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TWINS4 thick green grass Just ahead they


The Twins Part 4 Vacation [f/f, F/f+, inc.]

By Jedi Knight Copyright 1999, All Rights Reserved

The following story contains graphic sexual situations. You must
be 18 or over to continue (21 in some areas). This is a fictional
story and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely

No part of this work may be reposted without written permission of
the author. Anyone wishing to contact the author may do so at If you wish to obtain earlier chapters of this
story, or other stories by Jedi Knight, go to the Alt Sex stories Text Repository website.

Winter had settled in with a vengeance. The Yukon Clippers had
been rolling in one after the other for over a month, dumping snow
and ice with brutal efficiency. Nora and Ronnie, and their friend
Lisa felt like they had been locked up for weeks. They had enough
trouble just getting to work much less going out for enjoyment.

Finally, after a particularly bad week in which a three-day blizzard
had brought the entire area to a bone chilling standstill, they'd had
enough. Lisa showed up on Friday night after work looking like a
walking snow beast, shivering and shaking, as she struggled from
the car to the door. Once inside, the sisters could see she was in a
particularly foul mood. That didn't surprise them at all, since
they'd been snappish and in the doldrums all week themselves.

"I've had it with this weather, guys. I don't much care where I go,
but I'm getting the hell out of this mess." she declared with finality.
She sat slouched down on the sofa, looking across at the two girls as if daring them to disagree.

"We're ready too, Lise." Ronnie said. "In fact, we were talking
about using that money we've had stashed away to do just that."
Lisa smiled, remembering how much she had enjoyed extorting that
money from the men who had raped Ronnie months ago.

"Okay. Where do we go?" she said. "There's two grand there, and
that will buy a lot of vacation." Her face was scrunched into a
scowl as she pondered her own question, but after only a few
seconds, the scowl was replaced by a brilliant smile, her eyes
sparkling. "Tahiti!"

Nora and Ronnie looked at her with their mouths agape, then at
each other, then back at Lisa. "TAHITI!?" they both said in

"You bet! Everybody and his dog goes to Acapulco, or Cozumel,
or on a Caribbean cruise. If we're going to go, let's go somewhere
really exotic, and just about as far away from snow and ice as you
can get. I've got a friend who works at a travel agency. I'll call
her and have her set us up with a week there. We may have to add
some extra money to the pile, but who cares? We deserve it,

The girls, still astonished at the prospect of going to Tahiti, just
nodded in unison, big grins spreading across their faces like little
kids. Lisa dug into her purse and pulled out an address book to
find her friend's phone number. Several minutes later, she hung up
the phone, stood up, and grabbed the girls by the hands, hauling
them to the kitchen where she opened several bottles of white wine.
"One week from tomorrow, ladies, and we're on the way!" She
lifted her glass and the three clinked glasses in celebration.

The next week was pure hell, not so much from the weather, which
had finally broken, but because of the anticipation of the upcoming
trip. All three women were in a frenzy trying to decide what
clothes to take, arranging for putting mail and newspapers on hold,
setting up police drive-by checks while they were gone, and a
thousand other little details. The day finally arrived however, and
they found themselves piling into a cab headed for the airport with
enough baggage to sink the Titanic all over again. It took the cab
driver ten minutes just to load it all into the truck and part of the
front seat. Three hours later they sat in their first class seats three
across, holding hands and laughing like maniacs as the big 747
roared down the runway and slid into the air, heading west out over
the ocean.

The big 747 settled into its final approach after a long seven-hour
flight from Los Angeles. The setting sun illuminated the island as it
appeared on the horizon in a golden glow tinged with green,
lending a fairytale aspect to the vista stretched out below them.
The girls had their noses plastered against the tiny windows trying
to see everything. Finally, the wheels touched down with a little
bump in a perfect landing that elicited an excited squeal from the
three. They couldn't believe they were actually on the ground in
Tahiti. An hour later, their excitement unquenched by the mundane
details of deplaning, passport checks, and gathering of baggage,
they climbed into a taxi that would take them to the Meridian
Hotel, one of the classier hotels on the island.

The air was warm and a bit humid, but not enough to cause
discomfort. They checked in at the hotel, and after unpacking their
bags, changed into light summer dresses and half heels that would
be comfortable to walk in. Still grinning ear to ear, they reappeared
in the lobby a short time later ready to have some fun.

Elise found a young man outside who conducted tours and haggled
over a rate, and once they'd agreed on the fare, they went off for a
first impression tour of the exotic island. After several enjoyable
hours, they found themselves back at the hotel, famished and
exhausted. Returning to their room, they ordered a late supper and
a bottle of champagne from room service, but the excitement of the
day had worn them out, and they soon fell asleep, the food and
wine almost untouched.

For the next three days they divided things up between sight seeing
in the morning and sunbathing on the pure white sand beach in the
afternoon, then showering and dressing for a night of dancing and
late night love making. The fourth night, however, Nora suggested
that they take in the show in the hotel featuring native music and
dances. She had heard several people talking about how good it
was and wanted to soak up some local culture. So, instead of
going out, they dressed in slinky black evening dresses and went to
see the show.

The lounge was crowded, but they had arrived early enough that
they got a table right up front near the center of the performing
area. At eight o'clock sharp the lights went out, rendering the
place pitch black, then a series of torches carried by muscular men in native costume snaked in, each man mounting his torch in series
of stands that ringed the back side of the stage area. As each man got rid of the torch, he went to a raised area behind the stage and
sat down next to a musical instrument.

Once all eight were in place, there was a pause of a minute or so,
then they began to play. The sound of exotic native drums filled the
lounge, gradually building in intensity and speed until everyone
watching was caught up, the beat getting into their blood and their
bones. With a final crescendo, the drums stopped, and a spray of
palm fronds parted center stage rear. Nora, Ronnie, and Elise all
gasped in astonishment at the incredible beauty in traditional native
garb who stepped out into the light of the torches. She was tall,
with a figure that would stop a freight train. Her long silky black
hair hung straight down her back to the gorgeous curve of her
buttocks. The torch light flickered like golden fire on her satiny
skin, and flashed in the luminous green eyes that looked out over
the crowd. The crowd sat there in stunned silence, drinking in the
beauty of the exotic creature who stood before them proudly, her
arms crossed over her chest. She wore a traditional native sarong
that clung to her form like a second skin, one long trim leg exposed
all the way to the widest point of her hips.

