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Taming the Teach 1


Taming the Teach
(c)2001 by Couture

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(Fd, F+F, M+F, humil)

(c)2001 by Couture
?This is just another example of why I hate being a
teacher,? Ms. Thompson said to herself, as she started
her car and pulled out of her driveway. ?Kids these
days have no respect for authority as it is. Now they
are going to make me chaperone the Halloween party and
require me to wear a stupid costume!? She looked
down at the costume she had picked out. It was a
nun?s habit and she carried a teacher?s pointer,
completing the ensemble. ?This should be
authoritarian enough to make sure the little devils
continue to respect me!? she thought, as her mouth
tightened and pinched together. No one could have
guessed that she was attempting to grin.

?Why do they have to have a Halloween dance anyway? I
know they want to keep the kids in a structured
environment where they can?t drink and drive, but this
is supporting a pagan holiday. That?s the problem
these days, they need to bring God back into the
classes!? Ms. Thompson had chosen her costume for the
religious significance as well. ?It?s a shame, the
only day I could bring religion to school, is
Halloween,? she thought, as she fingered her rosary

<Katunk! Katunk! Tunk-tunk-tunk-put>

Ms. Thompson?s Corsica slowed and then pulled over to
the side of the road after making a horrible sound.

?Why tonight of all nights?? she thought, as she
reached for her pocket book. ?Oh no! I was in such a
hurry to get dressed in my costume, I forgot my pocket
book!? she exclaimed, hitting the steering wheel. She
was afraid to get out of the car and walk, especially
with it being Halloween, but there was not other
option. She did take the precaution and crossed to
the other side of the road, so no one would try to
pick her up.

A car slowed down, honking the horn as it drove by.
?Need a ride!? they shouted, then burning rubber as
they sped off. ?Well you?re not gonna get nun!?

?Blasted kids!? she swore, as the car pulled away.
?They could have at least not used a double negative.?

A red convertible Mustang pulled next to the walking
nun and a window slid down. ?Hey lady! You need a
ride?? a young red haired girl asked.

Ms. Thompson looked in the window at the other
occupants. They were all young girl, she saw with
relief. It was much further to school than she
originally thought and her feet were beginning to
hurt, so she decided to take a chance. ?Thank
heavens!? she exclaimed. ?My car broke down and I
forgot my cellular phone. If you be so kind as to
take me as far as Holybrook High School, I would be
ever so grateful,? she said as cheerfully as possible.

?Sure lady, hop in!? she shouted out the window.
?Tamika, get out and let the lady in the back seat.
Show the old lady some manners,? she asked the girl in
the back seat.

?I am not an *old* lady! The nerve of that girl!?
thought the teacher.

The back door opened and a young black girl got out of
the car. Ms. Thompson was taken aback by the black
girl?s clothes or rather her lack of clothes. She was
wearing what seemed to be the tiniest Catholic school
uniform ever made. It was so short that when she got
out of the car, she flashed her tiny white panties to
the older woman.

?The clothes these kids wear today, it just isn?t
proper,? Ms. Thompson thought, as she got in the seat.
She was startled when the black girl pushed her beside
the blonde girl in the back seat and then got in next
to her. ?What on earth is she doing that for??
worried Ms. Thompson, as she was sandwiched between
the two girls. ?Why doesn?t she sit in the front,
where she was?? Not only did she think this was a
little strange, but it was also peculiar that all the
girls were dressed in the same costume. Even if
tonight was Halloween. ?Maybe, they are actually
Catholic school girls,? she reasoned.

The driver looked back at the hitch-hiker and then
widened her eyes in shock. ?Ms. Thompson! Is that
you?? she exclaimed.

?Err-yes,? replied Ms. Thompson, while she tried to
remember the girl?s name. She looked familiar, but
she just couldn?t place her, after only seeing her

?You failed me, if that helps,? added the red-haired

?Tina? Tina Anderson. I?ve missed you at school this
year, are you going to St. Mary?s now?? Ms. Thompson
asked. To her dismay all the other girls in the car
began laughing hysterically.

The black girl put her arm around the flustered
teacher, ?Teach, you a trip!? she said as she
playfully poked her index finger in the older woman?s
ribs. Ms. Thompson?s reaction was immediate, as she
jumped away from the finger that goosed her and landed
in the blonde?s lap, who sat to her left.

