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Title: Taste of My Kink
Keywords: mf, lact
Author: Caesar

There was a young peasant named Gorse
Who fell madly in love with his horse.
Said his wife, "You rapscallion,
That horse is a stallion --
This constitutes grounds for divorce."

Taste of My Kink

by Caesar, copyright 1997-2002

$Revision: 1.7 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:29 $

If you have a kink, something that just draws you sexually towards it,
you will understand what I now write. Perhaps its not the same as my
own, but the draw that pulls us towards that desire may very well be
the same. The idea excites you, the vision at times can be
overwhelming, and the anticipation for such an enjoyment may be nearly
as heavenly as the action. Of course, that may or may not be true -
have you ever enjoyed your kink? I have - just recently I'm proud to

For me, it has always been just the idea of a mothers milk. Or
rather, a woman lactating. Is that kinky? Some may say no, some will
say it is. I do agree its a little outside the norm, but certainly
not dangerous or damaging to anyone. And as long as it does not hurt anyone, or myself, then it should be of no one else's business.

Full round tender flesh filled with warm delicious milk. The wrinkled
dark nipple dripping with pale white liquid as it is just waiting for
lips to suckle upon it. Just the thought hardens my manhood, and
causes the few images that I had seen to come forth into my mind.
Until I finally enjoyed my kink, I devoured images and stories involving such things. Wanting to experience my desire though
another's eyes. Not nearly as fulfilling as enjoying the real thing,
as I can now attest.

I've never seen a woman milking a baby, I've not been exposed to any
woman who I had known was lactating. My wife, whom has never known of
my kink, was childless and thus her round breasts dry. Yes, I've
suckled and played with them for hours - yet something was missing.
Laying above her, our bodies moving in sexual unison, and my lips move
down to suck upon a wide brown nipple, I wish just once I could end up
with a mouth full of sweet warm milk. My mind has fantasized these
very things many times.

The images throughout the last few years have gotten more graphic, to
the point that I imagine even the most minute details about the liquid
filled breasts. From the mental image of a saliva covered dripping
nipple to the image of my own cock still covered in dripping white
milk. I want to suck upon that nipple and taste the spend, as I also
want to pump my sex between full dripping breasts.

Until just a week ago, I had been content with my kink solely in my
mind. It was a fantasy, something that wasn't real, and in my current
situation, was improbable. The situation being married and childless.

Thats right, a week ago it was no longer a distant fantasy, I finally
had a taste of my kink.

Her name was Alley and we met at work. She was a temporary
receptionist at my employment and other than a few quick peeks at her
voluptuous and sexy body, I thought little else about her. Within a
week of her four week stint, a small crowd was gathered around her
forward desk and passing around small photos while laughing and
talking all the while. Well, not being a total recluse, I joined the
peripheral and took the next photo.

Nothing spectacular I assure you, just Alley holding a cherub of a
baby. Tiny, bald and pale it was. I had not even known she had a
child, or if she was married or not. I passed the photo to the next
person to my right, keeping the chain of pictures moving and reached
for the next from my left. That image that was revealed was of a
smiling mother holding a tiny cloth wrapped baby to her chest. Yet,
when I realized what the baby was doing, what the photo revealed to my
eyes, was that the tiny newborn was feeding from its mothers teat.

I was rather startled at the knowledge and looked up between the small
crowd to look at Alley in a whole new light. I really didn't think
much of it, at that moment, just devouring her image and imagining her
with naked dripping breasts. She, between answering the common
mother-baby questions, must have sensed my gaze and Alley looked into
my eyes. I couldn't hold it for very long and passed the photo onto
the next person and quickly departed.

That image, her face and what her body had been doing in the photo,
was enough to fuel my imagination and I knew it would fire my
fantasies for months to come. Yet, I had no idea what was to happen

A voice startled me, sometime later still at my desk, "Didn't you like
the photos?" It was Alley, standing calmly in the doorway to my

I couldn't speak until I took a swallow from my water glass, and my
eyes turned away from her. Just that initial sight of her in my
doorway refreshed the image of her feeding her milk-heavy breast to... me!

