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Teasing Wife Gives in


Title: Teasing wife Gives-In
Author: Gilglim
Story Codes: Reluc, Slut Wife, M+F
Teasing wife Gives-In

My wife, Becky, has always been a tease. She doesn't flirt with men...
On the contrary, she ignores advances or gives a quick, cold glance and
walks away if a guy gets too friendly. But she always dresses sexy, and
she secretly loves it when people notice... Everybody notices, and with
good reason. Her Puerto Rican features make her tight outfits stand
out, especially her beautiful, firm, round behind. Her perky nipples
seem to poke out, no matter how thick her top is. The thing that makes
her stunning (as opposed to just good-looking) is her narrow waist that
seems to exaggerate the rest of her features.

I often tease her about how sexy she dresses. She smiles and says that
when she's sixty, she'll dress like she's sixty. Since she's twenty
four, she's going to dress like she's twenty four. Despite the sexy
looks and sassy attitude, my wife doesn't put-out very often... and she
never cheated. We usually made love about once a month and she would
often stop my sexual advances. I guess she's like most women and just
doesn't have the libido that men have.

I work in the commodities market, so most of my acquaintances are the
type that wear suits and like to golf, but about twice a month a group
of guys that I grew up with gets together to play cards, dominos, craps,
drink beer, watch a porn flick or just hang-out on the stoop. I make
more money than all three of them combined, so we usually meet at my
place. I get to act blue-collar for the day and we all have a good
time. My wife says I'm a different person around them. She says I act
too 'gritty'... like I've got to prove to my 'down and out' friends that
my suit and tie hasn't sapped my machismo. Consequently she tries to
avoid being home when this group of guys meets at our place.

During one of our visits, my wife came up in conversation and Marcus
made the same comment he always makes, "Damn, she's got a great ass!"
Everyone chuckled. Usually the conversation would turn to something
else, but today everyone seemed to have a comment. (I had grown used to
Marcus saying something like this. He would even say shit like that
when my wife was home and could hear it [thank god she was shopping that
day]. She would just give him a sharp, cold glare and walk out of the
room if he said shit like that in front of her.) It was unusual for
everyone to join in and go on and on about it. Pete said, "She's got
great tit's, too." Victor took it to the next level saying, "Man, I'd
fuck the shit out of her if she wasn't married to Greg." Everyone
laughed. I just smiled and listened to them describe her 'fuckable'
body in greater and greater detail. This must have gone on for over
fifteen minutes. When Victor turned and said, "come-on, Greg, tell us
what she's like."

Marcus had just finished describing in great detail how -- given the
opportunity -- he would "shoot spag all over Becky's face and watch the
cum drip off her chin onto those perky tits while she finished sucking my rod clean". So I chuckled at Victor's query and said. "Sorry to
spoil the moment, guys, but Becky isn't as hot in bed as she looks...
and she certainly doesn't act the way Marcus so eloquently described.
The truth is that she's sort of prudish about sex. She's all looks and
although she can be pretty good in bed on occasion... that occasion is
fairly infrequent."

This sparked a round of protests. "I bet she loves to suck cock!"
"That's bullshit, man. I could make her pant like a bitch in heat."
"She'd bounce on my cock all night long."

I listened to them acting like a bunch of puffed up roosters and
off-handedly said, "Whatever, you're all welcome to try, but don't blame
me when she slaps you like the snot nosed kids that you are." I
expected everyone to laugh and for that to be the end of it, but
everyone got quiet and mulled over what I just said. Victor finally
said, "You really think so, huh? I'm going to hold you to that."

With all of the blue-collar machismo that I could muster I said, "You go
right ahead, but don't say I didn't warn you."

Pete quickly said, "If you're so sure, then you'll agree not to try to
sabatoge us, by lying to her about us or trying to stop us if she starts
spreading those long curvy legs for one of us. No offense, but nobody
who dresses that sexy is a prude... and I intend to get some of that
pussy if you're offering it for the taking."

