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Teacher Lust Part 3


Teacher Lust Part 3
By The Courageous Pedagogue

(C) 2002 The Courageous Pedagogue.
Part 3 - The Gym Voyeur.

The events in this tale unfold approximately a week
after the previous chapter ended, although I did not
witness any of what is about to be revealed. The events
in this part of the story are depicted as disclosed by
my good colleague, Mr. Simon Samuel.

He is 25 years old and is one of the male PE teachers at
Weltby School being 5ft 11" and possessing dark blonde
hair, which was cropped to a short number three all
over. He had smoky blue eyes and had a figure that
seemed to turn female heads of all ages in the school.
Being quite a tough guy (he was fit), whether it was
summer or winter, Simon would wear just a white T-shirt
and blue shorts for classes, indoor and out.

I often seek solace in Simon over a pint of beer at our
local and we share accounts of goings on within Weltby
and particularly at the school. He initially confided
these events in me whilst seeking advice on what to do.
What would you do? See what happened first.

As it happened, I wasn't the only teacher at Weltby
School to have been experiencing a little sexual action
in the school grounds. I was sure that others fornicated
with each other, just as much as the pupils - these are
the times we live in I suppose. Anyway, Simon had joined
the staff a year before me having completed his teacher
training at Wolverhampton. In the same intake was his
female PE counterpart, Miss. Daniella Edgington.

Daniella had wonderful shoulder length auburn hair and
hazel eyes to match. Her thin and well-chiselled
features announced with good effect that she was fit and
most definitely a PE teacher! She was about 5ft 8" and
almost always wore a tracksuit to school, quite sensible
given her role. Her white T-shirts showed off her bra
clad 36C breasts to good effect when she walked the
corridors or took classes in the gym or out on one of
the fields.

They had struck up a good relationship over the previous
12 months and even the pupils had picked up on the fact
that both of them were young, attractive, single and in
the same department. A perfect basis for a more than
professional relationship.

During PE, many of the braver pupils would tease Simon
or Daniella about a supposed love pairing. They both
denied it profusely and often responded with good-
natured banter. It would surely have been frowned upon
by Ms. Greer and Mrs. Gasser?

One such teaser was 14-year-old Sally-Anne Fletcher. She
was a schoolboy's dream really. She was on the school
tennis team and possessed a cracking figure, very lithe.
Sally-Anne had long milky blonde hair and sapphire blue
eyes. I take Sally-Anne for geography and I know how
cheeky she can be, flexing her petite snub nose when she
makes a smart remark.

One day, Sally-Anne was attending one of the many after-
school clubs and this day found her practicing her
skills on one of the tennis courts, supervised by Miss.
Edgington. A small group of boys who had been kept
behind for detention had gathered to watch as Sally-Anne
was in the last game of the day before finishing.

The boys marvelled and talked quietly amongst themselves
as they observed Sally-Anne dancing around the court.
They took sharp intakes of breath as they saw her white
knickers flash into sight whenever she jumped up for a

It was a particularly tough game this one, against the
only other girl in school that could match her skills on
the court, penelope West. Miss. Edgington was umpiring.
Sally-Anne made an uncharacteristic mistake on her serve
and double faulted.

"Fuck," she mumbled.

"What was that Sally-Anne?" asked Miss. Edgington. "Did
you just utter the F-word?"

"No, Miss. I said Shucks," Sally-Anne lied. One of the
boys at Sally-Anne's end of the court piped up,

"She did say it Miss. I heard her swear Miss." It was
the voice of Michael Hall. He was in her homeroom. Miss.
Edgington walked over to the boys and asked the others
if she had sworn. They all agreed, knowing what the
likely outcome was.

"Sally-Anne, come over here please," ordered Daniella.
She trudged slowly over to her teacher, fist clenched in
defiance, partly at her double fault.

"Yes Miss?" Sally-Anne asked.

"There are witnesses to your profane outburst young
lady. I will ask you one more time. Did you say the F-
word?" Sally-Anne's heart began to beat like a rampant
drum, as she was aware of the consequences of swearing.
Turning red with embarrassment she uttered,

"Yes Miss, I am sorry, I lost my temper and swore." She
could see the boys and in particular Michael chuckling
to themselves at her predicament. She so much wanted to
be somewhere else.

"Well Miss Fletcher, I am awarding this game to Miss
West by default for unladylike behaviour." penelope
quietly punched air to herself in delight at winning the
match. "I take it you know the punishment for swearing?"
Miss Edgington asked. "Care to tell me?"

"Errrm, a spanking?" Sally-Anne offered, wincing.

