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TWINS5B video Mike and Marys sex

Copyright 1999, Max Free. ALL Rights Reserved

Date of first publication in Mr Double's Palisade : Sunday , May 23,

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the
written permission of the author. Else it may be freely distributed on
condition that this notice remains attached to it and that the usual
precautions have been taken to prevent it being read by unauthorized
persons, especially under age children, or by people who might be offended
by its contents.


Author: Max Free File: Twins5b.txt Title: Twin Capers

Chapters 5, 6, 7 and the Epilogue (group orgy ped inc 1st)


by Max Free

Chapters 5, 6, 7 and the Epilogue

Chapter 5 Meeting an old friend

Mary on the telephone, a few weeks before Jack and his family moved into
their new house:

"Janet, you will never guess whom I met today."




Yes, you remember, Sam Schnidder, one of the two guys we met at the
hotel, the black one with the very long cock, who was such a tremendous

"Jeez, yes! Where did you meet him?"

"I met him at the desk of the hotel here in town where he was staying.
And guess what, it was like meeting an old friend and he invited me for a
drink in his room and we fucked again and it was again incredible!"

"Mary!!!! .... Did you tell Mike?"

"No, and I won't, it was just one of those things! But listen. As you
may remember, he is a doctor and he now told me that he is going to start a
practice near to us. He was here in town just for one day to prepare for
moving here with his family. He told me that he is married, and that he
has already three children."

"Wasn't he the one who told us about his swapping?"

"No that was Bill, the other one. But after we had fucked, we exchanged
a lot of confidences, as I said, like old friends. He told me that he has
done a lot of family sex. And he told me too that he even fucks his little
daughter of nine and that he will no doubt presently start to fuck also the
seven-year-old! Until now he 'only' regularly masturbates her, as she does
not want to be left out, and she lets him cum in her mouth!"

"Gosh Mary, and his wife, does she agree with all that?"

"He told me that it was even she who started it all. She likes it very
much to masturbate her daughters or to let them masturbate each other. And
Sam likes it very much to see all that, he is a real peeping Sam! But then
he also started to masturbate them and finally his wife induced him and his
'oldest' daughter to fuck and it was great, for both! It seems to excite
her enormously when he has sex with his little daughters. Sam told me that
she now and then also amuses herself with their little son, of six, sucking his little cock, and letting him fuck one of his sisters, all very
innocently! And his wife also wants him to fuck her very often, she is a
very hot lady."

"And I thought WE were horny!"

"Sam also told me that although he is looking forward to fuck also his
youngest daughter, he is afraid that he will not be able to sexually
satisfy three hot females and so he would like to join what he calls a
fucking community, to let also others fuck his wife and daughters and thus
'alleviate the burden' as he called it. Well, that was what he said
anyway. He probably just wants to broaden his sexual horizon, but obviously
only if he can do so safely, both from a social and from a health
standpoint. I immediately thought of us!"

"And does his wife agree? "

"It seems it even was her idea again, she would like to be fucked more
often and have some variety he said."

"Is his wife black too, not that that is very important, but just to

"Well, I did not see her but he told me that she is not quite black,
rather milk chocolate, sweet milk chocolate. And certainly very hot

"But then you will have to confess to Mike what we did with Sam and his
friend Bill? If you want to propose Sam and his family as members of our
sex community that is."

"Yes, but no need to talk about what happened yesterday, only what we
did immediately after Mike and Jack cheated us. That is a good excuse and
anyway, it was quite some time ago, a lot has happened since and now it
seems to result in finding a pair of very nice partners and even two very
young little girls to fuck. Our dear husbands will certainly be terribly
excited by that and be happy to 'alleviate Sam's burden'. I will tell Mike
that I want to invite Sam and his wife and Jack and you for an evening
together. If Jack and Mike then are attracted by Ally, Sam's wife, we
could do some swapping, and decide if we want to invite them to our circle.

"When are you going to talk to Mike about this, Mary?"


