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Taming the Teach 2


Taming the Teach II
(c)2001 by Couture

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(Fd, F+F, M+F, humil)

(c)2001 by Couture
'God, what a crowd of drunks,' thought Barbara as she
looked at all the college boys and girls standing
around with little plastic cups of beer. Tina went
upstairs and Barbara began looking around for Tammy
and Tamika. Over the loud music, she heard the
familiar college sounds of people chanting, "Drink-

She walked towards the noise to see if it had
attracted her two new friends. She was looking for a
bathroom, so she could fix the sleeves of her robe and
have the use of her hands again. Pushing her hands
close together, she was able to bunch her sleeves up,
so that no one would be able to tell they were tied
together. 'Show no signs of weakness,' she said to
herself, as she turned the corner to the kitchen,
where they were still chanting, "Drink-Drink-Drink!"

'Oh no, they've got Tammy!' she thought, as she stared
at the spectacle. Those lecherous frat boys were
holding the young blonde upside down over the keg,
urging her to drink. She hungrily sucked from the
spout, beer leaking from her mouth, as she attempted
to drink. Her skirt had flipped down, exposing her
tight white panties and all the young men were leering
at the lean curves of her body.

"You put her down! You put her down this instant!"
cried Barbara, as she pushed her way into the crowded

"Awwwww," the crowd sighed with disappointment and the
young girl was lowered.

"Woo-hoo!" yelled the blonde girl, picking up two cups
of beer and staggering over to Barbara.

"Here, Barbi, I got you some too! It's free!" slurred
Tammy as she pushed the cup at Barbara's lips.

"I don't dr-" the distraught teacher tried to object,
but the girl began to turn the cup up anyway. To keep
the beer from spilling down her robe, the Barbara
opened her mouth and gulped the beer down. Yuck! The
beer tasted horrible. Then to her dismay, Tammy began
to feed her the other beer before she could object.

Finally, she finished the beer. "Listen Tammy, I
don't want you drinking anymore, okay? Those boys
were looking up your dress when you were upside down,"
she lectured the young girl.

Tammy's half-lidded eyes opened and she smiled. "Okay,
teach-I mean Ms. Thomp-"

"Hisss!" interrupted the teacher. "Don't call me
that! You mustn't call me that here!" She would lose
her job if someone knew a teacher was cavorting around
a frat party.

"Sure thing Barbi. Is that Tamika over there?" Tammy

Barbara looked over and was shocked to see Tamika
sitting in the lap of one of the college boys,
grinding against him in a very unladylike manner.

She left Tammy and ran over to Tamika. "Stop that
Tamika! Get off that boy, right now!" she demanded
the dark-skinned girl.

Reluctantly, the young girl got off the young man's
lap, picked up a beer and joined the teacher. "I was
only dancing. It's okay to dance, isn't it Tea-"

"Barbi, call me Barbi!" the teacher interjected,
before the girl had a chance to give away her secret.
"If you want to dance, dance with Tammy, a nice waltz
or something," she said, while thinking 'That way I
can keep my eye on you both!'

Tamika put the beer up to Barbi's lips. "Hey Barbi,
you want some beer?" she asked, turning the cup up,
without giving the woman time to answer.

Barbara was already feeling light-headed, but it was
too late now. She gulped down the beer, as it was
poured down her throat. The teacher shook her head to
try to clear the cobwebs. When she opened her eyes
again, she saw that somehow Tamika had gone underneath
her tied-together arms and was hugging her tightly as
she swayed her hips to the music.

"I love this song," said the ebony-skinned girl, as
she began to grind herself against the teacher.

"Wait, what are you doing?" hissed the teacher,
looking down in horror, as Tamika pressed her head
between Barbara's large bosoms. Anyone who looked
could see by the way her large breasts jutted out from
her torso, that the nun wasn't wearing a bra.

"You said, you didn't want me to dance with that boy,
so I'm dancing with you silly!" Tamaka replied

Barbara tried to breasts out from around Tamika's
head. "Well, at least move your head," Barbara asked.

"Then dance with me Barbi!" the black girl said, as
she began to dance between the older woman's arms.

Barbara tried to keep up with the young girl. She had
never been much of a dancer anyway, but some of these
new dances were positively scandalous. Tamika, turned
around and began to hump her hips back into the older
woman's pelvis. Barbara looked around in dismay,
because it seemed every eye was watching the two of
them dance. The problem was, though appeared that
Barbara was willingly hugging the young girl to her
body, the teacher was truly the one trapped with her
sleeves tied together. Trapped on a dance floor, with
everyone looking at the young school girl simulating
sex on the dance floor; the teacher blushed in

She felt someone tap on her shoulder. It was Tammy.
"You look hot Barbara, I brought you another beer!"
she said, placing the cup to the older woman's lips,
while Tamika ground her body against her and rubbed
the teachers back and ass possessively.

