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Thalias Prank


Thalia's Prank
by Couture

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c)2002 by Couture

"Tell me a story," the young girl, freshly tucked into
bed asked. "Puh-leaze."

"You are much too old for bedtime stories, Lyra," I
scolded, patting her on the head.

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

I sighed, knowing she could say "Am not," much longer
than I could say, "Are too."

"Okay, but just one." I said.

I began to tell her a story I had never shared with
another living soul. I don't know what made me tell
it. Maybe it was the fact that I needed to share it
while I still could.


My story began forty-five years ago, when I was about
the age of my granddaughter. I was walking down the
path to the village. I was walking alone, even though
Daddy liked for me to take my brother with me. It
made absolutely no sense at all, because I was bigger
than that shrimp anyway and I can lick him in a fight

As I came to a small bend in the path, I saw something
so shocking, it was almost hilarious. There was a
beautiful young girl maybe a year older than I was,
throwing rocks up into the tree, trying to knock loose
a white toga hanging from a branch. The shocking
thing was that it was her toga. She was totally

I hid behind a tree, so that I could observe her with
impunity. She had golden brown hair, piled on top of
her head, with a few strands coming down in curls.
Her eyes were the finest pale blue color and shown
like sapphires. Her body was curvaceous, yet without
a hint of fat or touch of age. But, it was her sex
caught my eye. It didn't have a single hair to
protect it from prying eyes. I had never seen such a
thing. Well, only with young girls and this woman
certainly wasn't one of those.

By the look of her silk robe, she must have been very
rich. I'm not sure what it was, but something about
seeing this obviously well-to-do girl, naked,
helpless, and digging for rocks to throw, was making
me feel a little funny. I was having strange
feelings, like an itch between my legs that wouldn't
go away.

"Come down here this instant." She ordered her togo,
as she petulantly stomped her dainty feet in the
grass. "I command you."

Her voice was lyrical, almost as if she were singing.

"Errrrrr," she growled. It was a cute growl. She
couldn't even get mad properly. I giggled again,
watching her throw another rock at her robe.

Then, I saw her looking my direction, so I pressed up
closely against the tree. She must have heard my

"Is that you Thalia?" she asked. "I've had enough of
your pranks already."

I tried not to breathe. My face was only inches away
from the tree, I wished there was some way I could see
if she was still looking in my direction or how far
away she was.

"You think this is really funny, don't you, Thalia?"
she said. "Well, I'll show you funny!"

I screamed as her fast hands darted around the tree
and grabbed my toga. A quick tug and I was as naked
as she.

"You're not Thalia," she said, looking at me with a
puzzled expression.

I tried to hide my nakedness behind my hands. "Give
that back," I said, grabbing for my toga.

"Come and get it," she said, giggling, and running
back the way she came.

I ran after her. It was impossible to try to cover
myself and run at the same time. What a sight we must
have made, two naked girls running through the woods.

Then she stopped and just before I could catch her, I
watched as she balled my toga up and reached back.

"Stop," I cried, but it was too late. My toga flew
from her hand, and now hung on the same branch as hers
in the tree.

"Ha," she laughed. "Now, I finally have some help."

How stupid could she be? Now we were both in trouble.
"I can't believe you just did that, you horrible
girl," I said. "I could have gone into town and
gotten you a toga, but now we are both stuck out here,
naked and helpless."

She smiled her brilliant, if a little naive smile.
"We're not stuck. It's taller than you or me, but if
I lift you up, you can reach the first branch."

She was right. The togas were about thirty hands from
the ground, but the first branch was only around
eighteen hands tall. If she lifted me up, I could
reach the first branch and climb to the other easily.

"I'm Urania, by the way."

"And I'm mad you stole my toga," I said.

"That's a very long name," she laughed. It proved
infectious and I was forced to give up my stern look
and join her.

"I'm Helena."

"Pleased to meet you Lady Helena," she said, and
kissed my hand. I blushed. She was obviously the
lady and I was just a poor farm girl. "Here, let me
help you in the tree."

She moved over to the tree, and made a swing out of
her hands for me to step into. I put my foot in her
hands, reached up for the tree branch, and grabbed it.
I barely had it with my fingertips, and there was no
way I could pull myself up.

Urania moved behind me, hands on my bum and attempted
to push me up. This caused my bottom cheeks to
spread, showing her things only my mother had seen.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, stepping back and causing me to
fall to the hard ground on my bottom.