?Ugh, get off me lady, you?re crushing me with that
fat ass!? the petite blonde shouted.

?Sorry, b-but s-she,? Ms. Thompson replied
apologetically, as she looked over at the black girl,
sitting so smugly with a *what who me* look, plastered
on her face. The older woman couldn?t say that she
was extremely ticklish; she knew how mean kids could
be when they found a weakness. Instead, she just
sheepishly scooted back into the middle again, but
Tamika did notice.

?No, I?m not a student Ms. Thompson, I just play one
on TV. Besides, you ended my school career for me
with that F you gave me. No chance of college for me,
after that I?m afraid, so I just found a nice well
paying job that I don?t need your little diploma to
get,? Tina said in a superior tone.

?I?m sorry to hear that Tina. You really should try
to get your degree, and don?t blame me, you were the
one who didn?t do your assignments.? Ms. Thompson
chided the girl. It was a speech she had given time
and time before.

Tina put a cigarette in her mouth and lit it. Smoke
began to fill the car, much to the teacher?s dismay.
?What is that curious smell?? thought Ms. Thompson,
smelling the spicy fumes that filled the air. ?Dear
God! She wouldn?t have the nerve to smoke marijuana
in front of a teacher, would she?? The teacher
coughed and waved her hand in front of her face.
?Tina, I can?t believe you have the gall to do drugs
in front of a me! Put that out, before I turn you
girls in at your school!? she demanded, but to her
consternation the girl just took another drag,
ignoring her. However, she began to grow exasperated,
when the girls began laughing at her again.

?You know Ms. Thompson, you really shouldn?t be such a
fucking bitch, when you are at someone else?s mercy,?
Tina said, as she began intentionally filling the car
with her second hand smoke. ?Tamika, I don?t think
nuns are supposed to wear underwear. Why don?t you
see if she?s in a proper costume??

?Cough-Wait, wait!? Ms. Thompson frantically, tried to
fight off the black girl, but the blonde next to her
grabbed one of her arms and Tamika began to tickle the
stern older woman.

She wasn?t stern for much longer. Ms. Thompson, began
laughing hysterically and coughing, while she tried to
squirm away. Much to her dismay, the blonde now
joined in the ticking. ?No please, please, I can?t
breathe!? she gasped, struggling weakly as her habit
was pulled over her head.

?You?re right Tina, this teach ain?t a real nun!? said
Tamika, laughing at the squirming older woman.

Tina pulled the Mustang over and parked behind a
closed drug store, not wanting to miss any of the
action that was taking place. ?Damn! Look at those
granny panties on Ms. Thompson!? she laughed. ?Come
on girls, if she?s gonna dress as a nun, she should do
it right!?

All three girls descended on the hapless teacher like
a flock of harpies. The teacher struggled against the
girls in a vain attempt to keep her dignity, however
soon her habit was pulled over her head and arms,
immobilizing her upper body.

?Eeeee ? eeeee, girls -- girls? the teachers screams
were muffled by the thick fabric. However, her
actions were useless, since the girl?s promptly
stripped her of her undergarments. She shivered, as
she felt the cold air of the car, chilling her naked
sex and breasts.

?Damn look at her bush Tina! Judging by the amount of
overgrowth, I would say the fields the fields beneath,
haven?t seen a plow in quite a long time!? Tina said,
followed by more hysterical laughter from the girls.

?Maybe we should weed that garden?? Tamika said, as
she began to pluck at the dense mat of curly hair.
This elicited more squeals and squirming from the
hapless older woman. Ms. Thompson tried to catch her
breath, but the hot wool of the nun?s habit kept still
captured her arms and head. She was beginning to feel
quite cluster phobic, as she began to panic for

?Okay girls, leave her alone for a second,? Tina
admonished her friends, until they stopped tormenting
the teacher, but still held her firmly trapped in the
fabric of her habit.

?You are not in class anymore teach, out here I?m in
charge. So if you want them to stop, I suggest you
act like you have some manners!? scolded her former

Upon feeling the hands cease their tickling and
pulling out her her pubic hair, the teacher stopped
struggling, her sweaty breasts heaving as she tried to
catch her breath. She didn?t even try to squirm away
from the hands that were still placed on very personal
places on her body, lest her torment resume.

