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Archived Sex Stories

Tales From the Club The Mesmerist's Tale


Disclaimer: You really should be at least 18 yrs old if you plan on reading

Note: It was an oversight on my part when I used the name Brandon Darke
in my story titled "Gina's Interview". I must like that name because I had
already used it in my story "The Mesmerist". This particular "Brandon
Darke" character is from 'The Mesmerist'.

Special Thanks to one of this genre's finer writers... Trent Wolf.
"Tales from the Club" is his Universe and I thank him for creating it.

"Tales From the Club: The Mesmerist's Tale" by JR Parz

*** - The Night Before

Jonathan grunted with every thrust...

"Unngghhhhhh... harder... fuck me harder!" The young beauty whimpered
underneath him. "I'm going to cum!" she cried and then exploded to an
incredible orgasm.

*** - Later on...

He had noticed 'them' while he was fucking her... but was too caught up
in his passion to remark on 'them'. Now that they lay snuggled up close to
one another he had time to really look at 'them'. Definitely fuller...
much larger. "Your boobs... they're bigger." he stated... at the same
time he reached his hands down to cup them... feeling their new weight.

"Yes sir." She whispered in her ever-so-sweet voice. "I... I'm a 'C'
cup now." She blushed.

"I like them." He replied.

"Thank you, sir." She continued to blush.

"Now, get me hard again." He smiled.

The girl slowly shifted around to slide down his body... kissing his
hard stomach before settling between his legs. Her hands were soft as she
cupped and played with his balls... and just as he started to grow again,
she descended down to take him inside her mouth. He groaned... she
smiled... blood rushed to his cock. In mere seconds he was 'hard'
again... and just as she was about to swing her leg over to straddle him.
"I want that ass of yours."

Immediately, the girl repositioned herself... and he quickly scooped up
some of her wetness to smear her other hole. "You have such a fine ass."
He stated... as he slowly guided himself into her.

"Unngggghhhhhhhh." She groaned with his penetration.

*** Following Evening outside the Club

Brandon Darke pulled up in his black Porsche and spotted Jim Stevens
standing outside the 'Club'. He handed his keys to the young valet and
smiled. He hadn't seen her before... and she looked like she still might
be in High School. She filled out the front of her uniform very nicely and
when he glanced back to take a quick look at her ass, he was equally as

"Her name is Jillian... She's some congresswoman's daughter." Jim
commented, noticing his appreciative glance.

"Did the congresswoman piss someone off?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Apparently." Jim chuckled along with him.

They strode towards the entrance of the 'Club'.

"They here?" Brandon asked, referring to their opposition.

"Yeah... Jonathan arrived last night... Chris this morning."

"Good evening Mr. Darke... Mr. Stevens." the doorman greeted them...
without breaking stride they smiled, nodded and headed inside.

Thanks to a victory they enjoyed over Jared Fox and Eric Travis in last
month's semi-finals, they were now competing against Christopher Naples and
Jonathan Seavers for this year's Billiards Championship.

"Hey Brandon... I need a second to talk to Dave Sanders." Jim stated as
he stopped outside the 'Smoking Room'.

"Sure... I'll wait for you at the bar." He replied.

As Brandon made his way towards the bar, some of the members wished him
'good luck'. He then overheard a conversation Patrick Wade was having with
a group of the younger members regarding his seduction and eventual
enslavement of that ever-so-sexy blonde pop princess.

"Are you ready?" Jim interrupted his attention.

"Yeah... sure." He replied... and chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Jim asked.

"Oh... Patrick is bragging about that young pop star again."

"Well, she is someone to brag about." Jim grinned.

"I suppose she is." Brandon grinned back and they proceeded on to the
Billiards Room.

As they entered, Chris was racking for Jonathan, who was getting ready
to 'break'. "There they are... we were getting concerned about you... we
thought maybe you were considering forfeit." Jonathan smirked.

"Not likely." Jim smirked in response.

They all shook hands.

"Hey Brandon... guess who I had a piece of last night?" Jonathan

"Well... based on your history and the smile you're wearing. I'd say
you had a piece of Tara Sapphire." He grinned. He was well aware of
Jonathan's fascination with the young witch.

"Have you seen her lately... she's looking lovelier and sexier every
day... and did you know she got a boob job?"

"Who's Tara?" Chris interrupted.

"You don't know Tara!" Jim exclaimed. "Oh that's right... you were
still playing around in college when all that came about."

"Lets just say she's a witch that had her broom taken away." Jim

"And rendered quite docile in the process." Jonathan added.

"So what's so special about her?" Chris asked, smirking.

"Story time!" Jonathan grinned.

"I know I wouldn't mind hearing it again." Jim added.

"Well Chris, it's up to you... do you want to hear all about Tara and
how she came to be a permanent fixture here at the club?" Brandon asked
with a grin.

"Are you kidding!?! Another tale from the 'Club'! Who wouldn't want to
hear this story!?!" Chris exclaimed.

*** Brandon's Office - Inside his Mansion - One year ago

Brandon first noticed how distressed his young secretary was when he
overheard her arguing with someone on the phone. Later on that day he made
it a point to schedule her some time.

"Yes sir." Heather responded to the office intercom.

"Reschedule my two remaining appointments for tomorrow morning and come
see me."

"Yes sir. Right away sir!" Heather replied with excitement. He could
tell from the sound of her voice that she was anticipating some personal

When Heather entered his office, he took a few moments to admire her...
she had just recently turned twenty and he was just as much smitten with
her now as he had been when they first met. She was wearing a red leather
mini that accentuated her lovely round bottom and a tight white blouse that
fit snug across her ample chest. Her attire oozed sex appeal and combined
with her long 'ass tickling' blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes... she
epitomized the very essence of erotic innocence. He stepped out from
behind his desk and led her over to the couch.