"That's right young lady, a spanking. Now bend over and
touch your toes," ordered Daniella.

"But Miss, there are boys here." Sally-Anne argued, well
aware that spankings are usually on the bare. She didn't
want these troublesome boys observing her punishment.

"I don't care if the Queen is here. I won't have foul-
mouthed harridans on my team. Your loss of temper was
unacceptable. What if you had been representing the
school? How would that have looked?" Daniella cut
through Sally-Anne's argument like a knife through paper
and sent her on quite a guilt trip.

The boys snickered as Sally-Anne resigned herself to her
fate and bent over and touched her toes.

"I'm sorry Miss, it won't happen again."

"Miss, surely you don't have to spank her here on the
court, in front of these delinquents," penelope pleaded
with a look of utter contempt at the boys. Sally-Anne
stood up again and the boys fell silent. Miss Edgington
seemed to ponder these words, and Sally-Anne felt saved.

However, she could not back down now. She remembered
back to her training and in her mind exampled that if
you give an inch, the pupils would take a country mile.
No, she had to be firm.

"No, I have decided on the punishment. Sally-Anne will
take it here in front of whoever cares to look. Maybe a
little humiliation will cure her tongue more than her
fickle promises," she defiantly proclaimed. The boys
again tittered. "Furthermore Miss West, I will not
hesitate spanking your behind either should you continue
to argue." penelope looked at Sally-Anne and shrugged
her shoulders in defeat. Sally-Anne mouthed a genuine
'thank you' to Penelope.

Before Sally-Anne bent over once more, she took in the
look on the boys faces that had ratted on her, all three
of them. There was a look of spite and a squint of
impending revenge on her face as she reached down to
touch her toes. One day....
As Miss Edgington raised Sally-Anne's dark blue gym
skirt above her waist, she thought about the
embarrassment she was about to inflict on her star
tennis player. Surely she wasn't going to let these boys
see her naked backside and possibly see more of her as
she was bent over? Everything in moderation, us girls
have got to stick together she thought.

Slowly, the skirt was raised, exposing the full yet pert
bottom enclosed with Sally-Anne's brilliant white
knickers. So pert was Sally-Anne's bottom, the material
clung tightly to her girlish cheeks and the dark outline
of her cleft could be seen through the material. The
eyes of the boys almost popped out of their sockets.
They nudged each other knowingly.

Sally-Anne blushed, given this first round of exposure,
and penelope blushed at the thought of what the boys
were about to see. Miss Edgington carefully peeled down
Sally-Anne's knickers just enough to expose the top of
her bottom cheeks. She knew that this would prevent full
exposure and embarrassment in front of the boys. After
all, they had been in detention and didn't deserve the
full 'treat' of looking at her pussy.

Both Sally-Anne and penelope felt relief when they
realised that Miss Edgington was not going to bare all
- this time. However, Sally-Anne did feel as though this
was a harsh punishment for what was ostensibly a first
offence. The boys knew that they would be disappointed
this time.

Miss Edgington raised her hand, and Sally-Anne gripped
her trainers tightly in anticipation of the first smack.


"Unnngh," Sally-Anne cried as Miss Edgington's flat palm
struck the top of her bottom. The boys jumped and
grimaced as they imagined the familiar pain experienced
by that gorgeous bottom.


"Ouungggh, please Miss!" Sally-Anne cried again as the
palm struck for the second time, this time focussing on
her left buttock. The spanking continued through to a
sixth spank, alternating from buttock to buttock. The
boys now ogled her fit legs up and down, from the Reebok
training shoes and white ankle socks up to the slightly
lowered knickers.

Finally, and with a seventh spank, Miss Edgington
completed the punishment and tugged Sally-Anne's
knickers back into place. The boys walked off knowing
that the show was over. penelope West followed, on her
way to the changing rooms and a warm shower. Miss
Edgington stroked Sally-Anne's bottom through her skirt
as she smoothed it back down to cover her panties,

"Let that be a lesson to you young lady. I don't want my
star player letting, the school, herself or me down in
future. Is that understood?"

"Yes Miss, I am sorry," Sally-Anne replied, happy that
this spanking was over and that there were no more boys
around to see the tears fall from her eyes. As Sally-
Anne was packing her racket back into it's cover, she
heard a mobile phone ringing. Looking round, she saw
that Miss Edgington answered it and held it close to her
ear. The conversation she half heard intrigued her...

"Hi, Simon, you ok?" Daniella asked the caller. Sally-
Anne tried her hardest to look busy and as if
concentrating on other things, this consisting mostly of
bending over and caressing her spanked bottom to relieve
the stinging.