Not sure what to say, I probably said the wrong thing, "You looked
beautiful." My tongue felt very thick in my mouth. She did, yet it
wasn't something to say after viewing pictures of a mother feeding her

Her reaction surprised me, and I stole a look to see that she wore a
sad smile. "What was it that startled you?" Evidently, she must have
disregarded my first comment.

Was I that transparent? My nerve was returning and I was able to look
up into her eyes, "What do you mean?"

"You only saw one or two pictures when you went white as a ghost and
it looked like you were about to be sick."

"I didn't feel sick." Well, I hadn't. "I'm just not used to babies."
That, also, was true.

She nodded, "Neither is my husband." Alley looked very sad.

"I'm sorry." And I was, her comment implied more than the few words
she spoke. Alley turned and was about to leave when I stopped her,
"It was your nursing."

She turned back to me, "Pardon?"

"What startled me, it was the picture of you nursing." I couldn't
meet her eyes and starred at the screen-saver on my computer.

Her next comment startled me, "I'm sorry - my husband doesn't like to
see me do that either." I looked up in time to see her fight off what
could be a sob.

I spoke rapidly, anxious to correct our misunderstanding. "No no, I
mean you looked very pretty in it."

She laughed surprised, "Pretty?" I just nodded. "You thought me
pretty when I was nursing?" Again a nod, and found that I needed more
water to wetten my dry mouth. I realized the position that I placed
myself in, that offence could be taken and I could be conceived as
some type of weird pervert from this woman yet my kink drew me

"Beautiful." It was the second time I said that, but this time I
think she realized I meant it. I was nothing but sincere.

When she turned to leave this time, I didn't stop her but she only
went a single step before she turned and asked, "Would you like to
have a drink after work?"

No, I was married, "Yes." Strange how powerful lust and passion can
be isn't it?

The next couple of hours dragged on and I never saw her until she came
again to my office, wearing her coat and carrying her purse. Without
a word I grabbed my own jacket and followed her out the building and
down a couple of blocks to a pub that some of the office people
frequent. We were seated across from each other waiting for our drink
order when she finally broke the silence, "What about that photo did
you find pretty?"

I just shrugged my shoulders, nervous to tell her the truth. I
couldn't be honest with her, could I - how can anyone else understand
my kinky desires.

"Do you find me pretty because I am a mother?"

Not exactly, "No." She just looked at me for a few awkward seconds
until I finally revealed what caused my reaction, "I had never seen a
woman breastfeed before."

Surprisingly, she nodded sagely. "My husband gets very turned off
when he see me feed my baby."

"I thought it was very sexy." That didn't even sound right even to

She looked up at me, her eyes revealing her surprise. "Breastfeeding
turns you on?"

I shrugged, not wanting to reveal just how much it turned me on. "I
find ladies that are lactating attractive." I half-expected her to
laugh at my inner-most thoughts. Echos of fantasies that even my wife didn't now. I just had to add, "I find you very attractive."

It was an eternity, and my delivered drink nearly empty, when she
spoke up. "Lets go somewhere more private." My eyes snapped up into
hers, and she shared a long gaze and I knew she didn't find my kink
humorous. She also didn't let me wallow in her words very long, "Lets
go before I loose my nerve."

That was enough, I practically jumped up, paid for the drinks, lead
her gentlemanly out the establishment down a few hundred feet to a
rather nice hotel. One benefit to working downtown, all amenities
were close by.

Mere minutes later, the door closed to the room I had just rented for
the evening, I found myself alone with Alley. Immediately her arms
encircled my neck and her lips found my own. She kissed me with much
passion and emotion until I caught up with her and my hands encircled
her waist and my tongue slid into her mouth.

Her body felt good pressed against mine, soft, warm, feminine. I
barely knew this woman, yet we shared some type of bond. An
attraction and a desire that seemed to be in parallel.

Alley's lips became frantic with desire, smashing against my own as
her hands began to rip her own clothing from her body. I wanted to
watch her disrobe, but her mouth held me just by the sheer passion it
contained. Hurried seconds later she suddenly grasped the back of my
head in both hands and pulled me down to her chest, to her bosom, to
her full very white round breasts.

