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Tabitha's Initiation

Warning: This story contains the explicit description of consensual sex between
two eight teen year old girls and one fourteen-year-old girl. The tow nineteen-
year-olds are cousins,
and the fourteen year old is one of their sisters. At one point, they even eat
cookies, but that really has nothing to do with the sex described herein!;)

It is slightly embellished from the actual events, and the names have been
changed to protect the guilty.
If you can think of a reason not to read it, then don't. If you can't, then long
live free speech!;)

PS: I really appreciate feed back in regards to my work as I thrive on attention
and the more good feed-back I get, the faster I'll write more stories...

Stories By Amy K. (IceSenshi@Yahoo.com)
"Tabitha's Initiation" (FFf, teen, Inc)

It was the summer of my eighteenth year, and I was once again spending my summer
vacation with my cousin Samantha. This year we were staying at her parent's
place, which was a little farm out in the middle of nowhere. It was a nice
enough place, with many wooded areas that two girls could loose themselves in,
and the nearest town was only about a fifteen-minute drive away.

It was also the summer that Samantha's little sister Tabitha turned fourteen.
She seemed to be more on her mother's side of the family, unlike her sister, and
was nowhere near as "adventurous" either. To my knowledge, the girl's
experimentation with sex had been limited to solitary pursuits late at night.
But this summer, that was to change.

June and July passed fairly uneventfully that year. The summer had been a rather
annoyingly cool and rainy one, so Samantha and I barely found the time to "be
together" except for after bedtime. It was a little frustrating, though, for we
both had looked forward to taking a little camping trip a short distance away.
We were looking forward to being able to "truly let go", but with the rain, and
the fact that we were told we'd have to take Tabitha along, we were forced to
change our minds. So, we spent a lot of time being good, which was a bit of
stretch for Samantha and I.

Finally, though, on one of the few pleasant days that summer, luck was on our
side. That day, Tabitha was off visiting a friend who lived a few miles away,
and her and Samantha's parents had gone into town for lunch before heading off
to some auction or other. This left my cousin and I all alone to look after
things for several hours, and we planned on taking advantage of it...


Just after her parent's car pulled out of the driveway, and out onto the old
dirt road that lead out to the highway, Samantha grabbed me by the hand. With a
mischievous grin, she dragged me off towards the small barn a few yards away
from the house.

It really wasn't much. Mostly it was just a storage shed for far equipment, with
a few empty stalls where our grandparents once kept horses and a ladder up the
small hayloft were my Uncle William kept rabbits.

I couldn't help but giggle as my whole body tingled with excitement as I
followed Samantha up the wooden ladder to where several dozen bales of straw and
a blanket would a more than adequate place to be naughty. I could almost feel my
frustration building, as my expectation became overwhelming. As a result, once I
was standing before my cousin, there in the loft, amongst several dozen
voyeuristic rabbits, I simply lost control.

Without a word, I grabbed Samantha around the waist, and, pulling her towards me
kissed her full upon the lips. She resisted for but briefest of seconds, and had
laugh at my sudden aggressiveness, but melted into me, as my tongue invaded her

It felt so good to finally hold my beloved cousin in my arms, to run my hands
over her back whist I tasted her sweet lips. It seemed like an eternity since we
were able to be alone without the threat of parental interference, and we
intended to make the best of our time together.

I sighed contentedly into Samantha's mouth as I ran one of my hands down to the
firm roundness of her ass as I pulled her head down towards me farther, so that
I could have my cousin as close to me as possible. She obliged me quite
sincerely, by holding me back and leaning forward into me as she surrendered to
my desires.

I soon felt my cousin's soft hands upon my stomach, sliding slowly up and under
my T-shirt as I tried to undo her jeans with one hand. "You're so insatiable!"
she chuckled, pulling away for a moment as my pulse pounded in my ears.

"I can't help it," I said with a grin, my breathing becoming more haggard as my
excitement built, "I've missed having you all to myself!"

"But what if someone should catch us, Amy?" teased Samantha as I dropped to my
knees, pulling down her pants as I went.

I glanced up at her with a sly grin when I heard her words, and met her hungry
gaze. "Then I guess we'll just have to make it a threesome!" I giggled, and gave
the toned, firmness of her thigh a gentle kiss.

Samantha chuckled softly, and moaned happily as she felt my hands moving up her
legs as I kissed my way towards the dark red curls of her pubic hair. I made a
bit of a show of seemingly reluctantly moving closer and closer to her waiting
pussy. Once I had come within inches of it, I ran my tongue back down her inner
thigh as I squeezed her calve muscles gently with both hands.

She reacted as I knew she would, her whole body quivering as she tried to remain
standing and in control. I gave her thigh muscle a playful nibble, before
bringing my hands up to cup her ass cheeks, and watched as my cousin's facial
expression changed. I smiled to myself as I listened to her breathing change to
become almost a panting sound when my lips were placed just above her clit.

"Mmm! Right there!" Samantha told me with a sigh, as she placed her hands upon
my shoulders for support.

In response to her encouragement, I squeezed her firm ass in my hands as I ran
the tip of my tongue through her pubic hair in a random pattern, being sure to
avoid her clit until I was ready.

"Sam," I asked her in my most sweet and innocent of voices as she leaned forward
a little and gasped, "Do you love me?"

"Yes, yes, Amy, I do," she replied, "Mmm, please, you know what I need."

"Then tell me," I teased, smiling as I ran tongue back down to trace a line over
her inner thigh, carefully avoiding my cousin's labia.

"Yes, ooh... I love you Amy. I really do!" Samantha's voice was raising in pitch
a little as she spoke, and I could hear the desperation therein.

"Then tell me what you want, my love," I continued, and brought my hands back
around to spread her pussy apart with my fingers without giving Samantha too
much stimulation.

My cousin looked down at me, as her long curly red locks fell about her pretty
face. There was a look of intensity in her eyes that always sends chills through
me, and I couldn't help but giggle with delight as she grabbed me by the hair
and forcibly pulled me towards her pussy.

"Lick me!" cried Samantha, as she buried my face in her pussy, "Lick my cunt,
Amy! Do it, NOW!"

I sighed contentedly, and shoved my tongue inside of her without hesitation. To
my delight my cousin had gotten quite moist from my teasing, and I was rewarded
for my work by the taste of her wonderful pussy.

My cousin calmed down a little as I settled into a bit of a rhythm, my tongue
moving about inside of her, finding all the secret places that I knew would
heighten Samantha's excitement. She sighed happily, and I listened to the
patterns of her breathing as I pushed my head back against her hands in order to
run my tongue over her swollen pussy lips. Samantha relaxed her grip a little,
and I let out a little whine of mock disappointment at not having her pulling my
hair as I moved up toward her clit.

She then gasped as I simultaneously gave her hardened clit a long, slow,
circling lick, and slid my middle finger inside of her wet pussy. "Oh!" gasped
Samantha, in surprise, and panted for a few moments before catching her breath
enough to inquire, "Are you- Ohh! Are you going to fuck me now, little girl?"

"Mmm, only if you want me to, Sam," I teased, and gave her clit a careful nibble
as I twisted my finger inside of her, causing my cousin's body to shudder.

"Oh, you know it!" she laughed and gasped out a little cry as I felt her inner
walls contract, "Oh-! Oh, Amy, right there! Don't stop!"

I smiled to myself as my cousin begged for more. All the while I held her clit
in my teeth as I licked it with the tip of my tongue, while slowly and
methodically weaving my finger inside of her pussy. Her cries and gasps of
delight soon increased even more, and I knew that there was no turning back as
Samantha tangled her fingers in my hair and tugged, giving me all the more
reason to continue.

I then glanced up, smiling as I watched the expressions that crossed her face as
I flicked her clit more rapidly as I slid a second finger inside of my cousin's
wet, convulsing pussy. There was something beautifully entrancing about the way
Samantha closed her eyes tightly, while biting her lip and gasping almost
rhythmically as I began a slow, gentle thrusting with my fingers. I knew that
Samantha close, and I knew that I could finish her with little effort, but I
could never quite so generous.

I had always truly enjoyed watching my cousin cum. It was almost like a form of
performance art with her, and though she often referred to my willingness to go
down on her as "giving", I always thought of it as the slightest bit selfish.
Samantha always seemed to be at her most beautiful at the point of orgasm, and
keeping her there was as much for my benefit, as for her's.

But my reverie was broken at the sound of Samantha's sudden loud cry as she fell
forward, shaking uncontrollably. I cried out as well, in surprise, though, and
was thankful for the bales of straw that littered the loft, as my cousin and I
became an awkward tangle of arms and legs.

I giggled as I realized no one was hurt, finding her reaction rather amusing,
and was surprised once more to find that Samantha had barely noticed our
predicament. I, however, was now somewhat trapped, pinned to the straw strewn
floor by her legs, which were now tightly squeezed together. I could feel my
fingers still inside of her, as Samantha's pussy clamped down hard upon them
while she came.

"Oh-! Oh fuck-!" I heard her gasp as I struggled to get out from under her
enough to breath, and smiled when I realized that Samantha was mostly bent over
the bale, "Oh, Amy! Oooh!"

