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Tenderloin Tales

Mary from the imagination of California Dreamer 2001, all rights

Critiques invited and responded to. califdrmr@hotmail.com


Shooting pool with Arthur at the Jug every Wednesday night is great
entertainment. Bill would win a game and Arthur would show a moment of
stress, almost anger but not quite. He never showed his feelings about
anything but a pool loss. Then he'd say,"Shit." His voice just a little
louder than usual. He'd win a game and not display much emotion except a
quick smile of satisfaction when the nine ball went down. He was pretty
cool unless his winning shot was a bank shot. Then he'd pump a mild fist
in the air. The only other thing that would harden his face were doctor
stories. He had a bunch of those, too many, even for a man in his
seventies. When Bill lost I'd get a chance, a slim chance to take control
of the table. Slim because Arthur had phenomenal spin control and he
always played for position. I mean he'd sink one and the cue ball would
roll to an almost perfect location to make the next shot easy.

The Brown Jug is just on the south west corner of the Tenderloin. Hyde
at some street I can't remember the name of at the moment. The Jug's a
great place to people watch. Every sort of person came into that bar at
some time or another. There might be a fresh off the street hooker to chat
with one night and a retired one the next. old men in baggy clothes or
gray haired women dressed well. Suits sitting next to Muni bus drivers. A
pretty eclectic place and fascinating in many ways.

There were a few fights but Joe, the bartender/owner had half a pool cue
handy so they usually took it outside pretty quick. Joe's a big guy and
amiable until some jerk threatens the peace. Tonight an ass hole took a
hit before Joe could intervene.

Some guy I'd never seen before was loud talking one of the regulars who
was just slouching there in the middle of the room, beer bottle in hand,
watching the loud mouth wave his arms and dance around angry, trying to act
threatening. Even Arthur paused to watch which seemed odd 'cause he
usually just ignored such scenes. The regular seemed to be cool until he
moved a quick step forward and whapped the ass hole with his beer bottle.
The bottle shattered on the side of the guys head, beer and glass shards
flew, splattering the juke box. Ass hole went down on his butt, looking
dazed and surprised. I guess we were all surprised, even Joe, by the
regular's quick action. He'd always been a quiet one until this event.

What happened next was a real shocker. The usually quiet regular
screamed "Bugger off", leaned down and jammed the ragged edge of the beer
bottle neck into the ass hole's forehead and twisted it back and forth a
few times. Then he just turned and walked out the door so casual you'd
think that nothing had happened. I could see Joe reaching for the phone so
thought I'd better get my butt into gear and play paramedic. Grabbing a
bar towel, I squatted down and pressed it against the guy's bleeding
forehead. Blood was streaming but not spurting so I figured he'd last
until the emergency crew arrived.

"You okay, guy?" He looked to be in his fifties, not very well dressed.
There was a few days of gray stubble on his cheeks. His eyes were red and

"Yah, I'll be okay." The guy was feebly trying to get to his feet.

"Stay down, man. Wait for the ambulance."

"Don't want no fuckin' ambulance." The guy staggered to his feet and
stumbled out the door holding the towel to his forehead.

I heard a pool ball rattle into a pocket. Conversations resumed. Joe
hung up the phone. Arthur sank another ball. A pair of drunks at the end
of the bar laughed loud about something, dragging my attention to them.

It was Mary, a black sixty something woman and another regular, a white
guy that looked to be in his eighties. These two were a regular pair,
always sat together, always drunk on their asses. Mary gets affectionate
when she's drunk and likes to kiss people on the mouth with lots of tongue.
She was looking at me and waving me to come over to say hello. And get
kissed, of course. I didn't mind, she had full soft lips and a wet sloppy
one from her was fun, kind of. She's a sweet lady, drunk or sober.

