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Teacher Lust Part 2


Teacher Lust Part 2
by The Courageous Pedagogue
(C) 2002 The Courageous Pedagogue

Part 2 - The Female Of The Species

Following the goosing I had received at the hands of
Fiona (one of my colleagues) in the previous chapter,
the story moves on almost a month into the school term.
The pupils had by now been introduced to me and their
traits and personalities identified.

I had been getting along with Fiona really well, having
lunch every day and sat near her in the staff room
during break times. It was almost as if the incident in
Room 32 had never taken place. Our professional
relationship was developing just fine - the only real
reminder of the goosing was that I had stayed true to my
submission and dutifully made the first cup of tea in
the morning!

It was a Tuesday morning in late September, the first
hints of autumnal chill in the air as I made my way in
to my homeroom. I left my case on my desk and ventured
into the kitchen area that separated Room 32 and 33
(Fiona's homeroom). Before taking my coat off and
hanging it on the back of my door, I picked up the
kettle and promptly filled it with water.

As I filled the kettle, Fiona walked into the kitchen
area from her room. From behind I heard,

"Good morning David, how are you this fine morning?"

"Oh, good morning Fiona, I am very well thank you - just
making the morning cuppa!" I replied. "Good journey in
this morning?"

"Mmmm, so so really. I got stuck behind a bloody school
bus on the lanes. It would be a wonderful world without
school buses." She explained. I had to differ, some of
the stories I had heard about the incidents on school
buses when I was at school would have made anyone blush.
I had no reason to doubt that things had not changed. In
fact, I suspected things had become worse! But that is
another story.

"Mmmmm, it's a pity that you don't live just round the
corner like me. The worst thing for me in the morning is
dodging the flattened hedgehog on Marshall Drive!" I
jested. Fiona chuckled also, a real fresh gleam in her

I plugged the kettle into the mains, got the cups ready
and hung my coat up. We chatted as the kettle simmered
to a boil. As I poured the water into the cups, I felt
Fiona move up behind me and stroke my bottom. It made me
flinch and I nearly spilt the water on the worktop.

"Sshhh!" Fiona whispered. I remained motionless as I
felt her hands begin to roam around my thighs and on to
my crotch. She roughly rubbed my penis and balls with
her fingertips through my trousers.

"What are you up to Fiona?" I asked of her.

"I fancy some fun at lunch time. Be here at twelve
thirty or else!" Fiona ordered. All sorts of wonderful
images flashed through my mind, this was the first time
that Fiona had shown any sexual interest in me since
before the term started. I coughed out of embarrassment.

"I errrm, can't, not today anyway. I've got Linda
Allback in for lunchtime detention, for fighting no
less." I explained. Fiona was not having any of it,

"That's no excuse Mr. Taylor. You will just have to lock
the door. You will be here at twelve thirty." She
squeezed my balls roughly and kept hold.

"Ok, ok Fiona, let go - please. I will be here as soon
as I have set Miss Allback her task." Fiona seemed happy
with that, and I let out a sigh of relief as she
relinquished her grasp of my balls.

"Good boy! I am a horny girl today." She smirked and
left for her homeroom. I was in two places within my
mind at the prospect of this lunchtime rendezvous. On
the one hand, I was horny too, but on the other, Fiona
was going to be having some fun with a pupil (a girl) in
the next room! My heart pounded at the fear of being
caught in a dicey position.

As I walked back into Room 32 with my tea, I pondered
afresh what motives were driving Fiona - did she like
me? Or was there something more sinister afoot? I was
none the wiser as the bell sounded for registration and
my pupils began to file in.

At the start of the term I was programmed to be the
home-teacher for new entrants to the school in their
first year. I conducted the morning registration for
these 11 year olds, their uniforms completely different
from that I wore during my time at Weltby School.

As I read through the names on the register, I quickly
got to the names of the first mischief-makers, twin

"Alison Day?" I offered,

"Yes Mr. Taylor." I heard.

"Elizabeth Day?" I offered,

"Yes Mr. Taylor." I heard. The names were all read
accordingly and so it was a successful register, with
full attendance. After reading out the daily bulletin of
school news, the pupils talked amongst themselves until
the bell for first lesson sounded. It was another day

The lessons passed quickly and it was soon lunchtime at
Weltby School. Lunch was from twelve twenty, through to
one twenty for afternoon registration. There I sat at my
desk awaiting the attendance of Linda Allback, a spiky
little 14 year old, who had a penchant for being cheeky
to teachers and for fighting other pupils, mostly boys.

There was a quiet knock at the door. I instructed for
the knocker to enter, and so Linda came in and stood
before my desk. Linda had dark brown hair with eyes to
match. On her pretty face either side of her mouth, sat
symmetrical beauty spots and her tidy uniform apparel
created a picture of false innocence.