"Heather... I'm concerned about you. You haven't been yourself lately
and I want you to tell me what's bothering you?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Darke, I really didn't want to burden you with my
problems. I shouldn't have let them affect my work." She replied and then
like a damn bursting, the waterworks began and she started to cry.

"Nonsense... your problems are my problems." He replied and leaned over
to hug her. He hated to see a pretty girl cry... especially one of his.
He got angry with himself for not detecting her plight earlier.

"It's my younger sister... she's been giving my Grandmother problems.
It's not like her... I don't know what to do. I tried talking to her but
she won't listen to me. My grandmother wants me to come home and help."

"Your sister's name is Jennifer, right?" Brandon asked.

"Yes sir." Heather sniffled.

Brandon remembered it wasn't that long ago that Heather was beaming
about her sister's academic accomplishments. "What's the problem?"

"She's threatening to drop out of school." Heather replied.

"This certainly doesn't sound like the same Jennifer you told me about
before... she's due to graduate this year, right?"

"Yes sir... if she makes it."

Brandon remembered back to the first time he met Heather... which was
six months ago. She'd been a sophomore at the University and looking for
part-time employment. He smiled at the initial reason he took a shining to
her... not only was she incredibly beautiful, but she closely resembled a
woman he once loved by the name of Linda Norris. It was the hardest thing
he had done since gaining his powers... proving his love by letting her
go. Anyway, during the interview he prompted Heather to talk about her
family... it was then that he learned about her younger sister.

He smiled when he also recalled how Heather reacted to his 'tweaking'
her libido... she'd become so aroused she nearly 'humped' her seat trying
to relieve herself! It was quite a picture... especially from someone who
appeared so shy. He ended up 'taking' her right there on his office desk.

"She's been hanging around a new girl and my grandmother suspects she's
taking drugs." Heather interrupted his reminiscing... bringing his
attention back to the situation on hand.

"It certainly would explain the sudden change in her... but then I'm a
bit skeptical as to why she'd go in that direction in the first place."

"From what my grandmother says this new friend she's hanging around with
has a strange influence on her... she's been acting completely different.
She even suspects they're more than 'just' friends."

"Lovers?" he asked.

"My grandmother's smart and although she hasn't seen them touch each
other she really believes this."

"Has your sister ever hinted at having lesbian feelings before?"

"No... never. We never even talked about it."

Brandon didn't buy the 'drugs' least not conventional ones.
Alchemy, however, was altogether different. In any event, he suspected the
supernatural was involved. Being a member of 'The Club' certainly expanded
his thoughts on this matter and he wondered now if Jennifer had unwittingly
stumbled upon a taste of it. "Heather... I'm going to have someone look
into this... trust me, everything will be fine."

"Thank you, sir." Heather replied, looking genuinely relieved.

"Now, shall we?" He asked, smiling.

"Yes sir!" Heather beamed back and quickly dropped down to her knees.
Seconds later she had his hard member in her mouth and eagerly licked and
sucked his hard 'shaft'... ever since Theresa trained her in the art of
fellatio she'd been performing exceptionally well.

*** The Club's Smoking Room located at 'The Club' Building - that

"How well do you know Colt Winters?" Brandon asked his good friend,
Warren Prescott.

"Colt Winters? Powerful... young... one of the heavy weights in our

"I'm thinking about asking him for a favor."

"I don't think he's available at the moment... Wasn't he going to
perform a special mission for Damien Bale this week."

"Oh, that's right... I forgot about that."

"Talk to me Brandon... you seemed preoccupied all day... What's the

"It's one of my girls... It appears that her younger sister is causing
her some problems at the moment... and it screams the supernatural.
Anyway, I was thinking that it would be ideal to send someone who could
pass off as a High School boy and handle the situation... someone that
could blend in with the scene." He replied.

"Actually, I do know of someone that may fill your needs."

"From the Club?"



"The person's a 'she'...Winston's niece. Her name is Erica Sterling.
The only reason she isn't a member is because of her gender."

"How powerful is she?"

"She has her uncle's power to surface emotions... just as powerful but
a little 'green'. I think she'd be perfect for this job, though."

"She sounds terrific... but if there is a supernatural being at play,
it could be dangerous... How old is she?"

"Either 18 or 19... I know she's still in her teens. I met her
recently. Great kid. Smart. Very beautiful... model material. She
mentioned that she might go to Hollywood to become an actress. She's very
close to her Uncle."

"I'll contact Winston and ask him what he thinks."

*** Brandon's Office - Inside his Mansion

"Hi Erica... it's nice to meet you... I've heard nothing but great
things about you." Brandon smiled at the beautiful young woman. Erica was
dressed in fashionable 'cut up' jeans and a dark blue halter-top... her
ample chest looked ready to 'burst'! They shook hands and she took a seat.
"So, my Uncle says you need my help?" She asked with a smirk... while
noisily chewing on a piece of gum.

"Yes... The blonde receptionist you passed on the way in is Heather
Thompson... the girl you'll be helping is her younger sister." Brandon
stated while handing the dark haired beauty a file.

"I see." Erica responded... looking at some pictures. "They could pass
for twins."

"Yes... they do look a lot alike. Let me tell you what I know."