My cousin's moaning and gasping seemed to go on forever, regardless of our
awkward position, and for once I was almost glad when they began to subside.
With just a little reluctance, I retrieved my fingers, and crawled out from
under Samantha. I then sat down and smiled at her vundrable position as I gave
my wetted fingers a lick before sucking my cousin's juices off of them.

"Ooh, I'm so sorry..." I heard her say quietly.

I looked up at her and smiled. "It's okay," I assured my cousin, and crawled
over on my hands and knees to give her a gentle kiss, "Actually, it was kinda
amusing. But I think in the future, you might try sitting down first!"

Samantha smiled, and rolled over before sitting down on the floor and beckoning
my to sit beside her. I complied, and snuggled in close when she put her arm
around me, holding me protectively in her arms.

"Thank, though," my cousin replied, "Even with the mishap, it was wonderful."

"You're welcome as always," I told her, and looked up into her eyes, "But I can
think of other ways to thank me."

Samantha smiled, and gave my teasing kiss on the nose. "You're so demanding,
little girl," she chuckled, "I may just have to teach you a lesson in manners!"

I gave her my best pouty face, and tried to look hurt, eventhough I was on the
verge of a giggle fit. "Oh, I'm sorry," I said sweetly, "I'll be good, mommy!"

My cousin blushed a little as words sent a bit of a chill though her, smiling as
she bowed her head a little while she spoke. "Well, actually," admitted
Samantha, "I was thinking of another roll for you to play..."

I tilted my head questioningly, as I sized up her expression for a moment. "Oh?"
I inquired with a grin, "You have my attention, my love, now come on. Spit it

Samantha laughed a little and shook her head. "No, I... I can't," she replied,
"It's too embarrassing!"

"Now I really want to know!" I giggled, and moved repositioned myself so that I
was straddling her lap facing her, "Come on, Sam, tell me!"

"No way!" she laughed, turning away and covering her face with her hands.

"Aw, don't hide from me, mommy," I teased in my youngest sounding tone, "Don't
you want to make your little girl happy?"

Samantha sighed and dropped her hands in time to see me slip out of my T-shirt.
I then smiled down at her, my small, perky breasts not far from her face. "You,
you know I always do," she said with a smile, and cupped them with her hands,
carefully taking my small pink nipples between her fingers.

"Then tell me what you want," I said as levelly as I could with my cousin's long
fingers squeezing both my nipples at once, twisted them gently as we spoke.

"You'll laugh at me," my cousin replied quietly as she watched the small
movements of her fingers.

"No, I won't," I said honestly, my tone becoming serious, "Just tell me, Sam. I
can't be that bad."

"Well, actually," she said, suddenly blushing almost as red as her hair, "I was
thinking more along the lines of pretending you were my sister..."

I gasped loudly, and tried not to laugh with my own sudden sense of
embarrassment. Although we had never actually discussed it, we had both noticed
the way Tabitha had been developing. She was growing up almost as quickly as
Samantha had, and would probably be just as beautiful, but for now the girl was
still in her deliciously cute stage.

I myself had even masturbated a few times thinking of what it might be like to
be with her, but I had no idea what she even thought of sex, let alone with
another woman.

"I-I see," I stammered, "Well, I-I think I could handle that. Too bad we can't
do it for real, though!"

My cousin looked up at me with her eyes wide. She smiled broadly and threw her
arms around me. "Amy, I love you!" she exclaimed, tears of relief welling up in
her eyes, "I love so much..."

"I love you too, Sam," I told her reassuringly, "And it's okay. Really, it's not
like I haven't thought about it..."

"Really?" she inquired, "That's good. 'Cause I was afraid of how you'd react."

"Why?" I inquired seriously, "I know who your heart belongs to, and I have a
problem with you fantasizing about anyone. Especially not when it's someone as
yummy as your little sister!"

Samantha chuckled a little and kissed my neck. "Thank you," she said, "But it's
not only that, I mean... She's so young..."

"So?" I asked, "Tabitha's a year older than we were when we where first
together. I don't see any problem with it."

"I'm glad," she said, and pulled away enough to face me, "I was actually kinda
worried that you'd freak out or something. But, I'm glad it's not such a big
deal to you."

I shrugged with a bit of a grin. "Why do you suppose I enjoy pretending to be
your little girl?" I asked with a smile, "There's more to it than you think!"

"Well, then why do you suppose I enjoy it when you do!?" laughed Samantha,
leaning my back onto the floor.

"I guess we share a few fetishes that we should have discussed previously!" I
giggled, giving into to advances.

"Definitely," she agreed, bringing her legs into a kneeling position, "But isn't
the floor a little hard for you?"

"Kinda," I agreed, and reached up with my hands so that I could be helped up,
"Maybe that bale of hay?"

"Straw," corrected Samantha, "It helps insulate the room so that rabbits don't

I shrugged. "Whatever," I relied as we got to our feet, "I'm afraid you're the
only true country girl here."

Samantha smiled. "Opposites attract, I guess," she said, putting her arms around
me, and turning around, "Now lay down, little one, and let me return the favor."

"And just what does my big sister have in mind for her little sister?" I giggled
as she slipped off her shirt.

My cousin paused at my words, and inhaled deeply. "You'll see, Tabby," she
replied, and I tried to hide my smile as my cousin blushed again, "But first I
think we need to make this place just a little more comfortable."

"How very practical," I commented, trying to get a reaction with a hint of

"Well," replied Samantha, as she laid our shirts across a bale of straw, "If you
really want straw sticking in your butt..."

"Actually," I told her offhandedly, "I'd prefer your finger!"

"Well then maybe I'll have to try two!" laughed Samantha, taking me in her arms
and kissing me before laying me down lengthwise across the bale.

"Oh, you!" I laughed, as she moved down, running her hands over my breasts, and
giving my nipples each a playful squeeze before moving on.

"Me?" my cousin inquired, chuckling as she kissed her way down towards my
breasts, her hands now supporting her weight on either side of me, "What did I

"Mmm, I think it's more of what you're going to do," I purred, running my nails
across back as her tongue began to caress its way across my small firm breast.

"And what am I going to do, little one?" she asked, and gave my nipple a gentle
nibble before dragging her teeth across it as she raised her head to smile at

"Anything you want," I answered softly, and ran my hand across the softness of
her cheek.

"Be careful what you wish for," replied Samantha, before giving my fingers a
kiss and little suckle before moving back down to run the tip of her tongue
around my nipple.

I sighed contentedly, and held her head in place as she sucked the better part
of my breast into her mouth. I moaned happily as her tongue played across it, as
she suckled it almost in time with my pulse. Soon, I felt Samantha's hands upon
my thighs, spreading my legs and pulling me down a little farther so that my
hips were off the end of the bale of straw.

"What are you doing?" I inquired sweetly with little real concern.

"Nothing," my cousin answered as she pulled back and gave me a deep, teasing
kiss between my breasts.

"Why don't I believe you?" I giggled, smiling uncontrollably as I felt Samantha
unbuttoning my jean shorts before pulling them down.

"Don't you trust your big sister, Tabby?" she asked, trying to sound both hurt,
and just a little authoritative.

I couldn't help but laugh at the feeling her words sent through me. I felt
naughty enough making love to my cousin in her parent's hayloft, but playing out
a scenario where I was pretending to be her fourteen-year-old sister sent chills
through me. And the fact that we could conceivably be caught drove me completely

I looked up in time to watch Samantha begin kissing her way down across my
stomach as she reached up with her left hand to cup my breast. But it was my
cousin's right hand that caused me to truly take notice.

Propping myself up on my elbows, I watched as Samantha positioned herself
between my legs and teasingly began running the tip of her tongue around the
outside of my pussy. The whole time she held my gaze, smiling a little as she
could see the hunger in my eyes. Trying to distract me from the subtle movements
of her index finger as it traced a line between my ass cheeks before moving
between my labia.

"Hmm, could be wetter," commented Samantha, and gave my clit a quick lick that
sent chills though me, "Oooh! That's a bit better, a little more though I

I could only close my eyes and moan softly as my cousin slid her tongue inside
of me, the whole time slowly rubbing my clit with her thumb as she fondled my
breast while squeezing and pinching my hardened nipple between her fingers.

She kept this up for several minutes, obviously enjoying my little sighs and
gasps before I started letting out long deep moans. Samantha didn't stop,
though, she moved her mouth up to my clit and suckled the hardened bud as she
slid two fingers between my wetted pussy lips. My body shuddered a little at the
initial penetration, and my inner walls immediately clamped down against my
cousin's fingers as she began slowly sliding them in deeper and deeper.

I soon had no choice but to fall back up the bale of straw as what felt like
vertigo made it difficult to stay elevated. The sensation of my cousin's fingers
moving slowly in and out of me as she licked and nibbled at my clit driving me
crazy, yet Samantha managed to keep me on the edge without letting fall.

It was both frustrating and achingly arousing to have her tease me so. I knew
from past experience that Samantha was purposely finding just the right places
to stimulate me. Then, she would exploit them to the point where I surely
thought I'd cum, before moving onto the next. It was like the sensation of
rising and falling upon waves of ecstasy, and I was at their mercy.

I then felt her pull her fingers back, and I cried out in anguish as the joyous
sensation of penetration was taken from me. But I was to be deprived only for a
moment, as I felt my cousin's middle finger rubbing my juices into my asshole
before pushing against it.

