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TWINS4B enormous orgasm the best she had

Copyright 1999, Max Free. ALL Rights Reserved

Date of first publication in Mr Double's Palisade : Wednesday AM, April
07, 1999

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the
written permission of the author. Else it may be freely distributed on
condition that this notice remains attached to it and that the usual
precautions have been taken to prevent it being read by unauthorized
persons, especially under age children, or by people who might be offended
by its contents.

Author: Max Free File: Twins4b.txt Title: Twin Capers Chapter 4 ( MFMFBgBg


by Max Free

Chapter 4

More fun, much more One evening, more than a month after Mary had
returned, Jack phoned Mike and invited him for a drink in his favorite
hang-out. They had more than one drink and Mike then told Jack everything
about the latest sexual developments in his family. Jack was flabbergasted
to hear that his brother now not only fucked his little daughter, 11 years
old, but also that his son Lex at 14 now regularly fucked both his little
sister and his mother! Jack of course was very jealous of his brother and
told him so. And then, after a few more drinks, Mike said "Why don't we
just swap for one night again, then you can not only fuck Mary but probably
also Maggie. You would like that wouldn't you, fuck my little 11-year-old
daughter, she really has the most sexy body imaginable, not a child any
more but a very young little woman! It is now Saturday and on Sunday
morning we normally have a foursome. Tomorrow morning we can then meet
again for a party of golf and switch back. We only have to exchange our
suits here in the toilets and our wives will never know about it if we
exchange them again after our golf. I must say that I am looking forward
very much to fucking janet once again." The two men discussed a few more
details of this plan and then they decided to go ahead with it, the fools.

When Mike and Jack arrived 'back home', it was late already and their
'wives' had already gone to bed. In both cases they woke when their
'husbands' arrived in their beds, in both cases they nearly immediately
discovered that they were again being cheated and also in both cases they
did not let the men know that. Both women profited to the utmost from the
occasion to have some extramarital sex, without having to feel guilty.

When Mary woke the next morning, she wondered in how far Mike had
informed Jack about the sexual revolution that had taken place in her
family and it was with great interest that she followed Jack's reactions
when Maggie and Lex joined them for their now usual Sunday morning

The children did not notice the fraud and Maggie immediately started to
make love with Jack. He had been told what to expect and played his role
of amorous daddy to perfection. That was not difficult, how can you
prevent yourself from getting a hard-on if your little niece starts to give
you a nice blowjob, especially when you know she thinks she is giving it to
her daddy?

When Jack then saw how Lex was licking his mother's cunt and sucking her
clit, while groping her tits, he became so excited that he had to stop
Maggie's blow job or he would have come immediately. Instead he now
proceeded to lick Maggie's nice, fragrant little cunt and her clit, which
caused her to cry after a very short time "Oh daddy please fuck me, please
fuck me." Jack did not even hesitate for a microsecond and he took position
between her legs, that she had already raised in order to give him easy
access to her cunt, he pushed in his cock to the hilt - how delightfully
narrow! - and then began to fuck his little niece. In the mean time Lex
had also started to fuck his mother and she cried "Oh yes, oh yes my
darling, fuck me, fuck me." still increasing Jacks excitement if possible.

Jack found that fucking Maggie was exquisite. Raising on his arms he
looked how his cock pumped between her smooth hairless cunt lips under that
nice little tuft of brown hair and he admired her youthful body with its
pert little boobs. He liked it very much that she was so narrow and when
he felt that he was soon going to cum he started to use a thumb to rub her
clit. When he then started to spurt his cum inside her, she reacted by
having her orgasm too, crying "Oooh daddie daddie......" After that Jack
turned on his back with little Maggie in his arms kissing and hugging her
tenderly and stroking her fat little buttocks while she told him that this
time it had been "nicer than ever". He then turned his attention to Lex
and Mary. Lex had just also cum inside his mother and, as she had not
climaxed yet, he started to lick and suck her clit again so that she very
soon had her orgasm too.

After that the two children started to excite each other and they ended
up doing a 69, Lex cumming again after a short time, now in his sister's
mouth. When he had rolled off her then, her mother saw to it that Maggie
also got a new orgasm by finger fucking her while sucking her clit.

The two children then disappeared and Mary stayed for some time in
Jack's arms until he rose to have a shower. After they all had a rapid
breakfast together Jack disappeared, still wearing Mike's clothes and in
his car, off to the golf course where Mike was already waiting for him.

