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Tenderloin Tales: The Runaway Child

California Dreamer 2001, 2002 all rights retained.

Gavin, our sturdy San Francisco boy, finds a fair young lady distressed.

Genesis It was a beautiful late September afternoon in San Francisco.
The Powell Street cable car plaza was free of tourists. The street bands
were still holding their usual spots, but their music was muted, relaxed,
as if the musicians needed some catalyst from an audience to really come
alive. I had left my office early, intending to go to the Golden Gate
Street "Y" for a jazzercise work out.

There are moments in our lives when the world disappears, the sun warms,
sights and sounds fade, our inner spirits seem to hover outside our bodies.
That was my state when a very young woman interrupted with, "Wanna date?"

Flustered, popped so sharply back to reality, I could only stare at her,
my mouth hanging open. She was short, plump, a sweet faced late teens with
long flowing, light brown hair. She smiled and arched her back, displaying
firm breasts under her tight Tee shirt. When I lifted my eyes to hers, I
felt an immediate, strong connection with her. I became aware of sad
desperation, a yearning for something lost, never to be found again. I
could only mumble, "Sorry," and turn away.

It's been years since that event, but I've never forgotten her face, nor
the feelings she shared in that brief moment. So let's go exploring.

What might happen if two empaths joined together? Empathy may be more
an awareness of body language and facial expressions than a 'mental'
connection, but what would happen if...?

The Runaway Child Chapter One - Discovery

Summer in San Francisco is pleasantly cool. Tourists standout because
they wear shorts and tee shirts and shiver a lot. But today was that odd
day in June when the weather turned around and the wind carried the heat
from the central valleys to The City By the Bay.

I'm walking down Market Street on this beautiful afternoon, crunching
the last of an ice cream cone and returning smiles. Turning onto Turk
Street, I see a young woman come out of 'A Dark and Dirty Place for Books'.
She looks like a high school kid, wearing a red tube top under an extra
large red and gold Niner's jacket over baggy black jeans. I stared at her
small, round bare belly as she approached. Her pale tummy had my total
concentration, oddly.

As we passed I heard a soft mumble, "Wanna date?"

I took about two steps further before it stopped me.

"Whaat?" I said, spinning around almost tripping over my own feet.

The girl was still walking away, but smiling over her shoulder, one eye
hidden behind her light brown, almost golden in the sunlight, long hair.

As I approached her, she reversed her direction, grinning as if
delighted. I noticed tension in her eyes.

"You heard me, didn't you?" Her eyes sparkled and danced over a wicked
little grin.

"Yes, but you look a little young to be 'dating'." Using her euphemism.

A fearful look flashed across her pretty face.

"You a cop?"

"Are you?" I said, shaking my head.

She giggled, very cute, "No, of course not."

"Flash me."

"What do you mean, flash you?"

"Show me your tits so I know you're not a decoy. What's your name,
girl?" I knew she wasn't a decoy, she didn't have that detached look behind
her eyes, or that 100 yard stare street sex workers seem to have.

Glancing quickly around, she put her thumbs under the tube top and
lifted it to briefly display a cute pair of pink nippled pointy cupcakes.

"Marla. What's yours?"

"Just call me 'Higgins'," I smiled a friendly face at her. God, she is
the one and she's cute! I felt a momentary fluster within my excitement.
This young woman was the source of the stress I'd been feeling for the past
few days.

"So?" she smirked, her eyebrows waggling. "You wanna a date, or not?"

"Come with me," I said, taking her arm to steer her between parked cars,
waving to a taxi turning the far corner.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked, nervous now, reluctant, holding

"My place. Don't worry. You are perfectly safe with me."

"How do I know that for sure?" she said tightly, frowning, pulling a
half step away.

"Look, little girl! If you have the balls to offer strangers 'dates',
you must know how to take care of yourself. Right?"

"Yeah, I can take care of myself," she said with heated defiance, a bit
of a glare in her eye.

