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TWOSIDES hurt like hell At least


Sexually Explicit Material - Not Intended for Minors

Title Two Sides
Part 1

by the Drifter


All my life I have heard that there are two sides to every story. In
my case I learned recently that it is so true. Let me explain.

One evening recently, while my husband was out of town on one
of his frequent business trips, I found myself idle and pretty bored. One
of those evenings when all my close friends off somewhere and I was at
loose ends. To remedy that, I was browsing around the PC my
husband and I share, when I started to wonder what he had been writing
lately. We both write a lot about our personal experiences and feelings
and I sometimes cheat and look at what my dear husband has written
(our personal files are supposed to be private).

I started reading his file and was startled at what I saw. It started:

Greg's Journal

Well journal, I am really in the dumps this time. I think my wife is
going beyond our agreement of what is acceptable in our marriage. I
have noticed things lately that force me to wonder. I love Lori dearly
and have been completely happy for all the years of our marriage. Even
her lesbian love affairs are fine with me. It turns me on and makes her
happy, and filled all of her needs beyond what I could provide, or so I
thought. Now I'm not so sure.


I read and reread that paragraph. I recalled the time two years
before when I had confessed to Greg during love making that I had a
strong yearning for a female friend of ours. Greg knew when we
married that I had been bisexual for some time. I had previously shared
with my husband how my college room mate had introduced me to
lesbian love and how much I had enjoyed it. I had become a truly
dedicated bisexual for the rest of my college days. Being bisexual on
our campus was the in thing to be and I had enjoyed lots of dates,
openly, with both genders. I had explored my sexuality fully and loved
every moment of it. It was a time of open sex and I had enjoyed most
of my dates fully during those days.

Greg's journal entry making reference to my lesbian love affairs
didn't surprise me. After he told me he approved of them, I shared
with him the details of my sex play with other women. He seemed to
enjoy my experiences a great deal. It even seemed to perk up our own
love life significantly. Greg was comfortable with me making love with
other women. No it was the other comment that surprised me. Now I
feared what had happened that made him wonder about me. I read on.

Greg's Journal

I think, no I am pretty sure, Lori is sleeping with another man or
men now too. I am so mixed up over my reaction. At first I was hurt. I
cried when I first became convinced she was being unfaithful to me. I
never felt she was unfaithful with the other females somehow. I even got
a weird kick out of that. But the idea of my wife being fucked by another
guy hurt like hell. At least at first.


I sucked in my breath as I read that part. Tears flooded my eyes
and I jumped up from the computer and ran from the room. I had been
caught. Busted. Greg knew I had been unfaithful and it had hurt him
deeply. I ran to my bed sobbing. All I could think about was how hurt my sweet husband had been when he wrote that entry in his journal.
Guilt and remorse flooded my head and heart. How could I have done
that to him. I rationalized that I hadn't meant for it to happen. It had
just happened.

Lori's story
It had started when I learned my cute young neighbor Jeanie was
bisexual like me. They, Jeanie and Paul, had moved in next door about
six months before. He was a big hunk of a guy and I thought he was
pretty cute but his wife really was the one that appealed to me. After all
I had permission to play with his wife. When I had told Greg of my
desire for Jeanie he encouraged me to approach her. Within a month
we were in her bed enjoying the taste of each other's sweet cunts. It
happened regularly after that first encounter. Some weeks I had sex
more with Jeanie than I did with Greg. Each time I would tell Greg how I
loved Jeanie's large firm tits, how I kissed and sucked on them as I
played with them in my hands. I shared with him how tangy her pussy tasted as I brought her to climax over and over with my tongue on her
pussy and my fingers in her cunt and her ass.. Greg would get as hot
as I was and then we would have great sex. He fucked Jeanie
vicariously with each story of mine I'm sure.

It had gone on like that for a couple of months. The four of us
were still comfortable with each other when we got together as couples.
I didn't think Jeanie had told Paul of our affair and then it happened.
One night when Greg was again out of town and Paul was working late,
I was on top of my sexy young neighbor, in a wild 69. I should mention
that when I get turned on I go a bit wild. I sort of drift off into a world of
sex and totally revel in it. I was tongueing Jeanie and fingering her
roughly. She was doing the same to me and then I felt her fingers pull
out of my cunt and ass. I was close to cumming and I remember
moaning for her not to quit. I was so close. Then I felt something hard
and round part the lips of my cunt and knew a large cock was entering

I froze and then I heard Jeanie's voice coming from below my crotch.
"Lori sweetheart. Paul is dying to fuck you good. I told him about us
and he said he had to have you if I did. Please darling, please let Paul
fuck you, I can't stand to be without you."

