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Tammy and Tracy (ped 1st anal)


Well the third Sat. of the month had rolled around again and I was sitting
on the couch awaiting the arrival of my sister and my two nieces Tammy (10)
and Tracy (7). I had agreed several months before to watching the girls when my sister had to take her turn on the night shift at the local
hospital. Every third Sat she had to work the 11pm to 11pm shift in the
O.R. This had been going on for several months and I really enjoyed having
the girls over for their monthly sleep over. This month was a little
different though. Normally my wife would be home to help with the girl stuff. (You know the bathing, getting them ready for bed and the like)
this week my wife was also going to be out of town at a convention in
Atlanta so I was going to be fully in charge of the two girls. My sister and I had discussed it at length and decided that the girls and I would get
along just fine! About 9:30pm the door bell rang and my sister and the
girls came in. Both girls carried their overnight bags and rolled up
sleeping bags that they would use to sleep on the living room floor. We
had a spare bedroom but they liked to sleep on the floor. They said it was
funner that way. I greeted them all with the normal hugs and kisses then
my sister hugged both girls and told them she would see them Mon. morning.
She would always leave them the extra night because it was usually midnight
or later before she could get to my house on Sun. and we figured that it
was just as easy to let them sleep over that night also. Tammy and Tracy
were three years apart but looked so much alike it was uncanny they looked
like twins. One was just younger and smaller. Both girls were slender
built with long flowing golden brown hair, Greenish eyes and adorable
smiles. I loved the two of them and got great enjoyment when they were

Well my sister headed out the door waving and saying be good for Uncle
Dave and have a good time. I knew they would be no trouble, both of the
girls were very prissy and neat and really didn't need much attention.
Shortly after my sister had left Tammy asked if they could swim for a while
before they got ready for bed. As usual I told them yes, (this was the
normal routine.) the girls quickly scampered off to the bath room to change
and I headed for the pool. I was already in cutoffs and didn't have to
change. I had just set down on the lounge chair when Tracy came out
wrapped in a towel crying her eyes out! I asked her what was wrong . She
proceeded to tell me through the sobs and tears that her mom had forgot to
pack bathing suits. I wrapped my arm around her waste and told her it
would be OK we would think of something. I went back inside and headed for
the bathroom to talk to Tammy I knocked on the door and Tammy said come in.
I opened the door and Tammy was standing in the middle of the floor with
nothing on but a pair of light pink panties. I had seen both of them in
panties many times and even naked many times over the years. This time it
seemed a little different though I stared at Tammy for a second looking at
her soft brown skin, her tan lines and most of all,the puffy morsel between
her legs. Her little hairless pussy was puffy, rounded and her panties had
slipped comfortably between the folds. It was a beautiful; sight. It was
erotic. Quickly I regained my composure by telling myself that she was 10
and also that she was my niece. I quickly gave her one more quick glance
admiring her tiny brown nipples that had just recently started to form on
her soft white chest. I looked at the two girls and said how about if we
don't turn on the pool lights and you guys can just swim in your panties.
Both girls paused for just a second and said "would that be OK." I told
them that it would be just fine. And reminded them of a few years back
when they had played on the slip and slid in the back yard in nothing but
their panties. The girls grabbed their towels and headed for the pool. As
I came out the door I flicked the pool light off. It was a nice moon light
night so in all reality it wasn't very dark. I sat down on the lounge
chair and watched as the girls splashed and giggled in the pool. Every so
often on of them would get out and run in front of me before jumping back
into the warm water. Watching their tiny bodies run in front of me in
those wet panties really started to get me excited. The panties left
little to the imagination. The clung tightly to every crack and creavas it
was truly on of the most beautiful and erotic sights I had ever seen. I
soon developed an erection but figured as long as I was sitting down the
girls wouldn't notice. As I sat there slowly rubbing my pulsing member and
watching those perfect little bodies prancing around the pool I realized
that I was truly getting turned on by these two little girls. I figured I
could set quietly rubbing my dick till I shot my load in my pants then
excuse myself to go in and clean up. Just when I didn't think it could get
any better Tammy got out of the pool and stood directly in front of me her
pink silky panties were completely transparent. I could see everything in
the moon light. The cloth clung tightly against her puffy pussy mounds and
were deeply embedded into the fold of flesh that protected her tiny vagina.