The taxi stopped. I opened the back door, gesturing for her to enter.

She took a deep breath and blew out through pursed lips. She gave me a
calculating look before bending herself into the back seat.

God, she's delicious! My eyes fondled her curvy little ass.

"Potrero Hill. 17th St. park," I yelled at the driver, a turbaned

He was staring intently at us, his eyes bouncing from the girl to me and
back again in his rear view mirror.

"Okay, little sister. I will not tell mom you cut school. We'll get
your problem sorted out." I reached over and patted her shoulder.

The taxi lurched forward.

Marla looked at me with big, questioning eyes. Her mouth opened as if
she would ask something. I waved a flat hand over my knee and pointed my
forefinger at the driver.

She blinked, nodded, scrunching her lips tightly shut.

The taxi made a hard left onto Polk St. throwing her body over onto
mine. I could smell her rancid hair. Another fact cataloged. As I helped
her straighten up, she pressed her hand on my leg. Her fingernails were
ragged, chewed short, half her pink fingernail polish chipped off and there
was a raw hangnail patch on her ring finger. Cataloged.

I looked at her pretty face closely. Clear skin, lightly tanned. A
wide mouth with full lips framing even teeth.

"Howya doin' in school, Sis? Still aceing Math and History?"

That surprised her. She made big eyes at me then nodded her head and
started to speak, but I cut her off.

"I'm psychic," I said with no expression.

We got a green at Market Street. We rode in silence as 10th Street
changed to Potrero. Traffic was light and we had a green at 17th Street. A
moment later I was throwing a ten at the driver as we scrambled out.

"Keep the change. Thanks."

I turned to face Marla. She looked at me sharply with hard eyes.

"Let's go sit on the bleachers. We need to have a little chat."

The sun felt pleasantly warm, it was too early in the day for a breeze.
As we walked towards the bleachers, Marla took off her jacket and twirled
it over her shoulder.

"You like the 'Niners?"

She gave me a 'Duh' look.

"Where do you live?"

"The Avenues. Do you live around here?" she said, looking directly at
me for the first time in a while.

"Yup." I gestured up the hill with my chin.

"Nice. It's warm in this part of The City. I like the fog swirling
around out in the Avenues though. Unless I'm down."

We sat ourselves on the first row of the bleachers. I straddling the
bench for the pleasure of facing her.

"Tell me your story."

She slumped, pushing her fists between her knees, her long hair hiding
her face. The back of her arm was speckled with little red dots from elbow
to armpit. Cataloged.

She turned her head, one blue eye peeped at me. She lifted her hair and
hooked it behind her ear.

"You're the psychic, you tell me." Her sweet faced grin charmed. "And
tell me your name again."

"Higgins. You don't want to marry your boyfriend."

She shook her head and scrunched her lips.

"Right. Not this one. I hang with him 'cause he eats me good."

She looked for my reaction and seemed surprised that I just nodded.

"That important?"

"Sometimes I get horny, I guess."


"A couple of times a month I get so horny that I wear out my vibrator.

She chuckled and sat up straight. She tilted her head back and scanned
the sky, not seeing anything.

"If it wasn't rechargeable, I'd go broke buying batteries."

I laughed with her.

"Tell me what happened. Why were you hooking today?"

She pivoted her butt around, throwing a leg over the bleacher's aluminum
plank seat. She took another deep breath, the little pillows on her chest
very enticing.

"Well, yesterday, Jed and me, that's my boyfriend, were doin' it in my
bedroom." She shuddered and closed her eyes.

"One minute after Jed left, my step dad walks in. He didn't bother
knocking, he just walks in like he owns the place." She barked a little
laugh. "Well, he does own the place but..."

She made her face look annoyed. "It's my room and..."

"Stepfather?" I interrupted, wanting the heart of the scene.

"Paul is a really great guy and all, but I just don't feel good fucking
my mother's husband. That's too weird. Even for me. You know?"