"OK, then I will do the same with Jack tonight, in bed, during a nice
fuck so that he will be in the mood, and not be too mad with me when he
hears what we did with Sam and his friend. Anyway he is guilty as hell

* * *

Mike that evening got quite a shock when he heard that Mary and janet had not been duped when he and Jack had swapped wives, at the end of their
holiday, and especially when he heard how the wives then had taken revenge by fucking with absolute strangers. But after his first anger he had to
admit that Jack and he bore some responsibility for what had happened. And
when Mike heard about the possibility to add a new family to their free
fuck community and that Sam was a doctor, which certainly would have many
advantages in a sex community, he said that he would try and forget her
unfaithfulness of one night. When Mike then moreover heard that the new
members would bring along two delightful little girls that were not at all
shy and would no doubt soon also be available for fucking, he even became
wildly enthusiastic and asked Mary to invite Sam and Ally as soon as
possible. After that they had one of the best fucks of their whole married life!

* * *

The evening with Sam and Ally was a great success.

It had finally been decided not to overwhelm Sam and Ally and to do the
swapping without the children, who would be staying with friends and would
return only after Sam and Ally had left. At the last moment janet was
prevented to participate, to her great regret. It was then decided to
restrict the swapping to two pairs, with Jack replacing Mike during part of
the evening. Sam and Ally need not be told of the switch, they had never
been told that Mike and Jack were twins and would never remark it. Jack
and Mike would be able to follow on screen what happened in the matrimonial
bedroom when they were downstairs. Mike had recently installed a video camera in his bedroom and it would be left on all evening.

When Sam and Ally arrived, the two pairs first had a drink outside on
the terrace overlooking the garden and then they had supper. So there was
ample time for a lot of chatting and especially for Mike and Ally to get
acquainted socially before they did so more intimately.

Mike and Mary were delighted to find that they had a lot of common
interests with Sam and Ally, and shared a lot of opinions, not only in the
field of sex. But this evening sex was of course the main topic. Ally
told Mike and Mary that her husband, when he came home from the convention,
had recounted to her all about his erotic adventure. In fact, it had not
been his first, but they had a very open marriage and they found it very
exciting to tell each other about their escapades, although they did not
very often profit separately from their freedom. They would in fact prefer
to have their sexual adventures together, they had done that a few times
but until now they never found the ideal partners.

Ally also told how she had become so sexually liberated. In her family sex was not a secret activity. As soon as the girls were found to
masturbate, i.e. normally when they were six or seven years old, their
father and mother would also often pet them to climax and soon their father would also fuck them, often because they wanted that.

boys do not start masturbating as early as girls, but no sexual activity
was ever hidden from them and so they also started experimenting with sex
quite early, just imitating what they saw others do. So they often
playfully 'fucked' their mother and sisters and accepted with pleasure blow
jobs from them, often in return for masturbating them.

In fact, once the girls had experienced how nice sex was, they were
taught that females should always be ready to sexually satisfy any male of
the family if he wanted that. This meant giving blow jobs and/or let the
males fuck them. But the males were taught that they should always thank
the female by satisfying her too, unless she did not want that.

So, from an early age, also Ally had been used to be fucked, not only by
her father, but also by her uncles, nephews and brothers, and she had liked
that very much.

As their sexual habits were not accepted by very many people outside and
indeed unlawful, all children learned from a very early age not to let
anybody outside know about them, but nobody felt guilty or ever had had any
psychological problems because of being fucked as a young child even if it
was incest, on the contrary, everybody was very happy because of their
sexual freedom.

Before she married Sam, Ally had asked the family to test him in order
to make sure that he would agree with so much sexual liberty, that was an
absolute need for her, and he had passed the test. Which normally
constituted young man would have resisted the temptation to fuck his
fiancee's sisters and nieces when he understood that he could do so with
her full understanding and often even at her initiative and with her
participation? Later he stole his future mother-in-law's hart by even
fucking her too, after she had shown him that she could deep-throat even
his very long cock, his fiancee looking on with admiration and he passed
the ultimate test when he fucked Ally once together with her father.

