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Teachers Pet

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explicit permission.

This story contains material of a sexual nature that is inappropriate for minors
and which may be controversial and/or offensive to some adults. Please don't
read it if you have not reached the age of majority, or the laws in your state
or local province prohibit the viewing and/or use of this type of material.

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Teacher's Pet

Leslie could have heard a pin drop. She hesitated on looking up from the paper
that she read aloud to her Creative Writing class. This was the first time she
found the courage to read aloud. It was the best piece she had ever written and
it happened to be an erotic love-making scene. Her ears burned and she knew her
face was flaming red.

She slowly raised her blonde head to look at Rick O'Neal. Rick wasn't like any
other professor on campus. He insisted on being called by his first name. He was
young and buff. He didn't wear stiff suits, either. Leslie always thought he
belonged on the pages of a stud calendar.

Rick had been leaning on his desk before the presentation. Sometime during the
reading, he moved behind the desk and sat down. Leslie did not know he was
hiding his arousal.

"That certainly was exciting." His voice was low and sensual.

A nervous ripple of laughter came from the class behind him. Leslie felt heat
rise to her cheeks again.

Rick addressed the class, "Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?"

A red haired girl from the back of the class spoke up. "Yeah. Isn't it time to

Rick glanced at his watch. "Well, so it is. We'll pick up where we left off on

Everyone, except Leslie, scattered like flies. She watched them with envy as
they left. She was going home for the weekend while most of her classmates were
headed for a night of partying and sexual abandon. Her pussy became wet with the

"Leslie, can I help you?" Rick's smooth voice broke her thoughts. She turned
around to face him and saw a desire in his eyes. he hadn't noticed it before. He
was still sitting in the chair. She went over to him.

"I shouldn't have read that in class." She glanced down at the bulge in his

"Why? I thought it was arousing." He reached down and unzipped his khaki pants.
Leslie couldn't believe it. Many girls on campus dreamed about fucking Rick
O'neal, but this was no fantasy.

She glanced around the room. They were the only two there.

She kneeled in front of him and reached for his cock. "Let me help you." God,
did she just say that?

She pulled his cock out into full view and admired its length. Her pussy burned
with desire. She gently massaged his balls and stroked his cock, watching it
grow to full length. Rick leaned his head back and moaned.

Leslie dreamed of having Rick's cock in her mouth, night after night. She teased
him, licking up and down his shaft. Her lips and tongue caressed him. She felt
his cock throb in her mouth as she
touched his sensitive head.

She continued sucking in rhythm as she lifted her dress up and slid off her
cotton panties. She slid two fingers into her slippery cunt and moved her hips
in rhythm with her cock sucking.

"Take it all in your mouth."

Leslie gladly swallowed as much of his cock that would fit in her mouth. She
pumped and squeezed it with her lips, taking him in and out. The harder she
sucked him, the faster she finger fucked herself. She tasted the saltiness of
pre-cum and Rick stopped her, then. "Not yet, sweetheart. You haven't gotten

Rick stood up and helped Leslie get up. He turned her around and leaned her
across the desk. She gripped the far edge of the desk as he lifted her dress
over her ass. She spread her legs, exposing her dripping pussy.

Rick bent down and inhaled her scent. He licked her labia and tasted her sweet
juices. He found her swollen clit with his tongue and gently sucked on it. She
gasped and moved her hips in circles. His tongue traveled back to her puckered
asshole. She arched her back in response. Rick had full access to her treasures.
He slid his tongue into her vagina and fucked her with it. Leslie fingered her
clit and moved wildly in rhythm with the tongue fucking. She wanted his tongue
deeper inside her. She lifted her fingers to her lips and tasted her sweet

"Fuck me now, Rick." She panted.

He stood up and entered her full force. Leslie yelled, "Oh yeah! Fuck me

Her yells of ecstasy excited him even more and he banged her harder. He slid in
and out of her, thrusting and pumping. Each stroke becoming harder and faster.

Leslie thought she heard footsteps in the hall. The thought of being caught
fucking in the class room excited her and she felt her orgasm coming on.
"Faster, Rick. I'm coming."

That put him over the edge. His cock became rigid and he thrust deep inside her
cunt. He exploded inside her. She held onto the edge of the desk for dear life,
arched her ass higher, and pumped him dry with her orgasm.

Rick stayed inside her until his final burst of cum shot from his cock. he slid
out of her dripping pussy. Leslie picked up her panties and put them back on.
Rick tucked in his shirt and zipped up his pants.

"You see," he said. "I told you it was arousing."

"Well, so it is." Leslie giggled.

They heard foot steps in the hall again. They quickly arranged their clothing.
Another professor popped his head in the door. "Is everything O.K? I thought I
heard yelling."

Rick looked at Leslie with a knowing look and grinned. "Couldn't be better."


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