Slowly, she dropped down to one knee, arms stretched out to the
sides, her head down almost touching her knee. The drums started
again, slowly, in an intricate beat that fired the blood of the
watching audience. The dancer went into her routine, transporting
the crowd to another time and place. The girls sat and took it all in,
never taking their eyes from the woman performing. Finally, after
forty-five minutes of increasingly erotic dances, their libidos stoked
by a furnace fire, she began her final dance. This time, however,
she never took her eyes off of the three young women at the front
table. They felt as if she was dancing just for them, the rest of the
crowd melted into the background as if they were no longer there.
It became increasingly difficult for them to sit still as the throbbing
of the drums and the dancing fired their blood with adrenaline and
lust. Just as the drums reached a final frenzy and stopped, the
woman took a single step back and disappeared in the shadows at
the back of the stage. Her enthralled audience sat silently for a few
seconds, then erupted into a roar of applause, jumping to their feet
in their enthusiasm, all three girls right along with them. After a
few moments, the applause died off, and the manager of the hotel
stepped out into the light, the beautiful dancer holding his
outstretched hand. He lifted a microphone to his lips and thanked
everyone for attending the performance, then turned and introduced
the woman.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is my very great pleasure to thank you for
attending this evening, and to introduce you to Miss Catherine
Devereaux, a native of our beautiful island, and an expert in the
cultural dances of Tahiti." He stood aside as she flashed a beautiful
smile at the crowd, and gave a bow that would have done a queen
proud. With that, she turned and left the stage.

Nora, Ronnie, and Elise, still enthralled by the performance they
had just seen, decided to stay and do some dancing before going
back to their room. They ordered a bottle of champagne from the
first waitress that came by.

They were barely into the first glass, when they sensed that
someone had walked up to the table and was standing there. They
looked up and were astonished to see Catherine Devereaux smiling
down at them. She had changed into a white silk blouse and a dark
red skirt that hugged her hips. Up close, they realized she was even
more beautiful than they had thought. Her eyes were especially
compelling, being a deep translucent green with little flecks of gold
swimming in their depths. The slight exotic slant to her eyes lent
her an air of mystery that took their breath away.

"May I join you?" Her voice was sultry, with just a hint of exotic
mixed with the French accent.

"Please do. It would be our pleasure." stammered Elise. The
woman slid into the empty chair with the fluid grace of a jungle cat,
crossing one leg over the other at the knee, leaning forward to rest
one elbow on the table while the other hand extended in greeting.
As they shook her hand in turn, she spoke again.

"I'm Catherine Devereaux, but my friends call my Trini. Did you
enjoy the show?"

"Oh, yes, it was wonderful! I've never seen anything so exotic and
sensual, and . . . well, powerful, in my life!" Ronnie said as she
shook hands. "I'm Ronnie. This is my sister Nora, and our friend

"I'm very pleased to meet all of you. I don't ordinarily mingle with
the guests after a show, but you three seemed to be so taken up
with it, that I couldn't resist." Her eyes moved from one face to
the next, gauging their reaction. "In fact, since this is the last night
this week that I perform, I had an idea that I thought might appeal
to you. Would you like to hear what it is?"

She reached out and casually lifted one of the wine glasses and took
a slow sip as she waited for their response. The girls exchanged
looks for a few seconds, somewhat taken aback at this beautiful
stranger suddenly making them an offer. But, still caught up in the
excitement, they all nodded in agreement, all their attention locked
on those green eyes and full, red lips.

"Marvelous!" Trini smiled at them, her teeth brilliant white even in
the dim light of the lounge. "I dance four nights a week, then have
three days off that I spend at my villa. It is a short distance around
the coast, and I would be delighted if you would be my guests for
those days. I will show you a side of Tahiti that tourists almost
never see. What do you say?" She crossed her arms on the table,
and leaned toward them, smiling in anticipation of their answer.

The girls quickly agreed, having three days left of their vacation
before the plane left on the fourth day. After some details were
discussed, Trini rose and walked away, smiling over her shoulder at
the three as they sat in stunned disbelief. They had just accepted an
invitation to spend three days at a remote villa from a complete
stranger, albeit an incredibly beautiful and cordial stranger.
Somewhat giddy, they left the lounge and went back to their room
to pack up the things they were taking with them. Trini had told
them that her man would call for them at nine o'clock the next
morning, and that they wouldn't need anything but personal things,
as everything would be provided at the villa. Overwhelmed by the
evening's events, they went right to bed with only a few kisses
between them.
The next morning, the girls were up at the crack of dawn, too
excited to sleep in at all. After showering, they dressed in bikinis
and sandals and went to breakfast, wearing light beach jackets over
their suits. They notified the front desk that they would be visiting
a friend for a few days and were assured that their room and
belongings would be watched over for them. Promptly at nine, a
native man dressed in an immaculate white linen tropical suit,
wearing a broad brimmed planters' hat, entered the lobby. Picking
the girls out of the crowd of other guests, he approached and
bowed, sweeping his hat gallantly as he did so.

"My employer has directed me to collect you for the journey to her
villa. If you will come this way, please." His English was perfect,
spoken with a delightful lilting accent, and his face was open and
friendly. He escorted the girls out to a waiting car, snapping his
fingers at the bellboy, merely pointing to their few pieces of
luggage. The bellboy jumped up and grabbed them and hurried
behind the disappearing quartet.

The car took them to the nearby yacht anchorage, where they saw a
magnificent black trimaran tied up to the pier. A young native boy in native dress appeared to carry their gear on board the craft.
Amid a chorus of "oohs" and "aahs," the girls were handed on
board by the man in the linen suit, then shown to the main cabin in
the center hull. The interior was sumptuous to a fault. Oiled and
polished teak paneling gleamed in the sunlight reflected through the
portholes, and expensive carpets lined the deck. At one side, a
massive teak bar with a silver bucket held a bottle of expensive
champagne, and a silver tray filled with exotic tidbits of food sat
next to it.

"My name is Jean-Yves, and I am at your service. The cruise will
take about three hours, and you have refreshments for your
enjoyment at the bar. If you wish to take the sun, there is an area
forward of the cabin on the main deck that is ideal. Now, if you
will excuse me, I must see to the crew and our departure." He
bowed again, and disappeared up the steps to the main deck.
Within minutes, they could hear several voices speaking the local
dialect and the thud of bare feet on the deck overhead as the crew
took in spring lines and raised the sails on the great ship.

The girls grinned at each other, then popped the cork on the
champagne and poured a glass for each. They spent a few minutes
sampling the wonderful food on the tray, then the excitement and
curiosity became too much for them. They tossed their jackets
onto an expensive sofa, and grabbing the wine, went up on deck
just as the great trimaran cleared the breakwater.

Making their way forward, they realized just how big the ship really
was, Nora commenting that it was a hundred feet long if it was an
inch. They soon had settled on the huge, tightly woven net that
stretched between the three hulls across the entire forward section
of the ship. The trimaran had heeled over to port, and had the wind
in its teeth, bounding across the waves at high speed, the salt spray
coming off the center hull as it cut through the deep blue water.
The three hulls made the ship extremely fast, but also extremely
stable, and they were amazed that it rode with very little pitching.

