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Thanksgiving Dream

Keywords: MFF, wife, rom
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: Thanksgiving Dream

Thanksgiving Dream
1993 2000 Knave of Hearts

It's a quiet morning. You're sitting on the living room couch in
your bathrobe, sipping coffee and listening to the radio. I lead
her by the hand into the center of the room. We're both wearing
bathrobes. Hers is short, barely reaching mid-thigh.

You blush. We had talked about what might happen when the three
of us got together so you know what's coming. I face her towards
you and then take my place behind her. I want to watch your
reaction as I unfold this fantasy.

I tease both of you by slowly running my hands down her body.
You catch glimpses of her flesh as her robe parts and gapes. On
the second pass I run my hands inside her robe, gently caressing
her breasts. She sucks her breath in, leaning back against me.
She grinds her ass against my thickening groin, urging me on. I
push open one side of her robe and show you her breast. Her
nipple is large and erect. She puts her hand on my crotch,
squeezing my cock through my robe.

You are squirming on the couch, pressing your thighs together as
your pussy heats up. I push the other side of her robe open.
Cupping her tits, I present them to you. I pinch her hard
nipples, making her moan. You slide your hand into your robe,
copying my actions with your own breasts. Releasing one of her
generous globes, I trail my hand across her stomach and push the
belt loose. My hand rests on top of her slit. You stare
silently at our guest's swollen pussy lips. I move my hand
farther down her body, parting her labia with my fingers.

"She's so hot and wet." My voice is hoarse from my excitement.
I move my hand in a circular motion, spreading her pussy juices
around her crotch. She moans, burying her face against my neck
in a silent plea for more. I help her completely remove the robe
so that she's totally nude in front of you.

"Show me your pussy." I tell you. You push open your robe
hesitantly and slowly spread your legs. Your nipples are red and
swollen. Your hand slowly massages your clit as you stare
glassy-eyed at her voluptuous figure. She is staring at you as
well. The tip of her tongue parts her lips. Her hand tugs at my
belt, freeing my stiff cock.

It is my turn to moan as she runs her hands down my shaft and
over my freshly shaven balls. She slides her hand across my knob
and then licks the pre-cum that has seeped from the tip of my

"I want to taste your cum." Her voice is a low throaty whisper
but the urgency of her plea carries the sound throughout the
room. None of us have ever done this before. Her body is
driving her forward while her brain is telling her to be sensible
and get dressed. We kiss fiercely, desperately. Our tongues
fence as she presses her body against mine.

I push her down on the couch beside you. Leaning over, my cock
waving obscenely in the air, I kiss you. Feeling your
excitement, I run my hand down your body, tracing a route between
your breasts, across your stomach to the top of your wet snatch.
I press my fingertip along your slit, easily parting the slick
lips of your cunt.

As we kiss she leans over, resting her head on your stomach, and
takes my cock into her mouth. The feel of her tongue swirling
around the sensitive underside of my cock soon has my hips
working my pole in and out of her hot mouth seeking the release
of orgasm.

I want this incredible experience to last. Trying to regain
control, I pull my cock from her mouth. I move onto the couch,
rolling you onto your knees and placing the head of my cock
against your wet hole. I slide myself into your tight wet cunt
as slowly as I can.

Savoring the hot smooth sensation, I press my hips forward until
my balls press against your smooth slick cunt. I grasp your hips
and slide the length of my pole out of her, setting a deep, slow
pace. You rock forward with each thrust, breasts pressing
against her thighs.

You look into her face and see her lust-glazed eyes. An unspoken
agreement passes between the two of you. She leans back, drawing
her knees to her chest, offering you her pussy. I stop thrusting
to watch as you hesitantly run your tongue along the length of
her slit. She arches her back in ecstasy. She presses her
soaking wet cunt against your mouth, threatening to drown you
with her juices.

You work two fingers into her love tunnel. At the same time you
suck hard on her swollen clitoris. Her legs spasm, clenching
your head tightly against her hips as she cums on your face.

My balls tighten, ready to erupt. I move from behind you to
shoot my load on your chest. My cum explodes from my cock,
coating your tits with thick, white cream. She pulls you to her,
hungrily cleaning you with her eager tongue. You lay on top of
her, pressing your body against hers. Her lips taste like a
mixture of my salty cum and her sweet juices.

Kneeling beside the couch I can't keep from smiling as I watch
two beautiful women relaxing in the afterglow of an incredible
sexual experience. All ready I can feel my cock throb,
stiffening in preparation for the second round.

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