Mike also had spent a very nice night, with Janet, who had again not
been aware of the swap, it seemed.

But during their absence the two ladies talked with each other on the
telephone and they agreed that the joke had lasted long enough.

So when Jack arrived home again, surprise, surprise, the first words of
Janet were "And how was Mary, is she better than I in bed?" And, just in
order to tease him a little, she added "I hope so for you, because Mike is
much better than you!" Well, that needed some explaining and Jack and janet had a long talk! janet did not tell Jack that she and Mary had cheated
them even more seriously with two gentlemen and so Jack, of course,
apologized for cheating his wife with her sister-in-law. But he also
understood that the wives were not really very mad and that they even
wanted to continue swapping, but then all together. Jack then surprised
his wife by telling her about the family sex activities of Mike and Mary
with Lex and Maggie, of which she still knew nothing. janet was at first
rather shocked by this, but then she began to imagine being fucked by her
12-year-old son and she found this a very exciting idea, and to let Jack
fuck his 9-year-old little daughter was maybe even more exciting. She
imagined already how Susy would cry when her husband's big cock would enter
her smooth little cunt. So she finally said "We should find a way to do
the same with Susan and Andy."

Jack was very surprised and also very happy to hear that, he had also
been fantasizing about having sex with his children and he replied "Oooh
Janet, I love you, yes, that would be great, but I do not think that we
should force them or even hurt their feelings and the problem therefore is
how to get them involved without doing so." Jack then suggested that janet discuss this with Mary, she might have a solution, after all she already
had some experience in this matter.

So at the first possible occasion janet went to see Mary and they had
the following conversation.

janet began "I would never have thought that you would have such a
liberal attitude with regard to sex, Mary. Jack told me that you even let
Lex fuck you and that you do not mind that Mike fucks your little Maggie.
Why didn't you tell me? I thought that you would not have any secrets for

And Mary replied "I often wanted to tell you, but I wasn't sure that you
would not think we were sexual perverts. Sometimes I even think we really
are, but then I think how happy we are when we are having sex with our
children and how happy they are too. Now that you know, tell me what you

"I must confess that I was rather shocked, Janet, when Jack told me what
you did with your children, but he told me also how happy Maggie was when
he fucked her, thinking that it was her dad who did it, and I also imagined
how exciting it would be to be fucked by Andy, so I started to understand
that my ideas about family sex were a little narrow-minded and finally I
even agreed with Jack that we should try to do the same with Andy and

"I am so happy, Janet, that you came to that conclusion, you will see
how nice it will be to have sex with your children. Lex, for instance, now
and then was becoming a little difficult, as adolescents often tend to be,
but he and his father both fucking me and Maggie has created a very strong
bond between them and they now have a sense of complicity that makes it
possible to discuss anything, no problems any more with him!"

"I must confess, Mary, that we did not even consider that aspect, but we
certainly would like to have Jack fuck Susan - you do not think that she is
still too young for that, do you? - and to have Andy fuck me. We thought
that would be terribly exciting, when I imagine Jack fucking Susan my cunt becomes very wet. And I am nearly cumming from the idea alone of being
fucked by Andy fucking, I know he already has a big cock, finally he is
already nearly thirteen and becoming quite a man and he masturbates all the
time, since a few months I even find nearly every morning large stains on
his bed sheets. But a problem is, how do we get them so far without giving
them a big shock, they certainly do not expect such a proposal from us. At
school, for instance, they are certainly taught that incest is a terrible
sin. Do you have a suggestion on this subject?"

"Well, Janet, in the first place, I do think too that Susan is rather
young, she is just ten isn't she, but I think she is a very sexy girl already and I read somewhere that quite a number of girls have their first
fuck at about her age, without any damage to their body. The damage in
fact is often to their mind because when they are found out often everybody
tells them that what they did was dirty and a big sin against God,
especially when it was incest too. So you must make sure that Susan and
Andy will not feel guilty, but on the contrary very happy, when they start
to have sex with you, and with each other. For the rest, isn't she a real
daughter of her mother ....... ?

As to how to get your children involved in a very natural way, I have an
idea. Let me ask the help of Lex and Maggie, I think they will be
delighted. We just invite your children for a swim in our pool, while Mike
and I are absent, and I am certain that my children will find a way to
seduce yours. Lex will certainly be very excited to be able to fuck your
Susan, especially because he will be able to do it without having to put on
a condom, and Maggie will be very happy to let Andy fuck her. If Jack
wants to, he can look on, without their knowing of course, and, if all goes
well, even enter the scene and fuck both girls, pretending he is Mike."