After a couple hours had gone by, Nora suddenly sat up and
shouted, pointing off to starboard. Ronnie and Elise looked over
and to their delight, saw several dolphins swimming along side the
ship, leaping and frolicking in the warm sea. Every few seconds
one would race out of the pack, under the outboard hull and appear
in the bow wave, riding the crest of the wave like a sleek surfer, all
the while calling cheerfully to the girls in the net above and the
other members of the pod. Finally, they tired of the sport, and
veered away with a chorus of chirps and clicks to disappear into the
distance. The girls chattered about the dolphins for a while, then
noticed that the ship was changing course and heading toward the

Within minutes, the trimaran had entered a sheltered lagoon about a
mile across through a gap in the reef. The crew scampered over the
ship like monkeys, reefing sails and coiling lines under the watchful
gaze of Jean-Yves. A few minutes later, the girls heard the splash
of anchors being dropped fore and aft. Jean-Yves appeared on the
foredeck and announced that they were ready to take them ashore.
The girls quickly gathered their things from the main cabin and then
were helped into a small boat bobbing next to the port side outer
hull. In short order they were being helped onto an incredible
expanse of glistening black sand beach that stretched around the
entire shore of the cove.

"Ladies, the path to the villa is just over there," Jean-Yves said,
pointing to a wide opening in the tree line. "The crew will bring
your things along shortly. I know that Miss Devereaux is eager for
your arrival, so let us be off."

Their little caravan wound its way through the lush tropical forest,
sunlight dappling the surface of the path as it filtered through the
trees. Exotic birds with brilliant plumage fluttered from tree to tree
as they walked, making the world of skyscrapers and cars and work
seem an eternity away. After a twenty minute walk, the path turned
from compacted earth to finely crushed white coral, opening onto a
broad expanse of thick green grass. Just ahead, they could see the
gleaming white columns of an old colonial French mansion.
Catherine Devereaux was waiting for them on a wide veranda,
wearing a sheer white linen robe that left nothing to the
imagination, the cool breeze causing it to shift and shimmer in the

As they stepped onto the veranda, Jean-Yves and two of the
crewmen disappeared into the mansion with the luggage, while
Trini hugged each girl in welcome, the warmth of her lush body
sending a little shiver through each one in turn.

"Welcome to my home, my friends," her brilliant smile making them
feel at ease. "Let me give you the grand tour before we have

Turning, she led them into the cool interior of the place, chattering
animatedly about how her grandfather had built it before the war
with Japan. She told them about the history of the paintings and
beautiful furniture, and how her grandfather and father had built a
fortune in this exotic land. She told them how her father had fallen
in love with the daughter of the chief of a local tribe, and how they
had been lost at sea in a typhoon when she was a little girl, and how
she had been raised by her mother's parents in the small village on
the island. When she had reached school age, she had been
educated by Catholic sisters, then sent to Paris to attend the
Sorbonne, where she majored in cultural anthropology. She had
returned to her home to do research on the tribal dances for her
doctorate, and stayed after she finished. While she didn't need to
work, the dancing gave her a creative outlet, and kept the traditions
of her mother's people alive.

The mansion was filled with large, airy rooms with the type of
fittings one would expect to find in the tropics, lending it a feeling
of tranquility and peace that was vastly different from what the girls were used to in the States. Trini could tell they were enchanted
with her home, and visibly awed by the size and sumptuous
furnishings. Finally, she led them back out onto the veranda to an
area used for dining in the open air. Several low, plush couches
were arranged around a low table where an incredible amount of
food was laid out awaiting them. As they each took a separate
couch, Nora realized that it was similar to the Roman banquet style
of seating, in which the guests reclined against the raised end of the
couch, while the servants buzzed around refilling wine glasses and
replacing empty trays of food with fresh portions.

Trini made a brief toast to new friends, new experiences (Elise
noticed a subtle bit of emphasis on that part), and "joie d'vivre."
Then all four delved into the fabulous spread of food. Hardly an
instant passed after setting down a wine glass before one of the
servants had refilled it with the best wine the three visitors had ever
tasted. It wasn't long before they were all acting like silly school
girls, giddy with the sun, the wine, and the conversations.

Inevitably, the talk turned to sex. Innocently enough at first, when
Nora asked Trini why she wasn't married. She hesitated at first,
then said that she had never found a man who could satisfy her.
She deftly turned the conversation back to the girls however, and
soon Nora found herself relating the tale of Ronnie's abduction and
rape, which inevitably led to Elise telling about how they had gotten
their revenge on the men who did it, laughing as she told how the
money they'd gotten had paid for most of their trip to Tahiti.

Trini, silent throughout the telling of their story, rose gracefully
from her couch and stepped over to the couch Ronnie was laying
on, sitting down next to her as a mother would with an ailing child.
She whispered something soft in French to Ronnie, slowly putting
out a hand to caress her hair and cheek. Then she bent down and
touched her lips first to Ronnie's forehead, then on each cheek in
turn, and finally brushed her lips tenderly across Ronnie's.

She continued to speak in a soothing voice as she trailed her fingers
along Ronnie's shoulder and arm, then back up and across her
collar bones and soft as a kitten down between the cleavage of her
breasts. Nora and Elise, startled by Trini intimate solicitude,
exchanged sudden knowing glances over the top of the two on the
couch between them, slow grins forming on their lips. Without a
word, they moved over to kneel on either side of the couch, each
extending an arm over Trini's shoulders in a light hug. Trini looked
up at them and smiled a knowing smile.

"Now you understand why I asked you to come here. I knew from
watching you that you were kindred spirits." She was interrupted
when Ronnie, her stomach full of butterflies, reached up and put her
arms around Trini's slender neck, drawing her down into a deep,
passionate kiss. Nora and Elise began kissing Trini's shoulders and
back, slowly descending to her hips. When they reached the top of
the cleft at the base of her spine, their lips met in a steamy duel of
tongues, bringing groans of lust from each of them. Meanwhile,
their hands were caressing Trini's stomach and breasts from either
side of her, pausing to squeeze each nipple through the gossamer
fabric of her robe. Trini's response was audible as she moaned at
the electric jolt of having her nipples pinched and rolled between
insistent fingers.

The four broke apart to gulp the warm air and Trini stood up and
released the clasp at the back of her neck, letting the sheer robe
float down her body, following every curve as if reluctant to go,
until it lay at her feet. Her body was magnificent. She had no tan
lines at all, instead was a golden tan color from head to toe. Her
breasts were perfectly proportioned and without a hint of sag, the
nipples standing up in the middle of light pink aureoles in the exact
center of each globe. Her stomach was flat and hard, but not the
harsh muscular kind of hard one sees on some athletes, and flowed
naturally down to a prominent pubic bone covered from the top of
her slit to just below the bikini line by a carefully trimmed and
manicured band of dense black hair. Her legs were long and trim,
again in perfect proportion to the rest of her. But the feature that
drew all three girls inexorably was her sex. There was a gap that
could accommodate the balled up fist of any of the three between
the tops of her thighs, giving a complete view of the most delicate
set of lips any of them had seen. They were a dusky pink, and as
finely molded as the petals of a jungle lotus, the gap in the center
allowing the inner lips to be seen. Her clitoris was plainly visible,
residing in its little hood at the top of her slit. They could see that it
was engorged with blood, as it throbbed and pulsed in anticipation.