'What I could really use is some water!' the teacher
thought, but gulped down the cold liquid gratefully.
She prayed that the coming buzz would take away some
of the humiliation that she felt. "Why don' you girls
dansh togedder! I'm tired, so tired," the teacher
slurred, wobbling on her feet.

Tammy helped Tamika slip out from under the teachers
bound arms, as she said, "That's a good idea Bambi,
the DJ is getting ready to play our song anyway!"

Barbara, thankful for the much needed break, staggered
over to an empty seat and fell down in it. She
watched with curiosity as the dance floor cleared
around the two girls and a fast paced song began to

Oh baby, baby
How was I supposed to know
That something wasn't right here
Oh baby, baby

'They are really good, they must have practiced this
together,' the teacher thought as the girls strutted
forward simultaneously, then posed with their legs
slightly spread. Barbara thought it was a tiny bit
risqu‚, but she had seen much worse at some of the
dances she had chaperoned. Then the girls turned
around and leaned forward with their legs spread,
showing every set of leering eyes, their tiny white
panties! 'Oh no!' she thought in horror as she
watched them strut with their back facing the
audience, unbuttoning their tight sweaters, as they

I shouldn't have let you go
And now you're out of sight, yeah
Show me how want it to be
Tell me baby 'cause I need to know now, oh because

"Stop girls! Shtop!' the drunken teacher cried, when
the two girls turned around and threw their sweaters
into the crowded house. Barbara tried to stand up,
but it was too difficult without the use of her arms.
She fell onto the floor and tried to crawl over to the
dance floor.

My loneliness is killing me
I must confess I still believe
When I'm not with you I lose my mind
Give me a sign
Hit me baby one more time

A cheer went up in the crowd and the teacher dreaded
what it could have been for, but as she crawled she
noticed one of the tiny skirts the girls were wearing.
'Dear God, Tina is going to kill me!' she thought in

Oh baby, baby
The reason I breathe is you
Boy you got me blinded
Oh pretty baby

Barbara finally was able to get to her feet, but she
couldn't even see the girls anymore through the mob of
frat boys. They were cheering and shouting, but they
wouldn't move out of her way to let her rescue her two
charges. She looked back helplessly to and saw the
figure of a woman wearing a white robe and carrying a
teacher's pointer, striding forward. 'Thank God,
maybe she can help me rescue the girls!' she thought.
However, as the figure neared, she recognized it was
Tina and she looked very angry. It wasn't a nun's
habit she was wearing, but carefully groomed white
sheets, that resembled her own costume.

"Sister Barbi, I thought I told you to keep the girls
out of trouble!" she shouted loud enough for the crowd
to watch this new action that was developing.

"Barbara tried to reason with the angry teen, "I'm
shorry, Ms. T-"

Tina grabbed the drunken woman's ear pulling her to
her hands and knees, in front of the crowd. "My name
is mother Superior bitch and do you know what happens
when you disobey mother Superior?" Tina said, patting
the kneeling woman's ass with her pointer.

There's nothing that I wouldn't do
It's not the way I planned it
Show me how you want it to be
Tell me baby 'cause I need to know now, oh because

Tears began to flow down the older woman's cheeks, "I
get a spanking," she sobbed.

Horrified by the unfolding events, the teacher
obediently let the young teen pull her robe up and
expose her naked body to the crowd. She hung he head
in shame, as she listened to the crowd criticize her
flabby ass, untrimmed bush, and large tits.

"Count 'em out and thank mother Superior for each
lick!" the teen said, as her eyes beamed evilly.

My loneliness is killing me
I must confess I still believe
When I'm not with you I lose my mind


"One . . . Thank you mother Superior!"

Give me a sign
Hit me baby one more time


"Ouch! Two . . .Thank you mother Superior!"

The alcohol might have deadened the blows somewhat,
but two red puffy welts crisscrossed the teacher's
burning ass.


"Owweee! Three! Thank you mother Superior!" the
teacher sobbed, her flabby ass quaking from the blow.


The teacher lurched forward to escape the blow. She
yearned to rub her hands on her bottom to sooth the
burning stripes, but her arms were still captured by
the habit. "Please Mother, please . . . no more . . .
please," she begged.

"Don't beg me! Ask them, if they want me to stop!"
Tina said, gesturing out to the crowd.