"You have the most exciting ideas, Mary!"

Jack and Mike, and then also Lex and Maggie, of course agreed with
Mary's plan and so the next Saturday, it was nice summer weather, Susan and
Andy went to have a swim with Lex and Maggie in their pool. When Susan and
Andy arrived, Lex and Maggie told them that they would be alone, their
parents had gone to spend the day with Susan and Andy's parents. They did
not know, that Jack had come to witness what the children were doing, and
was already sitting at a window that overlooked the garden with its
swimming pool, invisible to the children.

Soon all the children had swimsuits or swimming trunks on and were
having a lot of fun in the pool. After some time, however, Lex proposed to
skinny-dip, that was what they always did when in private, he said, and
Susan and Andy were as good as a sister and a brother to them. Susan and
Andy hesitated a little to accept his proposal but when Lex and Maggie gave
the example, they soon also jumped into the water naked. They then again
had a lot of fun, the boys chasing the girls of course, but after some time
they became a little tired and then they came out of the water and lay down
on towels in the grass.

For Andy all this was very new and exciting and when he started to
admire Maggie's body with her nice little breasts and her little tuft of
brown pubic hair, this excited him to the point that he started to get a

Maggie then cried "Look, Andy has a stiffy!",causing Andy to blush and
try to hide it. But Maggie then lay down next to him and said "May I touch
it? I like to touch Lex's cock and he likes it when I rub it. Does Susy
rub yours too?" And without waiting for his answer she told Andy to lie on
his back, which he did, and started to first stroke and then rub his cock!
Soon he began to groan and told her how nice it was. When Maggie then said
to Susy "You should try that too, Susy, it is really nice." , Lex went to
Susy and said "Yes, please do it with me, I like it very much" and taking
her hand he put it on his cock that meanwhile also had started to stiffen.
Susy hesitated very much but she liked the warm and living feeling of Lex's
cock, and cautiously started to rub it as she saw Maggie do it with Andy.

Now Maggie was on a slippery slope, she never had a chance any more to
escape the advances of her hot nephew and niece and later also her brother.
After a few minutes she said "It is really a nice feeling" and Lex said,
groaning, "And it gives me a nice feeling too. I you continue like that I
am going to cum."

When Susy then looked as if she did not quite understand, Maggie left
Andy - a bit disappointed by that, he was just starting to build an orgasm
- came to sit beside Susy and said "Boys get the same feeling when they rub
their cock as when we rub our clit, do you often masturbate? I did in the
past, but now I prefer to have sex with Lex and daddy, although I still do
it now and then." Susy did not know if she could believe her ears, if she
was not dreaming, but Maggie then continued her lecture "In fact a clit is
just a mini-penis. But when a boy cums his cock spurts sperm, have you
ever seen that? That is really thrilling, especially if it is you who are
holding the cock. I do it sometimes for Lex, he likes that very much. He
likes it even more if I lick his cock and then take it in my mouth
continuing to use my tongue to excite him. He never lasts very long then
and cums in my mouth, that is very exciting too, but it tastes a bit
special, you must like that." Then she pushed Andy towards Susy and said
"Susy, now you rub his cock now."

Susy obeyed docilely and Maggie now rubbed Lex's cock. Both boys soon
started to groan from their pleasure.