I remember in great detail that first quick image before my face was
pressed between those heavenly globes. Extremely white orbs, with
light blue veins running through, light pink puffy aureole, very round
slightly hanging (to guess, probably a 'D' cup). To me, I could see
no indication that they contained the focus of my kink.

Her skin smelled of baby powder and a light feminine scent - motherly
is how I'd explain it. My face was pressed into her flesh and I found
my open lips in contact with her smooth skin. As if a will of there
own, my hands hefted each meaty breast and pressed it to either side
of my cheeks. I rained kisses upon her tender skin as she gasped and
squirmed in reaction.

Even with the firm gasp pulling his head between her breasts, I was
able to move outwards towards her right nipple. My hands mauled the
pale flesh and she squirmed in response as my mouth came upon the soft
inch-wide light pink nipple. I kissed it with forceful lips, lapped
at it with my tongue and nipped with my teeth. Then I enclosed the
soft skin and sucked, just gently. I wanted and expected a mouthful
but found nothing.

Barely I was able to pull up at her in confusion, her eyes met mine
and I saw her hunger, her sexual desire within her. "Harder... suck
harder." She pulled me back to that one nipple and my mouth enclosed
it yet again.

My mouth was filled with warm sweet milk. Mother's milk.

At that moment, and I realized it with extreme pleasure, my fantasy
had been fulfilled. Alley's knees gave out and she felt down upon the
harsh carpeted floor as I gently guided her fall. My mouth never left
her right breast. I was in heaven, a joyous abandon overcame me and
no longer was I just experiencing a sexual moment, but I was living my
greatest desire, my kink.

Alley's hands were rough as they forced my hungry mouth off her breast and guided her left nipple to my open mouth. I realized my face was
wet with her milk, that it coated the front of her chest down to her
navel. My own shirt a soiled mess. Yet, I cared not. It left a
wonderful mess that I wanted to lick it all up. I was far from

I sucked and licked and nibbled and sucked some more. I alternated
between each nipple, realizing how large and puffy each had become at
my ministrations. Her clothing, only half discarded on her lower
extremities, was hindering her movements as I realized her sex pressed
up into my thigh near frantically.

This woman was very passionate, very hot. I didn't think of it then,
but she mustn't be getting any physical passion at home with her
husband - to find lust and pleasure in the arms of another man. At
that moment, I just didn't care. I was in heaven.

Tiny hands fumbled at my trousers, near frantic to grasp my throbbing
organ without the hindrance of my clothing. I desired it also, and
pulled away from her breast and stood up. Alley watched me, surprised
that I had disengaged from her. I then stood back and then began to
disrobe, slowly, deliberately so as she could see everything. She
just lay there, not blinking but watching me intently as her hands
gently strolled along her exposed skin.

When my cock sprang out from my underwear she gasped and even swooned.
I let my final garment fall to the floor when she rolled onto her
hands and knees, and crawled her way to me. I looked down into her
eyes as Alley's mouth opened and she engulfed the head of my dick.

After that she closed her eyes and wrapped one hand about the base of
my shaft and proceeded to give to give me one of the best blow jobs
I've ever received. I could tell she loved cock, she made slow
passionate oral love to me for those few moments. Not nearly long
enough for me, when she lifted her face from my crotch and while still
kneeling practically ripped the remainder of her clothes from her

Alley playfully ran and pouched upon the wide bed and sat waiting for
me. She looked incredibly sexy and I desired her very much. She had
pale skin and as I have mentioned, soft smooth inviting breasts that
now glistened with juices from my mouth and milk from her teats. Her
hands slowly trailed up her body from her knees, and she watched me as
I watched her, until both hands expertly cupped a thick breast. She
squeezed and a very fine stream squirted out from each puffy nipple.

It was my turn to gasp and she smiled at my reaction and again sent a
stream of milk out upon the bed and her lap. As if in a dream I moved
forward until I stood just at the foot of the bed, my cock well
pronounced and throbbing before me. The next squirt actually hit my
upper thigh and a drop landed upon my cock.

