera to get
all the action in the shot, was kneading her right breast and
nipple from base to tip, her fingers grabbing the nipple and
pulling hard on it with each pass. As soon as she finished
with the camera, her left hand reached down a began
massaging her pussy through her denims.

Elise glanced over at them, grinning from ear to ear as she
saw their self ministration begin to take its toll. She looked
over at the black man and saw that he had finished licking
his sperm from the leader's body and that his cock had
begun to get hard again. 'He's starting to get off on this,'
she thought. 'Time for him to get a reality check.' The other
two men were now in the throes of arousal; the man on the
bed beginning to moan as the pain turned to pleasure, while
the other was panting heavily and beginning to pump faster
and harder as he neared climax.

Elise then stepped over to the remaining man on the other
side of the room. He whimpered as she approached,
cowering against the wall.

"Lady, please, I didn't have anything to do with raping your
friend," he pleaded. "I wasn't even in town until three
months ago!" Elise paused, then kicked the leader hard in
the ass with the sharp point of her shoe.

"Is that right, scumbag?" She leaned down, shaking his
head by the hair. "Was he involved?"

"No, you bitch. He's ain't been here till three months ago,
like he says." The hatred and humiliation from the man was
almost a physical thing. Elise turned back to the other man.

"Okay, sport, we'll go easy on you. But you've seen what's
going on here so we have to make sure you keep your
mouth shut."

Just then, Elise heard a loud groan and 'oh, fuck, I'm
coming!' from the man pumping his cock into the ass hole of
his friend. She looked over just in time to see him go rigid
as he buried his hard cock deep into the other's ass. She
could see his balls pulsating as he spewed shot after shot of
hot sperm into the depths of the man in front of him. The
man on the bed squirmed and shook as the hot blast of
semen deep in his bowels triggered his own orgasm. His
rigid cock shot his load against the end of the bed, where it
dripped down onto the floor between his spread legs. The
man buried in his ass gave a final shudder and slumped
over onto him, pinning him to the mattress. After several
seconds, unable to support himself any longer, he slumped
sideways, his partially rigid cock pulling out of the man's ass
with an audible pop. Elise could see his cream pumped
back out of the man's ass hole as it slowly opened and
closed like an angry red eye, running down the backs of his
thighs in thick rivulets.
Abandoning all pretense, the twins had shucked their
denims and panties, and were openly fingering each other's
pussy with one hand while the other tugged and pinched
rock hard nipples. Their breathing was ragged, and their
breasts heaved with lust as they strained to bring each other
off in concert. Finally they couldn't stand up any longer and
fell to the floor behind the tripod, scissoring their legs
together so their sopping wet pussies came together in a
sticky meshing of passionate flesh. Each grabbing the leg
of the other, they ground their cunts together in a motion as
old as time itself. As their lust reached crescendo level,
they were slamming their pussies into each other as hard as
they could until both girls arched their backs stiffly and cried
out in a mutual orgasm. The intensity was so great that they
saw bursts of color behind their tightly closed eyes,
punctuated by little sparkling fireflies of white light. Nora's
pussy was pumping her juice out in a torrent with little spurts
flying out to soak both girl's loins in a glistening mess of
spunk that filled the room with the aroma of hot pussy.
Finally, the magnificent sensations of ecstacy began to
subside, and both girls collapsed in exhaustion on the
carpet, their hips still locked together doing a slow soft grind
as their bodies tried to extract the last bit of pleasure.

Elise found herself beginning to reach a point of need that
would soon have to be taken care of, but she had more
immediate things to consider. The leader and the black man had pretty much recovered from their first bout, and it was
time for the grand finale. She motioned for the fifth man to
move over next to the other two, noticing that he did so
quickly, hoping to ingratiate himself. Ignoring his obvious
attempt, she squatted down in front of the other two.

"This is where it gets good, guys," she said. She pointed at
the black man and motioned for him to get on his knees with
his head down on the carpet. Then she had the leader
kneel directly in front of him, the man's soft cock hanging
down and touching the man's hair.

"Now, you can return the favor and get your rat leader up
and hard," poking the black in the shoulder. "Get to it."

While he raised up and began to suck on the cock in front of
his face, Elise motioned for the third man to kneel next to
the leader. After a few minutes the leader's cock was
sticking out from his loins, throbbing, the head reddish and
angry looking.

"Scoot around behind him, sport." said Elise, then motioning
the other man to take the leader's place in front of the black
man. "Start sucking on him. Make him enjoy it."

Turning back to the leader, she looked at him coldly, wishing
she could just shoot him outright. Instead, she grinned
evilly, and leaned in close to his face until her breath was
hot and moist on his skin. "Now you get to fuck HIM in the
ass, lover!" She stuck out her tongue and licked him across
the face in a gesture of derision, reminding him of what he
was never going to get, a faint taste of sperm flashing
across her taste buds.

The man's pride and his good sense were battling like
demons in his head, a wild look of a trapped and desperate
animal playing across his face. Finally good sense
prevailed and he began to stuff his hard cock between the
dusky ass cheeks in front of him. After some brief fumbling
getting into position, he made contact with the man's
puckered ass hole and shoved hard, sinking in several
inches before the dryness stopped him. The man before
him gave a short bark of pain, but kept on sucking on the
dick in his mouth. The pain in his ass began to subside
somewhat as the other man began pumping in and out,
lubricating his tight ass hole after several strokes. The
leader was gritting his teeth as he tried to stave off the
beginnings of pleasure, but only succeeded in speeding up
the process. Soon his head was back, his eyes closed and
his mouth open, pumping into the tight hot hole in front of
him. The black man was equally aroused by then, and
responded by pushing his ass back toward the invading
cock on each inward stroke. All the while, he was sucking on the cock in his mouth like a vacuum cleaner gone mad.

