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Teenmaid Returns


The Teenage Maid Returns

The next morning I awoke at about 7:00 from a great night's
sleep still remembering the events of the evening before. I couldn't
get Marlee out of my mind. I showered, shaved and got ready to go for
breakfast before my long drive home. I was just about ready to leave
for something to eat when a knock came to the door. I opened it and
there stood Marlee. Next to her stood another young girl apparently a
friend of Marlee's.

They came in and Marlee introduced me to her friend Kathy.
Kathy was a short seventeen year old little brunette, about 5'tall, a
little shorter than Marlee. She had short brown hair, blue eyes, an
absolute darling face, and the cutest petite figure. I wondered what
they wanted and I soon found out.

Marlee told me how much she enjoyed yesterday evening and was
telling Kathy about it last night when she got home. Marlee wanted to
surprise me and spend the morning with me again in bed before I left
to go home. Kathy was so curious and excited herself from what Marlee
told her, that she begged Marlee to let her come along.

This whole thing was unbelievable. Not only was Marlee, my
dream teenager, looking to got laid again, but now her friend who was
nearly as pretty as Marlee, apparently wanted some action too. I
remembered back to last night how tight Marlee was when I fucked her.
I could only imagine how tight her friend Kathy might be with her tiny
petite body.

Everything was happening pretty fast. Marlee started taking
her clothes off trying to show off her experience in front of Kathy.
She stripped completely and hopped up on the bed. It looked like I
wasn't getting much say so in the matter, so I just started getting
undressed too. Kathy waited, hesitating what to do. She had to be
nervous. When I finished undressing I joined Marlee on the bed letting
Kathy watch and figured she would become more at ease soon enough and
eventually join us.

I kissed Marlee caressing those lovely tits of hers. I took
her hand in mine and guided her fingers down to her pussy. Together we
massaged Marlee's slit, occasionally slipping my fingers then her
fingers in her until she was getting pretty wet. Then I went down on
her eating her delicious cunt. It tasted just as I remembered from
yesterday. The next thing I knew I felt a hand touch my cock. I looked
up for a moment to see Kathy totally naked admiring my growing cock
and touching it, learning how it felt. Kathy's tiny little body was
fantastic. She was petite in every respect. She had the cutest pert
breasts, perfectly proportioned legs, and the most wonderful tight
behind. Her whole body had a terrific tan except for the white spots
where she obviously wore the skimpiest of bikinis. After looking at
her I didn't know who I should fuck first. I reached out to Kathy
gently fondling her breasts and nipples and told her, "You're a very
pretty young lady, Kathy." That seemed to put her at ease a little

I returned to licking Marlee's cunt for awhile longer, then
switched to Kathy. I knew Kathy was nervous, so I gently spread her
legs and softly licked her slit. Marlee went to my hard cock and began
sucking me like a pro. She took me deep in her mouth, further than
yesterday. Meanwhile Kathy was truly enjoying her first ever tonguing
of her cunt. She became wet in no time as my tongue probed her small
slit. She tasted so sweet, I kept licking her juices as they flowed
from her.

I lay down on the bed on my back positioning Kathy kneeling
over my face and I continued eating her delicious young cunt. Then I
let my tongue wander up her ass. The first time I licked up into her
ass-crack I thought she would go crazy. Seeing what that did to her, I
repeated my travels up her crack several times. Kathy shook every time
my tongue crept up her rear and neared her asshole. I really admired
her tiny cute bunghole as I ate on her slit and licked up her crack.
Then I let my tongue stay on Kathy's asshole, licking it and probing
it. Kathy went wild. The feel of her tiny anus was so tight to the
touch on my tongue. I thought how I would love to squeeze my cock in
that small hole.

Marlee had positioned herself squatting over my rigid cock and
was ready to impale herself on it. She put the head on her wet slit
and slowly sat down driving my cock up her cunt. How great that felt.
She worked herself up and down fucking her own cunt on my cock.

After giving Kathy a thorough licking, I pushed her off my
face and went back to Marlee putting her on her hands and knees. Kathy
lay there watching as I came up from behind Marlee, gave her ass a
few licks, then placed my cock in her ass-crack on her anal hole.
"Would you like to try it in here?" I asked.

"You'll go easy won't you?" Marlee replied.

"Of course, my darling sweet angel," I answered.

How amazing. Marlee willingly accepted my advances on her
backdoor. Kathy watched as I penetrated Marlee's ass. The head of my
cock slipped in and inched it's way up her anal passage. Was she ever
tight? Marlee was inexperienced with having something in her ass, so
naturally she tightened up as I pushed in. But she took me in and took
all of me. I had eight inches of hard cock stuffed inside Marlee's
virgin asshole and she took it all without even a sound or whimper of
discomfort. Then I slowly worked it back and forth fucking in and out
of her ass. I fingered her cunt while I screwed her butthole then
began a little faster pace until she began enjoying the new feeling.
After ten minutes of anally fucking Marlee I sensed her imminent
orgasm. I buried my fingers deep in her cunt and gave her a couple
fast quick slams of my cock up the ass and I sent her body into a
strong body wrenching orgasm. I held her to me in my arms feeling the
shaking and shuddering of her body as she kept cumming. Her climax
seemed to last forever as her body quivered in my arms. When I felt
her relax, I pulled my hard cock slowly from the grips of her asshole
and gently laid Marlee down on the bed.

Kathy just stared the whole time, shocked with what she saw
and how much her friend Marlee obviously enjoyed being fingered and
anally fucked. I looked at Kathy holding my stiff cock.