Erica Sterling loved helping out her Uncle. It was her way of saying
thanks for this incredible power... plus the only way she knew how to
prove herself. Maybe this mission would enable her to crack the Club's "No
Females" clause.

She reflected back to the time when she first learned of her new
abilities... back on her thirteenth birthday. She had been talking and
giggling with her friends about various boys and one boy in particular came
up... Carson Knight. Her best friend, Carla, told her that Carson was
constantly checking her out and later on she 'ran' into him at the mall.
He was with his mother and she was with Carla. She said 'Hi' to him as
they passed... he shyly responded back but kept on walking. She
remembered wishing that he'd be 'less shy' and more attracted to her and a
minute later she felt a tap on her shoulder. She remembered blushing at
his sudden boldness and said 'yes' when he asked her out.

Later on when she thought about the incident, she thought it was strange
and told her Dad about it. Her Dad must have told her Uncle because the
next thing she knew he was flying in to meet with her. That was when her
uncle disclosed the power...and demonstrated how to use it.

She ended up having a lot of fun with Carson, experimenting. He was
infatuated with her and she enhanced his arousal every time they were alone
together... as a result, there wasn't a thing he wouldn't do for her but
because of their age, they never did anything more than 'make out'.

Her father lectured her on when and when not to use her new powers...but
her Uncle told her to exercise them as much as possible. As she got older her experiments went beyond the simple 'infatuation' and turned downright
'X-rated'. She was a sophomore when she lost her virginity... his name
was Jason and he was a senior. At 15 she was a 'hottie' but there was no
way she could compete with the 17-year-old Head cheerleader. Her first
order of business was to eliminate the competition so she gave the "Miss
I'm all that" cheerleader an attack of anxiety every time she came in
contact with Jason. By the third day she was deliberately avoiding him,
meanwhile, every time she herself came in contact with him she surfaced his
sexual desire for her and on the fourth day he slipped her a note. "After
your last class, meet me in the student parking lot."

Erica was too horny to be bothered by his air of propriety and didn't
hesitate to jump in his car and take a ride with him. She knew she looked
good but she didn't want him 'chickening out' so she increased his 'need'
for her during the ride. This prompted him to find a deserted parking lot
and that was where it happened. They fucked in the backseat of the car...
and she blushed even today when she thought about how hard he made her cum.
Sure, there was initial pain from losing her virginity...but the intense
pleasure she reaped from stroke after stroke was well worth it.

Erica would never consider herself promiscuous but she did 'experiment'
further... and enjoyed sex with some of the best looking athletes in town.
She even had herself two guys at once... She also played 'matchmaker' with
others... her most interesting was a couple of closet lesbians from
school. She not only amplified the feelings they felt for their own sex but
directed them towards one another... within a week the whole school was

Now, she used her power to right wrong...and of course still nudged a
stud or two along the way. A girl needed her help and she was on her way
to provide it. Her mission was simple... find out why Jennifer had gone
'bad' and resurface the appropriate feelings... and report back any
supernatural happenings.

Her first stop would be the girls main hung out... The new Rave Center
called 'The Hippadrome'... an under 21 hangout for the local youth. She
pulled her blue mustang into the parking lot and was pleased to see it was
'packed'. She hoped they'd be here tonight. Maybe, she thought with a
smirk, she'd also find herself someone to take back to her motel room.

*** The Hippadrome Entertainment Spot - Saturday Night

Tara spotted the girl the second she entered... in fact; it was hard
not too! Who was she? Whoever she was, she was incredibly 'hot' and
sexy... and look at the size of her tits! They looked even bigger than

"Could you, like, make it any more obvious?" Her jealous lover
commented, glaring at her.

Tara turned to Jennifer and smiled. "Behave yourself Jenn...
Understand?" She responded.

That was all it took to put Jennifer in her place... and have her bow
her head in subservience... a trait that had become incredibly 'becoming'
on the girl. Tara scribbled out a note on a piece of paper and handed it
to her. "I want to talk to her... go deliver this." She instructed. The
note said; 'Cum - join us'


Jennifer felt so upset she wanted to cry... How could Tara be so mean
to her? Here she was being forced to hand deliver a message to someone
that was an obvious threat to her relationship. Every day she amazed
herself! Had it only been three months ago?

She remembered heading back from her Sociology Class when she spotted
her... it was hard not to given she was leaning up against her locker.
She had a 'sleek look'... small breasts, stood about 5'5" with dirty
blonde hair that she wore in a 'tease'. She was the new transfer student
all the guys were talking about... and had a reputation for trouble. She
wasn't the type to bite her tongue and told the girl to move. Instead, the
girl deliberately stared back at her and then let her eyes roam all along
her body. She blushed when they lingered on her tits.

Jennifer went to bed that night feeling very strange and couldn't stop
thinking about the way the girl had stared at her. Then the dream came...
a very vivid dream. She was lying on a bed... naked... when suddenly a
young man appeared. She'd never seen him before but he epitomized male
perfection... and he was stark naked, too! Not only naked, but also
sporting an erection! At first, she felt embarrassed... then excited...
but then all of a sudden something shifted in her... and instead of
feeling further aroused from his approach she felt repulsed. 'But why?'
she wondered. Just as he was about to touch her, he suddenly
disappeared... and in place stood...Tara? Tara Sapphire, naked, was inside
her dream! She tried to move... tried to cover herself... anything...
but the only thing she could do was blush.

Without saying a word, Tara climbed on the bed and stretched out along
side of her... her left hand cupped her 'wet' mound while her right hand
came up to caress her cheek. She thought she should feel repulsed at this
act of intimacy but instead she found herself feeling incredibly aroused
and anxious... even a feeling of love. When Tara's fingers entered her
she gasped, then cried out with an orgasm... and then the next thing she
knew she was waking up...completely 'wet' and confused.