Paul was indeed already fucking me. His large hard cock had eased
into me to the hilt before Jeanie had started talking. As she spoke he
slowly stroked in and out of me and I shivered with the pleasure he was
giving me. As I mentioned I was in a sexual haze where now only
pleasure counted and I heard my voice moan, "Oh fuck me...yes fuck
me Paul.. Ohhh shit feels so good... fuck me... Jeanie suck my clit...
I'm going to cum...."

Later when I had come off my high and the three of us lay nude I
was shocked. I looked at Jeanie and said, "How could you?" and I got
up and sort of dressed an ran out of the house crying. Fortunately Greg
was out of town and I didn't have to explain my tears or my appearance
to anyone. I fell on our bed and cried for hours it seemed. Sometime
later I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder and a soft kiss on my cheek. I
recognized Jeanie's smell. Her smell always turned me on and now was
no exception. I rolled over and she took me in her arms and our lips
met tenderly. When she pulled back she said, "I am so sorry darling
Please forgive us. I just wanted the three of us to be happy and enjoy it
all together. Please don't hate me. I thought you would enjoy Paul as
much as I do."

I wiped my tears and sat up. Jeanie kissed me again and hugged
me. I needed that. I kissed her back open mouthed with our tongues
finding familiar paths in each other's mouths. Then I broke the kiss as
my excitement rose again. I looked at her and sighed as I said, "Oh
sweetheart, I did enjoy it. Paul's cock felt great in me. It's just I had
never fucked anyone but Greg since we got married until tonight. He
doesn't mind me playing around with women, but this will kill him."

Jeanie had started unbuttoning the dress I wore. In my rush to
leave her bedroom I had just slid it over my head with nothing on
beneath it. Now she was opening it all the way down the front, button
after button. I knew where she was headed and I wanted it as much as
she did. Soon her lips covered my hard nipples, one then the other and
I gasped. She looked up at me briefly and said, "Sweetheart I don't
want to loose you or this."

And I felt her fingers enter my very wet cunt. I was still full of Paul's
cum mixed with my own juices and Jeanie's saliva. I just spread my
legs to give her room. Her thumb found my clit and I went back into
the sexual haze again. I moaned, "I don't want to loose you either
baby. I adore making love with you."

She untied her robe and we were both nude in each other's arms.
Kissing and caressing each other as in the recent past. She slid down
my body, kissing me all the way until her face found my wet pussy, her
tongue my clit and labia, her fingers my cunt and my ass. I came and
screamed. She didn't slow down and shortly I was close to cumming
again when she raised her head and looked up at me from between my
wide spread legs and said, "Paul said you were an incredible fuck. He
wanted me to tell you that."

I remembered how good his cock had felt plunging into me and I
sighed and said, "He was pretty spectacular too I have to admit."

Jeanie's fingers were teasing my clit. She was stroking it so
lightly. I wanted, no I needed more. She kissed my clit lightly and then
looked up at me again and said, "Lori sweet, I'm afraid if Paul can't join
us I will have to stop seeing you like this." She was slowly working her
fingers in my ass and my cunt and I was so close I grunted, "No.. don't
say that." She pulled her fingers out of my ass and my cunt and I felt
so empty. I was pumping my hips up seeking her but finding only air. I
heard a whine from my lips. Then she said, "Dear Lori, Paul is dying
to fuck you again. Won't you please let him." and she moved forward
straddling my face as she lowered her cunt to my mouth. I tongued her
eagerly but my womanhood felt so alone. Then Jeanie said, "Baby
Paul is waiting in the hall, call to him and tell him to fuck you again.
Remember how good it felt. How it filled you so."

That was all I could think of and I heard my voice moan and then
say, "Oh yes Paul come here. Please fuck me again." All I could think
of was my need at that moment.

Almost instantly I felt him crawl on the bed between my legs, then
his cock entered me again and I went a little crazy as I began to cum as
hard as I had ever enjoyed. I refused to think about it. At that moment
I just wanted more sex. The three of us were at it all night. I watched
them fuck and 69. I joined them. I know Paul fucked me at least four
times that night, not to mention the times I sucked his cock back to
attention so he could fuck me again, I totally lost it and all I wanted to
do was have more sex, anyway I could."

They were gone the next morning when I woke up. I staggered
to the shower alternating between hating myself and remembering how
good our little orgy had been. I thought back to some of the threesomes
and "moresomes" I had enjoyed in college. I thrilled as I remembered
Paul fucking me while I ate Jeanie and vice versa. I dried off and stared
at myself in the mirror and said out loud, "What am I going to do? I love
Greg but I also loved what Paul and Jeanie and I did."