?That?s a good girl, now sit your ass up straight,
like you have some education! Didn?t your mother ever
teach you to mind? Especially when you are taking
advantage of other?s hospitality?? Tina asked.

Ms. Thompson burned with humiliation, hearing her
student fuss at her as if she were an ill-mannered
child. The teacher sat back up in the seat properly
or at least as good as she could with her arms and
head trapped in her habit. She thought back to when
she was a little girl and how her strict mother used
to constantly correct her about how she sat, what she
wore, and how she talked. ?What have I done?? she
remembered in horror, the last time she had heard
Tina?s words. Yes, she was fourteen and her mother
had let her visit, with her cousin and aunt. While
they were eating lunch, her cousin was eating with her
mouth open. She had simply corrected her by telling
her that animals eat with their mouths open. After
all, It was only what her mother had told her hundreds
of times.

However, she didn?t expect everyone?s angry reaction.
Her silverware was taken and they expected her to eat
with her fingers. She stubbornly refused and waited
patiently for her mother to arrive and straighten out
these unmannered heathens. She never expected her
mother?s reaction, when she flew into a rage after
hearing what happened.

She soon found herself with her bottom draped over her
mother?s lap, as her mother spanked her bare ass in
front of her aunt and her cousin. ?Young lady, if you
had manners you wouldn?t take advantage of your
Auntie?s hospitality,? her mother said as she
continued to spank her until she cried in front of her
younger cousin. As if that wasn?t humiliating enough
for the misbehaved teenager, she was spanked until she
finished the food she refused to eat. Since, her arms
were trapped under her mother?s leg, she had to depend
upon her cousin to feed her. Needless to say, the
little brat too full advantage of her situation, by
making Barbara eat out of her fingers. She even
*accidently* dropped some on the floor and made eat
that too, laughing all the while that Barbara cried.
Her relationship had never been the same with her
cousin again.

It was one of the worst experiences of Barbara?s
childhood and she didn?t want to repeat the lesson

?So are you gonna behave little girl? ? asked her
former student.

?Yes,? came Barbara?s muffled reply.

?I can?t hear you teach. Spread your legs once for
yes or keep them closed for no!? demanded the petulant

?If she would just turn the radio down, she could hear
me dammit!? thought the older woman, but she spread
legs hesitantly for her former student. She felt the
swollen lips to her sex, stick and then pull apart.
?Dear God! I?m wet! I pray they don?t notice,? she
thought in dismay.

?Ewwww . . . what?s that smell?? Tamika asked, with

It was amazing any of the girls could smell at all
since the car interior was hazy from the marijuana.
Unbeknownst to Ms. Thompson, as the teenaged girls
continued to pass the joint around, they would press
their mouths against the older woman?s habit, and
exhale their spent smoke, turning the inside of the
woolen prison into a large bong.

?It smells like the fields are fertile, but the land
just needs to be worked,? said Tina with amusement, as
she caught a whiff of the older woman?s musky scent.

The teacher cringed inside, when she heard the
question. She prayed her pubic hair would cover the
evidence of her arousal, but suddenly it seemed kind
of funny and she began to giggle. She noticed that
she felt kind of fuzzy, in a good sort of way.
Somewhere a part of her knew she should be humiliated
that the girls could smell the arousal coming from her
sex, but another part of her could only laugh at how
hilarious it was that she was practically naked in
front of three teenage girls.

?Okay teach, if you behave, we will take this nasty
old costume off of you. Hee, hee, you know what they
say girl, old habits are hard to break.? Tina said,
which for some reason caused everyone including Ms.
Thompson to laugh hysterically.

The habit was lifted off the prim and proper teacher,
soon she found herself sitting totally nude in the
back seat.

?Damn look at the size of the melons on the old bag!
They are huge!? said Tammy, as her eyes widened in
amazement at the size and firmness of the teacher?s

Ms. Thompson, blushed at the complement and her
nipples crinkled in hardness under the young girl?s

?They gotta be big, to keep her from falling backward
on that big ass!? laughed Tamika, pinching the
teacher?s womanly ass, causing the teacher to jump up
and hit her head on the top of the car.

