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Tenderloin Tales: Mo Fun

California Dreamer 2002 all rights reserved.

Our San Francisco hero has a Summer of Pleasures with two unique women.


The '80's, a decade to remember: Post pill, pre AIDS. Gloria Steinham
making waves eagerly surfed by the assertive, independent women of San

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle," was a popular
paraphrase, often attributed to Steinham, but the source is Australian
Irina Dunn. The best rebuttal I'd heard, in a crowded Union Street meat
market bar, was: "Yeah, but fish don't have cunts that enjoy a ride on a
sturdy cock."

The '60's gave us Flower Power, the '70's seemed to be in the doldrums
while we recovered from the debacle in SE Asia. The '80's suffered a
backlash, an over swing, an exaggerated reaction to new freedoms. Bra
burning women chained themselves to pillars, and, delicate fists raised
high, claimed the decade as their own. "Pussy Power," they chanted. "Now
we get ours!"

Thank you, Ms. Steinham, those girrrls just wanted to have fun, thanks,
in part, to you.


I enjoy the odd sort of person who gently illuminates as well as
entertains. So these Tenderloin Tales are an amalgam of characters who
rose above the crowd, in my view. Like nail heads rising above the deck
planks, sometimes we trip over them.

The Tenderloin Tales are an effort to capture a bit of the look and feel
of that short lived period which started with sexual excess and ended
prematurely with the onset of AIDS and the discovery of the HIV.

This story begins a series of tales based on adventures with a variety
of women in and around San Francisco. I hope you find these little tidbits
about my favorite city entertaining.

Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City" is a great read. Love his domain
name. http://www.literarybent.com/ A delightful Brit speak play on words.


Two women I knew for too short a time.

Big Mo and Little Mo.

They were diametric opposites; Big Mo, high intensity and extro, Little
Mo, low key and intro.

Big Mo would take your all, pat your ass, and send you on your way.

Little Mo would just lay there at the finish. It seemed best to just
leave her alone with herself.

Big Mo had the Protocol of Life down cold. Know what that means? The
Rules. She didn't tell you, "I can do that." She just looked at you. You
knew she could. Do that, I mean. Anything asked of her, she'd figure it
out. Usually in about a millisecond. One Thousandth of One Second and she
had it. Then she'd gently smile and ask, only with her eyes, "Is that all
there is?" Scary. Okay, yes, you are right. Performance Pressure Scary.
Not in a bed. Out in the real world of make believe and quiet desperation.

I'd looked into her eyes, and had seen a reflection of: Not today, not
tomorrow or next week, but ten years from now, forty years from now. She
knew where she was going, just not the path. I liked her, and, so odd,
told her so directly. No courage needed. It came out of me as easily as
an exhaled breath. She was beautiful, but just not that sexually
attractive for me. She had too much: Strength, understanding, vision.
Your choice, including all of the above. Is it smart to attempt a better
player than oneself? Sometimes. Perhaps not this time, I'd decided.

So what did little Mo have? Grit. True determination. She hunkered
down and got the job done. Is that attractive? Not really. Not when
compared to... Don't want to go there. You knew she could, would. It
just wasn't exciting.

It is just all in the delivery, isn't it.

Panache. Charisma. Capable.

Quiet. Distant. Capable.

Which would you choose?

Which one do you think I chose?

Right. Little Mo.


Big Mo

Stinson Beach is a most popular swimming beach for San Franciscans.
It's about an hour or so north across the Golden Gate bridge in Marin
County, (Mah-RIN, not MARE-in, GeeDub) a scenic trip on twisting Panoramic
Drive. There's not much there, but is visited occasionally by Great
Whites. It's only distinction, I feel.

Just south is red Rock Beach where everyone is naked. It's very
popular. Adults lounge about drinking beer or wine or smoking something.
Teenagers lark about, most with poorly aimed Frisbees or paddle balls.
Naked children scamper under the watchful eyes of pot bellied fathers.
Occasionally, a couple can be seen writhing gently under a blanket. Often
there are nude climbers bouldering on the rocks. It's a very pleasant
place to make love midweek when only a few regulars are about.


Mo leaned back against the green Franciscan rock watching me admire her
well shaped thigh. She seemed pleased with herself, slightly amused by
something going on in her head.

"You've great legs," I said, almost to myself. I gripped her sweat
sticky, oil glistening firm quadriceps and squeezed gently. She moved her
leg closer, bringing my gaze to her crotch. Her dark curls neatly trimmed,
a hint of moisture glistening on her poochy lips.

"Mmm," she made an appreciative sound.

I leaned over and licked her thigh on the tasty looking untanned part
under her hip bone, admiring her kaleidoscope of colors. Her legs were
tanned dark with a narrow band of white around her hips. Her belly and
shoulders were lightly tanned, her pink nippled breasts, pale white with
fascinating blue veined tracings.

"You're very oral this morning, Gavin."

"You're too delicious for words."

"Can I suck your cock?" She flipped it with the back of her fingers. "I
want to feel it get hard in my mouth."

Her tone so casual, I felt a moment of fluster.

"Sure. Would you like to sit on my face while?"

"No, thanks, your tongue distracts. Especially when you try to stick it
in my ass hole."

"I'd like to try that next."

"Sorry, Gavin. That would hurt too much."

"Not if we used plenty of goop, it wouldn't. I'd love to watch you lay
on your back and spread your cheeks for me."

"Bet you would," she said softly, her eyes flashing gentle warning.

She rolled close, and licked my belly.

"Want a prostate massage?" she said, a small, lewd gleam in her dancing

"Sure. Want a condom for your finger?"

"Ah, yes." She seemed pleased with the suggestion.

I dug around in my backpack pouch for a minute. "Here you are," I said,
handing it to her. She ripped the purple foil with her teeth, spearing the
juicy rubber with her rude finger.