"Mm, hm." I agreed.

"I'm sitting Indian like on my bed, still naked, he just walks up to me
and whips out the biggest dong I've ever seen in my life." She gave me a
wide eyed look, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Well, to cut to the chase, he stuck that whopper in my face and told me
to suck it." She wrapped her arms around herself and laughed softly,
twisting her body slowly.

"So I did. Sort of," she mused. "Only that baby fist head would fit.
He held my head and started jacking off really fast." She gulped. "That
really scared me. I didn't want a mouthful of his... You know." She
stopped, her mouth twisting like she was remembering the feel and didn't
like the memory.

I didn't say a word.

"He was panting and moaning, telling me how good it felt, how he'd
wanted to do this to me for such a long time. That scared me even more,
like he'd been lurking around with a hot rod in his pants for me. God, his
face was so red, and he had spit bubbling in the corners of his mouth."

She slumped again, almost curling into a fetal position, her hair a
cascade of highlights around her knees.

"Actually, you know, it feels good to tell somebody about this." She
tilted her head to look at my face. "It's been feeling like a turd stuck
sideways." She put a soft smile on under sad eyes.

"Yeah, there's a little dark spot inside you, Marla. It seems to be

I spoke softly with much warmth. Her little face, framed by her hair,
broke out in a bigger, more relaxed smile.

"Keep talking."

"Okay. After a minute he yanks my hair really hard and flips me onto my
back. He grabs my ankles, jams my legs up wide and tells me to 'Put it
in'. He keeps begging me, 'Put it in.' 'Put it in.' I felt like he had
control of my brain. I grabbed that fat pecker and aimed it for him." She
shuddered and gave a tiny grunt. She seemed to be breathing faster than a
moment before.

"Higgins, I swear to you, when he jammed his cock into me, I felt like
my fairy godmother had granted me a wish. For the first time, I felt
filled. One minute I was empty, the next I was full. My boy friend had
just preheated the oven and I was ready to bake some cake." She started
rocking back and forth, shaking her head in wonderment.

"He pulled out and jammed me hard. He let out a big grunt when he
bottomed out. He'd hold still for a moment then he'd pull almost all the
way out and jam in again." She was quiet for a long minute.

"After a minute or so, it seemed, he did something I've never done
before. He pulled my legs down and got his legs outside of mine. He
starts humping on me real fast. His cock is rubbing my clit up and down
and..." She took a slow breath. "I started coming on his cock. That's
never happened before." She shook her head slowly back and forth, her eyes

"I've got to get away from him. He wants more, and, to be honest, so do
I." She took a deep breath and sat up straight. She made a very determined

"He's beautiful, you know," she said wistfully, "I know he'll want to
knock me up. I kinda want him to, but that'd be a really, really bad

"Why's that, Marla."

"'Cause Momma would know. As soon as she saw the baby, she'd know and
it would kill her. She loves him truly. Shit, if I went home tonight
she'd see it in my face when I looked at him."

"Is he black, Marla?"

She nodded. "I can't go back," she whispered.

"Where can you go, then?"

"My sister's. She lives in Tahoe City," She'd let me stay. She's got

"So you need money for?"


"My name's Gavin." I held out my hand. She gave me a startled look, her
arm lifting slowly. I wrapped my big hand around her tiny fingers and

"Marlene. Marly." She rose and shuffled up to me. We wrapped each
other in a tight hug. I turned my face away from her stinky hair.

"You're gonna be good to me, aren't you." she didn't make it a question.

"Yes, I am. Very good."

"Why? How?"

"Don't exactly know yet, but I think some good stuff will be happening
soon. For both of us. Let's go."

We walked slowly, enjoying the sun's warmth, hand in hand. We smiled
into each others faces. Her expressive little face open and happy.

"Where are you taking me, Gavin?"

"Home. To my condo up there in the Mews."


She looked around, wide eyed, as we stepped through the door.

"Hey, this is pretty fancy," she exclaimed.

