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Tempest The Twins


Disclaimer: No one under 18 years of age are allowed to read this story.

Author's Note: This story is set in the 'Alien's Gift' Universe. This
story stands on its own and you don't have to read the 'Alien's Gift' story to enjoy it... but I recommend it nonetheless.

This is a 'jdw' proofread.

"Tempest & The Twins" by JR Parz


Quite simply, twenty-three year old Tristian Tempest went to bed one
Friday night as an average...(well, maybe 'below average' would be a better
description) young man and woke up the following morning as a God. You
see...some time during the night, Tristian Tempest was abducted from his
bed by aliens and later returned with the 'Alien's Gift'.

When he woke up that Saturday morning, he did so with the knowledge of
everything that had gone on and with the full understanding of what he now
possessed. Strangely, the realization and magnitude of this incredible
gift didn't alarm fact, he accepted everything very matter of
factly. For Tristian now possessed the ability to manipulate the mind,
body and emotions of anyone he so chose.

Tristian lived alone and given his status in life, he really wasn't
involved in a social circle of any kind. Knowing what he possessed and
actually seeing the results were two completely different things...and more
than anything in the world right now, he wanted to test his new powers.
What better place to "scope out" the prettiest babes in town than inside a

His first test subject was an attractive saleswoman, who he figured was
in her early thirties. The lady caught his attention because of her nice
set of tits. Tristian wasn't sure what he was going to do until he saw a
younger woman approach the lady for some help. Tristian simply focused his
mind and 'pushed' his desire to have the saleswoman scratch her right
breast...and almost immediately she did so! The act not only caught the
customer off guard, but also shocked the saleswoman!

Tristian decided to get a little bolder and 'pushed' again, this time
directing the saleswoman to do something he knew that she'd never do...and
just like before, the saleswoman didn't let him down. This time she used
both hands to cup underneath her breasts and, as if she were presenting
them to the customer, she leaned towards her. Although Tristian couldn't
hear what the customer said, she was obviously upset and immediately
stormed away. Tristian then watched as the saleswoman turned red from
embarrassment and hurried away herself.

Tristian saw one last opportunity to test his skill out on the
saleswoman before he lost sight of her and 'pushed' once again. This time
the saleswoman stopped dead in her tracks, looked around until she saw an
elderly man approaching her. Without the slightest hesitation, she walked
over to him and kissed the man full on the lips! Seconds later she broke
off the kiss and disappeared from sight.

Tristian was in awe and couldn't resist playing with several other
people throughout the day. All it took was a mere 'push' with his mind
towards a target, and like a puppet on strings, the victim was powerless.
Just as Tristian was about to call it a day, he spotted two very pretty
girls, but when he smiled at them to say 'hi', they acted oblivious to his
presence. In fact, the sight of them reminded him of his high school days
and he became angry. Maybe the girls during his high school years got away
with treating him like he was invisible, but not these girls...and with
that thought in mind he focused on both the girls and 'pushed'. In mid
stride, the girls suddenly stopped, turned, and walked up to him...awaiting
further instructions.

Tristian couldn't help but gawk at the girls...drinking in the sight of
their young tight bodies. Immediately he thought of the girls from his
high school years...had it really been a whole five years since he
graduated? Looking at these two girls, he couldn't get over how much
bigger they were on top than the girls he remembered had been. Tristian
reflected on a clique of girls from his school and how they had always hung
out together. They were 'teases', each and every one of them. Two girls in particular filled his mind...the twins. How he wished he could have had
Jade and Jessica Stark back then. Identically beautiful in every way!
Tristian was way too shy to strike up a conversation with them back in
those days, but this certainly hadn't stopped him from fantasizing about

These two girls before him weren't as beautiful as the twins had been,
but they were still very pretty. One girl had shoulder length blonde hair
and looked like the dream girl next door. She wore a tight fitting
halter-top, accentuating her ample breasts and her jeans looked painted on.
The other girl had a reddish tint to her dark hair and also wore it down to
her shoulders. She was dressed much more conservatively than the first
girl, but there was no mistaking the rather curvaceous body underneath
it...and there was no way she could hide the set of her 'head lights'!
Tristian had the girls follow him over to the bench where they all took a

Tristian 'pushed' as he spoke. "Hi girls. I realize you don't know who
I am but I want you to relax... I'm going to ask you a few questions and I
want you to be totally honest with me. First, tell me your names."

The blonde replied first. "I'm Cindy Johnson." and then the red head spoke up. "I'm Wendy Silvers."

Tristian smiled at the girls. Although they looked visibly relaxed, he
could also detect a look of confusion in their eyes. He turned his
attention to Cindy. "Are you two in high school?"

"Yes, we're juniors."

"How long have you two been friends?"

"Since middle school."

"You're both very pretty. Do you have boyfriends?"

"Not any more." Cindy replied.

"What do you mean?"

"I just broke up with David McCarthy. He's such a asshole."


"He only wanted to get inside my pants...and he was always disrespecting
me in public."

"How was he 'disrespecting' you?"

"Copping feels...everywhere and anywhere."

Tristian smiled, thinking that how could one blame him...the girl was a
babe. "How come you went out with him in the first place?"

"Well...he's really cute."

Tristian turned to Wendy. "How about you you have a


"Why not?"

"I...I don't...I don't like boys."

Tristian's eyes lit up. This was something that he hadn't expected.
"Are you saying you're a lesbian?"

"Yes." Wendy blushed.

Tristian turned to Cindy, who looked just as surprised as he was. "I
take it you didn't know about this?"

"No. I didn't."

"Wendy...are you attracted to Cindy?"

"She's very pretty... Yes."