I think Tammy noticed me checking her out because she kinda smiled and gave
me a quick impish pose so I could get a real good look. Tammy smiled again
and then said watch me dive Uncle Dave. I watched intently as she turned
and proceded to dive in head first into the pool. It was almost like slow
motion as I watched her tiny ass lift up into the air her tiny body slowly
sink below the water line. As I watched her disappear below the water I
also watched her panties slide off her bottom and down her legs. I got a
great shot of her ass crack and even a quick glance of her hairless pussy as she sunk under the water. When Tammy came up on the other side of the
pool Tracy and I were both giggling (she had also seen her sisters undies
slide off) Tammy looked a little embarrassed but I quickly assured her it
was OK and that she really didn't need them on anyway. Tammy smiled and
said "OK" Tracy quickly asked if it was ok if she took of her panties also.
I told her that it was up to her! She quickly stripped them off and threw
them on the edge of the pool. For the next ten min or so I watched
intently as those two beautiful little girls frolicked and played naked in
front of me. My dick soon was past the point of just being hard it was now
a pulsing, raging tower of hot flesh. I watched their tiny bodies intently
and to make things worse Tammy would intentionally come over to talk to me
squatting down and spreading her legs just enough for me to see her tiny
hairless pussy. Sure enough that little girl knew what she was doing and
she was teasing me with the sight of her soft pink pussy. The girls started begging me to get into the water and swim with them. I was a
little reluctant because of my stiffy but after several min. of coaxing I
decided that the water might relax my pulsing member. I quickly stood up
and dove into the pool. No sooner than my head had come up above the water
than both girls yelled take off your shorts. I kinda looked at them and
said I don't think that is a good idea your mom wouldn't be happy if she
found out that I was swimming nude with you girls. Both girls quickly said
that they wouldn't tell and continued to coax me into removing my shorts. I
guess they got the best of me and I reached down and pulled my shorts off
and threw them onto the pool deck. For the next few min. things were
alright the girls started splashing me and we were having a good time. I
watched their naked silhouetted bodies glide through the blue water. My
pulsing dick was not getting any softer but I didn't seem to mind as much
now that I was in the pool. Then it happened Tammy started swimming under
water right at me. I knew if she saw my stiffy she would start asking all
kinds a questions but just at the last second Tammy's head came up out of
the water. The next thing I knew she wrapped her arms around my neck and
then her legs around my waste. I felt her soft naked skin touch mine and
nearly exploded with excitement. Then it happened Tammy started sliding
down, I could feel her pussy sliding down across my stomach nearing my
erect pulsing member. I quickly reached around her and grabbed her tiny
ass but it was to late, her tiny pussy had come in full contact with my
throbbing dick. To make it worse when I grabbed her ass to stop her I had
spread her tiny cheeks enough to allow my dick to separate those puffy
little pussy lips and come to rest directly over her virgin hole. I hadn't
penetrated her but her pussy lips had wrapped tightly around my erect
penis. The feeling of those tiny lips wrapped around my dick was to much
for me and before I could lift her up I began to spew. I could feel the
hot juices pouring out of my dick , squirting up into her virgin hole and
all over the lips of her tiny pussy. Even though I wasn't inside of her I
knew without a doubt that the force of my exploding juice had filled her
pussy with the sticky juice. Tammy's eyes got as big around as half
dollars and her legs wrapped even tighter around my waste. Tammy had a
smile on her face and she whispered "did we just have sex?" I shook my head
no and whispered back to her that I had just gotten to excited and that her
beautiful young body had made me spill my seed. I tried to lift Tammy off
but her legs were wrapped tightly around my middle and she kept pressing
her tiny pussy down tight against my dick. Even after shooting my load my
dick didn't want to soften and the feeling of her soft thighs and pussy rubbing against me was keeping it engorged. I slowly slid my hand down
between us and let my finger slide between her pussy lips. Tammy shivered
just a little and I stopped she then whispered please don't stop that feels
good. The sticky goo had filled her crack and made for some great
lubricant I slowly started to rub her budding little clit between my
fingers and within seconds I could feel warm juice pouring out of her tiny
hole onto my finger. After several min. of rubbing her clit Tammy was
shaking and quivering at my every touch. I wondered if I could get my
