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Teen Models In Venice

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
"I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to baby sit for a 15 year old
diva who'll treat me like a servant."

I was in the back seat of a Mercedes Limo driving the short four miles
from the Marco Polo Airport to where we were going to stay. I'd been to
Rome for a Vogue Fashion shoot, but this was my first time in Venice. I
was excited and looking forward to a good time. We were shooting a
feature article about the Carnival in Venice and the magazine expected
to run it in the Easter Edition.

Josh Logan was sitting next to me. He's the head of the client ad
agency team and responsible for making sure all the details are right.
Josh told me they were short on accommodations and was trying to get me
to cooperate. He "knew" I wouldn't mind sharing a room with the new
girl of the minute. I pretended to be furious, of course. He expected
the top model in the world to have a tantrum and I didn't let him down.
Actually, I thought it might be fun to be with a girl my own age and
I'd wanted to meet Anna T ever since I saw her picture on the cover of

"Give me a break, Cathy."

Josh was doing what he got paid for and since I liked him, I decided
I'd give in without much of a fuss.

"It's Carnival in Venice and the closest available rooms are ten miles
away. It'll only be for a few days, baby."

"All right, Josh, but you owe me for this."

"Yah, baby, anything you want just ask."

We finished our trip on a motor launch and docked at the back of a
weather-beaten building on the Grand Canal. I had my doubts until we
went inside and realized this was truly one of the most beautiful
places I'd even seen. I could imagine fifteenth century Italian
nobility walking down these same hallways.

"I'm the Countess Rendozzi. Let me have Carlo get your things and he'll
show you to your room."

I'd never met a Countess. She had to be in her late forties. Her short
black hair was perfectly coifed as if she just left a salon. Her olive
skin tried to hide the small wrinkles on her hands, but I could see the
trails of her life waiting to be counted. She wasn't fat, but had the
extra pounds a woman adds when she feels secure with her life. She was
beautiful in a way only a mature woman could be. She was a Countess and
she made me nervous.

"Thank you Carlo, I can manage now."

The room was magnificent. Carlo opened shutters and let me have a clear
view of the canal. Each piece of furniture was an antique and the
paintings were mirrors to some days gone by. I could imagine these
wonderful people sleeping in the bed that I would soon be using. The
chandelier sparkled and prismed from the lights hidden inside the maze
of glass hanging like a magic tree growing from our ceiling. Mirrors
looked back at me from every wall. Polished wood, gold, silver and
everything wonderful and everything old.


"Hi, I'm Anna. I understand you're stuck with me for a couple of days.
Sorry to be such a bother."

"Hey, I was just keeping Josh on his toes. This could be fun if we play
our cards right."

Anna turned out to be a very nice girl. We spent most of the afternoon
getting acquainted and sharing experiences. I'd been a model a little
longer than her, but we both were at the top now and wanted to enjoy it
as long as we could.

"This room looks perfect except for one thing." Anna said as she
completed another inspection of the room. "I'm going to have them bring
in a cot or something for me and you can have the bed."

"Forget it. This bed is big enough for ten girls. Besides what if this
old castle has ghosts? We could protect each other."

By the end of dinner it seemed like we knew each other all our lives. I
could tell that Josh was relieved. He had a ton of stuff to do and
didn't need two demanding models taking up his time. We decided to
explore the Palazzo. Josh told us we had a late call in the morning and
that meant we could stay up and play.


"Look at the costumes, Cathy. They're beautiful. Not at all like Mardi
Gras costumes."

"It's the same idea. The people here like to party right up until Lent.
Josh said we're going to wear these to the Carnival of Masks so he
could get a lot of shots of us and the local people."

Our costumes looked like the clothes a princess would wear while
waiting for her Prince Charming. We each had four costumes waiting for
the next work day. The rich colors and luxurious material spoke of days
gone by and a time that would never return. The clothes cried out to us
and we couldn't resist.

"I can't believe it", Anna said. "This fits perfectly and does so much.
Look at how my boobs stick out."

"Oh my god. Me, too."

We looked like pictures from some ancient porno book The gowns pinched
our waists and gave our young girl butts a more rounded look. The
bodices pushed our tits up and out. We were on display more than
dressed. I was sure someone would be covering us up before any pictures
were taken, but for now, we felt like sexy tarts ready for the world.

"Grab one of those masks and we're out of here, Anna."