Ronnie reached out hesitantly, than gently touched Trini's clit. The
contact caused her skin to ripple and she bit her lip as she felt a
shiver run up her back. That broke the spell and she turned more
fully toward Ronnie, each slender hand pinching and pulling at her
own nipples as she looked down between her breasts at her.
Keeping one foot on the ground, she straddled Ronnie's waist with
her other leg, resting her knee on the couch beside her. Ronnie
licked her lips and needed no further invitation. She grabbed Trini
by the hips and put her mouth over the others pussy without
missing a beat. Trini almost lost her balance right there, as
Ronnie's tongue plunged into the depths of her sweet pussy.

Nora and Elise broke their passionate kiss and began leaving a trail
of moist kisses up and down Trini's arched back, while their hands
reached around and attacked her clitoris. Trini, her own fingers
savagely twisting and tugging her nipples, could not stand the three
way assault and convulsed over Ronnie's insistent tonguing, her
orgasm exploding deep in the core of her being. She gave a high-
pitched scream and collapsed over the end of the couch, her hips
thrusting madly against Ronnie's face. Gradually, her body stopped
moving as she descended from the heights of passion.

Nora and Elise then turned their attention to Ronnie, one engulfing
her clitoris, and the other burying her tongue into her wet pussy,
lapping up the hot juices that flowed like nectar from her inner
core. Within minutes, Ronnie was thrashing about on the couch,
her hips bucking up and down against the double assault. Trini had
recovered by this time, and was again feeding her pussy to Ronnie's
voracious mouth. This time, however, she leaned back until her
back rested on Ronnie's body. Her arms reached out on either side
and searched until they found the hot clefts of Nora and Elise,
plunging long slender fingers as deeply as she could into each. The
two girls groaned in unison into Ronnie's thrashing hips, the
vibrations pushing Ronnie over the edge into her first orgasm.

Ronnie's convulsions finally dislodged the two, and they
immediately fell to the floor next to the couch reversed over each
other to bury their faces into the hot, wet center of each other's
being. It wasn't long before the rockets exploded in the brain of all
three, as Trini keened again, setting off the other two as she went
over the edge into her second orgasm.

For a good ten minutes the only sound to be heard was the gasping
and soft moans of the four as they recovered from their passion.
Trini was the first to struggle to her feet and sit on the edge of the
couch at Ronnie's feet.

"Mon Dieu!" She lifted a half-filled glass of wine to her lips and
took a deep draught of the contents. "I have never felt an orgasm
as intense as that before, and never so quickly."

The three girls grinned up at her, knowing that the best was yet to
come. Finally, the late afternoon breeze began to get a bit
uncomfortable on their damp bodies, and they rose to go inside.
After a warm, sensuous hug, the four went to their rooms to
shower and dress for the evening. A short while later they gathered
again and spent the rest of the evening learning more about each
other and discussing a wide range of topics. Eventually, the
passion and excitement of the day caught up with them, and they
retired for the night, Trini promising a special day of adventure
when they woke next morning.

They woke late the next morning to brilliant sunlight streaming into
their room through the linen curtains. They quickly dressed in light
tops and loose shorts and sandals, then went down the broad stairs
to the veranda. They found Trini sitting in a huge wicker chair
sipping a cup of coffee. She smiled brightly as they stepped into the
sunlight, greeting them warmly as they sat down. A servant quickly
appeared with a cup of coffee for each. A plate of French pastry
sat on the table in front of them next to a huge silver bowl of fresh
tropical fruits.

Trini sat quietly, giving them a few minutes to savor the wonderful
coffee, then started to tell them about the plans for the day. Their
anticipation grew as she described the flora and fauna they would
see, and the beautiful scenery along the coast. Then she told them
that she was going to take them to a secret place that she used to
go to when she was a little girl to get away from anything that made
her sad or angry, a place of primeval beauty and solitude that they
would never want to leave. The girls' curiosity was aroused to the
fullest extent, and they could hardly wait to see this wondrous

Soon after, they set off through the trees, Trini playing tour guide
by pointing out various plants, tropical birds, and the small furry
creatures of her world. They could tell that she was deeply in love
with this place, with its rich culture and friendly, handsome people.
They understood why she came back here to live and work after the
frenetic lifestyle of a large European city, even if that city was Paris.
Ronnie especially seemed to find something in Trini that resonated
in her soul and drew her inexorably to the beautiful Eurasian
woman. Nora and Elise smiled to themselves as they walked,
because it was obvious that Ronnie had a serious crush on Trini,
hanging on her every word and gesture as they strolled along.

They stopped for brief rests in small glades in the forest, soaking in
the sounds and sights of that lustrous tropical setting. Eventually,
though, several hours had passed and Trini stopped at the top of a
small rise in the path where it curved around a large outcropping of
ancient granite.

"We've come to my secret place. Take each other by the hand, and
close your eyes, and I'll lead you around the corner. I want you to
see together at the same instant the same way I first saw it as a little

She waited until they had grasped hands, putting their free hand
over their eyes, then took Ronnie by the arm and led the three
carefully around the bend to a grassy little spot that opened out
from the path. Stopping, she lined them up side by side, then
moved out of their line of sight, whispering "Now, look . . ."

They opened their eyes and gasped in astonishment at the scene
before them. They were standing high up on the side of a deep
granite grotto. Straight across about a 100 yds. away a waterfall
tumbled from several hundred feet up the side of a cliff into deep
pool of crystal clear water, the spray kicking off the rock wall
creating a halo of rainbows around the falls. They could see several
large outcrops of granite at various heights around the pool, and
down below, a small white sand beach sparkled in the afternoon
sun. Tropical birds fluttered back and forth across the grotto from
one stand of trees to another, lending the place a primeval peace
that took their breath away.

Trini let them gaze raptly for several minutes, then beckoned to
them to follow her as she moved down the trail that wound its way
down to the beach below. As they descended into the grotto, the
music of the falls became a subdued roar, and the rainbows
shattered into little sparklets of color that shifted and shimmered in
the clouds of spray. By the time they reached the beach they
thoroughly enchanted with the place, as Trini had promised, and
knew they would regret having to leave it. As they stepped onto
the warm sand, they were surprised to find the young boy from the
boat waiting for them. He talked briefly to Trini, then nodding at
the girls, scampered off up the path to disappear into the forest
above. Trini motioned them ahead and they found a picnic lunch
laid out for them on a huge sheet of linen that was anchored at the
corners by large chunks of granite. They didn't waste any time
wondering how the boy had brought all this by himself, but instead
made short work of the delicious meal.

After taking care of their hunger and thirst, they stretched out on
the beach to soak up some sun, relishing the tingling warmth that
radiated from the sand, just relaxing. After a while, Trini stood up
and walked over to a large outcropping that jutted up a good
twenty feet above the surface of the pool. She quickly shed her
clothing and climbed up the step-like surface of the rock, finally
standing tall and straight with her arms outstretched to the sides.
She hesitated for an instant, then, in a perfect Olympic quality dive,
launched into space. She seemed to hang motionless at the top of
the curve then arched over and touched her toes before knifing into
the water almost without leaving a ripple. Several seconds later she
surfaced twenty yards away and began a strong backstroke across
the pool, her breasts streaming sparkling rivulets of water as she
swam powerfully. The girls leaped to their feet and clapped and
called out their admiration at the perfect display of athletic prowess.
Trini rolled over and did a pirouette in the water until she was
floating motionless looking back at them. She laughed delightedly,
and motioned for them to join her.