She darted over to a painting to peer closely at it.

"Wow, French impressionist. Is it real?"

She bent to read the brass label.

"Hungry, Marly?" I swatted her butt lightly. She swiveled her hips,
offering the other cheek. I obliged her.

"Whatcha got?" she grinned, putting a sparkly eyed, lascivious
expression on her face.

"Bread and cheese, at least."

She gave me a pout. Faux, but very cute.

"God, you're cute, pretty girl!"

"That's redundant," she said smartly.

"No, not at all. You are very pretty and you can be ever so cute

"Thank you, sir. I like the way you said that."


"So sincere, so honest. Like I totally believe you. You like me, don't
you." She made it a statement of fact.

"Don't let it go to your head. You are a little ragged around the

That killed her smile so I softened the impact by cupping her cheek in
my hand for a moment.

"Time for you to slice some bread, little girl." I pulled her arm
towards the kitchen. As she danced in front of me. I ogled her sweet
little ass. Don't think I'll ever get tired of that.

"There's a bread knife in the rack. There's a baguette in that basket."
I waved vaguely at the counter next to the sink.

"Hey, there's a pool down there," she exclaimed. "Tennis courts, too."
She was standing on tiptoes at the sink, leaning forward to look out the
window, her arms braced on the counter top.

I rummaged in the fridge looking for lunch fixings. I carried last
night's leftover salad and half a round of Brie to the counter alongside
Marly, couldn't help but stare at her delicious profile. Her ass was a
little bubble of joy. Her slouch made it stick out and her bare, rounded
belly stick out in front. Her breasts were looking very tasty too. Slice
the tops off jumbo muffins and stick 'em under a tight shirt. That's the

"How old are you, Marlene?"

She flashed me a tight eyed look. "Sixteen," she said after a moment.

I tilted my head.

"Okay, fourteen, but I'm a sophomore." She blinked and looked away.
"I'll be fifteen in August." Her eyes darted back to mine. "I skipped
second grade," she said proudly as if guessing my next question.

I tossed her the Brie, and tonged salad onto two plates.

"Slice that into thin strips. It's too cold to smear."

"Don't you have a girl friend, Gavin?" Her tone hopeful. "You live in a
fancy place, and you aren't ugly or anything."

I gave her my best 'Gee, thanks' look.

"My girl friend transferred to L. A. a while ago." I felt a small
twinge. "I miss her, but her parents are not well. She wants to help take
care of them. Can't get in the way of that." I made a big sigh that I
regretted sharing.

"Do you miss her a lot? You seemed really sad."

"Yeah, but it's better this way. We had some serious issues that
probably couldn't be resolved."


"She wasn't that much fun in bed."

"Maybe that was your fault."

I looked at her hard, but she just raised her eyebrows.

"I've had to play teacher with three boys so far. I dumped the first
two 'cause they wouldn't do what I wanted."

"Eat you out?" I felt like being crass with her.

"Eat me out with enthusiasm. They didn't get into it, and I didn't get
off on it." She was very matter of fact.

A sudden realization. "Ah, that's why your step dad is so dangerous.
It's not that he's big, and gets you off with his cock. He hit you with
intense enthusiasm. True?"

"Lots and lots of enthusiasm." Her tinkling laughter seemed to fill the

"What do you want to drink?"

"Got some beer?"

"Becks or Coors?"

"Coors." She pronounced it curs.

We ate in silence. She forked her salad, chewing noisily with her mouth
open. I decided to keep mine shut. For the moment, anyway.

"What's your name, Marlene?"

"I don't like my name. It's Finklestein. Until I started beatin' 'em
up, kids called me Tinklestein."

"Piss pot, so to speak."

"I didn't think of that," she laughed. "That's funny. Sort of."

"You seem like you're pretty smart. Are you?"

She nodded her head. "Yeah, I read a lot." She held my eyes for a
moment as if debating how much she should reveal. "And I get good grades."