One night she'd complained to me that she'd run out of money and needed
cab fare to get home. So I gave her ten bucks. I thought that'd be the
last of it but she mumbled an offer into my ear that sounded too
interesting to pass up. Mary's a nice looking medium sized woman, always
well dressed with some chest and a bubble booty.

She'd whispered, "I'll give you a suck in the ladies."

As we walked past the bar to the restroom, I gave Joe a wink. He barely
shrugged as Mary towed me by the hand into the little brightly lit toilet.
She mumbled what seemed like a command as she pushed me to the sink. She
patted the counter and I hopped up on it and waited to see what she'd do.
She bellied up close and kissed me with agile tongue. I kissed her back,
enjoying the feel of her soft warm lips. Too bad she smelled of stale
beer. That's all right, I probably did too.

She was tonguing my mouth and pawing at my jeans, trying to work the
zipper down but was fumbling and swaying so I helped. In a moment, she was
jacking and kissing while I pawed a large breast. Her bra must have been
industrial strength, it felt like armor plate so I put both hands on her
fullsome ass, something I'd always wanted to do. I could vaguely feel her
glutes clench through tight skirt and panty hose. After a few squeezes I
went for her tits again, unbuttoning most of the buttons of her blouse and
reaching around her to unsnap her bra. When I pulled her bra up, her tits dropped and hung. Her acorn sized nipples were ebony against her light
brown skin. I just had to suck on one of those nipples, I lifted her tit
and sucked it in. Delicious. Her fingers were gently tickling my cock to
full erection. We got back to giving each other some serious lip action
and the door opens. A blond middle aged woman sticks her head in and says,
"Excuse me. Don't let me interrupt. I just have to tinkle so bad I can
taste it."

Mary's got a lip lock on my tongue so I just waved the lady in. She
squeezes past Mary to the stool. When she turns around, her eyes lock on
my at full mast dick as she hoists her skirt, pulls down panties and sits.
Mary's stroking my balls with one hand and feather jacking me with her
fingertips. blond woman cuts loose and tinkle is definitely not the word
for it. Cow and flat rock come to mind. blond woman lets out a big 'Ah'
and asks, "You two gonna get down and dirty in here?"

Mary releases her lip lock on my tongue and turns to peer unsteadily at
the woman who by now is swabbing her crotch. Mary is a bit wobbly. She
looks at the woman as if to ask, "Where'd you come from?" The blond woman
is sitting there with her hand in her crotch still, she makes a small quick
smile and reaches an elbow back to flush.

"Mary, don't stop now." I begged, making her look at my face then down
to her forgotten task. She mumbled something, her words were so slurred I
haven't a clue. Mary lowered her head and put her lips around my cock
head. I felt her take a deep breath and then she dropped her head. She had
all of me, her lips were sealed against my pubes.

"Shit, she took the whole thing!" blond woman exclaimed.

Took the words right out of my mouth. I'd been promised a deep throat
by a woman once but she hadn't gummed my pubes like Mary. That magic
tongue of hers was hard at work too. God, could this woman give head. So
good that she was going to have some protein in her belly in about two more
minutes. My stiffening body was an early warning, Mary pulled off and
stood looking at my face, trying to focus.

"Fuck?" Mary got that word out clearly enough. She was swaying slightly
making her hanging breasts pendulum slightly.

"Anything you want, sweet darlin'. Anything you want." I pushed her
back against the wall and hopped off the counter. I dropped to my knees
and slid hands up her panty hose and got some fingers under the waist band
at her belly. With a bit of a struggle, I stripped her to her knees and
stood to hobble side ways, my jeans were down around my ankles. Getting
Mary up on the counter was a chore, she weighs more than I do I suspect.
It took a barrel hug, literally, to lift her up.

