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Teacher Lust Part 1


Teacher Lust Part 1
by The Courageous Pedagogue.
(C) The Courageous Pedagogue 2002.
Part 1 - Goosed In The Home Room.

It was a hot and sticky August Monday in 1999 when I
started my new role as a Teacher of Geography at Weltby
School. The teaching staff were required to attend the
school one week before the pupils returned from their
summer holidays to far off destinations.

Although I had been a pupil at Weltby some six years
previous, the only people I recognised from my days as a
pupil were the headmistress, Miss Anne Greer, Mrs
Gertrude Gasser the deputy head and Fiona Clarke one of
my old class mates and now also a geography teacher.

We all gathered in the assembly hall for a welcome back
speech from the head and introductions to established
staff members. Being a familiar face, I sat next to
Fiona on the second row. I must admit that I had not
kept in touch with her since we left Weltby for
University life. She was also 24 and had not lost her
girlish good looks. Fiona was quite a tall woman being 5
foot 10 and possessed a wonderful head of brown hair.
When she smiled at me I noticed a certain cheekiness
with her and her blue eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. On
her nose between the sparkling eyes, several light
freckles set her face off almost to perfection.

The hall itself still seemed very grand with it's full
size theatrical stage and curtains. At the back of the
hall was a full size church style organ, the very
phallic looking air pipes picked out in a dirty gold
colour. The floor had been recently polished and the
whole atmosphere took me back to my school days with the
distinct "school hall" smell evoking strong emotions.

"Hello David," Fiona said as I sat down next to her.

"Hi Fiona, long time no see eh?" I returned her greeting
with caution, as the memories of the infamous pool party
disaster of 1989 rung heavy in my mind - her cheeky
smile churning my stomach immediately!

"I had no idea you were still in Weltby, let alone
becoming a teacher." Fiona seemed genuinely happy to see

"Yes I'm still here. Weltby is my home and it feels
comfortable to be here. Bradnock wasn't too bad, but I
like my home town!" It was true, I liked my time at
University in Bradnock, but I always fancied the home
life of Weltby.

"What are you going to teach here then Dave?" Fiona

"Geography, I studied geography at Uni and then stayed
on another two years to gain teaching qualifications.
What about you?" I replied.

"Oh the same, I am teaching Geography too. I guess that
makes us professional partners huh?" Fiona giggled as we
continued to make small talk before the ecstatic Miss
Greer ambled onto the stage to conduct her welcome

Miss Greer was a greying lady (just as I remembered her)
of about 50 years of age. She was wearing a pea green
cardigan over an imposing black frock, set off with a
shiny pair of black stiletto ladies shoes. Despite her
age, you could tell that in her youthful days, she was
quite pretty, even if she did seem very severe. She
demanded silence. Silence came, and then she continued.

The speech lasted for about an hour, detailing the
previous year's academic and sporting achievements,
setting targets for the forthcoming year, along with of
course, welcoming in the new members of staff. Fiona and
I were fully introduced, us being the only new members
of staff this year. There was a new caretaker funnily
enough, but he was not deemed worthy of mention!

Finally, Fiona and I were escorted to the Geography
Department to be shown our homerooms, where we would
conduct our classes and register our own tutor groups.
The tour went quite quickly, with me being allotted to
room 32.

Room 32 was a typical modern English comprehensive
schoolroom, with about 20 tables able to seat two
students each. There was the standard geography
teacher's globe in the corner and a large chalkboard,
which could rotate to display any one of three different
coloured backgrounds.

There were a couple of well watered and prosperous
plants along the window sill along with Venetian blinds
for when giving slide or film demonstrations. All in
all, it was just as I had remembered it from my time at
Weltby School.

I caught up with Fiona again at lunchtime where a small
buffet had been laid on in the assembly hall for the
staff in attendance. After grabbing a few savoury
sandwiches and nibbles, I quickly sought the seat next
to Fiona.