She walked the hallway of her school in a daze... only having a vague
memory of the dream... what she did remember embarrassed her... not to
mention concerned her. Then, standing against her locker again was Tara...
and that was when she felt it... a sudden vertigo followed by a tidal wave
of desire... sexual desire... and with more intensity than she felt
possible. Tara came over to steady her and then they hugged. She didn't
care that Tara was cupping her ass cheeks... she didn't care that they
were kissing. When she drew back to smile at her... she whispered. "Now
that I have you in a more amiable state... we're going to become so

In the beginning she would wonder whether it was 'love' or 'lust'...
not that it mattered. The bottom line was that she had to be with her...
all the time. She remembered Tara taking her back to her apartment that
day and eliciting one orgasm after another... and later on when they lay
snuggled up close to one another she couldn't believe how happy she felt.
She had 'cum' more from their lovemaking than in all her masturbation
sessions combined.

She would never have thought it possible, given how powerful her
feelings were for her in the beginning, but as their relationship
progressed, her feelings for Tara grew... and soon everything else
deteriorated. School no longer interested her and she wanted to drop
out... and she would have if it weren't for Tara. "You make sure you
graduate." Tara had told her. And just like that the subject was closed.

Then this... It was the first time Tara had shown any interest in
anyone else since they'd become lovers and she wanted to kill the girl!
Instead, she smiled and passed her the note. How could Tara be so mean to


Erica couldn't believe it! Not only did she find Jennifer but it
appeared that she was here with her 'new' friend... and better yet, she's
was being invited to join them! Could this have been any easier?

Erica reread the note and was a little surprised at the pun... or was
the misspelling innocent? Quickly, she probed Jennifer's mind and was
shocked at what she discovered! Hatred... Anger... Jealousy... all lay
there just below her surface. But why?!? Why did Jennifer hate her so
much? Was she really that jealous? Obviously, the grandmother's
suspicions were accurate... Tara and Jennifer were lovers. Obviously,
Jennifer thought she was competition. Well, that was one thing that
Jennifer wouldn't have to worry about... the very thought of two girls together made her shudder.

Erica followed Jennifer over to the table and took a seat directly
across from them. Jennifer's friend had a wild sexiness about her and
introduced herself... she was very sure of her self and she could sense a
'coldness' about her... and when she, ever so lightly probed her mind, she
felt something very powerful... and very EVIL.

*** Erica's Motel Room - Later on that Evening

"I don't like the sounds of this Erica... maybe you should consider
leaving before it's too late." Mr. Darke told her over the cell phone.

"I don't think that's necessary Mr. Darke. Tara hasn't a clue as to
who I am... and I still believe that I can help Jennifer." Erica replied,
trying to ease his mind.

"Well, under no circumstances are you to pick a fight with this girl...
she may be a witch and a very powerful one at that... obviously she's
powerful enough to wrap Jennifer around her little finger." Mr. Darke

"Jennifer is defenseless... I'm not... but trust me; I have no desire
to pick a fight with her... I'll simply focus my attention on Jennifer."
Erica reassured him.

"Okay... but the first sign of trouble call me and get the hell out of

"Yes sir." Erica replied. Part of her did feel nervous but the other
part of her wanted to prove she could handle herself. Plus, she had
already agreed to meet the both of them again tomorrow night.


Tara was so, so excited... she had never ever suspected that Erica was
anything more than your normal above-average beautiful 'chick' until quite
suddenly she felt her enter her mind. Quickly, she blocked Erica's probe
but not before she allowed the girl to sense her EVIL... she had to stifle
a giggle when she saw how Erica reacted to it.

She had been 'taken' with her the very second she saw her... and with
every passing second she realized more and more that she 'wanted' her...and
'wanted' her NOW! She announced that they had to leave early so they said
their good-byes... but not before they exchanged cell phone numbers and
agreed to meet tomorrow night.

She had wanted to leave early in order to prepare the 'spell'... and
because Erica had made her horny. As she allowed Jennifer to lick and
nibbled at her clit she imagined Erica... As she allowed Jennifer to
caress and suck on her tits, she imagined Erica... and after they both
exploded to several orgasms, Jennifer drifted off to a sex-induced sleep.
Tara got up and went to her secret room. She didn't need a lock of Erica's
hair or a picture of her... just the vivid image of her. When the clock
struck midnight she recited the incantation making Erica hers.

*** Erica's Motel Room - Next Morning

When Erica awoke, two things became very apparent to her... number one;
she woke up incredibly horny and two; she felt out of kilt but couldn't
quite figure out why. Still, she got up and took a shower, allowing the
water to spray hard against her full firm breasts... this eventually led
her hand down to her 'ache' below and she began to masturbate. Her fingers
moved in and out of her... harder and faster, but instead of relieving
herself she only became more frustrated. Why couldn't she cum? She
wondered, as she walked out of the bathroom... that was when she heard her
cell phone.

"Hello" She answered... thinking it might be Mr. Darke.

"Hi Erica." Replied a soft sexy voice.

"Tara!" She gasped in shock... but not shock that it was Tara on the
phone, but from what she was feeling! Sexual 'need' like never before
bombarded her... overwhelmed her! She dropped the towel she'd been
holding and fell back on her bed... her huge breasts pitched forward and
moved up and down on her chest... her nipples hardened... her groin grew
'wet'... and her breathing went absolutely berserk!