"Ever had this before?" She asked, her eyes sparkly.

"Yes and no."

"Don't clench up on me now. Let me get in first. You're going to love
how this feels."

"How do you know, Mo?"

We chuckled together at the alliteration.

"Cause it felt good when you were eating me."


"How many fingers did you have in my cunt?"

"Two. And one in your ass."

"You've broadened my connotation of the phrase 'stink finger', you
know." Her tone droll.

"Hmm," I laughed. "My cock's gonna get hard before you get your mouth
on it."

"What is it about me that turns you on? I've watched you salivate like
a dog for how many months now?"

"Four? Maybe five. I like the way you carry yourself. Your regal
posture makes me want to bend you over and pound your ass." That image
stopped me for a moment. "And I like the way you talk, how you say things.
So artless, no games, no defenses, very innocent, almost."

"Never thought posture would be a turn on."

"Well, you know I'm sort of weird about women. I love women." I paused
for a moment to study her face. "Maybe too much sometimes."

"That's okay. No points off in my book, especially in this town.


"Roll over and stick your butt up. I'm going to grease you up first."

I turned my butt to her, and dropped my head to the blanket. I watched
waves break on the dark pebbly sand a few yards away, a slight breeze
cooling my dangling balls.

"You know, I never thought I'd give you a tumble. Now look at us.
We've fucked ourselves to a stub twice already this morning. You got much
left in here?" She fondled my balls.

"I'm good for one or two more probably. Especially if you let me have
your ass hole."

"These are pretty big balls," she spoke thoughtfully. "Maybe you can

"Mo, why did you give me a tumble? I never expected to get it on with

"Maureen gave you a very good reference. Said you were an artful fuck."

I felt warm suntan lotion dribble into my crack.

"And very conscientious, too. She let you fuck her ass?"

"Ask her. She'll be here in a while."

"Does she still switch hit?"

"Not so much. She tried for a time, but couldn't really get into it.

"I'd like to go down on her. I've never done it, and she's very nice."

I heard a little laugh, and felt a finger smear oil around my ass hole.

"And discreet. I had to twist her arm a bit to find out about you."

I felt a gentle probe, a tentative poke then steady pressure.


"Yeah. Stick it in me, girl." I couldn't help laughing.

Feeling like a skinny turd going in the wrong direction, her finger slid
deep into my anus.

"Ooh," I chirped.

"Feel good?" she laughed.

"You know it does." I gave her an appreciative moan.

"Roll over."

"Woof woof," I said, grinning like an oaf as I rolled to my side. Her
finger slid out of my ass so I rolled again and lifted a leg over her head.
She knelt as if in devout prayer between my legs. I hmphed at that
thought. Big Mo knelt only before Career Goddesses.

"She said you were the only guy she'd ever known that could be silly
while fucking."

I felt her warm fingers cup and lift my balls and a probe into my ass
hole. She curled her rude finger up, pressuring my prostate.

"Like that, silly boy?"

Her warm breath made my dick twitch.

"Guess you do," she chuckled.

"You gonna suck my dick sometime soon?"

"Eager, are we?" She tilted her head enough to look at me, eye to eye.
She gave me a bright toothy smile, her full lips looking delicious as
always. She grabbed my tingling dick in her fist and squeezed. My swollen
dick head a purple golf ball perched on her fist.

I put on my begging face.

"Okay, here comes your BJ."


Little Mo.

"I picked up some good shit last night. Want to smoke some Mendocino

Maureen stood slumped, leaning against her kitchen counter, looking at
my face, but avoiding my eyes, her eyes guarded. Her full pouty lips
hovering on the edge of a frown. Her usual expression.

"That'd be great, Mo. I'm so fucking coffee wired. I could use a
little 'mood management'."

I was slouched on one of her kitchen table chairs, sweat sticky from our
early morning bike ride. Our usual Sunday morning get together this
summer. I scanned Mo's compact body. She's only about a hundred and ten
pounds or less, but there's a lot of strength in her petit frame. She
could pull a long hill with any guy twice her size.

She lurched upright, and left the kitchen. I pulled myself to my feet,
and dragged my weary ass into her living room. The only ambition, at the
moment, was to flop on her couch, and close my eyes. The ride and a late
finishing party the night before had about done me in.

I heard her bare feet shuffling so opened one eye, barely. She stood
over me, a skinny joint stuck between pursed lips. Her crotch at eye
level, I contemplated her pubic arch. The black Spandex formed tightly to
her pubic arch showing puffy camel lips below. I eyed her sex for a long
moment before raising my eyes to hers. She was looking into my face
calmly, but with slightly narrowed eyes, as if weighing pros and cons.

"You seeing anybody?" There was a little catch in her voice. Her eyes
danced away for a moment.

"You know me. Since Iris left town, I've been pretty much at loose

"At loose women, you mean." She flashed a quick grin.

I barked a laugh. She had me pegged.

"Iris and I had a girl talk once. She told me about you." Her eyes
danced away again.

"Yeah? What?"

"That you have the biggest dick she'd ever seen."

"I'm about average. She's just not seen very many." I couldn't help
laughing up at her, but felt pleased.

"Let's get stoned, then I want a fuck." Her voice carried no emotion.


"You know that Robin and I called it off, don't you?" Again her eyes
couldn't hold mine.

"Yeah, I heard." I watched her pouty frown deepen. "I never thought she
was right for you. You okay?"

"Pretty much."

She flashed a fake smile as she held the lighter in front of her face to
torch the joint. She gave it a deep suck and looked at me coldly, as if
evaluating my worth as a human being.

"Sit here. Sit with me." I patted the cushion.

She exhaled slowly, turning to sit on the edge of the cushion, her body
stiff. As I lightly stroked her back, she lurched towards me, as if
wanting to snuggle close, but had stopped herself.

