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Teaching Melanie Chap 1


New Story/Videll Dais

Teaching Melanie (M/f, coersion, spanking, reluc. inces. ped.)

By Videll Dais

Chapter 1: Arrival

With bated breath, he watched from behind net curtains as the taxi drew
up outside. At last, his long awaited guest had arrived. Edward Lincoln
saw his niece disembark and wait patiently beside the vehicle while the
driver removed her case and bags from the boot. He hadn't seen Melanie for
almost two years, since her tenth birthday in fact. She'd certainly grown
in that time; tall with long, coltish legs, lean, just a hint of womanly
curves beginning to show about her chest, her rounded buttocks and
thickening hips. She had a shiny mane of chestnut hair that hung down past
her shoulder blades. Her face was heart-shaped, angelic, with huge,
startlingly green eyes, and a full-lipped mouth that seemed to be forever
pouting, forever offering promises of illicit delight. He opened the front
door and, smiling warmly, greeted his niece with a polite "Hello, Melanie.
Welcome to my house." He took her delicate hand gently enfolding it within
the huge clasp of his own, and made much of a lingering handshake. When
the taxi driver had placed the girls belongings in the hall, Lincoln paid
the fare, then shut the door on the big bad world outside. Two minutes
later he was ushering his attractive niece into the gloomy interior of the
big old house, which would be her home for the next three weeks. Telling
Melanie he would show her to her room, he led her to the long staircase and
let her go up before him. The only remit Edward had received from
Veronica, his sister-in-law and the girl's stepmother, was for him to teach
Melanie piano and instill in her the mental discipline she would need to
cope with her new convent school after the summer holidays. Edward's
brother Richard, Melanie's father, was away in the Far East and Veronica
thought the girl required the balancing influence of a fatherly figure for
a few weeks. "Be firm with her, Edward. Remember how you taught me? I
expect the same for her. She has wily ways for one so young and will try
it on, believe me. Don't let her get away with it. She needs to be taught
proper manners, etiquette and discipline, as well her music." Edward eyed
the gentle sway of the girl's hips and rounded bottom as she climbed the
stairs ahead of him and thought how cute, how innocently sexy, she looked
already. He also thought of Veronica, his brother's hot little package of
a second wife. She had been an ill-mannered, cocky, foul-mouthed wench
when they'd first met, and she had needed a few lessons herself about how
to behave for the men-folk of the Lincoln family. Richard had given Edward
the nod. "Treat her like one of your horses, Edward. Make the bitch
behave." It had taken him a month, a long, pleasurable month, during which
time he had introduced Veronica to being forcibly tied up, blindfolded,
having her lovely nipples clamped and being caned on her bare backside; he
had taught her how to properly suck a cock and swallow copious amounts of
sperm (something she had adamantly refused to do for Richard) and had made
her submit to the delights of anal intercourse whilst blindfolded and tied
over a piano stool. She had been a difficult case, protesting, denying,
rebelling the whole time, but Edward had shown her how difficult he could
be, how patient, how firm, how domineering. By the time he returned her to
Richard, her behavior had been radically modified; she was obedient to her
husband's every command, and fulfilled his every wish quietly, politely,
and without utterance or question. She could cum instantly upon the right
commands. So pleased was he with the results, Richard had paid Edward a
quite substantial fee for what he deemed "a perfectly trained filly."
Edward smiled inwardly, breathed in the fresh, lemony smell of the girl in
front of him. He didn't think it would take a month to train this
delightful twelve-year old. Anyway, he didn't have a month. He had only
three short weeks. Veronica had been one of the more difficult ones.
Somehow, he didn't think her stepdaughter would prove half as difficult.
He'd give it a week, two at the outside, and Melanie would be willing to do
anything he wanted her to do. He would start her training immediately,
tonight in fact. "Your room is in here, Melanie." Edward showed the girl into a small, comfortably furnished room containing a single bed, a
dresser, and pink drapes over the small window. "Unfortunately, the window