"Hello Linda, please sit down." I instructed and pointed
to a seat directly in front of me. Linda sat down
without saying a word. It would seem that Linda was a
rebel who played to an audience for during her
detentions and more serious punishments, she carried a
most remorseful and regretful persona. I could see her
bite her lower lip.

"Have you brought your lunch with you Linda?" I asked.

"Yes, I have brought sandwiches sir." She replied almost
tearfully. I felt that she was playing for sympathy and
to be let out to see her friends. But I had seen her
fighting Lisa Davis, totally unacceptable behaviour. It
was true that Lisa had started the incident and that she
had been dealt with by Ms. Greer. However, Greer had
decided that lunchtime detention would be sufficient for
Linda, and here she was.

I quickly set her the chore of watering the plants in my
room and then writing a five hundred word letter of
apology to me on why fighting in class was bad etc.
Quite lenient really, but then I was still a rookie! I
left Linda with the watering can along with pen and
paper and left for the kitchen area. Fiona was waiting
for me.

"Ah, Mr. Taylor." She said as she closed the door behind
me and silently locked the door. She had already locked
the door to Room 33 before I arrived. Fiona grabbed my
arm and guided me to a tall cupboard and gently pushed
me against it. Quickly, Fiona pressed her lips to mine
as her hands roamed freely across my thighs and around
my crotch.

Feeling Fiona's hands moving across my crotch instantly
instigated those tickling and tingly sensations within
my manhood. I was rapidly becoming aroused as her tongue
wrestled mine. I broke the kiss.

"Fiona, be careful please, I have a pupil in the next
room." I whispered so as not to raise interest from
Linda, sat next door.

"I give the orders here David, now don't be such a silly
boy." She chided in an equally quiet but firm whisper.
Her belittling words brought a wave of embarrassment and
anger. As I tried to resist, Fiona merely reminded me of
my predicament.

Soon, Fiona was kissing me once more and her frisky
hands were working at the zipper on my trousers. My
anger turned to fear and the prospect of being caught,
even though both entrance doors had been locked. I
worried that Linda or anyone else might look through the

Soon, Fiona had my penis in her hand and was gently
stroking it in her hands and smiling wickedly at me.

"You seem to be enjoying this David don't you?" I nodded
but not without blushing. I longed for the attentions of
an attractive woman, but I was unsure as to whether or
not I desired it under these circumstances. I felt
powerless to stop her groping me - the consequences were
too great.

"I, I'm just worried about the key hole. What if Linda
spies on us? What then?" I asked.

"Well, that is just a risk we are going to have to take
David. I'm sure that she will be a good girl and do her

"But what if she finishes early and comes to the door?
What if she hears and looks though the keyhole?" I went

"Ssshh, you worry too much. Take it like a man -
everything we do is full of risk." Fiona replied. Her
hand now gently jacking me off. My breathing became
heavy and I wanted to come right away to get it over

Fiona looked into my eyes as she rolled my foreskin back
to expose my shiny tip, glistening with pre-cum. Fiona
licked her lips and knelt down in front of me and moved
in to take my cock into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmphhh," Fiona mumbled as I gasped at this
most wonderful feeling thrust upon me. Her mouth took
most of my penis in at the first attempt. Slowly, Fiona
began to bob back and forth on my engorged member, the
sucking sounds for me, worryingly loud!

"Mmmmmmm, Fiona - at least put the radio on." I pleaded
in a vain attempt to disguise the sounds of sexual
activity. Fiona looked furiously at me and continued her
assault on my cock. She nibbled at the tip, licking
right along the slit, making me writhe against the
cupboard. Her tongue swirled around my frenulum giving
me intense need to ejaculate.

Fiona then held my penis high above my ball sac and took
one of them into her mouth. The hotness of her mouth
felt so warm against the skin of my scrotum. Slowly, she
began to wank my penis as she sucked on my balls.

In my state of high arousal, I looked across at the
keyhole to Room 33 and saw daylight. I turned the other
way, towards the keyhole of my room and felt relief as I
saw daylight there too.

Fiona pursed her lips hard around my cock, now aching
for release and thrust in and out much harder than
before. The tip of my penis was now throbbing. Fiona
sensing that I was near to climax began to cup and
massage my balls, running her forefinger along my

I started to buck my hips in an attempt to climax
sooner, and the feelings of pleasure began to surge
though my body from my thighs to my stomach.

"Oh my g, Fiona, I'm gonna cum. Watch out." I moaned as
quietly as I could. Fiona did not seem to hear me so I
said it louder.