"Good. I think you've got four options. Want to hear what I think?"

She nodded her head. I could see half chewed lettuce and tomato in her

"Close your mouth, please."

She did.

Number one. Do nothing. Get on the pill and enjoy.

A sour look flashed across her face. "I am on the pill."

"Number two. Go home and talk with your mother. Get it out in the
open. She must know you are sexually active, right?"

"No!" she screeched. "She'd shit nickels if I told her 'cause I'm her
baby forever. Besides, she'd be totally destroyed if she found out Paul
dicked me."

"Okay, number three. Go live with your sister. Can she afford to feed

"Yeah, barely. She owns a store," she paused to look away, frowning,
"and I could work for her part time, I guess. What's the fourth?"

"Live here with me."

She showed me half chewed lettuce and tomato again.

"Will you close your mouth. You're grossing me out." I didn't regret
the snarl.

"Sorry," she whined, looking embarrassed.

I heard her teeth click as she chewed and swallowed noisily before
asking, "Why would you want me to live with you?"

I spoke slowly with great firmness, "Because I am psychic."

She looked confused, wary again, shaking her head, not understanding.

"And so are you."

Her empty, thank god, mouth gaped open.

"Are you looney tunes or something? What do you mean, psychic?"

"I'm aware of your feelings. I can find lost things. I can see the

"Nobody can do stuff like that. I know I can't."

"Yes, you can. Look how quickly you came to trust me. How fast you
picked up that I am on your side, that I like you."

"Yeah, I guess so." She was staring wide eyed at me, nodding her head,
but not convinced.

"Everybody is psychic to some degree in different ways. Most are just
not tuned in enough to trust it. I can see the future, but it's blurry so
I can't predict specific events. I can't find lost people, but I'm able to
find lost objects."

"So you're an empath like that woman on Star Trek. What was her name?"

"I don't know. Troi? Doesn't matter."

"What does being an empath do for you?"

"It means I cry more often than I like."


"I went to a co-worker's funeral. I didn't know the guy very well, but
I cried big time. The involved people's emotions just overwhelmed me.
Grief is very powerful, but so is joy."

"Are you a shrink?"

"Nope. I'm a financial consultant."

"Hah. That's taking advantage of your talents, I guess." She waved her
hand around the kitchen. "That explains how you can afford a fancy place
like this."

"And a lot more."


"I own a condo in Tahoe just below Alpine Meadows, and a small working
ranch in Montana."

"I'm beginning to believe you, that you're psychic." She had a
thoughtful look on her face. "Alpine Meadows, the ski area?"


"What's it going to cost me?"

"You'll be my live-in lover." I paused to let her absorb the idea. "And
I'll be your mentor."

"Why would I want to be your lover?" Her eyebrows scrunched together.

"I'm not as big as your step dad, but I can match his enthusiasm, and
I'll help you find and use your talents. It took me about ten years to get
mine sorted out. Early on I was more at their mercy than anything else.
Why are you blushing?"

"You have to ask?" She shook her head, "I still don't believe this."

"Look. You are a smart, pretty, fourteen year old hot body, and I'm hot
for you. I want to feel your sweet lips on my cock when I squirt. Either
pair. Is that plain enough? Sorry, didn't mean to yell at you."

"It's okay. But why me? Why am I so 'lucky' if everybody's got this
psychic talent." She held her hands out and flapped them as if to prompt
more words from my mouth.

"Not luck. I knew you would be there, on Turk Street. Well, not you,
but somebody like you. You pulled me to you as if you were a magnet. It's
like we're connected in some way I don't understand."

"Why?" Her face mirrored her confusion.

"You've been very emotional the past few days, right? You are like a
bright beacon in my head. I almost had no choice."

"Oh." She didn't have a response.

"Finish your lunch. It's time for our first fuck."

"Oh, right. Just like that. You a romantic too?"