is broken and cannot, at present, be opened. I'll bring your bags and case
up in a while. In the meantime, you might want to freshen up. The
bathroom is down the hall, second door on your left." "Thank you, uncle."
Melanie stood awkwardly beside the bed looking around the small room, a
cursory inspection by one who seemed totally bored by events otherwise
beyond her control. Edward boldly looked her up and down. "Are you
hungry?" "A little, yes." "Dinner is served at seven. Not a minute before
or a minute after. I have no wish to sound harsh or spoil your visit here,
but everybody has to live by rules Melanie and, like it or not, these are
the rules of this house. You will wear dresses at all times. Jeans and
casual wear are not permitted during your stay here. Be warned, if you're
late for a meal, you will be sent to your room with nothing to eat at all.
Do you understand?" Melanie looked down at the floor. "Yes, uncle," she
said, her voice so quiet he hardly heard her. "Good." Edward smiled at his
niece. She was (not unlike Veronica had been) a haughty little bitch and
he was going to have a lot of fun with her. "I must say your posture
leaves much to be desired young lady. Straighten yourself up; hands by
your sides. Now look up, stick your chest out. That's better. Stand on
tiptoe. Now stretch your arms above your head. That's right. Hold that
position a minute. Let's have a look at you." And look he did. In this
awkward position, Melanie's small breasts jutted against her blouse and
Edward was pleased to see she was developing nicely. He moved slowly
around and behind her. Melanie trembled, the position making her legs
tremble and muscles tense. "You've been allowed to slouch around in front
of the television for too long. Let's see if you've got much fat to lose."
Edward moved in closer, placed his big hands on Melanie's hips. Her waist
was small and he slid his hands around onto the slight swell of her taut
belly. He ran his hands up her ribs to just under her hard little breasts,
his fingertips following the slight ridge of her bra line, momentarily
brushing lightly along the curving under swells, then dropping slowly again
to her belly. One hand above the other, he spread his fingers wide so the
little finger of his right hand reached almost to her pubis. Slowly, he
rubbed her taut belly in a circular motion, deliberately letting his right
hand drop lower so his little finger trailed dangerously close to her pubic
region. Melanie shuddered, lost her pose. "Keep still, Melanie!
Straighten up! That's better. Good." Edward pressed his fingers into the
girl's tummy making her buttocks tilt into his crotch. Gently, he rocked
his hips nudging her tempting curves with his semi-hard cock, just enough
to let her feel his arousal. He slid his hands up the girl's ribcage once
more and cupped them over the tight mounds of her budding breasts. "My,
my. Veronica was right. You are growing, Melanie." "Uncle...Please..."
Melanie brought her arms down and covered his big hands with her own. "Be
quiet. Raise your arms up, Melanie!" Edward's voice boomed, leaving the
girl in no doubt he meant to be obeyed. "Come along now. Pull yourself
together and do as you're told. I want to see you reaching for the
ceiling." Melanie hesitated a second, then reluctantly did as ordered and
Edward felt her little tits snuggle into his palms. With thumbs and
forefingers, he gently tweaked her nipples until he could feel the buds
rise up into hard jutting points. He teased each excited bud for a full
minute, enjoying the feel of the firm, springy flesh. "How does that feel,
Melanie? Do you like having your nipples played with?" "I-I...really don't should be...t-touching me like t-that, Uncle!" "I didn't ask
you to think, Melanie," Edward breathed hotly into the girl's ear, squeezed
the tiny bumps harder and felt her shudder against him. "I want to know if
you like having your tits played with. A simple enough enquiry. A
straight answer is all that's required. Now tell me - and I want the
truth." "It-it doesn't...feel r-right." "Don't worry my precious, it will
do eventually." Edward felt her body reluctantly responding to his touch
and smiled. "Good. Not too much fat at all. You're becoming very
womanly, Melanie. I like that. Ok, that will do for now. It's time
almost for dinner. You can relax while I go get your belongings and bring
them up." Melanie sighed. Her cheeks flushed to a bright pink hue. Edward
turned and left a blushing, confused Melanie to her own devices.

* * *


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