The humiliated teacher looked at the lustful eyes that
leered at her. "Please, it hurts," she pleaded.

"Whup her ass!" someone shouted and everyone cheered.

Thwak! Thwak!

This was unlike any spanking she had received as a
child. She no longer cared about the humiliation,
just alleviating the burning of her ass. "Please,
please, anything else," she groveled.

There was a silence in the crowd, until someone said
softly, "Shave her hairy cunt." Then it was taken up
by the crowd as they shouted, "Shave her hairy cunt!
Shave her hairy cunt!" A young man ran over to Tina,
handing her scissors, razor, and shaving cream.

'This can't be happening to me!' thought the
humiliated teacher, as she buried her face into her
costume that was bunched up around her arms and sobbed

Tina ran the tip of the pointer around the teacher's
hairy sex. "What will it be sister Barbi, the shaving
or the spanking?" she asked wryly.

The teacher was mortified, being made to choose
between the caning and the shaving. There wasn't a
choice, the young girl just wanted to make her say it.
To ask for it in front of all these people, who
thought she was a willing participant in some sick
demented act. "The shaving," she muttered.

"I didn't hear you sister, what did you want me to
shave?" Tina asked with mock sincerity.

Barbara watched the tears fall from her eyes and
splatter on the floor. "Shave me . . . shave my hairy
cunt!" she sobbed.

In shocked silence, the teacher allowed Tina to spread
her legs and tried to keep still, as she heard the
snip snip of the scissors. She was horrified that
even in this humiliating situation, she could feel her
sex begin to respond. She could only imagine what a
sick twisted picture she must make as her lips plumped
up and her little nubbin peaked out of its hood in
front of the crowd.

She was relieved when she finally felt the shaving
cream being applied. She groaned as Tina's hand
touched her sensitive clit. 'God that feels good!'
she thought as she felt the razor, shave away her
womanhood. She knew she was being bared, before these
young college students, like she had been bared for no
other. 'Tina is certainly a thorough girl.' She
thought, as Tina even shaved off the little curly
hairs around her little brownie. 'Why wasn't she this
thorough when she was in my class?'

The teacher heard the squishing shlurping sounds of
what sounded like sex. She peeked out and stared at
the perverted spectacle as she watched Tamika and
Tammy performing oral favors for the college students.
Entranced, she watched the girls sucking cock with
enthusiasm. 'Dear me, they appear to be enjoying it!
I had always thought it would be disgusting, but
watching them lick and suck those hard cocks, is
driving me crazy!' The teacher moaned and her hips
involuntarily began to hump, while Tina finished
cleaning her up.

Tina saw the teacher staring, leaned forward and
whispered in her ear, "You're jealous of them aren't
you, Barbi? Look at their hungry mouths and look how
much those sexy guys love it! Don't you wish that was
you sucking those hard cocks, Teach?"

The school teacher blushed in humiliation, because she
wanted to do just that. To suck those hard cocks to
make up for all the fun she had missed out on in life.
To get even with all the people, including her ex-
husband that thought she was a sexless frigid woman.
No, she blushed now, because of something quite
different. Tears sprang anew from the older woman's
eyes as she muttered, "I-I I don't know h-how."

Tina smiled and pulled the robe off the kneeling
woman, but left her head dress on. "Don't worry, it's
easy . . . I'll talk you through it," she soothed the
older woman, as she wiped the tears from her eyes.
"Who wants some of sister Barbi? She hasn't had a man
in a long-long time," she said to the gathered crowd.

'How can she know how long it's been,' thought the
mortified teacher, 'and now she's told everyone here
I'm nothing but a frigid woman.'

A young man hesitated, then came forward and handed
Tina several bills, before sitting down in a nearby
chair. Tina led her former teacher between the boy's
legs then began instructing the obedient woman, "First
undo his pants and then take his cock out. That's
good precious. Now, gently stroke it and massage his
balls too. It's a beautiful cock isn't it Barbi?
Look how hard you've made him. Now, take those big
melons of yours and squeeze them around his dick and
rub them up and down it."

Barbara hesitated a little at that command. She
didn't think she was ready to act like that much of a
slut in front of all these people. However, Tina
began to stroke her denuded sex. "My fingers feel
good against your smooth cunt don't they Barbi? Yes,
I can see by the way you are humping my hand that you
like it slut. Well, think about how good those smooth
melons will feel against his hard cock. Go on, do
it!" Tina demanded.

Barbi took her large breasts and sandwiched the young
man's hard cock between them and rubbed them up and
down the length of his shaft.

"Spit between them, so it will feel like he's fucking
a pussy," Tina said.