Well, by god, that was nearly enough to send me over the top. I
watched that drop as it slid down my shaft to my curly hairs. When I
looked back up Alley was on her knees and moving towards me. Another
stream shot out from her and this time it was well aimed as I got the
majority upon my crotch area. It coated my hard cock until it dripped
down upon the end of the bed. She let go one more flow before I found
my cock wrapped between the two most delicious orbs of delight that I
have ever enjoyed.

Her hands pressed both tits about my cock and though I could not see
what was going on, I could feel the warm wetness of her mouth suck
upon the head of my cock. I began to move my hips, fucking those
round sexy globes while the mouth upon me moaned causing a delicious
reverberation that continued up my spine.

It was not long in coming, when my orgasm started to jerk upon my cock
and my body rocked with uncontrolled spasms. Alley suddenly let go of
her breasts and sank her mouth as far down my manhood as it would
reach. She swallowed loudly, and from the continued moaning, and

It was over way too fast. I was exhausted, yes, but not nearly
satisfied. My cock began to wilt within the warm wetness of her
mouth. It was a delicious moment, dripping in milk and sexually
spent, as Alley suddenly looked up into my eyes. We shared a rather
intimate moment, her mouth still holding the head of my cock as I
stroked the hair from her forehead and smiling down at her in thankful

I gently lifted her from her kneeling position on the bed and threw
her back into the middle of it. She giggled girlishly and spread her
legs nearly parallel and again grasped her breasts. I didn't feel
like teasing and also jumped into the bed, my face landing well within
licking distance of her pussy.

So, that is exactly what I did. I may not have been too gentle as I
would have been if I was more patient or less amorous for this woman
yet she practically screamed out when my tongue slid between the folds
of her sex and right up into her vaginal channel. Immediately she
began to press her hips upwards effectively fucking my spearing

Warm liquid splashed against my face and I opened my eyes to see
another stream shoot from her nipples. She began moaning and
squirming about so much that the next few streams of milk missed me
completely but effectively make a very large mess of the bed and our
naked bodies. I knew exactly when she orgasmed, as my tongue was held
firmly in her sex as she screamed, yes I said screamed, out in
passion. Her body began to quake and roll about on the bed, my head
held between two soft warm, and milk-wet, thighs. When finally I had
a chance to lift my head to breath I was gasping for breath.

When the spasms of her orgasm started to slow, Alley lay upon her side
in almost a fetal position. I had been successful in disengaging my
face from between her legs and I tenderly kissed and touched her body
as she came down from her high.

Perhaps it was the sheer uninhibited expression of my kink, to finally
enjoy my deepest fantasies with this woman. I had not nearly enough.
In my position it took only minor movement until my face was just
inches from her bottom. Now, I may have neglected to explain just how
attractive her ass truly was - so endeared with her milking breasts as
I was - it was gorgeous. Fleshy to the point that it was round, but
not overly so, full bodied and very well shaped.

My wife doesn't like any attention to her bottom so I was rather an
amateur to that area, yet that didn't deter me from my primal urges at
that moment. I'm not even sure why I started what I did, but I pulled
apart Alley's ass cheeks and again pressed forwards with my face. My
tongue moved out and I felt the round hard muscle of her anus clench
as I caressed it. She again started to respond as the gentle licking
slowly became firmer and my tongue entered deeper into her anus. When
finally, she was pressing back as my tongue imitated a tiny cock and
fucked her asshole. As her moans became louder, her anus relaxed and
I was able to dive rather deeply into her body.

It only lasted for a few moments before Alley rolled over and gave me
such a devious desirable look that simply the remembrance of it causes
my prick to harden.

She roughly and hurriedly rolled me over onto my back, my cock again
rock hard and pointing nearly straight up drew her attention. Alley
gasped and again aimed her breasts and coated my manhood with pale
white milk. Without any type of preliminaries she quickly straddled
my waist and sank down upon me.