finger into her so I tried. I was supprised how easily my finger slid in
up to the second knuckle. I rubbed the inside of her vagina for a while
then whispered "do you want to try real sex?" Tammy nodded and said she
would like to try if it feels this good. As I wrapped my hands around her
grabbing her ass firmly and spreading her butt cheeks and pussy lips with
my fingers I explained to her what was about to happen and that it might
hurt a little. Tammy said OK and that she was ready. I slowly lowered her
down till she was again sitting directly on my stiff shaft. I squirmed
around a little till I could feel the head of my dick slide between her
soft pussy lips and find it's way back directly over the tiny opening that
was her woman hood. As is let her slide down I could feel the tight skin
start to separate and begin to engulf my throbbing member. I only had
about half an inch in her when she started to lift up while telling me that
it was hurting. I told her that it was the head opening up the way for the
rest of me to enter and that it would feel real good as soon as the shaft
got inside. Tammy said OK ands started to let herself back down again till
the head was again about half way in. I could see by the look on her face
that she wasn't going to last much longer with the slow lingering pain so I
just thrust my hips toward her and jammed my dick in till the tight skin of
her pussy had slid down over the head. When the head was fully in I
stopped and held her close to me rubbing her back and not moving. I let
her tiny pussy adjust to the size of my dick. After a couple of min. of
not moving I could feel her hips start to move slowly. She had begun to
try to get more of me in her. I just stood still and let her slowly work
her way down then lift herself off. Within a short time she was taking
about 2-3 inches if my throbbing dick into her tiny virgin hole. I could
feel her hymen as she would lower herself onto me. When my dick would
press up against it she would stop then lift back up. I knew I couldn't
take it muck longer and I knew I wanted my dick buried clear to my balls in
her tight hole. When I knew she was coming down for one more try I wrapped
my hands under her arms held her shoulders and when I felt the resistance
of her still intact hymen pressing against my dick I pressed down hard. I
felt my dick press through the tender skin and just as she began to yell I
pressed my lips tightly against hers and slid my tongue into her mouth.
She couldn't scream because my tongue was down her throat and my dick was
now buried in her tight little hole. I again held her tight and left my
pulsing member sit still. I soon could feel her body start to relax and I
slowly started to lift her up and slide her down my shaft. After a few
times Tammy was beginning to move with me and I could feel her pussy wrapping tightly around my throbbing member. I had a firm grip on her tiny
ass and was sliding her up and down my pole. It really wasn't like I was
fucking her it was more like I was using her to masturbate with I had total
control I would lift her up as far as I wanted and slide her down till my
balls would smack against her soft butt cheeks. Tammy had her eyes closed
and I could fell her tiny body shiver and tremble each time my member drove
its way home. I whispered in her ear and asked her if she wanted me to
stop. Tammy open her eyes and said oh please no it feel so good now. I
held off as long as I could. I must have slid her up and down 100 times
till I couldn't take it any longer. With one final thrust I buried my dick
as deep as I could and let go of a torrent of steaming cum. I must have
shot a quart. I could feel it rushing out the end of my dick splash
against her cervix and then squeeze down along side my dick oozing out of
her stretched pussy hole. Tammy was nearly sobbing with enjoyment her body
was thrashing and she was squeezing my neck tightly with her arms. After I
had shot three good loads deep inside her. I let her settle down onto my
softening member. I held her tight letting her tiny pussy milk the last
few drops of seed from me. All of the sudden the reality hit me. I had
just fucked the hell out of my 10 year old niece. OH MY GOD !! what kind
of a pervert was I. I started hugging Tammy and telling her how sorry I
was and what I had done was wrong. Tammy lifted up her face from my chest,
smiled and said "It's OK uncle Dave I really liked it and promise not to
tell any body Really I promise" Well that helped me a little but I knew
that she had to be a mess down there so I told her to go into the bed room
and I would be in to help clean her up. I told Tracy that we were going
inside for a few min. and that she needed to stay in the shallow end of
the pool. That didn't seem to be a problem to me, she had been playing
there quietly while I fucked the shit out of her 10 year old sister. I
lifted Tammy off my now soft dick and set her on the edge of the pool.