"How do you feel?" Tara asked her... then giggled.

"I...Oh god! I... I need you... please, please...please... I need
you." She whimpered in desperation. Not wanting to acknowledge what she
needed but having no choice.

"Calm down dear... are you alone?" Tara asked.

"Yes." She whispered... suddenly realizing it was important for her to
calm down.

"Great... I have a few things I need you to do... then you can come

"YES! Anything! I'll do anything you want!" She responded, feeling her
'need' gnaw at her like a parasite.

"Good girl... are you lying down?"

"I'm sitting on my bed." Erica replied.

"Lie down on your back and spread your legs." Tara commanded.

Erica whimpered as she stretched out on the bed, spreading her legs as
instructed. She could see her wetness smear the insides of her thighs and
she blushed. Only for a fraction of a second did she question this

"Masturbate... and while you do, think of me... and make sure you play
with those gorgeous tits while you do."

Erica quickly moved her left hand down and entered herself... slippery
would be an understatement. Quickly, she stroked her fingers in and out...
while her other hand kneaded and squeezed her huge tits... unlike her
tryst in the shower, she quickly exploded to an orgasm! "Ohhhhh
Goooddddddd!" she cried out.

Tara gave her a few moments to calm down. "Now, I want you to bring
yourself 'off' four more times and after you're done you can get dressed.
You're going to go to a beauty saloon."

"Can I..." Erica started to say.

"No shower... I want everyone at the saloon to smell your lovely
aroma... Incidentally, I want you blonde the next time I see you."

"Oh god." She whimpered.

"So, I suggest you shave 'down under' if you aren't already... I don't
want to see anything that reminds me of your natural color."

"Then can I see you?" Erica pleaded.

"Nope... then you have to go to a lingerie store... and then a
clothing store. Buy the sexiest outfit they make and try it on at the
store... I want everyone who's within whiffing distance to smell you."

"Please... then can I see you?"

"Yep... but you had better look sexy!"

"I will Tara... I promise!" Erica exclaimed.

"Now, get a pen and paper... I want to give you my address."


Erica took down the information and then heard her line go dead. Her
'need' to be with Tara overwhelmed her and she quickly entered herself
again... and cried out with her second orgasm!

Now, she understood why Jennifer was the way she was...undoubtedly under
the same type of spell. She knew it made her a slave... just like
Jennifer... but strangely instead of hating Tara for what she'd done to
her, she instead hated Jennifer for being her competition. She looked at
her phone and thought about calling Mr. Darke, but only for a moment...
if she called this would delay her from seeing Tara even longer and she
could never do that... she cried out with her third orgasm! Then her
fourth... and finally her fifth!


(Inside a Beauty Saloon)

"Are you sure you want to do this?" the young woman asked Erica.

"Yes... please... I need to be blonde!" Erica exclaimed... wishing
she'd just do it. She could smell her sex thanks to her marathon
masturbation session but the only thing she cared about was being blonde.

"Okay... but if you ask me you look incredible beautiful with your
natural hair color."

"Just hurry!" Erica cried.

Just then Erica's cell phone rang. Automatically she assumed it was
Tara. "Tara!?!"

"No Erica... this is Brandon Darke. What happened... is everything
all right?"

"No! Nothing! Everything's fine... I just thought you were Tara."

"Has she done something to you?"

"I... I love her... I want to be with her... please leave me alone!"
She replied in fear. Quickly, she disconnected the line and then turned to
the girl. "Please hurry... make me blonde!"

*** Brandon's Office - Inside his Mansion

"Heather... get Theresa on the line for me." Brandon instructed.

Moments later the buzzer sounded interrupting his thoughts.

"Yes." He answered.

"She's on line two, sir." Heather stated.

Brandon pressed line two. "Theresa... we're going on a trip."

"How long sir?" Asked the sweet voice on the other end.

"About three days... pack for the both of us."

"Yes sir." Theresa responded.

After hanging up with Theresa he pressed the number for Winston

"Hello." Winston answered.

"Bad news Winston... Erica's in trouble. She's up against a witch and
under her spell."

"What kind?"

"A love spell."

"Oh my." He replied with concern.

"I'll be leaving here within the hour."

"Is there anything I can do?" Winston asked.

"No. I'm handling this personally. I'm just sorry that I got Erica
into this..."

"Erica knew the risks... she'll come out of it. I'm sure."

Brandon said goodbye to Winston and then headed towards the other side
of the mansion. When he entered his room, Theresa was naked and packing
his clothes. He would never tire of seeing her naked... She had dark hair that she wore just past her shoulder and very shapely tits... just the
perfect size on her frame. Of course she had an equally beautiful ass and
her face was breathtaking.

"Why are you naked?" He asked... surprised but not complaining.

"Tracy and Darlene are in my room... we were enjoying a threesome when
I received word that you wanted to talk to me."

"Oh... sorry to interrupt but this really is important."

"I understand sir. They aren't going anywhere."

"Are they still questioning their new feelings towards you?" He asked,
curious. He had only converted the two models a couple of weeks ago.

"Darlene is... but she isn't complaining, just confused. Tracy on the
other hand admitted to being 'bi-curious' so it's been easier for her to

"Interesting... anyway, I'm really in a rush... go back to your room
and pack... I'll pack my own clothes to speed things up." Brandon stated.

*** Tara's Apartment

Tara heard the soft tap on the door... she knew it was Erica.

"Jennifer... go open the door."