"Yeah, I don't have any after-school stuff tomorrow.
I'll meet you in the storeroom at three thirty yeah?
Cool... Oh, we can say that we are going through the
equipment to see what we need to replace, no-one will
know," Daniella continued. Sally-Anne's ears were alert.
Her prim teacher was going to have a rendezvous in the
gym storeroom tomorrow after school. 'But who with?' she
thought, then remembered that Edgington had greeted the
caller as Simon. It had to be Mr Samuel.

Sally-Anne ran back to the changing room for her shower
full of excitement at the thought of spying on their
teachers. She always knew that something was going on
between them two. Now was a chance to extract some hard

A really wicked plan flashed through her mind as she
soaped down her gorgeous body in the warm shower. It
felt so good, she lingered on her clitoris just thinking
about it.


As her luck would have it, Sally-Anne had geography with
me as her final lesson the following day, and that meant
that she could get into the gym store room very quickly
when the bell sounded for end of lessons at three
twenty-five. It had been a good lesson, and surprisingly
for an afternoon session, everyone was attentive.

Sally-Anne packed her books into her school bag and ran
quickly out of Room 32 and made her way to the gym store
room as quickly as she could. The students even seemed
to part in front of her as if Moses was on her side, to
make her journey simple.

Panting heavily, Sally-Anne had made it to the storeroom
before anybody else. She sat herself down between two
gym mats and quickly caught her breath, excited at what
she might see. There was no risk of her being locked in
as, like yesterday, after-school activities were dotted
around the school and so it would not be locked up for
at least a couple of hours.

The storeroom was very dimly lit and was adjacent to the
gym itself, a tall dark green curtain separating the two
sections. Within it, there were all sorts of equipment
form vaulting horses for the gymnasts, table tennis
tables, racks of indoor hockey sticks and basketballs
etc. Weltby was quite a well-off school for equipment.

Sally-Anne checked her school bag and pulled out a
Polaroid camera, ready to snap anything incriminating.
She felt naughty and quite a snoop, but she had grounds.
Yesterday's embarrassment was fresh in her mind, and she
wanted to be the one that exposed any relationship
between the two fit gym teachers. She held her breath as
she heard the curtain being moved, someone was coming

Sally-Anne tensed as the mystery intruder slowly paced
around the room next to the curtain,

"Hello? Daniella?" the voice whispered. Sally-Anne
instantly recognised it as that of Mr Samuel, the hunky
PE teacher. With no reply, Mr Samuel assumed that he was
the first one into the storeroom and continued to pace
about. He was humming a tune that Sally-Anne recognised
as 'One More Time' by the scandalous britney Spears.
Sally-Anne grinned for she knew that no man or boy could
resist her in her school uniform!

After a couple of minutes, the curtain moved again and
another intruder arrived. Sally-Anne bravely raised her
head slightly to the direction of the noise and saw that
Miss Edgington had joined Mr Samuel. She saw them
embrace and share a kiss,

"Mmmm, Daniella, you ok?" Simon asked.

"Are you kidding? This is so, so cool. What gave you
this idea?" Daniella replied. Sally-Anne felt
disappointed, as she had missed the kiss, a missed photo
opportunity. Little did Sally-Anne figure that better
and more incriminating shots were soon to be had.

"Well, I read it in a Nancy Friday book, and it is
naughty, us meeting on school grounds," Simon explained.
Sally-Anne recognised the name Nancy Friday, her mother
had two books by her. She knew that they were erotic in
content and briefly thought back to times when she had
sneaked them into her room for a quick read. Her pussy
tingled as she remembered some quality masturbatory
moments, and she firmly held her hand between her legs
to quell the tingle.

Simon and Daniella continued to kiss and embrace, before
falling to the floor on a gym mat. Simon was on top of
Daniella and Sally-Anne could see them rolling about in
lust through the gaps of a table tennis table. The
sounds of the kissing and the sight of the roaming hands
continued to dazzle Sally-Anne and she began to rub her
pussy rather than just hold it. She knew that she was
wet. She wished that she were in Daniella's place, like
all of the girls at Weltby School. But she also wished
that she was in Simon's place too, but that was her
little secret.

Simon moved his hands over Daniella's breasts and arms,
the two teachers continuing their extracurricular
activity. Daniella was panting loudly at the touches of
her secret lover, her own hands searching out his
rapidly hardening cock, concealed menacingly within his
blue shorts.

