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Teen Daughter's Drunk Girlfriend part 1


Teen Daughter’s Drunk Friend.

I think it’s true that a male only truly learns to appreciate the teenage
female form as he grows beyond the years where it is socially acceptable to be
seen with a girl young enough to his daughter. Personally I can’t keep my eyes
from any gorgeously blossomed teenage old girl in a micro-mini and crop-top.
And I honestly believe that no man can - no matter what he says. I dream of
getting my mouth around their firm young tits, and sweet teeny pussies. I
often visit the Mall on Saturday mornings, just so I can ogle at all the young girls in their summer gear. At times I will inconspicuously stand under an
elevator or set of stairs and watch as the gorgeous specimens give me a great
view of their teeny bums in their tight cotton panties as they make their way
up. I have been caught a few times , but I don’t care. I cant’s help but
stare at their firm round bums, and smooth tanned brown legs. My cock twitches
as they wiggle their virgin asses while they make their ascension – as if they
were putting on a show for me. I suspect some of them are.

My favorite time of the week is when my fourteen year old daughter (whom I
live alone with after an ugly custody case), Karen, brings her friends home
from private school. Though I would never touch my daughter, her little
friends are turning out to be quite luscious. They bounce around in their
short plaid skirts, giving me glimpses of various colored panties housing their
untouched girly pleasure-centers. Their bodies are so lithe, and their skin
would be so soft to the touch. One friend in particular, Tammy Bosworth, is
developing in quite the little honey. She has long honey-blonde hair, big
brown eyes and a smooth olive complexion, lending her an eternal tan. Her tits are perky and her ass is like a bubble. Her long legs are smooth and rounded,
with soft, hairless skin. I would give away an arm to get into that tight
little pussy.

I recall the other day being home from work and hearing the unmistakable
giggle of my daughter and Tammy arriving home from school. This day Tammy had
her long hair down and it bounced about her angelic face as she talked and
laughed. I was sitting on my sofa when the two girls approached the kitchen.
Tammy was nice to ask me if she could fetch herself a drink, and as I obliged
she opened the fridge door and bent over from the waist! I nearly gasped as
her short plaid skirt rode up the back of her thighs to reveal her white cotton
panties to me. Her luscious little cloth-covered pussy poked out between her
closed thighs and the bottom of her ass cheeks made themselves visible as they
strained against the material. She actually took quite a while to choose a
soda, and all the while I kept flicking my eyes to my daughter to make sure she
didn’t catch me. Finally (unfortunately) Tammy stood up, and her skirt dropped
back into place. I snapped out of my delirium as my daughter skipped toward
me, beaming a huge smile which meant only one thing – she was going to ask me
something. Quickly hiding my raging erection under my paper (as my imagination
had gotten to work fantasizing about Tammy), I turned my attention to Karen.
She beamed at me and asked if she could possibly go to a party this coming
Friday. Reluctantly (to show that I wasn’t easily swayed) I agreed. She
shouted in glee and raced to embrace the luscious Tammy. The two girls hugged
and jumped around in circles, skirts flying. I couldn’t help but notice that
Karen was developing into quite a little heartbreaker also, though my focus was
on the bouncing Tammy. With each jump her skirt would fly up, giving me yet
another viewing of her tight girly bottom. What I would do to put a tongue to
that untouched little asshole.