Jennifer did as instructed and then gasped at what she saw. Erica stood
there... long blonde hair flowing down her back and wearing the sexiest
black leather dress that she'd ever seen... nothing was left to the
imagination... especially her very beautiful tits!

"Let her in Jenn." Tara commanded.

It was obvious that Jennifer wasn't too happy at seeing her rival
here... and probably baffled at her new appearance... but like before she
did as instructed and stepped aside.

Erica walked inside... and as she did her tits jiggled and swayed with
every step. They sat high and firm on her chest and the sexy bra she wore
only enhanced them that much more.

"Erica... you look absolutely ravishing... a sexual animal... how do
you feel?" She grinned.

"Horny." Erica admitted... then blushed. She stood there passive
waiting to be told what to do.

Tara turned to look at Jennifer, who looked like she was ready to cry.
"Go home Jenn... I'll talk to you later."

"But I..." she began, but Tara shook her head 'no'. Jennifer left
without a word.

"Now Erica... some ground rules before we play. First and foremost...
you obey me always, understand?"

"Yes." Erica replied.

"I know you aren't as naive as Jennifer... so I'm going to assume
you're well aware of what has happened to you."

"Yes... I... I understand you've placed a spell on me." She whispered.

"Also understand that this spell is relentless and can never be
countered... except if I wish it and I can't think of a reason why I would
do such a thing." Tara responded... then added. "Obviously, 'knowing'
you're under a spell doesn't help you... it simply reminds you of how
truly helpless you are. Another thing... you aren't allowed to disclose
anything at all about what has happened to you... if anyone asks, tell
them you've fallen in love with me... Okay?"

"Okay." Erica replied, still blushing.

"Now... I know you have powers... are you a witch?"

"No. I'm not a witch... I just posses some form of telepathy where I
can surface emotions... enhance them."

"And look at you now... under the spell of a horny lesbian witch who
has the 'hots' for you. Your misfortunate is my fortune... but with your
new outlook on life, it isn't a misfortune at all for you... is it?
Anyway, here's yet another rule for you. You aren't allowed to use your
powers unless I give you permission. Now, get those clothes off and let me
take a good look at you."


Erica trembled with 'need'... so it wasn't easy to disrobe... when she
finally managed, she stood in front of Tara... docile and leaking down the
insides of her thighs.

"You're very beautiful... did you have to shave?"

"Only a little."

"I'm not surprised... we girls are finding this look much more sexier,
aren't we?"

"I... I guess. Yes." She responded.

"Do you 'want' me?"

"God, yes." She groaned... feeling pleasurable waves crash over her.
She hoped that Tara would take her soon... the anticipation was killing

"More rules... unless you're having your period... no more wearing
panties. Not even the thong ones you just slipped off. Also, no more
wearing bras... understood."

"I understand." Erica whispered... now shivering with need.

"No more masturbating unless I give you permission... and keep your
pussy shaved... I love how your lips pout and glisten like that."

"Yes Tara." She blushed.

"Incidentally, how do you feel about Jennifer?"

"I hate her!" Erica responded, feeling angry towards her rival... she
could feel her jealousy overwhelm her.

"Your feelings for each other are mutual... the jealousy is built into
the spell... pretty soon, though, I'm going to have the both of you at the
same time, so I expect it'll prove rather interesting... Now, lets proceed
to the bedroom."

Erica had never slept with a girl before... but the feelings she felt
at that moment defied every intellectual thought she ever possessed.
Desire unlike anything she ever felt like before throbbed inside her pussy as she eagerly positioned herself in front of Tara's pussy... soon; the
two of them were lapping and licking at each other like hungry-starved
animals. They lapped and sucked and fingered until they cried out to
several orgasms... and when they finally lay back, spent, satisfied and
exhausted, they fell asleep cuddling.

*** Jennifer's House - Her bedroom

Jennifer paced back and forth inside her bedroom. How dare Tara treat
her like this! At the same time she paced, her hand kept on rubbing
against her groin... she was so, so horny... and so very much needed
Tara. She also wanted to masturbate but the rules didn't allow her... she
had to wait until Tara called. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"Are you alright, honey?" her Grandmother asked through the door.

"Leave me alone!" she exclaimed... taking her frustration out on her
Grandmother. She just couldn't help it. It was all Erica's fault! She
hated that bitch... why did she have to show up anyway? She even bleached
her hair blonde to look like her! She hated being this jealous but she
couldn't help it. If only she could talk to Tara and let her know how she

*** Outside Jennifer's home

Brandon used the pendent to concentrate on the two beings inside the
house... moments later; the old lady sitting on the couch closed her eyes
and went to sleep. Meanwhile, the teenager still paced back and forth
inside her bedroom.

Quickly, They entered and went straight to Jennifer's bedroom.

"Hi Jennifer... let us in." Brandon instructed through the door.

The girl opened the door and looked at him... then at Theresa. She
looked confused but stepped aside to allow them inside.

*** Inside Jennifer's Bedroom

"Go sit down on your bed." Brandon instructed the pretty blonde.

Theresa wondered what Brandon was up to.

"Now, tell me how you and Tara met and everything that has happened
since." Brandon instructed.

Jennifer disclosed everything... not only everything that had happened
but also how she felt about Tara... and her hatred for Erica. When she
was done, Brandon used his pendant to induce sleep.

"Can you reverse the spell?" Theresa asked, wondering what Brandon had
in mind.

"I don't think so... but I do have a plan." Brandon replied.

"A plan?" Theresa replied.

"And it involves you."

"Me?!?" Theresa responded in shock.

"How would you like to be seventeen again?"