"Come here, Mo. I want to hold you." She handed me the glowing joint
and scooted closer.

I sucked in a deep lung full as she slumped into me. I wrapped an arm
around her shoulders and licked her salty neck. She trembled so I licked
her again. She made the softest little sigh I've ever heard in my life.

"You know, when David dumped me, I thought I'd lose touch with you.
That really worried me 'cause after I got to know you, I really liked you."
She made that soft little sigh again. "I think because you treated your
women friends so tenderly."

I blew smoke behind her head and sucked in a big mouthful of her neck.

"You gonna hickey me? You gonna mark me?" There was a quaver in her
voice. She sounded hungry for something.

"Do you want my mark on you, Maureen?" I growled into her ear. Somehow,
I wanted to mark her. Put a flag on her that told the world she was taken,
spoken for, not available. Mine.

She didn't answer. I felt her take a deep breath and let it out slowly
as she relaxed against my chest. I remembered the roach. It had died so I
flicked off the ash and ate it as I wandered off into a memory.


Maureen had always been a 'presence' in our group. Noticed, but not
ever rising above the noise. Quiet, competent, capable, but not ever
floating high enough to get caught up in the swirl of the group's usual

The first time I'd tried to establish a connection with her was a spring
ski weekend, just a few months ago. We were standing on the Emigrant bowl
cornice lip above Shirley Lake at Squaw Valley. Five of us, our ski tips
poking out into the air above the Funnel as we contemplated the steep,
ungroomed deep mashed potato snow below.

David, Mo's steady companion for the last year, had asked her if she
could handle it, his tone slightly patronizing. She'd responded with a
glare. He'd never treated her with much respect I thought.

One by one we jumped in. Big Mo jumped straight in and began carving
long quarter circles through the deep crud, followed by her less adept male
companion for the trip. Little Mo handled it, stemming carefully,
gracefully half way to the bottom. I went last so I could help if someone
fell. A lost ski is a bitch to find and dig out of the deep crud

Only David fell, but I didn't feel like helping him. I carved to a stop
below Mo. She was panting, grinning big, a sheen of sweat on her cheeks
and forehead.

"Nice job. You looked good, like you were starting to get into it." I
grinned at her.

It seemed to take a moment for her to take her eyes off her floundering
boy friend. He'd lost a ski and was obviously angry as he slammed it down
across the slope.

"Thanks." She gave me a quick glance before returning her blank gaze to
David's distant figure.

I left her to her thoughts.

That night she went to bed early. I saw her sitting up in the bed, her
hands neatly folded in her lap on her cotton flannel nighty. She seemed
like a lonely little girl, waiting patiently for David, but he was grab
assing in the kitchen with two women. One of them mine, dammit. I could
hear his excited laughter as he jousted with them. She must have felt my
stare for her eyes flicked up to meet mine.

"Feeling okay, Mo." I asked gently.

She gave me a tiny sad eyed smile, nodding before returning her gaze to
her hands.

"Need anything?" I asked her with some concern in my voice.

She didn't answer, just shook her head, not looking up. Her long auburn
hair waved like gossamer curtains puffed by a gentle breeze. I joined the
party in the kitchen.

Later that night, I heard their bed springs squeaking. David's grunts
interlaced with Mo's whimpers. Just as I dozed off, I heard his final
groan, but didn't hear anything from her. I felt sad for her.


"You've always treated me nice. Why?" Her soft voice, muffled against
my chest, brought me back to here and now.

"I like your strength." I spoke softly into her hair. "And your
gentleness." I stroked her back, sliding down to her exposed waist. Her
soft skin sticky and warm. I didn't mention the sadness I felt she carried

"Actually Mo, you have a serenity that makes me envious."

"It's not serenity. It's drugs. I used to do a lot of coke." She
hummed a heavy sigh as if remembering a long ago pleasure. "And crank.
When I couldn't afford good coke, I'd drink myself stuporous."

"I never new." I was shocked.

"So it's not serenity. Do a lot of drugs and you'll never get your pot
to boil again."

"Never ever?"

"So far. It's been well over a year, almost two, since." Her voice
trailed off into a whisper.

"What's missing?"

"Passion." She sobbed softly. "I don't feel really alive. It's like
the whole world is just out of reach. If I try real hard to touch it, it's
just past my finger tips."

"You're depressed, Mo. You need some love in your life."

"Hard to find in this town."

"I don't have any trouble."

"I mean love, not fucking."

"So did I. I love all my women otherwise I couldn't fuck them. No, let
me try again. If I don't feel that there is something special about a
woman, I avoid them completely. There's no point in using someone for a
masturbation toy."

"Anything special about me?"

"Yeah, you don't dance and prance saying 'look at me', 'look at me'.
You're solid, too. Wherever you want to go, I know you'll get there."

"I meant fucking special. I want a good fuck this morning. I'm not
looking for a relationship, I just want sex." Her tone held a hint of
snarl. "With a man."

"Maybe not today. But I have a plan, my pretty." I used my best evil,
mad scientist voice.

She laughed softly, giving me a slightly bemused look.

"Gavin, take a shower with me? I'd really like that."


Big Mo

Mo nibbled on my dick head giving me a nice tingle. She locked her lips
together and put her free hand on my hip bone as she applied suction,
slowly drawing my soft cock into her mouth like she was sucking up a strand
of spaghetti. I couldn't help giving her my best groan and shiver when I
felt my dick head against the back of her palette. Her tongue was a major
pleasure as she tickled and teased with a rigid tongue tip, the finger in
my ass busy pleasuring my prostate.

"Mo, look at me."


She tilted her head back and arched her eyebrows to look me in the eye.

"A fantasy come true. You kneeling in prayer between my legs. My cock
stuck in your face. Sorry if that sounds crude."