Clothes flew in all directions as the three disrobed and ran across
the sand to leap into the pool in shallow dives. Soon all four were
laughing and giggling like little girls as they cavorted around the
pool like sleek otters. Soon, however, Trini beckoned to them and
swam toward the area around the base of the falls. As they drew
near, they could feel the power of the water as it fell from far above
to churn the pool into a natural Jacuzzi. Trini swam a bit to one
side and hauled herself out onto a flat section of granite that was
worn as smooth as marble by the action of the water. At the back
of the flat area was a cleft in the granite wall where a thin steady
stream of water jetted out as if from the nozzle of a hose. She
pulled Nora, who was the closest of the three, up to the granite wall
facing the stream, then had her sit down with her knees spread wide
and leaning back on her outstretched arms. She made a slight
adjustment in Nora's angle, then stepped aside. The stream of
water that had been blocked by her body suddenly hit Nora's
clitoris almost dead center, causing her to shriek in surprise and
ecstasy at the insistent, pounding pressure of the water jet. Within
seconds, her body bucked convulsively in an orgasm that took her
breath away, an orgasm of such sudden intensity that she couldn't
stand to let the water hit her swollen flesh any longer. She twisted
desperately to one side, curling into a fetal position as her body
shuddered and twitched with after tremors.

Grinning, Trini pulled Elise into position. Elise, having seen Nora's
response, lasted even less time before she, too, was reduced to a
twitching, mindless thing. Ronnie followed, but the resulting
orgasm rendered her unable to move. Her muscles were locked
into a spastic rigor that pinned her in place as surely as if she was
tied down. The intensify of the orgasm sent wave after wave of
pleasure crashing through her body, until with a deep, gut
wrenching cry, she lost consciousness. Her body collapsed in place
on the rock, but the stream of water no longer made contact. A
look of pure lust crossed Trini's face as she roughly pushed Ronnie
out of the way, and knelt on the smooth rock. She placed her
hands on the wall in front of her, then hunched her hips forward and
up a bit until the stream of water made contact with her clitoris. In
short order her hips began to pump back and forth, almost as if she
were humping the rock itself. A stream of French tore from her lips
as her eyelids fluttered madly, her green eyes almost rolled back
into the top of her head. Her fingers became claws that clenched
the surface of the wall tightly, and the muscles of her arms and back
went rigid with the effort to maintain her position. Finally, the
intensity was just too much, and she collapsed in a heap next to

They lay there bathed in the soothing mist and spray for what
seemed like an eternity, gradually regaining their senses and the
ability to move their limbs, even though their pussies and clits still
throbbed almost painfully. On shaky knees they crept slowly back
along the strip of sand to the main beach and into the sunshine
where they collapsed on the sand in exhaustion.

The warm afternoon sun brought them back to life after a short
nap, each one stretching like a cat as they awoke. Nora and Ronnie
had fallen to the sand next to each other, Nora's head resting on
Ronnie's upper thigh. Still aroused from the heady sex of before,
she rolled over, grasping Ronnie's hips in her arms and swinging
her right leg over Ronnie's head, a heartbeat away from a classic 69
position. She began to nuzzle Ronnie's still moist cleft with her
nose and lips, savoring the delicate musk that it gave off. From
underneath, she used her fingers to part the lips of her pussy and
began to slowly lick from top to bottom, pausing to nip at her clit
every few seconds. Ronnie, still half asleep, responded by pulling
Nora's hips down onto her mouth, her tongue extending into her
pussy to flicker back and forth like the tongue of a snake. Nora
groaned and clamped her lips around the base of Ronnie's clit, her
own tongue mimicking the same action. She used the tip of her
tongue to batter Ronnie's clit from all sides, using her lips to apply
suction to the sensitive area. Ronnie's hips responded by starting
to pump up and down against her sister's face, redoubling her
efforts on Nora's overheated sex.

Elise crawled the few feet between her and Trini, positioning herself
between Trini's thighs, her face a scant inch from her gorgeous
pussy. Trini opened her legs wide and encouraged Elise by
reaching down to stroke her hair, gently tugging her forward until
mouth and pussy met and smashed against each other. The contact
sent an electric spark shooting through her nervous system. She bit
her lower lip to stifle a cry, then gave herself over to the voracious
lips and tongue that seemed to have a mind of their own as they
sucked and nibbled and licked at her flowing center. She looked
over at Ronnie and Nora locked in the throes of an orgasm, and her
eyes misted over at the sheer sexuality and pleasure of the situation.
Elise, sensing that Trini was near the edge, reached up and grabbed
her breasts, squeezing them hard, then pulling her nipples out
against the full weight of her breast, causing Trini to gasp and hump
up at Lise's face. Elise in turn, clamped her teeth on Trini's clit and
bit down hard. Trini shrieked, her hands clutching Elise's hair and
forcing her head tight against her pussy as her hips stuttered like a
jack hammer against the sand. Elise finally had to force Trini to let
go so she could breath, tearing her face away from the spasming
wetness. Trini didn't even seem to notice, so deep was she into her
orgasm, her head twisting from side to side, babbling in
incomprehensible French.

Nora, close to the edge herself for the second time, heard Trini's
cry of passion and went over the cliff for the second time in five
minutes. She lost her grip on Ronnie's hips, collapsing onto her
sister's body, one leg kicking the sand frantically in syncopation
with the throbbing in her pussy. Somewhere in the back of her
mind she heard Ronnie pleading with her to finish her off, and
somehow managed to plunge her tongue deep into Ronnie's pussy,
suctioning the lips into her mouth at the same time. Ronnie began
to whimper and shake, and Nora gave her the final push by biting
down on her clit as Elise had done to Trini. Ronnie's body
stiffened, then went all loose and spastic as her orgasm exploded in
her brain.

Once again, the four lay sated on the sand, little sparklets of light
dancing behind their eyelids as their ecstasy gradually drained away.
The late sun had finally sunk low enough that shadows began to
creep over them, eliciting a chill from the evaporating perspiration
on their overheated bodies. The four exchanged looks redolent
with satiated lust, then burst into a fit of giggling that lasted for
several minutes. Their joy at pleasuring each other and being
pleasured was uncontainable.

Trini finally jumped up and waded into the pool to wash the sand
and sex and sweat from her body, followed by the other three.
Then they gathered their clothing that was strewn about the beach,
dressing quickly. Arm in arm, they walked back up the beach to the
bottom of the path, beginning the trek back to the mansion and
some well deserved rest.
All four slept late the next morning. Nora and Ronnie were finally
roused from sleep by the maid coming in to throw back the curtains
to the morning breeze and make the beds. The young native girl smiled as she looked down at the sisters sprawled naked on top of
the sheets, their limbs loosely intertwined. Nora sat up and yawned
just in time to see her silently back out of the room, still smiling.
She looked around for Elise, locating her still curled up, snoring
gently, on a plush round couch just inside the door to the balcony
of their room. Nora reached over and shook Ronnie by the
shoulder, then slid off the bed to stretch the slight soreness out of
her muscles from the previous day's adventures.