"What do you mean?"

"How many times have you been to Venice? No one will know who we are.
We can pretend to be older and have some fun."

We put on our masks and covered ourselves with embroidered silk shawls
that kept us warm and didn't let the world know how much of our charms
were visible underneath. I had no idea how much a water taxi would
cost, but as soon as I saw a vaporetti approach I waved and off we
went. The only place I remembered from the travel book was the Casino
on Lido Island and the driver had us there in a few minutes. He told us
how much for the trip and I guess I over tipped based on the look on
his face.


"Everyone's looking at us, Cathy."

"Yah, I don't know if it's the costumes or our boobs."

The Casino is a fairly new structure and quite modern. There are
touches of the old world along with plenty of modern innovations. Quite
a few people were in costume, but most were dressed for a night on the
town. The gambling was not as frantic as Las Vegas and the people
seemed to be more relaxed.

We walked around the casino and ended up in a lounge.

I decided to find out if anyone could tell if we were 15. "Two Campari
and soda, please."

The bartender acknowledged me and quickly moved to make our drinks.

"What did you order?"

"I have no idea. I saw someone order it in a film set in Italy. Keep
your mouth shut and pretend we do this all the time."

We sipped our drinks through straws that fit nicely under the full face
Carnival Masks. I was relieved to find I made a good choice. The drinks
were tasty and didn't seem to have much of an alcohol content. I didn't
want to drink a lot and the Campari was perfect.

"Good evening, ladies. I overheard you speaking English and I so seldom
have the chance to practice mine. Could I buy you another drink?"

He introduced himself as Count Riki. He told us to just call him Riki
which was good because I had no idea what a Count was supposed to be
called anyhow.

"Are you staying long in Venice, ladies?"

He was quite distinguished looking even though he was much older than
us. Somehow the idea of a man dressed in formal attire just to hang out
in a bar was appealing and I decided to get acquainted.

"No, we're only here for a few days and then back to the States."

"Oh, how sad. Perhaps you would like to see some of the city before you
go. I'm leaving for a Carnival Party and you can come as my guests if
you wish."

We didn't know a thing about the Count and still decided to join him at
the party. Why not? I figured two against one were pretty good odds and
he didn't seem like the type to be a jerk anyhow.

Once again I was surprised at the difference between the worn exterior
of the palazzo and the beauty of the interior. I had no idea how many
people were at the party, but there must have been at least a hundred.
We fit in well in our costumes.


"Hey, what's going on here?"

I'd been looking for Anna for awhile. I was getting bored and thought
it might be time to go home. I peeked into one of the rooms and saw her
struggling on a bed. Some older man was trying to rip her top off and
already had one of her breasts pulled out of its hiding place. When he
looked up I realized it was Riki. I sure missed the boat on him.

"Come on Anna, let's make a run for it." I didn't think the Count would
be chasing us real fast after the way I kicked his knee cap, but I
didn't want to take any chances. A water taxi was waiting for someone
outside the palazzo. I guess the driver decided we'd be more
interesting passengers and soon we were on our way. I showed him the
card with the name and address of our place and he nodded his


"Anna, I couldn't believe the Count would try something like that?"

"He seemed really nice and was showing me around the place. When we got
into that room he went wild."

"Well, we had fun and nothing really bad happened so I guess we can
call it a success."

Anna looked like a real princess standing in the center of our room.
Her reddish brown hair trailed down her back like a mantle covering her
royal shoulders. The light from the chandelier picked up tiny red
highlights in the soft curls that outlined her face. Her skin was
smooth as silk with just the touch of a tan. I busied myself and tried
not to let her know that I was watching her undress.

She slipped her costume dress off first and revealed herself in
petticoats and bustier. Unbelievable lingerie for a 15 year old. She
released the petticoats and as they fell to the floor I could see white
stockings attached to the straps of her bustier. Her pure white panties
were visible now and she looked like the angel of lust. She didn't seem
to notice me watching. She didn't seem to know how sexy she looked, but
I did.

"Could you help me with the snaps on this thing, Cathy?"

She was having a problem getting out of the bustier and I was having a
problem watching her do it. When I moved close to help her, I couldn't
resist. I let my lips touch hers for just a brief moment before I
stepped back and looked into the dark mystery of her eyes. She was so
beautiful and innocent looking. She was frozen in place by my tiny kiss
and I should have worried, but I didn't.

