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Teacher Lust Part 4


Teacher Lust Part 4
By The Courageous Pedagogue

(C) 2002 The Courageous Pedagogue.
Part 4 - The Puppets.

"Fucking hell!!" Daniella exclaimed, "What on earth are
you doing here?" She quickly covered her privates with
the previously discarded panties. There was initial

"Come on Sally-Anne, what are you doing?" Simon
attempted to back his partner up.

"Errrm, I could ask you the same question," Sally-Anne
said triumphantly, waving the rapidly developing picture
in her hand. Daniella furiously opened her legs to put
her grey panties on, but Sally-Anne was having none of
it. "You will leave those off 'Dan' if you know what's
good for you," she said with a wicked grin on her face,
holding two incriminating photographs above her head.
The jaws on Simon and Daniella's faces dropped.

"W, what are you going to do with those Sally-Anne?"
asked a trembling Mr Samuel.

"Well, I might put copies all around the school... or I
might keep a couple for my own personal viewing, orrrr,
I might just destroy the lot. It's really up to you
two." Sally-Anne smugly informed the stricken duo.

"Okay, will you to destroy them?" asked a more
determined Miss Edgington. Sally-Anne smiled,

"If you had access to pictures like these, would you
destroy them? These are very valuable." The two teachers
looked at each other helplessly and shrugged their
shoulders, Daniella's pussy in clear view of an excited
Sally-Anne who continued. "The whole school knows that
there is something going on between you two, but you
deny it! Now I have the proof - there is no way I am
destroying these."

"Okay, okay. What do we have to do for you to destroy
them?" asked a more desperate Daniella.

"Well, let me put it this way. Call it revenge, call it
what you will, but you humiliated me in front of those
boys yesterday Miss Edgington, and I hate you for that.
You are clearly dating the sexiest hunk in the school
and I hate you for that also." Simon blushed at those
words. "Furthermore, I have proof that you are lovers,
and pretty shocking proof too eh? So there is no way I
am gonna destroy these, but I might not plaster them
around the school. That depends..." Sally-Anne teased,
waving the pictures once again over her head.

"You manipulative little bitch Fletcher, you deserved
that spanking good and proper. In fact I shouldn't tell
you this, but I didn't want those boys seeing too much
of you either, that is why I left your knickers on and
only exposed the top of your buttocks," Daniella said
trying to defend her actions. "Come on, what have we got
to do to stop you posting the pictures?"

"Okay listen up," Sally-Anne ordered, and both teachers
looked up at Sally-Anne, aware of their predicament. "I
want you to carry on your little erotic show in front of
me - the full monty - and allow me to continue taking
pictures, posing on my command. I will expect you to do
whatever I say until I am satisfied that I have enough
evidence to finish you at this school. Then I will leave
and you can do whatever you want. If you comply, I will
only show these pictures to my trusted friends," Sally-
Anne explained. She paused and waited for a response,
which was a long time coming.

"My god! But you are only fourteen Sally-Anne. Supposing
someone else comes in? God! We would be arrested!!"
Simon was getting very flustered, well aware of the
severity of his situation; besides, he didn't want to be
naked in front of this pretty young girl. However, the
thought of it maintained his erection, clearly bulging
out of his under shorts in front of Sally-Anne's view.

"Well sir, you know what the consequences will be - it
is a risk we will all have to take. I think you are
turned on by the prospect of performing in front of a
girl anyway. I can see that you have a hard on. I can't
wait to see it!" teased the girl. "I want you both to
stand up, facing each other, then embrace."

Slowly, both teachers got up from the storeroom floor
and faced each other. Simon advanced on his partner and
they embraced tightly, attempting to hide their bodies
as much as possible from the inquisitive girl.

"It will be okay," Simon whispered to Daniella. She
responded by commencing a firm French kiss of defiance
with her, up to now, secret lover.

"That's good Miss Edgington, show him how much you like
him," teased the girl, the tingle returning to her
girlish sex. Once again, she had a sly rub, marvelling
at her new found power. "Let your hands roam all over
his back and bottom," she ordered. Daniella complied, as
her fingertips danced all over his firm buttocks and up
his spine to the back of his head.

Simon responded by gripping both of Daniella's buttocks
and firmly massaged them with his palms. As she moaned
quietly at his touches, Simon gently ran his fingernails
up her spine and across her shoulders, making her
wriggle. Sally-Anne giggled at the show being performed
in front of her, she was desperate to see more.