Foregoing clothes, she shook Elise half awake, then strolled out of
the room and down the stairs to the veranda to find Trini. The
sunlight dappled the beautiful Eurasian girl as she lay stretched out
like a cat on a lounge chair near the table where they'd eaten the
morning before.
"Good morning," she said softly, sitting down at the end of the
lounger at Trini's delicate feet. She caressed the woman's thigh in
greeting, feeling her skin ripple deliciously at her touch.

Trini responded by sitting up and drawing Nora into a soft, deep,
sensuous kiss. "Good morning."

As they broke the kiss, they heard a chuckle behind them.

"Getting an early start, eh?" Elise gave them a mock leer that
caused them to laugh in return. Ronnie and Elise had come around
the corner just in time to see the kiss, and both grinned at the other
two as they approached and sat down on the straw mats next to the
lounger. Apparently they had the same lack of desire for clothes
this morning as Nora, as both were stark naked, their bodies
glowing with a faint hint of the previous days' sun. Trini was
almost as bare, wearing only a pair of extremely feminine lace
panties cut very low in front and high on each hip. They might as
well have not been there at all, for all the protection they afforded.

"Well, what would you like to do today?" asked Trini. "I have
something planned for this evening, but the rest of the day is open
to whatever you would like to do."

"Ummm," murmured Elise, stretching. "I'd just like to hang out
and enjoy the company and the sun. And, of course, let happen
whatever happens." A mischievous twinkle in her eye left no
doubts about what she wanted to have happen.

"That sounds great to us," Nora said, Ronnie nodding in unison.
All in agreement, they moved over to the table for a late brunch of
croissants and coffee flavored with vanilla, talking animatedly about
whatever subject came to mind.

The rest of the day was much the same, strolling around the
grounds of the mansion randomly, periodically taking a dip in the
small enclosed pond at one side of the mansion whenever the sun
got a bit intense. Before they realized it, the afternoon sun was
sinking below the tops of the trees in the distance. The afternoon
of conversation and an occasional session of caresses had cemented
them into a fast friendship that none of them wanted to see end the
next day when the girls had to return to the hotel. As the day drew
to a close, the three girls began to get a bit subdued as they realized
this idyllic adventure was coming to an end.

Trini, however, would have none of their moping around, and
hustled them back inside with instructions to shower and dress in
their finest gown for dinner. Promptly at seven, Jean-Yves
knocked on the door to their room to announce that dinner was
being served in the main dining room, and would they do him the
honor of allowing him to escort such beautiful ladies downstairs.
Enchanted at his gallantry, they descended arm in arm, with Jean-
Yves in the middle, down the broad main staircase and into the
dining room. They found Trini standing near the head of the table
wearing a flowing scarlet red gown with a single strap over one
shoulder, a magnificent emerald necklace flashing green fire in the
light of the dozen candles burning on the table and the sideboard.

She smiled, taking in the visions of beauty in front of her. Nora
wore a simple black cocktail dress with spaghetti straps, a simple
but elegant string of pearls at her throat. Ronnie wore a more
daring strapless cocktail dress of royal blue velvet, a tiny cross
encrusted with diamond chips hanging on a gold chain around her
neck. Elise, however, nearly took Trini's breath away. She wore a
shimmering floor length gown of silver and gold with a deeply cut
bodice that showed off her beautiful breasts to best advantage,
eschewing a necklace for a pair of gorgeous ruby earrings that
flashed brilliantly in the candlelight. Her golden hair was piled in
studied disarray on top of her head.

"You look wonderful," Trini said, showing each of them to their
seats at the huge dining table. The table was set with the finest
china and silver, and would have done a world class 5-star
restaurant proud. The snow white linen napkins resided in solid
silver rings, and gold encrusted crystal goblets held a ruby red wine
that filled the room with a delightful fragrance. Once they were all
seated, Jean-Yves appeared again in a white butler's jacket with a
linen cloth over one arm. At a sign from Trini, he turned and
snapped his fingers peremptorily. Two pretty native girls in white
garb appeared instantly, pushing a silver cart heaped with food.

They started with a steaming hot turtle soup served with small bits
of fragrant warm bread, and accented with coarsely ground fresh
pepper. The soup was followed by a light salad with a savory
dressing and more of the fresh bread. The girls savored each
morsel, sipping the semi-dry wine between bites. Finally, Jean-
Yves cleared away the soiled dishes, then reappeared with a huge
silver platter containing a pair of large stuffed game hens. The
birds were stuffed with a mixture of wild rice, mushrooms, and
onions, and they had been basted until they were a rich golden
brown. White boots covered the ends of the drumsticks, and the
steam rising from the platter set their mouths to watering in
anticipation. Jean-Yves expertly carved the birds and they soon
were savoring the exotic flavor of the delicious fowl.

For desert, they were served with a delightful lemony confection
that was as light as air, melting in their mouths at each bite,
followed by hot coffee and a sweet after dinner liqueur. The four
finally sat back, unable to imagine anything else that had ever tasted
so good.

Trini rose to her feet at the head of the table and gently tapped her
goblet with a little silver wand. "If you will follow Jean-Yves, he
will show you to the library. I will be along shortly to start the
evening's entertainment."

Exchanging glances, the three girls wondered what Trini had in
mind, but each had their own ideas about what was about to
transpire. But, without questioning her, they rose and followed
Jean-Yves down the main hall to the library. The room was large,
filled wall to wall and floor to ceiling with beautiful leather-bound
books, the teak paneling gleaming dully in the subdued lighting.
The smell of fine leather and books filled the room with a soothing
aroma, and the leather upholstery was soft and warm to the touch.
Jean-Yves left them, but returned a few minutes later with a large
tray containing an iced silver bucket of champagne and four crystal
goblets. He poured each a glass, then retired closing the heavy
double doors as he left.

Several minutes passed, each of the girls getting more curious and
keyed up with anticipation at what Trini had planned. Just as they
began to fidget, the lights dimmed and they heard the door open.
Trini walked in wearing full tribal regalia. Around each wrist and
ankle was a band of flowers accented with small green leaves, with
a similar arrangement forming a crown around her head. A large
garland of flowers was around her neck, doing little to conceal her
breasts and bare upper torso. A skirt woven from palm fronds and
accented with a belt of flowers hung from the flair of her hips,
exposing her taut stomach and long, trim legs. As she moved, the
palm fronds shifted and parted with each step, giving them brief
glimpses of the shadowy juncture of her thighs. It was plain that
she worn nothing under the skirt. Her lustrous black hair had been
combed and oiled until it shimmered in the soft light.

"This is my special gift to you, my new friends. . . my new lovers.
I'm going to dance for you, to show you the traditional dances that
were used to initiate young women of my mother's people into
womanhood. These are the dances that the first English sailors saw
when they visited Tahiti so long ago, and have been handed down
from mother to daughter for a 1000 years. I hope you will enjoy
them." She turned and walked to a set of doors set into one wall,
revealing an expensive sound system as she opened them. She
turned on the powerful amplifier, then placed a cassette tape into
the player and pushed the play button. She turned back toward the
girls and walked to an open area in between the chair and leather
sofa, kneeling down on one knee with her head bowed and her arms
crossed over her breast, one hand on the point of each shoulder.