My hands held her face. I could feel the warmth of her cheeks as I
pulled her close and let my lips rest gently on hers. Gently at first
and then with more insistence. My body pressed against hers and my arms
captured her in a tight embrace.

I let my tongue march forward in a sneak attack. I probed her lips and
she soon stopped resisting. Our tongues met and tried to learn more
about each other. More than can be learned in a conversation. The more
that only lovers get to know.

Her hands circled my body and held me close. I thought we were trying
to be one person and I liked who that person was. Our clothes seemed to
float away and in no time at all I held her naked body in my arms. My
bare breasts pressed against hers and it seemed like a fire was
starting everywhere we came together.

I wanted to kiss her everywhere and I did. Her forehead, cheeks, lips,
chin, ears and neck called out to my mouth and my lips answered each
and every call. I nibbled on her ear lobe and let my tongue explore
inside her ear. I ran my fingers up the back of her neck and felt her
body press against mine.

I nipped at her cute little nose and pulled her sensuous lips with my
teeth. Not hard of course. Just enough to let her know I wanted to

Her breathing was heavy and her breasts moved up and down in time with
her passion.

My mouth found her puffy areola. The large pink circle was swollen and
pushed out at least a half inch. It was a playing field for my mouth
and her nipple. The tiny soldier stood at attention as I sucked and
pulled. It was a switch controlling the engine of sound hidden away in
some deep part of her body.

"Oh my god, Cathy. Touch me. Hold me. Feel every part of my body."

My hand moved slowly down her flat tummy and enjoyed the silky smooth
luxury of her skin. I could feel the fire in her body and knew that she
was responding to my touch. Responding like an animal in heat.

Her hands were in my hair and pulled my head to her breasts. I was
smothered in the firm prominence of her two exquisite boobs. Her hand
moved lightly down my back and I felt goose bumps as the electricity
from her body slipped inside of mine.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, Cathy! I need you now."

I kissed a trail over her ribs and down her flat tummy. When I found
her secret hair, I pulled it with my teeth and then let my tongue
slide through the silky bush exploring all its wonders. I pressed my
mouth to the top of her womanhood while my lower body moved back to her
waiting hand.

Her finger slid delicately between my two butt cheeks. She put a little
pressure on my asshole, but when I moved to let her enter she sneaked
away and frustrated my lust. She came back when I wasn't paying
attention and teased me again and again.

I licked her pussy and tasted the hot juices flowing from her cunt. It
was like having dessert before the meal. My lips kissed her bare pussy
and I felt the heat from her swollen labia. I wanted all of her in my
mouth. I wanted everything and even more. I wanted her to be me.

She pulled my leg over her head and grabbed my hips. She pulled me
toward her face enough for her tongue to find my anxious pussy. Her
tongue teased and probed. It was searching for the door to my sex.

My tongue forced its way into her pussy and explored her inner wonders.
I could smell the perfume of her lust and taste the bouquet of her
passion. An animal sound invaded my ears as her primal mind made some
new sound I'd never heard before.

We melted together as one being and brought each other to some new
plane of existence. Touch, feel, kiss, hold, suck, probe, heat, lust,
passion, color, smell, more, more and more.


We woke up in each other's arms. A good morning wake up kiss to start a
beautiful day.

"I don't know what happened Anna. I wanted you so badly and just seemed
to lose control."

"What do you mean? I wanted you and we knew just what we were doing.
Kiss me again before we have to go to work."

We signed our love with a kiss and sealed the bargain with a hug. Our
bodies met each other and the flames started once again. Lust joined us
and lust didn't want to fail.

"Come on Cathy, we better get up before we get into trouble. Let's take
a shower together and you can wash my back."


People magazine would love to have the picture. We showed up at the
shoot in jeans and sweat shirts. No make up of course and our hair was
just pushed up on our heads and loosely held with clips. Soon hair,
makeup and wardrobe changed us from two teen girls on their way to the
mall to fairy tale princesses ready for a night of magic.

I've done this before, but somehow it always seems new. The
photographer, the lights, the set, people everywhere and it's so
exciting. Somehow the frenzy of activity will produce ten perfect
pictures that will be seen around the world.

The photographer is the artist and he asks his models to be the paint.

"Hold it there. More expression. Sell it, baby. Yah, baby, yah. You
got it, You got it."

