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Teaching Melanie Chap 2


New Story/Videll Dais

Teaching Melanie (M/f, coersion, reluc, spanking, inces, ped.)

By Videll Dais

Chapter 2: Melanie's First lesson

When my stepmother told me I going to stay with uncle Edward for the
last three weeks of my holiday, I wasn't impressed. I wanted to stay
around where my friends were and hang out with them, particularly a boy called Derek who had been showing an awful lot of interest in me of late.
I'm only twelve, but I have a crush on Derek. He reminds me a lot of an
actor whose name escapes me and he is really nice. We actually kissed each
other last week at Emily Peter's birthday party. I was really excited.
Though I protested in the strongest possible terms, Veronica (my
stepmother) insisted I would be going. She doesn't seem to like me one bit
and, let me say, the feeling is quite mutual. She says that since Daddy
has been away I've become an unruly and disobedient child and really needed
a lesson or two in manners. Besides that, she said uncle Edward would
teach me some fatherly discipline and spend time helping me with my piano
lessons. That's all well and good if you're interested, but I wasn't, not
in the slightest. As far as I could remember, I wasn't particularly
enthralled with uncle Edward either. He was a tall, sinister man with
bushy eyebrows and a deep voice. The last time I saw him was at my tenth
birthday party. He made me sit on his lap and, when no one was looking,
kept slipping his hand under my dress and touching my panties - right on
the bulge of my cunny. He made me wriggle and fidget and I could feel a
hardness under my bottom that hadn't been there before. I got a strange
tingly feeling between my legs and felt a bit scared, but thinking about it
later in bed made me all tingly again and I touched myself between my legs.
It felt nice and I got kind of wet down there. I'm glad we don't see too
much of uncle Edward. There's no telling what he would do if he ever got
me alone. Now, of course, he was going to get me alone for three whole
weeks. God, it bothered me and excited me all at the same time. Veronica
helped me pack my things and gave me a whole list of restrictive
instructions (which I had no intentions of obeying or sticking to) before I
left. I wasn't to moan, complain or whine about anything and I was to obey
uncle Edward implicitly. She told me he could be very strict and that's
just what I needed in my life. If I didn't do as he said, then I would lay
myself open to punishment and would have no choice but to submit because
Daddy and she had given him a free hand in dealing with my wayward ways. I
didn't think that was very fair at all and said as much. "You've been most
disobedient of late, Melanie," Veronica said. "In all honesty, with your
father being away, I have been finding it difficult to cope on my own with
your moods, you're rude intransigence, so fair or not, you will do as
you're told and go to your uncle's for the coming three weeks. No more ifs
or buts. That's my final decision." When I arrived at uncle Edward's house
and saw how big, old and gloomy the place was, I felt very depressed and
wanted to cry at first. However, I had no intention of letting my uncle
see me cry or revealing how miserable I felt. He would no doubt have told
Veronica and that would've been another black mark on the books. Uncle
Edward seemed quite friendly when I arrived. He smiled, asked how I had
been and shook my hand. I felt a bit more relaxed after that. He showed
me to my room and within seconds his demeanor changed. He became quite
stern and standoffish saying my posture was bad and that he'd had
complaints concerning my behavior from aunt Veronica. He made me stand on
tiptoe with my hands stretched above my head. Then he began touching me
"to see if I was getting fat" is what he said. He put his hands on my
tummy and pressed me back against him. I could distinctly feel the hard
lump of his arousal against my bottom. I guessed what it was and, blushing
furiously, then lost my balance. He told me to pull myself together, to
stand straight and still. A moment later and I blushed even more as he
slid his hands up my front and began feeling my breasts. He squeezed and
fingered them for what seemed like ages and used awful rude words. I was
so embarrassed and wanted desperately to tell him to stop, but knew I dare
not say anything. He deliberately played with my nipples and, once again,
shivering, I felt that weird - pleasant? - tingly-type sensation between
my legs that I remembered from when he had touched me before. Luckily,
this intimate fondling of my breasts did not last for too long and he left
me to prepare for dinner. I was extremely relieved to be left alone but,
oddly, had butterflies in my stomach and felt strangely excited by the
incident. After such a long journey, I felt dirty, my hair itchy and
gritty. I ran a warm bath, had a long soak and, after drying myself, put
on a dress as he'd instructed. Then, at seven sharp, I made my way
downstairs to the dining room. There was ham for dinner with lashings of
salad and mashed potatoes and pickles; one of my favourite meals. We ate
in silence to start with. A couple of times I caught him eyeing me
intently across the table and, embarrassed, I felt myself blush again. I
wondered if I might be doing anything wrong and worried about him punishing
me. Near the end of the meal he spoke for the first time in ages. "Do you
have any experience of boys, Melanie?" "Boys?" Frowning, I stared at him,
confused by his question. "Yes, boys. Do you have a boyfriend? Have you
been kissed yet, had your nice little titties felt up by them, or had a one
of their grubby hands shoved down in your knickers?" Uncle's language
appalled me. I felt my cheeks flame. "N-no, I most certainly haven't.
The very idea disgusts me. P-please, Uncle...don't ask me things like
that." "I'll ask what I please young lady, and you will give me honest
answers. Understand?" Casting my eyes to the table, I shook my head.
"Yes, Uncle." "Do you often put your elbows on the table?" he asked,
staring at me, unsmiling. I removed my elbows straight away and clasped my
hands in my lap. Cheeks aflame, I looked down at my empty plate. "Sorry,"
I muttered. "Sorry isn't good enough Melanie. I can see you've got a lot
to learn as far as manners go. Stand up and come around here." Nervously I
stood. My legs felt like jelly and I slowly made my way around the large
table. Thinking of my stepmother's warnings, inwardly trembling, I stood
beside his chair. He sat back, nonchalantly crossed one leg over the
other, and stared at me with unblinking coldness, his eyes going from my
head to my feet and back again. When he spoke, it was quietly and with
great authority. "I want you to raise your dress to the waist, then turn
around and bend over the table." God, the very idea! I made to protest.
"But Uncle...!" "Don't argue with me - ever! Do as I say or it will be the
worse for you." My insides churned. "Uncle, please...I said I was sorry."
"Melanie, I won't ask you again. If you can't do it, I shall do it for
you. Now raise your dress and bend over the table this instant." Tears
stung my eyes as I slowly turned away from him. As if they had minds of
their own, my hands reached for the skirt of my dress and slowly began
raising it. "Higher, Melanie. Quickly now!" Eventually, I stood with my
dress bunched around my waist, my hands clasping it in position so tightly
the knuckles turned white. I felt like running from the room, the house,
getting as far away from this brute of man as it was possible to get. My
uncle cleared a space on the table then sat down again and was quiet for a
while. I glanced out the corner of my eye and he was openly staring at my
bare legs, and my white knickers. God, it was so embarrassing. I could
have died on the spot. "Now bend over the table please, and stretch your
arms out in front of you." I tried appealing to his better side, all to no
avail. "Uncle, please...I...My dress won't stay up if I let go of it." "Do
as I say, Melanie." Slowly, I bent over the table and stretched my arms
out. I glanced backwards over my left shoulder. "Face your front, Melanie.
Do not move, do not do anything, unless I tell you. Understand?" "Y-Yes
Uncle." Nothing happened for ages and I was just beginning to relax a bit
when, suddenly, I felt him close behind me. He slowly raised my dress up
over my bottom and pushed it high around my waist. "Please...Don't beat
me, Uncle," I said, my voice sounding pathetically weak and ineffectual
even to me.