"Mm Hmm," she hummed and nodded her head.

A shower of pebbles announced the arrival of company. A shaved head,
middle aged black man and a tall skinny woman were scrambling down the
slope. They ignored us as they walked by. Mo ignored them as they began
unrolling a blanket a few yards away. As they shed their shorts and T's it
was obvious they were regulars from the deep overall tans. I saw laughter
on the woman's face. Her man was coming erect. He was staring at Mo's
face and her work on me. The woman scooted close and started giving his
very thick uncircumcised cock a slow gentle fingertip massage as they both

Mo was loving my cock now. It was stiff as it ever got and she was
stroking, licking, sucking and kissing, singing to it like it was her new
puppy. I felt as if she were not giving me pleasure, but taking it,
pleasuring herself more than me.

"Come in my mouth, if you want." Mo's voice soft and inviting.

"I'm not close at all." I smiled at her. "Come lay on top of me for a

Mo pulled her rubber clad finger out of my butt hole and backhanded the
condom into our trash bag. She sat back on her haunches, giving me a short
thoughtful look before crawling over my body on hands and knees. She
gently lowered her weight onto me. Sort of snuggling in.

"Let me put it in."

"Mmm." Quiet assent. I felt her arch her hips up so I could slide a
hand between us to aim rigid cock into her warmth. She came down slowly as
if savoring the feel of being penetrated. She tilted her head back and
made a small tight smile.

"I could get used to this, Gavin. You fill me quite nicely."

"I wish I could keep up with you."

"Me too."


Little Mo

Naked in the shower, I stood behind Little Mo, arms around her waist,
kissing from her shoulder to her neck, savoring her warm slick skin. I
cupped a small firm breast in one hand, her belly in the other. She
twisted her head around and raised her mouth to mine. I slid fingers down
her belly to find her slick crease. She felt so good in my arms. My long,
drawn out sigh made her laugh softly against my lips.

She mumbled against my open mouth. "Our first kiss. Naked in the
shower, your fingers in me. Your hard penis rubbing my ass."

"Guess we're both very practical." Best I could do, detached and
floating from the powerful herbal treat.

"I want you in me." Her eyes pleading. "Please."

She lurched away, scrambling around the shower curtain. She dropped her
butt onto the green cotton bath mat, leaning back on stiff arms. The
pleading expression on her face said hurry, please hurry. As I stepped
out, she fell to her back, knees lifting and spreading, holding her arms up
in welcome. She had a need for something, I know not what. As I lowered
myself to rest on my elbows over her, one hand reached for my neck to pull
me close, her other hand guiding my cock into her. She made that soft
little cry as I slid into her followed by a sharp intake of breath. I held
her tightly, not moving. She was trembling.

"Is this what you want." I spoke down into her closed eyes.

"Mmm, hmm" she hummed through her nose. Her hips began moving carefully
as if experimenting with new sensations.

"Big enough?"

"I've had bigger but they didn't have a man on the other end." She
shuddered. "So nice to be penetrated again," she groaned.

She began to grind with eager intensity.

"Tell me you love me, Gavin. Please. I know it's a lie, but say it
anyway." Her words came out in a rushing whine.

"I love you, my friend. Truly I do. That's no lie. I love you, Mo." I
spoke in measured tones with much warmth.

She let out a soft cry. She understood. I loved her as a friend.

"It's so close, but it wont come," groaning out her frustration.

"Use your fingers. Tell me what you want."

Her arm darted between us. Her fingers furious.

"Oh, just fuck me now. Don't be gentle. I want my fuck." She ground
out her demand through clenching teeth.

I let myself go berserk between her legs, pounding with no regard for
her comfort. I heard a faint cry through the blood pulsing in my ears.
Her body convulsed once, twice, her arms clutching me ever so tightly then
she fell limp. I held still above her, my eyes closed, panting into her
hair, trying to ignore the stinging rug burns on the inside of my knees.


Big Mo

Mo was heavy on me. She'd sprawled limp after descending onto my cock.
I kneaded her plump buns and tried to tickle her ass hole, slowly humping
up into her. Her buns started slowly clenching and unclenching.

"Enjoying yourself, Mo?"

"Oh, yes, Gavin. Let's stay like this forever."

"Get some weight on your elbows so I can breathe."

"Sorry." She jerked her arms in. Her full, pendulous breasts tickling
my chest with every thrust.

There was a soft cry from the woman on the nearby blanket. She was on
her hands and knees, staring at Mo's clenching ass. Her man kneeling
behind her, his big dark hands gripping her hips, dimpling her soft flesh,
slowly undulating his hips. His eyes too, were locked on Mo's ass.

I rolled my head to look Mo in the face, smiling brightly up at her.
She smiled back. I raised my eyebrows and gestured at the coupled pair
with my chin. Mo's face took on the most incredulous look. She shook her
head, a quick nervous little shake. I gave her my best begging face. She
stared at me for a long moment then made a little shrug with her shoulder.


Little Mo

"God, you fucked me."


"You fucked me. Fucked me good."

"Yes. So I did."

"You didn't come. You're still hard in me."

"Yeah. I want you to suck me off."

She shuddered, her face showing disgust.

"I can't do that. I hate the taste of... That stuff." Her head flopped
to the side. She took a deep breath and blew out a big sigh.

"Your cunt juice?"

"No. David's was so bitter."

"Mine's not. Blow me, Mo. Please?"

"Please don't ask me to do that."

"Mo, suck my cock. You got what you wanted, now give me what I want."

"You've gone soft. Why bother?"


Big Mo

I patted the blanket. The woman raised her head, her short hair
fluttering softly in the mild breeze. She had a soft little smile on her

I waited a moment and patted the blanket again. The skinny woman swung
her blue eyes slowly to mine. I gave her an easy smile and patted the
blanket again.