The sound of drums began to throb through the room, starting
slowly at first, beating in intricate patterns and variations of tempo.
Trini slowly rose, her movements in perfect sync with the drumbeat,
her hands weaving in and out and back and forth, her torso swaying
as the music changed. The girls knew enough about Polynesian
dances to know that her hands were telling a story in sign language
that they didn't understand, but was exciting and beautiful to watch
nonetheless. The first dance was short, the drums fading away until
Trini was once again in her starting position. There was only a few
heartbeats of silence, though, before the music started again, this
time loader and more insistent, a driving beat that fired their blood
and throbbed in their bones. Before long, the drums and her dance
became clearly erotic in nature, and they found themselves
becoming aroused deep in the center of their being. Nipples
swelled and grew hard, blood rushed to their genital area, swelling
the tender tissues, causing moisture to begin to seep into their
panties. Trini's dance became ever more erotic, arousing her own
flesh. Her eyes flashed with lust and anticipation, her hands
touching her body in highly stylized movements to depict the
caresses of a lover. Her breathing became faster, as much from the
erotic stimulation of the dance as from the physical exertion.

Nora, Ronnie, and Elise had long since lost awareness of each
other, their entire being focused on Trini. Each had given up any
pretense of just viewing and had begun to squeeze a breast or a
nipple, or rub a moist pussy through their clothes. Their eyes were
riveted on Trini's performance, soaking up the erotic beat of the
music, building toward a climax of titanic proportions. With a final
thunderous burst of drums, the music stopped, with Trini on the
floor, her knees widespread, leaning back until her head rested on
the plush carpet and her arms spread wide to each side, as if
offering her most treasured possession to an invisible lover. For
several long seconds she remained still except for the heaving of her
chest as she breathed deeply from the exertions of the dancing.
Then she slowly raised up to face them, resting her hands on each

The three girls began to clap, deluging her with cries of admiration.
She smiled modestly and bowed her head briefly, taking in the
praise as her due for a performance well done. She regained her
feet then, and held up her hand to quiet them down.

"That was just the beginning," she said. "I have something for you
that no person outside of my mother's family has ever seen. It is
the final part of the ritual of initiation that every young girl went
through in the old times. First, you need to remove your gowns so
that we don't damage them, and so you can move freely." She
turned back to the cabinet in the wall as the girls stood up and
began to peel tight dresses from one another, removing an
intricately woven sack from a drawer under the equipment. It was
made of long slender leaves and decorated with bits of carved stone
woven into the pattern and was as supple as any fabric. Untiing a
leather thong, she opened the bag and removed some objects which
she laid momentarily in the open drawer. She then removed her
own clothing, picking up the objects from the bag as she turned
back to the three who had finished stripping off their dresses.

She walked toward them, the objects held out before her on her
upturned palms so that they could see what she held. A woven belt
that looked somewhat like a male athletic supporter cradled a long
ivory colored shaft. As they stepped closer, their eyes widened as
they realized that the ivory object was a carved phallus. Its age was
apparent from the color of the ivory itself, and it was about a foot
long from base to tip. The main shaft was at least two inches in
diameter from the base until a few inches from the tip, where it
narrowed slightly with an upward tilt. The surface was covered
with intricate symbols and patterns that didn't obscure the natural
detail that had been carved into the thing. Elise gingerly reached
out to touch it, marveling at the buttery smooth surface and cool
feel of the ivory. Two sets of holes had been drilled through the
base area enabling the user to attach it with leather thongs to the

"This has been in my family for so long that no one remembers
when it was first made. It was used to deflower the young girls after the ritual dances, when they were aroused and excited, to
complete the transition from girl to woman, and prepare them to be
wives to the warriors of the tribe. This was carried out by their
mother or another female relative in a special ceremony in which
they received the wisdom and advice of their elders on how to be
good wives and mothers, and how to please their husbands. My
grandmother was the last one in my family to experience that ritual,
until tonight. Each of you will have the chance." With that, she
attached the ivory shaft to the front of the harness with some
leather thongs, then stepped into the harness and drew it up to
cinch it tightly around her waist and thighs. The giant carved cock
jutted out from her under belly, tilted up at the tip, bobbing almost
as if it were alive as she moved.

Elise, being the more adventurous of the three, approached Trini
and closed her hand around the shaft, stroking it as if it were real
flesh. Trini gently stopped her, though, and turned to Ronnie, who
was standing slightly behind the other two, her eyes huge and round
as she stared at the ivory monster. Trini thought briefly that she
had the look of a mouse trapped in a corner by a cobra, but she was
determined to let Ronnie know that she was safe and that nothing
was threatening her at all. She gently took Ronnie by the hand,
whispering soothingly to her.

"Just let me lead the way, and trust me, mon Cherie." She gently
led Ronnie to the leather sofa and had her sit on the edge of the
center cushion and lean back against the cool, soft leather. She
held both of Ronnie's hands clasped in her own, and looked deep
into her eyes. "Relax, and close your eyes."

Ronnie took a deep breath, let it out, then hesitantly closed her
eyes. Trini slowly spread her thighs until they were wide open,
causing the lips of Ronnie's pussy to open like a delicate flower.
Trini could see the deeply pink inner core softly pulsing in
syncopation with Ronnie's heartbeat, making her mouth water in
anticipation. Folding her feet underneath her buttocks, she leaned
forward and blew softly on Ronnie's pussy, causing it to twitch at
the cool air. Then, she began to lovingly kiss all around it but never
quite reaching it. Ronnie murmured passionately, her hips
beginning to tick up and down minutely, trying to make contact
with the warm, wet tongue that was leaving a moist trail
everywhere but where it was most needed. After several minutes,
she began to moan and plead with Trini to stop tormenting her, to
make that final contact that she strained desperately for.

Trini was not to be denied however, and kept up her teasing until
Ronnie finally grabbed her by the hair and dragged her mouth into
contact with her hot flesh. Trini gently removed her hands from her
head and pinned them with her own at Ronnie's sides, but didn't
break contact with her mouth. She began to apply light suction to
the dripping wet lips, savoring the delicate musky flavor, while
stabbing her tongue in the soft inner flesh to flutter and tease.
Ronnie's hips began to pump in earnest now, straining to reach the
heights of orgasm. Trini kept up her ministrations until she sensed
that Ronnie was right on the verge of coming, then stopped and
lifted her mouth from Ronnie, once again blowing a soft stream of
air against her clitoris. Ronnie cried out in frustration, and opened
her eyes, looking into Trini's lust-filled green orbs, pleading for her
to continue. Trini just murmured softly to her to be patient, and
waited until her passion had receded to less desperate level. Then
she began again.