The fifth man, himself consumed by lust, began fucking into
the mouth before him, straining to unload his sperm into the
man's mouth. With an incoherent cry, he slammed the head
of his cock deep into the other's throat and exploded, the
jets of come momentarily gagging the black man as he tried
to swallow around the engorged head of the cock buried
almost to his tonsils. With a final shudder, and a last spurt,
the fifth man's eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed
in a heap on the floor, out cold from the tension, the
adrenaline, and the mind numbing orgasm.

The last was too much for Elise, who grabbed the semi-
conscious Ronnie and dragged her out into the area
between the camera and the beds. She quickly straddled
Ronnie's face, a knee on each side, and lowered her
dripping cunt onto Ronnie's lips, her hips ticking slightly
back and forth in anticipation. Ronnie mumbled something
unintelligible, reaching up to cup the cheeks of Elise's ass to
pull her pussy down tight against her mouth. Her tongue
plunged deep into Elise's flowing pussy, her lips closing
over the outer lips and clit like a suction cup. Flogging her
tongue back and forth and all around, and sucking for all
she was worth, she pushed Elise over the edge into a quick
but savage orgasm that had skyrockets going off in Elise's
brain. Ronnie gulped down the flood of love juice that burst
from Elise but kept up her assault at its frantic pace, not
allowing her lover to recover from the first orgasm.

Elise, barely able to hold herself upright, watched the leader
savagely pistoning his big cock into the black man's ass as
Ronnie's continued attack on her pussy stoked her fires to
white heat. Second by second, her passion ratcheted up
and up until she was hanging on the precipice. She strained
to make that last little bit that would push her over the edge,
but was unable to get there until she saw the man pumping
his partner's ass slam into it and begin to howl as he filled
the man's ass hole with ropes of sticky sperm. Something
snapped in the depths of Elise's brain and she felt a flash of
intense heat engulf her body accompanied by a white hot
burst of light in her head. She fell forward trying to catch
herself on her hands, but only partially succeeded.
Struggling to regain control, she saw little sparkles in front of
her eyes as if she'd stood up too fast.

The leader had pulled out of the black man and was
slumped against the end of the bed; the other man lay over
on his side, both gasping.

Elise forced herself to stand up, then helped Ronnie regain
her feet. She pulled Ronnie in close and plunged her
tongue deep into her mouth in a passionate kiss, tasting her
own juices and smearing them all over her own lips and
chin. Breaking the kiss, she wiped her arm across her
mouth, once again in command of her faculties. She gently
pushed Ronnie back behind her toward Nora, then stepped
forward one step.

"You guys have had a little taste of what its like to be raped.
By rights I should shoot all of you for what you did, but I
think my solution is much better. You see, we've got the
whole thing on video, and your faces are the only ones
anyone will be able to see. We're going to photograph your
ID's as well, so that anybody who see's this tape with know
exactly what kind of perverts you are. Now," she paused for
dramatic effect, "you're going to confess to what you did,
and tell exactly who did what to my friend, starting with you."
She pointed the pistol at the leader. "Start talking."

With a bit of prodding, he recounted how they had seen
Ronnie leaving from work for several nights, alone, and
decided to grab her and have some fun. Then he told what
he'd done to her in the woods that night. One by one, Elise
had the others move in front of the camera and tell what
they'd done, except for the fifth man who had not been
involved. During the confessions, Nora had gathered the
wallets from each man's pants and extracted the ID, and
when they were finished, she held up one up in turn so that
Ronnie could get a clear shot of it.

Once that was done, and Elise and the twins had put their
clothes back on and packed up the gear, Elise made all five
lay back down on the floor on their stomachs. She tossed a
worn nail file on the carpet in front of them. "It'll take you
awhile to do it, but you can use that to free yourselves.
We'll be long gone by then." She started to turn to go out
the door where the twins waited for her, but paused.
"Copies of this tape will be made and sent to several
lawyers with instructions to play it if anything, and I mean
anything, happens to me or my friends. If you don't want
anyone to find out about this, forget you ever heard of us."

With that, she turned and quickly left the room, closing and
locking door on the way. Grinning, she gathered the twins
in her arms and the three hugged each other in triumph.
They then ran off into the darkness.

An hour later they were assembled again in Elise's living
room. The lights were turned down low, and two chilled
bottles of wine were leaving rings of condensation on the
low table in front of the sofa. Elise, with the twins seated on
either side of her, pointed the remote for the VCR and
clicked 'play.' They had stripped out of their clothes the
instant they had arrived, and now sat waiting for the tape
they had made to start. Their bodies were flushed with
adrenaline as they relived the adventure, a delicious scent
of aroused womanhood filling the dark room. Before the first
ten minutes was finished, the tape was forgotten and the
three were in a lustful tangle on the floor, each girl feasting
on the pussy of another.

Hours later, the first light of dawn turned the dark room to
gray, revealing the three of them sleeping entwined with
each other, their lust satiated for the moment.


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