So Ally had had no problem with Sam when she introduced their children
to the life style that was the normal one for her. To begin with, sex was
never hidden from the children. And when the girls started to masturbate,
as so many young girls spontaneously do when they are about five or six
years old, Ally soon began to participate by licking their smooth little
cunts and after some time finger fucking them while sucking their clit, to
their great enjoyment. Ally of course also told them what their cunts
served for, i.e. especially its love hole. When Molly was nearly eight
years old, Ally during one of her masturbation sessions with the little
girl told her that she now was old enough to be fucked by her father.
Molly had been elated at the prospect and had easily accepted the little
pain when Ally removed her hymen, while finger fucking her, in preparation
for her first fuck, which would be her main present for her eighth
anniversary. She could hardly wait and she several times tried to get her
father to fuck before that day, but he was adamant. The greater was her
joy when he finally did, while she was lying in her mother's arms, her
little sister Sarah and little brother Tom looking on.

Ally was now also 'preparing' Sarah, who consoled herself for not being
fucked yet by often giving her father blow jobs, getting nicely masturbated
in return. As nearly all little boys of his age, Tom had not yet felt the
need to masturbate, but Sally confirmed what Sam already had told Mary,
that she liked it very much to suck his little cock now and then and to let
him 'fuck' his sisters, just for the fun of it.

After all these stories the two pairs were very much in the mood for
some action. They profited from a quick shower to already swap partners
and become quite intimate.

Mike very much admired Ally's body, so different from his wife's. A
little younger, only twenty-eight, she still had, notwithstanding having
born and breast-fed three children, the body of a young girl, slender, with
beautiful long legs, long black flowing hair, ample but quite firm round
breasts, and then that very smooth brown skin, without a blemish, so soft
to the touch! During the shower Mike did not see Ally's cunt; it was well
hidden by an ample but well groomed black bush. Sam was very happy of
course to see Mary naked again, he still remembered how nice it had been to
fuck her.

When they were all together on the king size bed, the men with great
hard-ons, Ally started to masturbate Mary by licking her cunt and after a
few minutes of this, Mike, encouraged by Sam, profited from the occasion by
beginning to doggy fuck Ally, who meanwhile had started to lick and suck
Mary's clit, now and then pushing her tongue into Mary's cunt hole. When
Mary then started to give signs that she was near her orgasm, Ally invited
her husband to take over from her and to fuck Mary. When Mary felt Sam's
cock enter her cunt hole, she came immediately but Sam continued to fuck
her and when he then also had his orgasm, Mary, feeling his cum a squirt
into her from his long cock, had a second, very vocal, orgasm. Mike had
continued to doggy fuck Ally, while looking at how black Sam fucked his
wife, and manipulating Ally's clit so that she also had a climax,
collapsing on the bed with Mike still inside her while he was ejaculating.

The two pairs then were exhausted just lying there gasping for breath.

When after some time they came to life again, cocks meanwhile having
left cunts, letting escape a lot of fragrant juices, they had something to
eat and drink. During that break, unknown to Sam and Ally, Jack replaced
Mike. The hard-on he had got while looking at his video screen had
meanwhile also subsided sufficiently.

Jack then showed Sam and Ally a video of Mike and Mary's sex with the
children. All present became very aroused by this, especially Ally when
she saw how Lex fucked his mother. So, soon the two pairs were fucking
again. Ally was very surprised how vigorously Mike could still fuck her,
not knowing that it was in reality Jack.

Sam and Ally would very gladly have stayed for the night, but they had
to go home. The two pairs agreed that they absolutely must meet again, but
then with their children also present.

When Jack arrived home again, he could tell janet that the evening had
been a great success; he was to show her later the video of the whole
evening, having left on the camera when he switched with Mike.