"Ouch!" I cried, rolling to the side to sooth my hurt

She was behind me instantly, rubbing my arse in a too
familiar way.

"What did you do that for?" I accused her.

"You're hurt."

"Of course I am," I said. "You would be too, if you
dropped from a tree."

"No," she said. "Your stab wound."

I must have turned four shades of red. She held the
cheeks of my bum open and was staring at my arse hole.

"That's my arsehole, silly." Was it possible she
could be that naive.

She pressed a finger lightly against it. "It doesn't

It didn't hurt. As a matter of fact it felt wickedly
delightful. I had never had anyone touch me there in
such a manner. Who would?

"Of course it doesn't hurt. You know very well
everyone has an arsehole." I said, pushing her hand
away. "Stop teasing me."

She reached her hand back and searched her bum as if
it were the most acceptable thing in the world. "No,
I think I would know."

"Don't lie."

To my disbelief, she turned around, put her arse in my
face, and spread the cheeks of her bum. In between
the mounds of her dimpled bottom cheeks ran only a
smooth valley with no puckered crater. I gasped with
the realization of what she was.

"What was your name again?"


"And your sister is Thalia."

"Yes," she said. "But right now I'm not claiming her
after what she did with my toga."

I felt faint. This creature with her arse cheeks
spread in my front of face was a goddess. I touched
the smooth valley of flesh; there wasn't even a ridge
where her arsehole should be.

She turned back around and went back to inspecting my
bum, but thankfully, it was on the ground and out of

"Helena, can I see yours?" she said. "Can I see your

Are you allowed to say no to one of the gods? I felt
like I could, but I turned over on my hip anyway. It
felt only right after I had been so intimate with her.

She examined it inquisitively -- even poking at it,
causing me to whimper. I could feel my sex grow
moist. I wondered what this goddess think of me?

"I am jealous of you mortals," she said.

"What on earth for?"

She prodded my bottom hole again, causing me to gasp.

"You have two sex organs and we only have one."

"It isn't a sex organ. It's an-ah- dirty place. When
we eat food, that's where it comes out of." I could
barely talk due to the inquisitive probing of her soft

"You're being cruel," she said. "Teasing and lying,
just like my sister."

"Oh!" I gasped, as she inserted a fingertip in my
tight hole.

"See," she said. "How could an apple fit through such
a small hole?"

"Ugh, it isn't like that. T-the body changes it to
uh-Oh-Urania-please stop that." The itch in my arse
and sex had turned into a deep wanting need that I was
helpless to resist.

"Liar." She wiggled her finger inside of me. "Now you
expect me to believe that mortals have magical powers
to change the properties of matter. Hummpf."

"Please," I said, suddenly out of breath. "It's

"I know. Let's approach this in a scientific manner.
On your hands and knees so I can examine you better."

I was helpless as she helped me over to my hands and

"If I get you something to eat, will you change it for

"It doesn't work like that."

"See, you can't prove your hypothesis," she said.
"Now, it is my turn to prove mine."

Before I knew what was happening, I felt her mouth on
my sex. The feeling was exquisite; I had never
guessed there was such pleasure. I didn't know what
to do, but my body seemed to know better than I. My
legs spread wide and my back arched to obtain more of
this wonderfully sinful pleasure.

The pleasure increased and I could feel a great sense
of urgency in my sex. I knew something was about to
happen. Something big, but I wasn't sure what.
However, just as it started, her mouth was gone and
the feeling ebbed.

"Please. . . more," I begged.

"More what? More pleasure?"

"Yes, more pleasure." I was overcome with distress.
I needed more of the wonderful feeling that was
waning. I thrust my hips back, searching for her

"What do you mortals call what I was kissing?"

"A cunny. Ah-please more."

"And the other. What do you call that?"

"My arse. My arseho-Oh-Goddess!" I cried, as I felt
her lips press against my tiny rosebud. She didn't
just kiss it; soon I felt her tongue press against the
grommet and slip inside of my tight tunnel.

I was in disbelief. A goddess was licking my dirty
hole and it felt wonderful. I couldn't even support
my own weight, my face and breasts sunk down into the
soft grass beside the tree. She licked and suckled it
like a fruit. I could feel the deliciously sinful
pleasure building inside me again.