"So, are you going out with anyone?" Fiona teased quite

"Nah, I am hopeless with women," I confessed. "I don't
have what it takes to ask people out, I am still very
shy. I guess I am waiting for a woman to ask me out. I
know it's cowardly," I said.

"Are you shy?" Fiona asked.

"Yes, I have always been scared to ask girls out on a
date. I have only done it twice face to face, and they
both turned me down, so I kind of gave up trying. I
couldn't stomach the hurt you know?" I offered Fiona an
explanation of my condition.

"Oh that's too bad. When did you last do that then?"

"Well, it was Carly when we were in the third year. And
the events that followed didn't help either." Fiona
appeared to be lost, and I was surprised that I had to
jog her memory. "You know, the pool party that Carly

"Oh my god yeah!" Fiona laughed. "You know we felt soooo
bad after that Dave. It must have been very embarrassing
for you, being....err you know, played with like that?"
Fiona was careful to quieten her voice as she said the
last bit of her sentence. She chuckled a little bit,
obviously thinking back to my humiliation.

"Yes, I didn't want to leave the house for the rest of
the summer. The teasing really cut me up inside,
although I was brave not to show it. But I have had
girlfriends, it is just that it is so rare when a girl
asks a guy out. I am quite a lonely soul." I continued,
partly hoping to bring the issue to a conclusion (I was
reliving the embarrassment inside) and partly to gain a
little sympathy from her.

"Yeah, what we did was not nice, fun at the time, but
not nice at all. What bitches huh? Still it's nice to
see you again after all this time." Fiona smiled at me
and we munched happily on the sandwiches.

For the remainder of the week, Fiona and I got a lot of
work done, sharing notes about the upcoming curriculum
and discussing old times. I felt that we were getting
very friendly.

On the Thursday, we were helping each other rearrange
the tables ready for the following Monday and our first
full day as teachers, with real live kids. During this
task, I asked some questions of Fiona.

"So are you single Fiona?"

"No, I am engaged to Hans, a German guy I met at Uni. He
is devastatingly handsome and a real gentleman." Fiona
explained. This devastatingly handsome Hans, had just
devastated my hopes of dating Fiona! "Why do you ask?"

"Well for one thing, you asked me on Monday what my
situation was, and second, well...err, I'd rather not
say now!" I stammered weakly. I began to feel flustered
as if my secret was out.

"You fancy me don't you? Ha!" Fiona chuckled at my
embarrassment and began to tease me. "Awwwww, bless you.
Well I can save you the misery of asking me out then,
seeing as I'm already attached." She continued.

In the afternoon, we continued to work on our
curriculum, but I was feeling a little down and for no
other real reason other than that Fiona was already
dating. I would have to turn my attention to other
women. We were now sat on opposite sides of a desk and
Fiona sensed that I was withdrawn and asked me what was

"Ohhh, nothing really. I am just fed up with being shy
and, ohhh shit. I shouldn't lumber my problems on you."
I said.

"You must get over this shyness thing, it'll hold you
back if you're not careful." Fiona chided. I wasn't
expecting that remark, more like I was expecting some
sympathy or encouragement. "You won't find anybody
whilst you mope around in the doldrums Dave," she
continued piously.

I shuffled uncomfortably in my seat, unsure of what to
say or do next. It was as if Fiona had turned cold
towards me, almost unforgiving. Fiona seized on this

"Go and make the tea Dave!" she ordered. I shot up
straight away and went to the kitchen or rest area that
separated our two rooms to put the kettle on. The room
was tiled in white and was used to keep tea making
facilities, a wash basin with sink tidy, and numerous
cupboards and drawers to keep coursework, notes and
teaching resources in.