"Ow! Ohh... Ya," I moaned, sighing deeply with pleasure as I was doubly
penetrated by Samantha's long fingers, "Right there, cuz!"

I could actually feel Samantha's fingers touching between the thin barrier
between my asshole and pussy as they moved in unison in and out of me in long
even strokes. "Do you like it?" she inquired.

"Mmm, ya!" I exclaimed, grabbing her wrist and pushing harder, "Ohh, but- But,
Sam, is this what you want-! Oh! Want to do to Tabitha?"

"Oh, oh ya!" she laughed with a wide grin, "Definitely! I want to show my little
sister everything we've shown each other."

"Oooh, sounds sooo good!" I giggled, taking her other hand as well, and making
her pinch my nipple just a little harder, "Tell me, my love- OH! Tell me! Tell
me how you want to fuck your little sister!"

My cousin grinned and began rubbing my clit with her thumb as she fingered me.
"Oh, I don't know..." she replied wistfully, "Maybe I'd do THIS!"

With that, Samantha slid another finger inside of my ass, causing me to shriek
loudly, arching my back as the feeling filled me. "Ohh! Ah, I-! Uh-!" was all I
could manage as my cousin's fingers stretched me a little father apart.
But felt so good to be so "full" that all I could do was push her fingers in
even farther.

"Oooh, I see you like it, little girl!" chuckled Samantha, "Hmm, I may have to
punish you if you like it too much!"

"Oh! Oh yes, Sam!" I cried, almost laughing as I moaned, "Please! Please punish
My cousin grinned and twisted her fingers inside of my a little before shoving
them firmly back inside. "Oh, so does my little Tabby want a good spanking?" she
teased, trying to sound a little condescending.

"Mm! Oh, yesss! Please!" I begged, my whole body alive with sensation, my senses
on the verge of overload as the thought of her Samantha's hand smacking my
across the ass making me cum.

"Oh, my!" she exclaimed in mock despair, "You're cumming all over my finger,
little girl! Now what ever will I do?"

"Oooh! An-Anything!" I gasped as my body shuddered, and I began thrashing about,
my orgasm taking total control, "Ah! Sam! Ohhh!"

My cousin quickly removed her fingers, and moved up to hold me as I came. She
held me close and kissed me affectionately as I shuddered beneath her. "Shh..."
she soothed, as let out a long series of shout gasps, and tears actually formed
in my eyes at the joy I felt.

"I love you, Amy..." I heard her whisper in my ear, and it was all that I could
do to hold her.

I knew that I'd probably leave scratches across her back as I inadvertently dug
my nails into her back while I squirmed, but I knew that Sam wouldn't mind. She
merely held me tighter, nuzzling my ear lovingly as my near convulsions began to
subside, and I took several long deep breaths so that I wouldn't hyperventilate.

"Oh, Sam..." I moaned, "thank you... so much."

"Uh, Amy?" I heard her pensive reply.

"Yes?" I inquired sweetly, expecting her kiss but instead finding Samantha
looking up in horror.

I tilted my head, and gasped at what I saw. I had to blink several times to make
sure I wasn't dreaming, but what I saw was real. Before us stood little Tabitha
with a shocked look across her face.

If it weren't for our precarious position I would have thought her expression to
cute in a sweet and innocent, almost vundrable way. She was wearing a pair of
blue denim overalls, with a tight pink T-shirt that I was certain hugged her
little tits in just the right way. Her shoulder length red hair was tied in a
pair of girlish looking pigtails that added to her youthful innocent appeal, and
wide green eyes seemed to betray a sense of wonder.

"I-! We-! Er, that is-!" we stammered almost in unison as Tabitha's smiled a
little shyly.

"Whatcha doing?" she inquired sweetly, putting her hands behind her back and
blushing a little.

"Um, playing?" I volunteered, feeling horribly embarrassed, and strangely
excited at the same time.

"I see..." the girl replied somewhat pensively, "It doesn't look like any 'game'
I've ever played."

"It's more of a grown up game," explained her sister, standing up, and making no
move to cover herself.

"But it's a secret one," I added as I followed suit a little more modestly, and
glanced around for the rest of my clothes.

"It must be," pondered Tabitha, "'cause I've never seen anyone else doing that.
And no one's ever told me about it either. Is it fun?"

"Definitely!" laughed Samantha a little nervously as I stood closely behind her,
trying to shield myself with her body, "But, because it's a secret, you can't
tell mom or Dad about this."

"Why?" inquired her sister innocently, looking a little skeptical, "They're

"They wouldn't understand, Tabby," replied Samantha solemnly, and put her arm
around me, "But... But we'd like to show you more some time. If, if you'd

Tabitha bit the end of her finger thoughtfully, and I felt my nervousness
heighten as I heard my cousin's dog barking excitedly as their parents walked
towards the house. "Um, maybe," she said carefully, and glanced over her
shoulder for a moment to look outside, "But I'm not a grown-up. I thought you
said it's a grown-up game."

"It is," I agreed nervously, returning Samantha's embrace, "But I think you're
old enough."

"Quite!" agreed Samantha with a reassuring smile, "But it would have to later.
And we'd have to be quiet and careful about."

"Okay, I guess," replied Tabitha, "But I... I don't know too much about this

"It's easy," her sister assured her, "We'll show you how it's done, and you can
join in as much or as little as you want."

"I see," commented Tabitha thoughtfully, "So when can start?"

"How about tonight?" I inquired, "After your parents have gone to bed. We'll
have to be quite, but it's more exciting this way."

Samantha smiled and nodded. "Quite, my dear," she replied, "But, that's for
later. Right now, we'd best be getting our clothes back on. A secret's only a
secret so long as no one knows about it. But, what's your opinion, Tabby? Ya up
for it tonight?"

The girl nodded slowly and smiled a little. "Ya, I think so," she said with a
bit of cute giggle, "Just tell me when."

"No- No problem!" I stammered nervously, and was overjoyed to have the chance to
retrieve my clothes once the girl had started climbing back down the ladder.

"Well," commented Samantha with a smirk, "Things are getting curiouser, and

"Thank you Alice in Wonderland!" I muttered, pulling on my shirt, "But goodness
you're cool under pressure!"

My cousin smiled confidently as she stood with her shirt in her hands. "'The Ice
Man Cometh'!" she quoted.

"In this case the 'Ice Girl' I should think," I corrected, "But at least you
still have a warm heart."

"For you? Always, my love," Samantha assured as she took me in her arms, "You
know I'm lost without you."

I blushed a little as I smiled, momentarily unable to meet her gaze. "But... Are
you sure what we did was okay?" I inquired, "What if... What if Tabitha doesn't
like it and she tells? What'll happen to us?"

"Shh..." my cousin whispered, putting her finger over my lips, "We'll always be
together. No matter what, don't worry. But, I'm certain that my sister will
enjoy what we have to offer her, just as much as you once did, Amy. Trust me, I
have the situation in hand. Even if it scares me a little..."

I laughed a little and put my arms around her, cherishing the sensation of her
body pressed against mine. "I'm scared too," I admitted, "But I do trust you,
Sam. I always have, and I always will. And even if this blows up in our faces,
I'll still love you, and regret nothing."

"Thank you," replied Samantha, with a bit of moisture in her eyes, "But we
should go and see my parents before they wonder where we are and Tabby tells

I nodded, and reluctantly let her go before finishing dressing and following my
cousin back to the house...


My aunt and uncle went to bed at about 12:30am, and sent the rest of us off to
our rooms. I, as always, was fortunate enough to be sharing Samantha's bed, but
Tabitha, however, was in the room just across the hall from us. We knew that it
would take about half an hour for their parents to fall asleep, and in the
interest of plausible deniability we had Tabitha wait in her room until her
parents were asleep.

Samantha and I passed the time lying in each other's arms and talking. We
quietly discussed our plans for what was to come, and tried to comfort each
other's nervousness with gentle caresses and soft kisses.

At about 1:00am we could hear our snoring a little loudly, even from down the
hall. As always we giggled at the thought of Samantha's mom supposedly wearing
earplugs against the ruckus, but we never did confirm the rumor.

We waited a few moments longer to prepare ourselves for the undertaking, and
tried to contain our sudden mutual need to giggle with nervous anticipation. But
finally, as Samantha took my hand, and led me to the door, I knew that there was
no turning back.

"Ready?" she whispered.

I nodded, and gave my cousin a quick kiss, squeezing her hand reassuringly as I
did so. "As ready as I'll ever be," I responded, and gulped loudly as Samantha
pulled open her bedroom door.

Outside in the hall it was mostly dark, except for the silvery light from the
moon outside, shining dimly through the ancient tree that mostly obscured the
hall window. Above my uncle's snoring we could hear the rhythmic sound of
crickets, and used the noise to cover our quiet footsteps across the hardwood
floor to Tabitha's bedroom.

Samantha paused just outside her sister's door, and took a deep breath as she
grasped the doorknob. She glanced over at me with a nervous smile, and mouthed
the words "Here we go," before turning it and pushing open the door.