*** Tara's Apartment - Her bedroom

As Erica woke, snuggled up as close to Tara, she tried reflecting on her
predicament. But it seemed the more she reflected, the more she realized
that she was too much in love to care. Never had she felt such love and
desire for someone before as she felt for Tara... and the fact that it was
artificially induced didn't matter. She knew she was supposed to help
Jennifer but that was before... now all she cared about was winning Tara
for herself and not having to share her with Jennifer. The best way she
could do this was to please Tara in every possible way.

*** Inside Jennifer's Bedroom

Theresa Cassidy and Jennifer Thompson lay side by side, naked. They
were both incredibly beautiful... and their contrast absolute. Jennifer
was blonde while Theresa brunette... five years between them in age.

Brandon had stripped off his shirt in order to access the pendant's full
strength. Slowly, he reached down and placed one palm over Theresa's
forehead while he placed his other palm over Jennifer's forehead. He had
never tried this before but somehow knew he had the ability.

Focusing... he entered the minds of the two beauties before him...
moments later he surfaced them out of their shells... then passed them
between one another and then allowed them to settle back down inside their
new shells.


Jennifer's eyes opened... but it was Theresa's body that stretched out
and sighed. Then it 'HIT' her! Quickly, she bolted up to a sitting
position and blushed. She then glanced over at the sleeping body beside
her... and gasped.

"Theresa... Jennifer's inside your body at the moment, sleeping. I
don't plan on waking her up until after the mission is complete." Brandon

Theresa continued to stare down at her body in disbelief... then she
reexamined her new one. She brought her hands up and cupped her new
breasts... despite the girl's youth, they were huge compared to her own.
Then she ran her hands through her long blonde hair. She had experienced a
lot of changes over the last couple of years... every one of them more
bizarre than the last. First her sudden attraction to Brandon Darke and
then her disinterest in college. Then her new sensuality, which included
bisexuality... all due to the pendant's power to influence her. But
nothing could compare to this! Here she was... inside the body of a

She quickly dressed when Brandon instructed her to put Jennifer's
clothes on. It seemed that she felt more embarrassed parading around naked
in this teenaged body than she did her own.

"How do you feel?" Brandon asked.

"Different... it's hard to explain." She replied.

"Would you like me to make you feel a little more comfortable with your
new body?"

"I guess so." Theresa whispered.

Brandon quickly mumbled something under his breath and moments later she
felt a wave of comfort wash over her. Suddenly, the body felt 'right' and
she looked up at him with a smile.

"How about now?" Brandon asked with a grin.

"Much better." She replied, still smiling. "I just love these huge
tits!" she added, giggling and cupping them at the same time.


Theresa, in Jennifer's body, walked in front of her mirror. She smiled,
remembering when she was a real teenager. Brandon was downstairs at the
moment checking on Jennifer's grandmother and she was tempted to start
playing with herself... but because she had to be ready to move the second
Tara called, she didn't. Jennifer was a very beautiful girl and this
reminded her of her own beauty when she was this age.

Suddenly her cell phone rang.

"Hello." She answered.

"How's my sweetie?" a feminine voice asked on the other end. She
assumed it was Tara.

"Tara!" she exclaimed. Hoping she sounded desperate and excited at the
same time.

"Come over."

"Right away!" she replied.

*** In the hallway outside Tara's Apartment

"What if she doesn't want to make love to me?" Theresa asked, fearfully.

"I seriously doubt that will be the case, but remember, a distraction is
paramount. If I've learned anything at all in this business it's that you
never underestimate your opponent and the last thing I want to do is lock
horns with that witch head on. Look at how easily she overcame and
subjugated a powerful girl like Erica... this is why your role in this
plan is essential." Brandon replied.


"Come in." Tara shouted at the door.

Tentatively, Theresa opened the door and saw Tara sitting on the couch.
Slowly, she walked inside... making sure to leave the door slightly ajar
before stepping in.

"Hi Jennifer... are you upset with me?"

"No." she whispered.

"Come here sweetie..." Tara commanded.

Theresa quickly walked over and then kneeled down.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" She asked.

Theresa was confused... not sure what to say.


"Oh... I'm sorry Tara." Jennifer replied and quickly stood back up to
take off her clothes. When she was naked, she resumed her position on her

"Erica's still here... she's sleeping in the bedroom."

Theresa tried to look jealous.

"Let's go join her." Tara added... then took her hand and led her to
the bedroom.


Brandon slowly stepped inside the apartment, softly closing the door
behind him. He had to act fast, quickly, but quietly, he moved towards the
bedroom... then clutching his pendant he began to focus... this time on
Erica... and within seconds, Erica was sent spiraling down into a deep,
deep sleep.

Fortunately, Tara had been far too busy with who she believed to be
Jennifer, so she didn't notice anything remiss. His plan was to enter
Tara's mind and subdue her... then have sex with her. The worst thing a
witch of her stature could do was to have sex with a man... If legend were
correct, by having sex with him would mean she'd be stripped of her
supernatural powers. He just had to be patient and wait until Theresa did
her part.


Theresa found her new body pulsating with unbelievable desire while the
witch lapped at her bare pubis. The witch was insatiable and as much as
she wanted to reciprocate, her orgasms made movement nearly impossible.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she cried out over and over and eventually lost

When she woke... Tara was sitting on the top of her chest... crushing
her boobs with her ass. Her arms were pinned down by her sides...

"Who are you?" Tara asked with a grin.

"Wh... what?" She stammered.

"I know you aren't Jennifer... the spell she's under is too powerful
for her to be totally on the receiving end. So, again... who are you?"