I felt angry that Fiona had not been all that
understanding, and that she had ordered me to make her a
drink! This was not a good start to our professional
relationship. Anyhow, I made the tea and returned to the

"Good boy," Fiona smiled and mocked as I took my seat. I
did not reply, but merely bowed my head and continued
with the paperwork. After a couple of minutes of
silence, I offered her some more information,

"I'm sorry Fiona, I guess I am just feeling a little
lonely. I love Weltby and I know that I am going to
enjoy teaching here, but I do feel as though I am
missing out on love and life." Fiona looked at me, her
face a picture of neutrality. She wasn't giving anything

"Hmmmmm, a lonely boy?" Fiona teased. Thoughts passed
through her mind that she could have some fun with me, a
lonely boy will do almost anything, and will do anything
if pushed hard enough. My head just went back to the
paperwork. I was working on a wall display about arable
crop rotation and farming.

I sensed a slight shuffling noise under the table and
before I had the gall to look under the table, I felt a
shoeless foot rubbing along my thigh and resting on my
crotch. Fiona clenched her toes, gripping my concealed
manhood tightly.

"F, Fiona, what are you doing?" I gasped. This was most
unexpected and made me feel uncomfortable.

"A lonely boy!" Fiona teased. She worked her foot around
my crotch, rubbing my penis and balls occasionally with
delicate and tickling touches, and occasionally with
real force.

"Fiona, p, please don't do this." I begged of her as I
moved my hand underneath the table to move her roaming
foot away. I could feel my penis begin to get hard at
her touches.

"Why not? You fancy me David, and I fancy some fun."
Fiona continued to tease my crotch under the table and
smugly grinned at my discomfort. I got the feeling that
Fiona was setting her dominant stall out from the first
instance. I tried to slap her foot away. "Ouch! That
could be construed as harassment Mr. Taylor. We wouldn't
want that now, would we Mr. Taylor?" Fiona mocked me,
well aware that in the modern world, a female head
teacher would most definitely side with another female.
I was being toyed with, almost blackmailed. How could I
report this? Did I want to? Her foot did feel good.

"I'm sorry Fiona, I wasn't expecting t, this." My voice
trailed off as her foot renewed the tortuously tickly
pleasure. Round and round, her stocking clad toes worked
around my crotch, running up and down the zipper. I was
becoming more and more aroused at her touches, my eyes
rolling with the sensations. And suddenly she stopped.

"I can feel that you liked that David, just like you
enjoyed it at the pool, all that time ago." Fiona was
right in what I was feeling then, and now, but I didn't
want to give in so easily. It was girls like her that
made me the way I am today, I couldn't let her win

"This is wrong Fiona, you are seeing somebody, w, what
would he think if he could see this?"

"Well, he isn't going to find out is he?" Fiona mocked.
"Come closer David." Fiona beckoned me round to her side
of the table. "Come on, I won't bite." I began to feel
vulnerable, like when a mother makes her son feel as
though he is being silly. She patted her hand on the
table and again told me to go and sit with her. I stood
up from the seat, my arousal visible through the front
of my trousers to Fiona.

I moved round to the other side of the table, and sat on
it. Fiona stood up and rested her palms on my kneecaps.
She looked into my eyes, smiled sweetly and then in one
swift and thorough movement prised my knees apart. I
gasped in a wave of powerlessness as Fiona moved between
my knees, her pubic mound rubbing my penis. Fiona's hand
grabbed mine, and I felt her power as she leaned over

I began to protest once again, but Fiona was having none
of it and she moved her lips closer to mine. I tried to
resist her forward play, but it was a choice between
accepting her kiss or falling flat on my back on the

Our mouths joined together as her mound began to rub my
crotch, heightening my pleasure. After the kiss, Fiona
let go of my left wrist, and with her free right hand,
pushed it firmly into my crotch, feeling the full
erection with her own hand. I gasped again, the emotions
varying from intense pleasure, to that of fear. What if
we were caught, or worse still, what if Fiona
blackmailed me?

Sensing my fear, Fiona quickly set explaining what was
going on.

"Shhhhhh, just relax David. I know you want it. You like
me doing this to you don't you?" Fiona was firmly in
control and I could only nod weakly at her question.
"Yes, yes. You like being goosed don't you baby? Huh?"
I nodded again, and continued to breath heavily as she
unzipped my flies.

"P, please Fiona, please. Don't do this to me." I begged
again. It was hopeless. She ran her hand into my boxer
shorts and found the firm naked erection within.