"Ahhh," she said and crawled over to us, leaving her man kneeling on
their blanket. His long cock, very thick, shiny with her fluids, gleamed
in the morning sun. His foreskin, skinned back, revealed a large dark
reddish mahogany dick head.

"I'm Rosemary, he's Lonny." Still on hands and knees, she positioned her
body alongside ours.

"Nice to meet you both," Mo said. Her voice squeaked the last word.
Rosemary had cupped her swaying breast and pinched her nipple.

"I'm Gavin, she's Mo. Ah, that's nice." Mo had clamped tight on my
cock. Rosemary had pinched her again.

"Lonny, get your beautiful cock over here." Gentle affection in her

Lonny knee walked towards us, his rigid cock bobbing and waving before
him. Mo seemed to stare at it with kid in a candy store fascination until
it disappeared from view into Rosemary.

"Ahhh," she sighed, "Lonny, I never get enough of you." She raised her
head high. She had a tiny, very pleased smile on her face.

"Mo. let's do it like they are." I patted her butt and pushed her off
me. She rolled and scrambled quickly, eagerly even, to her hands and
knees. I rolled and did a push up to kneel beside Lonny as Mo scrambled
into position.

"Turn around so I can watch," she said firmly as she reversed direction.

Little Mo

"Why do you guys always want your cocks sucked? Why don't you just
cruise the gay bars with your fly open?" Mo's tone was whiney and put upon.

"It's power tripping."

"You're telling me the obvious. Does Maureen suck you off?"

I let her hear irritation in my voice. "We haven't been fucking.
Probably wont, I'm not her type." I made a little smile for her and spoke
warmly. "Let's go cuddle in your bed." I stood up over her and held out
hands. She gave me hers and pulled herself to her feet.

"You've been hanging out with her a lot lately. I'm surprised you
haven't pitched her."

"She intimidates me. Okay? I probably wouldn't be able to get it up."

Maureen started to laugh. She put her hands on her hips and laughed in
my face, shaking her head as if to completely negate my admission.

"I didn't say anything funny. Why are you laughing at me?"

"You must be blind. Don't you see the way she looks at you?"

"What are you talking about," I said, too harshly, irritated by her

"She likes you. She thinks you're cute, Gavin."

I stared at her, a blank faced, hard eyed stare.

"Is that supposed to make me feel complimented? It doesn't. Not a

"Why not? She enjoys your company. Does it hurt that she doesn't feel
you're a candidate for long term lover status? Is your ego that fragile?"
Her voice soft. Cruel questions asked with the gentleness of a friend.

Mo reached over, squeezed my arm, smiling sweetly. "Let's go snuggle."


Big Mo

"What's it feel like, Rosemary? A cock that big."

"Oh, so hard to describe," Rosemary sighed softly.

"Can I borrow him?" Big Mo's voice panting, breathless.

I twisted away from her butt, gesturing my acceptance of her plea.

Mo reversed again. "May I? Please. Just for a minute or so."

"Be my guest. You don't mind do you, Lonny?"

"Not a bit." With a small chuckle, he knee walked over to Mo's

"Put your chest on the blanket, honey." Lonny's voice had a pleasant
resonance and timbre. A faint sheen of sweat glistened on his large,
shaved head.

I scooted over to squat beside Rosemary to have a clear view of Mo's
face. She had her cheek on the blanket and was smiling slightly in
anticipation of a new pleasure, her mouth and cheek distorted by the
pressure of the blanket. Her eyes were closed until Lonny began pushing
into her.

"Oh, fuck," she groaned, her eyes popping wide. "Wait, don't move. Let

Lonny palmed her fulsome ass cheeks lightly and froze.

"You okay, honey? You move, I'll hold still." Lonny's voice gentle with

"Mmf," Mo squeaked her acceptance and began rocking slowly back and
forth. She clenched eyes and lips tightly shut and moved with great

"Ah," she groaned and relaxed her face. She had all of him; his pubes
were tickling her butt.

I reached around her thigh and fingered her clit. I could feel Lonny's
wiry pubic coils scratching my knuckles.

"Oh god, yes," she sighed, flashing a grateful smile at no one in

"Feel good, Mo?" I smiled back at her.

She gave me a 'stupid question' look.

"God, I'm so stuffed. You're so big in me, Lonny."

I felt Rosemary's arm brush my shoulder. She began gently tweaking Mo's
closest nipple.

"Gavin, rub my clit harder and faster. I'm getting close."

Lonny began thrusting slowly but harder, banging into Mo's quivering
butt cheeks with greater force.

"Oh, Jeezz," Mo whimpered. "Let me roll over, Lonny. I want you on top
of me."

Mo tried to roll, but Lonny had a firm grip on her hips. He was buried
to the hilt, his head tilted back, his eyes clamped shut. He shuddered
ever so slightly then relaxed.

"Whew. Almost lost it." He grinned at me. "She's got a good one.
Feels so good on my..."

Mo pulled free of his grip, scrambling to get onto her back. Her legs
flew up, spreading wide. Her face flushed, she looked hungry, needy,
demanding, pleading. All at the same time.

"More, give me more!" she demanded. She held out her arms, flapping her
hands at him.

I'd never seen her in such a state. In slow motion, it seemed, Lonny
draped his body over hers. Mo's hands flashed between their bellies, both
hands pulling him into her.

"Ah," she groaned. "God, that feels so good."

She heard my laugh, and gave me a look. The look of a little girl opening a thirteenth birthday gift of pearls from a favorite uncle.


Little Mo

Mo pulled back the quilt covering her bed, and crawled to the far side.
I felt an urge to kiss her round ass.

"Mo, freeze. Don't move. I've got to eat your ass."