Tristian thought about the twins and wondered if they had ever had a
thing for one another. "Cindy...How does this make you feel?"


"Are you attracted to her?"

"Hell no! I'm into hunks, not dykes! Rugmunchers make me sick!"

Tristian glanced back at Wendy and could see she was badly hurt. Then
he had an idea. "Alright girls...turn and look at one another." Both girls responded.

"Cindy...Wouldn't you say that Wendy is very beautiful?"


"And are saying you don't feel the slightest attraction to her?"

"I don't go that way."

Tristian knew that she was telling the truth...she didn't have a choice.
"Okay...fair enough." He turned his attention to Wendy. "Wendy...Cindy is
very, very beautiful, isn't she?"

"Oh God yes."

"And if you could make a wish, what would it be?"

"That Cindy would feel the same way about me as I feel about her."

"Wendy...I could give you this wish. Would you like me too?"

"I...I don't want Cindy to hate me for making a wish like this."

"Do you hate her, Wendy?"

"No, of course not."

"Then she won't be able to hate you."

"Then yes...I want Cindy to love me like I love her!"

Tristian turned to Cindy. "Cindy, how do you feel about what Wendy just

"I'm not a lesbian...please don't do this to me."

"Cindy...every time you look or talk to Wendy, you'll feel all warm and
tingly inside your groin. An attraction will grow with every passing
minute, and over the course of the next twenty-four hours, your desire for
her will increase to the point where you need to be with her in a sexual
way. You love just her as she loves you and although you'll understand
that I made you feel this way, there won't be a damn thing you can do to
prevent the feelings from taking over."

Tristian turned to Wendy and saw a very happy girl. He then turned back
to Cindy to see if he could detect any symptoms, but saw none. "Cindy, do
you feel any different?"

"I'm not sure..." Cindy replied looking confused.

Tristian laughed. "Well, in time you'll know...I'm sure of it. Now,
one last thing before I leave. Wendy and Cindy, you'll both have a burning
need to constantly touch each other when you are out in public. Just
enough so that everyone that happens to see you will know that you are
lovers. Cindy since you inspired this idea, the least I can do is give you
an added bonus. I insist that you find that 'hot' nubile body of yours
gets extra horny when Wendy touches you in public...and the idea of public
sex turns you on. Now, why don't you two kiss to seal your new

Both girls leaned over and softly kissed each other on the mouth.
Tristian could see that Wendy was enjoying this, but Cindy looked even more
confused. Of course, that would change. Tristian got up and left, wishing
that he had gotten this power when he was in high school. Those days had
been lonely and frustrating and if he had possessed this kind of power
then, he wondered how much different his life would have been. His mind
kept on going back to the group of girls from his senior class. Imagine
them as lovely sex playmates... eager to please him in every way. Imagine
the twins living for the sole purpose of pleasuring him. If only he could
turn back the clock...then it HIT him! Why was it too late? Regardless
what they might be doing, he could easily alter their lives in any way he
chose. Maybe he could make up for lost time?

Tristian wondered whom to choose first? Then the image of Haley Spears
flooded his mind. He had seen her jogging at the park last week and he
thought she would make the ideal first victim. He wasn't sure what she was
doing these days...whether she was married or single or whatever, but that
wouldn't really matter...would it? Maybe it was time to visit the park


Haley Spears was preparing for her five-mile jog by stretching when she
saw a man approaching her. At first she didn't think much of it, but the
last thing she needed now was some unwanted attention. Haley wished that
her boyfriend were around at times like these.

"Hi Haley...I'm glad I spotted you."

Haley was immediately shocked...He did look familiar, but she wasn't
sure why. "Do I know you?"

"What's the matter, don't you remember me?"

"I'm sorry." Haley said, trying desperately to recognize him.

"Tristian...Tristian Tempest."

"The name sounds familiar, but I'm sorry I still can't place you."

"We graduated Sterling High together."

"Oh are you?" Haley stuttered.

"Never better in my life. Anyway, I'm really sorry to bother you but
this will only take a moment. Ah...I've decided that you are going to be
my first."

Haley was nervous. "First what?"

"First subject...first woman...first fuck...first slave...first

Haley's eyes lit up with shock. "Look you fuckhead...I'm not sure what
all this is about, but get lost and fuck off!"

The man laughed. "Not very becoming language for such a pretty lady.
Listen Haley from this point on you are to be very respectful towards me.
Under no circumstances are you to draw any attention to us and you must
answer all my questions truthfully and without holding anything back...
And oh yeah, if you want to ask me a question you first must ask me for

Haley wanted to sprint off, but for some strange reason her legs
wouldn't move. "Sir, may I ask you a question?" Haley softly spoke,
shocked at her own behavior.

"Sure Haley...what is it?"

"Sir...I would really like to get my jog in and go home...could I go jog
now?" Haley asked...while at the same time wondering why she was acting so

"No jog for you today...although I can guarantee you'll get a work out."
Tristian responded with a grin, then added "Instead, let's walk over to the
benches over there and sit down and talk."

Haley followed Tristian over to the bench and took a seat next to him.
"Sir...may I ask you another question?"

"Sure Haley."

"Why am I doing this?"

"Because anything else would be unquestionable."

"Sir, may I ask you another question?

"Last one for awhile...make it good."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Ah yes...that is a good one. Because I really do have my reasons."

Haley continued to wonder what was going on with her? How was it
possible for someone to have control of her body like this?

"Tell me you have a boyfriend?"

"Yes sir."

"His name?"

"Chris Wholley sir."

"I don't recall the name...he didn't graduate high school with us, did

"No sir. I met him at this park two years ago."

"Do you love him?"

"Yes sir, very much."

"I can change that...were you aware of that?"