* * *

Of course also janet should have an evening with the Schnidders before
asking them to join the sex community. After some discussion it was
decided that this time 'Mike' would receive the Schnidders together with
Janet, telling them that Mary at the last moment had been prevented and
that janet would replace her. When Sam heard this, he agreed
wholeheartedly, he of course remembered beautiful blond Janet. At Sam's
proposal, also Maggie and Mollie would participate this time and then Allie
asked for Lex also to participate, she had so much liked his 'performance'
on the video she had seen!

This time the Schnidders arrived early one Saturday afternoon and they
were received at the door by Mike, Janet, Maggie and Lex, all naked, both
Mike and Lex already sporting a very nice hard-on. The message was clear,
after a lot of welcome kisses and hugs, also Sam, Allie and Mollie shed
their clothes. Then all went to the large drawing room where divans were
standing ready. There were also a number of mattresses lying on the soft
carpet-covered floor, and a lot of soft drinks were available in a fridge.

Allie immediately confiscated Lex, hugging him while grasping his cock
and saying "I saw how you used that to fuck your mother, I wish I had a son
like you, let's have fun together" and then she pushed him down on one of
the divans and immediately started to suck his cock. Lex was very happy to
let her do as she pleased, he was already quite in love with that charming
woman with the body of a teenager.

Mike of course wanted to fuck little Mollie, that nice nine-year-old
slender little girl with a completely smooth little cunt and an enchanting
naughty smile. The only sign of approaching womanhood with her was her two
nipples, already sticking out a little from her chest maybe hardened by her
obvious excitement. But Mike was afraid to approach her in a too direct
manner and thus he asked Sam if it would be alright for him to make love to
his little girl. Sam then just scooped Molly up in his arms, lay her down
on a divan and kissed her on her mouth while he let one hand go down
between her thighs that she immediately spread, thus uncovering her
hairless little slit, already gaping a little and showing a rosy inside and
the entrance to her moist vagina. Sam then said to her "Your mother told
you already how much she liked Mike's sturdy cock, now you can find out for
yourself." Meanwhile janet also had moved toward the divan, together with
Maggie, to whom she said "Now you give your dad a nice blow job, but don't
you dare let him cum, just see to it that his cock stays hard and is nice
and slippery so it will enter easily into Molly's cunt" after which she
bent down and started to lick Molly's cunt, lick and suck her little but
very sensitive clit. Then janet also tongue fucked her, enjoying the great
fresh taste of the juices that had begun to ooze from her cunt hole, while
her father continued to kiss her and then to suck her little nipples. But
soon janet was becoming afraid that Molly would cum if they continued to
pet her like that and so she said to Mike "Come here, Mike, she is ready
for you now." Mike then sank his cock deep into Molly's love hole, without
any problem and drawing a deep sigh of contentment from the little girl who
had spread her slender legs as far as possible. Mike then started to fuck
Molly, while rubbing and kissing her stiff nipples, taking care not to put
any weight on her and going very slowly at it, savoring as much as possible
all the sensations that fucking a nine-year-old girl can provide.

Sam then had a difficult choice, but janet made it for him asking him to
fuck her, remembering how nice his long cock had felt that first time at
the hotel, at the same time consoling her little niece, Maggie, by asking
her to sit down on her mouth so that she could use her tongue on her nice
little cunt. This provided Sam with a very nice view, while he already had
before him the very exciting pictures of Lex fucking his wife and of Mike
fucking his little daughter.

Very soon all in the room were fighting not to cum too rapidly in order
to let their pleasure last as long as possible.

