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Title: Tender Years
Keywords: ff, teen
Author: Caesar
There was a young bride of Antigua
Whose husband had said: "Dear me, how big you are!"
Said the girl: "What damn'd rot,
Why, you've often felt my twot
My legs and my arse and my figua!"
-The Pearl No.16

Two teenage girls experiment and discover their own sexuality.

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment <g> of my over-active
imagination. Constructive e-mail is welcome. This tale is purely
fantasy since I have never been blessed with viewing such a beautiful
sight...yet I am patient! :-)

Tender Years

by Caesar, copyright(c) 1992-2002

$Revision: 1.6 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:29 $

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

With an unsure voice, "Yeah, it's not like we're lesbians or
anything." She gave a nervous laugh that didn't last long.

There were a few seconds of awkward silence while the two teenagers
looked at each other, then Caroline bent forward and pressed her firm
lips to her best friend's. They pulled away and lay back onto the bed
looking up at the ceiling.

It was Lisa that spoke first, turning her head on the pillow facing
Caroline's. "If we are going to do it, then we should do it right?"
She had a peculiar smile on her lips. Her friend didn't answer. "I
understand if you don't want to."

"I want to!" A little too quickly. She also turned her head, facing
her pretty friend, "Okay, I'm ready." She looked and felt nervous.

Lisa sat up. "I'll turn off the lights and close the blinds." Her
quickness and excitement were evident by her movements, but those
signs were missed by her friend.

They lay for several long minutes in the dark before Lisa turned onto
her stomach facing her best friend. They could just barely make out
the shape of each other's faces, but could not see any features to
tell if the other was happy or not. Inching her way up the
queen-sized bed, Lisa placed her face right above the other girl's.
In the dark, her friend could not see her barely-contained excitement
or trembling anticipation, but could feel the warm breath upon her
face, while Caroline bit her bottom lip with nervousness, questioning
her motives and feelings of what she was doing.

Slowly, so as not to hit her friend, Lisa bent forward and, with
beginner's luck, placed her lips upon Caroline's. The young girl wanted this to be a perfect kiss; in fact, Lisa often fantasized about
this very moment and would practice what to do with her pillow late at

Caroline felt the closeness of her friend before she felt the moist
soft lips touch hers. At first neither moved. Then Lisa kissed
gently and slowly, her mouth opening slightly and a tongue softly
sliding into her friend's mouth. It was an expert kiss made perfectly
by young women who knew how she liked to be kissed. Even Caroline
forgot her nervousness and massaged her friend's tongue with her own,
and soon even slid it into the mouth of her best friend, tasting and
testing everywhere. Lisa's head turned perpendicular to Caroline's,
the perfect angle for locking lips.

Lisa was in heaven. This was better than her fantasies, and she felt
an electricity right down to her toes, while Caroline forgot
everything and her attention was completely focused on her lips.

They broke apart, neither knowing who did it. Lisa flopped back down
onto her side of the bed, catching her breath.

It was Caroline that spoke first - "That wasn't so bad!" Her voice
was uneven, nervous, excited.

"No, it wasn't." Lisa couldn't control her voice properly either.

After a few more awkward moments, Caroline spoke up, "Good night,
Lisa." She turned away, her back towards her friend.

Lisa didn't reply - she didn't want to go to sleep! In fact, her body
was trembling with desire. Since they had first met, Lisa had been
attracted to Caroline. The attraction grew into something more, until
the teen often thought about her friend when she fantasized. Both had
boyfriends, both were still virgins, and they told each other
everything. But the way Lisa felt about her friend was the only thing
she had kept from her. When Caroline first agreed to the kiss, Lisa
knew she was in love, that she would be the happiest girl alive if
only her friend reciprocated. The kiss had been originally Lisa's

For over half an hour, Caroline could not sleep, but lay in a
frightful stupor. The question that kept running through her head
was, "Am I a lesbian?" If it was just the kiss she could be able to
answer that question, but the most frightening thing for the young girl was that she had enjoyed it. Tears almost came to her eyes when
she realized that she was sexually excited, her vagina extremely wet
and even dampening her panties and inner thighs. That scared her more
than anything else, and she would give anything to stop the thoughts
and feelings running through her head. Never once did she wonder
about her best friend's motives, but did wonder if Lisa was feeling in
the same way.

Minutes dragged into a full hour. Neither spoke, nor did they sleep.
Caroline's body began to tremble - it felt like it was electrified
with cold electricity. Lisa only stared at the dark form before her,
imagining with hot desire fantasies that she wanted to come true.

Though the two teens would never forget what they felt, they would
surely fall asleep eventually. The tall, blond, blue-eyed Lisa may
perhaps become a lesbian, or just liberal-minded about her sexuality,
this encounter only enforcing her suspicions that she was more
attracted to girls than to guys, while with Caroline, the petite black-haired girl would try to forget the one step towards an open
sexual relationship with another woman. She would probably marry,
have kids and be happy. But late at night when she couldn't sleep her
mind would wander back to her best friend Lisa and the kiss they

Yet the night wasn't over!