?Oh, my head!? said Ms Thompson, rubbing the knot that
was forming on her head. While she was occupied, she
was shocked to find one of the girls was touching her
sex! ?No, no, no,? she said dumbly ,as she tried to
pull the offending hand from her privates. However,
the black girl had a handful of her curly fur and
wouldn?t let go.

Tamika stroked the older woman?s sex, eliciting a moan
from the teacher. ?Damn, this old bag is leaking all
over your seats, Tina. You?re gonna have a big ol?
stain here tomorrow,? she said with a smile.

?Damn you, you old horny bitch!? Tina shouted.
?Girls, do something to keep her from ruining my
seats. As much as I hate to miss out on the fun, we
have to get to that party.? She said, starting the car
and pulling off.

?My clothes! My clothes!? Ms. Thompson pleaded,
seeing the headlights of other cars.

?You better keep them cow-tits covered up teach,
instead of trying to rub your puss? suggested Tina.

?I wasn?t . . . ? Ms. Thompson said, covering her
massive melons, trying to hide them behind her small
hands. Between the buzz and Tamika?s questing hand,
she was finding it very difficult to concentrate on
what was going on, on what was happening to her. ?I
was only trying to . . . ?

?We know what you were trying to do,? said Tammy,
whispering her hot breath into the teacher?s ear. ?It
is real nice of you to try to keep from ruining Tina?s
seat, but we will do that for you since your hands
seem to be occupied.? The young blonde?s hand joined
Tamika?s dark-skinned one at the older woman?s hairy

?Tina, don?t bogart that joint sister, pass it back!?
Tamika yelled at Tina, who held the joint out between
the two seats. ?Reach up there and get it for me
teach, can?t you see I got my hands full,? the dark
girl punctuated her words with a squeeze to the
teacher?s clit.

Hesitantly, Ms. Thompson let go of her right breast
and took the pro-offered joint from Tina?s hand.

?Go on and put it in my mouth for me,? encouraged
Tamika, as Ms. Thompson?s shaking hand placed the
blunt between the dark girl?s full lips. She couldn?t
believe she had been reduced to enabling these girl?s
to smoke illegal drugs. Tamika took a long toke on
the joint and to the teacher?s horror, placed her
mouth on the teacher?s and as the Ms. Thompson tried
to insist the girl stop, she found her lungs filled
full of the spicy smoke. Her buzz intensified, as
they passed the smoke back and forth between them. To
her dismay, she felt the girl exploring her mouth with
her tongue, it felt real nice. However, she didn?t
kiss back, but merely passively enjoyed the probing.

Tammy looked on with amazement as the teacher?s
eyelids half closed and relaxed under the dark girl?s

Tamika broke the kiss, leaving the teacher dazed and
leaned back with her mouth still open. ?Here Teach,
let Tammy get a hit of that shit,? she said, as she
placed the joint between the teachers parted lips.

Ms. Thompson obediently inhaled deeply, then turned
and opened her mouth, as Tammy kissed her and the two
passed the smoke back and forth. The teacher was now
moaning under the effects of the joint and the hands
playing with her pussy. ?Damn, I?m seeing stars!? she
thought as Tina snapped a picture of her sharing drugs
and engaging in unnatural acts with two girls wearing
Catholic uniforms.

The teacher had long since stopped caring about how
immoral she was acting, she only knew that it felt
delicious. Ms. Thompson took another hit on the
joint, when Tammy placed it in her mouth, then turned
to share with Tamika again. Tamika had other ideas
however and teased the teacher, staying just out
reach of her questing mouth. The teacher?s lungs
ached for release, she stuck her tongue out and it
danced with Tamika?s. She caught the dark girl?s
playful tongue between her lips and sucked it into her
mouth, before exhaling into Tamika?s mouth.

?Ahhhh,? the teacher moaned, as she felt one of the
girls press her finger into the tight passage of her
sex. Tamika pulled her mouth away from Ms. Thompson?s
and the older woman opened her mouth so the cigarette
could be placed back in it. ?Uck!? she gagged, when
she tasted an unfamiliar taste on the wet finger. To
her horror, she realized it was the finger that had
been placed in her sex.