So how did Greg find out? I had been so careful. Or at least I
thought I had. After that first night I surrendered to my desires and
swore I would make it up to Greg in other ways. I knew I had to read
more of Greg's journal to find out the answer.

Greg's Journal

It was a number of things that convinced me Lori was having an
affair with another guy. It used to be that when I got back from a
business trip of a few days, Lori was all over me as soon as I walked in
the door. Suddenly that quit. Oh she still seemed to miss me and the
sex was still great but that hungry edge was gone. I tried to convince
myself it was just the way it was but I think I knew better.

Then there were the nights when I worked late and Lori asked if it
would be OK to spend those evenings with Jeanie. I was always ready
for her to do that. Normally after a love session with one of her female
friends, Lori was eager for my cock. That seemed to fade. One night
after I had worked late, I made love to my darling wife and found her sex
wide open as if it had just been fucked by a large cock. I knew with Lori
that only lasted for under an hour after we had intercourse. Oral sex
wouldn't cause that, which is all she and Jeanie did so she said. I knew
something was going on. The question is what am I going to do about
it. I don't think I can stand this. I love Lori with all my heart but this is
too much. Is divorce the answer?


I again got up and staggered to my bed crying. Divorce? I felt
like I couldn't live without Greg. At that moment I didn't think I would
want to live if he divorced me. The sexual side of me has done me in.
Why couldn't I have been satisfied with Jeanie? Why did I let Paul fuck
me that first time? Then why did I let him fuck me every time Jeanie
and I got together after that night. It had been delicious with the two of
them but not worth my marriage with Greg. What was I going to do?
What was Greg going to do? I wasn't sure I could stand to read further.
I wasn't sure I wanted to know what he had decided.

The phone rang. What if it were Greg? What was I going to
say? But he had let this go on for months. Why? I picked up the
phone fearfully. I knew my relationship, my marriage with Greg was
going to change and I was damned scared.

But it was Jeanie on the phone. She and Paul had just gotten
home from a movie. I recalled they had asked me to go too but I had
declined, expecting Greg to call. Then I heard Jeanie say over the
phone, "Lori my love, why don't you come over and join Paul and I in
our bed. I am so horny for you and so is Paul. Sometimes I think he
prefers fucking you over me. The bastard." and she giggled.

I thought about them and felt my loins begin to tingle. I knew I
wanted to join them but caught myself and told her I was still waiting on
Greg's call and besides, I wasn't feeling too well at the moment. boy that was the truth. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Oh Greg what
have I done to us?

I lay my head down on my pillow and I guess I fell asleep. The
next thing I knew it was morning. I showered and fixed the coffee. As I
sat over a cup I remembered I had left the computer on with Greg's
journal on the screen. I knew I had to read more. I had to know what
he was going to do... Refilling my coffee cup, I headed for the study.

Greg's Journal

Divorce? How can I live without Lori? No one has ever come close
to being so perfect for me. In everything she is my ideal. I do love that
woman. And I thought she felt the same way. I thought the sex
between us was great. She said she was satisfied, specially since I
agreed to her affairs with other women.

I remember the time I watched her with a visiting female friend.
It had been so beautiful watching these two gorgeous, sexy women
make love in our bed. When Lori had asked Carol if she minded if I
watched them make love, Carol had smiled and added that she loved to
be watched. Later in the evening when Carol had gone into the
bathroom, Lori asked me if I would like to make love to Carol too. That
she knew Carol would love it and it would be OK with her if I wanted to.
I wanted to alright. Carol was so hot but I was afraid Lori would not be
so eager in the calm light of day, so I declined and got up, dressed and
left before I was too tempted to say no. That was the only time I ever
watched. I knew I couldn't say no if Lori ever offered her partner to me
again. Lori never knew why I declined to join them.


I sat there thinking. I had indeed offered Carol to my husband. I
wanted him to fuck her. I wanted to watch and share in the threesome
but most of all I guess I felt a little guilty having so much fun without
Greg being a part of it. He was so wrong, I wouldn't have minded the
next day. So that was why he declined when I invited him to watch me
with others after that.

Greg's Journal

Lori's affair has been going on for months now. I haven't said
anything because I'm not sure what I want. If I didn't believe that Lori
was being fucked regularly by some other guy, my life would be perfect.
I have a wife that loves to do all the same things I love. A wife that I can
talk to about anything, yeah anything but this. She is always ready for
sex whenever and whatever I want. My job is great, at least when I'm
not fretting over this mess at home. Shit... what am I going to do?


Oh Greg honey, I am so sorry to have caused you such pain.

