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Teen Daughter's Drunk Girlfriend part 2



For the entirety of the ride home, at each stop, I would twist in my car
seat and reach back to fondle Tammy’s tit’s and pull the front of her skirt to
rub her panty covered pussy. As my arousal increased, so did my speed – I
couldn’t wait to get this little teeny stunner back to my home and have my way
with her lithe, girly body.

Finally I was pulling into my driveway, my cock aching with the thought of
what perverted adventures lay ahead of me. I bounded out of my car and ran to
open the front door of the house so I could carry the girls in with in ease.
Returning to the car, I popped the front passenger door and gently lifted my
daughter from the seat. She was still completely out of it, encouraging me
that Tammy would be just the same. Inside the house, I quickly moved up my
stairs and to my daughter’s room. My anticipation growing evermore, I
practically threw Karen onto her bed, closed her door behind me and shot back
downstairs. My adrenaline was now surging, and thrills of excitement shot
through me as I returned to my car to the see the oblivious Tammy curled up in
the backseat, her skirt riding up her tanned thighs to allow my eyes a full
view of her white panties tightly encasing her perfect bum. Within a second I
was hauling her from the car, my cock throbbing as I felt her flaccid form
against me, and moving toward the house. I kicked the front door shut behind
me and stopped in my living room to look at the gorgeous teen in my arms. Her
face was so fresh, her skin so smooth and unblemished. It was so wrong what I
was about to do, but I didn’t care – what chance would a man of my age – who
lusted after teenage schoolgirls, ever get of having one again. There was no
question – she was mine. All mine.