?Tina will be *real mad* if you make a mess on her
back seat, so you are going to have to keep those
nasty juices in check Teach!? Tamika said, laughing at
the look of helpless dismay written on the teacher?s

Tina looked on with disbelief. She couldn?t believe
that they actually had gotten her former prissy
teacher naked and acting like a slut in only a few
minutes. .

Yes indeed, Ms. Thompson had other things on her
clouded mind right now. Her legs were spread wide,
and her feet rested on either side of the front seats
of the car. The girls on either side of her were
openly frigging her hairy cunt, while the other
masturbated herself underneath her school girl skirt,
then they would switch off after having the teacher
clean the slick juices from their fingers. Ms.
Thompson had long since given up on just whose juices
she was trying to keep *in check*. As the car
traveled down the road, instead of shielding her large
breasts, Ms. Thompson began to pinch and pull on her
large nipples, enjoying the sensation.

Finally, they had arrived at their destination and
unnoticed to the teacher, the car had come to a stop.
Ms. Thompson was leaning back in the seat with her
eyes closed. Her hips were thrusting against the dark
fingers buried in her sex, while her pink tongue
licked the fluids from the pale hand at her mouth.

?Okay Teach, we are here now. Dear God Ms. Thompson!
I don?t think you want everyone seeing you like that
do you?? Tina feigned mock shock at her teacher?s

Suddenly, Ms. Thompson?s blood-shot eyes flew open and
shined like brake lights, as she clutched her breasts
in her arms and leaned forward as far as she could.
?No! They can?t see me like this,? she thought in
horror. She turned her head and looked up at the well
lit house looming beside the car. ?Wait a minute,
this isn?t the high school,? she stammered.

?Of course not silly,? Tina patronized the shivering
older woman. ?This is the Kappa Phi house. We have to
make a quick pit-stop here first. Come on girls,
let?s go!?

?Wait, what about me? You can?t just leave me here .
. . like *this*!? she begged, as her shoulders
unhunched just enough to allow Tina to see her large
areoles, just in case the girl didn?t realize that she
was naked.

?Don?t be stupid Teach, you are going in with us,? she
said as all the girls filed out of the car, leaving
the doors open.

?Please, my costume, please!? the teacher pleaded, her
body frantically rocking back and forth in urgency.

Tina took the robe out from behind her back, showing
them to the harried woman. ?Don?t worry about that,
I?ve got it right here.?

Ms. Thompson reached her hand out for the costume, yet
the young girl pulled it away. ?Come on out here,
I?ll help put it on you.?

?Come on, I?m not going to wait all day!? Tina tapped
her foot impatiently.

After checking to make sure the coast was clear, Ms.
Thompson rushed out of the car and huddled beside it.
?Please, hurry,? she urged the young girl, motioning
her to come closer.

Slam! The older woman jumped, as she was startled by
the sound of a car door closing. To her horror, she
realized it was her car door.

?Get down on your knees, so I can put this habit on
you,? ordered her former student.

The teacher got down on her knees, wincing in pain as
the pavement dug into her skin, but happy to be hidden
behind the car, safe from curious eyes. Her buzz had
long faded, as she shivered and tried to shield her
painfully constricted nipples in the cold October
night. She was dismayed by the fact that Tina didn?t
seem to be in a rush to help her dress. ?Please . .
.? she whimpered.

?You know, Ms. Thompson, we have one last matter to
clear up. I think you owe me an apology for the F, I
received last year,? the red haired girl said as she
looked down her nose at humbled form of her teacher.

Ms. Thompson pleaded, ?I?m sorry for failing you last
year Tina-?

?*Ms. Tina*. I?m *Ms*. Tina from now on.? The red-
haired girl interrupted. She pointed at her dark
skinned friend, ?and that is Ms. Tamika,? Then she
nodded at her blonde friend, ?and finally Ms. Tammy.?
She looked down quizzically at the woman kneeling on
the pavement. ?I don?t think I?ve ever gotten your
full name, Teach.?

?Barbara- Barbara Ann Thompson. Please T-I mean *Ms.*
Tina, I?m sorry for failing you last year. Please let
me get dressed,? begged the whining older woman.