Haley was petrified by everything that was going on. How was all this
possible? "No sir, but please don't. I love Chris very much."

Tristian laughed at her. "Oh don't worry about it. After a little
nudge here and there, I can make it where you won't even recall what he
looks like. Trust me, if I so chose, I could eliminate all the memories
and feelings you have for the guy. Hey! I have an idea...why not transfer
what you feel for him to me. How does that sound?"

"No Sir...I...I wouldn't want that."

Tristian again laughed. "So, where's your Chris now?"

"He's at his apartment. He's having his buddies over to watch the games
this afternoon. I won't be seeing him until later tonight."

"Good...then that means we can go back to your place and fuck like crazy
and not be disturbed, right?"

"Yes sir." Haley replied...not having a choice on how she responded.


Tristian studied all of Haley's mannerisms while they walked together to
the parking lot. There was nothing he could detect that made her look like
she was hypnotized or robot-like, and this pleased him to great lengths.
When they arrived back at her condo, he couldn't resist hugging her...and
until he 'pushed' her to hug him back, she didn't respond. He instructed
her to give him a tour of her place and answer all his questions in a
polite and respectful manner. When he saw all of the pictures of Haley
with Chris, he had to ask. "How come you two aren't married yet?"

"We haven't felt the need yet sir."

"Haley, close your eyes. Now, picture Chris inside your mind...focus on
the love and sexual desire you feel for him. Slowly, that picture is
beginning to fade and is now being replaced by someone else. I'm that
someone else Haley...that's! The image is of me and everything
that you felt for Chris is now centered on me...except one thing dear...and
that is that those feelings coursing through your lovely body are three
times more powerful than before. Now those pretty eyes of

Tristian watched as Haley opened her eyes. The second she saw him, she
gasped. "Oh god...Tristian...Tristian I love you!" Please Tristian, please
make love to me."

"Strip then... I want to see that lovely body of yours naked."

Tristian watched Haley quickly strip, and in seconds she was completely
naked. Following her into her bedroom, he watched as she assumed a 'doggy'
position on the bed. "Please hurry Tristian...please...I'm so fucking

Tristian stripped himself and climbed onto the bed. In the excitement
of the moment, the second his hard cock nudged the insides of Haley's
thighs, he shot his load. Tristian blushed, feeling a little inadequate.
Haley felt what he had done and swiftly turned around. "Don't worry
honey...I'll have you up again in no time." Her voice, throaty and sultry,
began to get him hard immediately.

IV. Two weeks later...

Jessica and Jade Stark... Both of them smart, gorgeous and only
twenty-three years old. Physically they were mirror images of each
other... altogether totally different when it came to their personalities.
As a result, they'd taken different career paths. Jessica had quit college after she got her Associates Degree and married her high school sweetheart.
Jessica's husband had inherited a family business and Jessica managed the
books. Jade on the other hand had pursued a criminal justice degree at
Stanford University and gone on to become an Investigator with the FBI.
Jessica lived in the small town she had grown up in while Jade rented a
condo in Washington D.C.

Jade was in her office when she was interrupted by the phone ringing.
It would be a phone call that would change her life. "Ms. Stark." she
replied in answering the phone.

"Hi you have a moment?"

"Jessica...what a surprise! Sure, I was just doing a background-check."
Then Jade realized Jessica would never call her at the office unless it was
something serious. "Jessica...what's wrong honey?"

"I really didn't want to call you while you were at work, but I thought
that this was way to important to wait."

"Sure Jess, what's up?"

"Remember I told you Haley Spears was acting really weird about
something two weeks ago? Well, I saw her last night and you're not going
to believe this, but she was dressed like a call girl and sporting a new
set of tits!"

"What? You're kidding! That is strange...real strange."

"Remember Jade...we're talking about Haley here. You know... Miss
Feminist to the extreme. I tried calling her boyfriend Chris, but haven't
been able to reach him."

"Did you talk to Haley?"

" know me. I had to ask, and what she said scared the hell
out of me."

"What did she say?"

"She said that she didn't understand it herself, but that she was more
happier now than she'd ever been in her life. And get this...she's been
screwing Tristian Tempest."

"What!?! Tristian Tempest! This don't make sense...and she's really

"Yeah...really, really happy...and based on the clothes she was wearing,
she seemed pretty happy to showcase her new breasts, too. And this isn't
the only strange thing happening."

"There's more?" Jade asked. She knew her twin better than anyone,
including Jessica's husband, and she knew her sister wouldn't get this
rattled over nothing. "Talk to me sis...who else?"

"Kara Peters... She's also moved in with Tristian Tempest."

"Kara Peters! What? No way! What is it with this Tristian Tempest?
This is the same Tristian Tempest that was a loser from our High
School...right? Wait a second...what's Kara doing home anyway? I thought
she was still in Harvard?"

"She was, but for some strange reason she dropped out of Harvard and
moved in with Tempest."

"This is crazy. So, we have Haley and Kara both fucking Tempest...but
why? How does a former homecoming queen, voted the girl most likely to
succeed, suddenly just drop out of Harvard and move in with the boy most
unlikely to succeed? And how does a woman who is a dye in the wool
feminist one moment, suddenly get a boob job and dress like a call girl?
Has Tempest changed any since school?"

"A little... it seems he's been working out by the looks of his
body...but other than that, he's the same. Kara, on the other hand looks
like she should be modeling."

"Where did you see them? How do you know all this?"

"I saw them having dinner at the Spaghetti House and if I didn't know
any better, I'd swear it was true love. Kara couldn't keep her hands off
of him! She was playing the part of a horny, submissive girlfriend to a
tee. I'd swear the love she felt was genuine...just like the happiness
Haley felt...but how is this all possible? And there's more."