Inside Tabitha's bedroom the air was slightly cooler. Glancing around I noticed
that both her windows were wide open, and a gentle breeze was blowing at the
curtains before moving on to play across the flimsy fabric of Samantha's
nightgown. I smiled as I noticed her nipples stand out against the material, and
would have said something if not for the intense look upon my cousin's face.

I followed my cousin's gaze, and saw sweet little Tabitha asleep in her bed. The
girl seemed so innocent lying there just under a single sheet, the sound of her
soft breathing almost as alluring and inviting as the way her almost shoulder
length dark red hair framed her young pretty face.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" I inquired into Samantha's ear with a soft whisper
as I held her from behind.

"Almost breath taking," she agreed wistfully and reached back to caress the side
of face affectionately, "She reminds me a little of you when we younger. I
almost miss you being so innocent."

"Ya," I agreed thoughtfully, "But I never much liked being nave. I'm glad you
there to teach me. I very much doubt I'd be the same person today without your
guidance, Sam."

My cousin sighed happily and leaned back a little to increase our physical
contacted. "I love you," she whispered almost to herself as I slowly ran my
hands closer and closer to her breasts.

"I'd be lost without that knowledge as well," I added, giving Samantha a gentle
kiss on the neck, "And yes, I very much love you too, Sam, I really do..."

We both stood there quietly for several minutes holding each other, and watching
Tabitha as she slept. Peacefully oblivious to our voyeurism or the fact that my
fingers were slowly and carefully running across her older sister's breasts
until her nipples ached for my touch.

I smiled contented as Samantha slouched a little and held her breath. She tiled
her head back and to towards me, letting me hear her softly breathed
exclamations in ear. I could hear her sweet voice increase slightly in pitch as
I finally took both of her hard erect nipples between fingers and gently rubbed

In response my cousin reached back with both hands, lifting up my nightgown to
take hold of my ass cheeks and squeezed firmly as I fondled her teasingly.
"Harder..." she breathed, but I knew what I was doing.

Samantha's nipples were notoriously resistant to pressure, and the harder I
squeezed them, the more she seemed to enjoy it. But for the moment, I was
content to simply rub the gently between my fingers, occasionally applying just
enough pressure to twist them and cause her to shiver with excitement. I kept
her there for several moments, enjoying the way she kneaded small firm bottom
with her strong fingers. I knew that my cousin was probably getting moist
between her legs by now, as I seen her on several occasions cum merely by having
me fondle her breasts, and tweak her sensitive nipples in just the right ways.
Infact, I was curious to see just how quietly she could cum, seeing as I had
neglected to close the door behind us.

I couldn't help giggle at my own sense of naughtiness, and wondered if perhaps
my cousin would take me over her knee on the next occasion that we found
ourselves alone together. The thought sent chills through me, and I
inadvertently pinched Samantha's nipples as hard as I could all at once, causing
her to gasped loudly and bite down a little painfully on her earlobe.

Her whole body shook visibly for a few seconds as she turned and pushed me up
against the wall. In our somewhat awkward position Samantha pinned me in place
with her body as she tried not to cry out. I could feel her tongue playing
across my ear as she panted softly, as she squeezed my ass harder, and rubbed
her own against me in time with her breathing.

I could only push back against her, spreading my legs as best I could, trying to
allow her motions to rub against my clit as I twisted and pinched her nipples in
random patterns.

"Oh, oh yesss..!" Samantha hissed, suddenly biting her tongue and letting out a
short, cute little whine, as the sensations I was invoking became completely

"Do- ohh! Do you, like it?" I inquired, my breathing becoming almost as
irregular as Samantha's in response to her rubbing her body against mine, while
I watched the sleeping form of her sweet little sister.

"Oh! Mmmm, are you ever going to get it, li-! Oooh, little girl!" she managed
and brought her hands back up to guide my fingers.

I knew that I'd been neglecting the better part of her nicely shaped c-cup
breasts, but my cousin made certain that I made up for my indiscretion by
pressing against my fingers, urging me to fondle and knead the entirety of her
bosom. I teasingly resisted the pressure that she applied to my fingers, pushing
back and not allowing Samantha the sensations she truly desired.

My cousin made a low sound of mock disapproval, forcing my fingers down hard
against her skin. I giggled quietly in her ear, and gave it a teasing nibble as
I let her close to of my fingers on either side of her nipples.

Samantha gasped loudly, and had to bite her lower lip to keep from crying out as
I squeezed her nipples as tightly as I could, before twisting them between my
fingers. I felt her stagger a little, so I began pressing up and down upon the
entirety of her firm breasts in a random pattern so that my cousin would have
just a bit more to focus on.

"Mmm. So good..." sighed Samantha, her breathing becoming a steady panting as I
continued to coax her closer and closer to orgasm.

"Do you suppose she's really asleep?" I inquired into Samantha's ear, causing my
cousin immediately reach down with both hands and take a firm grip of my hips as
her body writhed in ecstasy.

"Oh, don't..." she pleaded in a whisper, and I could feel the sweat that was
forming on her brow as my cousin tried to kiss me on the lips but only managed
to hit my cheek, "You know I can't handle... Ohhh, Amy!"

"I know, my love," I teased, twisting both her breasts in opposite directions
with my firm but gentle grip, "But just think... Little Tabby may have her hands
under her nightie and we'd never know! She might be silently playing with her
sweet little pussy as she watches her big sister cumming... Do you suppose that
anything so naughty is possible from someone as sweet and innocent as Tabitha is
possible, Sam?"

My cousin's whole body shook almost violently as she stood like a statue for
several moments. I couldn't even hear her breath as my cousin closed her eyes
tightly and gritted her teeth.

"You okay?" I giggled mischievously, hoping to make her slipup just a little.

Instead, though, Samantha pulled herself away from me suddenly. But, before I
could react, she had spun around and had grabbled me by the upper arms, forcing
me back and pinning me to the wall that separated her sister's and parent's

I resisted the urge to giggle as Samantha almost roughly brushed my hair out of
eyes with both hands as she pressed herself against me. For a moment, I caught a
glimpse of her lovely green eyes full of lusty desire before she pressed her
lips firmly against mine.

I sighed contentedly into her mouth as my cousin ran her fingers around the back
of my head and held me in place as she began pressing her hips against mine. In
response, I spread my legs a bit and met her awkward thrust half way.

"Mmm, I like this!" I panted, our kiss was momentarily broken due to our height

Samantha managed to return my sly grin as we simply watched each other for
several moments as she moved up and down against my pussy, causing my shirt to
ride up. I gasped as I felt my suddenly exposed pussy rub up against my cousin's
dark red curls.

"You're not wearing panties," she commented, tilting her head to one side
questioningly as she continued to move against me.

"I-Ah! I didn't think I'd need them," I managed to whisper, grabbing hold of her
upper arms for support.

"Good!" my cousin chuckled, "'Cause neither did I!"

I could feel myself blush at her comment, and suddenly felt a little self-
conscious. Samantha, though, had been expecting my usual reaction, and took the
opportunity to reach down and grab my thighs. She then bent at the knees, and
hefted me up.

I gave her a wide-eyed expression of amazement as she held me up against the
wall. My cousin smiled back, pleased to see that I'd underestimated her
strength, and resumed rubbing herself against me.

This time, though, our height difference was made up for by my precarious
position, so I felt Samantha's lips press against mine with renewed passion. Her
tongue quickly found mine, as I lifted my shirt to just above my stomach to
allow for greater skin contact before taking hold of my cousin's shoulders to
assist in her endeavor.

"Oh, man!" I giggled, pulling away for a brief moment, "It's almost as though
you're fucking me!"

"Ya, I- I know," she panted in return, shaking a little as she began pressing
harder against me, and picking up speed, "Isn't it great? Oooh... I should have
thought of this sooner!"

I had to grit my teeth to keep from screaming as my cousin's clit rubbed against
mine, but managed to reply after a time. "Maybe, Oh! Mmm, maybe we can find your
mom's dildo again sometime," I offered.

Samantha chuckled a little and kissed me just before lifting her head. "Oh, ya!
Maybe..." she gasped, shaking and shuddering as she held her breath against the
sensation that was filling her very being.

"Shh! Not so loud, sil- Oh! I-!" a similar sensation gripped me at that same
moment, and I lost my train of though, as the only thing in the world to me was
my beloved. Her firm body moving against mine, bringing us both to orgasm at
about the same time.

For what seemed like an eternity, we both held each other tightly, motionless
except for the quivering of our bodies. I pressed my lips firmly against
Samantha's, and found her tongue as I whimpered a little, trying desperately not
to cry out as she moved ever so slowly against me once again. I found myself
digging my nails into her back as my cousin's breasts rubbed their way across
mine, and tweaked my nipples ever so slightly as her course pubic hair ran
across my clit.

"Mm! Ah-! Stop!" I gasped, turning my head to the side, and nuzzling Samantha's
neck, I can't take it!"

My cousin giggled quietly, and slowly let me down. "Mmm... That's okay," she
whispered lovingly in my ear, and gave it a gentle nibble, "My arms were getting

"Then I'll just have to kiss them better," I giggled, hugging her a few moments

"Well, then I think it hurts in a couple of other places too," Samantha replied

I sighed contentedly, and looked up into her eyes. "So tempting..." I whispered,
and glanced over at the sleeping form of her sister, "But shouldn't we keep our
little promise?"