"Can't help it. I'm like your stepfather right now. You've been
fucking my head for at least two days and if I don't get off with you soon,
I'll explode."

She nodded and looked at me, blinking rapidly. I sipped beer and
watched her as she nibbled bread. She seemed a little nervous as she poked
at her cheese.

"What kind of cheese is this?"

"French Brie."

"It's good. I like the crusty part too." She sucked a cheesy
forefinger. Her full lips pursed around her slim finger for a long moment.

"Take your top off, Marlene," giving her a tight grin, my eyes dancing .

"Why?" she snapped. "You are some kind of dirty old man. Jeez." She
crossed her arms, pulled the tube top off over her head and threw it at me.
I inhaled her heady body aroma as I pulled the garment off my face and
dropped it on the table.

"So I can watch your tits jiggle," I laughed at her.

"They don't jiggle. They're too small." She arched her back and thrust
her small breasts at my face.

She was right. No jiggle. Her little pear shaped titties were a

"Small, yes, but there's no such 'too small'."

"You a dirty old titty man?"

"Nope. I'm a head man."

"You give good head, Mr. Psychic, dirty old rich man?" She spoke in a
teasing sing song.

"You'll find out soon. Maybe today if you're a good little girl."

She blushed, her eyes brightened then her face turned serious.

"You seem to be a nice guy, actually. You sure talk way funny though."
Her gaze seemed to pass through me for a moment.

"You 'feel' like a nice person but..." She closed her eyes. "You make
me see an image, sorta like a can of beer that's been rollin' around on the
floor of a car on a hot day. It's gotta coupla dents in it."

She opened her eyes and looked at me, making a goofy grin as if she were
asking me not to think she was weird.

"Learn to trust those images, Marlene." I gave her a reassuring smile
and closed my eyes. A single image formed instantly.

"What do you see, Gavin?"

"A yearling fawn in a high mountain meadow. Staring, tense, trembling.
Poised to flee."

I opened my eyes. Marlene was staring at me, blinking slowly.

"That's almost like... A poem, the way you said it."

"It came out of you mostly, not me."

"Yeah, but..."

"Shower time." I stood, plate in hand and walked to the sink. I heard
her chair scrape loud on the floor. As I rinsed my plate, I felt her press
against my back. One arm hugged around my belly and the other held her
plate over mine. I took it and rinsed it clean before turning slowly to
face her. She ducked under my arm and pressed her cheek to my breast.

"Take your top off, Gavin," she giggled.

I did and she pressed cool hard nipples against my belly. With her
upraised chin on my sternum she mumbled, "My mother's going to be a
problem, you know? You're three times older than me, at least."

"I am not!" I almost shouted. Her eyes were a very pale blue, I

"Come on, I'm fourteen. You gotta be almost forty!"

"Oh, yeah. Calendar years. I'm thirty seven."

"Where's your bed, old man."

"Shower first. Your hair stinks. I don't like that." I'd intended to
speak softly but it came out in more of a growl. Surprised me.

"Jeez! You don't know how to make nice?"

"We can start making nice in about an hour."

"After you fuck me."

"You are getting the picture."

"You gonna eat me first?"

"Only if I have to."

"Do it your way. I'll just watch."

"Whatever." I felt detached, distracted by an almost overpowering need
for not just sex with her, but something deeper, larger.

We showered. I shampooed her hair twice, didn't bother with
conditioner. We'd be back soon. My hard cock prodded her back, just above
her cheeky dimples. She turned to check it out, gazing at me for a moment
before nodding.

"You'll do," she said, no smile to soften her slight disdain.

I found a fresh toothbrush for her, and we brushed, standing side by
side. She let white foam drool down over her chin, giving me an evil
little grin.

"Stop that," I grinned at her. I swiveled my hips, whacking her waist
with my dick.

"Yours is not as big as Pop's," she said, flat voice. "I like that. I
don't want to be reminded."