"I'm Jennifer... really I am." Theresa lied.

"If you insist." Tara responded and then mumbled an incantation.

A split-second later the bedroom door sprung open and Brandon barged in
while at the same time Theresa felt a searing heat inside her brain. As
much as she was glad to see Brandon she suddenly felt very afraid and
wondered what Tara had done to her. In desperation, she tried physically
shoving Tara off of her but passed out instead.


Brandon poured his entire focus at the witch, hoping his sudden entrance
would be enough to distract her... from what he could tell, Theresa was
dealt an unexpected blow and he just prayed that she was all right. At the
same time he tried over-powering the witch's mind with his own, he rushed
in to physically subdue her. Slowly, but surely, the tide turned and the
witch now lay pinned beneath him.

"No!" She cried out, thrashing her body around to try and avoid him.

Brandon used his left hand to pin both of her hands above her head...
then with his right hand he moved his zipper down, releasing himself.

"You can't!" she pleaded underneath him.

Brandon smiled down at the witch as she struggled against his grip...
all the while he poured thoughts of paralysis inside her mind... soon she
stopped struggling as the paralysis took hold. She could no longer move.

While not chancing anything, he used his mind to elicit passion inside
of her while still restraining her wrists. His right hand proceeded to
caress along her slopes and curves and he could tell from her moaning that
victory was near. Then he nudged her legs apart and just as he was about
to enter her... she spoke. "If you do this you are dooming Jennifer and
Erica forever."

Brandon stopped at her entrance... feeling an urge to ram into her.
But he remained still looking down at her. "Explain."

"I'm the only one that can lift the love spells they're under."

"Oh." Brandon smirked in disbelief.

"It's true... and I also did something to that bitch inside Jennifer's

"So, you're trying to tell me that if I fuck you... then both the real
Jennifer and Erica will remain your little pleasure slaves?"

"Yes... for the rest of their lives."

Brandon entered her mind to detect any half-truths and saw none... if
he really did fuck her; it would doom Jennifer and Erica to a life of
sexual slavery. "So, I guess we bargain?"

"Wh... what were you planning to do to me?"

"Recondition you to be a sex slave..."

"But I'm a lesbian."

"So, I'll allow you to be a lesbian in mind... just not your body."

"Let me go... and I'll promise to release Jennifer and Erica and

"I can't do that."


"Damien Beal wouldn't allow it."

"What? Who is Damien Beal?"

"You'll see... after I fuck you."

*** Back to the Present inside 'The Club'...

"So, to make a long story short... I fucked Tara... but not
physically, just mentally. This illusion and a few other 'tweaks' made her
believe she was stripped of her powers. All for the sake of saving
Jennifer and Erica from a life of slavery." Brandon finalized.

"That's incredible! So the witch is still powerful but doesn't even
know it?" Chris asked in amazement.

"Now wouldn't that be a kicker?" He chuckled. "No. We couldn't gamble
it... too risky. Anyway, I went to Damien with the girls and between the
two of us we came up with the right punishment for Tara... plus the best
case decision for Jennifer, Theresa and Erica."

"What happened?" Chris asked.

"Well... first off we found that I couldn't retransfer Theresa and
Jennifer's bodies. Apparently, Tara had done something to Theresa's mind
that I couldn't even penetrate... anyway, it prevented me from
transferring their minds back to their original bodies. Theresa is still
Theresa but inside Jennifer's body."

"Incredible." Chris whispered.

"The second thing we did was tap into Tara's power and lift the love
spells that Jennifer and Erica were under."

"Then why couldn't you do the same to reverse Tara's other spell?" Chris
asked, confused.

"Good question... whatever Tara had done to Theresa was permanent...
and even she wouldn't have been able to reverse it."

"What happened to Erica?"

"This experience gave her quite a scare and she decided to finally act
on her desires to become an actress."

"So, the only innocent that came out with a raw deal was Jennifer...
losing five years of her life... doesn't seem fair."

"I agree... despite how beautiful Theresa's body is... it was about
this time that I met Colt Winters for the first time. He truly impressed
me. He couldn't change Theresa's face to look like her old face, but he
did make her hair grow long and blonde... and gave her large tits back.
Plus the most important part... he regressed her age back to seventeen."

"No shit!"

"None at all... Jennifer went back home a new girl with her old values
back in place. She was led to believe that she was in a car accident and
that explained her new 'look' and some memory lapses. I also made it
easier for her Grandmother and Heather to believe it."

"What about Theresa?"

"Although she was perfectly happy with her old body... her new body is
nothing less than Playboy material... she isn't complaining and nor am I.
Although I must admit I feel old sometimes." He smiled.

"And Tara?"

"As you know, she's property of 'The Club'. Call her 'The Club's'
exclusive 'call girl' and although she's still very much a lesbian in
heart, her body craves a hard long fuck from every card-carrying member of
the 'Club'. We put her up in an apartment within walking distance. We
also gave her an attitude adjustment... rendering her sweet and docile.
There's nothing like taking a hot aggressive witch and turning her into a
docile little sex kitten."

"Do you let her act on her lesbian feelings anymore?"

"Funny you ask that... Theresa visits her from time to time. Normally,
we wouldn't allow Tara the pleasures of another girl, but given Theresa's
role in the successful mission... we let her indulge."

"What a tale... I must compliment you on one hell of a story."

"Thank you... I thought it was worth telling."

The End...

...of this tale and if you liked the story, or thought it too long and
boring - I'd love to hear from you...

And finally... How about you other writers?... Trent Wolf has opened
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