It was time to have this gorgeous little bitch – I couldn’t wait any longer.
I crouched to lay Tammy on her back on the carpet and stood to look over my
delicious captive. Her face was angelic, and her flawless body was hugged
tight in her provocative clothes. Her smooth tummy was revealed between her
short top and shorter skirt and her long legs stretched out to their fullest.
It was time. Kneeling beside Tammy I bent forward to have my face hover just
above hers. The smell of Vodka overpowered what I could sense of her fading
perfume and her slight breath played on my face. Lust had taken control. This
little honey was about to violated to the maximum extent. Straddling the
teenager’s stomach I reached down and clamped onto her tits. They were so
firm, yet soft, pliable and pert. Oh teenagers! Is there anything so
enrapturing? So tempting (due to them being both forbidden fruit and a living
reminiscence of what most men experienced when beginning their sexual career)?
I pulled my hands away and grabbed the bottom of her crop-top. Slowly I lifted
it to be once again greeted with the sight of her blossoming tits in the white
cotton bra. Quickly that was lifted and her round breasts bounced to
attention. Her olive skin played a sweet contrast to her small pink nipples.
My mouth watered. I leaned forward and licked one of her nipples, then took
her entire tittie in my mouth, feeling it with it’s warmth and smoothness. I
was actually doing this! I smiled to myself as I looked up at Tammy’s
expressionless face. My other hand roughly groped her other tit then slid up
to her face and parted the sweet lips of her mouth. I then pushed four of my
fingers into the warm moistness of her tiny mouth. My dick surged at the
prospect of doing the same. Taking my mouth form her breast, I moved to once
again kneel beside Tammy on the carpet. It was time to molest her completely!
My adrenaline still pumping at what I was getting away with, I rolled Tammy
onto her stomach. Her tits squashed on the carpet beneath her, and her hair
fell over her face. Running my eyes down her back, I came to the sweet swell
of her bubble like ass straining against her tight A-line micromini skirt. Her
tanned thighs were pressed together, and her knickers were JUST hidden from my
view. Reaching down, I grabbed the hem of her soft skirt and peeled it up over
her buns, feeling my breath escape from me as I again viewed her ass in her
white panties just siting before me – waiting to be touched. Waiting no
longer, I began greedily groping her firm ass in her tight panties. Needing to
once again witness the glory of her naked bottom, I slid her panties down and I
felt my lust take a dramatic upturn. I sat back to enjoy the view…here before
was a delicious fourteen year old schoolgirl, passed out and totally at the
mercy of my innermost devious wishes. She was on her stomach with her top open
to allow me access to her titties, and her skirt raised and knickers down
resulting in her full round bottom being mine to do with what I wished. It was
incredible. Of all those times I had ogled these young bitches, I never
thought I would actually get the chance to do what I wanted with one. Now it
was here – actually happening! And it was the most erotic (and evil) thing I
had I had ever done. How could I go back to fucking tired looking, emotionally
drained forty year olds after having this delicious little morsel of youth? It
just didn’t seem fair. No wonder most men turn out bitter – society says they
cant’s have what they truly want – even though all of us want it. Though
groping this teeny’s bottom is one thing I could never tire of, it was merely a
lead up to what I truly desired. I shifted my position so that I moved to her
ankles and slid her panties all the way down her legs until they were a
crumpled bunch in my hand. She was now naked from the waist down, and the dark
chasm that led down from her ass to her cunt was my focus. I took an ankle in
each hand and slowly pulled them apart, relishing the anticipation of my first
viewing of her sweet pussy lips. Then they slowly came into view – the downy
pubic hair, lightly covering her tender lips. I continued to push her thighs
open until her cunt was in full view, then I moved forward on my knees to kneel
between her thighs. My groin was now inches from her smooth ass and virgin
tunnel, and I quickly complied with the wishes of my aching cock to let it free
from my pants. It sprung out, dropping streams of pre-cum on the girls soft
inner thighs. With both hands I then grabbed the inside of the cheeks of her
ass and proceeded to spread them, watching her puckered little asshole come
into view, and delighting as her pussy spread to display her sweet pink lips.
Grabbing the girl under the hips, I lifted her bum into my mouth, reveling in
the contact of her warm, soft skin, and the sweet, slight smell of her virgin
pussy. With unabated exuberance I licked and sucked her teeny ass - excitement
and lust rushing through me. Her taste was so sweet, her soft cheeks so warm
and pliable. I lifted the unconscious girl further and dove my tongue into the
tightness of her pussy. Her velvet tunnel responded with wetness and my
thoughts turned to raping her little cunt. My God – was anything better than
this?! I think not. For long moments I ate out Tammy’s private schoolgirl
pussy, relishing every second. Then I slowly placed her back down so that her
spread legs hugged my hips, and my cock was but half an inch from her wet
tunnel. I looked to my aching dick, which throbbed near the this virgin pussy.
I could resist no longer, I had to fuck her! But no…I had to do something else
first. Returning the flaccid Tammy to her back, I shifted up to sit across her
shoulders, and rested my turgid cock on the warmth of her gorgeous face.
Grabbing my cock I knelt forward and pushed it down to point at Tammy’s half
open mouth. Shifting my hips, I nearly lost my load as my cock came into
contact with her sweet lips. Pausing, I reached below her jaw with one hand
then pulled her mouth open and proceeded to slide my cock passed her lips and
across her soft tongue. She didn’t even flinch! The warmth and wetness of her
mouth was incredible and pleasure shot through my cock to send me into
raptures! With my cock now in her mouth, I grabbed the back of her head with
one hand, and steadied myself with the other. I shuddered as I pushed myself
all of the way into her mouth, thinking of all the times I had looked at those
sweet little lips wishing I was doing just this. Then the thrusting began. In
and out…in and out…faster and faster. The feel of her schoolgirl mouth around
my shaft was sending me fucking nuts – the pleasure doubled by the fact that
she was forbidden fruit, and then doubled again due to her being unconscious
and totally under my power. It was amazing looking down to see this gorgeous
half naked teeny at my sexual mercy. The sight of my aching dick sliding in
and out of her fresh, sweet face was almost too much for me, and on several
occasions and I had to strain hard to refrain from blowing into her warm
violated mouth. Keeping myself for better things (though it was hard to debate
at the time), I reluctantly withdrew my throbbing cock from the fourteen year
old’s mouth. My lust filled thoughts turned to her ass and pussy. It was time
to fuck her…



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