I had painted myself in a corner, and my pride wouldn't let me back
down... besides I was nearly certain that any advances one of them made
on my wife would be met with an open hand-slap to the mouth. So I said,
"Have it your way. I won't need to tell lies. She barely gives-it-up
for me... she certainly isn't going to put-out for you guys. Hell, she
makes plans to be away whenever you guys stop by so that she can avoid

Instead of disuading them with that last comment, it incited each of
them to try harder. As the evening ended, Pete made a toast with the
dregs of his bottle. "Here's to fucking Gregs wife!" "I'll drink to
that", replied Marcus.

"Whatever, " I said smuggly.


The next couple of times that we got together, the guys showed up early
and stayed late trying to be around my wife. As she was leaving-out,
the guys would whistle at her and make a big deal about how she looked,
even if she wasn't dressed particularly sexy. She just gave them dirty
looks and walked out. She got the same treatement when she got home.
They didn't make any crude comments, just approving cheers.

After a few months, two things happened. First, I came to the
conclusion that the conversation had finally blown over. Second,
although I didn't notice at first, my wife was starting to dress sexier
when she knew that the guys were stopping over. She was starting to
like all of the attention that they were showing her. She used to wear
stretch pants or tights, but now she was wearing miniskirts and
short-shorts. While the guys still didn't say anything crude. They
were DEFINITELY more overt about staring at her... and she was starting
to linger around the house a little longer before going out and coming
home a little earlier in the evening. She would also find more reasons
to walk through the dining room or living room (depending on whether we
were playing cards or just hanging out). Sometimes she would even join
us for a few minutes of conversation, while the guys openly stared
directly at her chest , legs and ass.

None of this caught my attention because she always dresses sexy and she
has always liked the attention that it brings her. But this was going
further. She would find reasons to stand on tip-toes in the room to get
something off of the top shelf or bend over for a long time as she read
the titles on the books on the bottom shelf of the bookcase... finally
selecting one and walking out of the room with it. If she was wearing
shorts, either one of these actions pulled her tight shorts sharply into
her butt-crack and accentuated her firm, round rump. If she was
bending over, you could even see the seam pressing into her labia. Her
pussy crack looked great like that. Everyone in the room would gasp and
she would act as though she didn't even notice. If she was wearing a
miniskirt, either action would display the bottom edge of her ass cheeks
and if she was bending over far enough, you could see the crotch of her
panties. On one occasion, she was wearing sheer, translucent panties and did this. The nearly clear panties pressed into her crotch and
spread her pussy lips for all to see. I nearly came in my pants. Pete
even uttered, "Oh my god!", under his breath. Becky couldn't suppress
her smirk as she finally stood up and walked out of the room, without
even bothering with the pretense of taking a book.

"I'm gonna fuck that when I get the chance" Marcus muttered loudly. I
was concerned, because he said it loud enough for my wife to hear in the
next room.

"Damn! What's up with that?" asked Victor. "Your wife is many things,
but she is NOT a prude."

"Keep it down, guys", I said. "You're gonna piss her off."

"You're full of shit", Pete snapped. "Your wife just showed us her
pussy and she did it on purpose."

"I'm tellin' you", I said. "She likes to look sexy, but she's just a

Our conversation hushed suddenly as Becky entered the room. "I'll be
back around 9:00 O'clock, honey." She said to me. She bent over to give
me a kiss on the cheek. Just then her eyes got big and she spun around
and slapped Marcus' arm away from her ass. "Keep your hands to yourself,
pervert!" Then she stomped out of the house.

Marcus looked like a kid who just got caught with his hand in the cookie
jar. Pete and Victor were giving him high-five's. All I said was, "I
told you."

Marcus snickered to himself, "yeah, she hit me like you said, but I know
something you don't... Your prudish wife was sloppy wet. She really
must get-off on us looking her over and talking about her when she's in
the next room."

We didn't talk about it anymore that night, but as far as Pete and
Victor were concerned, Marcus was the hero of the day.


Marcus had started a new routine that day. From then on, Becky would
hang around the house for about a half-hour after the guys had arrived
before going out. One or two of the guys would do something like pat
her on the ass as she walked by and she would smack their hand away. As
she bent over to kiss me, the guy nearest her would try to rub her ass
through her shorts or reach under her skirt and she would smack them
away again. She would say something like, "Your friends are pigs!" or
"You guys act like you're 13 years old."