But before the boys could reach their climax, especially Andy being
quite near, Maggie stopped rubbing Lex's cock and she told Susy to stop too
after which she said "I think that the boys should now first do something
nice for us, come here, Andy, I will show you how to give me pleasure,
after that you can do it also with Susy" and she sat down with her legs
wide and her knees raised, showing them her gaping cunt. Andy was
beginning to feel rather frustrated, for again not reaching his climax, and
did not seem to understand what was expected of him, Maggie said "Show him
how, Lex. Come here Andy, Lex will show you." And when Lex then lay down
between her legs and started to delicately lick her now slightly protruding
clit, she said "You see what I meant, Andy, you see how he licks my clit?
Ooooh Lex that is really nice! Show Susy how nice it is, Lex, Andy can
continue with me." And then Andy took over licking Maggie's clit as he had
seen Lex do it before. It was not so exciting as having his cock rubbed,
but nearly so. Soon, following the directions he received from Maggie he
changed his target and after some cunt licking pushed his tongue inside
Maggie's cunt hole, drawing long sighs and little cries of delight from
her. He became more and more excited himself, from the taste of her cunt juice, the feel of her legs, her cries, and he now had a raging hard-on.
Maggie who realized how excited Andy had become, now said "You can fuck me
now if you want, just push your cock inside me, I want to feel it there,
come, quick." When Andy then sat up, she lay down on her back and opened
her cunt for him, so that he saw her cunt hole and, Maggie helping him,
holding his cock, he pushed his cock into his first cunt hole. He was so
excited seeing and feeling his cock enter this delectable girl that he
immediately had an orgasm, spurting a lot of cum in Maggie's cunt hole,
giving a loud cry of triumph and relief. But then he had a moment of fear
and he asked "Will you have a baby now?" But Maggie could set his mind at
ease, saying "Of course you should have put on a condom, but in one or two
days I am going to have my period, that means I am not fertile now and so
this time you will get away with it." Andy then hugged her firmly, enjoying
fully the feel of her exciting body and of his cock, still inside her cunt hole, and he said "I love you Maggie, this is really great." And he rained
kisses all over her face.

Meanwhile, Lex had taken care of Susy. Although she still had a little
girl body, just little swellings where she would have nice tits in a year
or two and a completely smooth and hairless cunt, she knew very well what
sexual pleasure was, she had given herself orgasms as long as she could
remember and - after looking at the pictures of fucking pairs in a porn
magazine that she had found in her brother's room, some of them also using
a dildo - she had even experimented with fucking using one of her mother's
dildos. She thought that her mother did not know about that, but she was
wrong, janet had 'hid' them on purpose in such a way that her curious
little daughter could find them. During that experiment she had even bled
a little, damaging her hymen.

So when she had become very excited from Lex's licking her cunt and
sucking her clit - and from looking at how her brother was fucking Maggie -
she just drew back her legs and spread them even more when Lex seemed to
prepare to fuck her. Used to fucking his sister he entered his cock
completely in one push, drawing a little cry of pain from Susy. But then
Susy even started to encourage him using her feet to make him push his cock
inside her as far as possible with every thrust. Meanwhile Andy let his
cock escape from Maggie's cunt hole, seeing a flow of cunt juice and semen
escape from it, and he and Maggie came to sit next to the fucking pair.
Maggie then asked Lex to raise himself a little so that she could rub
Susy's clit, like her mother often did for her when her father was fucking
her. So when Lex finally started to cum inside her, Susy also had an
enormous orgasm, the best she had ever had she later declared.

After that both Andy and Maggie embraced and kissed her to congratulate
her on this her first fuck of her life.

The children were just beginning to consider what to do next when they
were surprised by a voice saying "That was really great my son, I am really
proud of you, it was great how you did that, Susy will always remember this
first fuck of hers as one of the nicest events in her life." When they then
looked at who was the source of that praise they saw Jack entering the
garden, completely nude and with the hardest hard-on imaginable, standing
nearly vertically; he had been very excited by what he saw and heard the
children do and he had only with great difficulty prevented himself to
start masturbating while looking. Lex, who of course thought that it was
his father congratulating him, blushed from pleasure and said "We were not
expecting you dad, but do you want to participate?" And Jack replied "Yes,
I will be glad to, but I think I will leave it to her father to give Susy
her first grown-up fuck, so come here Maggie!" And when Maggie then
obediently, as it befits a nice little daughter, lay down before him in the
official missionary position, he immediately started to fuck her, drawing deep sighs of delight from her and cries of complete satisfaction when she
felt her 'father' cum inside her.

It was Jack who brought Susy and Andy home after they had thanked their
hosts for the nice afternoon, as befits well brought up children. On the
way back Susy said "I wish that my daddy fuck me also soon, but I'm afraid
that he will never hit upon that idea or dare ask me. And mommy would
probably be very mad if he did, but I wish I knew how I could at least let
him know I want to be fucked by him." Jack then said "I think I have a good
suggestion for that. Tomorrow you ask Andy to fuck you, would you do that
for her, Andy?" Andy replied "Oooh, that would be great! I liked it so
much with Maggie." And he added very gallantly "I am sure it will be even
nicer with Susy." Jack then continued "OK, you then leave the door of your
bedroom open and make a lot of noise. I am certain that your parents when
they come to investigate will not be mad. No, they will be very excited
and they will want to profit from the occasion and join you. I know my
brother and your mother, trust me." And that latter statement was even more
true than Susy and Andy could suspect.