But all things cum to an end, even very nice ones, and when finally all
had had their orgasm, there was a lot of kissing and hugging. Then they
decided to have a quick dip into the pool. After they then had had a quick
bite and something to drink they were again ready and eager for more
fucking. 'Mike' surprised Molly by wanting to fuck her again; she did not
know, of course, that it was now Jack, who had become very excited when he
had seen his brother fuck her on his TV. But after him also Lex fucked her
and then her father, while 'Mike' consoled himself with his little

Before the Schnidder family departed, they were formally invited to
become members of the still to be created free sex community and they were
shown the neighboring house that had become available in the mean time.
They were very enthusiastic and said that they would be very happy to as
soon as possible make acquaintance with Janet's husband and her children,
Andy and Susan.

Chapter 6 The start of the free sex community

About a week after the second visit of Sam and Ally, Jack, Janet, Andy
and Susan moved into their new house. The day after their arrival, Mary
and Mike invited them to supper and during that they discussed the rules
for their new community.

They agreed that although it might seem nice if everybody could fuck
anybody at any time, normal life had to go on, the children would have to
go to school and might bring friends to work or to play with, and the
grown-ups would also have normal obligations and tasks to fulfill. So it
was decided that at any time consenting pairs or groups could have sex, but
normally only in the bedrooms. But there were to be days the community
would be closed to outsiders and then there would be general freedom for
everybody to, in principle, fuck anybody anywhere at any time. But, except
in and near the swimming pool, they would normally not be naked, everybody
would just be lightly clothed, the females not wearing pants and no panties either. How exciting it would be for the males to know that below the
females' skirts hot wet pussies were waiting and for the females, that the
males had just to drop their pants or gowns to be able to fuck them. And
everybody in turn, on their birthday for instance, would be allowed to have
his/her wishes in matters of sex fulfilled.

Further rules were not decided on, it was judged that the more freedom,
the better, and common sense would be a very useful guide. When the
Schnidders heard about these 'rules' they fully agreed with them, judging
that experience would show how they worked, but they were never changed.

* * *

After supper the children were sent away, to spend the night together,
and the grownups went to bed together. Mary and janet did not know,
however, that Mike and Jack had prepared a surprise for them and they were
rather taken aback when they heard that they were going to be punished for
hiding for so long that they had known from the first moment when Mike and
Jack had switched, at the hotel, and also, and particularly, for having
fucked with two strangers immediately after. The punishment for the
naughty females would consist of being used during this night only and
strictly for the males' pleasure. Mary and janet decided that they would
submit graciously to their 'punishment', not only because they indeed felt
a bit guilty, but also because they expected that there would be some
benefits for them too, even if unintended.

Mike and Jack started with Mary. Jack undressed her and then Mike, who
had meanwhile also undressed, asked her to come and sit in his arms on the
edge of the bed, he wanted Jack to fuck her while he held her nude in his
arms, cheek to cheek, while kneading her breasts, just as they had done
with Lex, and looking at how Jack fucked her. When in her husband's arms,
Mary obediently raised her legs and spread them wide in order to receive
her brother-in-law's cock. Jack, who meanwhile also had undressed, had
already gotten a very solid hard-on while undressing Mary, and it had
certainly no tendency to droop when he saw her presented like that to him
by his brother. Also Mary was very excited now and her cunt hole was
dripping. So when Mike told him "Fuck her Jack!" , and Mary added "Yes,
Jack, please put it in that big thing" , while spreading her cunt lips
using her fingers, Jack immediately pushed in his cock as far as possible,
drawing a big sigh from Mary, Jack's cock entering like a knife into soft

Jack then began to fuck, cautiously, in order not to cum immediately.
Mike liked it very much to see his gorgeous wife thus fucked by his
brother, but after some time he told Jack to stop. When he had withdrawn
his cock, glistening with Mary's juices, Mike told Mary to lie down on the
bed for a missionary fuck and he in his turn put in his cock, telling Jack
to now fuck Mary in her mouth. When Jack had entered his cock, Mike asked
"How do you like the taste of your cunt juice Mary?" Mary, of course could
only reply "Mmmm" which probably meant "NICE!" Mike found it very exciting
to see Jack's cock pump into his wife's mouth from so nearby, especially
when Jack began to cum, first in her mouth but squirting his last globs of
semen onto her face. Mike then hotly kissed his wife on her mouth, still
wet with Jack's cum.