"Oh, I suppose so," Samantha said in mock despair, "A woman's work is never

"If this is my job, I never want it to end!" I giggled, giving her a quick kiss
before slipping out of her arms and creeping over to Tabitha's bed as I lifted
my nightgown up over my head. I then tossed it on the floor, and glanced over my
shoulder at Samantha. "Coming?" I inquired teasingly.

My cousin took a deep breath, and nodded as she watched me standing naked in the
moonlight next to her sister. I smiled, and glanced down at the little girl's
pretty face. "So sweet..." I murmured quietly, and knelt beside her, "Almost
like a little you, Sam."

Samantha smiled, and nodded. "Kinda," she replied quietly, and walked over to
the end of the bed, where she carefully knelt down, and took the blanket in her
hand, "Only much more innocent."

"Not for long," I commented, and gave Sam a reassuring smile, "But don't worry,
it'll be fun."

"That's what I'm afraid of," my cousin whispered, looking a little worried.

"That's okay," I assured her, "Enjoy Tabby all you want. I know who your heart
belongs to, I know who you really love."

She smiled and reached over to take my hand. "Thanks," my cousin said quietly,
"Now what do you say we wake Tabitha up the fun way?"

I squeezed her hand and nodded. "You bet!" I giggled, and turned my attention
once more to Tabitha.

The girl was asleep on her back, her shoulder length reddish hair still in
pigtails. Her breathing was slow and steady, as she slept her dreamless sleep.
Glancing over at Samantha, I saw her lift the blanket off the bed before pulling
it over her head. Her sister murmured softly in her sleep, as Samantha's soft
lips pressed against her slim calve muscle. I knew that she was kissing her way
up Tabitha's legs in the same zigzag pattern that I'd taught her, and that it
was only a matter of time before her little sister was awakened due to the

I quickly decided what I was going to do, and carefully placed my hand upon
Tabitha's left breast. I was barely able to breath as I felt the small firmness
just beneath the blanket and nightie. I shook my head, and tried to banish the
queasiness that I felt as my heart raced.

'I can't believe I'm actually doing this!' I thought, leaning down towards the
girl's slightly parted lips, 'This is just too much...'

As I touched my little cousin's sweet lips for the first time, I felt my entire
body fill ignite with a tingling sensation. I could feel my pussy dampen, and my
nipples stand at attention as I slowly and carefully slid out my tongue. As I
tasted Tabitha's lips for the first time, I had to reach down with my free hand
and literally shove two of fingers inside myself. The sensation of doing
something so naughty driving absolutely crazy.

I pressed my lips a little closer, and reached underneath the blanket to take
careful hold of the girl's small breast. I sighed as I realized just how soft
and perky Tabitha's breasts were, and played my tongue across her teeth before
entering her mouth entirely.

It was at that point that Tabitha woke up. Her eyes went wide as she grabbed my
wrist and gave me a panicked look. "Shhh..." I soothed, pulling reluctantly away
from her soft lips, "It's okay, it's just us."

Tabitha nodded, and met my gaze a little nervously. "Wha-What's Sam doing to me,
Amy?" she asked innocently as I carefully rubbed her nipple between my fingers
as I lightly fondled her breast.

"I'm fairly certain that she's licking you," I told the little teenager, giving
her a soft kiss on the forehead, "Does it feel good?"

Tabitha glanced down at the large bulge in the blankets that marked her sister's
position. I was fairly certain that Samantha had pushed her sister's nightie up
over her waist and had pulled down her panties before assaulting little Tabby's
pussy with her tongue.

The girl glanced down at where her sister was and nodded. "Ya, it feels kinda
neat," she replied, and looked back up at me, "Is this what you and Sam where
doing earlier today?"

"That among other things," I giggled, and leaned down to give her a soft kiss
upon the lips.

Tabitha looked up at me afterwards, her eyes fluttering a little as her sister
worked on her pussy with the utmost care. I gave her a loving smile, and took
hold of the blanket. "I think you should see this, though," I told her, and
tossed the blanket off the bed.

My little cousin's eyes went wide with astonishment as she stared down at her
elder sister. Samantha's hands where holding open Tabitha's thighs, while she
carefully, and lovingly ran the tip of her tongue across the girl's labia,
seemingly avoiding her clit. The whole time, Samantha made soft contented cooing
sounds as she tasted the sweetness of her little sister's young pussy.

"I think Sam likes doing this for you," I whispered into Tabitha's ear as her
gaze was fixed on her sibling's performance, "But I'm sure that she'd appreciate
it even more if you were to return the favor."

Tabitha opened her mouth to speak, but her words were swept away as her sister
tongued her clit for the first time. I sighed happily as I saw the look that
crossed the little teenager's face, and put my free hand behind her head before
kissing her.

She moaned softly into my mouth as her sister coaxed her closer and closer to
orgasm. None of us really knew what would happen when little Tabby came, so I
wasn't about to take any chances. I pressed my lips firmly against her's and
reveled in the chills it sent through me to kiss someone so young, so

I was pleased to find though, that she was perfectly accepting of kiss, and only
squirmed for a second as she felt my tongue push its way between her lips,
before practically melting in my arms. All the while, I continued my playful
exploration of her small yet firm bosom, as Samantha finally slid her tongue
inside of her sister.

The girl exclaimed loudly once again as the new sensation filled her, but the
sound was still muffled enough not to wake anyone, and I soon found that Tabitha
was timidly touching my breasts in a similar way that I was touching her's.

"Mmm, that's it sweetie," I encouraged her, breaking our kiss for a moment, as
she caught her breath, "just run your fingers over it. Don't be afraid to
experiment, and don't be afraid to tell Sam where you want her to go."

"Uh, um, right there..." she whispered nervously, and pointed with one shaking
finger at her clit, "It felt really good there. And when, when Sam put her
tongue inside... I like that too!"

Samantha chuckled as she listened to her sister's quavering tone, enjoying
hearing such a sweet, innocent voice confessing such things. "Inside where,
Tabby?" she teased, running the length of her tongue over the girl's pussy lips,
and gladly lapping up the moisture that was flowing from inside.

"Mmm, there," replied Tabitha shyly, putting her index finger dangerously close
to her warm opening.

Samantha smiled, and took hold of her sister's hand. "Oh? You mean here?" she
inquired teasingly, and slid the girl's finger inside of herself.

"Oh my!" gasped Tabitha, her face turning red with embarrassment.

"What's wrong?" I asked with a smile, coaxing her to sit up as I tossed her
pillows to one side, and crawled in behind her.

"Sam-" stammered Tabitha, "You, you've put my finger-!"

Samantha made a soft almost purring sound and cut off her sister's words by
circling her clit with her tongue, while she pushed the girl's finger in

"How's it feel?" I asked, embracing my little cousin from behind.

"It's... It feels so naughty!" she replied causing Samantha to giggle out loud.

"Mmm, but does it feel good?" I continued as I took advantage of my position to
fondle both of Tabitha's breasts at the same time, causing her to sigh, and lean
back against me.

"Y-yes..." she hissed, her body started to succumb to the feeling.

"Then why not try this?" encouraged Samantha, taking out her sister's finger,
and placing it against her little clit.

The girl gasped as the moisture touched her clit, and I could almost feel the
excitement race through Tabitha as she touched herself. "Now rub it like this,"
coaxed her sister, rubbing her finger in slow circles over the little nub,
"That's just how Amy likes it!"
I smiled and tried to hide my face with my hair as I blushed. "Really?" inquired
Tabitha as her sister let go of her hand, and went back to lapping at her pussy,
"Me too... OH!"

I had to quickly turn my head a little awkwardly to clamp my lips down up
Tabitha's before she could make too much noise. The girl's body was shaking and
quivering with excitement as I pinched both her nipples through her nightie. I
slid my tongue into her mouth and found her's eagerly waiting for me.

All the while Samantha slid her tongue in as far as it would go into the tight
virgin confines of her little sister's pussy, and covered it with her mouth. She
then began sucking rhythmically as she probed around with her tongue, driving
the young girl past the point of reason.
As Tabitha's body quivered with joy, I brought my legs up, bending at the knees
so that I could slide them under her's before re-extending them. In that way, I
was able to coax my cousin's legs farther apart. Samantha took full advantage of
this, and brought her face even closer, sending her tongue just a littler
farther inside her sister. She then opened her eyes to make sure that the girl
was still rubbing herself, and indeed she was.

Tabitha was vigorous rubbing her clit, faster and faster as we pleasured her. I
managed to move my lips away from her's so that I could watch, and found myself
squeezing her breasts a bit more firmly than I had intended. The sight sent
chills through me, threatening to bring me off just by watching such a thing.

The girl let out a little gasp, and grabbed one of my hands. She somehow managed
to push my fingers together, effectively pinching her hard little nipple with
greater force.

"Just like your sister," I whispered into her ear, but Tabitha barely noticed as
she opened her mouth as if to cry out. All that came forth, though, was a little
whine, as her body topped moving for a moment. The girl then gave one hard
shudder, and collapsed into my arms panting.