I tried to get a finger in her but she was as dry as Death Valley at
high noon in July. Her tightly coiled mat of pubic hair felt like one of
those plastic pot scrubbers against my probing fingers. That surprised me,
I'd expected something different. I dropped to my knees again and stripped
her panty hose off over her ankles, taking her flats with them. I got my
arms under her legs and raised plump brown thighs high, grabbed her ankles
and stuck my face in her cunt. My tongue found a marble sized clit and I
gave her tit for tat. Three fingers later she was dripping juice on the
counter top and gasping through her wide open mouth. Both knees clicked as
I staggered to my feet, not releasing her ankles, I gazed at the brown
panorama before me.

"You sure enjoyed that," blond woman spoke for the first time in a
while. "Wish my old man had that much enthusiasm."

I'd forgotten about her. She was leaning back against the toilet tank,
one hand still between her legs, moving slowly. Her cheeks seemed a little
flushed. She watched through slitted eyes as I tried to hump my cock into
Mary and kept missing. I kept hitting her ass hole but Mary didn't seem to
notice or maybe didn't care.

"What's your name?"

"Darla, what's yours?"


"Want a hand?"

For some idiot reason I thought she meant applause so I just stared at
her. She must have read the confusion on my face.

Darla lurched to her feet, took the two steps needed and grabbed my
cock. She gave it a few thoughtful wanks before centering it in Mary's
cunt. I slid in and made a big exaggerated sigh.

"She tight?"

"Moderately." I didn't want to hurt Mary's feelings.

"She slippery?"

"Darla, what's with the questions. I'm trying to get my rocks off

"I think she's asleep," Darla laughed softly. "Such a lover boy."

"No, I'm awake." Mary spoke firmly in a soft little voice. "Keep going,
it feels good." She didn't slur her words and there seemed to be gleam of
strong intelligence in her soft eyes.

"Would you bend over for me, Mary? I love your ass."

"Okay, I can do that but when you're ready, I want to suck you."

I could live with that so stepped back and Mary hops off the counter
with amazing agility for someone who's supposed to be drunk. She turns,
bends over and lays her head on her arms on the counter. Her tits are
hanging down and swinging back and forth. Mary's long legs put her cunt just a couple of inches too high so I get up on tippy toe and slide slowly
into her.

"Ah, that's nice. It's been a while since I've had a cock in there."

I pulled out and jammed into her causing ripples in her butt to roll up
to her hips. They seemed to reflect and come back at me. I start to pound
with some enthusiasm, slapping into Mary's full buns hard enough we could
probably be heard through the door. I didn't care at this point, I could
feel my balls start to tighten.

"Mary, I'm gettin' close," I groaned through my teeth. I pushed up and
in as deep as possible and started a little hula dance. Her big ass felt
cool against my belly. I patted it and stepped back, panting fast.

As she stood, I hopped around and hoisted my butt up onto the counter.
If I just stood there she'd kneel and I'd just fuck her face. On the
counter she'd be in control and work her magic again. Mary was smiling big
at me, all sparkly eyed and eager to bend to her task. She grabbed my dick
in her big hand and stretched the skin tight down. She started bobbing a
hundred strokes a minute with her lips tight going down and up. God, that
felt good.

Somebody yelled in a high pitch voice, "Oh, my god." It coulda been me,
it coulda been Darla. At this point, who cares. I hit her with the
biggest, hottest, most electric squirt of my life, right at the top of her
upstroke. She slid back down and the second squirt didn't make it past her
lips, it just u-turned and went back the way it came. It felt so good it
hurt. Maybe the other way round. Her upstroke brought a fat hot glob down
the pipe and I bawled out the pleasure of it all. I flopped back against
the wall and shuddered as Mary nursed gently. As she pulled off, I heard a
rustle of clothing. When I could finally open my eyes, Darla had a lip
lock on one of Mary's tits and was squeezing and pulling the nipple of the
other one. Mary just stood there, panting through her nose, her eyes
closed, her head tilted back slightly.