Just like an athlete, a model can go into a zone. She doesn't remember
what happened, but the results are wonderful. I was there and so was
Anna. Nothing went wrong and at the end of the day, everyone applauded
as we left for our room. This is why I'm a model.


"Hello girls. I've been waiting for you."

We were surprised to see Countess Rendozzi waiting for us when we
returned after the shoot. She wore a robe that almost touched the floor
and she looked ominous standing in the middle of our room.

"I want you girls to look at this video. You will find it very

The television screen went from black to a picture of our bedroom. I
watched the screen and saw Anna removing her clothes. I soon joined her
in the picture and started helping her disrobe. When I saw our first
kiss I realized Anna and I were in big trouble.

I tried to brazen it out at first. "You'll regret invading our privacy,
Countess. Who do you think you are?"

"I know who I am, dear, and I have a video to show the world just who
you two are." The Countess laughed at us as she removed the video from
the player and put it back into her oversize purse. "Of course I might
decide to leave the video with you when I leave. Are you interested in
having it?"

Anna looked warily at the Countess and said, "You didn't go to all the
trouble to get this video just to give it back. What do you want?"

"Ah yes. What do I want? It is very simple. I want an evening of
pleasure with the two most beautiful models in the world. Nothing
more." She tapped on the side of her bag to remind us of what was there
and said, "You have a choice. You do what I want for a few hours or
your careers are over when this film is seen around the world."

I couldn't believe it. She was standing there with a smug look on her
face as if she had already won. "Why can't we just kick your ass and
take the tape? How could you stop us?"

"Hold on Cathy. She must have another copy. We better go along with her
and give her what she wants or we're ruined."

"Very wise my dear. I want very little. Just an evening of your time
and then it's over and you are free."

I couldn't understand why Anna was giving in so easy. If the Countess
did have another tape she would blackmail us forever. At first I was
going to tell the bitch to fuck off, but I wondered if Anna had
something up her sleeve, so I decided to play along and see what
happened. "Okay, but we better get both tapes back before we leave."

As soon as I agreed to the terms, the Countess dropped her robe and
revealed herself in a leather and metal bondage uniform. I'd seen
pictures, but never actually saw anyone wear an outfit like this.
Leather straps crisscrossed her body. A leather bustier pinched her
waist and accentuated her large posterior. A leather and metal bra
pushed her enormous tits up and out without hiding the large pink
areolas and the two nipples that stood at the rigid position of
attention. Her mature body quivered and wiggled with each step she
took. I shuddered and realized that maybe we were in over our heads.

"Anna my darling, you are so sweet and innocent. I will so enjoy
defiling your young body. Come here and stand by me."

Anna moved closer to the Countess and timidly stood next to the woman
who seemed to be controlling our destiny. I watched the Countess as she
snaked her arm around Anna's waist and pulled my friend closer. When
their hips touched, the Countess let her hand slide down to Anna's butt
and casually fondled it as she spoke to me.

"Cathy, why don't you take your shirt off for us now."

I decided to get it over with and not give her the satisfaction of
seeing me squirm. I quickly took off my tee and threw it on the floor.

"You young girls are so lucky your tits stick out without a bra. How
nice. Let me see what they feel like."

I stood there as the Countess played with each of my breasts. She held
and squeezed first one and then they other. Next she teased and pulled
my nipples and I felt them getting hard against my will.

"Anna, doesn't Cathy have lovely tits? Take one in your mouth and see
how nice it tastes."

She pushed Anna's face against my boob and soon I felt it being sucked
into her mouth. I felt Anna's tongue teasing my nipple and realized
that she was trying to turn me on. I had a hard time controlling myself
and soon felt a stirring in my pussy.

As soon as the Countess saw Anna playing with my left breast, she
started sucking and licking my right. I felt her teeth bite down on my
nipple and almost hollered out with pain. She backed off before she
really hurt me and continued to excite my bare breast. I felt her hand
travel slowly down my back as it left a trail of goose bumps to mark
its progress. I was losing control and knew it wouldn't be long before
I was moaning with pleasure as the two women continued to play with my

When the Countess's hand reached my jeans she stopped sucking my tit
and said, "Cathy, take your pants off now. We want to see the rest of
your sexy body."