"Mmm, wow..." commented Samantha, propping herself up on her elbows and smiling
up at me, her face smeared with her sister's pussy juices, "That was fun, and
it's good to see that little Tabby has some self control."

"I think she passed out," I giggled, trying to keep my voice down.

"Mmm... No..." murmured Tabitha, a happy little smile crossing her cute face,
"It just felt... sooo good..."

Samantha grinned broadly and stifled a laugh. "I'm glad," she replied, sitting
up and putting her legs over ours so that she could get closer, effectively
sandwiching her sibling between up, "But I think someone needs to clean me up a

"Mmm, definitely!" I giggled, putting my arms around both of them and leaning my
face over Tabitha's shoulder.

"Wh-what are you doing?" inquired Tabitha warily.

"Mmm, just cleaning up your mess, my dear," I replied, and gave Samantha's face
a long careful lick, thus tasting my younger cousin's juices for the first time,
"Wow, you're delicious, little girl."

Tabitha blushed and did her best to look away. "Really?" she inquired shyly.

"Why not see for yourself?" offered her sister, leaning back a little as I
habitually ran my fingers through her long deep red hair.

Her sister turned her head a little, and we could both feel her shaking a little
in her nervousness. "It's okay," I encouraged, "We taste ourselves all the time.
Not just each other."

Tabitha nodded slowly and closed her eyes. She then timidly extended her tongue
just passed her lips before touching it to her sister's glistening lips. The
girl gave a slow, careful lick, as Samantha shivered at the sensation.

"Ohh..." replied Tabitha as she drew back, opening her eyes in time to see the
look of quiet contemplation on her sister's face.

"So soft..." whispered Sam, and leaned down to kiss Tabitha's shoulder, "I think
there's more we have to show you..."

"I agree," I sighed, and gave them both a hug, "But I think Tabby needs a little
break. And I kinda wouldn't mind a short one either."

Samantha bowed her head smiling. "Sorry..." she chuckled, "I guess I got carried
away earlier."
"Huh?" inquired her sister, "What'd I miss?"

"Oh, just us playing a little before we woke you up," I explained, "This IS to
please you after all."

She nodded and leaned her head on Samantha's shoulder. "Thanks guys," she
muttered, "It was great."

"It doesn't have to end so soon," said her sister, "I'm actually dressed for the
occasion, so I'll head downstairs and fetch us a snack. Then we'll continue,

"Okay," answered Tabitha with a bit of a smile. She then leaned back as Samantha
extricated herself and crawled off the bed, "But I can't believe there's more!"

Both Sam and I had to quickly stifle our laughter. I buried my face in Tabitha's
shoulder, as her sister covered her face and shuddered a little as she chuckled
quietly, but heartily.

"Ah, innocence!" she replied happily and slipped out of the room, "Oh, and don't
do anything naughty while I'm gone. Or else I'll have to punish you!"

"Promises, promises..." I muttered happily, smiling as my cousin gave me a quick
wink before closing the door behind her.

"She, she was only kidding right?" asked Tabitha as she snuggled against me,
moving down just enough so that my head was above her's.

"When you get older, some punishments loose their fear value," I explained, idly
playing with one of her pigtails, "And some even become fun. Like spanking."

"Mommy or Daddy never spanked me," she replied casually, "But I'm not so sure
I'd want to ever have it happen, though."

I shrugged. "Perhaps it's an acquired taste," I pondered, "I know I enjoy it.
Given the proper circumstances, that is."

"Oh? Such as?" continued Tabitha with genuine curiosity.

"Well, if someone I like does it, when I feel like I'm in the right mood, I
guess," I said thoughtfully, "I've never really thought about it too much, but
Sam always seems to know when and how I want it. I guess it's just the bond
between us. Although sometimes she teases me with it, and I occasionally have to

Tabitha giggled loudly, covering her mouth with both hands. "Really?!" she
whispered loudly as she turned to face me as best she could.

"Well, not in a serious way," I told her, trying to hide my blushing with my
bangs, "We just tease each other from time to time in various ways. It tends to
heighten our excitement. But we always seem to know just how far is too far.
She's never actually hurt me to any horrible degree. Sam's actually a very kind,
loving girl under her pretence of brashness."

"Big words..." muttered Tabitha, shaking her head as she settled back in, "But I
guess it's part of your 'bond'."

"Ya, I suppose so," I commented, feeling a little strange talking to her about

"Amy..." Tabitha asked after a short pause, "You care about Sam, right?"

"Absolutely," I responded without hesitation.

"But... Do you love her?" she inquired with an odd tone.

I gulped down my sudden nervousness, and took a deep breath. "In... In a way," I
replied, "I've always cared about her. Samantha's been my best friend for as
long as I can remember. We're really quite inseparable, actually. Why do you

Tabitha nodded. "I was just curious," she said thoughtfully, "I guess it's just
the way you both seem so happy when you're together. It's like my sister's
almost another person when you're apart, and when you show up, she becomes
less... Serious I guess."

"I guess we're just made for each other," I sighed, and gave Tabitha a hug, "We
were probably sisters in another life or something,"

Tabitha smiled, and glanced up as the door opened slightly. A moment later,
Samantha pushed open the door with her hip and entered carrying a tray laden
with milk and cookies. She smiled as she carefully shut the door with her foot,
and placed the tray at the foot of the bed.

"Did I miss anything interesting?" she inquired, giving me a sly grin.

"No, we where just talking," I assured her, accepting a glass of milk from her.

"Oh, sure you were!" she chuckled teasingly, and handed Tabitha a glass before
picking up her's and sitting cross legged on the bed before us.

"Oh, I'd better move," commented Tabitha, leaving my embrace, and sitting to one
side between us.

"Brr!" I said in an exaggerated tone as she left, and the cool summer breeze
touched my naked skin, "You give off a lot of heat for such a little girl!"

Tabitha blushed and smiled as she bit into a cookie. "I almost forgot you were
naked," she giggled, looking over my body as I put my glass on the nightstand
and reached for my discarded T-shirt that passed for my nightgown.
"Oh, gee, thanks," I chuckled, as I came back up and slid into it, "I guess I'll
just go put my pants on then!"

Samantha covered her moth and tried to laugh. "You're crazy," she muttered
quietly, shaking her head as she watched me dress.
"And you love it," I chuckled as I got settled.

Samantha nodded, smiling contentedly as she munched a cookie. "So, um, what do
you think so far, Tabby?" she inquired, making sure to keep her voice low.

"Hm? Oh ya, that..." the girl responded with a bit of a blush accenting her
nervous smile, "I, I liked it. It was fun, and once I get my strength back I'd
like to see just what you meant by you having more to show me."

"That'll take more than one night," her sister replied with a reminiscent smile,
"But we'll see what we can do. Was there anything that you had in mind?"

Tabitha stopped in mid sip and put her glass down. She looked a little nervous
for a moment and nodded. "Well, actually there is one thing..." the girl admitted
carefully, "I would like to try to do you what you did to me..."

"You mean you want to lick my pussy?" inquired Samantha with a sly grin, "Well,
I think that we can arrange something."

"Oh, but she's so inexperienced," I said with sarcasm as I leaned forward to
whisper, "One of us would have to show her what to do."

"Are you volunteering, my dear?" my cousin asked, looking more than a little

"Well, if you insist!" I giggled, and finished my drink.

"Um, how..?" began Tabitha.

"Oh, I think I know what she has in mind," her older sister chuckled, "You'll

"Okay..." the girl responded a little suspiciously and finished off her snack.

"Well then, shall we begin?" inquired Sam in a tone of voice that suggested that
she wasn't asking.

I nodded as she put her glass down on the tray, and moved them both onto the
floor. Tabitha gave us both a nervous glance as she noticed that she was sitting
between us and shrank down a little.

"Just tell us to stop if it gets too much for you," I told her as we both
shuffled towards her.

Tabitha nodded and inhaled sharply as she felt a hand on both her knees. She
glanced down, to see me and her sister running our hands up under her nightie
along her thighs. The soft skin, beneath our hands was silk. Both of us knew
that there was almost no turning back as ran the fingers of my free hand along
the girl's jaw line, causing her to tilt her head to one side towards me in
nervous contentment.

Samantha took advantage of this by giving her little sister a soft kiss upon the
neck. The girl sighed softly, and she took it as permission to continue as I
turned Tabitha's head to face me. My cousin continued with a line of slow,
passionate kisses up her little sister's neck as I touched her sweet lips once

This time, I felt her soft little tongue escape her mouth to seek mine out. I
moaned happily as I saw that she was willing to experiment, and seemed to learn
quickly. The little one's tongue was quite nimble as it probed my mouth until I
reciprocated by entwining my tongue around her's as best I could.

Samantha, meanwhile, was running her own tongue along Tabitha's earlobe,
following and tracing the natural curves while her fingers found their way to
the girl's nearly hairless pussy. She playfully made small circles with her
index finger through Tabitha's downy pubic hair before running the tips of two
of her fingers down over her sister's labia.

Tabitha jumped a little in response, as I felt goosebumps rise along her legs. I
then moved my hand up farther, and touched Samantha's fingers meaningfully. I
heard her sigh over Tabitha's slow steady panting as she did her best not to
break off her kiss while her sister gently nibbled her ear.