She stooped, and spit into the sink, gathering tap water into her hands
to rinse her mouth and chin. She didn't splash water to rinse the
toothpaste dribbles into the drain. Cataloged.

"You ready now?"

She turned to me in a slump, tilting her hips over one locked knee,
leaning against her ligaments like a cooling down ballet dancer. She
cocked her head and looked at me, slightly frowning. Her next words could
easily be a whiney, "But, daaddyy, do I haave to?"

Leading her by the arm to my bed, I guided her to sit on the edge. She
looked at my cock with nervous wariness. She wrapped trembling fingers
around it and squeezed gently.

"Want me to suck it?"

"Sure, for a bit."

A little pointy tongue peeked from between her lips. She shook her head
and swallowed.


"Don't do it in my mouth. Okay? I've never let anybody."

"Don't worry 'bout it."

She nodded and gave me a tentative lick before smearing her full lips
with the head.

"I wish you were wearing bright red lipstick."


"Never mind. An old fantasy. Your tongue feels wonderful. Ahh, that's
nice too."

I pulled away from her, and pushed against her shoulders. She flopped
onto her back, raising her legs high and wide. She put her hands under her
thighs, and spread her legs even wider.

"You gonna put your big thingy in my wittle pussy now, Mister?" She made
a short soft laugh.

"Yes, but I think I'm going to kiss your pretty 'wittle pussy' first.
Maybe even lick it once or twice. Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes, Mister. Marly likes that. Marly likes pussy kisses."

"Spread, Marly girl, open wide. Show me some pink."

Her fingers danced down her pale thighs, moving slowly until her
fingertips found her lips. Light brown pubic hair contrasting sharply with
the chipped pink fingernail polish. She glistened. The entrance to her
vagina wasn't much bigger around than my pinky. I pressed my tongue flat
against her clit and didn't move. She rocked her hips, but I moved with

"Hey, do something down there."

I shook my head to tell her 'no' but that must have given her a little
tingle. She made a little hissing sound when I waggled my head again.

"Hey! Why'd you stop," she snarled as I stood up.

"Scoot," I snarled back and pushed against her butt cheeks. She wiggled
like a snake to the middle of the bed. I crawled up over her, scowling
down into her face.

In her little girl voice, she asked, "Want me to put it in for you,

I didn't say a word. I smeared my cock head around in her vaginal
slime. She raised her head, trying to watch.

"Ooh, mister. That feels nice. Put it in me." She squeaked when I
shoved into her.

"Eeep," she chirped. She flexed her hips away from the invader then
humped hard and up as high as she could.

She flexed again and I met her upstroke with a lunge.

"Uunga," she grunted, her upper lip curling back into a feral grin. Her
hands flew to my hips. She held tight, not letting me move.

I stretched and lay flat, pressing heavily onto her until I could get my
forearms under her shoulders and up onto my elbows. I wrapped fingers and
thumb around her slim neck, tilting her head back so I could look into her

"Put your feet down. Put 'em flat on the sheet." I don't know why I was
whispering to her. She did, letting her knees flop open like an old pocket
book presenting the smutty parts.

I pressed harder, waggled my hips like a crazed salsa dancer then slowly
pulled out of her. I held myself rigid above her. So rigid that if she'd
tapped me, I'd have split up the middle like diamond scratched plate glass.

She fluttered her hips, my cock head popping in and out.

"So good in there, in me," she wailed softly.

I started jamming hard, deep long strokes. She looked up at me,
questioning, her eyes squinting, her mouth forming a determined grimace.

"Oh, fucking me. Good fucking me. Daddy dick fucking me good." She
grunted out her words.

I found her mouth with mine. Her tongue probed in time with our
thrusting hips. I opened my head and let her emotions wash through me,
seeking her essence. I found it, a huddled kitten, alone and shivering in
a dark corner of her mind. I stroked her softly, letting her feel warmth
and love. She gasped, sucking my air into her mouth. Her eyes popped
open, her whole body twitched. She felt my presence. Our bodies froze in
time and space. I opened, letting defenses slide away.