The teachers continued to roll around on the gym mat, in
a kind of erotic wrestle. First Simon would be on top
and in charge of the kissing and fondling, and then
Daniella would wrestle Simon off and she would mount him
to reverse the power play. Such wrestling impressed
Sally-Anne who was secretly cheering for Daniella, she
wanted to see her PE Master's cock. In anticipation,
Sally-Anne dug deep between her legs and slipped a hand
into her panties and continued to witness this erotic
show. This show had given Sally-Anne fresh erotic
guidance for her to practice in her own sex life.

As the clothes of both teachers began to fall away,
Sally-Anne remembered that she wanted to gain some
photographic evidence of this relationship to show her
friends. She also remembered that she wanted to humble
Miss Edgington for punishing her in front of those boys
the day before. She removed her hand slippery hand from
her knickers and began seeking the 'glory shot' through
the viewfinder.

Simon and Daniella were panting heavily and both were
now in just their underwear. Through the viewfinder of
Sally-Anne's Polaroid, she could clearly see Daniella's
hand on Simon's erect crotch and both of them coupled
together at the mouth in wonderfully full French kiss.
Without further thought and with her heart drumming away
furiously inside her girlish chest, she pressed the
button and took the picture.

With an audible click and a brilliant white flash that
filled the room, the evidence had been secured. The
severity of the situation now filled Sally-Anne's head.
What was she going to do now? A voice piped up from
across the storeroom.

"What the...?" Simon gasped anxiously. "Did you see that
flash Dan?" He was not sure what he had seen, if

"No, I didn't see it, now come on a kiss me some more or
I'll get a ping pong paddle and spank your arse!!"
Daniella replied menacingly. Still convinced that they
were alone, the teachers resumed their frenzied groping.

Sally-Anne firmly believed that she had got away with
this picture, it slowly developing in her hand. As the
picture appeared, she could clearly see the bulge in
Simon's shorts and Daniella's hand groping it along with
a permanently coupled kiss. Lust and jealousy filled her
young mind again as Daniella's threat of a ping pong
spanking for Simon echoed in her head. 'Perhaps I could
spank Michael Hall NAKED in front of the girl's tennis
team with a ping pong paddle - that would teach him,'
she thought, a smug grin on her face.

"Mmmmmmmm, Simon! Tickle my clit for me." These words
from a highly aroused PE Mistress jolted Sally-Anne from
a victorious future to an amazing present time. She
glanced over to where the teachers were performing and
saw that Simon had now relieved his colleague of her
panties. The grey sporty garment lay by her side and
Simon's hand was cupping her naked pussy. Sally-Anne's
jaw dropped.

As Simon's fingers delicately danced across Daniella's
crotch, Sally-Anne could see that her PE Mistress kept a
shaven treasure within her pants. Sally-Anne put her
hands back in her own panties and tickled her own young
clitoris, now throbbing at the sight before her eyes.
How she wanted a picture of that to show her friends.

"Ohhh god! Mmmm, please lick me. Lick my cunt, I've been
a naughty girl," Daniella whined into Simon's ear. Simon
chuckled and replied,

"Not as naughty as you're being now Poppet!" With that,
Simon moved between her legs and after savouring the
aroma of her moist and musky work of art, he delicately
and purposefully applied his tongue to her left inner
thigh. He licked up and down several times before
changing his allegiance to her right thigh. This teased
Daniella wickedly and she quickly grabbed his head and
manoeuvred him to more central and needy areas.

Sally-Anne continued to rub her own sex as she witnessed
this horny display of teacher lust. However, she was
torn between getting off on this erotic show, or
capturing another snap for more 'hard core' evidence. In
a display of schoolgirl naivety, she retrieved her hand
from her panties sucked it dry before picking up the
camera once again. She was greedy!

As Sally-Anne silently moved to a prime position for her
shot, Simon began furiously flicking his tongue at the
sensitive and buzzing clitoris of his partner. Simon
paused briefly and at the precise moment that his tongue
touched the goal again, Sally-Anne depressed the button
on the camera.

"Click!" The flash of the exposure awakened both
teachers from their randy adventure and looked up to see
Sally-Anne Fletcher carrying a shocked expression
leaning over a vaulting horse, camera in hand.

"Fucking hell!!" Daniella exclaimed, "What on earth are
you doing here?" She quickly covered her privates with
the previously discarded panties. There was initial

"Come on Sally-Anne, what are you doing?" Simon
attempted to back his partner up.

"Errrm, I could ask you the same question," Sally-Anne
said triumphantly, waving the rapidly developing picture
in her hand.


Well, what happened next? Who has the upper hand here?
More fun and frolics next time.


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