She froze and laughed a little humph through her nose. I don't think
she believed me until I started biting, kissing and licking her. She
started laughing, shaking her head back and forth. I could tell she
thought I was being silly with her.

"Lay down flat."

I started gnawing soft pale cheeks, sucking firm smooth skin into my
mouth, worrying her as if to pull flesh from her bones.

I raised up to survey my playground. There were white teeth marks and
little indentations over most of her tasty buns.

"Oh, wow. Was that ever fun. You've got the sweetest little ass. Both
flavor and appearance."

Mo raised up on her elbows and peered at me over her shoulder. I
couldn't read her expression exactly. I felt like her face was telling me
I was weird, but she liked my appreciation of her butt.

"Roll over," I commanded, feeling a sense of urgency for the first time.

I pried up on her hip to hasten her move. She settled quickly looking
up at me with a pained question in her eyes. My eyes slid to her small
breasts. They were flat on her chest like two fried eggs. Except, big
except, she had puffies. Her nipples like cherries on distended areola.

"Goddess, you've got beautiful tits."

The wow look on my face brought a little smile to hers. Her eyes
relaxed, but didn't quite smile too.

I went for a kiss. The intense expression I knew was on my face brought
her eyebrows up and her mouth open. Just what I wanted. I started
smearing my lips over hers, sucking her lower lip, chasing her tongue.

She pulled her face away for a deep breath. I had a nipple in my mouth
even before she could inhale half of it. Then the other nipple. Then her
mouth. Her breasts and mouth were a Bermuda triangle trapping me forever.
I went from nipple to nipple to mouth to nipple, ministering each with
tender joy until I noticed busy fingers in her pubic pelt.

"That's mine." I think I may have snarled, her body twitched. My two
stroke motor was up on the pipe, revving high.

I kicked my butt up and bounced my knees between her splayed thighs. I
slid an arm under her thigh and palmed her belly, my thumb prizing her clit
up and out. Surprise! I'd expected a pink little pea and got a carmine
marble. Her palms pressed against my forehead, trying to push me away. My
eyes went to her flushed face. She was mouthing no, shaking her head, her
eyes pained.

"Mo, you gonna be breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert and midnight snack.
Put your hands down."

She moaned softly, her arms flopping to her sides. She shook her head
back and forth slowly, gently and let out a soft sigh of resignation. She
didn't care for me to lick her, but would indulge me.

I pressed eager lips to her high arch and blew softly. I stirred her
curls gently with my nose as my tongue slid lightly over her puffy lips. I
could just taste her syrup. God, so sweet.

"Oh, Jesus, oh god," she chanted, as I sucked her marble. She shuddered
and groaned. My tongue very busy around and over her hard clit.

"Fuck," she shrieked and bucked her hips up. "Fuck," she cried out
again, tensing and shuddering.

She pulled at my head, trying to get me on top of her.

I scrambled over her trying to get my dick into her while she was
coming. Her hands strove to guide me. I gored into her, banging our bones.

"Fuck!" she shrieked and shuddered. "'Nother one." I felt her vagina clamping.

I lifted my hips high and paused for a breath.

"No," she groaned. I felt harsh fingers on my ass trying to pull me
back into her. I pounded down, as hard a thrust as I could muster. I was
in high rut. My balls were on fire. Again I went berserk between her
legs, thrusting hard, losing control. I could dimly hear someone
whimpering. Her or me, couldn't tell, didn't care. Roman candles burst in
my head as I strained into her. Liquid fire squirted through my cock. I
cried out my pleasure, loud and long.

"Whew," I breathed out when the real world returned. I dropped my
forehead to Mo's shoulder and panted.

"Jesus, Gavin. We ripped that one." Mo's voice trembled, panting in my

"Whoo," was all I could muster.

I felt her hips move carefully. I was still half hard. I started to
raise up, to pull out of her.

"No, don't. Don't move yet." Her voice soft, whining. She moved her
hips gently as if testing herself.

"God, never..." she didn't finish. She didn't have to.

"Yeah, me too. That was incredible. Perfectly incredible."

"Was it the weed?" she breathed, "or what?"

"Aah, yes. Only one way to find out." Now I could make a little laugh.


Big Mo

Mo closed her eyes and sucked in big air. "God, god. Oh, god!" Lonny
was stroking into her with feverish energy. Mo's legs wrapped around his
waist, her fingers biting into his round, driving, clenching ass cheeks.

I felt a warm hand squeeze my rigid cock. Rosemary's warm breath on my

"Let me suck you," she breathed.

"Not now. I want to watch her come first."

Her fingers squeezed acceptance.

Mo opened her clenched eyes. She stared at me, but obviously could not
see me. I scooted to between Lonnie's wide spread legs. His fat dick
gleamed in the sunlight on the out stroke, his small balls up tight against
his body. Big dick, small balls, I noted. Mo's ass hole, shiny with her
juices, seemed to beckon. I stuck two fingers in my mouth and, timing my
thrust with Lonnie's, slid a finger into her tight brown rosette. Oddly,
Mo didn't seem to notice. When Lonnie's balls banged against the back of
my hand I withdrew the finger, and, on his out stroke, slid two fingers in.
That she noticed.

"Oh, god. Oh, god! Gaah!" She was coming, her arms clamped around
Lonny's body. She was vibrating. Her body was vibrating under Lonny's
steady thrusts.

I scrambled to my knees, waving my cock in Rosemary's face. Her mouth
was hot. She was sucking my life out of my body. One long hot spurt. An
electric sensation down my spine. I shuddered and groaned, my eyes never
leaving Mo's shining, flushed face.

Lonny levered his body up and off Mo. He looked at Rosemary. I looked
at Mo's cunt. Her carmine lips gaped.

"Rosemary," Lonny growled softly.

She was on her back in an instant, holding her arms up to her man.