We echoed each others pleasure as our groans of delight sounded.
Alley held herself firmly planted upon my shaft as we both just
enjoyed the moment. Her eyes sought mine and she smiled almost shyly
before moving forward and presenting me with two gorgeous orbs that
she knew I very much desired. My mouth engulfed one excited and puffy
nipple and my first suck filled my mouth with warm sweet milk. I felt
a hand gasp and manoeuvre mine behind her buttocks until I felt her
pressing my finger against her slippery anus. I knew what she wanted
and easily slipped one finger into her asshole.

Exactly that moment was when Alley lifted her hips and began the most
delicious and erotic dance. She fucked me with a determined and a
passionate movement. Slow but firm was her method, moving up and down
in nearly perfect flowing motion. She was beautiful, I had not lied
to her about that, but now, during our encounter I believed it even

Alley leaned forwards, moving her breasts from my hungry lips, and
began to lick the split milk upon my face. Here was an image I had
not imaged, never in my fantasies had a woman licked her own lactating
spend from my body, but here she was doing exactly that. It was very
enjoyable, something I knew would be included forever in my memories.

I slipped another finger into her relaxed ass while her movements
continued to great effect. And I realized how much she needed this,
how her body craved this attention. In effect showing her how
desirable and sexy she was while post pregnant. Something I doubted
she received at home. She was moving more desperately against my two
fingers and my cock, speeding up and her body slamming more firmly
against mine with each thrust.

Just when I thought it the beginning of the end Alley suddenly lifted
herself off of me and sat back. I had assumed it was to catch her
breath, but I was wrong. The sexy woman was insatiable.

No, Alley leaned back on one arm and aimed another squirt of milk upon
her own sex. From my close view, as her sex was just an inch behind
my cock, I saw the pale white liquid coat her already very wet sex.
It covered all her extremities, caused little white drops to appear on
the ends of her curly thick pubic hair, and dripped down to her thighs
and ass. When an abundant amount was applied, she moved her hand from
the breast down between her legs and I watched, as she moved past her
vagina right down to her anus. Two fingers rubbed the milk about her
asshole, slowly working it in. In amazement I watched as her fingers
disappeared within herself and she began to pump up and down her her
own digits.

Just when I had imagined she had forgotten me, she again sat up and
over me. Her hand, now removed from her ass, held my cock straight
up. Slowly, gingerly she descended. I felt the head of my prick
press against a hard barrier but then, suddenly, it slipped past the
ring and slowly entered into the tightest and most deliciously hot
hole it has ever enjoyed. I knew where it was but was amazed. It was
the first time I had ever enjoyed a woman's ass in this way. I looked
at Alley's face and saw her determined frown, her teeth biting her
bottom lip, she was determined to seat herself fully down upon my lap.

She succeeded.

Alley sat straight up above me, her body impaled now against me. I
could see a drop of milk collect upon the tip of one breast and for
some reason that captivated my attention. Slowly, deliciously slowly,
Alley began to rotate her hips. It wasn't what I was expecting yet it
proved extremely enjoyable.

Her breathing deepened, yet again, and she began to moan. I watched
as the milk collected on the tip of that nipple and heard my own moans
of pleasure. Tentatively and rather slowly, Alley moved her hips up a
few inches before dropping back down. She began to call out and
cursed up a storm, yet only a part of me heard her as I focused upon
her nipple and that single drop. Her hips sped up and she began to
thrash about in preparatory movements to what I knew to be her
impending orgasm. She wiped her hair back and forth, cried tears of
pleasure and began a sound that could only be called animalistic.

Alley exploded in orgasm, upon and above me. I'd like to say it was
her orgasm that caused my own yet it wasn't. It was that drop,
finally collected enough to cause its own weight to force it away from
the source. It fell down upon my navel and as it fell I swear that
was exactly when my cock spurted its first shot.

Not much more to tell, my tale is nearly finished. We held each other
for a long indeterminate time until we silently got up and showered
separately. When I came out of my own she was gone. She told me the
next day, at work, that it could never happen again, that it was just
a moment of weakness for something she lacked - and then she thanked

A week later, this very morning, I found that photograph that caused
this whole encounter to happen, lain upon my chair. Written on the
back of it was a time for another rendezvous.



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