That night Jack and janet had great difficulty to find some sleep. Jack
had told janet what had happened that afternoon and how excited he had been
to see his little girl hotly fuck with her nephew; he could hardly wait to
have a go at her himself. And janet now also could hardly wait to let her
son fuck her. Jack had told her how he had seen Andy put his cock into
Maggie's cunt and how big it was.

The next morning Andy and Susy did exactly what 'their uncle Jack' had
suggested they do. Very early Andy went to Susy's room and, leaving the
door open, they had a great fuck. Andy first masturbated Susy and then,
drawing open her smooth slit, licked the inside of her cunt and then licked
and sucked her little but very sensitive, clit until she was very wet and
nearly had an orgasm. Susy then stopped him and first rubbed and finally
even licked Andy's cock before she asked him to come inside her. It was
with a cry of triumph that Andy entered his little sister and they
continued to make a lot of noise, not on purpose any more but very
naturally with great cries of encouragement, of desire and, finally, of
satisfaction. They did not even notice that their parents were after a
short time looking on, both nude and Jack with a big hard-on which janet softly stroked while Jack stroked Janet's ass.

When Andy and Susy finally were lying sated and recuperating from their
emotions, they heard some movement and when they opened their eyes they saw
their parents, not furious or even only mildly disapproving, but both
naked, and their father visibly very excited. And they were completely
reassured when their mother said "I believe your visit of yesterday has
given you both some great ideas, may we join you? Or rather, you both come
with us to our room; we will have more space there and I am sure we will
need that." Well, that was what their 'uncle' had assured would happen, but
you never know.

They ran all together, giggling loudly to janet and Jack's bedroom where
Janet immediately pushed Andy down on the bed, lay down beside him and
started to stroke his cock that immediately started to grow again. janet then said, you have made me very jealous, giving such a nice fuck to Susy,
now you just do a little more incest and fuck me too! But first let me
make better acquaintance with this nice cock." And she continued to rub
Andy's cock until it was very hard again. Then she took it in her mouth
giving it a nice fuck with it, also using her tongue in a very professional
way and very soon she had her young son crying "Mommy mommy stop it I am
going to cum." And janet answered "Don't you dare! I want you to cum inside me, but not in my mouth but down below" and then she turned on her
back drawing him on top of him and grasped his cock to help him enter her.
Andy felt like he was in heaven, he had liked to fuck Maggie and Susy but
fucking his mother was something else! To begin with she had such a nice,
rich body. It was delightful to feel it under him and he found that it was
very exciting to knead her tits and suck her nipples that felt very stiff
in his mouth. If he had not just cum fucking his little sister, he would
have ejaculated immediately, now he managed to make his pleasure last a
bit, although his mother did not make this easy, using mysterious muscles
inside her cunt to knead his cock. But very soon he had nevertheless to
admit himself beaten and he started to cum again, now inside his mother's
vagina, that same vagina through which he had entered this world about
twelve years ago. Feeling her son's cum spurt inside her for the first
time, janet became so excited that she had an orgasm too.

Jack and Susy had been very interested spectators, Susy lying on top of
her father, with his stiff cock inside her, making slow fucking movements
while Jack stroked her smooth, plump little buttocks, but then Jack turned
around so that Susy lay under him, his cock still inside her. Jack now
first wanted to admire his little ten-year-old daughter and raised himself
a little to look at where his cock entered her, still very childish, but
exciting cunt, with completely smooth cunt lips and not one hair. She was
very narrow but Jack had had no trouble entering his cock to the hilt and
without causing any pain, Susy being very happy and completely relaxed.
Jack then admired Susy's flawless, smooth, still very childish body, with
its only very rudimentary tits. But when he then sucked a little on these
very little tits he felt that her nipples became hard in response, she
liked that very much! Although still a child, she was very ready and
wanted to be fucked. So that was what Jack did, he slowly began to fuck
his little girl who responded by saying "It is so nice daddy to feel you
inside me, so nice..... I love you daddy, you must do this very often with
me." janet then came nearer in order to contribute to her little girl's
happiness by rubbing her clit. She managed to do that in such a way that
Susy had an orgasm again when she felt her father start to cum inside her.