"A little boy," she gasped. "You're just a little boy."

"Yes, that's truly what I am."

"Oh, sweet little boy, you fill me so nice." Marly took a deep breath,
shaking her head. "My head, I mean. Move slow, just stroke me with your
dick. That feels good too. God, you're lovin' me too."

"Come, little kitten. Let it come out, Marly. You don't need to hide
anymore." I stroked gently into her, pausing to grind her with my pubic
arch. "Set it free, Marly. You can do it."

"Yes, I can, can't I. Let me put my legs together. Make me come on
your cock." Her words came out in a soft growl.

"Make me come, old man. Oh, this is so nice." Her voice a gritty whine.
"You feel good in me?"

I had no words for her. Her tight velvet sheath felt plush, hot,
slippery with her excitement. I could feel her thighs clench. She held me
so tightly I almost couldn't move.

"Does it feel good in me? Tell me what you feel. Tell me, old man."
Her words slurred through gritting teeth.

"Yes, so good. So tight around me."

"Yes, good. So deep in me. I love my cunt. With you in me. I feel
you, in my cunt, in my head."

"In my head too. I'm so full of you, Marly."

My slow grind into her began to speed up. I held her face in my hands,
our eyes locked together. She smiled up at me through her grimace of
pleasure. Never had a woman smiled for me at this moment. Her eyelids
drooped half shut.

"Never like this before," she whispered.

"Marly, yes. Never like this before. I feel what you're feeling. Can
you, too?"

"Yes. Tell me now. What do you feel, Gavin?"

"Fingertips stroking light tingles on my skin. Hot sun on my skin.
Your cock is hot and hard. You want every inch deep into me. Your nipples
tingle just like mine. All in my head and in my cunt too. Don't let this
go away. I can do this forever. Please, make this last forever. I'm so
close to coming but I don't want to."

I felt her body go limp. Her arms released me to flop to the sheet.
She took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Gavin, whatever you want me to do, I will. If you come now it'll be my
come too. I can share with you. What you feel, I feel. Do it for you
now. Let go of it. I just want to watch. And feel you. Us."

Her hands came up to hold my face. Her palms soothing against my

"Move with me, Marly."

She ground her hips up.

"Yeah, good. Like that, Marly. Make me come now." I was groaning and
shivering. I could feel her/me hovering on the edge.

"Noo, too quick. Stay like this. Floating. Electric tingles." She
pulled my mouth to hers and sucked the air out of my body then blew it back
into me. Her hips began a fast flutter under my languid strokes.

"Mmm," she sighed into my mouth, her lips so soft, warm, striving.

"Free fall," I mumbled against her lips.

"Eeee," Marly began to sing. Her head snapped to the side, her body
twitched like a baby's total body startle reaction.

I felt her pussy clamp, taking me along with her. I gushed liquid
flame, the pyrotechnics flashing in my head were hers and mine and ours.
We spiraled down together like Eagles mating in flight. Connected not by
talons, but with a spurting cock, clenching cunt mind meld. Spiraling down
through tingling electric heat.


"When can I move in?" she breathed, not opening her eyes.

Marly, limp in my arms, under my trembling, sweaty body, felt so perfect
a fit. I shook my head in wonderment.

"Marly, this feels very right. You and me. We'll move your stuff

"And what about my mother? She's not going to take this without a big

I looked down into Marly's sweet, sweaty child-woman face for a long
moment. She smiled softly back making a tingle of pleasure surge through

"We'll figure something out. I'll get some ideas if I can meet her
first without her knowing who I am. Can you introduce us?"

"Easy, she manages an insurance office. Just walk in and do whatever it
is you do." She hesitated a moment, an annoyed expression creeping onto her
face. "She's very pretty so you'll have no problem recognizing her."


"As pretty as you are?"

Marly wrinkled her nose, and shrugged. "She flaunts it. I don't care
for that style, much."

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