When the three had recovered their breath, they had a good laugh when
Mary asked Mike "Did you like the taste of your brother's cum?", and he
replied "It's just like mine, nice!"

During this exercise janet had just been looking on, softly rubbing her
clit but without getting an orgasm, the men had forbidden that.

The girls then had to put on the very short waitress skirts that were
lying ready, and nothing else, in order to serve the two males with some
hors d'oeuvres and a little white wine. While the men were eating and
drinking, the women had to sit very submissively on the side, their hands
in their laps but with very straight backs in order to let their breasts jut as much as possible.

After this meal it was Janet's turn to be 'punished'. They did not
repeat what they had done with Mary, but they double fucked her. For that,
Jack lay down on his back and told janet to lie down on him and let Mary
put his cock into her cunt. After that Mary had to lick and tongue fuck
Janet's ass hole and then she was ordered to help Mike put his cock into
it. Then the men began to fuck Janet, at first a bit clumsily but after
some time they found an agreeable rhythm. Feeling each other's cocks
inside janet very much excited the men, and especially Jack. After some
disagreeable sensations at the start, janet also began to like this very
special type of fucking. When first Mike and then Jack had cum inside
Janet, Mary got the task to clean both openings, using her tongue. She
started with Janet's ass and then she cleaned her cunt so thoroughly she
finally also got an orgasm. Later janet thanked Mary by also cunt licking
her to orgasm. The men would have liked to fuck again, but they were
completely exhausted, poor guys!

Mary and janet agreed that they had finally liked very much their
punishment and the four 'lovers' finally fell asleep together .

* * *

At breakfast the four adults told the children what they had done during
the night, and vice versa. The rest of the day grownups and children
stayed together. As it was very nice weather much of the time was spent in
and around the swimming pool, mostly all naked. They did a lot of petting
and fucking thereafter, the adult men mostly fucking the girls and the boys the two women, but the two mothers also had some lesbian fun with their
daughters. Mike and Jack could not get enough of seeing their wives being
fucked and especially because both Mary and janet were very excited to be
fucked by others while their husbands were looking on. But the two pairs
also found some nice combinations. For example, at one moment Jack fucked
Mary who lay down on her back on a bed with her head on the edge with janet standing above her so that Mary could lick and suck Janet's cunt, the two
women also feeling each other's breasts. When Jack then ejaculated inside
her while he rubbed her clit, Mary had a great cum. Afterwards they did
the same with changed roles, Mike fucking janet who now licked Mary's cunt,
which was now particularly tasty with her own cum juices and Mike's sperm
oozing out.

* * *

It would be wrong to think that after this day the two families did
nothing but fuck. In fact they did a lot of other things, just like
'normal' families. But they were very happy that, if they wanted to fuck,
they could always very easily find a willing partner or even several and
have fun without any risk. So, very often, they would spend the night with
the partner(s) of their choice and now and then they would organize
fuck-fests, free ones or with a special theme.

Nevertheless they were very impatient to see the Schnidder family arrive, which would increase their possibilities even more.

Chapter 7 Fun with the Schnidders. Inaugurating Sarah.

Jack and janet invited the Schnidder family to stay with them the night
before they moved into their new house, but they were first received by
Mike and Mary who then accompanied them to Jack and Janet's house. Sam and
Ally at first could not believe their eyes when they saw Jack, an exact
copy of Mike, and then they were told that they already knew him,
intimately. This caused a lot of feigned indignation and much laughter.
But then Mike and Mary left the Schnidder family with Jack and his family.
They did not want to fatigue themselves too much because they would have
much to do the next day, but they could not prevent themselves to do
already a little swapping that night, Sam sleeping with janet and Ally with
Jack, in the same room of course, while Molly slept with Lex and Sarah with
Maggie. Lex profited from the occasion to fuck Molly again and Sarah and
Maggie did the nice little games that naughty little girls have the
privilege to know.