I knew she had more than just looking in mind. I didn't want to give
her the satisfaction of seeing me get turned on and I knew as soon as I
was naked, I'd be vulnerable to all of her attacks. I didn't have a
real choice so I slipped my jeans down to my ankles and stepped out of
them after kicking off my tennies.

"No panties either, Cathy. How sexy you are and how convenient."

I felt the Countess force her hand between my legs. Her finger slid
between my labia and continued easily into my wet pussy. I was
embarrassed when she found that her play had excited me. I could only
stand there as she violated my body.

"Oh my. Look how wet she is, Anna. Here, lick my finger and taste the
sweet juices of your friend."

The Countess pushed her wet finger into Anna's mouth and slowly pulled
it out cleaning off all traces of me. When she turned back to decide
what part of my body she wanted next, I saw Anna wink and smile at me.
I knew she had something in mind, but I had no idea what it was.

"Don't you think Cathy has a lovely ass, Anna? Why don't you take her
other cheek in your hand and play with it."

Once again two women were exciting my body and I no longer made a
pretense of not being turned on. My body shuddered and I made a low
moaning sound as their hands caressed and stroked my butt. I felt the
Countess slip her hand back in between my legs and her finger was soon
frigging my pussy that now betrayed me and wanted to join the fun. I
felt a finger gently touch my lips and knew that Anna was giving me a
kiss. I warmed to her touch and soon lost control as my body spasmed
and writhed in ecstasy. I tried to hold back, but found my body
exploding with a hard orgasm that seem to devour my very being.

"You seemed to like that, Cathy. I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself.
Why don't you sit on the chair now like a good little girl."

She had me sit on the chair with my legs spread and my pussy right at
the edge. I had to move my middle finger in and out of my soaking pussy
in a constant rhythm while I watched her play with Anna.

She ripped Anna's tee shirt down the front and tore it off her body.
Anna seemed to be shocked by this new turn of events. The Countess
admired Anna's tits which were still partially hidden in a sexy white
lace bra. The perfect globes looked like two rolling hills peeking out
of a snow storm. Her nipples pressed into the flimsy material and two
rosy pink circles were noticeable under the white lace.

The Countess let her hand wander over the exposed parts of Anna's
breasts. I continued to masturbate as one of the Countess's fingers
slipped into the valley between Anna's boobs. The finger was soon
followed by both hands and before Anna knew what happened the countess
ripped her bra off exposing her two perky tits. I felt a rush of
excitement between my legs and had to slow my finger down to avoid
having another orgasm.

I watched the Countess fondle and play with Anna's breasts. The areolas
puffed up under the ministrations of the older woman. The nipples were
hard and erect and the look on Anna's face said that she was giving in
to the exquisite torture.

I watched the Countess drop to the floor and undo the zipper on Anna's
jeans. She pulled them slowly to the floor and managed to touch her way
down to Anna's ankles. Soon Anna was wearing nothing but a tiny white
thong and somehow looked more naked in the little garment than she did
fully undressed.

"Don't you enjoy looking at your friend, Cathy? Doesn't it do something
to you?"

As soon as she said it, I came once more. I couldn't stop myself and
felt a river of juice pour from my cunt as waves of pleasure rolled
over my body. I lost control and had an orgasm that went on forever.

"Look Anna, Cathy likes looking at you. Let's show her some more."

I regained my senses as the Countess ripped the thong from Anna's body
leaving her completely naked. I watched the older woman push my friend
to the floor where she was forced to kneel down and sit on her heels.

"Cathy, keep that finger moving and Anna, give my cunt a nice kiss."

The Countess grabbed Anna's hair and pressed the girl's face into her
mature pussy. Anna's mouth was buried in pussy hair, but she soon found
the older woman's clit and tried to get her off to end this
humiliation. Anna teased the clit with her tongue and tried to suck it
into her mouth. I kept fingering myself as I watched my friend excite
the older woman. I was getting excited again and knew that I would be
coming once again.

I saw a strained look on the face of the Countess and then heard her
make a low moaning sound. Her body trembled and shuddered. Anna
continued to do her as the older woman had a powerful orgasm. It seemed
to build until the Countess screamed out with an animal sound to
announce her pleasure.

It took some time before the Countess got herself under control "Anna,
you do that so well. Why don't you go down on your friend now and let
her feel how good you are?"