"Just let yourself go," whispered Samantha, coaxing the girl to lean forward a
little with her free hand before lifting up the back of her nightie.

Tabitha reluctantly pulled away from me and glanced over at her sibling
lovingly. She nodded and stood up on her knees. Without a word Samantha and I
stopped our exploration of Tabitha's body, and both lifted the girl's nightie up
over her stomach.

Tabitha looked down at that point, and seemed to be watching expectantly as we
held the garment just beneath her small budding breasts. Samantha glanced over
at me and smiled knowingly. I nodded in response and continued upwards. The
cottony material came up over Tabitha's head with little effort, as she raised
her arms to accept our disrobing technique.

We then paused to consider our actions, and take in that breathtaking moment
when we both realized that Samantha's little sister was kneeling naked on her
bed between us. I could almost feel the tension emanating from Sam as she took
in Tabitha's beauty. There was a look of both envy and admiration on her face as
she saw that her little sister wasn't the little girl she'd been only a few
months previously.

Tabitha was indeed growing up to be a girl whose beauty would rival her
sister's. But while Samantha was tall and athletic, Tabitha still had that sweet
innocence that can carry a girl through adolescence and still cause men to stop
and secretly stare. At that moment, I wasn't sure which one of the two sisters I
wanted more.
The look of hungry awe upon my beloved Samantha's face made me want to offer
myself to her. To be ravaged by my talented tongue and nibble fingers. And the
shy willingness in Tabitha's eyes made we want to do the very same thing to her.
But instead, I continued my slow, patient examination of her young body.

I scanned across her torso, and couldn't help but wonder if the erectness of her
reddish nipples was due to the breeze from the open window, or the thrilled
anticipation of what was to come. I continued on my way, promising myself that I
would take the time to run my hands across the same tender flesh that my eyes
were enjoying so much, and paused as I looked down at her legs, topped by her
waiting pussy.

Tabitha was still quite short, so they were no where near as long as her
sister's, but I knew that she'd probably tower over me in a few short years. I
sighed a little disappointedly at the thought of yet another girl being tall
than me, but for the moment, I was content to be with someone my own height.

"Here," said Samantha, making room and breaking the silence, "why don't you lie
down. It'll be easiest that way."

Tabitha nodded, and I made way as she willing lay her body across her bed in a
way similar to the one we found her in. She then spread her legs a little,
causing Sam to gasp out loud, her deep green eyes going wide as she caught a
better view of her sister's pussy.

"Wow..." she sighed, and reached for my hand.

I gladly accepted it, and gave it a squeeze. "I hope you save some for me," I
said with a smile, "I'd like to feel Tabitha's tongue in pussy tonight as well."

"Of course," replied Samantha reassuringly, "Just don't wear her out with

"I won't," I promised and traded places on the bed with her.

We then turned our attention back to Tabitha, who was looking up at us
expectantly. "Wha-what should I do?" she asked nervously.

"Just do to me what Amy does to you. Okay?" explained Samantha, running her hand
over her sister's stomach, and running her index finger in a slow lazy circle
around Tabitha's nipple before giving it a gentle pinch, "But first, there's
something that simply must be done!"

Our eyes met at that point, and I tried not to lapse into a giggle fit as I
nodded in agreement. "It just wouldn't be right otherwise," I responded,
removing my T-shirt before leaning forward until I was partially lying across
Tabitha's body with my face near her left breast.

"Mmm, good positioning idea," chuckled Samantha, and took up a similar position
on Tabitha's right after tossing her night shirt on the floor.

"What are you guys doing?" the girl inquired with a bit of a giggle as our hands
met at her pussy.

"You'll see!" we both promised in quiet unison as we ran our fingers lightly
across her pussy lips and clit.

Tabitha's eyes fluttered a little at the sensation, and even I found myself
getting a wet as it sank in that we were both laying naked across Samantha's
lovely, and quite naked fourteen-year-old sister. Our fingers were even
beginning to find moisture as we both leaned down and started running just the
tips of our tongues over Tabitha's perky tits.

The girl then began breathing in little haggard breaths as the feeling quickly
became over powering. Practically as one, we circled her nipples with our
tongues and ran them down, and over and back up again over Tabitha's soft
breasts. But as we began to suckle her nipples, nibbling them gently every so
often as our tongues flicked them to full hardness, Tabitha's voice raised just
a little.

I then found my finger part way inside of the tight wetness of her virgin pussy,
as her sister tried to follow suit. We soon fell into a pattern of taking turns
gently fingering Tabitha. The process only seemed to excite her more as on
several occasions one of us would come dangerously close to her hymen as we
sucked harder and harder against her nipples and occasionally her entire breast.

It was at that time that Tabitha's body was overcome with orgasm. The girl's
small frame shook all over as she grabbed both of us by the hair and bit her
lower lip in an attempt not to cry out. I smiled with satisfaction as Tabitha's
breathing became a long serious of gasping moans. She looked down at her sister
and me with an intense look in her eyes before throwing her head down and
arching her back.

Then, with one long muffled exclamation, Tabitha expelled the rest of her pussy
juices across our fingers as her inner walls clenched around them. Samantha and
I looked on with interest as the girl slowly came down. We both shuffled farther
up, reluctantly removing our fingers and cuddling up against Tabitha as we
watched her come down.

"Oh wow..." she breathed as we both kissed our way up her neck, "That was great..."

"Well, it's not over yet," I giggled, "We still have to see how well you can
lick your sister's pussy!"

"Mmm... Sounds good," replied Samantha with a hungry grin as she gave Tabitha's
ear a gentle nibble, "Are you up for it Tabby?"

"I think so," she responded, putting her arms around us and giving us both a

"Well then, what do ya say we get started?" inquired Samantha hungrily, "After
what I just saw, I'm just dying to have you return the favor, little girl."

Tabitha smiled, and blushed profusely. "Did I make that much of a fool of
myself?" she asked shyly.

"No, of course not," I assured her with a kiss, "you're performance was far from
foolish. It was... beautiful!"

The girl covered her face as best she could and giggled as we licked our fingers
clean of her juices. We then got up, and began changing position for what was to
come. "What are doing?" inquired Tabitha as I began positioning myself between
her legs.

"As we said," explained Samantha's hushed whisper, "Amy's going to show you how
to lick my pussy."

"Okay..." replied Tabitha a little nervously as her sister turned towards me and
got upon her knees in order to straddle the girl's face.

"Just do to Sam what I do to you, okay?" I told her as I got comfortably
situated between her legs.

"Any time you're ready," replied Sam, a hint of excited expectation in her

I nodded, and held back my overeagerness as I for the first time ran my tongue
from the bottom of Tabitha's pussy up to her clit in one long, sloe lick. Both
sisters shuddered as I did so, and I heard Tabitha let out a stifled squeal of
delight as I ran the tip of my tongue back down one of her labia.

I glanced up and saw the intense look on Samantha's face as Tabitha's tongue
licked along her pussy. I smiled with satisfaction as a tingling feeling filled
me, and I realized that I was not immune to excitement of doing something so
naughty. The feel of her soft, nearly untouched skin was like silk to my touch,
and the flavor of her juices that her sister and I had brought forth still
lingered. I eager licked it up with the utmost of care, making certain to trace
my way across every sensitive inch of her pussy before sliding my tongue inside
of Tabitha.

The girl copied my motions with surprising control, barely stopping to shudder
and pant as she concentrated on her sister's pussy. Soon after, I heard
Tabitha's short exclamation of surprise as Samantha came quietly over her face.
I had to hold the little teenager's legs in place as she squirmed a little when
she found her sister's juices practically pouring out upon her.

But I didn't let up. I slid my tongue into Tabitha as far as I could, and
Tabitha slid her tongue into Samantha with equal gusto. I then covered her
nether lips with my mouth and suckled as I explored her interior, hoping that
she would do the same to her elder sister.

In response, we could hear Samantha desperately trying to hold back her cries of
joy. Her little sister's tongue buried inside of her was almost too much to
bear, as she began letting out a long series of loud little gasps. My dearest
cousin tried with all her might to hold it in, but the experience was just too
much as I began to swiftly, but gently rub Tabitha's clit in a circular pattern
that I knew would drive Samantha crazy.

Tabitha moaned as she followed suit, and I almost had to laugh as her sister was
forced to come forward, now supporting herself on hands and knees. I raised my
head, and replaced my finger with my tongue, and vice versa, enjoying the little
shocked sound that Tabitha gave when she found just how much farther her fingers
could go than mine.

"Y-You-! OH!" panted Samantha in a harsh whisper, as her body moved back and
forth against Tabitha's fingers and tongue so that she was being finger-fucked
by her little sister, "Mmm! You, little-! Ahh!"

"What's wrong?" I asked, my face glistening with Tabitha's pussy juices, and
topped with a wide grin.

My cousin gritted her teeth and shut her eyes as the onslaught continued. "I-I
can't-!" she managed, just before crying out softly with another orgasm, "Can't
take much-! Much more! Ohhh!"

I merely giggled and gave Tabitha's clit a little nibble as I managed to wedge a
second finger inside of her tight, but extremely wet pussy. "Much more, what?" I
inquired, and noticed that Tabitha was cumming as well.