The official incorporation of the Schnidder family came a week later.
Sam invited everybody to come and participate in Sarah's 8th birthday, i.e
her 'coming of age' which meant her first fuck by her father.

On the great day everybody was sitting on divans, mattresses and
cushions that were lying along the walls in the big room, with French
windows opening toward their swimming pool and a big fireplace for the
winter, that was from then on to be called the ballroom - as the room used
for the same purpose, long ago, by some free sex society somewhere in
California. Everybody was lightly clad, not naked. And when Sam came in
together with Sarah, they were not naked either. Sarah had a big smile on
her face. She obviously was terribly happy. She had known orgasms from an
early age on, at first self generated and then given to her by her parents and by her sister. She had seen a lot of fucking and how happy people were
while fucking and after it, but now at last she was going to experience
herself what fucking was and the man she loved so much, her father, would
be her first.

When they had arrived in the middle of the room, it was her mother who
removed her clothes while Sam also undressed. They were a magnificent
pair, big black athletic Sam with a very long stiff cock and little lithe
Sarah a small, brown and just as charming copy of her mother. Ally then
laid her naked little daughter on the divan that was standing in the middle
of the room while Sam kneeled beside it. At a sign of Ally, Molly then
kneeled down before her father and started to mouth fuck his cock, very
slowly softly stroking his balls, while Ally knelt down before Sarah and,
holding her small buttocks in her hands, lifted her cunt in order to lick
and suck it. When Sarah, who had spread her legs as wide and high as
possible, began to show signs of great excitement, Ally let go of Sarah's
buttocks and made room for Sam who came to kneel before her, his long black
cock poised at her cunt hole saying "Look Sarah, I am ready to fuck you, do
you want that?" and when Sarah then cried "Ooooh Yes Daddy please!!!" he
pushed in his cock as far as possible but taking care not to hurt her. He
knew that she had been well prepared by her mother who had taken care of
her hymen, during the last week while finger fucking her. It obviously
gave Sam great pleasure to fuck this little eight-year-old and it also
provided great pleasure to Sarah. She alternately looked with great
attention how her father's long cock went in and out of her cunt, savoring
the great feelings that it gave her, and at his face, with an expression of
great love and near worship.

It did not take long for Sam to cum. He warned Sarah saying to her "Oh
my darling, I'm cumming. Feel it spurt into your body and remember that
your whole life." And then he came with a cry that was nearly a roar,
pushing in his cock as far as possible, while Sarah, feeling her father's
semen jet into her cried "Oooh Daddy, I feel it, I feel it! "

Sarah did not cum when Sam did, but Ally took care of that, after
exhausted Sam had fallen aside on the divan, by starting to lick and suck
Sarah's little clit. Soon the little girl began to cry "Yes, yes, yes...."
and finally she announced with a loud high pitched cry that she had her
climax too. Meanwhile Molly had cleaned her father's cock, taking it in
her mouth and savoring the taste of a mixture of Sarah's juices and Sam's
cum, while Sam lovingly stroked her hair. A better picture of a happy
family could not have been imagined.

Little Tom had taken off his clothes at the same time as his father and
had sat beside Sarah, rubbing his little cock that stood at attention,
looking how his sister was fucked for the first time by their dad. If he
felt a little neglected, his sisters and his mother soon made up for that
by each in turn giving him a little blow job that made him crow with
pleasure, like a baby.

All present had been so absorbed by what they saw and heard that they
forgot their own needs, but when Sam had cum, everybody all of a sudden
felt a great need for sexual release and soon everybody was naked and a lot
of fucking was done. Later also Sarah was solicited several times but for
the moment she only accepted to be 'fucked' by her little brother Tom, not
for the first time, and then by Lex and Andy. At the end of the day she
again let her father fuck her, so finally she was fucked five times and she
had liked every moment of it.