?I?m not sure you mean it,? Tina said critically.

?I?m begging you Ti- I mean Ms. Tina. I mean it more
than I?ve ever meant anything in my entire life!?
sobbed the distraught teacher.

The young teenager grinned evilly at the hapless
woman. ?Then kiss my ass Barbara Ann!?

?What?!?? Ms. Thompson said with disbelief.

?You heard the lady,? demanded Tamika, as she grabbed
the older woman by her ear and began to spank her with
each syllable. ?Kiss-Her-Ass-Barbara-Ann!?

Tina turned around and Ms. Thompson looked up at the
cute upturned ass in front of her face. Quickly, she
leaned forward and planted a kiss on the girl?s firm
bottom. She burned inside with humiliation.

Tamika spanked her again. ?Does that look like an ass
to you girl? She said ass and you better kiss it!?

?Why me?? wondered the teacher, as she slowly raised
the girl?s skirt up and grimacing, kissed the thin
panties covering the young toned bottom.

?Are you stupid girl? Did your lips touch her ass
Barbi? Well, did they?? chastised the dark-skinned
girl, Tamika said, spanking the teacher harder.

?My name isn?t Barbi,? thought the teacher, humiliated
by the young girl?s abuse. Gingerly, she slid her
fingers up her former student?s skirt.

?No!? Corrected Tamika. ?No hands.?

The teacher was unable to get to the hem of the
panties, so she was forced to bite the seat, just
between the cheeks of Tina?s bum. Crying in shame,
the older woman pulled the young girl?s panties down
to her knees. ?God, I can?t believe I am actually
doing this!? she thought, as she slid her head up
Tina?s skirt and kissed the smooth cheek of her ass.

She could smell the musky scent of Tina?s arousal.
?She?s getting off on doing this. She?s getting off
on humiliating me this way,? thought the horrified
teacher. What was worse, she could feel her own
arousal, as her body began to respond to this
treatment. Tears welled up and she began to cry from
the humiliation. Tina could hear the older woman
sobbing, while she kept her lips pressed to the cheek
of her ass.

?Okay, I believe you are sorry now,? said Tina, as
pulled her panties back up, and rubbed her bottom
against the teacher?s face to wipe away the tears and
running makeup.

?I?m sorry, I really am,? sobbed Barbara.

Tina soothed the older woman. ?There, there, raise
your arms up Barbi, so I can put your habit back on.?

Barbara raised her arms over her head, just as she had
done for her mother some 30 years before. This caused
her large breasts to swell and stick out most

?Wow, Barbi, you do have some humongous melons!?
beamed Tina as she laughed at her former teacher.
?Shake them for me!?

Keeping her arms raised, Barbara shook her shoulders,
causing her large pendulous to sway from side to side.

?Those will be great later on!? Tina said with glee,
as she placed the habit over Barbara?s head. Then
much to Barbara?s relief the robe followed, finally
hiding her pale white nakedness.

?Thank heavens,? she sighed with relief. ?Wait,
what?s this?? she thought, feeling her arms strangely
confined. She looked down and it seemed the arms of
the robe had somehow gotten tied together.

?Okay, let?s go, we are running late,? said Tina. The
two other girls left them, skipping up to the house,
while Tina tugged the reluctant teacher behind her.

?Tina, I?ve really got to go. You can just take me
home. I really don?t want to go anywhere now,?
pleaded the teacher as she struggled to keep up with
the redhead.

?Don?t worry Barbi, we won?t be long,? soothed Tina.
She moved next to Barbara and whispered in her ear
conspiratively, ?I need you with me as a babysitter
Barbi; Tamika and Tammy are stoned, so while I?m
taking care of business upstairs, I?m leaving you in
charge. This is a big responsibility and I will be
very-*very* disappointed if you fail me and let
anything happen to those two little girls. Do you
understand Barbara Ann??

?Yes, Tin-? Barbara said, shrinking away from Tina?s
piercing eyes. ?I mean, Ms. Tina,? she hastily added.

?I wish she wouldn?t speak to me like I?m a child. I
watch thirty kids every period at school, I think I
can handle two girls,? thought the older woman.

?Good!? said Tina, opening the massive door and
pushing Barbi inside.

End Chapter 1


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