The girl had thrown her head back against the pillow, unable to close her mouth
as she almost absently drove two fingers in and out of her sister's pussy with
greater and greater force. Soon, she was even matching Samantha's thrusts, and
was rewarded with rivulets of warm, sticky clear liquid running over her slender

"Cumming-!" moaned Samantha desperately, her voice raising several octaves.

"So?" I inquired teasingly, "Don't you want to see just how much you can really

"Oh! Oh fuck-!" she swore, almost loud enough to be heard through the old thick
walls of the farmhouse, "I'll-! I'll-!"

"What?" I inquired, slowly twisting my fingers inside Tabitha in a clockwise
rotation before lapping up the hot sweet juices that suddenly flowed out around
them, "Are you going to punish me, mommy?"

"Better-! Ah! Oooh... Believe it-!" she gasped, "I-! AHH!" My cousin arched her
back, her facial expression almost looking horribly pained as she came. Samantha
held the pose for several long seconds as her body quivered, before giving a
long, hard sigh of relief, and collapsed upon Tabitha.

I smiled to myself, and gave my own sigh of happy contentment. The knowledge
that I'd managed to wear Samantha out completely by sheer force of orgasm
filling me with a certain perverse sense of satisfaction as well as intense
happiness. I pulled away form Tabitha's still shaking body, kissing her little
legs all the way down to her ankles, and giggling as I felt the goosebumps rise
before giving my nearly slumbering cousin a kiss on the forehead.

I got off the bed, and knelt down beside Tabitha. There was a look of exhaustion
on her face as she turned to me and smiled. "Wow..." she murmured yet again, and I
couldn't help smile at how cute it was that her vocabulary was still so limited.

"I'm glad you thought so," I said as I brushed her sweaty bangs out of her eyes
and gave her a soft kiss.

She nodded, and glanced back at Samantha who was still laying over top of her.
"We... We won't have to explain this one will we?" she giggled softly, and
experimentally ran her fingers over the firm muscles of her sister's legs, up to
the roundness of ass.

"No," I chuckled, rubbing Samantha's back soothingly, "But sometimes it's fun to
fantasize about."

"Really?" inquired Tabitha, looking a little doubtful.

"Definitely..." whispered her sister, and rolled off of her.

I smiled, and crawled over Tabitha towards her, making sure to let my small
perky breast drag along the girl's now cool to the touch skin. Samantha smiled
wearily up at me as I laid myself on top of her.
"She's young, she'll learn," I replied wistfully as I stared lovingly into
Samantha's wary eyes, "But tell me. Are you still going to punish me?"

"Oh... If I ever find the strength..." breathed Samantha with a laugh.

"You were serious about that then?" inquired Tabitha, changing position on the
bed so that she could lie beside up properly.

"Mm, hmmm," murmured Samantha, lazily playing with my straight blond hair, that
was now curling at the ends from the perspiration caused by out work out.

"Oh, I see..." pondered Tabitha, putting her arm around me, and cuddling against
us, "So, you punish each other for making each other feel good?"

We both chuckled softly, and Samantha shook her head as I laid mine upon her
chest, supported by her firm bosom. "Not quite," my cousin explained, "But
close. Sometimes, it's fun to have your bottom smacked. Sometimes, we do things
to make each other want to spank us... Or something like that... But I think that
in this case, Amy here deserves a little punishment for what she did."

"Why?" inquired Tabitha, her tone showing a definite curiosity.

"Because I wore her out," I giggled, "Even after she told me she couldn't take
anymore. But I was curious to see if there was a limit to Samantha's unending

"Oh..." replied Tabitha thoughtfully, "Well, then I guess it would only be fair to
test your stamina then. Don't you think?"

I giggled, and gave Samantha a kiss between her breasts. "Oh, probably," I
responded, and leaned up to kiss her on the lips, only to find Tabitha's hand
between my legs.

Samantha gave me a weak, but sly none the less grin as Tabitha's fingers
explored their way up my labia and over my ass. I then couldn't help but give an
amazed, yet excited look as I felt Tabitha give me a single hard slap across my
ass check.

My cousin grinned broadly, and moved her legs apart, causing mine to spread
along with them. "There, that's better," giggled Tabitha, shuffling down, and
squirming to get between both our legs, "That's better!"

"No way..." I said with a grin, and happily bit my lower lip as I felt Tabitha
lick my pussy, "Oooh, oh ya..."

Tabitha giggled as I sighed happily. For what her little tongue lacked in talent
and experience, the girl made up for in enthusiasm. Also, I found I to be such
an intense turn on to have such a young little girl licking me as Samantha held
me, that I immediately found myself wet. I had to lean down, and gently nibble
my cousin's shoulder as the sensation filled me.

Tabitha's tongue was so soft, and hot against my skin. The feeling of her hands,
gently holding my thighs apart held me more effectively than any binds ever
could. There was nothing in the universe I wanted more than to remain in that
situation forever. I let out a little whimper as the feelings began to become
too much, and kissed Samantha's ear in a desperate attempt to express my joy.

"Oh, oh, Sam..." I whispered in little gasping moans into her ear, "I... I love you...
I love you so much!"

"I know," she soothed, rubbing my back as her sister began fingering my pussy
from behind, "I love you too."

My body shivered involuntarily as I heard her soft words, and I actually found
myself crying a little as I was over come by intensity of the moment. "Shhh..."
soothed Samantha, holding me tight against her as Tabitha giggled to herself,
truly savoring and enjoying the feeling of new found power.

"Mmm... You taste so good, Amy!" she laughed, lapping up the moisture that my
pussy gave forth as I felt my pussy contract around her little fingers, "Mmm,
give me more!"

I barely heard her, but knew that the girl was talking in a manner not unlike
that of Samantha. She had once shown me that I have an intense fetish for being
talked dirty to, and I then found that if it was someone young and sweet like
Tabitha, the effect was only intensified.

The girl giggled with excitement as she was met with more juices from my hungry
pussy. It was almost as though I couldn't stop cumming, or crying. Samantha
continued her soft cooing noises, trying to comfort me, but I was so happy that
I just couldn't stop myself.

"Oh, Sam..." I managed, "It's so good... So fucking good..!"

Samantha sighed, and nuzzled her face against mine affectionately in almost a
cat like way. "I know," she whispered, "I know, my love... And I so glad that this
makes you so happy."

"Oh... Oh, it does!" I practically screamed, but was able to clench my jaw as I
arched my back.

Unrelenting, Tabitha merely gave both my ass cheeks a firm squeeze with both
hands, causing me to moan a little louder as she flicked my clit repeatedly with
her little tongue. She then ran her hands down, dragging her fingers across my
butt until she brought them together at my pussy. She the started poking and
prodding at my labia with her fingertips, teasing me to near orgasm.

"Oh, neat!" she exclaimed, as the girl found that she could just barely manage
to slide three fingers inside of me. Tabitha ignored my own exclamation as pussy
lips were spread apart, and my inner walls were stretched to their limit.

"Oh! Right there!" I gasped, as she began fingering me with her three middle
most fingers. Each time going just slightly deeper than before, and covering
herself with my juices as I began to cum hard.

"Don't stop now," instructed Samantha, looking over at the fascinated grin on
her little sister's face, "It's no fair to bring someone this far, and not let
them get off."

Tabitha nodded, and watched me with interest as I brought my arms in. I then
folded them, and took hold of Samantha's breasts before squeezing them for
support. She inhaled sharply, and shook her head with a bemused grin.

"I love the way you never let up," she chuckled, and moaned happily as I twisted
both her nipples at once.

Meanwhile, Tabitha had gotten her face closer to my pussy again and was
frantically licking my labia as well as her fingers in a desperate attempt to
keep up with me. The little teen only succeeded in covering her sweet face with
my juices, and made me cum even harder.

I almost blacked out at that point, as I could barely feel my body anymore. I
squeezed Samantha's breasts harder, and only fleetingly hoped that I didn't hurt
her too much as my own self-indulgence took hold. For several long moments I was
paralyzed with passion as I climaxed.

It seemed to take an eternity for me to come down. I could almost hear my own
panting and gasping for breath as I only half felt Samantha's multitude of
random kisses upon my face. Later I would find out that she came as well, just
by watching me. It was nice to know we shared the common fetish of pleasing each

"Oh, Sam... Oh, Tabby..." I whispered, my throat feeling sore, "That was... Absolutely

"Thank you," giggle Tabitha shyly, and I realized that she was lying beside us
once again.

"I never want to move again..." I heard Samantha mumble happily as she held her
sister with one arm, and me with the other, "I just hope I have the strength to
move later, 'cause I'd hate to get caught like this..."

"Nice fantasy, though," replied Tabitha, a little exhausted herself.

Samantha and I smiled, barely managing not to laugh out loud. "Yup..." I sighed,
"She's your sister!"

"And I wouldn't have it any other way," my cousin replied happily, and gave us
both a warm, but somewhat awkward hug before the three of us drifted off to
sleep for a few hours...


Written by Amy K. (IceSenshi@Yahoo.com)
Copyright 1998, although permission for re-posting and archiving is granted so
long as everyone who wants to read this has free and equal access to it. Anyone
wanting a copy of all my stories, feel free to ask. I'm easy- Er, I mean, nice
enough to share!;)

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