"Fiona, watch out, I'm gonna cum, mmmmhhhh." Fiona did
not move from my cock and as orgasm gripped my cock and
my midriff, my juices were pumped freely into her
waiting mouth.

Fiona visually enjoyed the sensations of my hot sperm in
her mouth and she murmured a satisfied sigh as I came
down from my orgasmic feelings. Fiona stood up as I
quickly zipped my rapidly shrinking cock into my
trousers. I was about to leave to check up on Linda next
door when Fiona stopped me.

"I haven't finished with you yet Mr. Taylor." A wicked
glint danced across her alluring eyes. I stopped and
looked at her as if asking for release. "One favour
deserves another David. I didn't have you down as a
greedy boy." She mocked.

"I'm not greedy Fiona, it's just that I really must
check on Linda. I have a responsibility for her." I

"You have a responsibility for me this lunchtime. Now
get back here." She said moving over to the table in the
centre of the room. She climbed on top of it and hitched
up her skirt. I was awash with lust as her skirt was
lifted to reveal a glorious pair of white Calvin Kline
briefs. I could make out the groove of her vulva as she
stretched backwards onto the table.

"Bring that chair over here boy." She ordered in a
seductive whisper. Awestruck with what was before me, I
grabbed at the school chair and moved it to the table.
Fiona's legs dangled over the edge of the table and it
was obvious to me what she wanted.

Fiona took hold of my head and drew me into her crotch,
allowing me to scent her own arousal through the cotton
briefs. It was a lovely, girlish aroma. It was clear
that she had enjoyed oralising me. She handled my head
so that my nose tickled her hardening clit and she
moaned quietly at the sensations it gave her.

"Yeah! That's a good boy, worship my pussy." She
whispered. Fiona pushed my head away and reached between
her legs and removed her panties before my eyes. What
greeted me was perfection. Fiona looked down the table
towards me, observing my boyish curiosity at her

I could clearly see her outer lips behind a thin veil of
tightly trimmed dark pubic hair. Her clitoris was
showing signs of arousal, poking out from behind it's
leathery and fleshy hood. Fiona once more grasped my
head and guided it to her pussy.

"Eat me David. Suck on my pussy, make me come." She
ordered. She held my head right up to her musky fanny,
ensuring that my tongue was placed at her opening and my
nose at her clitoris. I began licking along her outer
lips as my nose pressed against her nubbin. Fiona began
to move her hips slowly, fully in control of this

"Mmmmm, yes. Keep licking my pussy boy." She whispered
huskily, her breaths becoming deeper. I obeyed her
commands as a dog would its master, eager to please this
beautiful woman. My tongue switched to encircling her
opening and I could clearly taste the bitter juices just
inside her pussy.

Fiona held my head tightly to her crotch as my tongue
worked its way in and out of her vagina whilst my nose
rubbed her aching clitoris. She quietly moaned as her
arousal heightened and subsided time after time. Each
time her feelings subsided, she held my head tighter to
her pussy to rekindle the arousal.

I sensed Fiona's knee muscles tensing as she savoured
the oral attention I was giving her. She was clearly
trying to come as quickly as she could. Fiona, still in
control of my head, moved my flickering tongue to her

"Fast and hard on my clit, boy. Do it! Make me come,"
she ordered. I continued to obey, my tongue flicking
wildly at her clitoris. It was by then soaked in
sweeter, fresher juices. I felt my tongue begin to ache
and I was fearful that I would not be able to continue
the pace.

I was about to give in and beg for a rest, when Fiona's
hips began to shake and I felt her crotch tighten,
before her knees clamped my head in position. Fiona was
coming. As her knees gripped my head, her hips meandered
around the table and she uttered a mix of soft whimpers
and sighs.

To bring her down from orgasm, I licked slowly and
delicately around her opening, ensuring to savour her
wonderful privates. I did not know if I would ever get
the chance to see them again.

"Mmmm, good boy. You have done well," she praised. She
set my head free and I smiled at her shyly before
licking my lips clear of her juice. She slowly put her
panties back on, covering her womanhood once again. "I
think you have a pupil waiting for you David. You can't
keep her waiting."

Reality resumed, and I moved over to the door to Room 32
and looked through the keyhole. I could see Linda still
writing her letter of apology. I sighed with relief!

Fiona calmly left for Room 33 and I spent several
minutes making myself look presentable and settling back
down before returning to Linda. I just hoped that she
couldn't smell the sex on me!

I felt happy with the relationship I had struck up with
Fiona. It was true, I wanted to be her full time lover,
but at this stage, just being her 'slave' was adequate.
As the rest of the day unfolded, I thought back to the
sight of her delightful pussy and the taste to match.
Things for once, were going well.


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