Four more times she brought Ronnie right to the brink, but would
not let her go over the edge. By now, Ronnie was almost
constantly moaning and crying out with need, unable to remain still.
Her hips had a life of their own, and her shoulders squirmed
desperately against the soft cushions. Her nipples were swollen and
painful, and her full breasts rolled and bobbed about on her rib cage
with the movement of her upper body, only adding to the exquisite
torture. Finally satisfied that she was ready, Trini released Ronnie's
hands and rose up on her knees, moving in closer to the center of
Ronnie's widespread thighs, the great ivory phallus jutting up at an
angle over Ronnie's pubic bone. The cool hardness rested on the
top of her slit, its weight adding pressure on her clit to the insane
pulsations caused by her racing blood. She gently rocked her hips
back and forth, dragging the underside of the shaft through the
wetness that drenched Ronnie's entire underbelly and thighs.
Ronnie whimpered at its touch, and as Trini had thought, did not
recoil in fear, but instead cried out in passion, her hands clutching at
her breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples in an effort to reach
the final heights of pleasure. Ronnie's head began to thrash from
side to side, her hair flying around in disarray, pleading for Trini to
give her relief.

Trini, her own passion fed by the desperation in Ronnie's voice,
slowly leaned back until the upturned tip of the phallus was just a
scant inch from the wide open, pulsating tunnel into Ronnie's
depths. Then she leaned forward and slowly entered the hole,
pushing slowly until her own loins were tight against Ronnie's inner
thighs. The effect on Ronnie was devastating. Her legs shot out
straight beyond Trini, rigid as steel girders, and her back arched
until Trini heard the vertebrae pop with the strain. A scream of
sheer ecstasy ripped from her throat, and Trini could feel the walls
of her pussy contracting and relaxing around the huge shaft as they
tried to lock it into place. Ronnie was still rising on the tide of
deliverance, when Trini began to pump the shaft in and out rapidly.
Ronnie's scream increased until it was no longer anything but a
squeak and her brain completely lost control of her body. Her
arms, legs and head flopped about to such an extent that Trini had
lock her arms around Ronnie's thighs in order to keep from being
bucked off, all the while maintaining her thrusting deeply into the
core of Ronnie's sex. Ronnie gave a last desperate lurch that lifted
her entire body except for her head from the sofa, suspended for
what seemed like days on the great ivory cock embedded to the hilt
in her pussy and the top of her head. Trini saw the muscles of her
abdomen ripple, her pussy spasming around the shaft, then went
into her own orgasm when a flood of hot liquid gushed from
Ronnie to inundate the front of the sofa and her lower body from
navel to knees. The viscous fluid ran like water down her thighs to
stain the plush carpet under her knees. Ronnie's eyes rolled back in
her head until only the whites were visible, slumping unconscious
onto the leather cushions, arms and legs akimbo and half off the
sofa. Trini, propping herself up on the edge of the cushion with her
arms as her own orgasm subsided, leaned back and withdrew the
glistening wet shaft of the phallus from the depths of Ronnie's
spasming pussy. Even in her unconscious state, the sudden
emptiness caused her to moan and quiver for a few seconds.

Nora and Elise, completely enthralled with the spectacle of Trini
and Ronnie, had forgotten to do anything but watch in awe. As
time began to move again, however, their own passions drove them
into each other's arms. Within seconds they had reversed ends and
were in the throes of feasting on each other's dripping pussies.
They almost set a record for making the other come as they gave in
to their lust. They finally collapsed in a perspiring heap, Nora's
head nestled against the dripping moisture of Elise's release.

For the next several hours, their lust was unquenchable. At times,
their lovemaking was soft and gentle, and at times frenzied and
hard. Trini brought Nora and Elise to new heights of passion as
they each took their turn riding the ivory phallus. They paired off
in every combination they could think of, from one on one to three
on one, to a four way tongue fest that left them gasping and spent.
The finale was the most intense, however, as Ronnie returned the
favor by taking Trini to a level of satiation and bliss with the ivory
phallus that she had never experienced. Exhaustion finally stilled
their lovemaking, and they fell asleep in each other's arms.

When the sun rose, Trini struggled awake, feeling the pleasant
soreness in every muscle of her body. She sat for awhile, watching
her lovers sleep, turning an idea over in her mind, examining it from
every angle. After an hour of thought, she made a decision and
proceeded to rouse the sleeping nymphs that adorned the lush
carpet of her library. She relaxed against the sofa as they slowly
came awake, stretching and groaning and rubbing the sleep from
their eyes, unconscious smiles of satiation on their lips. Once they
were fully awake, she began to speak.

"I've been sitting here watching you, and have a proposal to make.
First, I want to tell you that this has been the most wonderful three
days I've spent with anyone in a very long time, and I am
heartbroken that you must leave today. I do not want you to go.
So, I have come to a decision that I hope will meet with your
approval. I want you all to move from America and come to live
here with me." The gasps of astonishment and flurry of questions
forced her to stop, and she held up her hand to still their voices. "I
have more room here than I can ever use, I am wealthy enough that
I will never have to worry about working if I choose not to more
than enough for all of us to live in luxury. But most of all, I can't
bear to think of living here alone again. Will you come?"

The three girls sat there, wide-eyed, at the sudden proposal. So
many questions flew through their minds that they stuttered and
stammered for several minutes, trying to put coherent thoughts
together. Finally, Nora managed to get out a complete sentence.

"But, how can we just drop everything and move halfway around
the world?" The thought was frightening in its enormity, but
terribly enticing as well.

Before Trini could respond, Ronnie looked at Nora and asked her
"what do we really have there that we can't just leave? mom and
dad are gone, and I don't know of any other relatives that would
miss us, beyond a couple of distant cousins we've never even met."
She hesitated for a few seconds, then nodded decisively. "I'm
ready, let's do it!"

"No problem here," said Elise. "I don't have any family anymore
either, and my last boyfriend was a total shit, so there's nothing
holding me back either." She reached over and took Trini's hand in
hers, squeezing it affectionately.

Trini turned back to Nora, pleading with her eyes and an expectant
look, for her to agree and make it unanimous. Nora grinned,
shrugged her shoulders, and said "what the hell! Why not?"

Trini began to cry, tears of joy streaming down her beautiful face,
and reached out to gather the three into her arms for a long hug.
Releasing them, she wiped at her eyes, a huge dazzling smile
lighting up her face. Soon, all four were laughing and blubbering
like babies, thoughts of the future together racing through their
minds. Trini finally got it together enough to ring for Jean-Yves,
sending him off to the hotel to gather up their belongings and take
care of the necessary bureaucratic paperwork. Nora gave him the
number of their family attorney so that he could call and have him
take care of things back in the States. Jean-Yves smiled broadly at
them as he went down the path to the lagoon to accomplish his

Late that evening, Nora sat propped up against the headboard of
the huge bed in Trini's room, watching the other three sleep
peacefully. She smiled to herself, marveling that it was a brutal
attack on her sister that had set the stage for this new adventure.
Life truly is a mystery, she thought, gently stroking Ronnie's hair.
Then, yawning contentedly, she snuggled down into the pillow and
feel asleep, dreaming of sunlight and her wonderful lovers.

The End?


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