Mike and Jack did not fuck Sarah on the day of her initiation but they
organized an afternoon with her, a few weeks later, during which they
discovered how hot a little girl of eight can be. They fucked her each two
times. They saw to it that little Sarah got a maximum of pleasure too:
while one of the two fucked her, the other kissed and licked her little
nipples or/and rubbed her very sensitive clit so that she had an orgasm
each time the man who fucked her had one. They alternated the fucking with
telling stories, swimming, eating snacks and drinking soft drinks. At the
end Mike and Jack thanked her for having made herself available to them,
fucking her had been great. She then asked for a final favor, that they do
with her what she had seen them once do with her mother, one of them
fucking her from behind while she was kneeling and gave the other, lying
before her with his legs spread wide open, a blow job. Doing this with
this eight-year-old girl, who could have been a little boy, except for her
fat little buttocks, her smooth little cunt and her protruding nipples, was
to remain one of the most exciting events in their lives. When both had
had their orgasm they hugged and kissed the little girl with her cum covered face telling her how much they loved her. Then they brought her
back to her father.

A few weeks later Lex and Andy also amused themselves with Sarah, but
they had also invited her sister Molly. They had an absolutely fantastic
afternoon, stayed together for a nice barbecue and that evening went to bed
all together, where the girls were again fucked a few times after they had
given a lively demonstration of lesbian love. Obviously they all had liked
this very much and in later years had such private parties with these girls but also with Maggy and Susan on several occasions.


The final words for this story could have been 'And they lived happily
ever after and they had many children'.

- They lived happily

This was so for several reasons. In the first place sex life in the
community permitted to let phantasms come true, like assisting as a voyeur
at the fucking of one's spouse or child or fucking with a child, and even
one's own - it was remarkable that also the women were very excited when
fucked by a boy.

Furthermore, sexual activities were never exaggerated. Sex never became
the main purpose of life for anybody, but it was so nice that if anybody
wanted to fuck, he/she nearly always could find very quickly a very willing
partner, and also that sex was never associated with shame, guilt, sin or
ugliness and nearly always with love. Having sex became as simple and
direct as eating when there is plenty food, you never went hungry very
long. But having plenty of food does not mean that you have to overeat or
have banquets all the time, orgies were great occasions, in the first place
because they were not organized very frequently or just happened on the
spur of the moment. And furthermore, just as eating becomes more than a
necessity and a real pleasure when it is done with people one likes, this
was also the case with sex in the community.

Of course, there were problems now and then, but reasonable solutions
were always found without changing the fundamental principles of the
community. For example, inevitably, some members were less popular as fuck
partners than others, but now and then little games permitted to have sex
with anybody, and on certain days certain members designed at random
received the priority for choosing a partner.

- They had many children

Indeed, even though at first everything was done to prevent pregnancies,
one day the adults realized that the children were growing up and there was
a need to breed successors for them in time. Mary, janet and Ally
immediately volunteered to have at least one more child. These 'new'
children would really be 'community' children, as obviously their father would be designed by chance.

When Maggie one day came home with the story of a girl at her school who
had sent an announcement of the birth of her baby to her classmates, the
community families understood that they had another option: To also let the
girls have children, and that very early, e.g. when they were 14 or 15
years old and not at all in secret. This would of course create some
problems, but everybody would help and the babies would be raised mainly by
the adult females. In fact, when the girls heard about this they were very
enthusiastic. If it had depended on them, they would have had their child
at the first occasion, i.e. at their first ovulation.

The arrival of young children proved to be a great source of happiness
for all, there now was a regular influx of fuckable children, and that
without having to take the risk of including new families in the community.
In fact, the community never was 'found out' until, at last, sex laws were
changed, so that only forcing someone to have sex remained an offence, and
abolishing the ban on child sex, giving children a say about their sexual
relations, giving them freedom to have them when and with whom they wanted,
also with adults and even their immediate family.



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