Despite all this, my prudish wife kept dressing sexy when the guys dropped by. She started going to a women's exercise class at our health
club and she would wear a french cut exercise leitard to class. Of
course she struted around the house in it before class. Marcus tugged
the back of her lietard upward turning it into a thong. As usual, Becky
swated him... curiously, she left the leitard where it was, showing off
the world's most beautiful ass for another 20 minutes before leaving for
her class.

Two months later, my wifes protests had gradually subsided. What had
once been slaps, had turned into playful swats. When she said, "Your
friends are pigs", there was almost an endearing quality in her voice.

One day she gave me a longer than usual goodbye kiss. What made it
longer was that she didn't immediately swing around and rebuff the guy
that was rubbing her nearly bare behind (she was wearing her leitard).
She stood up and said to me, "Aren't you ever going to do anything to
stop these guys from feeling me up all the time?"

"I, ah...." before I could answer, Victor interjected. "He told us it
was alright. Greg, here, says we can do whatever you'll let us get away

"I didn't say it like that!" I protested.

My lack of direct denial clearly pissed-off Becky. "What an asshole!"
she sputtered at me. "You think you can pass me around to your friends
like a toy." She stormed out of the house.

"Thanks a lot, Victor!" I muttered.

The guys left early that night. When Becky got home, she acted like
nothing had happened. However, things changed rapidly. Over the next
two months Becky radically reduced the amount of resistance she gave the
guys during their visits. They could rub her ass when she walked by
without even getting a nasty look. Her sexy outfits also got more
bold. She would walk through the house in a big tee-shirt and a pair of
panties that would come into view if she happened to bend over or reach
for something on an upper shelf. I never saw her let them do anything
more agressive than rub her ass as she walked by or as she was kissing
me goodbye, but I started to suspect that the guys got pushier when I
left the room.

For example, one time I left for the bathroom and Becky wasn't in the
room. When I returned, she was standing between Victor and Marcus who
were seated at the table. She had her back to me and she was looking
down towards her crotch, with her feet about a foot and half apart.
Victor and Marcus each had one hand firmly planted on her ass and were
looking towards Becky's crotch. She had her right hand on Marcus'
shoulder and pushed him away when she noticed I had walked into the
room. As an afterthought, Becky called Marcus a "pig" and walked out of
the room. I suspected that Marcus' other hand might have been reaching
up the front of her tee-shirt. The guys were all grins and Becky looked
more embarassed then the guys.

Another time, Becky was wearing a mini-skirt, which the guys kept trying
to pull up as she walked past the table. I was trying to focus on the
card game and Becky stood at the other end of the table next to Pete as
if to watch his poker-hand. The table blocked my view below Becky's
waist, but I could tell that her mini-skirt was bunched up around her
waist again. Pete would hold his cards in one hand and I suspected the
other was under Becky's skirt. Victor, who could see what was going on
had a grin on his face. I won several hands in a row and seemed to be
the only person at the table concentrating on the game. Finally she
straightened her skirt and gave me the usual goodbye kiss before going

The goodbye kiss had turned into another excuse for the person closest
to her to grab her ass or reach under her skirt. She had started to
draw out these goodbye kisses. Until they were more like a make-out
session. While I kissed my wife I suspected that one of the other guys was taking his time feeling up my wife and over time it became clear
that some of them were finger-fucking her.

This bothered me for a while, but over time I got used to it and it was
a bit of a turn-on for me. Besides, our sex life was improving.
Especially the nights that the guys had been over.


Once the pretense that I didn't know what was going on had worn away,
my wife started staying home when the guys were over. For a while she
still tried to keep it out of my sight... even if it was just hidden by
the table, but everyone knew that I knew what was going on. She would
stand next to someone at the card table and get felt-up. If went to the
bathroom, I could tell that something raunchier had been going on while
I was away. Becky would be straightening her clothes getting up from
sitting on someone's lap. She was turning into a little slut.