After that Jack demanded that Susy and Andy thank their mother by
bringing her to a new orgasm, in turn licking her cunt, licking and sucking her clit, finger fucking, sucking her nipples and so on. It was the first
time that Susy licked a cunt and she was delighted by this new experience.
She very much liked to explore the inside of her mother's cunt with her
tongue, even pushing it as far as possible into Janet's cunt hole now and
then, and she was very excited by the smell and taste of her mother's cunt juice mixed with her brother's cum. It did not take the children long to
bring their mother to climax and they listened with awe to her raucous
cries, although Susy had some difficulty because her mother was clasping
her head between her thighs. janet thanked her children giving them a lot
of kisses while letting her hands rove over their nice bodies. Susy and
Andy were very proud and happy.

After that they all had a shower and something to eat, but for many
hours nobody thought of putting on clothes. Both janet and Susy were
fucked again several times before everybody was completely satisfied. They
then had a much needed siesta after which Jack invited wife and children to
a luxurious dinner in a first class restaurant. The people who saw this
happy and well mannered family sitting together would never have suspected
that they had been wildly and incestually fucking only a few hours before.

* * *

A week later Mike invited his brother and his family for a special
celebration. He had been able to buy the house adjoining his that had been
standing uninhabited for some time already - one of the reasons why they
were able to do whatever they wanted in their garden, nobody being able to
spy on them. Mike wanted to show this house to Jack, he had special plans
for it which they already had discussed in some detail. Mike had suggested
that Jack and his family come and install themselves in that house so that
they could start what Mike called a free sex community, a community in
which sex would not be restricted by any tabu. Mike intended to later also
buy the house at the other side for an extension of it.

When Jack and his family arrived they all went immediately to view the
house and everybody was enthusiastic, the house was very suitable and in
excellent condition. It was decided that it would be redecorated
immediately and that a passageway between the two dwellings would be
constructed, making it possible to pass at any time from one to the other
unseen and protected from the elements. Jack and his family would move in
as soon as possible.

Then the two families had a foretaste of what it would mean to live so
near to each other. Even if they did not have sex with each other all the
time, a lot of fucking was done. Especially little Susan was the aim of
all available cocks, the two men and their sons could not get enough of
this little innocent girl and finally she had to call for a truth, that
they of course respected, not so difficult with three other delightful
females very much available.

At a certain moment Maggie innocently asked what an airtight girl was -
she had read that expression somewhere or she had heard it used and it
intrigued her. After much banter and laughter Mike and Jack offered to
give her a demonstration, on her, and she said 'OK'. They then preferred
to first explain what it was, but to everyone's amazement she after that
insisted on trying it, though on condition that she could call a halt on
the experiment at any moment. So her father asked her to lie down for a
missionary fuck and after he had entered his cock into her cunt he rolled
on his back so that Maggie now lay on top of him. Andy then greased
Maggie's ass hole with olive oil, using his finger and drawing a few cries
of surprise from her at the awkward feeling.. Then he put his also oiled,
already very stiff, cock into it, again drawing a few cries from Maggie,
and Mike and Andy started to fuck her. At first they had a little trouble
to coordinate their movements but after a few minutes they found the
correct rhythm. Then Lex asked Maggie to raise her head, he put his cock
into her mouth and started to fuck her there too. Though the three males
did their utmost to make the event as agreeable as possible for Maggie, she
later declared that she would probably never repeat the experience. It had
been interesting, but normal fucking or even masturbating or being
masturbated was much more exciting. Andy and Mike agreed with Maggie,
although feeling each other's cocks move inside Maggie had been 'weird'.
After the three males had released their cum into Maggie, janet brought
Maggie to climax, by licking and sucking her clit, profiting from the
occasion to taste also her brother-in-law's semen.

Jack had recorded the happening and the resulting video at later
occasions was often a request item.

One of the consequences of this experiment was that Andy and Lex, as
long as she was not yet on the pill, now and then asked Maggie for
permission to use her ass for fucking, they liked that very much because
they did not need to use a condom in that way, which very much improved
their fuck sensations, and lying on her back it was easy to hold her nice
little tits in their hands. Maggie did not specially like it to be ass
fucked but she seldom refused, she is a very nice girl. Subsequently the
boys always made good by giving her a series of orgasms using their tongue
and/or their fingers.

* * *

About the time Jack and janet and their family moved into their new
house, Mary had an encounter that would prove very important. But about
that I will tell you in the next chapter, ............ if I find the time
to write it.

* * * * *

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