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Taking Christy


>>> Adults Only <<<

If you are under 18 or if reading erotica is illegal in your locality please exit from this screen NOW.

That said, this story may be printed by individual users of ASSTR by my permission so long as those printed pages are for the personal use of an adult and minors will not have access to the story. This story may be posted to free websites with my permission or to the free section(s) of pay websites with my permission.

Disclaimer: This is just a story! I like murder mysteries yet I've never killed anyone and I also like Tom Clancys' work even though I've never nuked Denver, crashed a 747 into the United States Capitol, sunk a chinese missile submarine, or tried to wipe out the entire human race with biological weapons. I'm trying to say that I would NEVER do any of the things portrayed in this story nor did I write this story to compel or inspire someone else to do such a thing.

I also love to hear from my readers so feel free to write to me with comments, compliments, suggestions, or criticisms - it's all welcomed.

MF nc impreg

Taking Christy - Copyright 2001 by Patrick Flanagan

Christy had come into my life when her parents, good friends of mine
from high school, were killed when their airliner went down in the Pacific.
Alan & Marilyn had named me as Christy's guardian and the executor of their
estate, which didn't amount to much after all of their debts were paid.
Christy moved in with me while she finished high school and then I packed
her off to college for her first semester. Strangely, I had an erotic
dream about her the night she left and it made me realize that she was more
to me than just my foster child. But she was gone and I had no way of
telling her about my newfound feelings and, if I did, would she reject me?

Her letters started to come in shortly after she settled in at school
and there was a stream of names of all of her new acquaintances. By
mid-October the list of names had narrowed to one. The love of her life
was sweeping her off of her feet and she was to go home with him and meet
his family for Christmas. I was heartbroken.

I dutifully answered her letters and pretended to be the same as I had
ever been. But what can a man do when the love of his life is to give
herself to another? My extensive collection of fine wines grew smaller
with each passing weekend as I drowned my sorrows in a sea of reds and

It was Christmas Eve when I came home and found the light in the living
room on. I came through the door and Christy leaped into my arms! Before
I could say anything she blurted out,

"He dumped me for his ex-girlfriend right in front of everyone!"

She was hysterical with her first broken heart and having her lovely
form against me as she cried her heart out was healing my own broken heart.
I managed to calm her down enough that she let me go to the kitchen to
fetch her favorite cream sherry. Her usual habit was to have half a glass
of the sherry and nurse it all evening. Now she finished half the bottle
in short order. We sat and talked for about an hour before she started to
fade on me.

Maintaining my composure, I sent her off to bed and helped her navigate
the stairs up to her room. After closing her door behind me I went off to
my own room, frustrated with my inability to tell her how I felt. I
stripped down to my briefs and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and
take care of my basic needs before retiring. I had forgotten that Christy
had her own habit of taking a shower before she went to bed, it was
something her parents had taught to her.

I remembered this little detail when she burst through my door, crying
her eyes out, and wearing just a bath towel. She fell into my arms and
trusted me to just hold her and be the friend she always knew me to be. I
ran my fingers through her short, brown hair and leaned into her to smell
her scent. It was definitely the scent of peach! I comforted her and held
her close, taking advantage of the situation to feel her smooth, bare
shoulders. She held me even tighter when I did this, I guess she felt it
was comforting. A familiar stirring in my groin warned me that she would
soon feel my true intentions and I tried to ease her away from me, just
enough, but she wouldn't have it. I ran my fingers up her bare neck and
that did the trick for me. My cock swelled up in record time! There was
no more controlling it.

She hugged me and I felt my spear poke at her tender belly. The sobbing
abruptly ended. Through the haze of the alcohol she looked up at me.

"Are you horny for me?"

The disgust in her tone was evident.

I hesitated a moment and then cast aside my last shred of decency.


Pure and simple. Just like that.

I leaned down to her stunned face and kissed her full on the lips.
Those soft, crimson lips! Maybe it was the surprise of the moment, I'll
never know, but she answered my first kiss! I felt myself overcome by a
fever, a hunger, a need to finally feed my desire. My tongue had just
ventured into her tender mouth when she shook off the fog of the sherry.

"What the FUCK do you think you're doing?"

She shoved me away and wiped her hand across her lips.

"I can't believe you did that!"

I hated that lamp anyway. 'Which lamp?' you ask? That would be the
lamp that sailed past my head and on into the hallway where it met an
untimely death against the wall.

She was furious. Maybe she thought that she had scared me when she
threw the lamp. She stood there and stared at me as I just stood and
stared at her left breast that had come out of hiding during the pitch. It
was perfect. It just hung there, defying gravity, with the most perfect
jewel of a nipple as the diamond of the setting. Oh, to get my lips...