Again she withdrew her mouth. "I think I have proven
my hypothesis and I have deduced your secret," she
said, kissing my arsehole between every word. "You
have two, two sex organs, yes?"

"Yes," I admitted. "Please." I humped my hips back,
begging for her touch.

Her hands grabbed each of my cheeks, spreading them
wide, exposing me, and revealing my dirty secrets.
"Oh Goddess, what are you doing to me?"

"Investigating," she said. A finger penetrated my
tight passage and was pulled out. "Did you know that
it clenches and winks at me, as if begging for my

I could only imagine how vulgar I must look to the
Goddess at that moment. "No, Goddess, I've never seen

"So you weren't teasing me. You thought you only had
one sex organ, and I've discovered your other," she
said, giggling with delight before planting another
deep kiss on my aching hole. "Then it is my duty to
name it then. Of course I have the perfect name."

She blew her breath on my arsehole, the cool air
tickled, causing me to clench and unclench my tiny

"Helena," she said. "Would you like me to kiss

"Oh yes goddess. Please. Kiss my anis."

"No, not *your* anis. Uranis," she scolded. "Oh, to
Hades with it."

She again kissed my rear passage. This time she
touched explored my sex with her fingers at the same
time. In moments the sense of urgency returned as the
waves of pleasure reached a peak.

"What is your wish?" she asked.

"For you to stop talking."

"I'm serious," she said. "I'm giving you a wish for
this gift you've given me. If it's in my power, I'll
grant it."

"I wish," I said, trying desperately to think. I
could have wished for money, power, or anything else,
but the only thing on my mind was her. I wanted her
more than anything. "I wish for you. I want to taste

I gasped as I felt her tongue and fingers resume
taking me toward my final destination. She didn't
stop this time, but took me right over the edge. I
fell down into an abyss of pleasure. I made a new
discovery of my own, and after forty-five years, it is
still true. There is nothing, no other feeling that
compares to kneeling on the soft grass, the sun
warming your back, and a goddess granting you sweet

My cries rang out in the forest causing birds to take
flight from the tree tops. My arse and my pussy
clenched around fingers and tongue. And then - and
then - and then. . .

"And then?" the young girl on the bed asked.

I snapped back to the present and realized I was back
in the dark room again, with my granddaughter looking
intently at me with a questioning gaze. My chest was
heaving and my nipples stuck out from the thin fabric
of my night clothes. I realized I was wet, almost
laughed at how I still reacted to the memory of my

"That was it," I said, feeling a little sad at the
thought, wondering if somehow I had tasted her, but
then forgotten the memory. "When I came to, she was

My granddaughter was quite. I could tell from the
flush of her face and chest, my story had affected her
as well. "Ugh," she said. "That's a terrible ending.
Do another one."

She didn't realize it was true. Probably no one ever

I patted her head and tucked the blanket in around
her. "And then I said I wanted to be Emperor's
concubine instead. See, he was really the father of
my babyies; not your poor grandfather, Zeus rest his

She laughed and turned into her pillow, satisfied at

I walked back to my room on my creaking limbs, crawled
into bed, and wished for the same satisfaction. What
did happen afterwards? Was it possible that mere
mortals were forbidden to remember such things?

I awoke to a kiss on my lips and hair tickling my
forehead. "Go back to bed granddaughter," I said.
"Leave an old woman alone."

"Are you sure?"

I realized the musical voice didn't belong to my
granddaughter at all. I was afraid to open my eyes
and it be a dream. I opened them and there she was.
Exactly the same, as beautiful as she was fifty years


"Now my pretty girl remembers," she said.

"I'm not pretty anymore."

"Shhhhh," she said, putting a finger to her lips and
then slipping out of her robe. Her body was just as I
remembered it. Sensual, curvaceous, perfect. "Don't
you remember your wish?"

"Yes," I wanted her even now as an old woman, but
feeling I had been shorted. "But I'm old. . .to old

She lowered her sex to my lips. It was beautiful, the
same perfect plum I remembered from the days of my
youth. I kissed her there savoring the taste of honey
and suddenly was filled with a renewed strength. I
licked her with a new found vigor.

She gasped. "The nectar from a Goddess grants youth."

I had lived a full life and didn't require fifty more
years, but her gift meant so much to me. Not so much
for myself, but that she could have me as I was. As I
was that day in the forest.

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