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Tenderloin Tales

Gavin's Misadventure from the imagination of California Dreamer 2001,
all rights retained.

Critiques invited and responded to. califdrmr@hotmail.com

San Francisco has everything. chinese noodles, Mexican tortillas or
good old US of A hamburgers at four A.M. in the morning. Big titted girls with dicks in the evening. A hot mouth in the afternoon. That wasn't
gender specific, was it.

In this adventure Gavin, our sturdy pawn in the game of sex, drugs and
Rock and Roll San Francisco style, finds himself at loose ends one Saturday
afternoon. He has an urge for some solo sleaze so chooses to check out one
of the porno theaters in town. Not the world famous Mitchell Brother's
O'Farrel Theater but one of the many in the Tenderloin.

"Jesus, that's hot."

The young guy sitting two seats away was very agitated. We were the
only two sitting in the front row of the smelly dark theater. The screen
showed a redhead mauling her large drooping tits. Her mouth gaping as the
male actor stroked his long cock at her face. He rubbed the large, very
red bulbous head over her lips and cheek.

"Shit, <b>he</b> is so <b>hot</b>." The guy unzipped and pried out a
long hardon.

"What the hell?" I whispered, amazed that the guy had his dick out,
jerking off in a public theater.

The actor squirted a big stream of come straight into the redhead's

"Oh, fuck," the guy groaned as he jacked his cock. His belly lurched
forward and he shot a big glob of come about six feet away onto the theater
floor. I heard it splat with authority. He shuddered and groaned, his
eyes fixed on the cock sucking redhead.

"God, that was a good one." The guy sighed and shuddered, stroking his
softening penis. He leaned his head back and blew out a big lung full of

I couldn't help but agree but for a different reason. The redhead was
scrumptious. Cute and more emotive than most porn actresses. The woman
pulled the dick out of her mouth and smiled at the camera, smacking her

"I love a big mouthful of come. Don't you wish it was yours, boys?" She
stuck out a long pink tongue and licked slowly around her carmined lips.
She smiled lewdly into the camera making my dick twitch. The redhead's
face faded into a shot of Ron Jeremy's extra long cock sliding in and out
of yet another blond woman's mouth. He was sitting on her chest,
forcefully fucking her face.

A big guy walked in front of me, blocking the screen.

"Can I sit here?" He gestured to the seat next to mine.

"Sure." I didn't care where he sat as long as I could watch Ron Jeremy
do the nasty with the blond.

He turned and dropped his pants to his ankles and sat heavily. His
thick dick was hard, sort of waving in the air. He fisted it and let out a
big sigh. I stared at him. First at his face, lit by the flickering
screen then at his crotch then quickly back to his face. I almost stood up
to get away when he turned his head in my direction, glancing down at my

"Suck my cock?" He asked, most amiable.

I shook my head and waved a hand at him feeling annoyed and nervous with
his intrusion. He turned his head to his right.

"Suck my cock?" He asked the kid, still amiable.

The guy reached over and started squeezing the big guy's dick head with
his fingertips.

"Suck. I'll give you a big mouthful of come in about one minute. I
gotta weeks worth in there."

The young guy didn't say a word. He swiveled over the big guys leg and
dropped to his knees. His close cropped head dropped and I heard him moan
with pleasure as he sucked down noisily. He started slurping and moaning,
twisting his head slightly with each change of direction.

"What the hell?" I blurted. I didn't know where to look. At the blond on the screen or the action right in front of me.

The big guy laughed. "First time?"

"What?" I jerked my eyes off the bobbing head, the sucking mouth. The
big guy was grinning at me in a rather superior way.

"You seem surprised so I guess you haven't 'come' here before."


Truth. I'd been here once before and had noticed some shuffling among
the dark shadows in the back row. I'd thought it had been winos sleeping
it off.

"This guy's good. A hot velvet mouth. Chew the head, guy. Gently.
Then deep throat me."

I saw the sucker's teeth flash. The suckee tilted his head back and

I had to blink hard or my eyeballs would have popped out. The cock
sucker slid down the long fat cock and buried his nose in the guys pubic
hair. He swiveled his head back and forth. I could see his throat muscles
working. There was a flash of movement between the suckers legs. He was
jerking his own hard dick while he sucked.

I heard a woman's voice screech. Ron Jeremy was furiously jacking his
cock while she sucked on him. His fingers were laced in her hair on the
top of her head and he was pushing and pulling her off of and onto his
dick. I didn't know where to look.

"Ung, fuck." The big guy grunted, his body jerking. The cock sucker
whined harmony. "Uun, fuck. Un." The big guy shuddered mightily.

"Shivered my timbers, matey. That one did." He shuddered again and
looked at me. He took a deep breath and blew sour beer stench in my face.

"Let him suck your cock. I like to watch too." The cock sucker between
his knees raised his eyes to mine. His eyebrows went up, asking please,
can I?"

I didn't move. I guess he took that for a yes because he palmed the
bulge in the front of my pants. He fumbled my zipper down and gentle
fingers sought his prize. He knee shuffled over to get between my legs.
His fingers flipped my belt open. The button undone with a practiced
twist, he tugged at the waist band. I didn't move so he patted my butt.
"Lift," he said.

I lifted. The air was cool on my naked legs. He stroked my rigid
member with gentle finger tips.

"I want to suck," he growled. Then he drawled slowly, lingering on the
last word lovingly. "Your leg."

He grinned in a delighted way and slid his lips down on me.

"Oh, my god!" I blurted.

This was almost too much. His mouth felt so good, my brain
scintillated. Jesus, I'm sitting in a public theater, half naked. There's
a guy, a GUY sucking my dick. No, not sucking it, he's loving it. He's
paying homage to it. I realized that I, the owner of said dick didn't
count. This kid was dick centric. He loved dick. Craved dick. And his

I felt my balls begin to tighten. I drove my hips up hard into his
face. He bottomed out. His throat muscled performed a magic Shiatsu
massage. Finally, he had to come off for air.

"I love your dick. It's a perfect fit in my mouth." He smiled sweetly
into my face. "I'll lick your balls. I'd like that. You must be a blond,
your hairs are baby soft."

I felt a pang of annoyance. We weren't here for conversation. I wanted
his mouth back. Now. I hunched my hips at his face. My fears were gone.
Everything was gone. Except for my dick. And now my balls. He was
licking my balls! Like my sweat was coming from the fountain of youth.
Like it was liquid pleasure for him.

I started moaning, "Suck my cock. Make me come. I wanna come now!"

I think I must have howled the last word. He started bobbing and
sucking in earnest. Fast, hard, demanding. There was no transition. One
minute I was in an ethereal, out of body, holding pattern of pure pleasure.
The next, I was spurting molten lava. It was like this kid was sucking my
spine out through that little hole. Each vertebrae causing a ripple of
electric pleasure to jolt me. I had to force his head away with both
hands. He didn't want to give it up.

The kid was panting and grinning, a sheen of sweat on his forehead.

He chuckled softly. "Got your cherry, didn't I." He sounded very
pleased with himself.

"Hunh?" It's hard to be articulate with your pants down around your
ankles and your balls imploded.

"I'm the first <b>guy</b> to suck you off, right?" He seemed proud.

"Yah. You are," I panted, dazed, emptied, starting to feel a little

I wondered if he'd be the last. God, I love San Francisco. A new and
different adventure every day.

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