Barbi blushed again, but obediently spit between her
two orbs as properly as she could.
"No, like this!" instructed Tina, as she leaned over
stuck out her tongue and let a large strand of saliva
drip down between Barbi's tits. Then she wiggled her
tongue in a circle until the saliva fell free. "Now
do it again."

Barbi imitated Tina and lubricated the shaft between
her large breasts. Soon the two mammaries were
covered by a slick sheen of sweat, saliva and pre-cum,
as she pumped them up and down the entrapped cock.
"Now suck on the head of it on the downstroke," Tina

Barbi sucked on the bulbous head of the organ between
her tits, she glowed with pride as the young man began
to moan and thrust.

"You're doing fabulous baby," Tina commended her eager
pupil. "Now take it into your mouth as far as you

Barbi sucked on the hard cock until it hit the back of
her throat. She felt Tina's hand at the back of her
head, as the young girl whispered in her ear, "Come on
slut, take it all the way in. You can do it Barbi.
You know you want to, my little cocksucker. Just
relax for me, that's all. It won't hurt you, I

The older woman relaxed her throat and stopped pushing
back against Tina's hand. Tina pushed her down
slowly, until her lips were pressed against his pubic
bone. "That's my sexy girl, I'm so proud of you
Barbi. When we leave, I'm going to fuck your smooth
cunt with a big fat dildo. I'm going to make you my
bitch tonight. It makes me so hot, how eager to
please my baby girl is. Do you know how wet you've
made Ms. Tina's pussy?" Tina continued to stroke and
tease Barbara's sex until the woman thought she would
go crazy from her desire.

'It can't be anywhere near as wet as mine,' thought
Barbara as she felt her sweet nectar running down her
legs. Her mind was filled with images of being fucked
by the young girl and almost orgasmed from the thought

Tina looked on with amusement, as the college boy
began to flush and wrinkle his face up comically.
"He's getting ready to cum for you now Barbi, can you
feel it twitching? Just let him do it where he wants
to, but if he does it in your mouth, be sure to
swallow like a good girl. When he begins to squirt,
squeeze and release his balls, so you get a full load
. . . okay?"

The young man grabbed the back of the teacher's head,
as he began thrusting. 'Looks like this one's going
to cum down her throat,' thought Tina, as she watched
her former teacher's eyes widen in shock and her
throat swallowing repeatedly as she sought to
accommodate the load of cum he deposited. "Mmmm, do
you know how sexy you look, Barbi? You make me want
to fuck you right here, do you realize that? Ewww . .
. look at the mess you've made Barbi, get his cock
nice and clean again." Tina said, while Barbara began
to lick the stray milky droplets from the young man's
cock. "That's my little cocksucker, put a real spit
shine on it. Okay, now let him get up, it's time for
your next customer."

'Next *customer*? Oh God, what am I doing? What have
I become?' thought the horrified teacher as another
college boy handed Tina some money, then sat down in
the vacated chair.

Tina ran her hands over the teacher's naked body
possessively, watching as her resistance faded. "You
should know how to do it by yourself now, my little
cocksucker. You're on your own, so consider this your
oral examination!" the young redhead laughed. "But
don't you dare touch your shaved cunt, that is mine
tonight!" Tina looked on with glee, as her former
teacher pulled out the boy's cock and began stroke it
as she had been taught. "Now, don't you go anywhere
Barbi, I've got to check on my other girls," Tina
laughed, as she got up to check on Tammy and Tamika.

Tina began to collect money from the guys that were in
line for Tammy and Tamika's chair. This was turning
out to be a good night, as she had collected almost
two grand so far. She was sure she could have gotten
more with the spanking and shaving performance, but
since it wasn't planned, the only thing she would get,
was extra publicity. Usually, they just did the
Brittany Spears school girl routine, but when she
picked up her teacher and Ms. Thompson was dressed up
as a nun of all things, she knew it would be great in
the act.

She looked back over at her former teacher. Yes,
Barbi was really getting into it now. She had another
cock between her large tits and was sucking it off at
the same time. Her face was now covered with semen as
she eagerly engorged on the fat dick.

Tina looked at the line that was forming for Barbi's
chair in amazement. She knew having the nun for the
strip show would be popular at the party and she
couldn't pass up the chance to get even with the
teacher that failed her, but this had exceeded all her
expectations. Tina smiled as she watched a few of the
boys in Tammy's line move over to Barbi's. 'Ha, Ha, I
never would have guessed, not in a million years, that
Ms. Prim-and-Proper Thompson would be such a hit with
the clientele.'


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