"Okay, Miss Edgington, I want to see what you've got a
little closer. Turn around and sit back down on the
floor - with your legs open," she ordered. Daniella
complied and sat back down, her legs open. Both Simon
and Sally-Anne could see her shaven and damp sex
clearly. The girl clambered down from the gym horse and
stood about 4 feet away from the teacher's sex.

"What are you doing?" asked Daniella. Her question was
answered silently as the girl held the camera up to her
eyes and lined up a clever shot of the bald sex, two
glorious breasts and the teachers face just above it.
There was the click and the flash, and the damage was
done. Sally-Anne turned to Simon.

"Hmmmmm, I want to see what that bulge is sir," the girl
teased. Simon began to blush.

"No please. You can't do this. You are just a girl, I
can't possibly..." Sally-Anne took the initiative and
without listening to his pleas, dashed over and yanked
his white under shorts down to his ankles. Both Simon
and Sally-Anne took sharp intakes of breath.

"Well, well! I like that sir," Sally-Anne smiled as she
eyed up the teacher's penis. It was sticking out from
his body by what Sally-Anne thought was a mile! It
glistened at the tip with arousal and was, in her
limited experience, a real beauty. She let out a little
girlish giggle - the sight of a penis was still an
unusual and funny thrill, belying her normally apparent
maturity. Smugly, she stooped down to admire his hanging
testicles, all this in slow motion for the stricken

Having admired his hanging balls for a good thirty
seconds, Sally-Anne once again raised the camera to her
eyes and took a picture of the genitals before her eyes.
Brimming with confidence, she ordered Simon to strike a
pose where he held his hands on his head looking
forlorn. The girl found this pose sexy and empowering as
she fired off another couple of pictures - she would
have a good masturbation session later she decided.

Turning to Daniella, the girl continued to bark her

"Suck him off Miss. I want to see you take him in your
mouth." Daniella raised her eyebrows at this order, she
was sure that the girl would only make them strip and
maybe carry out a little light fondling. "Come on!" she
said urging the teachers together.

Daniella got up from the floor and moved to between the
legs of Simon. She knelt in front of the male sex,
sticking out like the lever on a car jack.

"You keep your hands on your head... 'Simon,'" the girl
teased. "I think you like this." The girl was right,
Simon had never been so aroused at the prospect of his
lover sucking on his cock and this girl looking on. This
brought sex education into a new light.

Daniella moved in and flicked her tongue to the tip of
Simon's cock, tickling the integumentary prepuce. Simon
moaned and wiggled his hips at the tickling tongue
running all around his tip. Sally-Anne looked on in
amazement, as Daniella seemed to worship his penis. She
worked a hand into her pants and rubbed at her clitoris
once again. This was the first 'man size' cock that she
had seen. She fondly remembered the childish fumblings
with her next-door neighbour when she was younger, and
also brief glimpses of her more recent boyfriend's
willies when they had managed to steal time together.
However, they had all been in the throws of puberty -
this one was fully-grown!

As Sally-Anne continued to tickle her sex with her
delicate fingers, Daniella engulfed Simon's cock with
her lips. She gripped his testicles with her left hand,
gently massaging the leathery bag as her mouth bobbed
back and forth along his shaft. Both teachers seemed to
forget that they had a young voyeur and the display of
oral satisfaction continued. Occasionally Simon would
open his eyes and see the grinning girl rubbing her sex
under her skirt, but would quickly close them again,
trying to blot out the sordid scene. If he could be
arrested for his thoughts, he surely would have been!

"Use your other hand to play with your pussy, Miss
Edgington," Sally-Anne instructed her teacher. "You
should get to feel good too." Quickly, Daniella moved
her right hand to her damp sex and began to rub her
fingers first around her clitoris and then along her
shiny slit. Sally-Anne observed this act of self-arousal
and copied her teacher's actions.

Sally-Anne stood back from the two teachers and took
several pictures of this amazing scene. She had seen so
much today and had learnt many new things to practice on
her own lovers. The most fascinating of which was
dominance. She still hungered for revenge on those
sniggering boys that had witnessed her spanking, but she
was prepared to be patient for that. She had more
pressing ideas at the front of her young mind.

"Okay, that's enough for the minute. I want you Miss
Edgington to stay in the floor, but on all fours, and
you Simon... well I want you to stick your thing into
her." The two teachers sighed in unison and wilted
dejectedly. "Or else..." the girl added.