Tammy quickly got up and headed into the bedroom as I had asked her. I
again asked Tracy if she would be ok for a little while and she smiled and
said YA. So I quickly headed for the bedroom myself. As I passed the
bathroom I quickly grabbed a warm wash cloth and headed for the bedroom.
When I got to the bedroom Tammy was already setting on the edge of the bed
looking down at her bald little pussy. As I looked down to examine her she
spread her legs reviling everything to me. "Oh My God" her once tiny
little pink hole was now a huge cum filled red gash between her legs.
Blood and cum were oozing out and white globs of water soaked cum were
stuck all over her pussy lips and ass. I started cleaning her off with the
wash cloth trying to clean all the blood and cum from her the best that I
could. I couldn't believe how big her hole was now but I guess it was to
be expected after having my dick in her for 30 min. As I washed her crack
and ass and got the goo and blood of off her things began to look better. I
guess it just took a little while for her vagina to close up again after
the abuse it had been put through. I was just finishing up when Tammy
looked at me and said " can we do it again before I go home I really liked
it when you had your winky inside of me" I did want to fuck her again but
decided it was to soon to do her again and that I better let that little
slit relax a little before I opened it up again. I smiled and said how
about I make you feel good another way. Tammy looked at me kinda oddly and
said what do ya mean. Whit that I pushed her knees apart and started
kissing her flat firm stomach and then down to her bright red pussy lips. I
kissed and tongued my way down till I had her pussy lips spread wide and
was digging my tongue deep into her pussy. It didn't take long till Tammy
was dancing on the end of my tongue. I probed her hole and licked her pea
sized clit till she was thrashing around on the bed and little girl pussy juice was pouring out of her like water. I guess I didn't realize how long
we had been gone because all of the sudden I heard Tracy's voice right
behind me. "Uncle Dave I want to play to" OH NO what do I tell her and how
much has she seen. I lifted my face from between Tammy's soft white legs
and sure enough Tracy was right there watching the whole thing. I nearly
choked trying to think of something to say when Tammy spoke up and said
that it wasn't a game for babies. Tracy replied that if Tammy was old enough to play that she could play also. Tammy told her she couldn't play
because she would blab to mom and then we would all get in trouble. I just
stood there with my mouth open really not knowing what to say. Tracy said
NO I WON'T TELL and I want to play. Tracy quickly jumped up on the bed
raised her knees high in the air and spread her legs. There she was
revealing the prettiest little twat I had ever seen . So tiny, so pink, so
tasty looking. I couldn't help but want to lick it. I said you promise
never to tell and Tracy said "Ya" so I knelt down between her little legs
and started to kiss her stomach and work my way down till my tongue was
sliding up and down her tiny pink crack. Before this all started I didn't
know that little girls could cum but I soon realize that they can and the
juice was pouring out of her. It was awesome I was lapping up her juices
and driving her into a frenzy. Here was a 7 year old stuck on the end of
my tongue and she was loving it. Her pussy was so tight that I couldn't
even get my tongue inside but I sure could work her clit over . I started
sliding my finger up and down her ass crack while I was eating her tiny
bald pussy, Tracy was trashing around like a madman. I slowly pressed my
finger against her puckered little ass and to my supprise it slid right in
. I was licking her pussy and fingering her tight little ass and she was
enjoying it. After 15-20 min of this I wanted to fuck something really
bad. I wasn't sure if I could do it but I wanted to give it a try, I had
decided to try to slip my dick into her tight virgin rectum. I never
stopped eating her while I reached over to the night stand and got out a
tube of KY jelly. I squirted a glob onto my fingers and began to spread it
between her little ass cheeks making sure to apply most of it directly on
and in her tiny ass hole. Tracy didn't seem to care what I did and just
kept lifting her legs higher and further apart. Soon I was eating her and
shoving two fingers as far up inside of her as I could reach. I couldn't
take it any longer I had to try something. I quit eating that bald little
pussy and stood up, I grabbed hold of her ankles and laid her legs on my
shoulders I then reached down and grabbed her tiny hips and slid her ass
toword me. As she slid close I placed my bell head directly over the
puckered little brown hole. I again held tightly to her hips and slowly
applied a little pressure. To my surprise and delight the tight muscle
readily parted and allowed the entire head to slip in. Tracy opened her
eyes for just as second and gave a slight grown of discomfort. I stood
still for a second and Tracy again closed her eyes. I took this as a sign.