The week passed quickly, and before I knew it Karen was rushing around the
house after school choosing clothes to wear to the party. Suddenly, the
doorbell rang and I yelled in response (I never bother to answer the door –
it’s usually for Karen anyway). I heard light footsteps approaching and looked
up the view a sight that nearly had me on the floor. Before me stood a vision
of teenage beauty in all it’s lusty glory. Tammy had arrived and was dressed
ready for the party in clothes that tempted me to ask for an invite to the
rage. The delicious Tammy Bosworth was had chosen a super short A-line
micro-mini which flared at the hem and hid nothing except panties - I was sure.
Her top was just as provocative, displaying her tanned tummy and shoulders –
but obviously my focus was her high, pert tits. One of those lucky little
bastards will probably have their hands on her by the end of the night. As
Tammy turned to go and fetch Karen I watched with lust as her peachy little ass
wiggled in her skirt. Within seconds the two girls came bounding out of the
room arm in arm looking like two teenage models. I wondered to myself if
Tammy’s father had the same perverse thought about MY daughter – if he did I
wouldn’t like it, but I couldn’t blame him. To my great pleasure, I received a
simultaneous peck on the cheek from each girl (my attention focused on the soft
lips of Tammy). Then they were gone. ********************** The high pitched
ring of the telephone shocked me out of a deep sleep, nearly causing me to fall
off my sofa. As I moved for the phone, looked to the wall-clock and noticed
that it was well passed three. I picked up the receiver to be met with a voice
that was barely audible over the blaring music. I asked for the name of the
caller, which was revealed to be the owner of the house where my daughter was
attending an (unauthorized and unsupervised) party. I managed to translate the
angry caller’s voice into a message that had me furious – my teenage daughter and her friend Tammy were drunk out of their skulls, passed out in the parent’s
room. I asked the address, thanked the voice and was out of the door before
the caller had chance to hang-up. I knew the area well and tore along the
streets, enraged at my daughter’s actions. When I arrived the house there was
no-one about – I surmised the party was over. The living room light was on and
the blinds were down. I walked across the road and then onto the lawn of the
house. Getting to the front door my and raised to ring the door bell when I
suddenly stopped at the sight I caught through the gap between the lowered
blind – the home owner, a fat, balding man of about fifty was kneeling behind
my daughter and Tammy. He has them next to each other bent over the couch.
They were both passed out, and it seems this man had decided to take advantage
of the two young stunners. The man had lifted both their skirts up over their
backs and had a hand on each of their young panty-covered bottoms. My first
reaction was rage at what he was doing to my daughter, but I found myself
transfixed, and getting aroused. The man then leant forward and pushed his
face into my daughter’s thrust-out buns. He stayed their for some long moments
before pulling her panties down with his teeth. I saw him smile to himself at
the sight of my daughter’s teeny ass, and my erection raged. Next, Tammy
panties came down and the man sat back on his heels and stared at his bent over
little captives. The man then produced his cock and started pulling himself as
he swapped his other hand between the pussies of the two young girls. I stood
dumbfounded, yet unable to move as he violated the two oblivious schoolgirls.
The man then shifted forward behind Tammy and began rubbing his cock up and
down her sweet pussy lips. His eyes rolled back in his head due to the
pleasure he was receiving from her little cunt, and I could see his mouth open
to emit a moan. The man grabbed Tammy’s round, perfect ass in his big hands
and spread her soft little cheeks wide. He was going to fuck her! I didn’t
mind him touching them, but fucking her was not on (for him anyway – I planned
to have the little girl myself). I envied him greatly, but it had to stop
there. Quickly I pressed the doorbell and watched through the window as the
man nearly shit himself with fright. As fast as possible he whipped his turgid
cock back in his pants and pulled the girl’s panties back up, their skirts back
down and placed them next to each other on the couch as if they had been there
all night. Composing himself he went for the door. As the door swung opens,
the man rambled on about irresponsible teens these days and how he had to work
in the morning. I ignored his hypocritical rantings and hauled the two still
unconscious girls to their feet. The man closed the door behind me and I made
my way to the car.

I placed Karen, who stunk of Vodka, into the front seat, and then opened the
back door and slipped as I went to place Tammy in the back. She fell forwards
onto her stomach, with me collapsing heavily onto her. She didn’t even stir.
She felt so delicate beneath me, and with my groin pressing into her soft ass
and my face just a an inch from the smooth skin of her face - I could feel me
erection growing. As I stood I noticed with great pleasure that me falling
onto the luscious Tammy had caused her tiny skirt to ride up over her firm
teeny ass. Before me I beheld the glory of her round bottom in tight cotton
panties. I drank in one last view and took my place behind the wheel. I
decided to take the drive home a little more easily. Then the thought sprung
on me…Tammy had not even flinched when I feel with my full weight upon her.
Could she be that far gone? I guess from the guy at the house that she
certainly was. Flowers of evil blossomed into my mind as to what I could do to
her in this state. My erection raged in response. Pulling to the side of the
curb, I decided I would test my luck. Twisting, I looked at the gorgeous
Tammy. She was sprawled across the back seat in the fetal position. She looked
so innocent, so vulnerable. I shook Karen couple of times to make
sure that she wouldn’t see me doing what I was about to do, and then leaned
over the seat toward Tammy. She seemed completely gone. I shook her a couple
of times, fairly roughly in fact - but no response. My cock screamed at me,
drowning out any rational voices that were trying to make themselves heard.
This was it – I was going to have this drunk little teen. I reached a hand out
and stroked one of her pert breasts. She still didn’t move. My cock was
aching to be freed, so I complied and began stroking myself as I touched the
gorgeous little girl tits. I then grabbed her crop top and quickly lifted it
to be greeted by the sight of her delicious little titties encased in a white
bra. They were brown with smooth skin, and round like ripe apples. I couldn’t
wait to see her tits so I abruptly lifted her bra, and her firm titties bounced
into place. Oh how I missed teenage tits – like I said before – you only truly
appreciate things like this when it is no longer available (or acceptable).
Her pink little nipples were erect and looked so cute. I rolled her onto her
stomach and felt my mouth drool as I drank in the rise of her schoolgirl ass in
her short skirt. I rubbed her buns a few times then proceeded to lift the
bottom of her skirt to reveal her panties once again. My cock throbbed at the
though of what I was doing – taking full advantage of this beautiful young blonde without her being able to do anything about it. I couldn’t stop now – I
had to have her all. Taking the top of her knickers, I slowly pulled them
down, watching the material crumple as it came to rest between her thighs. Her
bottom was perfection – firm, unmarked, round and olive skinned. I grabbed
handfuls of it, pulling myself furiously as I did so. Then I spread her cheeks
and stared at her beautiful little asshole that I had fantasized about seeing
so much. Suddenly something caught my eye, and I looked up to see a bunch of
youths walking up the street, yet still a safe distance from me. I quickly
redressed Tammy and took off toward home – my cock raging and my mind filled
with devious thoughts of what I was going to do to her…

End Part 1


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