I crawled over to cuddle Mo. She lifted a weak arm and curled it around
my neck as I kissed her mouth softly, licking her gently. She was still
breathing hard.

"Thank you," she whispered into my mouth. "Thank you for that."

"My pleasure, Mo. Thank you, too."

"Mmmm," she sighed. I couldn't answer, she'd sucked my tongue into her

We both started at the slap of driving flesh on driven flesh.

Mo struggled to sit up. We both watched Lonny plowing into his woman.
His butt cheeks clenching as he curled his spine to drive into her.

Rosemary was wrapped around Lonny like a four limbed octopus.
Quatropus? His forehead pressed into the blanket next to her head, his big
hands cupping and clenching her butt cheeks. We couldn't see her face but
we could sure hear her noises. She grunted with every impact, sucked air
with each withdrawal. Lonny picked up the pace. Rosemary's ululating cry
rose in pitch and tempo. Her neck curled, her mouth gaping. She bit his
shoulder. Lonny grunted and jerked it away. There was blood on her lips.

"I woulda bit him too, but didn't have the strength." Mo's voice was
strangely calm.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," warbled Rosemary. "Yyyess," she cried.

Lonny clenched hard, deep in her. His head came up. "Aah," he sang his
basso orgasmic aria and shuddered. He sucked a deep quivering breath, his
face dropping to nuzzle Rosemary's temple.

"God damn, Rosie," he panted. "God damn!" He rolled and flopped onto
his back. He patted her thigh and gulped air.

I leaned and peered at Rosemary's crotch. She was bright red, gaping
wide, oozing Lonny's cream. I thought I glimpsed a Hong Kong shopping
centre in there. He had certainly fucked her to China and back.

Mo was fixated on the long, shiny dark, now hooded snake draped across
his thick thigh. She licked her lips absentmindedly.

"How was it, Mo?" I asked, whispering in her ear.

She shook her head, clamping her lips together, obviously not wanting to
share the experience.

"Was it good?" forcing the issue.

"Mmmm," she grunted.


Mo fun.

Pebbles trickled down the trail. Little Mo had arrived. She was
wearing heavy leather hiking boots, cut-off jeans and a faded blue linen
dress shirt knotted under her breasts. She looked, I thought, simply
delicious. Her beautiful auburn hair tied back tightly in a bouncing,
swaying pony tail, her broad cheekbones glowing.

She waved at us. "You all sure know how to put on a show." She too had
an eyeball lock on Lonny's still glistening, distended member. I felt a
momentary inadequacy.

"Hi, Maureen. So, did you see the whole show?"

"Most of it." Her eyes were smiling, her voice cheery.

She swung her backpack off and dropped to her knees between me and Mo. I
leaned over to kiss her cheek just as Mo did the same. Maureen grabbed my
hair and held me while her tongue worked her magic. She pulled back with a
big smack, smiled brightly at me, her eyes dancing before she gave the same
treatment to Mo.

"This is new," I couldn't help thinking. Maureen's usually not this
aggressive. The two women were nuzzling their lips together. Both sighed
through their noses and pulled away. Maureen beamed a sweet loving look
down into Mo's upturned face.

"I gotta get naked!" Maureen exclaimed with joy and eagerness. She
stood and untied her shirt. She threw it at her backpack. I admired her
little puffies, my mouth actually watering as she pulled her belt loose,
unzipped and wiggled her shorts and pale silk panties down to her ankles.
She spun in the sand.

Lonny's deep resonant voice called out. "Nice booty on that girl."

I salivated some more.

Maureen dropped to her haunches, rocking back onto the 'nice booty'.
She struggled with one of her double tied laces as I helped with the other
one. I pulled off her boot and sock. She jerked her boot off, I yanked
the sock off. She bounced to her feet and bounded across the sand into the
water, her cute, heart shaped ass jiggling.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm," Lonny gave his opinion.

I made a loud chuckle and looked at him. He smiled back and shook his

"How'd you get two such fine women?"

"They 'collected' me, I didn't have much to do with it. I think they
double teamed me, but I didn't know what was going on."

I grinned at Mo. She was giving Lonny a look. An "Mm, hm." sort of

"He's our Sweety pal. It's nice to have him around for his talents."

Maureen pushed at my shoulder, rolling me off my butt onto my side.

"See how easily he goes down, Lonny?" she laughed. "That's his best

Rosemary lifted her head, squinting at me.

"She doesn't like it when I keep my Irish tongue in my head."

Lonny snorted a big laugh. Rosemary grinned an invitation at me, her
eyes sparkling.

I got the definite feeling she'd like a little favour returned. My
eyebrows started to dance. Groucho woulda been proud.

Rosemary patted her thin, light brown pelt in invitation.

"Lonny?" I asked.

"She likes a new face once in a while. Enjoy."

Big Mo chirped a laugh as I crawled over to lay between Rosie's wide
spread knees.

She dabbed and wiped her glistening, reddened vulva with a towel. Thank
you, Rosemary, I thought.

"Eat it," she purred, "suck my stick."

I obliged her.

"What is it with al fresco fucking?" Big Mo asked.

I was too busy to answer, I had Rosemary's extended clit to take care
of. I felt like I was sucking a baby dick which took the fun out of my
task, for a moment. Rosemary was getting into it, her cries changing from
soft moans to muffled shrieks as Lonnie held her in his arms and kissed
her. I felt Big Mo crawl over my ass towards him.

"Lemme suck your dick, Lonnie," she demanded.

He scooted his hips around, and Mo once more kneeled to give succor to a
man in the warm California sunshine.

"You guys. You're at it again, Mo?" Little Mo tried to sound shocked,
but the laughter in her voice gave her away.

"This sunshine is an aphrodisiac."

"Afro-disiac more likely," Maureen chirped a laugh. "Watch out, you may
not want to go back."