The first time that she let someone do this in front of me I was
suprised. It looked so much slutier than it had seemed when it was left
to my imagination. She stood between Victor and I. While the game went
on his hand would slip under her mini-skirt. He would rub her luscous
ass for a few minutes and then he would slowly, almost absent-mindedly,
finger-fuck her for a few minutes. I couldn't help but keep glancing
over. Victor and I made eye contact as I snatched a glance. He winked
at me and pulled my wife's skirt up so that I could get a better view.
He had a big grin as he turned back to his cards and clearly relished
the feeling of finger-fucking my wife while I watched from about two
feet away.

Becky helped-out by gathering up the cards after each hand. She would
bend over the table and gather up the deck and pass it to the next
dealer. The first time she did this after Victor hiked up her skirt, I
got an eyefull. He had two fingers buried to the hilt in her very
swollen, sopping wet pussy. She spread her legs another six inches
apart, as if to give me a better view. When she stood up again, she
grinned in my direction and said, "having a good time, honey?" Everyone

While I watched, Victor pulled Becky's panties off and threw them into
the pot. "Winner of this hand gets the panties." He chortled.

"I hope you win them, Marcus", Becky said. Everyone laughed at that.

Peter won the hand. and as he scooped the cash and prize towards him he
said, "Next hand wins her blouse." Becky unbuttoned her blouse and
threw it into the pot as everyone antied-up.

After a few more hands, my Becky was completely naked and still getting
finger-fucked by Victor.

Now that she was naked, the card game ended. Marcus looked at Becky
lecherously and said, "Come over here and sit on my lap." He was at the
other end of the table from me and my view was blocked by the table, but
there was no mistaking what he had in mind as I heard the distinct sound
of a zipper. Becky smiled over her shoulder at me as she pulled away
from Victor and went to the other end of the table. She straddled
Marcus' lap, facing away from him and her eyes closed as she lowered
herself onto him. My other two friends stood up and walked over to get
a better view. Marcus helped-out by standing up and bending Becky over
the table, fucking her with long pounding strokes. Becky gripped the
edges of the table for support and moaned like a whore. Marcus finished
quickly and was immediately replaced by Victor, while Pete complained
that he hadn't gotten a chance to touch her all night. Victor was done
in a few minutes and Pete took his turn.

Everyone ignored me as I went to the bathroom and took a piss. When I
returned, Marcus was fucking her again and Becky was clearly close to
orgasm. "Don't you dare stop!" she muttered under her breath. Marcus
quickened the pace and Becky let out a series of familiar gasps.

I cleared my throat and everyone looked up at me. "It's getting late,"
I said. Everone grabbed their cash and prizes and left. I fully
expected Becky and I to have a long heart-to-heart discussion that would
bring an end to all of this. Instead, Becky said, "That was a blast, I
can't wait 'til the 14th." She left the room for me to clean up and
took a shower.


On the 14th, the guys showed up earlier than usual. Marcus had a couple
of porn flicks with him and Becky acted as hostess, delivering drinks to
everyone. She was wearing a miniskirt again and hands were underneath
it whenever she was within arm's reach of someone. Marcus had brought a
friend, Dan, with him that I didn't know. Marcus didn't even introduce
us, but within 15 minutes, this guy had his hands under my wife's
skirt. Becky wasn't shy. She paused for him and held the hem up so
that he could see what he was doing. The movie had been on for about 20
minutes but more eyes were on Becky than on the movie. Marcus unzipped
his pants and said, "How 'bout a blow job, Becky." Becky winked at me
and turned to kneel at Marcus' feet. About 5 minutes later Marcus had
shot his spag all over Becky's face and was watching the cum drip off
her chin onto her perky tits while she finished sucking his rod clean.

Everyone got a blow job that night, including me. The guys treated
Becky like a fuck-doll. She didn't seem to mind at all.

Ever since then, the guys seem to stop by to visit Becky more than to
visit me. I cancelled once, due to an out-of-town business trip, but I
suspect that they came over that day anyway. Things got out-of-hand one
night and I had to ask the guys to only bring one friend each per
visit. There were at least 25 guys in the house that night (it was hard
to tell because they kept coming and going and nobody bothered to
introduce any of them to me). Becky was such a mess by the end of that
evening, that I'm certain she serviced them all.

The only reason I put up with all of this is that the sex for the rest
of the month is great...

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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