Greg's Journal

Maybe I should just join Lori. Watch her with a lover and if she
offers one to me again, do it. She tells me who the ladies are she
makes love to and I would love to fuck any of them, hell, all of them.
What really hurts are the lies. Knowing Lori has this secret she isn't
telling me about. But what would I do if she told me she was fucking
some guy?


Lori said out loud to no one, "I am sorry Greg. I am so sorry. I
hate the lies too. I have been afraid to tell you for fear you would leave
me. And I can't do without both of you darling men fucking me. I love
Paul's cock as much as yours. I'm beginning to think it doesn't much
matter whose cock it is in me."

But a fuzzy idea was taking shape in her head. She had to get
Greg to join her. Would Greg do that? If she asked him to fuck Jeanie
with her would he? She knew he really liked Jeanie, loved to look at
her sexy body. If he fucked Jeanie then maybe she could bring it all out
into the open. Would Greg accept her with another man then?

Greg's Journal

At first it hurt a lot when I thought about Lori with another guy.
Even though she had offered me the chance to be with her bisexual
female lovers. I wanted to dive right in but I feared Lori's reaction
afterwards. Was I wrong? Sex with those ladies would have been
great, Fun fucks. Nothing more. Was that what Lori was doing? I could
understand her wanting to do that. I had wanted to too, but I had
refused. Am I the one out of step here?

That was the last entry in the journal at that point.


Lori smiled and thought, Greg honey I think you are about to
enter a sexual Disneyland. And she turned off the PC.
Greg comes home

Greg's plane was right on time. He was eager to get home to his
beloved, if unfaithful, wife. He was pretty confused on his feelings on the
entire issue but right now he just wanted to get home and in the naked
arms of his sexy wife.

As he drove homeward he planned to take Lori directly to bed as
he usually did after a trip. She was always naked and ready when he
walked in the door. But when he entered their home he heard the
sounds of love making coming from their bedroom. Dropping his bags
he slowly walked toward the sounds wondering if she was with another
woman, or a man? He had been horny before, now he had a raging
hard on.

As he looked through their bedroom door he saw his neighbor's wife Jeanie beautifully nude, spread eagled on the bed with his sweet Lori
between her legs eagerly eating her pussy.

God it was exciting to watch these two women. He cleared his throat
and Lori looked up at him. Jeanie saw him at the same time and said,
"Hi Greg honey." He was surprised at how calm she was.... like she was
expecting him.

Lori jumped up and moved into his arms. They kissed and he knew
how good Jeanie tasted. Lori looked up at him then almost shyly saying,
"Darling I have a homecoming present for you and I will be hurt if you
don't accept it." She had been removing his clothes as she talked and
when he was nude too she took his hard cock in her mouth and Greg
had to struggle to keep from cumming immediately.

After a moment she released him and said, "Jeanie's warm wet
pussy is waiting for you darling and we won't take no for an answer.
Fuck her darling. Enjoy her and then I need you too."


Wow, it has been two weeks now since I got Greg to join Jeanie
and I in bed. I can't believe that night. Mt husband went a little wild that
night. He suddenly couldn't get enough. Jeanie and I both got the
fucking of our life, And since then he has joined me with a few of my
other girl friends and then done the same thing. He is a sex machine
now and we all love it. Tonight I'm going to admit to him that Paul has
been fucking me regularly too. Now I want to check my sweethearts
journal to see if he has added anything.

Greg's Journal

All I can say is fuck me! Life is so good. Since that night I
walked in on Jeanie and Lori, sex has never been so good. I have
fucked Jeanie about four or five times. She is Lori's most frequent lover.
There also has been four other darling ladies that Lori and I have
shared. It has been unbelievable. And Lori seems to get off on watching
me fuck her lovers. I was stupid to hold back all this time. Oh and I
know who the guy is that Lori has been fucking, or at least one of them.
It's Paul from next door. About half the time she calls me Paul when I'm
fucking her. And then I checked up a little. Right after I go to work each
morning Lori goes next door in just her robe. That thing is pretty damned
transparent. About and hour later Paul leaves for work But you know
what? It's fine with me. I would like to watch my Lori fuck him, or any of
her other guys, That has become my favorite fantasy. I think we may be
swinging soon. I'm planning on telling her I know about her fucking
around with other guys and it's OK with me. We just need to get it out in
the open.


Oh my, oh my! So my baby knows about Paul. That will make
my "confession" a lot easier tonight. And he wants to watch. That will
be fun. A foursome with Paul and Jeanie will be so good, they have
been ready for that for a long time. And my darling hubby thinks I'm
fucking several other guys too. Hmmm that sounds like fun. A couple
of my female lovers have suggested we bring our husbands in with us.
Maybe I will start sampling some of them first. Yeah life is so good.

the end


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