"What are you staring at?"

She hastily covered herself up and then made to leave the room. But she
had to get past me first. I slammed the door shut and then bent over and
dropped my briefs to the floor, freeing my highly agitated cock from its

"No, no, no..."

Her momentum carried her into my reach and I grabbed her round the waist
with one hand while I snatched off her towel with the other. It was
electrifying when I finally clenched her naked body to mine. She tried to
fight her way past me but found herself lifted off of her feet and tackled
onto my bed. There were no more words from her now, just the grunts and
squeals of her efforts to wriggle out from under me or push me off.

I pinned her on her back and managed to avoid her flailing legs smashing
my balls by forcing myself between them. I went to kiss her again but she
moved her face to the side and exposed her neck to me. Passionately, I
dove in and buried my face in her creamy porcelain skin and kissed and
sucked on her neck as my fingers sought out her crevice.


Her pussy was already slick when my finger slipped between her lightly
haired pussy lips. I realized that, despite her fighting me off, her body
was readying itself for what it knew was coming. When I found her clit in
its little hiding place she suddenly stopped fighting me and she looked at
me, as if to say something. My lips promptly locked on hers, stifling
whatever it was she had wanted to say. She didn't answer my kiss this
time, but as I worked her clit with my skilled finger she did begin to make
the most imperceptible thrusts of her pelvis at my hand. Her legs relaxed
along side of mine. Her hands went from pushing at me to holding me.

Was she surrendering to me?

I opted for patience and focused on the task at hand. It was all of
maybe five minutes before I felt her tremors beginning underneath me. Her
legs came up my sides and grapsed at me and one of her hands fought to get
at mine - perhaps to prevent me from my goal? It didn't matter.


It finally hit her like an avalanche. She bucked and thrust at me like
a bronco as she tried to fight the incredible waves of pleasure breaking
across her innocent, unknowing body. I slipped my finger into her body and
sought her G-spot. Amazingly, I found it and she was soon senseless with
more pleasure than she had ever imagined. I managed to carry her joy on
for maybe three or four minutes before I felt her spasms subside.


She just lay there wallowing in the afterglow as I continued to gently
prod and massage her soaking slit. I eased my cock up to her pussy and she
didn't even notice my rubbing the fattened cockhead between her
still-engorged labia until the head popped into her tight little

The fight was back on.

"Goddammit, no! You can't do this to me! Please, you can't do this!"

Her struggles made me want her even more. I had to claim her treasures,
right now! Something in my head told me that this was my right and that
she was mine!

My cock slipped in a little more and I started to do what thousands of
generations of men have done: I claimed my mate.

She had tried to buck me off by arching her back and inadvertantly got
into just the right position and I drove my hungry prick right up to her
womb. Her scream was exquisite as I violated her very depths and began to
steadily pump her conquered body.

The fight was gone from her now. All that was left were the whimpers of
my conquered Christy as I relentlessly drove my eager prick into her silky
pussy. I absolutely thrilled to feeling her pubic hair grind into mine,
tangling with each thrust, and pulling with each release.

"No...please stop...please..."

I couldn't stop if she'd shot me dead. I realized what her complaints
were about when I felt the tremors from her body again. She was having an
orgasm her first time? I slowed my pace and focused on her pleasure and,
sure enough, it took only a little effort to toss her back into a sea of
senseless pleasure.

I felt the welling in my balls as her spasms tapered off again. I tried
to prolong the moment but nature just took over and I pumped away with
renewed vigor. I felt her tighten beneath me with the instinctive
knowledge of what was about to happen.

" can't...please...I'll get pregnant! You've gotta stop...I
can't have a baby!"

I felt my toes tingle as the most intense wad-blowing orgasm of my life
blasted up my balls and down my cock! Surge after surge of my cum blew
into my Christy's virgin pussy! I had lost all control when she brought up
the fact that she was vulnerable, unprotected, and fertile. Even after I
had pumped the last drop of my cum into her waiting pussy, I still
involuntarily thrust my tired cock into that sore little crevice.

My cock still buried in her depths, I made to kiss her and this time she
didn't fight me. She answered my kiss with a weak reply and allowed me to
gently explore her soft body with my sated hands. I finally explored her
soft breasts and treated myself to tasting her once-innocent nipples.

It wasn't very long before my cock sprang to life again and a fresh
spray of my sperm was shooting into her pussy again.

I claimed her body at least twice a day for the next two weeks. There
was no more resistance, although I think she may resent me a bit, and she
didn't complain when I told her that I had no more money for college. I
wanted her to myself.

That was last year. Our little girl was born in late October and after
I get done typing this I fully intend to start working on our next baby.

Whether she likes it or not.


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