The temptations that had pressured Lisa into conning her friend to
kiss her was also moving her towards something more. Caroline felt
the hand lay upon the top of her raised hip and shivered. At first
she thought it was the stray hand of a sleeping partner. She was

Lisa may not have been able to see her best friend in the darkness,
but could easily conjure a picture in her mind. When she lay her hand
upon the other she could "see" it as if it was bright as day. So in
her imagination she could see the attractive curve of the small body,
specifically the hourglass figure created by the tiny waist. Her hand
rubbed upon the cloth-covered skin to the small of Caroline's back and
then up to the neck and head. She rubbed and massaged back and forth,
feeling every curve and texture of the muscular back.

Caroline barely breathed for the five minutes that this was happening.
Her body stopped trembling, but sexually, she was getting more excited
than she had even thought possible. She enjoyed the gentle touch of
the other girl, her body wanting more. When Lisa pulled her hand
away, Caroline almost moaned in despair. She turned onto her back,
her head facing her friend yet again.

The smaller girl wanted to taste her friend's lips again, and was
disappointed when the hand returned. It rubbed along her neck then
downward to her small, pointy breasts. No one had ever touched her
there before. The hand cupped and moulded the soft bosom gently,
bringing a wave of delight to the tiny girl. This time Caroline
didn't try to conceal the moan she let out or the trembling that began
again. The hand left her breast all too quickly to rub down her
stomach. Lisa's rapid breathing was loud but her friend could not
hear it because of her own.

Then the hand lay over the damp mound of Caroline's sex.

Caroline groaned loudly and spread her legs to accommodate her
friend's hand, which was pressing down. The palm agitated the already
enlarged clitoris, bringing a wave of electrified passion through the
little dark body. Lisa could feel the heat and moisture that coated
her hand. For the first time, what she was attempting to do scared
her young virginal mind and she pulled away from her friend.

They just lay there frozen, Caroline excited and hungry, while Lisa
was confused and unsure. This time it was the hyper-excited Caroline
that took the initiative. She rolled over against Lisa, placed one
leg over and between the longer ones of her friend, one hand on the
large breast of the blond, and her lips pressed forward.

That first intimate touch by Caroline wiped away any cobwebs in Lisa's
mind, and her body reminded her how excited she was. She could feel
the heat of the crotch against her bare leg, and the moisture covering
her skin. Her nipples pointed into the small palm, the breast too big
for the tiny hand. The lips hungrily kissed her, the tongue forcing
itself into her mouth. The small girl was truly in an excited state,
her body taking over from her mind. Lisa had control of herself, but
still wanted the same end. The tall girl began to press her pelvis
upwards into her friend's thigh and began to return the kiss. Lisa
moved her hand down to cup Caroline's right buttock, making her hips
move in time with her own.

Caroline tried to stop herself, but couldn't. It was as if she was
watching herself do these things from afar. Her body responded to the
manoeuvre of her best friend and they began to rhythmically press their
crotches against one another's thighs. Both were very close to an
explosion, which Caroline had never felt nor knew much about, yet
instinctively desired.

It was Lisa who wanted to feel her friend's bare skin, desiring the
touch of her naked crotch against her own sensitive thigh. She began
to moan into the open mouth of Caroline, her tongue spearing around

They were like two animals mating in the dirt, striving for an orgasm,
using their partner to achieve it. One of the rutting beasts was
beyond her senses, while the other was totally in control of herself.
Yet both would look exactly the same if viewed from a third person -
if anything the small animal on top looked like she was in control,
although only thing in control of her was her sexual hunger.

Caroline achieved an orgasm first. The spark of the explosion started
slowly then quickly spread outwards to every inch of her body. It
took control of her muscles and her mind, like a thunderbolt shooting
through her, starting at her aching vagina. Caroline bit into the
soft neck of her friend to stop herself from shouting out; instead,
she only groaned loudly. She couldn't tell how long it lasted but
when it was over she lay over her inert friend exhausted and spent.
It was her first orgasm with another person, and it was the most
delicious thing she had ever felt!

Lisa felt her friend clench above her just before she started to
spasm, every muscle moving independently. The realization that
Caroline was spending put Lisa over the top. Her own orgasm was much
less explosive but about as satisfying. Many times did the tall blond masturbate to the fantasy of making love with Caroline - every orgasm
she every had was with the image of her best friend on her mind. She
held the small dark girl tightly until they both stopped jerking with
spasms. Lisa bent forward and tenderly kissed Caroline's forehead.

Both girls had quivering muscles and sweaty bodies. In fact, both of
their tops were clung to their now sweaty bodies, sticking them
effectively together, while their bottoms were sticky for another

The girls finally fell asleep, wrapped in each others arms.



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