With that, Simon moved behind Daniella's rear end and
observed her wonderful bottom and below it, her
glistening sex. He looked at Sally-Anne for mercy, but
she nodded her head at him and ushered him to penetrate
his lover. He slowly nestled in between her buttocks and
gently slid his cock into Daniella's waiting pussy. She
was seemingly just as aroused as Simon was, and he had
no trouble sliding right in at the first attempt.
Daniella moaned slightly as her lover's cock invaded her
intimate channel.

Sally-Anne's eyes opened wide at the sight of witnessing
two of her teachers engaged in full-blown sexual

"Do it!" Sally-Anne ordered. Slowly, Simon began to move
his manhood back and forth in and out of the warmth of
Daniella's pussy. It felt good to him, the heat and
dampness just as arousing as her hot mouth had been
previously. Again, he was lost in his feelings of
pleasure and ignored the girl still fingering her own

Daniella was also feeling the pleasure as the firm penis
of her lover moved slowly in and out of her. She was
pushing back against his cock with the same rhythm as
his motions. Sally-Anne was enjoying this immensely and
soon felt an advancing orgasm in her clitoris.

"Mmmmmmhhhhh," the girl moaned as she claimed her
orgasm. She thrust her middle finger into her opening
and tightly closed her legs together to heighten her
feelings. Sally-Anne closed her eyes and let the
tickling orgasm run its course through her entire body
and out from her toes.

Removing her hand from her sodden panties, Sally-Anne
wiped her hand on Mr Samuel's t-shirt and refocused on
the teachers before her. The girl took one more picture
of the couple having sex, now more than enough for her
plan. Without further thought and without a climax for
either teacher, Sally-Anne brought the show to an end,

"Right, that's enough. Come on, stand up. Here's the
deal." The two teachers prised themselves apart and
stood up, both standing naked and facing the young
teenager, blushing guiltily. The girl waved a full hand
of Polaroid pictures at the two teachers. "I have here a
number of photos of pure filth! Teacher lust in fact. I
could ruin your careers with one misplaced picture in
Mrs Gasser's mail on Monday. However, I am a
compassionate and understanding girl... " Sally-Anne was
teasing Simon and Daniella and Simon was the first to

"Come on Sally-Anne! Please tell us what you are going
to do with those pictures?" Sally-Anne thought quickly,
aware that she had reached her goal to expose the two
lovers. She had not thought about prolonging their
embarrassment further than today.

"Right. Errrm, I will keep the photographs to myself and
a select number of my trusted friends if you make
yourself come, now!" Sally-Anne said, pointing at
Simon's penis - still erect. Simon closed his eyes at
the thought of this girl seeing his cock releasing its
secret seed before her eyes. Sally-Anne was only too
aware that a penis could shoot sperm, but had never seen
it happen. But she wanted to see now.

"Please, Sally-Anne, don't make me do this," Simon
begged. Daniella turned to him and said,

"Just do it and get it over with. Maybe this will be an
end to it. If you wimp out, she will finish us." Simon
sighed with resignation to his fate, knowing that his
humiliation would be worse than Daniella's. He took his
still throbbing cock in his left hand and began to
stroke himself up and down in front of his lover and his

Sally-Anne smiled smugly at Simon as he masturbated
himself. She was becoming aroused again as the feeling
of power over this man flooded her mind. If she could do
it with a teacher, she could sure do it to those boys.
In fact, any boy she wanted. The girl moved in for a
closer look and noticed that his juice was leaking from
the purple head of his cock, she knew that he must be

Sally-Anne stood back as Simon's hips bucked wildly.

"Mmmmmmmhhhhh, here it comes," Simon announced and
arched his back to release his orgasm. Sally-Anne
covered her mouth to stifle a giggle as the first
stringy jet of semen erupted from Simon's cock. In what
appeared to be slow motion, the creamy goo flew a fair
distance through the air and onto the floor at Sally-
Anne's feet. Several more jets of cum appeared but did
not shoot as far, until the final glob just dripped out
and onto the floor in front of Simon.

"Wow!" the girl silently uttered, looking up and into
Simon's blue eyes. There was mutual attraction in their
stares and a lengthy silence before Sally-Anne allowed
the two teachers to get dressed and leave.

As Sally-Anne watched the two PE teachers leave
hurriedly, she reviewed each picture in turn, each
bringing about a tickling twinge between her legs. She
bit her lip as a grin beamed across her young pretty

"If only I could get that on film."
So you see, another dominant in the making. Stay tuned
for more fun and games. Teacher Lust has come to and
end, but I have so many more tales to tell of the sordid
goings on at Weltby School. Sally-Anne is not nearly
finished yet. In fact, her friends and others are only
just getting started.



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