Tracy wasn't crying or begging me to take it out in fact she had closed her
eyes like she was waiting for the pleasure to begin. I slowly pressed
against her again and my throbbing member slid in about two more inches.
With about 3" up in her I could tell by the way her butt was tightening up
that she was in a little pain so I slowly slid it back out till only the
bell head was inside her. I slowly repeated my actions each time trying
gently to insert just a little more of my throbbing member with each
attempt. Tracy was moaning and breathing heavily but had never opened her
eyes again. I whispered to her and asked her if she was OK Tracy just
replied UhHu. I looked over at Tammy and she was just watching intently
while I sodomized her little sister's ass. After several min. of this
slow insertions and retractions I knew my balls were going to explode soon
and I really wanted to be buried deep inside her when I finely did explode.
I again held firmly to her tiny hips and started pressing a little harder
with each thrust. Tracy was beginning to make some whimpering sounds but
at this point I really didn't care. I slid my dick out till it was almost
completely exposed and gave one mighty thrust. I jammed the entire 7 1/2
inches in her and didn't stop till I felt my balls slap against her tiny
white ass. As I hit bottom Tracy screamed a loud scream but I couldn't
stop now, I started pumping her for all I was worth with each thrust I
would pull back on her hips and drive her tiny ass tight against my pelvic
bone. Tracy was crying quite a bit and kept saying take "take it out take
it out " for the next 8-9 thrusts then she began to make that moaning sound
again and I looked down just in time to see her eyes close and a big smile
come over her face. I wanted to shoot my load so bad but I bit my lip to
keep from shooting for a while. Tracy had been put through a lot of pain
and now I wanted to pleasure her till her tiny pussy gushed with little
girl juices. I must have fucked her little ass for at least ten more min.
Tracy was squirming ,moaning and juice was running out of her little gash
like a waterfalls. I could feel the warm juice pouring out of her and
running down my dick and balls. Then came the time I couldn't take it any
longer I held her as tight as I could then jammed my self up in her one
final time as my balls slammed against her tiny ass I unloaded a flood of
hot sticky cum deep in her bowel sack. As I filled her ass with cum I
could her Tracy as she just kept saying OHHHHH OHHHHH OHHHH After
depositing I don't know how much cum up her ass I quit pumping and just
left my dick deep up in her till I began to go limp while I rubbed her tiny
clit with my thumb and watched her shiver on the end of my dick.

As my dick grew limp in her soft white ass the reality struck me I had
just filled both my nieces with spunk, how could I live with myself, how
could I deal with the fact that I was a child fucker!!! All the thoughts
were racing through my head when all of the sudden Tammy reached over and
began to rub my balls while saying this is great Uncle Dave can we do this
every time we come over? My tention eased a little aand I decided it was
time to get the girls cleaned up and ready for bed.


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