"No." Jade replied, still finding it difficult to digest Kara and
Tristian together.

"Yeah...I got a call from Matt Thompson this morning, just before
calling you. Lisa dumped him."


"Yep...and you're not going to believe why."

"She met another guy?"

"Well you're right about her meeting someone else, but it wasn't another's a girl. A local college girl by the name of Stephanie Green is
moving in with her as we speak."

"Are you trying to tell me my best friend from high school is gay?"

"No, but I am telling you that she's sleeping with a teenage girl...
and I know of this girl, and I don't believe she is any more a lesbian than

"This is unbelievable!"

"Jade, something very strange is happening. I mean, the five of us were
inseparable during high school. Lisa isn't the type to suddenly turn gay and have a high school girl move in with her. Kara wouldn't drop out of
Harvard for someone like Tristian Tempest...and Haley Spears would never
dress the way she's dressing and get a boob job! Something is definitely
going on around here and I'm scared I'm next."

"Have you discussed any of this with Jack?"

"Yeah, but he spends so much time at the plant lately that he's not
really giving it his full attention. Jade...I'm afraid that something is
going to happen to me."

"I've got some vacation coming. Don't do anything until I get there!"

"Thanks sis...I was hoping you'd say that."


Jessica hung up the phone and turned to Tristian, who sat on the couch
next to her. "She'll be here soon."

"Yes did very well."

Jessica felt a rush of pleasure at Tristian's compliment and couldn't
help but respond to it. Ever since Tristian showed up at her doorstep two
days ago, her whole focus in life had been altered. "Can...can

"Yes I do Jessica, but I want to hear it from you."

"Can we make love?"

"You certainly are a demanding little minx, aren't you?"

Jessica blushed. "Sir, if I am it's only because you made me this way."

Tristian smiled at her. "Yes, having you beautiful women in constant
'need' is a specialty of mine. Incidentally, how did you feel about
deceiving your sister like that?"

"I...I don't really know. On one hand, I know what I was doing was
wrong, but I couldn't help it. Pleasing you is everything to me because I
love you. I love you more than I've ever loved anybody else in my life and
I don't want to jeopardize our relationship."

Tristian smiled at Jessica...patted her on the head. "First I need to
make a phone call, then we'll fuck."

Jessica practically 'came' at the way he was treating her.

"Hi Kara." Tristian said into the phone. Jessica felt slightly jealous
at the fact that Kara got to live with him, while she had to stay here at
home and live with her husband. "Jess and I are going to fuck for awhile,
so I want you to call Haley and have her help you do the chores around the
house. Remember that I prefer you two washing the kitchen floor the old fashion way...on your hands and knees, and without a stitch of clothing on.
Who knows, I might just pop in early and you know what the sight of the two
of you naked and on your knees does to me. Anyway, when you are done, you
can spend some of your energies between each others legs...okay sweetie?"
Tristian paused for a few seconds and then said goodbye.

"Now're over dressed."

Jessica quickly stood up and stripped out of her dress, not hesitating
in the slightest. After she unsnapped the bra and stepped out of her
panties, she stood naked in front of the man who was now everything to her.

"You are quite beautiful Jessica...but of course this is why you are
mine. I only take the beautiful ones. Now, go wait for me in the


Tristian watched, as Jessica's shapely behind disappeared down the
hallway. He loved how her long, dark hair came down to the small of her
back. This was all so amazing to him. First Haley, then Kara, Lisa,
Jessica...and soon it would be Jade's turn to join his harem. He wanted to
enlarge Jessica's breasts and make them as big as Haley's, but he decided
to wait and do both sisters at the same time. He smiled at his discovery
on how to increase mass inside certain areas of the body. Haley proved to
be a first in a lot of areas, and when he had enlarged Haley's breasts from
an 'A' cup to a 'DD', he was absolutely in awe. At first, she complained
that she couldn't move without her new tits bouncing around like Jell-O,
but when he casually mentioned that he loved her new tits...he never heard
a complaint again. He also made it so that she loved them and felt a need
to showcase them. He gave her a new taste in fashion, so that she would
wear clothes that displayed her new assets, while making sure she still
continued to jog every day. He wasn't a mean person and so he allowed her
to wear a sports bra during her workouts. Kara already wore a 'C' cup and
other than give them an extra lift and tuck, making them teenage perky, she
didn't need anything else. He did however, make her more curvy and tighten
up a few other areas.

Unlike Jade, who was a FBI agent and who had to be handled differently,
he had called Kara at her dorm room. The Alien's Gift worked through any
form of communication (in addition to on sight targeting) so it was very
easy to compel her to leave college on an emergency. When she arrived at
his doorstep, he couldn't resist making her his live-in love slave. Now
there wasn't anything she wouldn't do for him. The next morning, when
Haley came over, he made both of them bisexual and gave them a real desire
for one another. This made the threesomes quite passionate.

Tristian stripped out of his clothes and left them in a pile on the
couch. Time to go fuck Jessica. He loved her long hair and hoped that
Jade had also kept her hair long. Then again, he could just grow it for
her if she didn't... and this gave him an idea.

Jessica was on all fours when he entered the bedroom. This was by far
and away his favorite position and every girl he converted into a sex toy
was filled with this knowledge. He climbed onto the bed and mounted the
lovely Jess from behind...and slowly entered her burning hot sheath with
his enhanced tool. Both of them groaned at the same time...and when he was
in all the way, he 'pushed'. Each of his girls was slightly different in
size, and in order to maximize their pleasure, he increased and decreased
the size of his cock to conform to their individual pussies. See... he
wasn't a cruel person, he just wanted to make sure that the girls enjoyed
fucking him. He was convinced that even if he lifted the love spell that
they labored under, they would still enjoy his love sessions. Now that he
was Jessica's perfect size, he started to ram in and out of her...while at
the same time he 'pushed', focusing on her hair. With every thrust
forward, her hair grew and before Jessica's moans and groans turned to
screams of passion, her long dark hair now came down to her ass. God! He
loved long hair.