"Am!!... am!!... I next?" she asked with a lump in her throat.
"Is that what you want?" I asked back. "Uh!!!... I guess so, well
uh!!... uh!! I don't know. I'm not sure."

Kathy hesitated and stammered not knowing what to do, but deep
in her heart she wanted to experience the feeling that Marlee just
had. It looked like she loved it so much. It had to be okay she
thought. Marlee did it and liked it.

"Well, I'd like to try it. But won't it hurt?"

"Go ahead," Marlee told Kathy. "You'll like it, it's great, it
feels nice up there."

Kathy thought some more. "Well, uh!!!!... I guess so. Okay,
I'll do it."

I put Kathy on her back and told Marlee get on top of her in a
69 position. Again something new for Marlee as well as Kathy. First I
had Marlee begin licking Kathy's cunt. Once Kathy got warmed up I told
Kathy to use her tongue on Marlee's slit, and she did. I'll bet when
these girls decided to visit me this morning they never thought they
would be eating on each others pussies. I pulled Kathy's legs way up
high while Marlee licked her, so I could get at both of her holes as
well as Marlee's sweet mouth.

In front of me I had perfect access to Kathy's virgin cunt and
virgin asshole. I placed my cock on her cunt wiping it up and down her
slit. Marlee was tonguing Kathy's cunt, and now with my cock there
too, she worked on both, alternating between cunt and cock. Kathy was
feeling pretty good by this time. Marlee did a good job of arousing
her passions and my cock hitting her clit heightened her sensation

It was time for Kathy to get fucked. I pushed into her slit
and plunged right in breaking her virginity. Her hole was even tighter
than Marlee's. I drove into her cunt with a nice slow easy push until
I was fully buried inside. Her virgin hole hugged its first time ever
cock penetration snuggly all the way in. She had the tightest grip on
my cock I've ever felt. Kathy was moaning out loud. Now she knew the
feelings Marlee experienced. I fucked her cunt easy at first then as
she loosened up I started really giving it to this little cutie pretty
good. What a tight cunt she was.

I pulled out giving my cock to Marlee's mouth to lick off
Kathy's juices. Then I shoved a couple fingers in Kathy's just fucked
hole to get my fingers wet. I wiped her juices on her asshole and down
I went with my cock to Kathy's backdoor. Marlee was lying there on top
of Kathy watching, waiting to see her friend take my eight inch cock
up her ass. I pushed hard on Kathy's asshole and it started
stretching. But Kathy was getting worried. She was highly aroused
from being eaten and cunt fucked, but she knew taking my cock up her
ass was not going to be easy.

"Ohhhhh!!!! Ohhhhh!!!! It's so big," she yelled.

"No!!! No!!! don't, it's too big." Again she cried out almost
in tears thinking, maybe doing this was a mistake, as the pressure on
her anal hole was becoming uncomfortable.

"Just relax, Kathy," I replied. I wasn't about to stop now. I
had to feel how tight this cute little ass was.

I pushed harder and harder. Kathy's inexperience made it
impossible for her to relax her rear end, but finally her tiny anal
hole opened up letting my cockhead slip in. Kathy let out a sigh of
relief knowing I was inside her. "Oh my God. It feels so big in me,"
she whispered loudly, half out of breath. I pushed in her some more,
waited, and then a little more. She had four inches inside her ass.
Then I gave one last push shoving the last four inches of cock in.
Kathy just let go at that point, "Oh, God!!!!!!!" Her tiny rectum was
full with my cock and her anal entrance had an incredibly tight grip
around the base of my cock. I had to fuck her slow at first she was so
damn tight. But after taking me five or six times in and out I felt
her sphincter relax a bit and she was able to take me in easier
letting me fuck her anal hole a little faster. After that I started
giving her asshole a good fucking. Marlee resumed licking her cunt while I kept up Kathy's assfuck. Every stroke into Kathy's ass was
literally squeezing my cock up her puckered little hole. I don't know
if she liked it up her ass, but she was taking it now without any
complaints. I guess she figured if Marlee did it, then she would have
to take it too. The friction from forcing up her anal chute made me
ready to cum in minutes. And I was nearly ready now.

Marlee looked up from her cunt-licking and I pulled out from
Kathy's ass. I held my stiff shaft out to Marlee offering it to her. I
wasn't sure if she would have the nerve to put it in her mouth after
being in her friends ass. It really wasn't that much of a surprise
when Marlee took me in her mouth. I wasn't ready to give her my sperm
yet, but she was getting a good taste of Kathy's ass. She sucked me
deep inside while pumping my cock with her hand. For only her second
day at giving blow jobs, I sure loved her sucking.

Then I looked down at Kathy's cute asshole, withdrew my cock
from Marlee's mouth and plunge back up Kathy's anus. I gave her a
couple quick eight inch lengths up her back hole then pulled out
shooting sperm into Marlee's face. She opened her mouth catching the
torrents of jizm shooting from me. She was swallowing everything I
pumped into her. Then I crawled up to Kathy to jerk out the last few
drips into her mouth and let her lick off the remains of cum off my
cock. She never had done anything like that before, but seeing
Marlee's face splattered with cum, made her feel obligated to take the
cock I was offering. In her mouth it went. Even after being up her
asshole Kathy sucked it in her mouth and cleaned my cock off. What a
morning, what a way to start the day.

The girls cleaned themselves up and got dressed. I wondered if
I would ever see them again. The memories of them and their young gorgeous bodies will certainly live forever in my mind. Who knows,
maybe next weekend's trip will bring something else new for me. But,
It'll be hard to top this weekend.


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