My pussy was open and it was easy for Anna to get her tongue inside. As
soon as I felt her, I started to moan and move my body with her action.
Her tongue was deep into my cunt and I felt it twirl and move as she
forced my juices into her mouth. I felt her teeth press against my clit
as she moved her head quickly back and forth. I lost track of the
sensations and only knew I wanted more, more, more. The fire in my
loins clouded my mind with its smoke and I no longer knew or cared
where I was. My orgasm slipped up on me and before I knew it, I was
lost once again under its spell. My head fell back in the chair and I
thought I would pass out.

"Don't stop, Anna. I'm sure Cathy is good for at least one more."

It was starting to be painful as Anna licked and teased my cunt. I sat
back and watched trying not to let my discomfort get to me.

The Countess took a riding crop from her large bag and stood behind
Anna who was oblivious to the new toy until she felt it exploring the
crack between her ass cheeks and then the area around her pussy. The
crop was pushed into Anna's cunt and used like a leather dick. I could
see that the new sensation was beginning to get to Anna. Her chest rose
and fell with her breathing and her skin flushed with a crimson glow.

The Countess grew more insistent with her small whip and I could see it
was just a matter of time before Anna came.

Anna stopped eating me and shrieked her lust. The look on her contorted
face spoke of a secret passion known only to her and the smell of her
sex explained so very much.

"Anna, I didn't tell you to stop going down on Cathy. You have to learn
to obey me. Now get back to it."

Anna resolutely started in again on my pussy. I could tell her heart
wasn't in it and yet she was beginning to turn me on again. I settled
back and felt my body start to enjoy her touch. I reached out and
touched her thick beautiful hair and felt its luxury in both of my
hands. It cascaded over her head and hid her work beneath its glory. I
cold smell my sex now and it must have done something to Anna who
started to get into it more and more.

Twack! Twack! Twack!

The Countess was going wild with the riding crop. With each blow on her
ass, I felt Anna's face drive further into my pussy. I wanted the
countess to stop, but I wanted to know how this would end even more.

Twack! Twack! Twack!

Somehow Anna was able to continue even with the blows raining down on
her body.

Twack! Twack! Twack!

My body betrayed me and I came once again with another explosion of
passion. I tried to think it was due to Anna's tongue and not from the
view of the whip slashing into her round pink ass.

"Ah, I see you liked it, Cathy. So now you won't mind helping me get

She took my place in the chair and I could smell my own juices as she
pushed my face between her legs. I felt the crop strike my back once
and I quickly got to work pleasing her body. She must have been very
turned on from whipping Anna because I could feel her body getting
ready to explode. I continued on hoping to get it over with quickly.

"STOP RIGHT NOW." I lifted my head and saw Anna holding a video camera
in her hand.

"I was waiting for my chance, Cathy. I knew the bitch had the camera
going. She wouldn't want to miss out on recording this for her

When the Countess tried to get up, Anna kicked her in the chest and
forced her back in the chair. I stood up trying to decide if it was
time for me to get in a few kicks of my own.

"The game's up, Countess. Now we have you on tape. How many years do
you think you'll get for having sex with minors? The police would love
to have this tape and it wouldn't hurt us at all since they'd never
show it to anyone because of our age."

The Countess turned white as she realized the truth of Anna's
statement. She would be ruined and nothing would happen to us. She knew
her game was finished.

"Now get the fuck out of here, Countess, before I start screaming for

"Let me get my robe first."

"Hell no, bitch. Let's see how fast you can drag your fat ass back to
your room before one of the servants sees you in that bondage outfit."

We both laughed as Anna pushed the Countess out into the hallway. We
imagined her sneaking around the palace trying to get to her clothes
before one of the guests or servants showed up. We both hoped she
wouldn't make it.

"Okay, Cathy, I'm keeping both the tapes."

Anna was putting both video cassettes into her luggage along with the
rest of her belongings. We decided it was time to leave here before
anything else happened to us.

"Good idea and even if there is another tape, the countess won't use it
as long as she thinks we have the one that can get her into trouble." I
noticed a sly look on Anna's face and wondered what she was up to now.

"Well yes, the Countess won't be able to blackmail us any more while I
have this tape. Of course you'll have to do whatever I want as long as
I have this other tape."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't care if I'm a model or not, but I know you do so I'm keeping
this tape and you're going to have to make love to me whenever I want
or else."

We both started laughing then and soon found each other's arms. There
was a long delay before we finally were able to leave the room.
Blackmail is so much fun.
The End
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