VII. The next morning...

Lisa Thorn was in the shower when she heard the doorbell. "Steph
honey... are you dressed?"

"No mistress...would you like me to be?"

"Put a robe on and answer the door."

"Yes mistress."

Less than a minute later, Lisa was startled when Mr. Tempest stepped
into her bathroom. "Hi are you?"

Lisa felt the emotional bliss that she always felt in Mr. Tempest's
presence and stammered. "Hi Sir...It's...god it's nice to see you."

"Well hurry up and come out of there...I need to talk to you."

"Yes sir." Lisa replied and quickly rinsed off the soapy suds and turned
off the shower. Then without the slightest hint of embarrassment or
modesty, she walked naked out of the bathroom and joined Mr. Tempest in
the living room.

"You're dripping wet. Go get yourself a towel." Mr. Tempest stated.

"Yes sir." Lisa replied, hoping that she hadn't upset Mr. Tempest.

"Stephanie...You are very tired...why don't you go take yourself a nap."

"Yes sir." Stephanie replied...and yawned as she headed towards the

"Incidentally Lisa, how do you like Stephanie's new tits?"

"I love them very much sir. I can't stop touching them."

" can blame me for that, but I didn't want Stephanie to think
you didn't love them."

"There is one thing sir... although she hasn't complained about it, but
I think she's been having trouble carrying them. I've caught her rubbing
her back."

"From a pleasant handful to the size of grapefruits is quite a
stretch... remind me later and I'll make them easier for her to carry."

"Thank you sir."

"You really do love her...don't you?"

"I love her more than I ever loved anyone before...except you sir.
Thank you so much for turning me on to her."

"How do you really feel?"

Lisa suddenly felt her mind shift. "I...I can't believe how my life has
turned completely around. Why did you put us together? Oh my
turned me into a lesbian. She's only a girl for Christ sakes...why did you
do this to us?"

"Ah yes...every time I lift the spell you are under, you girls have tons
of questions. Anyway, with the exception of the subservience and lust you
feel for the unbreakable love you feel for Stephanie, I'm giving
back your mind for awhile. The reason I put the two of you together was
because I thought you'd make an incredibly hot team." Lisa blushed while
Tristian continued. "Now, I'm expecting Jade to be paying you a visit soon
and I wanted to know when was the last time you talked to her?"

"About a month was on the phone."

"Well, she's coming here because I had her sister disclose everything
about you and the others. I expect Jade will want to talk to you given
your closeness."

"What about Stephanie?"

"Oh, I'm quite sure she'll have tons of questions regarding your new
life with her."

"I...I do love Stephanie, but I know that I feel this way because of
what you've done to me."

"And that's exactly what I want you to tell Jade. I want you to
disclose everything. How you suddenly stopped loving Matt and started
loving Stephanie, and why you started loving Stephanie and how you are
compelled to behave this way by forces you cannot control."

"You're allowing me to tell her the truth?"

"Yes Lisa...I am."

"But why?"

"Because my dear...there isn't a damn thing anybody can do to change it
and I want Jade to know what's in store for her."

"Then I'll warn her!"

"I'm counting on that...go ahead. Now look at you there...all naked
like. I just love the sight of your body...and seeing you like this has
gotten me a bit horny."

Lisa blushed, knowing where this was leading. She knew that her
subservience, attraction, and everything else she felt was artificially
induced, but like he said...knowing had very little to do with the outcome.
Mr. Tempest reached over and kissed her on the lips and Lisa hungrily
kissed him back.

"Mmmmm...Let's go to your bedroom."

"Stephanie's sleeping."

"That's okay...we'll wake her for this."

Lisa squealed with joy as her body throbbed with excitement.


Jade Stark decided not to disclose anything to her superiors...however,
she was trained well enough to leave a note in the event something went
wrong. Jade had two weeks of vacation time, and if this ended up somehow
legitimate, then she'd simply spend some time visiting Jessica.

When Jade came off the plane, she saw Jessica waiting for her at the
gate. Jessica was dressed in a bright blue dress, modestly cut with a
white sash that tightened around her slim waist. Jade saw that her
sister's long dark hair hung like a thick curtain down to her buttocks and
thought she looked younger and prettier like this. Jade, on the other
hand, wore her hair short in a very modern cut and was dressed in a pants
suit. Yet anyone seeing them wouldn't have missed that they were twins.

Jade and Jessica hugged...extra tightly, and Jade could tell her sister was really happy to see her. "Do you want to go straight to my place, or
visit Lisa?"

"We'll stop by Lisa's. Do you know if she's home?"

"I swung by there on the way here and saw her car. I'm guessing she

"Good...then we'll surprise her."

IX. An hour later...

"Would you like something to drink?" Lisa asked.

"Sure...some water maybe." Jade replied, taking a seat on the couch with

"Water or soda Jess?"


"Stephanie dear, please fetch that for me, okay honey."

"Yes Lisa... right away."

Jade couldn't believe how cavalier Lisa was about her new life style and
the way she was treating Stephanie. "Tell me Lisa, when did you all of a
sudden have a thing for teenage girls?"

"She's in college, so there isn't anything illegal here. As far as my
feelings go, I fell in love with her about a week ago."

Jade shook her head in amazement. "Why Lisa? Why all of a sudden have
you broken up with Matt and gone lezbo?"

"I...I can't help myself. I'm being made to feel this way. I wish I
could stop, but I can't."