"Be quiet, Melanie."

"But, I..."

"I said: BE QUIET!" His voice was like thunder. I jumped and my stomach
churned. Oh God, I thought, please won't somebody rescue me, save me from
this awful brute of a man. Why wasn't my father here to stop this, to save
me? Once again he was absent just when I needed him most. Nervously I
waited for what was to happen next, for what awful punishment he had in
store for me. I felt very tense, expectant. My knees were shaking and
mind was racing with all sorts of terrible thoughts. Whatever it was uncle
had planned for me he was certainly in no hurry. Then I felt it. He put
his hand lightly on the right cheek of my bottom. It felt hot through my
knickers and I shivered. He slowly moved his hand from one cheek to the
other and back again in a slow caressing movement, every now and then
squeezing the firm flesh. He touched me there for ages, all over, just
moving his hand lightly back and forth. It actually made me feel quite
relaxed, but my heart was pounding in my chest and my legs felt weak and
trembly. I could hear him breathing, feel his warm breath close to my
legs, near where he was touching me. For fear of making him shout at me
again, I remained still and quiet as he'd told me to do. His hand moved
from the elastic waist band of my knickers almost down to the tops of my
legs and back again time after time in long, slow, stroking sweeps which I
quickly got used to and, as my embarrassment at being in such a
compromising position gradually faded, I didn't mind so much and quite
liked actually. But, then he made me jump because he put a finger in the
crack between my bottom cheeks and traced it lightly right the way down
almost to my cunny. It tickled, made me wriggle a bit, and I got that
itchy feeling in my tummy. "No, uncle... Please, d-don't do that!" "I
said be quiet, Melanie. You disobeyed me yet again. For that, I am going
to have to spank you." My insides did a flip as I felt his fingers hook
into the waist band of my knickers and slowly begin to draw them down. I
wanted to stand up and struggled a bit, but he put a hand in the center of
my back and pressed my tummy into the hard table top so I couldn't move.
My uncle was much bigger than me and very strong. With his free hand he
pulled my knickers down just enough to bare my bottom. Then he whacked me
hard with the flat of his hand three, four times in quick succession. It
stung quite a lot and I couldn't help crying out. "Oh, stop, Uncle!
Please stop!" I felt tears well in my eyes, but I was determined not to
allow him the pleasure of seeing me cry. I sucked in several deep breaths
and managed to gain a degree of self control. He still held me pressed to
the table and, once again, lightly caressed my naked, burning, bottom. His
hand felt hot on my bare skin and my stomach felt really weird. "If you
must learn the hard way, Melanie then, regretfully, the hard way it shall
be," he said, moving a finger soothingly up and down between the cheeks of
my stinging bottom. I'm sure he had pushed my knickers lower because his
hand - and especially the finger - seemed to be everywhere. I jumped when
he actually touched me right on my bum - the private bit. He sort of
pushed the tip of his finger against it each time he brushed his hand down
the crease. Worried, thinking he was actually going to stick his finger in
me, I clenched my bottom. Uncle said, "Don't squeeze your bottom together
like that, Melanie. Just relax." I forced myself to do as he said.
"That's much better. Relax now. I'm not going to hurt you," he said, and
I felt him again move his finger over my private place, very lightly
circling it a couple of times. "Good girl, Melanie. Much better. Stick
your bottom out more. Yes, like that. Hold yourself still now. Good."
The way he touched me then stirred my stomach, made me shiver deep down. I
never said anything. I was too scared. How long it went on for I don't
know. It seemed like ages. In the end, Uncle pulled my knickers back up
and smoothed my dress down. "Go to your room and prepare yourself for bed,
Melanie. I shall be up to check on you later." Legs like water, I did as I
was told.

* * *


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