"Mmmmmm, baby. You want this badly, I can feel it."
Fiona remarked grinning down at me. She pinched the tip
of my penis between her thumb and forefinger, making my
body writhe. She continued to fondle my penis with her
fingertips, rubbing the tip and playing with my
foreskin. "Mmmm, you are becoming a little wet Mr.

Fiona was not wrong, and I felt her circling the slit in
at the tip of my cock. I knew that I was leaking pre cum
and Fiona withdrew her right hand from my shorts and
showed me two glistening fingertips. Leaning over me
still further, she offered those shiny fingers to my

"Please Fiona, d, don't. I will d, do apgghhggh." It was
too late to protest, and Fiona forced her slippery
fingers into my mouth. I felt so shameful and humiliated
as I tasted my own arousal. Forced to do so by this
woman, who seemingly revelled in my predicament.

"Good boy!" She said gleefully. "Just like old times." I
closed my eyes, to avoid her grin, but succeeded in
picturing her face taunting my teenage erection at the
pool party.

Dazed and somewhat confused by the situation, I could
feel Fiona zipping my flies back up again, this ordeal
over with. Sensing that she had me at her mercy Fiona

"Before I put my fingers into your mouth David, you
nearly said something. What was it?"

"I don't remember." I said lying through my teeth. "I
can't believe you just did that. I have a good mind to
report you."

"Who too? Mrs. Gasser? Pah, you wouldn't dare. First of
all, you would be too embarrassed to divulge the details
that she would demand of you and secondly, I think that
given her obvious feminist tendencies, she would believe
me or say that you asked for it." I knew that she was
right. "So, Mr. Taylor, what will it be? Are you going
to tell me what you were going say, or shall I report
you striking me to Mrs. Gasser?" Fiona moved back
between my legs and gripped my testicles in her hand.

"What? After what you just did to me, you would report
me for trying to defend myself?"

"Of course." She said, squeezing my balls. "Now tell me
what you were going to say." She continued her grip, a
grip that was becoming tighter. I looked at the globe in
the corner of the room, anywhere but her grinning
girlish features,

"Okay, okay, stop squeezing so hard. I was going to say
that I would do anything for you to stop." That was it,
I had conceded defeat to this woman.

"Mmmmm, didn't you like being goosed by a girl?"

"It wasn't that the sensations weren't nice, it was the
way you went about it. It didn't feel right." I
explained. Her grip relaxed slightly.

"Well, let's get things straight David. Like I said
earlier, I know you want it, and I want some fun. There
is no harm in that is there? But if you try and tell
anyone about this, it is going to be a hard life for you
here." Fiona paused, waiting for a response.

"So, errrm, what are you suggesting?" I asked timidly,
conscious that I was biting my lower lip.

"Well now, let's see. If I feel like a randy girl at
school, I might ask you to have lunch with me in here or
in the kitchen area. You WILL come and play with me.
That way, we both get what we want. And each morning,
you will make the first cup of tea. Understand?"

"Perfectly." I had to chuckle at her last statement, and
Fiona shared the chuckle. She leaned in to kiss my lips
and I responded eagerly. Squeezing my crotch again,
Fiona said,

"Just remember, you are mine. You know the consequences
if you disobey me. What you are feeling now is the power
of a woman. You felt it at the pool and you are feeling
it now." It was true, her rubbing my crotch made me want
to submit to her. I slowly nodded my response, knowing
that I was beaten. She quickly turned and went back to
her own room, closing the door behind me.

There was something delightful, yet frightening in what
had transpired. I felt shameful and humiliated at being
groped against my will again. I couldn't get the image
of her glistening fingers entering my mouth out of my
mind. Her touches were so seducing, and I knew that I
wanted more. Wanting more was one thing, but I was now
surely trapped by this female. Should I step out of
line, I would be reported to Mrs. Gasser or even Miss
Greer and that would mean me losing my job before I
started or worse still, in court.

It was certainly going to be an interesting term.


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