"See!" Jessica responded.

Jade's eyes lit up at what Lisa was saying...but she waited for her best
friend to continue. "I didn't even know Stephanie...we just happened to be
next to each other when the spell was cast."

"Spell...what spell?"

"Yeah, I guess that's what I'd call it. One minute I'm happily in love
with Matt and then the next thing I know, I'm falling hard for Stephanie.
In fact, Stephanie must have been hit with the same spell because she's
even more in love with me...if that's possible. Plus Steph is totally
subservient to anything or any wish that I ask of her."

"This is incredible!" Jade replied.

"You know me Jade, I've never slept with a girl before her and never
wanted to...but now I can't get enough of Stephanie. Jade, I can't help

Just then Stephanie came back into the room with two large glasses of
water. She placed them on the coffee table and then she went over and sat
down on the floor, right next to Lisa's feet.

"What about her?"

"Stephanie is so sweet. I really do love her. I mean, it's more than
just sex. Whatever was done to us, they made her the submissive one in our
relationship and she needs to be around me all the time. When she's not,
it pains her. We love each other. I know the feelings are artificial, but
nevertheless they are real."

"Do you mind if I ask her some questions?" Jade asked.

"No...go ahead."

"Stephanie...can you tell me anything about the way you're feeling right

"I don't understand what you mean?"

"How do you feel about Lisa?"

"I love Lisa very, very much. What else is there to tell?"

"Do you know why you love her?"

"It doesn't matter why...just that I do."

Jade turned back to Lisa. "Tell me everything Lisa...everything. Who
the hell cast this spell on you?"

"Tristian Tempest...I think he's a warlock or something. We were at the
mall when he stepped in front of me. I went to move around him when I
bumped into Stephanie. Then he did second Steph and I were
complete strangers, and then the next moment we, we 'need'... to
be with one another."

"Where does Tristian live?"

"Same place as when we were in high school. He must have inherited his
aunt's place when she passed away."

Jade and Jessica both turned to look at one another. "Is there any way
to break the spell, Lisa?"

"He says there isn't...he even knew you were coming today. He said if
you know what will happen, it will only play on your mind until your own
enslavement. He has Kara and Haley too."

"What about Matt?"

"I know I hurt Matt, but I can't help it. I love Stephanie more than
anything else in the world right now...and I've never been happier." Lisa
responded with a blush.

X. Later that night...

When Jade arrived at the Tempest residence, she was taken aback when her
old friend Haley Spears answered the door. She was dressed in a skimpy
French maid's uniform, and her new boobs were as plain as day. Jade tried
to remain as professional as she could and flashed her badge. "Haley...I
need to see Tristian Tempest."

Before Haley could answer her, Tristian came to the door. "Hi...can I
help you?"

"I'm Jade Stark with the FBI. I want to talk to you."

"Hi Jade...come this way please."

Jade saw that Tristian hadn't really changed from high school...although
he did look stronger and slightly older. "You are dismissed Haley."

"Yes sir."

Jade watched as the once militant feminist, with her new boobs bouncing
the whole way, walked out of the room. Tristian led Jade to the living
room. "Please...have a seat."

"What have you done to my friends?"

Tristian smiled at Jade and she felt slightly nervous. "Friends and

Jade's eyes lit up...had she been duped? She took out her gun and
pointed it at the man. "I want to know what's going on and I want to know

Tristian smiled again at Jade, obviously not intimidated by the gun.
"Ah yes, the foxy FBI agent. You know're much too sexy to be
dominant like this...I prefer my girls know, submissive.
I'm not even sure why you have a gun, because you absolutely hate hate the very idea of what they can do to people. The last
thing you'd ever want to do is touch a gun again." With that, Jade dropped
the pistol to the floor and stared at it. It was vile...and she did hate
it, and the realization of why she hated it scared the hell out of her.

"Now Jade, I want you to pick up the phone over there and call your
sister. Tell her to come to my house immediately."

Without saying a word, Jade got up and walked over to the phone. She
made the call and did as instructed...while during the whole time, she was
screaming at her body not to do what she was told. Unfortunately, her body
was like a puppet...and Tempest the puppet master.

"Good girl." Tristian said when she sat back down...and the compliment
sent a shiver of arousal deep inside her groin. Jade was beyond scared.

"Now, as you've probably figured out, I'm not the same Tristian Tempest
you knew in high school. I'm different, quite different. To make a long
story short, I'm a warlock. Not really, but it's easier for people to
accept... and I'm a very powerful one. I'm building a harem of love
slaves and as you already know, Haley, Kara, Lisa, and Jessica are amongst
the honored. This leaves you."

"I... I don't understand?"

"The five most beautiful girls in high school...all at my beckon call...
what is there not to understand?"


"Because you were all hot then...and you're all even hotter now. Now
all of my fantasies can be realities."

"What are you going to do?"

"Well...I'm drawn to you a tad bit more than your sister, but only
because of the position you hold. Breaking a FBI agent is going to be so
wickedly nice."

Jade wondered how she could get out of this...she needed to stall for
time. "Why Stephanie? She has nothing to do with this."

"Ah yes...the sweet young girl. Actually Stephanie was in the wrong
place at the wrong time. Now she's Lisa's sex kitten. A docile loving sex
kitten and did you know that she calls Lisa 'Mistress' when nobody's

Jade ignored his question, wanting to know why her best friend was being
treated differently. "Why have your turned Lisa lesbian?"

"Like I said... wrong place at the wrong time. Now Lisa and Stephanie
love each other and always will...I made sure of that."

"But why would you do this to them? Why would you do these things to
any of us? Why destroy our lives?"