"Nmmf," Mo negated, her mouth full of burgundy plum.

Peripherally, I could see Maureen kneel next to Lonnie's hip then
Rosemary's thighs clamped around my head. I had stuck a finger into her
butt and she liked it. A lot. Her hips bucked, her spine arched, and she
shuddered, letting her legs collapse.

"Enough, you'll kill me if you don't stop," she begged, her voice husky
through her panting.

I rose up and crawled over her to cuddle while she cooled down.

"Thank you for that. It was good, I like your technique. You have a
very creative tongue." Still breathless, Rosemary smiled her appreciation.

"My pleasure, ma'am," I grinned.

"Mmm, mmm, girl," Lonnie moaned. I rolled off Rosemary and watched,
fascinated, as Mo tried to deep throat him.

"Christ on a stick," little Mo muttered, shaking her head.

Rosemary rolled over to suck Lonnie's nipple. He stroked her hair,
moaning softly again.

I fondled Rosemary's cute ass, and tried to slide a finger down her
slick groove.

"Up," I told her. My dick was half hard; it wanted to be in something
warm and gushy.

I scrambled behind her as she raised to her knees. Half hard was just
enough for me to poke into her.

Lonnie patted little Mo's leg.

"Come sit on my face, little girl. I'm Lonnie. She's Rosemary."

Little Mo swung a knee over Lonnie's chest. His large hands cupped her
pale bubble cheeks, drawing her close to his mouth.

Rosemary reached back and patted my hip, pulling away.

"Let's just watch," she murmured, smiling slightly.

I sat back on my haunches, Rosemary rose up and leaned back against my
chest so I wrapped an arm around her belly, noticing for the first time a
tiny multicolor rose bud and vine tattoo circling her neck.

"That's a beautiful tattoo."

"Thank you. Lonnie designed it for me in celebration of our tenth
anniversary." She leaned her head back against my shoulder.

"It's very artistic, a very delicate design."

"Thanks," she said softly, pointing a finger at Big Mo's attempt to
swallow more of Lonnie's rigid cock. "She just might succeed," she

"No, I give up," Maureen seemed slightly disgusted. "It's just too
much." She studied the dark pipe she held loosely in her fingers, the first
four inches shiny with her spit.

"Watch." Rosemary crawled between her man's legs, put her face down and
kissed the thick dark reddish cock head.

"It's possible," she said, softly. "Just takes a few years of

Thirty seconds later, Lonnie's cock was out of sight, Rosemary's nose
flattened against his belly.

"Oh, migod," Big Mo exclaimed. "If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe

Maureen took this moment to vocalize her pleasure, interlacing squeaks
and soft grunts. Lonnie was pinching and rolling both her nips. His large
hands completely hiding her breasts.

"Aah," she groaned sharply, falling to hands and knees, breathing hard.

"Ah, yes," Lonnie smiled, pleased with his work. He regarded Rosemary's
efforts with raised eyebrows and a chuckle. She was bobbing slowly,
tickling his small, tight balls with her fingertips.

"She's so proud of that," he sighed. "Took her a year," he grinned at

Little Mo crawled slowly across the sand to collapse on her back, her
head on my leg.

"Gavin, such a nice way to start the day. Sunshine, a nice walk by the
sea, pleasant company, an imaginative tongue."

"Nothin' finer," I agreed, stroking her puffy nipple.

Big Mo stood, not taking her eyes off Rosemary's work on Lonnie's stiff
cock. After a moment she shook her head, and squatted alongside Little Mo.
"Too much for me," she said, almost sadly.

"I'd not even try it on a dare," Little Mo replied with a soft chuckle.
"Gavin's more than enough for me."

"Maureen, would you like another come?" Big Mo asked, her voice soft and

"Mmm," Little Mo responded with a small smile.

"I've never tasted pussy and I want yours to be the first one I lick."
She shrugged. "Probably the last."

"Please," Mo responded, opening her legs slightly.

Big Mo dropped to her hands and knees, moving slowly, almost as if she
were reluctant to start her task.

"Thank you, Maureen," she said softly, leaning to brush their lips
lightly together. "I couldn't do this with anyone else."

Little Mo raised her hand to Mo's cheek, pulling her close for a languid

"Ah, so nice," Mo said softly. She pecked a kiss against Maureen's
chest before licking a puffy nipple.

"Thought you wanted to lick my pussy?" Little Mo asked.

"I'll get there, be patient."

"You're lovin' your way down."

"Yeah," Big Mo grinned at Little Mo. "I'm in no hurry, gotta build up
my courage."

"Don't worry, we taste better than semen." Little Mo turned her squinty
eyed smile towards me. "Most of the time."

She lifted her legs high, spreading wide, wrapping her arms behind her

"I like this position best. I don't feel like I'm in the stirrups."

Big Mo nodded, her focus on Mo's Lonnie-spit soaked pubes. She dropped
to her belly and leaned her head towards the glistening lips, her tongue
peeking out tentatively.

"C'mon, girl. You can do it."

"I know. I'm just not sure I'm going to enjoy it."

"It's like frenching, just got a bit more spice in the sauce."

Big Mo took a deep breath, opened her mouth, scrunched her eyes shut and
pressed her lips to Mo's crotch.

I repressed a chuckle, remembering how I'd had to psych myself the first
time. I was so tempted to urge her on with "Go for it, Mo. You've got it
licked when you get past the fishy odor." A dumb joke, Little Mo was always
fresh and sweet.

Big Mo began to get into it. Her eyes opened wide, she seemed to be
smiling, if one can smile with a clit sucked hard between one's lips.

"Oh, god, you're a natural, Mo." Little Mo cried out her pleasure.

What a day this had been: The Maureens, Lonnie and Rosemary, this beach,
the warm sun. Life was good in the City By The Bay.

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