It took two paper towels to mop up Mary's spit from my cock and balls. I
hoisted my jeans up and hopped off the counter. As I zipped up, Mary
started making a small moaning sound through her nose. Darla was a
starving calf on her teat. She had one hand under Mary's skirt and was
giving her vigorous thrusts. Her other hand was furious between her own

I pulled her short skirt up and over her hips to reveal a beautiful
broad white ass. I couldn't resist a slap. Darla groaned her
appreciation. I slid my palm down her crack to find her busy fingers. She
had at least three plunging in and out of herself. I stuck my thumb in her
hole. She yelped. I pulled out and searched for her ass hole. She
squeeled, "Eeep" through clenched teeth when I stuck my thumb in her butt
hole. My dick was hard now. It wanted to go again so I dropped my pants
and rubbed my belly against Darla's trembling butt. I smeared spit on my
rigid member and bent my knees, probing for her little brown ring.

"Oh, yes," she squeeled.

Mary let out a short squeel of her own. Darla must have bitten down too
hard on her nipple.

I slid slowly into Darla's ass hole. God, she was so tight it almost
hurt. I pulled back and gored into her. Her sphincter clamped tight. I
tried to slide out but could only move a small bit so just held still
enjoying the feeling of her clamping pooper.

"Get up there." Darla shoved Mary towards the counter top. "I want to
eat you out."

Mary hopped up onto the counter, raising and spreading her knees. Darla
swivelled to follow. I had to tippy toe with her or she'd break my dick in

"Keep fucking my butt," she growled over her shoulder. Her eyes flashed
at me before she stuck her face into Mary's crotch.

"No problemo lady." I started banging her hard, driving her face into
Mary's cunt.

She twisted her neck around. I could see her grimace as I pounded her.

"Hurts," she bawled. "Hurts so good. I love a big cock in my ass."

The door opened slightly. Joe leaned his head into the room. He looked
at my face then at Darla's big white ass then at Mary's tits. Mary was
grunting her way into a come. Her face starting to build into an orgasmic

"Need any help," Joe said hopefully.

"Doin' fine, thank you. Mm, gawd, I'm gonna come." I couldn't help but

Joe siddled into the room. His eyes locked onto Darla's Jello shivering

"Fuck," I yelled as a hot squirt went down the pipe. Not much left but
it felt good. Really good.

Joe unzipped and pulled out a long fat cock. He skinned back to reveal
a plump dick head.

"Move over," he said, rather brusquely. He put a hand on Darla's back
and bend his knees, searching with his dick.

"Ah, yes." He sucked in air with a hiss as he sank deeply into her.

"Oh, shit." Darla hissed back at him.

Joe started to pinch his own nipples and shove into Darla with short
hard strokes.

Mary screeched out her come, shuddering like an earthquake was bouncing
her around. She slowly dropped her legs and Darla rested a cheek on her
round thigh.

"Fuck it to me. Fuck it to me," she chanted as Joe savagely began to
pound into her.

"Gonna come, suck it." Joe was hammering her.

"Yeah, lemme suck it outa you," Darla whined.

"Now," Joe yelled and pulled away. His dick standing tall, Darla dove
on it like she was starving. She took it all, right down to his pubes.
Her hand searched behind his balls.

"Oh, fuck my ass hole," Joe yelled.

My dick twitched. Feeble but the sight of Darla's full red lips around
Joe's cock was a tingle. I shrugged and stepped to the sink, draping my
dick over the edge, I rinsed it off with several handfulls of water.

"Nnn," Joe grunted. I turned my head to see him hunch his hips into
Darla's face. He had a death grip on her head. "Nnn," he grunted again,
softer this time. "Oh, that was good," he moaned. He sucked in a deep
breath through his teeth and let it out slowly. "Ah. So good. I needed

"Amen, brother." I patted my dick clean with a paper towel. It stung a
little but after a trifecta like that one, I wasn't going to worry about
it. Time heals all fools.

"Shit!" I heard through the door.

I smiled big. My quarter was up. What a damn fine day. Love this


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