"Well, that's a matter of perception. Kara loves loving me...and she's
downstairs in the basement right now doing the laundry. Haley usually is
at her own place, but because I knew you'd be over, I had her play the role
of the maid tonight... and she absolutely loves her new boobs and fashion.
Every one of your friends is happier now than at any time in their lives
before...including your sister. Sooo, I don't look at this as destroying
lives. Instead, I look at it as enhancing them. Trust me...what I will do
to you and Jessica will absolutely thrill you."

"You took away their free will."

"Oh knock that off, they're not automations. They still have choices...
just not who they love, that's all."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Amusement and boredom, and above all...payback."


"Yeah...payback for my miserable high school experience. You five
bitches represented everything that I couldn't have...and now that I can,
I'm taking what has been denied me for so long!"

"You're a pervert...a monster!"

"Maybe by your standards."

"You won't get away with it. The FBI knows about what's going on here."

"Is that true?"

"No. I...I left a note for them that is easy to find in the event I
didn't come back." Jade replied, wishing she hadn't said anything.

"See how easy it is to get the truth from you? From this point on, you
aren't capable of lying to me. You must always tell me the truth and how
you truly feel."

"You're a monster." Jade stated, telling the truth.

"Strip for me. I want to see you naked."

Jade stood up and started to take of her clothes. This was
incredible... regardless what she tried to do, she couldn't stop her hands
from taking off her clothes...and when she stepped out of her panties, she
spotted the gun. God how she hated guns. Now she stood quite naked before

"You didn't let me're breath-taking. You even have a tighter
body than Jessica...but that's to be expected given your former position in
life, isn't it?"

"Yes, I suppose so."

"Turn around for me. I want to see your ass."

Jade slowly pirouetted, turning red with shame.

"Tell me Jade, why is it that you insist on wearing your hair so short
and unfeminine?"

"With my job, it's easier to manage."

"Would you wear it long like Jessica if you didn't have to worry about
managing it?"

"No...I don't think I would. I like it like this."

"Take a good look at me. Do you find me attractive?"

"No...I...I find you disgusting."

Tristian chuckled. "Jade, you now find me the most sexually desirable
man that you've ever seen...and you are, without a doubt, so fucking horny
for me that you want me to take you and ravish you like you've never been
ravished before."

Jade looked at him and then gasped! It was as if a switch had been
turned on in her and suddenly she was aflame with desire. It was so
intense that more than anything else in the world she wanted Tristian
Tempest to fuck her. He was so fucking gorgeous. "You''re so

"Please what Jade? What is it that you'd like to do?"

"I want you...I need you to...I want to be with you."

"You're with me right now, what do you mean?" Tristian replied.

Jade knew he was playing with her but it didn't matter. "I want you to
fuck me."

"Oh, and here I thought you found me disgusting."

"I did, but...but not any more. You did something to me, didn't you?"

"Yes dear...I merely told my future bride that she found me so fucking
hot that she can't help but want me."

"Can we make love?"

"I'll tell you what. We'll make love later...first we fuck. Now come
over here and sit on my cock."

Jade smiled despite her self and quickly went over to Tristian. She
didn't waste time in unzipping his fly and gasped with delight at the size
of him. "You must be ten inches!"

"I didn't want to get carried away for our first time."

Jade was so fucking 'wet' that she easily lowered herself on top of
him... the feeling was absolutely incredible. "Oh god, you feel so good."

"Go ahead Jade, start humping away. As you do I want you to think about
how terrific it will be for you to be my loving, horny, submissive wife...
I want you to think about how nice it will be to have your lovely identical
sister living with us... and how terrific it will be to have a litter full
of our beautiful children.

Jade continued impaling herself on top of Tristian's tool as incredible
pleasure ransacked her body. One orgasm after another swept through her
body, all the while she was thinking how terrific it was going to be to be
Tristian's loving wife...and how more than anything at the moment she
wanted to have his children...and lots of them.

When he 'came' she clenched her vaginal muscles so hard that they
hurt... but more than the very air she breathed, she didn't want to let any
of his sperm get away.

"Oh...hi Jessica...wouldn't you say that your sister makes quite the

Jade felt a flood of embarrassment at her sister walking in on them, but
it wasn't enough for her to stop.

"Yes sir, she looks beautiful." Jessica replied.

"Well, get out of those clothes Jess. Your sister will be done in a
moment and then you can climb aboard."

Jade screamed out with another orgasm... but didn't stop humping until
Tristian again shot his load into her. Jade made sure she took in every
drop of his essence, desperately hoping she'd conceive.

"You're a fine fuck Jade, I knew you would be. Come over here Jessica
and help your sister to the couch."

Jade sat down exhausted, no longer concerned that she was completely
naked and that her sister had taken her place fucking Tristian. God, she
hoped that she was pregnant.

XI. One week later...

"You both sure are babes, and you'll be happy to know I'm going to marry
both of you. Of course officially, it'll only be Jade that I marry...but
don't fret Jess, you'll love what I have in mind. Incidentally Jade, I
trust the Bureau bought your story about our marriage as reason for your

"Yes Tristian." Jade replied, still shocked that she quit the FBI.

"And you won't have to worry about your ex-husband Jess... I've given
him a set of false memories and he thinks that you two have been split for
some time now. He'll happily sign the divorce papers."

"My ex-husband?" Jessica replied, sounding confused. Jade turned to
Tristian thinking that he must have also tampered with her sister's

"That's right... I already eliminated that from you, didn't I."
Tristian mumbled. "Anyway, now that you are both moved in I can get on
with the next stage of my plans. First, turn and look at one another."

"Now, we'll start with the hair first. Jade...the short modern cut has
got to go." and with that Jade's hair started to grow out long, falling
around her shoulders and further on down her back until it settled on the
couch by her ass. It felt a lot heavier on her head and she knew that it
was going to become a pain to manage. Tristian smiled at her. "Now your
hair is identically to Jessica's and just like Jessica, you LOVE your hair
long like this."

Like a light switch, she felt the sudden shift in her feelings about her
hair. She wished she had a brush so she could stroke it.

"You know, over the course of the last month or so, I've become quite
fond of two girls getting it on... I can't believe how hot I get from
watching female-female sex. Tell me Jade... have you ever thought about
making it with your sister?"

"NO!" replied Jade... horrified at this incestuous proposal.

"And you Jessica?"

"No sir."

"Oh will you stop with that 'sir' shit... It wouldn't look right if my
wife addressed me as sir in public. From this moment forward, where you
would normally say 'sir', you will instead call me by my name."

"Yes Tristian." Jessica replied.

"Incidentally, do you two ever get those connected feelings that twins
say they get?"

"Yes." they replied in unison. Tristian laughed. "I bet. But I'm
going to take it a few steps further. But let me first finish the rest of
your physical transformation... As you've probably could tell I'm not into
small tits."

Jade was shocked when she felt the first sensation...and she could tell
from staring at Jessica, she was feeling the same thing. Jade felt warmth
developing around her breasts and she didn't need to look down at her own
body to see what was happening...her mirror image was right there in front
of her...growing right before her very eyes. "But I don't like big tits."
she softly whispered.

Tristian turned to her and smiled. "As of this second you love your big
tits and the reason you love them is because I love them...and whatever I
love makes you so fucking hot and happy because you always want to please

Jade felt the new emotions flood over her true ones like all the other
times. She knew it was only because of his strange power, but she couldn't
help but feel pleasure anyway. " you two are beyond
incredible... and so totally identical that even your mother won't be able
to tell you apart."

"How big are they?" Jessica asked, cupping her erect nipples with her

"I'm not sure...I just stopped when I was happy with them. Haley wears
a 'DD' cup... yours don't look quite as big. Now for a final few

"Tonight you'll both shave each other down under. I want you as smooth
as the day you were born. You'll find that your hair no longer grows in
those regions."

"Every time one of you gets sexually excited, the other will feel the
same. When one of you cums, the other will do the same. It doesn't matter
where you are or what you are doing, sexually you are both tied to one
another so that one will always feel what the other is feeling."

"Finally, every time you set foot outside my house Jessica, you will
assume the identity of Jade. Over the course of the next few days, you
will learn all about Jade's secrets. In fact, when you are out in public
you will not only take on the role of Jade, but also believe you are Jade.
This way you can go out in public with me on a rotational basis."

"Oh, and lastly, I'm instilling a new desire inside of you...but I'll
let you experience it first hand before I tell you about it. I can only
promise that you'll enjoy me."

Epilogue: A month later...

Tristian stroked his long, thick cock in and out of Jade...while at the
same time he tongued Jessica's hot pussy. The twins were insatiable for
him and for each other. Tristian loved the embarrassment the girls still
displayed when they made love to one another. Keeping their minds totally
intact made this all the more enjoyable.

All six girls got together with him once a week. Stephanie proved a
pleasant addition to the clique. Before every orgy, he had the six girls kneel down - naked, docile, and waiting for his weekly inspection. They
proved to be the ultimate harem and he relished every second of his time
with them. "Wh...when can you make me...ahhhh...when can you make me
pregnant?" Jade asked between pants. He wasn't ready for kids just yet, so
he merely did something to her ovaries to prevent conception...he'd fix
things when he was ready. As far as Jade was concerned...the ex-FBI agent,
career minded woman only wanted to be his wife and get pregnant. They
would be married on September 7th.

Jade and Jessica were now more identical than humanly possible. Their
hair came down to their asses... their breasts were a healthy 'D' cup,
their asses defied perfection and they were tied together in a very special
way. If Jessica got did Jade. If Jessica had an orgasm... so
did Jade. When it was only the both of them together, with every desire
Jessica felt, Jade felt an even stronger desire to submissively please her.
Tristian himself didn't know who was who unless he monitored their special
time alone together...that way he could note the more submissive one and
know it was Jade.

He kept Kara on with him because he wanted a good maid. She loved him
very much and loved being his maid. He treated Haley as a mistress and
only saw Lisa and Stephanie during their weekly meetings.

Epilogue II. Six months later

"I can feel her kicking!" Jade exclaimed, referring to her baby girl.

Jessica, who was as equally pregnant, walked over to Jade to feel the
baby. "Yes...almost like she wants out of there."

The twins giggled and then took a seat on the edge of the bed. "Do you
want to do it?" Jessica asked.

Jade smiled at her sister. "Only if you want to."

Jessica smiled and lay back on the bed. She opened her legs and invited
her twin in-between them. Jade giggled as she descended upon Jessica's
pussy. Both girls couldn't get over how utterly happy they were.

Epilogue III. At the same moment.

FBI agent Jason Cutters read through the memo with interest. The memo
was from the head of the FBI and called 'Operation Alien's Gift'. The
point of contact was a man named Colt Winters. It spoke of a case of mind
control and the ability to turn perfectly normal females into
nymphomaniacs. It went on to say that any strange behavior
changes...strange changes in appearances, anything at all like this, could
all be related. Jason thought about Jade Stark and wondered. He picked up
the phone and was about to call Colt Winters when he had second thoughts.
Could Jade Stark, who one moment was this dedicated FBI agent and then the
next moment quitting the Bureau and marrying some guy she'd never mentioned
before in her life? Jason put the phone down... nah...that stuff happens
all the time.

The End of "Tempest & The Twins

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